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18 Best & Fun Things To Do In North Conway (NH)

North Conway is a city in eastern Carroll County, New Hampshire.

This beautiful city is a lively visitor’s destination that is filled with all fun things ranging from amazing museums, and restaurants to historic parks and landmarks of great importance to New Hampshire.

Besides, this popular city is a mix of the old and the latest, the ancient and the modern.

For every visitor that steps into this beautiful city, there is definitely something fun to pick up.

The beautiful place has lots of hiking facilities and equipment, a glittering shopping mall, and tons of several attractions for the kids.

Of course, it is a city you can not explore and remain the same.

If not happy, you will be more informed than when you came!

Outside of the metropolis, visitors will also find amazing natural scenery in various forms such as lakes, mountains, and several others.

There is absolutely a reason why this city has the mantra “tourist village”.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, there are tons of them available here!

Another wonderful attribute of this great place is that, not only are provisions made for humans but there are also fun things available for your pets.

Kids can run safely at parks and their several playgrounds; toddlers and little children can snap while the older ones can engage kick back with a cold beer at their brewery.

There are also many great attractions for running with your spouse and some for solo travelers!

Do you care to experience one of New Hampshire’s most iconic cities?

Here are just a few of the fabulous things to do in North Conway!

Things To Do In North Conway

1. Black Cap Hiking Trail In North Conway

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of Black Cap Hiking Trail In North Conway

Black Cap Hiking Trail is a state park in Conway, New Hampshire with varieties of hiking options for visitors and local inhabitants.

This hike in North Conway, News Hampshire is really fun and has excellent views of the sunset.

Besides, it will take about 30 minutes to get up at a fast pace.

Meanwhile, if you are here and you are not a professional hiker, we encourage you to take your time going up as it appears rocky.

But if you are in Northern Conway, New Hampshire, it is worth a visit at the summit!

Also, if you are going for sunset, plan to get back down quickly or you will be using flashlights.

In short, the hike here is a moderately challenging hike but you will enjoy it.

It is important to state that, there is a limited parking area here.

So, if you are coming, ensure it is on either weekend or in the morning if it is during the weekdays.

Beyond hiking, the garden area is also a fun area to see.

The playground is equally available for kids.

Definitely, there is something for every visitor who comes here for a vacation.

The staff are friendly as well and they are knowledgeable.

They are always willing to answer any questions coming from visitors.

During the cause of thinking of where to visit while coming planning a trip to North Conway, New Hampshire, ensure you remember to add this to your itinerary!

Address: 44°04’06.5″N 71°04’18.5″W, Center Conway, NH 03813, United States. 

2. North Conway Scenic Railroad

Things to do in North Conway

Conway Scenic Railroad

Do you want a tourist attraction that has so many fun things to offer visitors while in Conway, New Hampshire?

If you do, Conway Scenic Railroad is a tourist attraction with such attributes.

If you visit here, there are a lot of picnic areas and several great spots to take photoshoots.

There are also some old and beautiful train that has been here for decades, it surely going to appear incredible if you can see them.

Moreover, visitors will have an opportunity of riding trains.

The beautiful employees who are here too will give a comprehensive history of the railway in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Their restaurants are top-notch, while on sight, you will be able to get delicious American meals sold here.

Even if you are not of American origin, this lovely attraction in North Conway, New Hampshire has dishes from Africans and real Canadian foods.

Besides, the bar here has great beers, and they are also inexpensive.

Obviously, there is going to be something fun that would keep you busy if you visit here!

From picnic to train riding, to incredible restaurants and awesome bars!

You can’t leave here less happy than you came, it’s surely going to be worth a visit!

Address: 38 Norcross Cir, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

3. Cranmore Mountain Resort

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of Cranmore Mountain Resort

Cranmore Mountain Resort is a ski resort center in Conway, New Hampshire, United States.

Notably, this ski area in North Conway offers about 56 trails to visitors and inhabitants.

They also have options of snowboarding terrain and a tubing park.

