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26 Essential Things To Do In Martha’s Vineyard

Nicknamed “Hollywood East”, Martha’s Vineyard is the third largest island of the eastern seaboard.

The island is located in Massachusetts and is home to three towns: OAK Bluffs, Edgartown, and Vineyard Haven.

Martha’s Vineyard was formerly a whaling hub but has since become a summer refuge for many celebrities.

Each of the towns has a ton of interesting locations, including beaches, shops, and restaurants.

You’ll discover that each is enjoyable and quite different.

The whaling heyday of the early 19th century is reflected in Edgartown’s majestic Greek revival homes.

With the Flying Horses carousel and an easy stroll to the beach, Oak Bluffs has a more “beach town” atmosphere. While Vineyard haven is known for its harbor.

The Vineyard is home to a lot of beaches, golf courses, and, of course, the lighthouses.

Do not miss Martha’s Vineyard Food and Wine Festival. This four-day festival takes place every year in the fall.

Things to do in Martha’s Vineyard

1. Martha’s Vineyard Museum

Martha's vineyard museum

Lexi Pline / Martha’s vineyard museum

Well, if you are going to explore a place, why not know start by knowing something about the place, even if it’s a little history?

Known formerly as “Dukes County Historical Society”, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum (MVM) is a historical and cultural organization.

The museum gathers works of art, relics, oral histories, records, and photos that help convey the tales of Martha’s Vineyard from the time the island was formed until the present.

Today, it has a collection of over 43,000 unique pieces, all of which tell a story of the individuals and occasions that have influenced Martha’s Vineyard.

Additionally, the historic 1895 Marine Hospital in Vineyard Haven, where Martha’s Vineyard Museum relocated in 2019, offers 10,000 square feet of exhibit, library, collections storage, and office space.

In short, this museum is amazing. Starting with the location; is a sizeable, well-lit structure with breathtaking views of Vineyard Haven Harbor

How about the exhibits? Each one, whether it be about whaling, art, lighthouses, Native Americans, or anything else, is more fascinating than the one before it.

See the Fresnel lenses used in the island’s lighthouses, and witness a try-works demonstration used to convert whale fat into oil throughout the summer.

The location is open all year and features 14 exhibit spaces, a gift shop, a cafe, and a kid-friendly interactive “do-touch” gallery.

Furthermore, Martha’s Vineyard Museum instructors provide curriculum-based classes and summer programs to Island schoolchildren.

The location is well worth a detour from the beach because you can learn about the island’s fascinating history here in ways that bring it to life.

Address: 151 Lagoon Pond Rd, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568, United States

2. Aquinnah Cliffs Overlook

Aquinnah cliffs overlook, Martha's Vineyard

Aquinnah cliffs overlook-min

Would you love to visit one of Martha’s Vineyard’s most popular and well-known tourist attractions?

Located on the west side of Martha’s Vineyard, Aquinnah cliffs overlook is one of the island’s most stunning views.

In fact, this unique region of the island has often been recognized as Massachusetts’ most picturesque location.

The cliffs tower over 100 feet and are made up of lovely, vibrant clay layers.

Moshup Beach, which is well-liked by both locals and tourists, is located at the base of the cliffs.

During the summer, the paved routes become congested with bus and bike trips.

In addition, visitors to Moshup Beach can wander along the beaches and explore the lower beach trails to obtain a close-up look at the cliffs.

Alternately, hike up the cliffs on one of the higher routes to see Gay Head Light and the adjacent Elizabeth Islands.

The Gay Head Lighthouse is also situated on the cliffs.

Gay Head Lighthouse is the only operational lighthouse out of the five that still stand on Martha’s Vineyard.

Even while the cliffs are stunning to watch during the day, sunsets are when they really shine.

The top of the Lighthouse is accessible every day from Memorial Day through Columbus Day.

Address: 31 Aquinnah Cir, Aquinnah, MA 02535, United States

3. Gay Head Light

Gay Head Light

Drew Kinsman / Gay Head Light

While you are at the Aquinnah Cliffs Overlook, you should take some minutes to visit the Gay headlight.

Standing 51 feet tall, the lighthouse is made of clay bricks, has a brownstone cornice, and is topped with a cast iron light room.

