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34 Unique & Fun Things to Do in Salem (Massachusetts)

Salem is a historic coastal city in Essex County, Massachusetts.

It is situated on the North Shore of Greater Boston and offers something delightful and enjoyable to tourists of diverse interests.

Whether you’re an outdoor fun seeker or you just want to explore a refined spot filled with lots of activities, you wouldn’t be wrong planning a trip to Salem!

Meanwhile, to help you map out an epic adventure, we’ve put up a comprehensive list of the best and most notable attractions that’ll be of huge assistance to you during your voyage.

Shall we start? Let us discuss the best and most fun sites worth exploring in Salem, Massachusetts!

Things to Do in Salem, Massachusetts

1. The House of The Seven Gables, Salem

The House of the Seven Gables

The House of the Seven Gables

One of the top attractions that will be worth your time in Salem is the House of the Seven Gables.

Equally referred to as ‘the Turner House’ or ‘Turner Mansion,’ the House of the Seven Gables is a 1668 colonial building named for its gables.

This attraction in Massachusetts became popular in 1851 through a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Today, this ancient location provides guided tours as well as lots of historical programs that are always informative.

Besides, this lovely equally prides itself on housing many monuments illustrating colonial activities during the prehistoric era.

In fact, aside from these numerous exhibits, this site also features a lovely garden, and its gift store is riffed with lots of original Massachusetts souvenirs you’d love.

Most Impressively, this is a free attraction, so you wouldn’t pay a dime to explore this worthwhile location.

If you will be in Salem and plan to spend an hour or more here, stepping into this house is like you’re traveling back in time, it will surely be worth it!

Address: 115 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

2. The Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Constructed in the year 1992, the Salem Witch Trials Memorial pays tribute to over twenty innocent people who died in 1962 due to witchcraft hysteria.

This memorial was designed by Richard Trask, the erstwhile chairman of the Salem Village Witchcraft, and it became officially open to the public on the 9th of May 1992.

Although the Witch trial saga is quite an unfortunate incident, there are many things to be learned about it here.

This memorial features a ‘book’ and a ‘granite Bible box’ with large-scale reproduction metal shackles.’

Behind this lies a three-panel granite wall where the names of those who died during this witchcraft incident were inscribed.

If you have an upcoming trip to Salem, this ‘Somber memorial site’  is a great spot to spend 30 minutes or more.

Note; it’s accessible between 7:00 AM through 6:00 PM on all weekdays.

Address: 24 Liberty St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

3. Peabody Essex Museum

The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem

The Peabody Essex Museum

For the past 220 years, the Peabody Essex Museum has been dedicated to preserving compelling artwork from several cities in the world.

If you love creative sculptures, this insightful landmark is a perfect fit for your itinerary!

The most impressive attribute of this museum is that, unlike other places, this art center has a larger proportion of Asian art.

Similarly to that, its diverse works from other continents surpass 500,000 in number, which is obviously unprecedented!

For instance, the African arts available include ceremonial masks, woven baskets, pottery, and over 1,000 Ethiopian art collections.

Aside from all this, the Peabody Essex Museum of Salem also features over 50,000 maritime objects, including model ships, a series of paintings, scrimshaw, and many more.

Obviously, this beautiful place is too loaded to be avoided if you are in Massachusetts.

Most encouraging, the entrance fee costs just $20 which is unarguably low.

Even at that, the tour guides on site are so knowledgeable and friendly.

Whenever your trip to this downtown would be, don’t constitute an exception to the list of travelers that are coming for an insightful adventure here!

Address: 161 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

4. Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery At Salem

Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

Do you want to explore something different from your usual routine but fun?

If you will, Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery is a place you need to be!

Unlike other museums herein, this attraction displays wax figures of vampires, zombies & other characters from horror and monster films.

These monuments are just hyper-realistic of what’s obtainable in fantasy films; you’ll love them!

Besides all these, this great area also presents many classical and ancient movies.

Notwithstanding all these, the admission fee to Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery of Salem is relatively low.

In fact, whenever you’re on site, if you crave some snacks or wines, you’ll have plenty of that because there are lots of snacks vendor that are eager to attend to every visitor.

