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28 Best & Fun Things To Do In Franklin (Tennessee)

City to Antiques, museums, and more, Franklin is a wonderful place for a vacation.

It is one of the most well-known cities in the entire state of Tennessee, and it offers all kinds of opportunities for fun to visitors.

Well, there is a reason why it attracts millions of visitors per year!

Nature lovers will enjoy its beautiful parks and gardens. Foodies will appreciate its gourmet dining and its bizarre snacks and street foods.

Lovers of antiques will definitely have something to do here. Besides, history and culture enthusiasts can appreciate the bravery and valor of American soldiers during the civil war.

Lovers of beautiful parks, there’s something for you, too. If you like quirky roadside attractions, Franklin has quite a number of things that will make for awesome vacation stories when you get home.

Are you ready to start planning your trip to the awesome destinations in Franklin?

Let us show you cool places to visit in Franklin!

Things To Do In Franklin

1. Downtown Franklin

Things to do in Franklin

Downtown Franklin

Are you a lover of antiques?

If all you crave is antiques, Downtown Franklin should be a major place you should plan to visit if you planned to come to Franklin.

This beautiful and well-equipped tourist attraction is a very nice historical Town Square with several historical markers surrounding the area.

It tops our list of places to visit Franklin, because of its historical importance.

This incredible place offers an eclectic mix of antique shops, gift and bookstores, art galleries and clothing boutiques, and lots more.

Do you plan to visit the Nashville area? Consider adding Downtown Franklin to your itinerary and create an unforgettable memory for yourself!  

Besides, they have free parking in two structures and also on the street. The environment is simply user-friendly! There are historic walking tours and even a Ghost Tour! All these for a little dollar!

Moreover, there are tasty restaurants and shops that are local, as well as Mellow Mushroom & Tazikis. The spice shops there are wonderful with so many fresh spices to try.

Interestingly, visitors can easily spend a day browsing antique shops and boutiques and dining at one of its many eclectic restaurants at a reasonable fee.

However, this incredible place has few provisions for the kids as the settings are majorly for adults. Although, kids are not prevented from coming.  

The employees at each of the shops are so friendly and helpful, they ensure that each visitor is attended to in a way that would make them to feel at home.

Do you plan to come to Franklin soonest? Consider visiting Downtown Franklin.

Address: Main St. and 16-block Historic District Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

2. Franklin Lotz House Museum

Things to do in Franklin

Franklin Lotz House Museum

Are you a lover of archeological excavations? Do you care to learn about the people that were part of history?

Lotz House which is literally sitting in the middle of the Civil War battlefield of Franklin is a gem for anyone interested in history and archeology.

This home is beautiful, very attractive, and well decorated with lots of archeological excavations that are dated back centuries. 

In addition, the house is well preserved and restored with a number of artifacts of the Era.

You will find a tour of this amazing house very interesting and especially, you will enjoy many of the artifacts found nearby and in the cellar of the house. 

Besides, the tour guides are very knowledgeable, creative, and definitely know the history of the battle and the home.

They will go into detail about how everything transpired. Not only that, the guides are readily available to do everything possible to make your stay fun and interesting.

They are just the best you could ever be with! These are delightfully personable individuals!

Aside from the artifacts that are available, their gift shop is good too. They have every kid available to kids at no cost.

Franklin is a charming area and the Lotz House is a worthwhile trip.

If your plan is to spend the next vacation in Franklin, consider adding this place to the list of places you will explore. Remember to visit with kids and associates!

Address: 1111 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

3. Franklin Farmers Market

Things to do in Franklin

Farmers Market

Franklin Farmers Market is one of the places to visit for fun in Franklin for fun and enjoyment.

Unlike in other farms, in this beautiful market, there are enough plants, vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, and fresh home-baked goods. Almost all are organic!

This incredible place that opens only on Saturdays equally has varied wares from local farmers and merchants. Interestingly, everything this market has to offer is grown or produced by the people selling it.

This is what a real farmers’ market looks like. It’s definitely a must-see if you are in Franklin.

Besides, the outdoor environment is relaxed and comfortable, visitors can easily pick out what they like from the vendor tables.

Above all, there are usually food trucks for snacks. Everybody will definitely get all they want, with the exception of none.

What’d you love to get while in Franklin? Fresh lemonade or coffee? They are rightly available in surplus in this beautiful market.

