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31 Best & Fun Things To Do In Nantucket (Massachusetts)

Nantucket is a popular city in Massachusetts with about 11,327 inhabitants (as of the 2018 census conducted).

It is a summer vacation that is obviously bursting with unimaginable fun things.

Starting at the awesome and gleaming metropolis of the island, all through the entire city, you will see plenty of beautiful sights and derive all kinds of unforgettable experiences and adventures.

For nature lovers, you will enjoy hitting the mountains.

Beyond that, there are several beautiful parks for climbing, hiking, camping, or kayaking.

History buffs may also have an interest in several museums.

In fact, the great landmarks which are greatly connected with the historical antecedents of Massachusetts are also the fun things you will love.

Shopaholics will not afford to leave without checking the malls.

How about culture enthusiasts?

Of course, you will certainly love the amazing vineyards, theater halls, gardens, and galleries.

In addition, Nantucket, Massachusetts also plays host to unlimited numbers of cultural celebrations in all seasons.

The several fun and beautiful beaches are as well a plus to the fun things you will love to explore here!

If you plan to travel to this amazing city at the appropriate time, you will surely enjoy the festivities with aboriginals and tourists alike!

Are you set to start your vacation plans to this beautiful place in Massachusetts, United States?

Do you have your pen and writing materials handy?

Let us talk about the 31 best and most fun things to do in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Things To Do In Nantucket

1. Whaling Museum, Nantucket

Things to do in Nantucket

Whaling Museum

The whaling museum is a public museum in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

This amazing attraction is a beautiful museum that is well-managed.

Besides, it’s regarded as one of the core attractions in the city of Nantucket.

This wonderful place has exhibits that have survived the ravages of time.

Moreover, several other monumental things are also available for all visitors.

These exhibits, which are pure of archeological excavations, are so informative and provide an accurate history of Nantucket.

Do you care about the history of the people that lived centuries ago in Nantucket?

If you do, we strongly suggest that you visit this beautiful museum.

One thing that makes this place attractive to tourists is because of the way the entire building is structured.

Basically, the ground floor is for exhibits, while the other rooms are observation rooms.

The observation deck basically offers great views of Nantucket harbor.

Not only that, it equally has a children’s section.

These include a safe play area, a little field to run, and several other children’s playing facilities.

Their tour guide is also worthy of mention because he is always attentive and friendly.

In fact, they are always eager to provide prompt answers to visitors’ questions.

They won’t do less to impress you anytime you visit this wonderful place in Nantucket!

How about their great restaurants? Words cannot be sufficient to describe the sweetness of their meals!

There is also quite an awesome open place where you can park your cars without paying any extra charge.

Overall, the Whaling Museum will be worth your time during your next trip to this amazing city in Massachusetts!

So, start your exploration from this spot!!

Address: 13 Broad St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

2. Nantucket Cisco Brewers

Things to do in Nantucket

Nantucket Cisco Brewers

Will you love to visit a place where you can get some nicely crafted beers on your next trip to Nantucket, Massachusetts?

If you truly do, the perfect place that you should endeavor to check out is Cisco Brewers.

This Cisco brewer is a brewery industry in this beautiful city.

This amazing place was set up in the year 1981.

Ever since then, they have been performing excellently well in the industry.

Of note, this wonderful brewing industry is recognized as the major producer of several kinds of crafted beers in Nantucket.

These invariably include Rustic bears, crafted beers, and tons of other forms of beer you could think of!

Besides these nice beers that they sell here if you are hungry, they also make several provisions for that as well.

Great food trucks with nice and delicious American and Canadian foods are available here aplenty.

Beyond its huge selection of great brews, the staff are wonderful and so courteous.

They are enthusiastic and understand the nature of the industry very well.

They will take enough time and energy to attend to you without any form of complaint.

It is evident that you will always make this place your favorite spot after your next visit.

If you are visiting during the summer, I suggest you endeavor to come during the weekend.

This suggestion becomes necessary because it is always rowdy on the weekdays.

Address: 5 Bartlett Farm Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

3. Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge In Nantucket

Things to do in Nantucket

Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge

Do you know the world of animals is an interesting world to explore?

Yes, it is! There are so many best and most fun things that you can enjoy there, too.

Have you ever seen wildlife animals in their natural state before?

If you haven’t, Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge in Nantucket, Massachusetts, should be your next spot.

