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19 Best & Fun Things To Do In Quincy (MA)

Quincy, also known as the “City of Presidents,” is the birthplace of two United States presidents, John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams and John Hancock.

The city is one of the places in the United States with a lot of fun things to do.

This coastal city is in Norfolk County and is the largest county in Massachusetts.

Apart from being the largest city in the county, it is also known as the home to United States’ first commercial railroad, the Granite Railway.

Great foods, Museums, Beaches, Wildlife Reservation areas and so much more. The list of places to visit and things to do in this amazing city is endless.

To help guide you through your exploration in Quincy, MA, check out our list of the best and most fun things to do on a visit here!

Things To Do In Quincy MA

1. Boston Harbor Islands State Park

Boston Harbor Islands State Park

Image by Conde Nast Traveller

The national recreation area on the island of Boston Harbor in Boston, Massachusetts, is a park with plenty of history and activities.

This Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area is made up of a collection of islands, together with a former island and a peninsula.

Most of the parks here are open for public recreation and others accommodate wildlife better.

Although this excellent park is just a short boat ride away from Boston, the fort on this island is also very accessible.

Things to do in this Harbor are numerous but not exactly wheelchair friendly.

Trails in this park are vast and smoothly carved. Hiking and biking around here are thrilling activities you can do while in Quincy, MA.

Joggers and strollers also frequent this park to stretch their calves. Dogs are also allowed, so you can take your dog for a walk around here.

You’ll come across families just strolling for the fun of it. Dotted benches are also available on the way for you to sit in case you get tired along the way.

Also, swimming is another fun thing to do here. Spectacular views of people swimming here will motivate you too. Since its water is neat and cool, it is relaxing swimming here.

Besides, the beach here, although small, is wild! Wake waves are jolly sights to see and you can surf in the waters if you want to.

Beach balls, sand castles and just walking through the waters are also other things you can do on a visit here.

The scenery is very nice, so you can go on picnic dates to the picnic area and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Park rangers are also available to answer any questions you may want to ask.

Address: 191w Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02109, United States

2. Adams National Historical Park

Adams national historical park

Image from National Park Service

A former compound of a historic family in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The Adams National Historical Park, formerly known as the Adams National Historic Site, keeps the home of United States presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

This national historical park has eleven buildings, and it tells the story of the Adam family’s five generations.

Presidents, first ladies, writers, and even family members who supported and contributed to their success are also characters in the story told in this park.

Apart from the Peace field, the John Adams Birthplace and the nearby John Quincy Adams Birthplace are exhibits in this historical park.

For things to do while here, the Stone Library, which contains more than 14,000 historic volumes written in over 12 languages, is available.

Free and got nothing to do? Looking for things to do on a visit here and don’t want to spend any money. Go to Adams National Historical Park.

You can take a tour around this park and after that, then sit by the pool.

Since it’s not too crowded but very clean, green and also relaxing, you can read a book with your coffee or chat with a friend.

There are presidential statues and plaques with corresponding carvings that are well spaced out.

Also, fabulous dedications to past presidents whose impact on the formation of the town is tremendous are found here too.

Perfect place for a history student to learn so much. A 30 minutes video clip that explains almost everything is played too!

If you’re also interested in American history, you can come here with children and explore these amazing pieces and documentaries.

Its visitors center is offsite here too, less than a mile away. Moreover, there is a gift shop on the corner where you can pick out some cool souvenirs and gifts for children.

Fountains, a reflection pool, some trees, and a long rectangular block of greenery can be found too.

Apart from all this, the park rangers are really friendly, informative, and ready to assist at all times.

Things to do here in Quincy, MA, are really educative and will thrill you all the way!

Address: 133 Franklin St, Quincy, MA, United States

3. Blue Hills Reservation

Blue hills reservation

Blue Hills Reservation/ Pinterest

This 7,000-acre state park is found in Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

It is, however, managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

As vast as it is, this recreation spot not only covers Quincy, MA, but also parts of Milton, Braintree, Canton, Randolph, and even Dedham.