The first lighthouse constructed on Martha’s Vineyard was Gay Head Lighthouse.

In addition to being the first lighthouse, it is also among the first in the country to get a first-order Fresnel lens in 1856.

It is perched atop the National Natural Landmark Gay Head Cliffs and symbolizes Wampanoag tribe heritage.

Furthermore, the Wampanoag tribe’s members, as well as many other males from the Aquinnah neighborhood, worked at the lighthouse.

You should time your visit well as the lighthouse is open seasonally.

There will be a lighthouse keeper on duty, and the doors will be open during specific times.

Address: 15 Aquinnah Cir, Aquinnah, MA 02535, United States

4. Polly Hill Arboretum

Polly hill arboretum, Martha's Vineyard

Polly hill arboretum / Timothy Johnson

This is the perfect location to go if you need a break from everyday life or just want to take a break from your electronics and spend time with nature.

Polly Hill Arboretum is a 72-acre horticultural landmark in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Polly Hill, a renowned horticulturist, created the Arboretum and is committed to cultivating and studying plants and preserving the charm and allure of this serene setting.

In fact, the arboretum is impeccably kept up and offers a serene, lovely setting for a leisurely stroll.

Visitors can access 25 acres of the landscaped area, while the remaining 47 acres are conserved woodlands.

Furthermore, rare plants and trees, such as Polly’s well-known North Tisbury azaleas, the national stewartia collection, camellias, hollies, rhododendrons, and many others, are planted among stone walls, meadows, and fields.

Each plant, shrub, and tree has a plaque with information.

Visitors’ favorites include the Julian Hill magnolia, perennial border, monkey puzzle tree, and kousa dogwood allee.

There are also picnic tables located in several locations, making this the ideal location for a picnic.

Although coming here is free, you can however make a $5 donation to help.

The grounds are accessible year-round, daily from sunrise to sunset, and the visitor center is open from Memorial Day through Columbus Day.

Address: 809 State Rd, West Tisbury, MA 02575, United States

5. Katama Beach/ South Beach

katama beach/ south beach, Martha's Vineyard

Katama Beach/ South Beach

Looking for a beach to unwind? You should consider coming to Katama beach.

One of Martha’s Vineyard’s busiest beaches, South Beach is especially well-liked by younger tourists.

It is a free and open beach with a view of the Atlantic Ocean that is situated in Edgartown’s southern Katama neighborhood.

Furthermore, due to its barrier nature, the beach has a protected pond on one side and surf on the other.

Its position, rolling surf, and ample free public parking make it ideal for activities like boogie boarding, swimming, flying kites, playing beach games, and soaking up the sun all day.

There are no concession stands along the beach, so bring your own snacks and drinks if you will be staying for a few hours.

However, there is a fantastic “final stop” where you can pick up your picnic supplies. The Katama General Store offers mouthwatering sandwiches, salads, drinks, and tons of fresh baked goods.

You can also visit the Winnetu Oceanside resort close to the south beach to lodge after a beautiful day at the beach.

Address: 555 Katama Rd, Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, MA 02539

6. Winnetu Oceanside Resort

Winnetu Oceanside Resort

Winnetu Oceanside Resort

Nothing compares to drifting off to sleep at night at the sound of the ocean waves lazily crashing against the sand.

Winnetu Oceanside resort is the only hotel located close to the south beach at about 5.2 kilometers from Main Street, Edgartown, and a 3minutes walk from South Beach.

The resort has heated swimming pools, a fitness club, a free kids’ program, neighboring free tennis courts, and the Dunes restaurant.

The Resort has a variety of suites, bedrooms, apartments, and cottages. Certain rooms come with a kitchenette.

Each room has air conditioning, a private bathroom, and cable TV.

The Dunes, the hotel’s on-site restaurant, provides views of South Beach. It also provides indoor and outdoor seating with fire pits.

Each afternoon, a ride on one of their famous vintage cars around South Beach is a popular family activity.

Additionally, during summer, the hotel offers a free kids’ program every morning for families.