Even if you have seen several wildlife animals before, coming here will create some impressive and incredibly memorable experiences for you.

By way of clear description, this most sought attraction is located along the Island.

In fact, it is on record that it is managed by the Reservations Trustees in Nantucket.

It houses miles of beaches, and its operation dates back to 1974.

It is equally considered to be the largest red cedar woodland in Nantucket.

They have various animals which are good-looking.

In fact, you will be given the opportunity to play with them and even feed them if you wish to.

This awesome place invariably becomes a great point of interest for visitors because of these great attributes and many more yet mentioned!

Interestingly, the entrance fee is affordable, and the tour guild always appears so accommodating.

If you can spare some time from your travel plan to Nantucket, make sure you check out this amazing place.

It is certain that you will leave more informed and happy.

Address: 107 Wauwinet Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

4. Miacomet Golf Club, Nantucket

Things to do in Nantucket

Miacomet Golf Club

Are any lovers of golf planning a visit to Nantucket? Okay, relax! Here comes your favorite spot!

A place where no golf lover coming to Nantucket, Massachusetts, will not but visit!

This lovely place has been in existence for over four decades.

Despite its age-long existence, it is still considered one of the nicest spots for golfers.

These descriptions fit no other place except Miacomet Golf Club!

Miacomet Golf Club is a nice tourist attraction in the city of Nantucket, where visitors can have access to thoughtful golf courses.

Even if it has been long since you last played golf, you will get your interest in the sport coming up again if you visit Miacomet Golf Club.

Beyond these immaculate courses that are so lovely in this clubhouse and its amenities, you can’t go hungry here!

This is because their food services are absolutely great and second to none!

The vendors of the food and those in charge of the golf courses are all pretty friendly and knowledgeable.

They will sometimes offer you some nice gifts just to encourage you and make you feel relaxed here.

While planning a visit to Nantucket, make sure you spend some time here.

However, while coming, it is advisable you come at an early hour.

This is because parking can be a bit tricky here if you come in the evening.

Address: 12 Miacomet Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

5. Nantucket Salt Boutique

Things to do in Nantucket

Salt Boutique

Are you in Nantucket, Massachusetts, looking for a nice place to get fine dresses?

Your search is over!

Salt Boutique is a perfect boutique store in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

They offer amazing fine dresses.

These dresses are available for both men and women.

Incredibly, they are of the right qualities and are known brands.

Regardless of what you might have heard about the scarcity of any brand, Salt Boutique will come to your rescue!

The prices of their clothes are inexpensive, and the entire attendant is so courteous.

Regardless of the size of your budget, you will get some nice dresses beyond your imagination here!

When you are even in a dilemma as to which brand you should choose amidst the various brands, the attendant will not hesitate to make perfect recommendations for you.

In fact, if you are fortunate to visit here during their discount days, you will go home with several fine dresses without having to pay so much.

If you are here, be sure to check the little garden that is adjacent to this place.

That’s a plus to the fun things that are available to be enjoyed here and it is pretty cool!

Address: 4A S Water St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

6. First Congregational Church

Things to do in Nantucket

Cat and Scott

First Congregational Church is an ancient worship house in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

If you are of Christian faith and a true believer of Christ, this is a great and nice place you should endeavor to check out on your next visit to Nantucket.

It is an impressive and ancient church that has been attracting visitors from all over the continents for so many years.

If you are craving a nice place where you can pray and socialize with other people of the Christian faith, visit First Congregational Church!

Amazingly, the pastor and the entire members are so welcoming.

They believe everybody is one in the body of Christ.

This is always reflective in all their interactions with visitors.

You will surely feel welcome here!

Most importantly, if you come during their Sunday service, you wouldn’t wish to leave because the service is always spirit-filled.

Alternatively, if you are not interested in their services, coming to see this ancient building itself will commensurate the stress you pass through here.

The tower incredibly has great views and is not too hard to climb as it has different levels.

Amazingly, it will only cost a $5 donation to go up!

At any season you plan to visit Nantucket in the state of Massachusetts as a tourist or an explorer, consider having a stop here!

Address: 62 Centre St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

7. Children’s Beach In Nantucket

Children's Beach In Nantucket

Children’s Beach In Nantucket

Just as Nantucket is known for its several beaches, Children’s Beach is the only beach in the whole of the city.

The beach area is very safe to play with for every kid and toddler.

More so, the playground in this amazing place of Nantucket, Massachusetts, is very large.