Because of its huge green space with hills and trails and scenic views, it is a popular destination and point of attraction for hikers. Hikers from all over the Boston area come here to hike its trails.

Landscapes with amazing and beautiful views all make it worth a long walk and trekking. Whether it is in the Summer, spring, or fall, you can do almost anything here!

Blue Hills Reservation is a wonderful place to just host a picnic! Since its scenery and environs are very beautiful, you’ll appreciate the beauty of this place.

Great photography is another thing to do here! The trees and their scenery are perfect for thrilling shots so you should try exploring.

If you’re scared about getting lost while trying to explore her beauty, you’re covered!

Trees in this park are numbered, so even if you get engrossed while exploring its beauty, you can easily follow the tree tags and find your way back.

Stunning views from the stone lookout tower are visible, and on a clear day, you can host birthday parties here.

In case you get hungry or quickly need a refill while exploring this place, Burger place and Dunkin’ are nearby. Wheelchair-accessible parking is also available.

There’s also a visitor’s center, and the sheer beauty of this place will make your visit worthwhile!

Address: 695 Hillside St, Milton, MA, United States

4. Blue Hills Ski Area

Blue Hills Ski Area

Image by Northeast Explorer

Blue Hills Ski Area is a vast and kid-friendly ski mountain.

This mountain in Quincy, MA, is one of the delightful mountains with spectacular views and fun activities.

Things to do on this mountain include skiing and climbing.

Looking for somewhere to let your kids learn to ski like pros? Try this place in Quincy out!

To keep this environment conducive, this resort is well maintained, and there are different trails skiers can explore.

A beginner and an intermediate trail are available. If you are planning a quick skiing trip on a weekend or weekday, then add this place to your to-do list.

Adults and children will enjoy the black diamonds trail and the blue trail too.

There’s also a snack bar at the resort in case you get hungry during your jolly rides.

Also, if you want a mystic ski date with your partner, you can go here during the night. The lighting is just perfect.

Resort or park, a lot of recreational and outdoor activities you can do here are numerous.

Take your time to plan what you think will suit you more. Moreover, they offer excellent customer service with super friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Address: 4001 Washington St, Canton, MA, United States

5. The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum & USS Salem

The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum & USS Salem

Image from the Boston Globe

Among the educative and fun things you can do on your visit to Quincy Massachusetts, this place is a must-see.

This naval museum in Quincy is on a heavy cruiser ship, the legendary USS Salem (CA-139).

For the records, this legendary cruiser ship, the USS Salem (CA-139), is the second ship of her kind.

She is famous for being the world’s last heavy cruiser to enter service and is also the last survivor.

Although commissioned for use by the US Navy in 1949, she was decommissioned in 1959 after serving in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Currently, she is now on public display as a museum ship in Quincy, Massachusetts.

USS Salem is a beautiful ship to visit, and unlike other museum ships where lots of its parts are inaccessible to the public, you are free to explore this ship as much as you want.

Apart from the tons of areas you can explore on this ship, there are also exhibitions that will catch your attention.

Likened to an actual warship, the USS Salem has a lot of naval documentation and art on display.

You can easily spend a day in this 10 dollars museum and not notice the time passing by.

Things to do include bringing kids to see a boiler or a steam turbine up close. In addition, history and naval lovers will find it enticing to visit this museum.

Also, if you bring kids for an excursion here, they will see a lot of equipment used in ships and also hear the stories of other ships in their class.

Volunteers are everywhere to talk to, so curious kids and families can just ask questions and get answers to them.

Address: 549 South St, Pier 3, Quincy, MA, United States

6. Wollaston Beach

Wollaston Beach

Image from Fine art America

This large sandy beach has lifeguards and promenades.

It is also Boston’s harbor’s largest public beach.

Wollaston Beach is located on the shore drive of North Quincy, Massachusetts.