Address: 31 Dunes Rd, Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

7. Moshup Beach, Martha’s Vineyard

Moshup Beach, Martha's Vineyard

Moshup Beach

Perhaps you want a less crowded and secluded beach in Martha’s Vineyard? Then Moshup beach should be on your list.

With the stunning Gay Head Cliffs providing a backdrop to this exceptional stretch of beach, the location is unrivaled.

Tourists sometimes disregard this half-mile stretch of unspoiled coastline because it is further away and less busy than surrounding beaches like Katama Beach.

This remote shore is jointly preserved by the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission and the municipality of Aquinnah.

in addition to having clay cliffs as a backdrop, there are also massive rocks scattered everywhere, which heighten the tension.

Gulls and shorebirds are common wildlifes you would see on any given day, but once in a while, harlequin duck and razorbill show up.

Similarly, the beach is perfect for boogie and body boarding, striped bass and bluefish fishing from the shore, birdwatching, beachcombing, and gathering unusual shells and bleached driftwood.

Don’t be surprised if you see some people sunbathing nude because it is allowed at the far end of the beach.

Address: 31 Aquinnah Cir, Aquinnah, United States

8. The Flying Horses Carousel

The flying horses carousel

Brooks Kraft LLC / Getty Images

The Flying Horses is a must-see if you’re visiting the Vineyard with kids or even if you’re not.

It is the epitome of Martha’s Vineyard; just being there takes you back in time in a way that few other places can.

In fact, you should make a quick stop even if you don’t intend to ride the carousel because of the history,

The Flying Horses Carousel, which was constructed in 1876, is America’s first operational platform carousel.

In addition, most of the original steeds still have horsehair manes and tails, and the hand-painted horses are kept in a large red barn.

Riders can also participate in the brass ring game by collecting as many rings as they can. The rider who is fortunate enough to capture the brass ring gets a free ride.

Go check it out for yourself and see if you can catch the brass ring to win a free ride!

You will find the carousel at the northeasternmost point of Martha’s Vineyard, at Oak Bluffs.

The carousel is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the summer, and at various times throughout the other seasons.

Address: 15 Oak Bluffs Ave, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557, United States

9. Wasque Point

Wasque Point

Ray Ewing / Wasque Point

If you need a place to relax, have a picnic and just enjoy Martha’s Vineyard’s serene atmosphere, you should consider the Wasque point.

Wasque Point is a nature reserve on the southeasterly tip of Chappaquiddick Island.

Furthermore, it is one of five conservation zones on Martha’s Vineyard overseen by the Trustees of Reservations, the site was designated as a public reservation in 1967.

The beach consists of picnic tables, excellent surf casting, and a large amount of sand beach

Despite having a fantastic sand beach, Wasque Point is not a good spot to go swimming, however, you can go fishing.

In addition to picnicking and fishing, Wasque Point is also a great location for a bike ride and beach walk.

Address: 11 Dike Rd, Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

10. Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association

Martha's vineyard camp meeting association

Martha’s vineyard camp meeting association

The Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association was founded in the 1800s and is notable for its colorful “gingerbread” cottages and main tabernacle.

This is the spot for you if you enjoy architecture and history.

Furthermore, this well-preserved village is one of the island’s first housing developments, offering an intriguing look back in time.

The location serves as a methodist gathering place and there are currently more than 300 Victorian gingerbread homes here.

There’s also the Tabernacle, the showpiece of the campground, which is surrounded by cottages.

The tabernacle is now utilized throughout the summer for religious services, community singings, concerts, and lectures.

You should also visit the Cottage Museum, one of the gingerbread Victorian cottages.

At the cottage museum, visitors are given the chance to step inside a typical campground cottage just as it would have been in the 1800s. You’ll see decorations, photographs, and relics.

It would be great if you read up on the history of these “Cottages” before going there or you can just sign up for the Tuesday or Thursday morning tour.

There’s also a gift shop here, so you can check it out.

Address: 80 Trinity Park, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, MA 02557

11. West Chop Lighthouse

West chop lighthouse

West chop lighthouse

Located a few minutes from Vineyard Haven, the west chop lighthouse is one of Martha’s Vineyard’s lighthouses.

This lighthouse is a beautiful lighthouse, however, you can’t get too close to it because it’s on private land, and there are people living in the house connected to it.