Just as you want to stay happy exploring this great city, it will be great to bring your kids here if you want them to be happy, too!

The supervisor is always friendly and understands the world of kids very well.

Most importantly, he would not hesitate to play with your kids so as to make them feel socialized coming here.

There are equally tons of gift shops that offer goodies and nice things your kids are not likely to resist.

Of note, the admission fee is affordable and so flexible.

This is so because their priority is to create happiness and not to monetize the initiative.

For you to properly call yourself adventurous, it becomes necessary to check out this amazing place!

Address: 15 Harbor View Way, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States.

8. Quaker Meeting House, Nantucket

Quaker Meeting House, Nantucket

Zofia & Co. Photography

Do you need a nice place to host events or reunite with friends or colleagues?

Look no further! Quaker Meeting House is the perfect place you have been looking for!

They have comfortable seats, and the atmosphere here is so pleasant.

Moreover, they have the most courteous, attentive, and smart staff you could ever think of.

These staff will treat you and your guests with the utmost sense of professionalism.

They also have a museum that has enough great exhibits here.

These exhibits are so informative and will, in no small measure, acquaint you with the pattern of life of the early inhabitants.

This shows that if your purpose is not to come here for a meeting, you can definitely take some time to catch some fun checking through their exhibits!

Address: 7 Fair St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States.

8. Nantucket Atheneum

Nantucket Atheneum

National Park Services

Nantucket Atheneum is a public library in the city of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

It is a library in Nantucket that has been operating for several years.

To the lovers of books and researchers, this should top your itinerary!

Plenty of materials and resourceful books that will enhance the completion of your academic activities are right here.

Their books are well arranged in catalogs.

Aside from that, the staff that works here are really intelligent and polite.

Beyond being a place, you can also check out movies and games to get resourceful materials!

They display the latest movies in the room meant for that and their games are what will also keep you alive here.

To sum it up, this library is where you can get any kind of book, including summer novels.

Besides, this incredible place also has a wonderful park in the center, which is incredibly amazing.

If you plan a visit here, don’t forget to check out their English, knitting, and 3d printing classes.

Of course, you will be impressed that you have learned something new and more valuable to yourself.

Since they operate with grants, you definitely wouldn’t pay anything here.

Everything is free and wonderful, do visit if you can!

Address: 1 India St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States.

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9. Nantucket Cycling + Fitness

Nantucket Cycling + Fitness

Nantucket Cycling + Fitness

Another beautiful and fun place you should ensure you check out in this city is Nantucket Cycling + Fitness. 

It is a gym center that operates with the aim of providing flexible fitness facilities to inhabitants and visitors.

They are remarkably the favorite island gym.

This great recognition is because of their uniqueness.

One of these unique attributes noticeable here is that their employees are experts in what they do and they are so friendly.

Besides, they organize various classes that are health-related for visitors and inhabitants.

For instance, there are classes for Barre, Indoor Cycling, Burn, and several others.

This is simply a great mix of class styles that will suit your personal preference.

The open gym time is another great option because they are open all days.

So, you can go, any day, any season!

Meanwhile, if you will be attending their CrossFit classes, make sure you visit here before the middle of the week.

This is because they always organize it twice a week.

If you are coming to Nantucket, Massachusetts, checking out this amazing place will be one of the best decisions you would make!

So, why wouldn’t you plan a visit to this lovely and evidently fun place?

Doing so will suffice!

Address: 25 Youngs Way, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States.

10. Theatre Workshop Of Nantucket

Theater Workshop Of Nantucket

Workshop Of Nantucket

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket is a performing arts theater in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

According to the record, this amazing workshop has been in existence for the past six decades.

Despite its long years of existence, it is still known as the best performing art location in Nantucket, Massachusetts!

They are top-notch because of their excellent acting, which is always awesome.

If you want a reliable and perfect spot to enjoy your weekend, here should actually be where you should head to!

Beyond that, the sets and the entire actors are apparently full of skills.

These actors are a combination of equity actors and local talent.

So incredible, right? Yes, it is!

In addition, the seats are always amazing, you could sit for hours without feeling any pain.

The admission fee is also worthy of mention, this is because it is absolutely affordable and inexpensive.

So, why won’t plan a visit to this wonderful place when next you come to Nantucket, Massachusetts?

Of course, visiting here will add more to the delicacies of the fun things you enjoy in this city in the state of Massachusetts!