Of note, this amazing resort operates during the summer as Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park.

It was officially opened in 1937 and ever since then; it has been a perfect tourist attraction in North Conway.

This area is absolutely a friendly place for the kids and it has terrain for all lovers of snowboarders and skiers!

Importantly, they mostly have fun and grooming events!

These events include their year-round activities and it is always fun!

There is a mountain coaster, a giant swing, a tube slide, a bike path, hiking trails, a zip line, and a ski lift that brings you to the top of the mountain.

You can’t be here and be bored, something fun will surely engage you here!

Great terrain for beginners, services are clean and reasonable and the tubing park is tons of fun.

What more would you have wanted from a ski resort center than these?

Absolutely, nothing more, this place is great!

If you can take some time to visit while you are in North Conway, do ensure you visit here and great unforgettable memory for yourself!

Address: 239 Skimobile Rd, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

4. Diana’s Baths, North Conway, New Hampshire

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of Diana’s Baths

On your next trip to North Conway, New Hampshire, will you like to visit a place where its atmosphere is absolutely relaxing?

If what you care for is a place to just relax and enjoy your time, either alone or with friends, Diana’s Baths should be your next stop.

It is an amazing waterfall where several fun things are available beyond the relaxing atmosphere!

If you visit here, you will be able to engage in a short hike to Diana’s baths.

Meanwhile, if you are visiting during the icy period, we highly recommend that you wear snow spikes.

Even if you didn’t get one, they will provide for you and of course, if you are professional enough, you wouldn’t slip without it!

But, generally, visitors who wear snow spikes have no issue walking the hike.

The waterfall itself is beautiful, and this is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year.

Interestingly, the admission fee is so cheap, that you would pay less than eight dollars to enter.

Amazing right, yeah!! This is a place you will enjoy so much and spend less while in North Conway!

Not interested at all in hiking?

Worry not! Something is also available that will engage you here!

They have a cool pool and the water is always neat, and it is totally safe to swim here.

In essence, this is a perfect destination that embedded so many fun things.

Unless you don’t want to enjoy your stay to the fullest, don’t miss out on this place during your next visit to North Conway, New Hampshire!

Address: 3725 West Side Rd, Bartlett, NH 03812, United States. 

5. Frontside Coffee Roasters, North Conway

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of Frontside Coffee Roasters, North Conway

Frontside Coffee Roasters is a perfect destination for all lovers of coffee.

Are you in North Conway and you are searching for where to get nice coffee?

The search is over!

Frontside Coffee Roasters is a perfect place to visit if you want any varieties of nice coffee that you would not be able to resist.

Is it freshly made coffees, nitro maple cream, coffee black, or other forms of it?

Surely, you will get it anyhow you desired it to be.

One incredible thing about this beautiful location in North Conway, New Hampshire is that their bagels and muffins are made in-house.

Despite these unique attributes of this amazing location, their coffees are extremely cheap!

You wouldn’t get this quality of coffee elsewhere at this low price.

Besides, the staff that work here are super friendly and are eager to make recommendations if you are not certain of the type of coffee to go for

They also create a space for visitors to park their cars without an extra charge.

So, lovers of coffee, be kind to yourself, do add this place to the list of places you will visit on your next trip to North Conway.

Address: 2697 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

6. Madison Boulder In North Conway

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of Madison Boulder In North Conway

Madison Boulder is a park in Madison, New Hampshire that is just about a 19-minute drive away from North Conway, New Hampshire.

The Madison Boulder is notably a few of the known glacial erratics in America.

In fact, it is among the largest in the whole world.

It is preserved in the Natural Area in Madison of New Hampshire.

If you have not been to this amazing location before, only pictures and descriptions will not do justice.

Obviously, it is just a huge Boulder, but there is nothing like turning the corner and seeing this sleeping behemoth nestled amongst the foliage.

You are missing out of you can’t learn the history of this site before colonization.