Walkers, dog walkers, runners, and even cyclists all use the promenade. Thus making it very busy and booming with people who come here for outdoor activities.

The impacts of coastal tides that form here constantly create a seawall that makes up the beach promenade.

Although this beach isn’t really quiet, it is good for walks. Seagulls and seashells can be seen all most everywhere. Pick colorful seashells and build your collection!

Playing frisbee with your dog and even going on a picnic are some fun things to do here! Sunbathing too!

Educational field trips to help children understand more about coastal biology and geology are things to do too!

Finally, there are also good food options. Nice restaurants sell good battered seafood and some other delicacies you can try while you relax.

Address: Quincy, MA, United States

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7. Blue Hills Trailside Museum

Blue Hills trailside museum

Photography by Inspirock

Blue Hills Trailside Museum is a museum in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Amidst all the other museums you can find in Quincy, MA, this museum exhibits owls.

In the Blue Hills Trailside Museum, you have the opportunity to walk around and see some animals you don’t normally get to see.

Foxes, Deer’s, Hawks, Owls, Deer, turkeys, and vultures are beautiful occupants.

There’s also the otter and turtles display. You can bring kids here to watch the nature of these animals and how they relate to their environment.

Plaques with the information of each animal will help explain better to the children even without guidance. It’s absolutely kid-friendly.

Although dogs are not allowed into the museum, so they don’t create a mess, they are allowed on the Trailside.

Cell phone signal throughout and lots of gas stations nearby.

Hiking after seeing the animals is another fun thing to do. However, if you hike to the top, make sure to visit Blue Hill Observatory for an instrument enclosure tour or drink.

Paved paths or Rocky hikes, you can have your pick.

Address: 1904 Canton Ave, Milton, MA, United States.

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8. Forbes House Museum

Forbes House Museum

Image by Weven

When you think of the best places in the United States that spell out the history of her people, think Forbes House Museum!

This historic house museum has several documentation and exhibits of the legendary Abraham Lincoln.

Also known as The Captain Robert Bennet Forbes House is a house museum located in Milton, Massachusetts.

It is also one of the National Historic Landmarks in the country that is open to the public.

The history of an American entrepreneurial family involved in the sales of opium during the China Trade is the story behind this house.

Moreover, it is one of the two surviving examples of Rogers’ early domestic work.

Story has it that this house was used by four Forbes family generations until 1962, but was opened as a museum in 1964.

Inside this museum, is decorated with the family’s furniture, art, American, European, and even Old China Trade heirlooms.

In addition, a large collection of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia collected by Captain Forbes’s granddaughter, Mary Bowditch Forbes, is on display.

You’ll also see a replication of Lincoln’s birthplace cabin constructed on the grounds.

Those interested in Victorian homes, Chinese porcelain and artifacts, the Civil War, and the Irish famine will appreciate the house and its context.

A lot of history as vast as it could be can be seen in this house, so you can go with your kids and allow them to learn history. You could also broaden your knowledge too!

Knowledgeable hosts and guides are also here to assist your exploration!

Address: 215 Adams St, Milton, MA 02186, United States

9. Quincy Quarries Reservation

Quincy Quarries reservation

Quincy Quarries reservation/ Pinterest

A reservation of a different kind with granite pits for rock climbing.

The Quincy Quarries in Quincy, Massachusetts, was established in the year 1985.

This 22acres reservation has produced granite for over a century.

It is also on record as the first railroad in the United States.

Aesthetically pleasing art and amazing views define this reservation!

Some fun things to do on this reservation include photography.

Due to the scenic nature of this reservation, you can get top-notch photography and pictures here. Colorful graff and murals also!

The graffiti’s here are really beautiful and if you’re a geographer, it’s a good site to study some rocks. Arts here has different kinds of messages to a reader.

Rock climbing and light hiking are also some fun things to do here. Race to the top and look down at this amazing city.

Somewhere to meditate, amazing views of Boston, yoga? This is it!