Although the lighthouse is not accessible to the general public, there are good views from the road.

Many of the ferries to Martha’s Vineyard also offer views of it.

Address: Tisbury, MA 02568, United States

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12. Joseph Sylvia State Beach

Joseph Sylvia State Beach, Martha's Vineyard

Joseph Sylvia State Beach

With clear waters and soft white sands, Joseph Sylvia beach is just the perfect beach for the family.

Similarly, the beach is one of Martha’s Vineyard’s busiest beaches because of its relatively simple, free parking, warm, and sandy, shallow waters.

There are lots of fish, and other marine life here and you can also go swimming.

Most of the beach sequences in the film Jaws were filmed on the beach.

If you get tired of swimming around, you can walk down the beach to the “Jaws Bridge” and jump off into the waters.

There are several food trucks on the beach as well.

You can even go kiteboarding or windsurfing during windy conditions.

Address: Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

13. Mytoi Japanese Garden

Mytoi Japanese Garden

Mytoi Japanese Garden

Tucked away on the island outpost of Chappaquiddick in Edgartown, this Japanese garden provides visitors with a place for peaceful reflection.

In fact, this is a great place to be if you’re searching for beauty and tranquility or just want to meditate.

The Myton Japanese Garden spans 14 acres and is a stunning Japanese-style garden with exotic and local plants that surround a tranquil pond.

Furthermore, the pond and island are home to sea turtles, frogs, goldfish, and a variety of vibrant flowers and plants.

Enjoy a well-kept route that passes by a hillside garden, a camellia dell, a stone garden, and a birch walk.

You can also hike the half-mile Salt Marsh Trail, which offers stunning views of Poucha Pond and the salt marsh.

Address: 41 Dike Rd, Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

14. Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge

Cape page wildlife refuge, Martha's Vineyard

The Cape page wildlife refuge

Cape page wildlife refuge is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, on the island of Chappaquiddick in Martha’s Vineyard.

The Trustees of Reservations own and operate the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge.

Furthermore, the 1893 Cape Poge Lighthouse is part of the 516-acre refuge.

Visitors can explore the lighthouse, various upland and coastal environments, and renowned fishing locations through seasonal trips.

By obtaining annual over-sand vehicle licenses, qualified vehicles can access 14 miles of dune roads.

In addition, an all-day shuttle service is free for tour participants, and it will pick them up 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

Address: 40 Rd To The Gut, Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

15. Edgartown Harbor Light

Edgartown harbor light, Martha's Vineyard

The Edgartown harbor light

Edgartown harbor light is one of the five lighthouses in Martha’s Vineyard and also one of the most popular lighthouses on the island.

On a gorgeous sandy beach is where the lighthouse is situated. The lighthouse welcomes you as you enter Edgartown harbor.

This lighthouse from the 1800s, which was originally built at Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts, was moved to the Vineyard in 1938.

Aside from its history, the lighthouse attracts visitors with the breathtaking views found at the top of its spiral staircase.

Similarly, from the top, you can take in expansive views of the harbor and nearby Chappaquiddick Island.

Free entrance to the grounds and the neighborhood beach is available. However, admission into the lighthouse will cost you a token.

Address: 121 N Water St, Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

16. Mass Audubon’s Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Mass audubon's felix neck wildlife sanctuary

Nancy Tutko / Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are visiting Martha’s Vineyard and want to get away from the beaches, this wildlife sanctuary is the place for you.

Comprising 100 species of birds, including cormorants and ospreys, this 350-acre sanctuary home is a birder’s heaven.

In addition to the cormorants and ospreys, you will also find other species of birds, including ducks, oystercatchers, wild turkeys, and red-tailed hawks.

Take one of the six clearly marked trails to view the island’s wetlands, ponds, forests, and grasslands.

Mass Audubon’s Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary also provides outdoor excursions, such as family kayaking trips and marine discovery activities, particularly in the months of July and August.

Don’t forget to bring your binoculars to enjoy all the sanctuary has to offer fully.

Address: 100 Felix Neck Dr, Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

17. Menemsha Hills

Menemsha Hills

Menemsha Hills

It’s time to bring out your hiking boots. Let’s go hiking.