In addition, there is also handicapped-accessible parking and an accessible trail that leads to the massive boulder that just looks like it came out of nowhere and was dropped there.

Wow, Madison Boulder is just a place worth a visit.

So, will you prefer to dwell more on this description or rather make the little sacrifice by driving off to North Conway?

The decision is absolutely yours!

Meanwhile, it is highly advisable you check out this place, it’s surely going to make your day if you could!

Address: 473 Boulder Rd, Madison, NH 03849, United State. 

7. Mount Washington Valley Children’s Museum

Things to do in North Conway

Mount Washington Valley Children’s Museum

Children deserve to be taken to places where they will have fun too.

In fact, the fun moment they get from watching television and being home all day doesn’t make any difference!

Their happiness should be prioritized because they also deserved to be happy at all times.

So, do you care to create happiness for your kids and bring them to a place where they could explore fun things?

The children’s museum in Conway, New Hampshire is a destination that will surely do the magic!

This is a children’s museum that has a store, treehouse, and other learning exhibits that your kids will love.

In fact, from the outside, you would not expect a very big museum, but this place has tons of space and lots of different themed rooms.

This wonderful tourist attraction in North Conway is an excellent place to spend time with little kids and encourage their imagination.

Lots of information are also on the walls about play and how it is good for children.

There is equally so much going on in this two-story museum.

A training room, a kitchen, a climbing tree, multiple sandboxes and so much more!

There is a lot of thought that goes into this place.

The themes are wonderfully put together with the toys to go along with them.

This is a great place for children to play and use their imaginations.

Address: 2936 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

8. MWV Moose Bus Tours, North Conway

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of MWV Moose Bus Tours, North Conway

MWV Moose Bus Tours is a tour operator in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Basically, this amazing place provides group tours, bus tours, safari tours, and tour reservations.

So, if what you all want during your trip to North Conway, New Hampshire falls within the above-listed services, be sure to check them out.

There is nothing to lose going on this tour, and besides, their services are affordable.

Have you been hearing of a moose safari?

If you are uncertain about where to find Moose, your uncertainty is over!

It is rightly available in this incredible place.

All your guides and the entire staff are so friendly and always at visitor’s service.

They will treat you like a kind and ensure you leave more entertained and happier than when you came.

If your kids came with you during the visit, do not hesitate to let them explore the kids’ playground too!

Fun is for all ages, and it is available here!

Will you be visiting North Conway the next summer or anytime soon?

If you will be kind to yourself by adding this beautiful location to your itinerary!!

Address: 40 Norcross Cir, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

9. North Conway 5 And 10 Cent Store

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of North Conway 5 And 10 Cent Store

North Conway 5 and 10 Cent Store is an ancient store in the heart of North Conway, New Hampshire.

The store was reportedly built around 1840 or thereabouts and notably, one of the surviving dime stores in this area.

To illustrate its importance, in 2004, the store was recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you need antiques while you are in North Conway, this cute little store has enough of that for you.

It is also a perfect gift shop where you can get awesome fudge or incredible Jelly donut and more!

Moreover, they also sell kids’ toys, and they are all of the right quality.

These toys are extremely affordable, and you will surely love them.

If you can visit here, it will create a fun moment.

Address: 2683 S Main St, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

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10. North Conway Farmers’ Market

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of North Conway Farmers’ Market

North Conway Farmers’ Market, is a market that sells farm products both to inhabitants and visitors.

The market is usually opened every Saturday and during this period, several local artisans bring their farm products to this beautiful market.

Although, the market is only opened between May and October on yearly basis.

If you are visiting North Conway during this specified period that they do open, be sure to check out the market.

Basically, several artisans offer organic produce of various kinds.

Visitors can also get baked goods, meats, bread, and many more.

In fact, if you would want some prepared foods, they are available here.

All the artisans and other vendors are friendly, they interact with every visitor in a more mannered way.

Not only that, their goods are inexpensive and sometimes, they offer adequate discounts to visitors.