If you’re a history buff, this is one of the many beautiful places to spice up your Salem vacation experience!

Address: 217 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

5. The Witch House At Salem

The Witch House at Salem

The Witch House at Salem

Known to locals as ‘Jonathan Corwin House,’ The Witch House at Salem is a historical museum situated at Essex Street in Massachusetts.

It was the home to Judge Jonathan Corwin, who lived between 1640 and 1718. This beautiful place is the only structure in Salem that has a direct tie to the 1962 Witch trials of Salem.

This house is a perfect example of 17th-century New England architecture consisting of original exhibits that are associated with the Massachusetts witch trials.

Ticket fees cost about $9 per adult, while senior citizens pay just $7, and kids would only have to pay $5

Also, there’s a large gift store, and parking isn’t tricky. Overall, this location will give you a newer and richer vacation experience when you’re in Salem next!

Address: 310 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

6. The Salem Ferry

Salem Ferry

Salem Ferry

Anytime you’re in Massachusetts, the best way to experience the Boston Harbor waters is to go on a tour with the Salem Ferry.

Tour here is a super convenient way to get into Boston for the day without worrying about traffic and parking.

In fact, while on tour, you’ll be able to see the beautiful Boston skyline and hear some very interesting stories about Boston and Salem from the wonderful crew on board.

Adults pay just $19, only $15 is payable by senior citizens, and a child’s admission fee is as low as $11.

Despite the small amounts payable, each tourist on board has access to wine and a small portion of popcorn.

No doubt, if you could visit, you’ll definitely have a blast!

Address: 10 Blaney St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

7. Salem’s Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre

Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre, Salem

Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre

Opening every day between 10:00 AM through 6:00 PM, the Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre is another tourism center in Salem.

Unlike other entertaining spots above, this inclusive area features holograms, 4D effects, ghostly projections, and live action in an immersive and exciting way projected at enabling tourists to understand the history of Salem’s Haunted Palace and the terror of the Witch Trials.

Also, you can participate in a guided walking tour of Salem, which takes visitors to historical sites related to the witch trials.

If that’s not enough you can visit the Witch Dungeon Museum, which features live actors, exhibits, and reenactments of the witch trials.

Besides, there’s also a gift shop where you can get items related to the history of Salm and the witch trials.

However, parking might be tricky here. Hence, endeavor to arrive early to beat that drawback!

Address: 7 Lynde St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

8. Pickering Wharf

Pickering Wharf

Pickering Wharf

The Pickering Wharf is a marina in Salem, Massachusetts.

It is a delightful harborside shopping village filled with landmarks. If you want to explore the charm of Salem, this is the perfect place to begin your sightseeing tour.

Most Impressively, this attraction is just a few miles away from Salem’s hustle and bustle tourism centers, including Peabody Essex Museum.

Suggestively, it will be a good way to navigate through many other fun attractions nearby.

Whether you are coming to this downtown for a short visitation or a holiday trip, this is a lovely place that will be well worth a stop!

Address: 23 Congress St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

9. Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum is a life-size stage set that was founded in 1972.

It offers two distinct historical presentations. One of these is that it presents the 1962 tragic story of the witch trials in a comprehensive way.

On the other hand, the second form of the presentation exhibits witches-related activities by relating it to scapegoating and persecution in American history.

These presentations are illuminated and dramatically narrated, making them insightful, fun, and enjoyable.

Note that this site welcomes travelers from morning to 5:00 PM in the evening.

Address: 19 1/2 N Washington Square, Salem, MA 01970, United States

10. The Ropes Mansion And Garden

The Ropes Mansion and Garden

The Ropes Mansion and Garden

Equally known as Ropes Memorial, the Ropes Mansion and Garden is a Georgian Colonial mansion situated towards Essex Street in Salem.

It is an attraction built by Samuel Barnard towards the mid-1900 and has since been a favorite stop to several fun-seekers coming to Massachusetts.

This garden offers many stunning and fascinating plants laid out uniquely and impressively.

Besides that, the Ropes Mansion and Garden also features many art paintings and a larger proportion of technological equipment used in the early 20th century.

Despite this awesomeness that awaits your arrival, this is a free attraction. Hence, no fee is payable!