Moreover, the market is not crowded like what visitors might imagine. It is well organized and coordinated and no fee whatsoever is required to gain entrance into this place as long as you have some little dollars to pay sealers.

The parking space in this famous market is equally enough to accommodate all visitors.  

All sellers are well mannered and friendly; they care about customers’ satisfaction with choices.

Be sure to put the Farmer’s Market on your Saturday Morning To-Do List if you are in Franklin!

It is simply a great place to get farm-raised items only minutes from the field. Great place!

Address: 230 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

4. Franklin Carter House

Things to do in Franklin

Carter House

The Carter House was built around 1830 by fountain branch carter during the time of the Civil War. This historic house served as the headquarters for the United States Army during the battle. 

Besides, the house, outbuildings, and grounds are captivating with the battle damage still visible.

Not only that, the designs and the entire structure are attractive and well detailed.

There are historic books that are equally available to visitors at no extra cost. Amazing right? Yes, this is one of the reasons why this incredible location keeps attracting visitors all over the continent.

This amazing place will allow you to get the important perspective you ought typically to get at sites of Civil War battles.

If you care to know more about the history and misery of the civil war era, this is a good place to tour and learn about it.

Interestingly, the battle of Franklin is well explained as one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Civil War. 

Moreover, the admission fee is reasonable, and visitors are treated very well. The tour guides are so knowledgeable and interesting to listen to.

They will bring the history of this place to life. To sum it up, they will lead you through the human stories of the slaves that lived and also ensure visitors get to see graves of prominent heroes in Toussaint L’Overture Cemetery.

At Carter House, parking space is never an issue, there are spaces available to all, and securities of cars are guaranteed.

Planning to visit Franklin soon? This place is a must to see stop in Franklin, especially if you like Civil War history.

Address: 1140 Columbia Ave. Franklin, TN 37167, United States.

5. Franklin Carnton

Things to do in Franklin


Another wonderful place you can visit for fun and enjoyment in Franklin is Carnton. This amazing and beautiful house is in good condition with modern facilities.

Besides, unlike most historical home tours where you can only peek into roped-off rooms, they take you right into all the rooms. There is no better way they can bring history back to life! 

This plantation house is so beautiful inside and worth more than the little dollars required for an admission fee.

This site shows off the historic beauty, while also acknowledging the painful history of slavery and the civil war. Coming here will create a great tour to learn about war, family and true sacrifice, and heroism.

What an amazing area that is full of a lot to learn!

Apparently, this historic center and grounds is a place of reflection as to what went on in the sacred period.

The host will paint a picture of what happened and this will appear so real, as if you were right there during the Battle of Franklin.

Besides, this is not just a place for the adults alone, there is equally a kid session where your kids can play and learn some basic historical facts that relate to their level.

Not only is the house fun for kids, but it is also equally neat and the entire staff is knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic about the history of this place.

You will definitely enjoy visiting this amazing place!

This house and grounds are surely a place of reflection as to what went on this sacred ground. You need to make a stop here!

Address: 1345 Eastern Flank Cir, Franklin, TN 37064, United States

6. Franklin Leiper’s Fork

Things to do in Franklin

Leiper’s Fork

Are you a fan of quaint antiques, Knick knacks, and art shops?

Then Leiper’s Fork is a place you must visit. This beautiful place will provide you with a vantage opportunity of learning a lot about how whiskey is made. Incredibly, you will also be allowed to have a taste.

This cannot be done elsewhere except in Leper’s Fork!

Moreover, all the staff are friendly and full of information about the whiskey and the history of the land, building, and how it all started.

Indeed, it is always a good sign when the employees are enthusiastic about their job and the company. You will definitely enjoy yourself here!

Besides, the atmosphere is very peaceful with great, friendly people. The shop owners are so nice and welcoming and will make you feel comfortable there.

Although this place is not very big, it is picturesque and charming. What a wonderful Franklin gem!

Not only that, there are restaurants adjacent to this historic place and they have a variety of foods you would ever crave for.

Above all, the admission fee is affordable and reasonable and it is not a house that is always populated, unlike other places.

Also, their parking spaces are unique and well furnished, and visitors’ cars and properties are secured. 

Do you want to come to Franklin for some fun? This is just a nice spot on the road to either spend a few hours or a weekend. Galleries and beautiful countryside make an interesting little side trip from Franklin.

You should have a stop here! 