Address: 62 Centre St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

11. Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum

Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum

Egan Maritime Institute

Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum is a historical museum in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

This wonderful place has lots of interesting and informative exhibits.

These will surely inspire every visitor on sight and you can’t be an exception!

Of note, this museum incredibly features permanent and changing exhibitions.

Honestly, these exhibitions will fascinate both adults and children

Here is though relatively small, however, it is still a fun place that will be worth a visit.

Their exhibits are dated with the scientific radiocarbon dating and they tell more about the history of Nantucket.

Importantly, the admission fee is not pricey and there are wonderful restaurants that are all around this place.

Of note, unlike those museums earlier recommended, this place is a bit distinct and unique.

Are you wondering why?

Its uniqueness is not farfetched! This is because the exhibits are not available in physical form alone!

They have videos illustrating the importance of those exhibits, and it is so interesting to view.

Moreover, their staff are quite friendly, and accommodating and will not do less to make your visit lovely!

This wonderful location also provides visitors with the opportunity of getting on the boat.

It is without a doubt that you will leave happier than how you come if you visit this wonderful attraction.

Address: 158 Polpis Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

12. Old Mill Of Nantucket

Things to do in Nantucket

Old Mill Of Nantucket

If you are in Nantucket, Old Mill is another beautiful and historic site that you should ensure you visit.

This lovely location is a historic windmill that was built in 1746.

Interestingly, this mill is known to be the longest functioning mill in Nantucket, and even in the entire United States of America.

If you care to experience something different and unique, do not conclude your trip without a visit here!

The mill keepers appear so courteous, very informational and so friendly.

They do not only act in the position of doing their duties as an employee but also, they will prioritize your happiness.

In short, this is simply a place that could be described as “a well-kept piece of history”!

It is very striking to see and you will not but wonder how an old mill still works today and is kept attractive to visitors.

It is pretty much bigger than any visitor will expect.

So, if you can give a little of your time to explore something unique, check out this wonderful place.

After all, 30 minutes for a change of experience will do more to make your visit to the city of Nantucket memorable!

Address: Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

13. The Artists’ Association Of Nantucket

The Artists' Association Of Nantucket

The Artists’ Association

If you love to get some works of art during your visit to Nantucket, check out The Artists’ Association of Nantucket.

It is an Art gallery in Nantucket, Massachusetts that has several beautiful artworks.

Of note, most of these works are made by local artists and they are impressively wonderful.

These works are periodically sold-out solely for the purpose of assisting charity.

Beyond these, they also provide an enabling atmosphere for visitors to learn some useful educational programs that are art-related.

Coming here would not in any way be a bad decision because these works of art are simply affordable beyond your expectations.

So, do not be stuck with your itinerary; create time to visit here when next you come to Nantucket!

Address: 19 Washington St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

14. Nantucket Bike Tours

Nantucket Bike Tours

Bike Tours

Nantucket Bike Tours is yet another wonderful and fun place that you can visit in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

It is a bike tour agency that is particularly aimed at making every visitor in Nantucket so happy.

Of note, what they basically do is provide bicycle tours and rent out bicycles to visitors.

So, are you in Nantucket, and you are worried as to where to get a bicycle to navigate the entire city?

Nantucket Bike Tours will definitely come to your rescue!

Amazingly, their services are very much affordable, unlike other options that you get elsewhere.

Even if you are new to the city, a tour guide will be available to make the whole trip smooth.

Not just that, they are eager to train visitors on how to ride a bicycle and, in most cases, guarantee a safe ride for visitors.

Although only a few restaurants are open around this wonderful place of Nantucket.

If you do wish to visit here, make sure you come with your riding dresses.

But then, if you have none, do not worry, they will surely make all provisions you ever think of!

So, upon arrival to Nantucket, check out the fun thing this place has to offer visitors!

Address: 15 Washington St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

15. Sustainable Nantucket’s Farmers & Artisans Market

Sustainable Nantucket’s Farmers & Artisans Market

Sustainable Nantucket’s Farmers & Artisans Market

If you need a perfect place where you can get fresh farm produce on your next visit to Nantucket, Sustainable Nantucket’s Farmers & Artisans Market has all you would love to get.

It is an accredited farmers’ market in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where visitors and inhabitants can get cheap bread, vegetables, yam, and several other farms’ produce.

They open at 8 am most days except on weekends when the opening period may be extended.

A celebrated attribute of this great location is that there are several vendors.