A must-visit if you’re in Salem, Massachusetts!

Address: 318 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

11. The Winter Island Park

Winter Island Park

Winter Island Park

Do you love camping and would love to explore an attraction where you can camp as much as you desire when next you’re in Salem?

If you would, make sure you prioritize Winter Island Park in your Salem’s to-do list, it offers beyond what you’re looking for!

Winter Island Park is located along the waterfront of Salem Harbor, just a few miles from the downtown area.

Its Campground has about 22 tents and over twenty RV zones.

Additionally, this 27.1 acres of land features many beautiful trails suitable for hiking, biking, and cycling.

Whichever you’ll consider indulging in during your trip, you can’t be short of a memorable experience!

However, this place isn’t pet friendly; therefore, do away with your pets while coming.

Nonetheless, there are lots of food vendors on site with free parking lots

Address: 50 Winter Island Rd, Salem, MA 01970, United States

12. The Phillips House of Salem

Phillips House

Phillips House

The Phillips House is another historic museum situated in the McIntire Historic District of Salem, Massachusetts.

It was reportedly designed by Samuel McIntyre over a century ago.

This worthwhile attraction has lots of exhibits illustrating downtown Salem’s rich history, including that of Witch trials.

An admirable attribute of this great spot is that these exhibits are adequately labeled so visitors wouldn’t mix up their chronologies.

In fact, there are lots of monographs and video documentation of some notable events in the United States here.

If you’re so curious to learn more about the American Civil War, you wouldn’t be wrong to come to this beautiful place.

It’s not so surprising this delightful destination has been acknowledged as one of the most historic and informative centers in the United States since 1983.

If you’re in Salem, lots of insightful exhibits will expand your horizon at this attraction.

Address: 34 Chestnut St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

13. Essex Street Pedestrian Mall

Essex Street Pedestrian Mall

Essex Street Pedestrian Mall

The Essex Street Pedestrian Mall is a premier shopping center in Salem, Massachusetts offering lots of baked goods, clothing, cakes, and chocolates.

Besides, this attraction has an in-house restaurant with nice American and Canadian menu options.

Perhaps you might love casino games or classical movie shows; you would be on the right path coming to this shopping center!

Most remarkably, the cost of all offerings here is affordable, and the shops are not only neat but highly kitschy.

Anywhere you’re in Massachusetts, make it up to this shopping destination; you’ll have beyond what you ever wanted!

Address: Essex Street & Central St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

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14. The Salem Art Gallery

Salem Art Gallery

Salem Art Gallery

Salem Art Gallery exhibits lots of artistic works and would also be a great destination to spend an hour or more anytime you’re in this downtown.

This attraction is pet friendly, and the atmosphere is so welcoming. In fact, from the decor itself to the curtains, to the cabinets and the wallpaper, you’ll realize that everything here is a piece of art!

A notable worthwhile attribute of this admirable place is that they do not just present artistic work, but they also have documentation on the history that surrounds each and every works on display.

This will definitely create an awesome experience for you if you’re in Salem!

Address: 64 Bridge St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

15. Salem’s New England Pirate Museum

New England Pirate Museum

New England Pirate Museum

The New England Pirate Museum is a small museum that recounts the exploits of 17th-century pirates.

From seeing many shipwreck relics to touching real pirate treasure, this amazing museum offers an engaging adventure and a joyful learning experience for young and old!

Besides, with the knowledgeable and enthusiastic host, you will definitely enjoy your time learning about the pirate’s adventures.

Although the tour duration is about 30 to 45 minutes, the experience will last for a lifetime.

If you love pirates and all things associated with them, endeavor to drive down here; it will surely be highly insightful!

Address: 274 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

16. Salem Common

Salem Common

Salem Common

The Salem Common is a 17th Century establishment that offers something fun, pleasurable and engaging for tourists of different ages.

This great area is suitable for picnics or an evening stroll with friends. In fact, its large playground will make your kids feel so engaged during their trip.

How about its diverse cultural and historic presentations?

Of a truth, this location is just too loaded with activities.

If you’re still indecisive about where to have a safe and relaxing adventure with your coworker or associates, this spot will come to your rescue!