Address: 4150 Old Hillsboro Rd, Franklin, TN, United States

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7. McGavock Confederate Cemetery

McGavock Confederate Cemetery

Confederate Cemetery

Are you curious about the history of the bravery and valor of American soldiers during the civil war?

McGavock Confederate Cemetery is an answer to all your curiosity. This solemn place was established in 1866 as a McGavock family cemetery.

The cemetery is located on the grounds of Carnton, the old McGavok estate, where a huge Civil War battle took place. In effect, it is remarkably the largest private cemetery with graves of confederate soldiers.

Surprisingly, more than 1400 confederate soldiers were buried here.

This is a place to visit in order to have an interesting piece of history for those interested in civil war. This is such a peaceful and quiet place. A perfect final resting place for the brave soldiers buried here!

Although this cemetery might offend some visitors due to its nature; however, the care and respect that went into preserving these remains are commendable.

You need to come and see these brave soldiers who fought for the common American.

Interestingly, there is a book in the cemetery with all the names of the brave soldiers and the exact location they were buried.

This will make your exploration of this place more meaningful and fun.

Not only that but there are also monuments at the beginning of rows telling what state is represented and how many from that state are buried there.

Besides, there are no admission fees to gain entrance into this beautifully maintained cemetery. It is absolutely FREE!

What a great place to visit for such an amazing history! It is really a solemn place! The bravery and valor of these American soldiers are awe-inspiring.

A visit to this incredible place in Franklin is well worth it!

Address: Franklin, United States / McGavock Confederate Cemetery.

8. Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

Things to do in Franklin

Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

The views are great from looking at this iconic structure. Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge is just an excellent spot to bring your kids and associates.

The bridge is full of natural beauty, walking through the top of the bridge and the views from the bridge are totally breathtaking!

Besides, this bridge is more fun to ride bicycles. It is amazing with sweeping arches, plenty high, and views from the roadway are pretty awesome!

More importantly, the colorful leaves made the enjoyable scenic drive that much more beautiful. 

The design is really dramatic and driving over it as you drive the Natchez Trace offers an experience of another time and place.

Don’t miss the bridge and don’t miss the Trace.

Moreover, this is a great place to watch the sunset on a clear day and the view will definitely be really beautiful when it isn’t sunset.

Besides, the spring and fall are fantastic. More importantly, the view is breathtakingly beautiful, and there are never too many folks there, so you pretty much have it all to yourselves. 

We highly recommend you visit this Bridge anytime you are in Franklin, you will definitely be happy you oblige!

Address: Natchez Trace Pkwy, Franklin, TN 37064, United States

9. The Factory at Franklin 

Things to do in Franklin

The Factory at Franklin

Do you want to buy nice clothes and shoes in Franklin? 

Look no further! The Factory at Franklin is the right place you should visit if you ever wish for locally made shoes and clothes.

This Factory at Franklin was built in 1929 and ever since then, it has been an amazing and beautiful place every lover of local items is coming. 

Besides, the Factory occupies the buildings that once served as the Dortch Stove Works, Magic Chef, and later the Jamison Bedding Company.

It’s simply a cool place you need to visit! 

Moreover, there are a variety of nice, small and unique shops. Goods are equally not overpriced and not like a mall, with every other store being a shoe store or ‘modern’ clothing.

It isn’t overly busy, but a relaxing place to visit while strolling the area. 

Aside from that, shop owners are friendly and accommodating, your satisfaction is always their primary concern. They will definitely give additional gifts to encourage visitors at no extra cost. 

Besides, the Factory at Franklin is a cool spot to walk around and hit the restaurants and shops.

No visitor will not love the specialty shops! Food, Ice Cream, donuts, and candy are great! Great time.

Not only that, the Factory is a fun little shopping center that houses a variety of other nice shops, including coffee shops and Five Daughters, which is the best doughnut shop in the Nashville area. 

From the street, you’d never guess this was Franklin’s hidden gem with so many neat things! 

Address: 230 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

10. Gentry’s Farm

Things to do in Franklin

Annabel / Wikimedia Commons

Gentry’s Farm is another wonderful location with lots of fall family activities you can enjoy while in Franklin.

It is such a great place where you can pick your own pumpkins, pet animals, eat, and play games by paying some little dollars.

This family-owned business basically caters to Kids of all ages to enjoy the fun out of the ancient city of Franklin.

While visiting from out-of-state (Franklin), this amazing tourist region has a perfect description that would make your visit smooth and easy. Besides, the tour guild will do a perfect job to make you feel at home.