This presupposes that you will have the opportunity of having varieties of options.

Amazingly, all the vendors are so friendly and so polite in their interactions.

So, endeavor to include this wonderful place in your itinerary. You will be glad you do so!

Address: Cambridge St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States

16. Nantucket Founders Burial Ground

Founders Burial Ground

Matthieu / Flickr

Nantucket Founders Burial Ground is a public burial ground in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

It is a place where most noblemen and heroes are put to rest.

If you really want to have some sober reflection and honor the past heroes, do ensure you check out this amazing place.

Besides, the cemetery is in immaculate condition, and the staff are very professional.

They will design your tour for you in a way that will be so informative and entertaining.

Even if you do not have loved ones buried here, it is an amazing place to visit.

Although, the parking garage costs just a reasonable charge per hour, so keep that in mind.

Safe Trip!

Address: Nantucket, Nantucket County, Massachusetts, United States. 

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17. Great Point Light Of Nantucket


Great Point Light is an amazing lighthouse in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Precisely, this wonderful place is in the northern part of Nantucket Island.

It was first set up in 1784, although, in 1816, it was later destroyed and was later set up back.

Ever since then, it has really been an amazing tourist attraction.

Everything about this Great Point Lighthouse in Nantucket is just so awesome and it is advisable you plan a visit here.

Most wonderfully, the history behind this great place itself is so fascinating and that should be the foremost reason why you should visit here.

There are also a bunch of sea lions hanging out in the water and on the beach.

They are lovely and you will love to see them.

If it’s your first time coming here, then we would recommend walking to get there.

Although it is a long walk, it will surely be a fun place you will enjoy visiting!

It is apparently a great place with so many available shots with differing foreground features.

Of note, no visitor has ever left here unhappy.

The gesture from the staff itself will make your stay so fun and memorable.

So, when will you be visiting Nantucket In Massachusetts?

Whenever it is going to be, remember to include Great Point Light in your itinerary!

Address: Nantucket, MA 02554, United States.

18. Tonkin Of Nantucket


Tonkin of Nantucket

Will you love to get some nice antiques while you arrive in Nantucket, Massachusetts?

Of course, there are several antique shops in the city of Nantucket!

Meanwhile, our goal is to make the perfect recommendations for you.

So, which is antique shop do you think worth exploring?

It is no other antique shop but Tonkin of Nantucket!

It has received numerous awards locally and at the international level and it is a fun and interesting place where you can get any kind of modern antique.

They specialize in British pieces but have things from other parts of the globe as well.

Besides, their collection here is extensive and has some unique pieces.

The store has over 10,000 square feet of remarkably varied English and French pieces.

Mr. Tonkin who is also the owner of this great initiative and his staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about antiques.

They are always handling each and every purchase transaction with the utmost care and they pay attention to details.

If you can create an hour or two to visit here, you will have a wonderful experience visiting the showroom and purchasing a couple of things that are amazing and one of a kind.

Address: 7 Teasdale Cir, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States.

19. Monarch Face & Body

Monarch Face & Body

Monarch Face & Body

Another beautiful place that comes on our list of best and most fun things to do in Nantucket, Massachusetts is Monarch Face & Body. 

It is a location that provides adequate skincare facilities for inhabitants and visitors.

By far, Monarch offers the most blissfully relaxing, effective, and top-quality treatments on Nantucket.

The aestheticians are extremely knowledgeable and they use the highest quality organic products and purest essential oils.

On top of that, their facial specialist will create a truly relaxing experience you ever crave for.

Even if you have some sensitive skin that easily flares up, Monarch aestheticians will adopt their magical abilities to transform your skin!

Since it is believed that beauty beings from within, we strongly recommend you visit this amazing place anytime you arrive at Nantucket!

In fact, beyond all these, they also have a little but incredible gift shop that offers some nice gifts you can’t resist getting!

It is without any doubt an all-rounder fun place you will enjoy visiting.

Address: 37 Old South Rd #13, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

20. The Chicken Box

The Chicken Box

The Chicken Box

Another fun place in Nantucket is The Chicken Box. 

It is a large bar center that sells all kinds of bears, chicken, assorted meats, drinks, and various wines.

If what you desire is a welcoming place where you can take drinks and engage in an interesting discussion, The Chicken Box will do!

Besides, the unpretentious roadhouse with regular concerts (jazz, blues, rock), plus pool, ping-pong & darts will surely make you feel so happy.