Address: N Washington Square, Salem, MA 01970, United States

17. Salem Pioneer Village

Salem Pioneer Village

Salem Pioneer Village

Known to locals as ‘the Salem 1630: Pioneer Village’, the Salem Pioneer Village is a living history museum that presents the rich history of this city from the 17th century till date in an inclusive manner.

It was opened in 1930 to enable tourists to experience early inhabitants’ lives rather than providing documents that’ll illustrate their activities.

During your voyage here, you will be able to have an empirical look at the blacksmith’s shop, the saltworks, a sawmill, a garden, and the different thatched roof cottages used by early inhabitants, which is always adventurous.

This insightful destination welcomes travelers all year round, and it only cost $5 for an adventure!

Address: 98 West Ave, Salem, MA 01970, United States

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18. The Salem Toy Museum

Salem Toy Museum

Salem Toy Museum

In the heart of downtown Salem are various museums dedicated to pirates, maritime arts, and witches. However, an exception to that comes from the Salem Toy Museum.

The Salem displays many classical toys that will bring everyone’s childhood memories to life.

It’s a free attraction, and the owner, Frank, does a great job in stocking and maintaining these beautiful collections.

If you want to have that childhood feeling again, anytime you’re in Massachusetts, plan a visit to this beautiful museum, you’ll definitely feel happy!

Address: 1 E India Square Mall, Salem, MA 01970, United States

19. Cinema Salem

The Cinema Salem 

The Cinema Salem

The Cinema Salem is a three-screen movie center in Salem, Massachusetts.

It was opened to the public in 2006 and has since shown different kinds of classic movies that every tourist finds enjoyable.

Whether you’re an outdoor adventure seeker or just seeking a refined site to enjoy a couple of minutes, there are lots of things to be enjoyed here!

As you’ve appreciated, several restaurants are on-site with the best menu list at low prices.

That presupposes that filling your stomach during the intermission period wouldn’t be difficult. Highly recommended if you’re in Salem!

Address: 1 E India Square Mall. Salem, MA 01970, United States

20. Salem’s Frest River Park

Frest River Park

Forest River Park

The Frest River Park is a riverfront attraction with beaches, picnic areas, and a playground.

This beautiful family-friendly attraction has many historic exhibits, a little campsite, and a modern camping facility.

Although relatively smaller in size, nevertheless, a stop here will offer something fun and engaging for the whole family.

While planning an epic vacation to this spot, remember that parking might be uneasy.

So, I suggest you plan your trip early to get a space from its little parking center.

Except for Monday, this delightful site is accessible from the forenoon through late evening.

Address: 32 Clifton Ave, Salem, MA 01970, United States

21. Winter Island/Waikiki Beach

Winter Island/Waikiki Beach

Winter Island/Waikiki Beach

If something should be called an all-inclusive destination, it should be Winter Island/Waikiki Beach!

The Winter Island/Waikiki Beach is a Beachside park that offers tent & RV camping facilities and a historic lighthouse.

It doesn’t end there; they also offer boat cruising adventures to tourists of various ages.

In fact, if swimming is your favorite activity, your visit here is sure to be fun-filled.

The best part of this site is that the whole crew is knowledgeable. Thus, you’re not only going to enjoy yourself, but you’re equally confident of being in safe hands.

Meanwhile, note that the adventure cost to this watersports center is just $87.50 per person, which is fair enough compared to the fun moment that awaits you!

Address: 60 Winter Island Rd, Salem, MA 01970, United States

22. The East Regiment Beer Company of Salem

East Regiment Beer Company

East Regiment Beer Company

Since cultural enthusiasts and history lovers have tons of sites to explore in Salem, beer lovers are also not left out.

Head to the East Regiment Beer Company upon arriving in this city.

This great destination offers lots of beers that are made from homegrown grains.

Beyond their wild selection of beer, the East Regiment Beer Company in Massachusetts also features many food vendors that offer nice pizza and lots of baked snacks.

Most admirably, the cost of various offerings here is affordable, well well worth a stop if you’re in this downtown!