It is just an amazing place you need to come and see the next summer. 

Would you want to see your children engaging in extensive local activities in Franklin? This should occupy your number one place to visit anytime, any day, in Franklin!

So many activities for your kids are packaged here for them. Wagon rides, visits to sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, and bunnies areas with a host of other things they can do makes this place is a topnotch area for the kids.

The farm is just gorgeous! There is equally a nice size pond, several barns, and great photo ops for social media.

Besides, admission seemed fair since the hayride, corn maze, slides, and playground were included. The farm seems best for children 10 and under! Although, older ones are also welcomed here.

Thinking of how to spend your next holiday with your kids? This is a perfect place to enjoy your holiday. Come to Franklin!

Address: 1974 New Hwy 96 W, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

11. Winchester Antique Mall

Winchester Antique Mall

Winchester Antique Mall

Are you a lover of antiquity?

If you like antiquing, Franklin’s Winchester Antique Mall is a must to visit.

This is such a beautiful area filled with multiple vendors displaying a great mix of beautiful, stylish, and unique antiquity at the most reduced prices you could ever see.

Incredibly, these vendors are friendly and accessible. They will guide you to make the best selections ever.

Besides, pretty much like any other antique mall in Franklin, selections here are residential and industrial items ranging from the late 1800s to the 1970s.

Such an incredible place you need to stop at!

Parking space is not an issue, it is perfectly stationed, no fear, no anxiety.

Franklin’s Winchester Antique Mall guarantees the security of your cars and properties.

We highly recommend you include this wonderful place amongst the top places you should visit in Franklin. You will be glad you do!

Address: 121 2nd Ave N, Franklin, TN 37064, United States

12. Noble Springs Dairy

Noble Springs Dairy

Micheal / Flickr

Do you crave delicious goat cheese in Franklin?

Noble Springs Dairy is the right place you should visit.

It is operated by the nicest people, so clean and very kid-friendly while being on a working farm and not a petting zoo.

You can only get the best goat’s cheese and other delicious products here.

On a beautiful hillside between Franklin and Leiper’s Fork in Tenn, stop here for the fun! Noble Springs Dairy has a lot to offer you!

Everyone at this farm is so nice. The staff will teach you how to make goat cheese at no extra charge, such an amazing place to check out if you are visiting Franklin.

Sweet goats, delicious cheese, especially the garlic dill, you will love the sweetness!

You can bring your kids for a tour on Saturday and create a memorable moment for them/. They would be able to learn about animals and farming, all in a fun environment while playing with goats. 

Do you plan to come to Franklin soon? We highly recommend you to come here!

Address: 3144 Blazer Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

13. Marcella Vivrette Smith Park

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park

On our list of beautiful places to visit for fun in Franklin comes Marcella Vivrette Smith Park. 

It is a historic location that has been attracting visitors all over the world for ages due to its uniqueness.

Have you ever ridden a bike in a serene and cool atmosphere? If you have not or desire to experience it again, come to this beautiful park in Franklin!

Aside from that, there are quite a number of trails through the rolling hills of Tennessee. They are moderate in nature, so great and amazing.

Seeing this is necessary, why not plan a visit to Franklin? You can ride bikes in this beautifully located area in Franklin.

A tutor is readily available to put you through and show directions, nothing to be anxious about!

Besides, there are lots of shops to get a stopover and the prices of these goods are reasonable. What else would you want?

Remember to add this to your itinerary and enjoy the best of Franklin’s beautiful attractions.

Address: 1825 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States.

14. Franklin David Arms Gallery

Things to do in Franklin

Franklin David Arms Gallery

David Arms Gallery is a perfect blend of all the beautiful nature that God has provided.

This incredible location offers such a variety of lovely things, perfect for your own home or for gift giving as well. 

Besides, there are lots of pleasant surprises and great quality items that are nicely displayed here.

Friendly staff are also one of the reasons why visitors keep trooping to this wonderful place.

The receptionist and the entire staff will be polite and attend to all questions that visitors may ask.

Not only that, it is a quaint place and the music that is always played makes it feel quite peaceful.

Ensure you try to check this place out on your next visit to Franklin, highly recommended!

Address: 4136 Old Hillsboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, United States

15. The Park at Harlinsdale Farm

Things to do in Franklin

Josh / Wikimedia Commons

The Park at Harlinsdale is a 200-acre park that has been called the most significant historic farm associated with the modern Franklin, Tennessee Walking Horse industry.