From the epic live music nights to the awesome care that the employees will give you, you won’t but wish to come back after your next visit!

Interestingly, this place of Nantucket always appears so much cleaner.

They equally have a large screen that displays movies which are latest and interesting.

Besides, the little play area can actually keep your kids busy while you enjoy the nice bear you came for.

Definitely, each visitor will get something fun and memorable here.

So, when will you plan a trip to Nantucket?

Whichever season it is going to be, of course, we expect you to check out The Chicken Box.

If it is not fun, then it is definitely not this Chicken Box!

Address: 16 Dave St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

21. Steamship Authority

Steamship Authority

Mitchell / Flickr

Steamship Authority is another fun place to visit in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

It is a wonderful place that provides the Ferry service in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

There are absolutely unrestricted fun things that you can enjoy in this wonderful attraction.

If you wish to explore this amazing place, you will enjoy the many benefits of traveling with the Steamship Authority.

Beautifully, this amazing service is available seasonally between Nantucket and Hyannis.

It is sure a quick and enjoyable ride to and from Nantucket

Those who do the riding and the whole workers here understand the nature of the work very well.

This makes it so interesting and outrightly a fun place you will enjoy the time spent.

Also, this agency in Nantucket has a very fast and efficient service for ticketing and boarding.

The area is equally clean, well managed, and uncrowded.

Services here are relatively more affordable and all-around better than the other competitor

Meanwhile, if you are on a tight budget, bring your own snacks and drinks.

If you will be on Nantucket, endeavor you come to cook a ride with this beautiful agency.

Come and experience the amazing experience with the steamship authority crew and you will greatly enjoy it!

Address: 1 Steamboat Wharf, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

22. Jethro Coffin House

Jethro Coffin House

Jethro Coffin House

The popular Jethro Coffin House also makes our list of the 31 best and most fun things to do in Nantucket, Massachusetts!

This House is a historical landmark in Nantucket and the oldest house in this city.

It is a fun place that is outside the city.

Precisely, it is around the Hill near Lily Pond Park and is a very seasonal tourist center.

This is because it is an incredible place that houses several wonderful antiques.

Besides, there are wonderful artifacts that illustrate how life was about 200 years ago.

There is a lot of differing documentation about Nantucket, the most accurate history is available here!

In fact, answers to how the people of the beautiful island of Nantucket lived in the past are available in this wonderful place.

Visiting here is just the nicest way to glimpse the past, to see how life used to be on the island!

It is one of many buildings associated with The Nantucket Historical Association and purchasing tickets to one grant you entrance into all the other facilities, all well within walking distance of each other.

The garden in the back looks so good as well! If you enjoy looking at the old wooden planks, so do check it out too!

Not only that, the tour guide is a type that is very engaging and you can’t but love that.

Plus the tour isn’t too long or too short, it is just a fun stop for a Nantucket day trip and it is worth a visit!

Address: 16 Sunset Hill, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

23. Maria Mitchell Association

Maria Mitchell Association

Mitchell Association

Maria Mitchell Association is a beautiful and so attractive tourist attraction on the island of Nantucket.

Certainly, this wouldn’t be a bad place to explore.

It is a non-governmental and non-profit initiative in this city and several people visit Nantucket just because of this attraction.

Of what they do, they are the owner of Maria Mitchell Observatory.

This observatory is wildly known as the ancient Loines Observatory.

If you haven’t been here before, you are really missing out!

Beyond that, there is a natural history museum here and they have factual details about the history of Maria Mitchell Aquarium!

Incredible? Yeah, it’s incredible, which is the reason you need to make a decision to visit here!

Importantly, they also have an amazing science library which is available to all.

So, can you rationalize why several visitors come to Nantucket just because of this attraction?

It would never be a decision gone wrong if you make a plan to visit here too!

Of note, the staff members are expert researchers and evidently so friendly.

Little wonder why the directorate of history honored them recently.

In short, Maria Mitchell Association is a perfect aquarium and truly a fun place that you won’t regret visiting.

The admission fee is not high, and they sell food here aplenty, and they are delicious!

So, make a plan to visit Maria Mitchell Association next time you arrive in Nantucket, Massachusetts!

Address: 4 Vestal St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

24. Altar Rock

Altar Rock

Altar Rock

Undoubtedly, Altar Rock is another beautiful place you can spend some time in Nantucket.