Additionally, there are properly mowed lawns to sit and chill. Host a picnic here with your family too!

I recommend a visit to this place in Quincy, MA. It’ll leave you with a lot of thrills and memories.

Address: Ricciuti Dr, Quincy, MA 02169, United States

10. Blue Hills – Skyline Trail, Quincy

Blue hills skyline trail

Photo by Brian Macclean

The Skyline Trail of Blue Hills showcases nature. From scrambling over rocks to traversing level grounds for hiking.

Hikers are familiar with this trail and also explore it to the fullest. While this trail is suitable for hiking, you can also try cycling around here.

Trails here are marked also, and each one has a guideline. Of all of them, the South Skyline Trail will impress you.

This Skyline Trail, however, teaches perseverance and endurance. As you hike further, it is steep and probably discouraging.

However, children and adults with their enthusiasm can encourage you to go further.

If you manage to make it through to the Eliot’s tower, you will see the fantastic views of Quincy on full display.

Additionally, there are multiple overlooks and also very small quarry ponds.

Also, if you want a great place to train with a backpack or if planning for backcountry camping, come here!

Address: Quincy, MA 02169, United States

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11. Houghton’s pond

Things to do in Quincy

Image by The Gene Genie

The Houghton’s Pond is a famous pond in the United States.

This pond was formed about 10000 years by glaciers.

Like many other lakes, this pond is about 24 acres large.

Lots of things to do in this pond. A pond side beach by the corner is a play spot for young children. Although most people go there to sunbathe, children can be seen playing beach ball and building sand castles.

Swimming in the pond is also a fun thing to do. Since the pond is well kept and there are shower stations available, you should explore the waters.

Lifeguards are on standby too, so don’t worry about accidents and relax.

Picnic areas are clean and you can comfortably go picnicking! Birds in the marshland area sing beautifully. You’ll enjoy watching them do their thing!

In the beach area, you will find crabs, tadpoles, and a lot of fish. Fishing is permitted and you can take your time stocking up crabs!

Finally, there’s also a barbeque spot and some nice safety bins positioned at strategic points for you to dump hot coals.

Remember to take pictures as reminders of your experience here. I recommend this place highly for relaxation! It’s also pet-friendly!

Address: 840 Hillside St., Milton, MA 02186.

12. Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon


image by Canton Citizen

Have you witnessed nature art? A museum of wildlife sanctuary is rare but here is one!

The Museum of American Bird Art (MABA) is located at Mass Audubon, just south of Boston.

This 121-acre wildlife sanctuary is a professional art museum in Quincy, MA.

Works you find here are from international artists inspired by nature.

Although, the gallery is not really huge but artworks you will find here are absolutely stunning. They also hold classes and programs both for adults and children.

Most times, they host live events, and people are allowed to come and check it out. Amongst the best they’ve hosted, the owl exhibition will catch your attention.

A lot of things for children to do and countless activities to keep them engaged.

Since the serene is so beautiful and quiet, you can choose to hold a family memorial here.

Apart from the museum, there’s a trail and a river next to it. Quite a good spot to stretch your legs if need be.

Address: 963 Washington St, Canton, MA 02021, United States

13. United First Parish Church, Quincy

things to do in Quincy

Image by The Patriot Ledger

The United First Parish Church is a congregation in Quincy, MA.

This church and tomb is the parish church of Quincy since 1639. Making it one of the oldest and most historical buildings in Quincy.

The current building was constructed in 1828 by noted Boston stonecutter Abner Joy to designs by Alexander Parris

A tour around this church will be enough history refreshers course. As informative and tiring as it can be, it is worth the time.

Did you know this church in Quincy has two United States Presidents John and John Quincy Adams in one spot?

It is also called the ” Church of the President.

In addition to the history it showcases, there’s a crypt where the tombs of both John and John Quincy Adams were laid to rest.

The burial sites of the United States, first Lady Abigail and First Lady Louisa, are also here.