There are so many things for visitors to enjoy at this beautiful park in the heart of Franklin.

Along with this incredible site, there is a small lake that is equally awesome and great for kids to fish and take several photos.

Besides, this is a great park, especially for walkers and pet owners. It has great dog parks and enclosures which are designated by dog size.

Also, this amazing location is also a great venue for periodic music events, such as the Pilgrimage Music Festival and a host of others.

With lots of performances by several local artists, visitors wouldn’t crave something more!

Think of a polo match here. You can only get that here! If you have never been to a polo match in Franklin, you must do so by coming here.

It is an exciting game to watch, everything is reasonably priced and staff are creative in their interactions with visitors.

The entire staff and tour guide crew are amazing and will definitely treat you in a manner you would always be wanting to come back again.

Roadside vendors are equally incredible. You can get a small chop at an extremely low price and lots of incentives for visitors who come with their kids.

So many things to enjoy. Why not plan a visit to this wonderful park in Franklin? We highly recommend you to come and see this amazing place!

Address: 239 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

16. Winstead Hill Park

Things to do in Franklin

Park at Harlinsdale Farm

Winstead Hill Park is the area located south of Mack Hatcher Pkwy on Columbia Avenue.

It is a 61-acre historic battle site with a 3/4 mile walking trail and clean restrooms. Interestingly, this Hill is the vantage point from which General John Bell Hood observed his advancing Confederate troops.

Interesting to note is that this was the site of Confederate General Hood’s headquarters during the day of the Battle of Franklin.

It is an excellent site that is pretty easy to grasp how the battle unfolded and why one-fifth of the soldiers became casualties in the fighting that stretched from this region across two to three miles of open land leading into Franklin (at the time of the battle there were very few trees to be found on the farming lands in view here).

Are you curious to know more about the Battle of Franklin? A stop here is necessary!

The battle of Franklin, Tennessee, which was fought on November 30, 1864, was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

In fact, you need to come here to see how the confederates suffered about 7,500 casualties while the Federals lost about 2,500.

You can only understand why there was such a large disparity when you visit Winstead Hill Park.

Besides, there is a great map of the Battle sites embedded in rock in the overlook and monuments honoring the fallen.

This amazing place is not only for civil war enthusiasts but also for everybody that cares to broaden their horizons.

Come and see these archeological excavations and learn. Come to Franklin!

Address: 4023 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

17. Pinkerton Park

Things to do in Franklin

Afewanoncontribs / Wikimedia Commons

If you are wishing to come to enjoy unrestricted fun in Franklin, come to Pinkerton Park.

For every visitor to this wonderful place, there is a ton of space to have a picnic or walk/run around the large trail.

In fact, visitors can put a kayak into the Harpeth River here. So many things to do here! You can even walk up to the old fort up the hill, just a great park!

Moreover, the admission fee here is reasonable, just a little dollar, you are in! They even have well-equipped restrooms for every visitor’s use.

What a wonderful place to enjoy the summer!

Kids are also allowed and the staff here are great. They will play with every kid and allow them to feel at home.

Also, lots of entry gifts are available for kids at no extra charge. Not only that, but you can also bring your dogs here for a quick walk.

There is a paved mile-long loop that weaves around the whole park with doggy bags, benches, swings, and exercise stations along the way. Having a dog? Bring them here!

Amazingly, they have exercise stations that include modified routines depending on skill level and even had exercises for those in wheelchairs.

Disability is never an excuse not to come here. Something good is available for all visitors, either able or disabled!

There are also swings that buckled in for older children or those with special needs is also part of the things to enjoy here.

Do you think there is nothing to enjoy in Franklin? Come here, this park has ample amenities to keep your munchkins busy.

It is a must-see!

Address: 405 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

18. Gallery 202

Gallery 202 in Franklin

350z33 (talk) / Wikimedia Commons

Are looking for a variety of locally made art under one roof in Franklin?

If all you crave is locally made art under a roof, then this art gallery is for you. Gallery 202 is a fantastic art palace you should not miss if you are in Franklin.

It is a premier art gallery representing over 25 local and regional artists located in historic downtown Franklin, Tennessee.

Interestingly, this unique place offers original paintings, sculptures, art glass, handmade jewelry, and fine antiques.

There is something for every visitor to enjoy here while in Franklin! Besides, the staff here are knowledgeable and friendly.