Address: 30 Church St #B1, Salem, MA 01970, United States

23. The Daniels House Tours

Daniels House Tours, Salem

Daniels House Tours

The Daniels House Tours was built in 1667 by a shipwright who doubles as a crew captain.

This ancient structure offers a rare look into many events that took place in the 17th most especially the activities of Salem when it was on the frontier of New England.

Although this ancient construction is not a reproduction center nor a museum, nevertheless, beyond what’s obtainable elsewhere, this destination will provide an account of what happened in Salem over 400 years back.

Interestingly, the tours available are led by licensed Salem tour guides with extensive knowledge of Massachusetts history.

These individuals wouldn’t only act in a way that’ll make you feel at home; they will ensure that necessary clarifications are done when required.

If you’re keenly interested in knowing the humble beginning of Salem, this is a great place to commence your sightseeing tour!

Address: 1 Daniels St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

24. Punto Urban Art Museum, Salem

Punto Urban Art Museum, Salem

Punto Urban Art Museum

The Punto Urban Art Museum is an open-air area in the “El Punto” Neighborhood of Salem, Massachusetts.

It’s a resourceful center that houses various artworks by many world-renowned artists, plus more than 75 large-scale murals.

Among the selected works that await your arrival include that of Spiros, Antonyo Marest, Silvia López Chavez, Bikismo, and many more.

In addition to its beautiful collections, this museum also showcases many insightful and engaging programs that’ll be worth your time.

Amazingly, this is a free attraction; you’re not going to pay for adventure here!

Address: 91-1 Peabody St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

25. The Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace

Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace

Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace

Nathaniel Hawthorne was a short story writer and an American novelist whose work often focused on morality, history, and religion.

The account of his various works is immortalized in various forms. One of these is what’s obtainable at the Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace.

Since you’ll be in Salem, it will be prudent for you to be here rather than dwelling on what’s obtainable on the pages of kinds of literature.

This destination doesn’t only feature documentation and exhibits relating to his various works, but also, they illustrate his entire lifestyle.

Note this museum is open for visitation all days of the week.

Address: 27 Hardy St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

26. Salem Willows Arcade

Willows Arcade

Willows Arcade

If you’re in any part of Massachusetts, don’t miss out on the Salem Willows Arcade!

This oceanfront attraction provides an enjoyable video arcade adventure at an extremely low cost.

Whether you’re on a first date, embarking on a family day trip, or just looking for a place to have a blast, this attraction of Salem has what you’re looking for!

In fact, while enjoying this adventurous activity, there are varieties of scrumptious food to indulge any craving.

Stop by its ‘Peppy’s Pizza’ junction for some well-garnished jumbo, or treat yourself, especially in its ice cream spot.

After your subsequent trip here, it’s certain you’ll be back with some positive remarks because the atmosphere is always addictive!

Address: 167 Fort Ave, Salem, MA 01970, United States

27. Cry Innocent

Cry Innocent

Cry Innocent

The Cry Innocent is a theatrical presentation in an episode form.

It is based on the Salem witch trials and has been running since the mid-1990.

The entire play centers on an accusation of Witchcraft levied against Bridget Bishop. Hence, the audience sits on the Puritan jury to observe how it will end.

Whether you’ll be in this city of Massachusetts during the hot or spring, this is a perfect place where you’ll have an empirical view of the prominent Witch saga of Salem!

In a simpler form, this venue illuminates the reality of the adjudication of various persons accused of witchcraft.

This is just an eye-opening activity that’ll be worth your time!

Address: 18 Kosciusko St Salem, MA 01970, United States

28. The Witch City Walking Tours

The Witch City Walking Tours, Salem

The Witch City Walking Tours

Regarded as one of Salem’s top walking tour agencies, this favorite stop allows tourists to experience captivating tales of Massachusetts history.

If you’re here, you will be awed by the amazing architecture and have the opportunity of discovering the real truth behind the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.

Besides, the staff accompanying you through this tour will retell some notable spine-chilling true crime tales of macabre, murder, and mystery that happened in Salem’s past.

In fact, you’ll be able to actualize the reason why the insane woman murders her child in the 1600s.

This is an adventure not to be missed if you’re in Salem!