Three American flags also stand in this church. There’s one over John’s coffin, another over John Quincy’s coffin, and one right outside.

Take a tour of this place in Quincy and you’ll see how they honor their gone presidents.

Address: 1306 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169, United States

14. The Old House at Peace field, Quincy

things to do in Quincy

Image from National Park Service

This 18th-century house is home to former presidents of the country.

Also known as Peacefield, this house was formerly owned by the Adams family in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Founding father of the United States and former president of the United States John Adams and First Lady Abigail Adams.

It is also home of president John Quincy Adams and his First Lady, Louisa Adams.

In the Old House, there is a library having both tasteful furnishing and full documentation.

Tons of history are here to see. It shows the inside life of the Adams family. Furnishings and excellent upholstery, all in good condition, can be seen here.

You can go on tours here with the guides of this house. Personal stories and a lot more too are told.

A trolley tour of the Adams homesteads will be an exciting experience to take here. If you are looking for a great place to bring children for history lessons, this is a perfect place.

You can stroll around here and even see some artistic works. Lovers of history and historic events will find this place enticing to see.

Address: 1250 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169, United States

15. The Bradley Estate

things to do in Quincy

image from The Trustees Of Reservation

Also known as The Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate, is a country house and garden ground museum in Canton, Massachusetts.

This estate is run by Quincy’s Trustees of Reservations.

Some fun things to do here include seeing the winter lights.

Winter lights are on full display and the whole decorations are of top-notch quality.

Harmonizations of different holiday lights and their varieties add to their beauty.

Musically, this place is impressive. Harmonious sounds of music are on repeat, especially during holiday periods.

This isn’t only what it offers, artistic designs and beautiful displays form its decorations everywhere. It’s like the city of light!

Trails for hiking and cycling are also fun places to spend time. Since the trails are flat and in smooth positions, it’s easier for kids to use these places and also learn one or two things.

Indoors too, decorations are excessively beautiful and have a lot of fun activities for children to engage in. Fun and safe also!

You should try the reindeer scavenger hunt and the wish tree also, it is very fun.

Mouthwatering delicacies are also on sale too, you should try them out! From hot chocolate to donuts, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and also gloves.

Trimmed low and nice-looking gardens here can be used for great photography. Wedding pictures and even a wedding party will be fun to host here.

It is spacious so you don’t have to worry about if it will fit your guests.

Great place for an afternoon stroll to unwind!

Staff here in Bradley Estate are great and knowledgeable, so if you need any assistance, be sure to get it.

Address: 2468B Washington St, Canton, MA 02021, United States

16. Ponkapoag Pond

things to do in Quincy

Ponkapoag pond/ Wikimedia Commons

This 203 acres of land in Quincy is a lake and a famous spot for fishing activities in the Blue Hills Reservation.

Ponkapoag Pond is located on the border of Canton and Randolph, Massachusetts. it has a maximum depth of seven feet and an average depth of about four feet.

Trails in this pond are really suitable for walking and running. For athletes, it is a nice place to run and stretch their calves.

Green Dot trail is one of the trails around here and the quickest trail to take if you intend on covering the pond.

Another great thing about this trail is that it is on paved paths, making it pretty easy to access and use.

Hiking is really fun to do in this area. Children hiking around the pond is a popular sight to see here. Not just children, use these trails, adults also use them.

In addition, there is a golf course by the corner. Try playing golf on this golf course and know your weaknesses.

Playing golf here while on business trips and staff activities are some other fun things you can do in the Ponkapoag Pond.

Woods also decorate the scenery and beautify it even more. You can find a little wildlife here while making it through the woods, but it is a good idea to come with a bug spray.

AMC cabins and a YMCA center are places you should visit on a visit to this pond. Ocean views are beautiful and even if you don’t want to do anything strenuous, you can just come and relax.

However, be sure to make a side trip to the boardwalk. You will love the experience! You’ll feel like you’re on a sightseeing trip to one of the beautiful places in Louisiana bayou.