They are always ready to attend to every visitor in a unique way and also answer all questions coming from visitors.

This gallery has a great variety of art with things for everyone to love and at good prices. We recommend you to come with family and friends. You will always wish to return here in subsequent times.

Come to enjoy an incredible display of multiple art pieces, mostly abstract paintings and statues

There are also adequate parking spaces for every visitor to park their cars at no extra cost. Do you plan to come to Franklin a moment soon? Remember to stop here and have the best of this place.

Address: 202 2nd Ave S, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

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19. Aspen Grove Park

Aspen Grove

James / Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove is another beautiful place we would recommend you visit if you are in Franklin.

It is located in the Cool Springs area on Aspen Grove Boulevard, and it has a lot to offer to visitors and inhabitants.

This amazing park contains a half-mile paved trail that loops around the park and along Spencer Creek. It is a great place for an afternoon walk even in the heat of Summer.

Besides, the most wonderful thing here is the small creek alongside the walking path where every visitor can see fish and, at the same time, their kids will have the opportunity to play in the water.

Aspen Grove park is pretty and a must-visit for anyone coming to Franklin.

The treats here are also amazing. The staff are knowledgeable and always ready to attend to every visitor in a unique way.

You don’t have to worry about the bad restrooms; the restroom is made with modern facilities that you would always love to see!

This ancient Grove Park is a hidden gem that is easy to navigate, with paved walking paths among a canopy of trees. Moreover, it has a nice playground area for the kiddos.

There is also a picnic shelter that could support a small outdoor bbq and a few picnic tables.

The wooded paths overlooking the stream in some areas are really nice for walking or jogging.

Come over to Franklin and enjoy this amazing region. A stop here will make a difference.

Address: 3200 Aspen Grove Dr, Franklin, TN 37067, United States.

20. Jim Warren Park

Jim Warren Park

Warren Park

Jim Warren Park is a 58-acre active park that is located at 705 Boyd Mill Avenue. It is the home of the Franklin Baseball Club and Franklin Cowboys youth organizations with baseball fields and 4 football fields.

Among the many amenities in this ancient city of Franklin are tennis courts, two basketball courts, picnic tables and grills, a pond, walking trails, and playground equipment. So much to enjoy here!

Besides, this is a nice green space in Franklin that has a family-friendly place for ball games, walking the trails, or just soaking up the sun.

If you are in Franklin, Jim Warren Park has something for you!

Not only is the setting for adults alone, but it is also equally a great place to sit by the pond and let the kids run. Bring them here and let the enjoyment flow!

Moreover, there are all sorts of athletic fields and a nice walking trail that provides opportunities for visitors to enjoy their leisure hours in Franklin.

There’s also a catch-and-release fishing pond and Pavilions (covered picnic areas) are equally available to use by visitors.

Above all, there is at least one playground that allows kids to run and explore.

Not interested in any of these? There is something for you. Come and see the huge rocks around and back of the park that is the skateboard practice zone, and the paved trail surrounding.

There is something for everyone here. A stop here will be worth the little penny you would spend.

Address: 705 Boyd Mill Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

21. Heritage Foundation of Williamson County

Heritage Foundation of Williamson County

Heritage Foundation of Williamson County

The Heritage Foundation of Williamson County is an outstanding place that you need to visit in Franklin.

This amazing region is a not-for-profit organizational setting that is dedicated to protecting and preserving the historic resources in Williamson County.

Moreover, they notably preserve the architectural, geographic, and cultural heritage as well as promote the ongoing revitalization of downtown Franklin in the context of historic preservation.

It is a place you need to come and see raw historical facts.

Also, notable projects available for visitors here include the Franklin Theatre, Roper’s Knob, parts of the Franklin battlefield, and lots more.

This foundation brings county history to about 3,000 school children each year through the Heritage Classroom program as well as walking tours of downtown Franklin.

What a place to bring tour kids to come and learn a lot. They will definitely be happy you come with them here!

Aside, events and festivals produced by the Heritage Foundation such as Main Street Festival, the Heritage Ball, and Pumpkinfest are several other events readily available for visitors to enjoy while in Franklin.

Simply, this amazing place is instrumental in historic preservation and has recently been a key player in saving the Owen-Primm house on Moore’s Lane near Wilson Pike.

Don’t you think you need to come and see the beautiful things this place has to offer?

A stop here will be worth it!