Address: Outside on the 3 staircases, 32 Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970, United States

29. Far From The Tree Cider At Salem

Far From The Tree Cider

Far From The Tree Cider

The Far From The Tree Cider is a unique bar with a rustic vibe & outdoor tables serving craft ciders & light bites.

Specializing in utilizing all-natural ingredients and local apples to make their ciders, this calm location is a haven on earth if you love ciders.

Incredibly, you’ll have access to free samples, full pours, and flights during your trip here.

In fact, there’s a seven-tap change every week targeted at showcasing different varieties of Cider that’ll meet every visitor’s expectation

No doubt about it, you’ll feel totally satisfied exploring this worthwhile destination in Salem!

Address: 108 Jackson St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

30. Rigor Mortis Entertainment of Salem

Rigor Mortis Entertainment

Rigor Mortis Entertainment

A trip to Rigor Mortis Entertainment will be especially fun with your co-workers, associate, or family.

Once you arrive, you’ll be demanded to figure out clues and strategies to make lifelong memories.

Amidst its immersive rooms, you’ll be at liberty to choose a room where you’ll have about 60 minutes to solve puzzles or find clues.

So, do you think you have what it takes to decipher clues?

Anytime you’re in Salem, Massachusetts, come to Rigor Mortis Entertainment to test your ability; it will be a delightful activity!

Address: 186 Essex St #1, Salem, MA 01970, United States

31. The Haunted Dinner Theater

Haunted Dinner Theater

Haunted Dinner Theater

The Haunted Dinner Theater combines Massachusetts’ most creative interactive performance with an enjoyable Buffet dinner in an iconic location.

If you’re in Salem desiring a worthwhile destination where you can enjoy your night, this is a better option worth considering.

The entire environment is safe, the seats are all in a good position, and the ticket fee is relatively low.

Although, unlike other entertainment venues in this city of Massachusetts, this location doesn’t operate all day. It’s only open during the weekend between 12:00 PM through 11:00 PM.

If you’re in town during any of these days, be sure to catch a show and a nice bite here!

Address: 50 Washington St, Salem, MA 01970, United States

32. Singing Beach

Singing Beach

The Singing Beach

Known for its fine, white sand and clear water, it is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.

However, you can also play volleyball with your friends or other people at the beach.

At the singing beach, picnicking is also a thing to enjoy the perfect meal or gather around with friends to talk about life and make jokes.

You can also take a walk around the beach holding hands with your partner while you enjoy the best and most exciting sites around the beach.

Besides, if you are the event type, many concerts are often held at the beach, so check the schedule to see what’s happening during your visit.

Address: 119 Beach St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944

33. Salem Night Tours

Salem Night Tours

Night Tours in Salem

Since Salem is known for its history of witchcraft and witch trials, several ghost tours are available that explore the city’s spooky past.

Start from the Seance, where you can learn about the history of seances and even participate in one if you like.

After that, take a night walk through the downtown area of Salem, and if you don’t want to do this all by yourself, you can tag along with some companies that offer tours that take you through Salem’s historic downtown area at night, highlighting the city’s history and architecture.

Next, stop by the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, which is open at night and offers an eerie, atmospheric experience as you learn about the history of the witch trials of Salem.

After that, you can end your exploration in one of the many theatres in Salem to catch some plays on the witch trials theme, witch hunts, and other supernatural events.

34. Derby Wharf Light Station

Derby Wharf Light Station

The Derby Wharf Light Station

Being a historical lighthouse on Derby Wharf Salem since 1871, the site has always been one of every tourist attractions to visit while in Salem.

When you get here, start by learning all about the history of the lighthouse and the role it played in guiding ships coming in and out of Salem’s Harbor.

Also, you can walk along the pier near the lighthouse to get a nice beautiful view of Salem Harbor.

If you can, you should also participate in one of the many events hosted at the site that features candlelight tours and lighthouse open houses.

The best not to miss is catching the sunrise or sunset from the lighthouse, as it would be the best experience you will always remember in years to come.

Address: Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Salem, MA 01970

Final Remarks

These are just many things to do and see in Salem. Whether you’re interested in history, art, culture, or just having fun, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant and fascinating city.

Safe trip!