Menemsha Hills was crushed, cut, and formed by thousands of years of glacial advance and retreat. As a result, the hills is also one of the best hikes in Martha’s Vineyard.

The beautiful landscape comprises various mini-environments, including low marshes, woodland groves rising to a hilltop, wind-blasted coastal plains, a rocky ocean edge, and 308-foot Prospect Hill.

There are three views here, and one of them is located at the island’s second-highest point. Each overlook offers stunning views of Cape Cod, Vineyard Sound, and Martha’s Vineyard.

This 3-mile round goes over easy terrain and is walkable in sneakers.

In addition, the trailhead is conveniently placed on North Road in Chilmark, making it simple to locate.

The trail leads to Prospect Hill, which rises to a staggering 308 feet and is the second-highest point on the island.

Although not absolutely dizzying, the vistas are nevertheless breathtaking.

You will pass through wetlands, wooded groves, and more as you travel along the path. You might even come across Red-tailed hawks.

Address: Trustees Ln, Chilmark, MA 02535, United States

18. Old Whaling Church

Old Whaling Church, Martha's Vineyard

Old Whaling Church

Constructed in 1843, the old whaling church is a remarkable structure that shows the history when Martha’s Vineyard was well known throughout the world for its fishing and whaling.

This church was constructed in Martha’s Vineyard by expert shipwrights for Methodist whaling captains in Edgartown.

Additionally, the church is topped by a Gothic Revival clock tower with four spires topped with gilded acanthus leaf finials, round arches, engaged pilasters, and crenellations.

Today, the church is now used for public gatherings, concerts, weddings, and other events.

Address: 89 Main St, Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

19. Farm Neck Golf Club

Farm Neck Golf Club

Farm Neck Golf Club

How would it feel to play on a course President Bill Clinton once played?

Of the five golf courses on Martha’s Vineyard, Farm Neck may be the most well-liked by the general public.

The golf course is located on an undulating farming peninsula with views of Sengekontacket Pond and Nantucket Sound beyond.

In the late mornings and early afternoons, non-members can play golf at the semi-private Farm Neck club.

Although the course can be a bit hard, it is definitely enjoyable.

It also contains a driving range, a full pro shop, and expensive rental equipment.

Address: 1 Farm Neck Way, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557, United States

20. The Black Dog Tavern, Martha’s Vineyard

The Black Dog Tavern, Martha's Vineyard

The Black Dog Tavern, Martha’s Vineyard

Famous for its souvenir T-shirts bearing the brand logo black dog as a design, Black dog tavern is one of Martha’s Vineyard’s most recognizable emblems.

Although the restaurant was established in 1971, it still retains its relevance and authenticity.

It is a waterfront restaurant with a rustic design that is quite attractive to the eye.

Similarly, the atmosphere here is fairly laid back, with music playing and the aroma of cooking in the distance just getting into your nose.

In fact, your trip to Martha’s Vineyard is not complete if you haven’t visited here.

People in New England and tourists from across the nation can be spotted wearing clothing or accessories with the Black Dog insignia.

Every day of the week, The Black Dog offers brunch, lunch, and dinner on the waterfront at Vineyard Haven Harbor.

You can choose from a wide selection of locally caught seafood and restaurant favorites, such as chowders, crab cakes, salmon, and hamburgers.

You can also host an event here, as the waterfront location gives your event extra spice.

While a portion of the restaurant has a view of the beach, there is also a patio at the back.

Address: 20 Beach Street Extension, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568, United States

21. Inkwell Beach

Inkwell Beach, Martha's Vineyard

Inkwell Beach

Historically known as the Black beach, Inkwell beach is a moderate sandy beach in Martha’s Vineyard.

With roots going back to the Revolutionary War, the beach and the neighborhood of brightly colored gingerbread Victorian homes have a deep connection to the island’s African-American heritage.

Inkwell beach holds some history since it was the only beach where black Americans could go and relax.

The beach served as the backdrop for the teen romance film “The Inkwell.”

It is also quite convenient since this beach is close to the ferry ports, a number of dining options, and lodging options.

The beach is great for sunning, sightseeing, and relaxing with a little bit of history.

If you don’t mind the crowd, then you will enjoy it here.