Address: 112 Bridge St, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

22. Battle Of Franklin – Civil War Museum

Things to do in Franklin

Battle Of Franklin – Civil War Museum

Desire to learn about Franklin Civil War History?

Come over to the Battle of Franklin. It is such an excellent historical site that has the account of the battle of Franklin and the lives of the people who lived on the site.

History is better learned by seeing the archeological remains than merely reading them in books. Battle of Franklin Battlefield Tour is hands down the most informative and detailed beyond what you would ever imagine.

Besides, the description and knowledge that would be shared by the tour guild will definitely create a mental picture you would never forget.

We definitely recommend to everyone coming to Franklin to stop at this most historic site and relive this pivotal point in American history.

The battlefield tour will be worth every penny! There are a lot of actual furnishings from back then, which adds an element of awe to this incredible location.

Regardless of the experience of many different civil war battlefield tours, coming here will create a different impression.

Remember to add this place to your itinerary while coming to Franklin, you will definitely not regret it!

Address: 1140 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

23. Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park

Stahlkocher / Wikimedia Commons

Care to have a lot of various attractions in Franklin?

Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park should be a place you should visit in Franklin if all you wanted is fun and various attractions. A region with 21st equipment and facilities that will make your visit incredible.

Besides, this area is absolutely clean, and the atmosphere is receptive. These staff are equally friendly, and the trampolines and obstacle courses are so much fun. Absolutely recommend!

Coming to this wonderful place in Franklin will create a fantastic experience you would always remember.

There is a kid’s session; bring your kids and let them have a blast! They will equally enjoy a huge variety of fun attractions.

Moreover, it is not always crowded and covid-19 rules are strictly in full compliance.

Above all, there is a reserved parking space for every visitor to get their cars parked and the admission fee is highly reasonable.

Do well to have a stop here on your next visit to Franklin.

Address: 1735 Galleria Blvd #2, Franklin, TN 37067, United States.

24. Eastern Flank Battle Field Park

Eastern Flank Battlefield Park

Peter Whatley / Wikimedia Commons

Do you need a place to rent for an event in Franklin?

If all you want is an open space to organize and host your event in Franklin, we highly recommend checking out the Eastern Flank Battlefield Park.

This most sought-after event area is the former site of the Battle of Franklin and it consists of 110 acres.

It is in the Eastern area of Franklin and incredibly offers indoor and outdoor event space available for people to use for meetings.

Visitors can rent this place to host their events in Franklin at a reasonable price. People planning weddings, receptions, or special occasions troop here on a daily basis to have this place reserved for their occasions.

Aside from that, this Historic Park is open for passive pursuits and it is in the process of development and restoration.

It is absolutely an amazing place to bring your events. The area is well kept and not only is this place meant for events alone.

If you want to know the history of the past and understand the difference between the battle flag and the confederate flag, you also need to be there.

They have a section that showcases these beautiful historical facts. It is a perfect place in Franklin to get your facts straight and also host your events!

Thinking of staff conduct? They are extremely amazing and highly knowledgeable. Nobody has ever complained about their conduct!

Plan a trip here and enjoy the best out of this beautiful region.

Address: 1368 Eastern Flank Cir, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

25. Maggie’s Bark Park

Maggie's Bark Park

Maggie’s Bark Park

Do you plan to go out with your dogs?

Another wonderful place to visit for fun and enjoyment in Franklin is Maggie’s Bark Park.

This interesting park in the ancient city of Franklin is a great little dog park located right next to the Williamson County animal shelter.

Although, unlike other parks in Franklin, it doesn’t have much population, so, lots of room to run and play fetch with your dogs!

Moreover, this amazing visitors-attracting region has been mostly renovated with modern technological facilities.

It is really a place you need to checkout rather than reading these amazing descriptions that will enhance your curiosity!

To state its maintenance policies, it is absolutely clean and always appears neat.

Dogs love running around in this beautiful place. So, why not plan to bring your dogs here too? It is really a decision you need to make while visiting franklin.

Besides, without any restrictions, visitors can bring dogs of any size here. There is a separate area for smaller or elderly dogs and they are right next to the animal shelter.

We highly recommend this place to all lovers of dogs. There are also a lot of structures to keep your dog entertained and trying new tricks. It is simply A DOG HOUSE!

Above all, this amazing park features a quarter-mile walking trail and two fenced areas. The larger area contains agility equipment for adult dogs, while the smaller area is for puppies and small dogs. The park also has lights, a drinking fountain, covered benches, a gazebo, doggie pools, and lots more. Would you want to spend the next summer in Franklin? A stop here will be worth it!