So, will you be visiting North Conway between May and November?

If you will, this is a great place you need to add to your itinerary!!

Address: North Conway, United States.

11. Old Village Bakery

Old Village Bakery

Photo Courtesy of Old Village Bakery

Old Village Bakery is a bakery in North Conway with over 10 years of being in the industry.

If you want some cool coffee and the cinnamon bun, this is the perfect place to get that during your visit to North Conway.

Besides, their raspberry scone and the sweetened chocolate they offer are always the best in the whole of New Hampshire!.

If you crave a spectacular breakfast, this bakery will do more than you would imagine.

The scones fresh from the oven and fresh bread that is flavorful can make your entire day colorful!

Interestingly, everything offered here is baked well, and no visitor has ever complained about them.

The prices are also bearable and the employees here are efficient and knowledgeable.

Without a doubt, this is a must-see destination once you begin your exploration of this beautiful city of New Hampshire.

Address: 50 Seavey St, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

12. Tuckerman Brewing Company, North Conway

Tuckerman Brewing Company

Photo Courtesy of Tuckerman Brewing Company

Tuckerman Brewing Company began operation in North Conway in 1998 by Kirsten alongside Nik Stanciu.

This industry is notably an industry that was named after Tuckerman Ravine.

Of note, this beautiful Brewery in the heart of North Conway, New Hampshire usually produces three year-round beers.

This place is fun and has a lot of historical credit to itself.

In fact, it is popularly known as the first industry to have produced The Tuckerman Pale Ale.

They have in no small measure grown with local and international support.

The beer produced here is invariably the best because they are above average and the environment is great!

Great beers, friendly service, and lots of outdoor seating.

What an amazing location that is worth a visit!

Despite its huge popularity, beers that are offered here are so cheap and they are as quality as what you would get at high prices outside.

Even if you don’t have an interest in any of these beers, a visit here alone will make your day and you will learn more about how the Brewery industry operates.

You really can’t feel alone here, the staff that works here are polite, courteous and so generous, you can’t regret making a decision to visit this beautiful place.

Address: 66 Hobbs St, Conway, NH 03818, United States. 

13. Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park

Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park is a tourist attraction in North Conway, New Hampshire that provides a year-round fun experience for all visitors.

Basically, this fun place has an amazing indoor water park with slides and a wave pool.

Apparently, you will get something fun to do here!

The water is so clean and is so safe to play around with.

Restaurants and gift shops are also situated around this location in North Conway.

Beyond all this, it requires less than 10 USD per head and that’s all.

Once you pay this token, you can spend all days enjoying the fun things this place has to offer.

In fact, you can also leave and return with the same ticket, as long as it is on the same day, you wouldn’t have to make any other payments.

Overall, this is a wonderful place you can spend a few hours while in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Don’t hesitate to include this in your itinerary, the experience will be great!!

Address: 2251 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

14. Schouler Park

Things to do in North Conway

Photo Courtesy of Schouler Park

Schouler Park is a little park in the heart of North Conway, New Hampshire with tons of fun things for kids.

Although, this museum has several best and most fun things available for visitors of all ages, meanwhile, the settings and the entire location appear to be more of “kids”.

Do you need a cool place with tons of things your kids could play with while they are away with you in North Conway?

Yes, if you do, try taking them to Schouler Park in North Conway.

This beautiful park has a very large recreation space with a grassy field.

That means your kid who likes an open field to play will be happy to be here!

The trees and benches provided all around this location make it so cool to enjoy the atmosphere.

That alone is enough deal while you watch your kids playing.

The splash pad available for kids is apparently a plus to this place.

They also organize weekend shows that are strictly for the kids.

So, in short, this place has varieties of fun things that your kids can choose from.

If you can endeavor to bring your kids here, there wouldn’t be any full moment!

It’s all fun, it’s always fun!

Address: White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

15. Eastern Slope Inn Resort

Eastern Slope Inn Resort

Photo Courtesy of Eastern Slope Inn Resort

Are you in North Conway looking for a place you can just stay pending till when you will settle down?