It is remarkably the most dominant attraction that features the center of Moors.

If you want to explore something more different than merely visiting the museum alone, come to this place!

There are tons of fun and enjoyable moments here.

It is a must-visit spot because it is very quiet and secluded and the amazing views are impressive!

Moreover, visitors do enjoy great hiking and dog walking without any charge whatsoever!

It is just an attraction in Nantucket that is great and fun to explore any time of the season.

So, whether you are coming during the summer or winter, do not be out without a visit here!

If you are coming, it is important to note that you have to come with your helmet, knee, and elbow pads.

Though, if you have none, there are provisions for that here, so you absolutely have no issues!

The everywhere stumps and all are no issue at all.

This is because it is absolutely safe, and they regulate the same.

Keep the plan to visit Nantucket moving, but then, do not forget to include this amazing place in your itinerary.

Address: 27 Altar Rock Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

25. Nantucket United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church

Nantucket United Methodist Church is an old building and one of the oldest churches in the city of Nantucket.

It is, though under the management of the Methodist, however, it is available to all visitors.

Even if you are not of the Christian faith or an American, you will be received well here.

It is a perfect place where you can visit to pray, worship, or seek the face of Christ Jesus.

So, if you are thinking of a perfect place you can worship during your visit to Nantucket, this place should be your next spot!

Their weekend service is top-notch, and you can’t help but see the mighty hand of God moving.

Beyond that, they will provide temporary residents who have none.

So, why will you decide not to check out this nice place when next you come to Nantucket?

Regardless of the reason, you will be the one to miss out on the fun things available here!

If at all you don’t visit during any of their worship days, exploring the in and out of the ancient building in itself is an exploration that you will appreciate!

No admission whatsoever, no payment for food, everything is absolutely free!

So, it would be interesting to see your beautiful reviews on this later!

We hope you will visit and enjoy what it has to offer.

Address: 2 Centre St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

26. Nantucket Madaket Beach

Madaket Beach

Nantucket Madaket Beach

The city of Nantucket is undoubtedly known for its amazing beaches.

In fact, there are unlimited beach spots in this ancient city.

Narrowing down your itinerary in order to ensure you visit the right one may pose some difficulties.

To avoid such difficulties, if you wish to visit a beach on your subsequent Nantucket visit, Madaket Beach is highly recommended.

It is a beautiful beach in Nantucket, Massachusetts that is locally and internationally known.

The reasons for this recommendation are not difficult to think of!

This is because visitors always get maximum satisfaction whenever they are here.

Madaket Beach is extremely easy to get to, and it appears clear at all times.

Besides, in this wonderful place, there is a free parking space and lifeguards are always on duty.

They also have a very expanse space for kids to play and it is so safe and fun.

Obviously, while you catch some fun, your kids will also do!

Something fun and beautiful is available for everyone, regardless of your age!

So, while packing your luggage, do remember to come to visit here with your kids.

It will obviously be going to be fun for all!

Address: Near Madaket Beach, Pennsylvania Ave, Nantucket, MA, United States.

27. Nantucket Capt. Tom’s Charters

Capt. Tom's Charters

Capt. Tom’s Charters

The beautiful Capt. Tom’s Charters is also a fun place where you can experience something different.

Basically, Capt. Tom is a fishing charter in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

It is a place where Mr. Tom infuses his passion to make out this awesome initiative.

For visitors coming to Nantucket and planning to experience how it is to fish in the sea, ensure you check out this amazing place.

Their emphasis is just for visitors to have maximum enjoyment and nothing more.

Little wonder why they only demand donations and not admission fees.

Even with that donation, which is not compulsory, coming here will be worth every single penny.

These guys will make the fishing adventure more interesting than you could have imagined.

The seaman and the whole attendant here are so talented and knowledgeable about fishing.

In fact, they have so many stories and knew a lot about sea life and, of course, where to catch fish.

If you visit Nantucket and you wouldn’t be in haste to leave, it would be interesting to check out this amazing place.

Or, don’t you think it will be fun and memorable to catch a fish yourself?

Definitely, it will! So, make an effort to check them out before you leave Nantucket!!

Address: F St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

28. Young’s Bicycle Shop, Nantucket

Young's Bicycle Shop

Young’s Bicycle Shop

If you are not interested in fishing, taking a tour adventure with a bicycle is another amazing thing to do.

If you will, upon arrival in Nantucket, head straight to Young’s Bicycle Shop!