Address: 138 Claude Yates Dr, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

26. Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park

Ella / Flickr

Do you love to read some books in a riverine environment?

Bicentennial Park in Franklin is a hidden jewel that you need to visit. It is a great place to spend some quiet time reading a book by the river or having a picnic meal with your family.

Incredibly, this ancient region has been attracting visitors for several years due to its uniqueness.

The environment is conducive; the staff are receptive and will do everything to make your stay in Franklin a memorable one.

Planned coming to Franklin for a holiday? Do well to make a quick stop at Bicentennial Park to appreciate nature.

It is equally a great location to take some pictures and have a free walk.

Moreover, the security of visitors is their paramount concern in this wonderful location, with no fear whatsoever!

There is a little playground to interact with other visitors and lots of gifts are available to visitors at a reasonable price.

What more would you have wanted in Franklin if not some of these nice treats?

This place should be on top of places to visit in Franklin, except appreciating nature is not your thing!

It’s highly recommended you come with your kids and associates to enjoy the best of this wonderful place.

Address: 400 5th Ave N, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

27. Franklin Visitor Center

Things to do in Franklin

Victoria Stauffenberg / Wikimedia Commons

Are you looking for a cool place to have a stop in Franklin?

Look no further! Stop at Franklin Visitor Center first when visiting Franklin for recommendations from highly friendly and knowledgeable staff.

These staff will provide you with a map of downtown along with recommendations for places to eat, stay and play in the area.

Not only that, but they will also offer souvenirs and brochures of the area.

Besides, these employees are obviously very friendly and informative. They will surely help you to make better decisions about what you could do during your visit to Franklin.

Such an amazing place that could give the best advice that would make your stay in Franklin worthwhile!

Apparently, Franklin is such a beautiful city with amazing people, lots of places to go shopping, and lots of boutique stores.

However, not making the right choices as to where to visit will obviously make your visit to Franklin boring.

Stop at Franklin Visitor Center and get guided in making the right choices. Franklin is such an amazing place you need to explore!

Above all, this wonderful place in Franklin is equally construed to give visitors both a snapshot of the quaint downtown area as well as the abundant recreational, historic, entertainment, and shopping options in Franklin.

In addition, this shop-like center in Franklin has some gift items to take home and give to your family. These gifts include coffee mugs, postcards, t-shirts, and artwork.

While coming to Franklin, you may get lucky enough to find a parking spot along Main Street. However, if not, there are two free parking garages in Downtown Franklin for you!

Address: 400 Main St #130, Franklin, TN 37064, United States.

28. Liberty Park

Things to do in Franklin

William Gus Johnson, Photographer / Wikimedia Commons

Liberty Park is an awesome park in Franklin with something for everyone to enjoy. This wonderful park is nice pathways with a clean and very enticing environment.

Besides, there is a section of the park specifically for dogs and very lovers of dogs can come to enjoy the best out of this park by bringing their dogs.

Moreover, the park is in a manner that encompasses less of the park in reality itself and more of sporting activities.

Don’t you think it is really great to see kids play? Yeah, it would be wonderful! If you plan you’re coming to Franklin, remember to add this to your itinerary in order to feel the energy and the enthusiasm.

In all honesty, unlike in other parks, no incidence of breaking car windows and other related theft issues. Absolutely, the safety of your car is certain! You need to see this wonderful Franklin heritage! Not just about the security of cars, the environment is clean and well-maintained. The sideway ballfields are obviously cool.

Above all, playground and disk golf is also available here with modernized facilities. This disk golf course looks really nice and is a great place to wall dogs while in Franklin.

Certainly, the conduct of their staff is another good attribute of this wonderful location in the heart of Franklin. The staff takes good care of the fields and receives visitors with a friendly atmosphere.

How about its beautiful playgrounds for kids? It is definitely the best of its kind in Franklin. You need to bring your kids! Great for picnic tables.

You will love to be here!

Address: 2080 Turning Wheel Ln, Franklin, TN 37067, United States.

Final Remarks

Are your plans for a future vacation? Are you getting ready to take a road trip this weekend?

Whenever you plan on going to Tennessee, these are just a few Franklin attractions that you won’t want to miss! The list is endless and there is so much to do here.

This guide has hopefully given you the information that you need to decide how you will be spending your time in this stunning coastal city!

Happy travels.