If your greatest fear is how you will get a safe and comfortable hotel, you can lodge during your North Conway exploration, the fear is over!

Eastern Slope Inn Resort is popularly called a 3-Star hotel among local inhabitants and it has won several local and international awards.

They provide conducive and well-furnished traditional rooms, suites, and townhouses.

A unique feature of this beautiful lodge zone is that they have an indoor pool.

This indoor pool is available to all guests and they don’t require any extra charges whatsoever!

Besides, they have very large tennis courts that have modern tennis equipment.

Their restaurant is also great, and they are quick to make any food that visitor wants.

Great amenities, onsite pool, onsite ice skating, well-maintained grounds, and units. Helpful and courteous staff. Clean rooms and free wi-fi.

If you wish to enjoy all these attributes, you can easily lodge with them when next you visit North Conway.

Address: 2760 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

16. North Conway Station

North Conway Station

Photo Courtesy of North Conway Station

North Conway Station is a railway station that was built in 1874.

The station is designed by a great man known as Nathaniel J. Bradlee with an eclectic Russian style.

Besides, this wonderful place in North Conway is equally the terminus for the Conway Scenic Railroad.

If you want a fantastic train ride during your visit to this amazing city, you need to check out this train station.

The excellent narration and history by the tour guide will keep you alive!

Beyond that, the entire staff are very helpful and friendly!

The prices are bearable, and the Station is amazing and will transport you back in time.

Moreover, the onboard restaurant sells nice food, and above all, the entire trip will be fun!

Do not conclude your voyage to this great city without checking out this fun attraction!

Address: North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

17. Story Land

Story Land

Photo Courtesy of Story Land

Story Land is a theme park in Bartlett, New Hampshire, just 11 minute drive from North Conway.

Even if you plan not to explore beyond the city of North Conway, Story Land will be worth you changing that decision.

Even if you would not, because of the countless fun things your kids will enjoy here, it becomes so impossible for you to leave without checking what they have to offer kids.

The will appeal to children and each of them will have an opportunity to ride a train.

In fact, they could ride it up to three times!

They are also not too outrageous unlike what is in other places.

Moreover, the wait time is not too bad (10-15 mins) but some rides can get a bit long for young kids.

There are also lots of other playgrounds for kids who are less interested in riding a train.

Food prices are what you would not probably expect at an amusement park.

This is because the prices are so cheap.

Overall, there is plenty of nice shade for hot days, and the atmosphere is so welcoming.

So, why not add this to your itinerary?

After all, it is only an 11-minute drive away from North Conway!

Address: 850 NH-16, Glen, NH 03838, United States. 

18. Whitaker Woods

Whitaker Woods

Photo Courtesy of Whitaker Woods

Whitaker Woods is yet another beautiful park you can visit in this beautiful city.

The park is relatively cool, and it is dog friendly.

Besides, they also have a large football field where you can play football with colleagues, friends or other visitors with similar intentions.

If you derive so much interest in biking trails, you will enjoy doing it here too!

Not a fan of the off-leash dogs?

Do not worry, you would not be able to resist the trails here because it is absolutely fun.

Of note, the environment is not just clean, but always neat and the entire staff are friendly.

Are you in North Conway with your dogs?

Remember, everybody, deserves to be happy, being the dogs here!

While the dog is having fun, you will also have your fun.

It is such a great visitor’s destination because there is something fun for everyone here!!

Address: 2820 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, United States. 

Final Remarks

North Conway, New Hampshire is well known for its beautiful lakes, parks, museums, ancient houses, and amazing restaurants.

Things to do in North Conway are so easy to come by.

However, picking from the list of available best and fun things can sometimes be somehow tricky and uneasy.

That is why we carefully put up these wonderful and fun places that you can explore during your next visit to this city.

All that is left for you to do is to pack your belongings and start your trip to this New Hampshire amazing destination!

Happy travels.