Whether you want to host birthday parties or bring your family to have a go at outdoor activities at the pond, you will enjoy it.

Address: Ponkapoag Golf Course, 2167 Washington Street, Canton, MA.

17. Houghton’s Pond Recreation Area

things to do in Quincy

Photo from BusinessYab

Another fancy recreation area here in Quincy is the Houghton’s Pond Recreation Area.

This recreation area has a lot of fun things to do for kids of all ages, as well as adults.

Firstly, trails in this recreation area have really good markings and are moderately comfortable to go for hikes.

Hiking, cycling or even learning how to ride a bike are pretty easy and convenient things you can do.

If you take a hike down buck hills, you will admire the beautiful scenery. However, if you hike or ride to the top, you’ll see amazing views of Boston’s skyline.

Ocean views are picturesque sights too. Spectacular as it is, you’ll have fun not just looking at the ocean but also dipping in it.

On windy days, you can fly a kite here or even try a hot-air balloon. Its thrill is unmatchable!

Comfortable picnic tables are also at strategic points in this area for people who want to go picnicking. Families can also host mini birthday parties around these picnic benches.

Also, there’s a playground, a playground with a lot of structures to keep children entertained. Different sizes of play equipment too!

Although the beach area by the pond is always crowdy in the summer, beach ball and also picking sea shells around can beat delight too.

Barbeque lovers will find grills put up in different fun spots for grilling. Disposal bins for getting rid of the hot coals too. In addition, there are snack bars and places with a lot of tasty ice cream!

Waters here are inviting, so take your time to explore them. For fun things to do and nice delicacies, I’ll recommend this place in Quincy!

Address: 840 Hillside St, Milton, MA 02186, United States

18. Hancock Adams Common, Quincy

things to do in Quincy

Photo by Halvorson Design

Hancock’s Adams Common is a city park and garden in Quincy, MA.

Being in this place in Quincy brings the feel of the nativity.

Amazing native scenery and gorgeous decorations too!

Lovely landscapes, beautiful fountains, and also lots of benches are in this park.

Gardens here have beautiful well mowed lawns. You will find beautiful flowers of different kinds here too. Having a picnic in this area is one of the fun things to do.

On Christmas, this park is usually a huge center of attraction, with Christmas lights and decorations constantly put on.

Decorating trees here with lots of lightning is also something you should look forward to.

During memorable dates and holidays, it is also a fun place to hang out.

Water fountains too are also a sight to see. You can read a book here, relax and play cool music or even just enjoy the sight of people walking.

Address: Unnamed Road, Quincy, MA 02169, United States

19. Quincy Shores Reservation

things to do in Quincy

Photo by All Trails

This recreation area is a beach with a park and garden.

The Quincy Shore Reservation is on Quincy Bay, Boston Harbor, in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Spanning across 2.3-mile, it is one of the top attraction sites in Quincy with stunning views.

Beautiful seashells are scattered all over the beach and is a really good spot for light hiking.

Practicing hiking here at its peak is something you will enjoy doing. You can also cycle. Since it is pet friendly, you can come along with your dogs and run around with them.

Additionally, Quincy Shores Reservation is great for an afternoon stroll, reading a book and even having a picnic.

If you need a spot to relax at night, you can go to this place. Apart from the scenery, being nice with its cool breeze and spacious accommodation, it is relatively quiet.

Generally, surfing is great to do around here. Sands here are chilly though rocky.

Kids will find it interesting hanging out here.

Host a wedding party or take wedding shots around here. Even if you want to film a movie, the scenic appearance is really nice.

Address: Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy, MA 02170, United States.

Start Planning Your Trip To Quincy

Although there are a lot of fun things to do, these are just a few of the most fun things to do in Quincy, MA.

Whether you want relaxation, surfing, music, beauty, and even exploration, this city has it all!

Take your time to explore and so all you really want to do.

Happy travels!