This amazing place rents out bicycles to visitors for a short and long period.

Different from that, they also repair visitors’ bicycles that develop faults.

So, which of their services would you prefer – to bring your bicycle for repair or to get out with one of their bicycles?

Whichever that concerns you, you can’t feel less satisfied!

In this amazing place, the employees will excellently fix any issues you bring here such as replacing disc brake pads, changing tires, and several others you could think of.

They are just so courteous, professional, and very competent.

In fact, everyone here works so hard to put the customer first.

If you’re trying to choose between bike stores, it should be Young’s every time!

It is a licensed store with so many years of success recorded to their names and it is such a wonderful precedent.

Address: 6 Broad St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

29. Endeavor Sailing Excursions

Endeavor Sailing Excursions

Eugene / Wikimedia Commons

Endeavor Sailing Excursions is the best and perfect place that offers satisfactory boat sailing excursions in Nantucket.

If you will be embarking on that excursion you have been planning, do not go anywhere else but Endeavor Sailing Excursions!

Captain Jim and several other captains will acquaint you with Nantucket’s maritime and you will enjoy it.

They will design your tour for you and you won’t but feel happy and more satisfied.

The sailboat is beautiful; the water is always clean and their service charge is always affordable.

Besides, this wonderful place also provides boat rental services and they are among the few in that industry that operates with the utmost integrity.

If you are in Nantucket, come to this amazing place for a beautiful sailing experience.

It will be the apogee of your visit to the island!

However, while coming, do not bother bringing anything or sailing dresses

They have the necessary types of equipment which are inclusive of jackets for all visitors in case they get cold

Address: Straight Wharf, Slip #1015, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

30. Nantucket Aunt Leah’s Fudge

Aunt Leah's Fudge

Aunt Leah’s Fudge

If you are in Nantucket and you love fudge, Aunt Leah’s Fudge is a place to head to.

When it comes to fudge production, Aunt Leah’s Fudge takes all the glory.

Fudge made in this wonderful industry of Nantucket is that type of candy that is made of sugar and a mixture of milk with butter.

It is rich and nutritious and you will not come here without getting more than what you have budgeted for.

Although it is inexpensive, the sweetness will compel you to get above your plans.

Many visitors opt-in for Chocolate-raspberry and several others go for different flavors.

But then, we advise you to taste every flavor before you decide which is really the best one, and the list is long!

If you are uncertain as to which you should go for, their staff will assist you in making adequate recommendations.

They are not difficult to relate to and they appear so friendly.

If you are planning your trip, if at all you would not take your kids anywhere else in Nantucket, bringing them here would be a decision you will appreciate.

Of course, there is something for everyone here, so, why wouldn’t you bring them along?

A visit here will surely make a difference and create some fun moments you won’t forget in years to come!

Address: 16 Straight Wharf #3, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States. 

31. White Elephant Hotel, Nantucket

White Elephant Hotel

Amy / Wikimedia Commons

White Elephant Hotel is a refined five-star hotel in Nantucket.

If you arrived in the City of Massachusetts and you are not sure of where to lodge during the pendency of your voyage, head straight to the White Elephant Hotel.

They have nice rooms, and they are not expensive at all.

Besides, the room is well furnished and all the fittings there will truly let you feel at home.

To mention a few of the characteristics of this wonderful hotel, the guard is always on duty; the atmosphere is welcoming, there is free access to the internet, in fact, the list goes on and on!

It is incredibly a place that will give you comfort beyond your imagination.

How about their food? That’s top-notch and no description will fit in to tell how amazing it is.

A minute you order, a few minutes thereafter they serve you what you ordered.

In short, it is a perfect place you can stay while you explore the beautiful fun places you have planned to explore.

Interestingly, this cool and welcoming place is right in the middle of the several attractions itemized above.

Address: 50 Easton St, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States

Final Remarks

Anytime you plan a trip to Nantucket, you will see yourself bouncing through the walls in gladness in terms of all the beautiful and fun things to see there.

This beautiful city is one of the most visited places in the United State of America.

And of course, known for beaches, amazing malls, beautiful parks, churches, awesome gift and antique shops, and more!

It also offers visitors other fun and amazing things that other neighboring communities can not offer.

Plus, there are tons of Nantucket tourist attractions to see, each of these with its own unique charm.

To see these awesome things, make sure you plan your trip using our travel guides provided above.

Safe Trip!