22. Vineyard Golf Club

vineyard golf club

Larry Lambrecht / Vineyard golf club

Named the “Best New Private Course” of 2015 by GOLF Magazine, this golf should be included on your list of items to do in Martha’s Vineyard, especially if you are a golfer.

Although Vineyard Golf Club is a relatively new establishment, it still has timeless design features that make for enjoyable challenges.

It is also the only organic golf course in Martha’s Vineyard and even in the United States, as there are no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers used on these greens.

The course’s several traditional design features offer both seasoned and inexperienced golfers a variety of enjoyable challenges.

You can always come here to have a good time, whether you are a beginner or an expert golfer.

Address: 100 Club House Ln, Edgartown, MA 02539, United States

23. Ocean Park, Martha’s Vineyard

Ocean Park, Martha's Vineyard

The Ocean Park

Ocean Park is among the most tranquil and enchanted locations on the island.

The space was initially intended to be used for building lots, but it was decided that a community park would be a better use for it.

The park is bordered on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and on the other by rows of gingerbread houses.

Come watch the sunset and get a magnificent view of Martha’s Vineyard.

Additionally, it’s an excellent spot for a picnic.

A magnificent fireworks display takes place here on the third Friday in August, so you can time your visit. A kite festival and other celebrations are also held.

Address: 2 Seaview Ave, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557, United States

24. Nancy’s Restaurant

Nancy's restaurant martha's vineyard

Nancy’s restaurant, Martha’s Vineyard

Another beautiful location you can have some delectable meals in Martha’s Vineyard is Nancy’s Restaurant.

Nancy’s is a family-run enterprise serving the Oak Bluffs port since 1960, which has been existing for three generations and has become a favorite among tourists and locals.

The restaurant offers customers traditional seafood delicacies, a sushi bar, inventive cocktails, and two sizable menus with a strong Middle Eastern influence.

In addition to the menus and meals, the restaurant offers a mesmerizing vista of Martha’s Vineyard.

Every day of the week, Nancy’s offers excellent service: dirty bananas, cool beer, gyros, and lobster rolls.

Make sure to sample their award-winning lobster rolls and trademark Dirty Banana; it has turned into a rite of passage in Martha’s Vineyard.

Address: 29 Lake Ave, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557, United States

25. Featherstone Center for the Arts

Things to do in Martha's Vineyard

Featherstone Center for the Arts

Even though Martha’s Vineyard is big on arts; however, there’s something for everyone here and if you are an art fan, you will like this place.

Featherstone is the only year-round non-profit arts center on the island, and it was formed in 1980.

Located on Martha’s Vineyard in Oak bluffs, Featherstone center for arts offers year-round artistic programming.

Programs here include poetry readings, kids’ camps, gallery exhibits, outdoor music performances, flea & fine arts markets, and more.

The facilities you will come across here are a photography lab, mono-printing, weaving, and pottery workshops, as well as classrooms, a library, and a computer lab.

In addition to the facilities mentioned, you will also find the first purpose-built gallery space may here.

Address: 30 Featherstone Ln, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557, United States

26. Mansion House Inn on Martha’s Vineyard

Mansion house inn on martha's vineyard

Mansion house inn on Martha’s Vineyard

Home to the only full-service spa on the island, the Mansion house is a great place to spend some days while in Martha’s Vineyard.

This 48-room historic hotel was built in the late 1700s and has stood in Vineyard Haven for decades.

This quaint Martha’s Vineyard hotel also features a restaurant and a fitness center. In addition, the distance to the Vineyard Haven ferry dock is only five minutes on foot.

The mansion House Inn offers complimentary Wi-Fi, a flat-screen cable TV, and refrigerators in each guest room.

Besides, Martha’s Vineyard Mansion House is also less than a ten minutes walk from Owen Park Beach.

One of the nicest things about this hotel is the roof-top sun patio. With it, you will get a beautiful view of the harbor.

Address: 9 Main St, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568, United States

Final Remark

Martha’s Vineyard is not nicknamed Hollywood east for no reason. It was named so because celebrities flock to the island during the summer to have a nice time.

In fact, nothing compares to a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, and you should definitely come.