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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Sevierville (Tennessee)

Sevierville is a beautiful city in the state of Tennessee, United States of America.

This beautiful city is known for its lovely museums, great malls, amazing parks, and several interesting vacation destinations.

Sevierville is just a great place to visit because of its lots of vacations that are available.

But, to ask, what kind of tourist attractions can you enjoy in this beautiful city?

Relax, we have come up with a list of fun places you can visit while in this city.

Let us begin!!

Here are the 20 best and most fun things to do in Sevierville, Tennessee!

Things To Do In Sevierville

1. Smoky Mountain Deer Farm And Exotic Petting Zoo

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo is a beautiful animal zoo in Sevierville, Tennessee.

This museum has lots of Horses and several animals for visitors to see.

Besides, visitors will also have a great chance of enjoying trail rides and other amazing fun things.

Horse riding in this lovely location is extremely fun and we also recommend you take part in it if you are in Sevierville.

Do you want to experience how it used to be feeding animals?

A visit to this amazing Sevierville attraction will give you the privilege of feeding zebra, camels, and more on your vacation here!

If you have little children that cherish animals, bringing them along would not be a bad idea too!

Importantly, the people that work here are friendly and are also helpful and they prioritize visitors’ satisfaction!

Beyond that, the admission fee to this lovely location is affordable and they also make enough care for visitors to park cars.

If you are on a visit here during the summer, be sure to check out their festive shows.

In short, this place is an interesting place to spend a few hours during your visit to this city!

Address: 478 Happy Hollow Ln, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

2. Forbidden Caverns, Sevierville

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Forbidden Caverns

Do you need a relaxing and cool place to visit while in Sevierville, Tennessee?

Forbidden Caverns is an amusement center that has so many best and most fun things to offer visitors.

This is also a place where you will get to see lots of historical artifacts that tell more about the history of Tennessee.

In fact, the staff that works here provides insight into the geologic formation as well as the Moonshine business from 1919-to 1943!

If you wouldn’t want to rely on what you’ve been reading alone in papers, you need to come and have an empirical insight of this here.

If you are just here to have a walk in order to view these wonderful monuments, make sure you are careful when you are walking.

Due to the sensitive nature of this fun location, you can not record videos but you can take as many pictures as you would like.

If you are thinking about doing yourself a favor, try to check out what this place has to offer before you leave Tennessee.

Visitors are absolutely safe here and the rock formations are so fascinating.

Besides, the underground river, beautiful rock lighting, and some historical areas inside the cave will add more fun to your exploration!

While planning a voyage here, do remember to add this amazing Servieville attraction to your itinerary!

Address: 455 Blowing Cave Rd, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

3. Hillside Winery

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Hillside Winery

Have you ever been to a winery industry before to see how things are done there?

If you have not been to this kind of industry before, you need to visit Hillside Winery. 

Even if you have been here before, Hillside Winery will surely create a new incredible experience.

Hillside Winery is in Sevierville, Tennessee with over 20 years of acceptable practices.

This amazing place brings the vineyards of Tuscany to the Great Smoky Mountain featuring Italian-style and celebratory wines.

Besides, this industry in Servieville has always been the first choice of Smoky Mountain locals.

From more traditional wines like Sangiovese to the best-selling Black and Blue to the award-winning Muscadine Mist, Hillside Winery truly has something for not only every person, but every occasion!

Partnering with local grape farmers, Hillside Winery is responsible for crushing over 856,000 pounds of Tennessee grapes annually for our wines.

When you are at Hillside, you are in the heart of Tennessee Wine Country.

Very friendly staff and nice Winery with an absolutely great selection of wines.

If you are in Sevierville, come to this fun place in order to enjoy a great wines selection, a wonderful atmosphere, and overall, great experience!

Address: 229 Collier Dr, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

4. Tennessee Legend Distillery

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Tennessee Legend Distillery

Distillery in Sevierville, Tennessee is a very nice and clean store East of Sevierville.

They have a very large selection of moonshines and a lot of bourbons.

Incredibly, this distillery doesn’t impose any fees on visitors and likewise gives every visitor some free samples for up to eight, which is an act that is more than generosity!

Even if you would not get anything else, the king snake bourbon and the white lightning moonshine available here will surely make you plan a visit here again after your next visit.

The personality of their employees are also great and they interact with all visitors with the highest sense of commitment.

You would not love it less!

Beyond that, they are known to be the seller of the best blackberry shine in the whole of Tennessee.

It is incredibly smooth enough that there is no need to mix, just enjoy the flavor straight!

Moreover, there are amazing restaurants that are so close to this fun place and they offer delicious and affordable food.

If you are willing to enjoy enough of your time during your trip to Sevierville, this is a perfect place for a great gift or a treat for yourself.

Address: 870 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

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5. Tanger Outlets Sevierville

Things to do in Sevierville

Michael Rivera / Wikimedia Commons

Tanger Outlets Sevierville is a shopping mall chain in Tennessee featuring a variety of brands and several designer stores.

Lots of stores from high-end to medium where you can get a good deal on bags from Gucci and other known brands are here.

This beautiful location in Sevierville has basically every big name brand you can think of.

In summary, it is just a pretty nice place to browse if you have got the time or know what you are after.

Even if you are uncertain as to the precise thing to go for, the staff who works here will quickly ensure they make perfect recommendations and you would not regret it.

It is a pretty much an inside-out mall and the prices of their goods worth the qualities they offer!

Interestingly, there is also much great parking, and they are very accessible.

Although, parking can be difficult on weekends but not bad during the week.

Address: 1645 Parkway Ste 960, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

6. Rainforest Adventures

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Rainforest Adventures Zoo

Do you need a fun place to take your kids to while you are on a visit to Sevierville?

Rainforest Adventures Zoo is a kid-friendly attraction.

No kid will visit here without leaving happier and better.

This cool place in Sevierville has a very cool assortment of live, exotic animals.

Besides, they also have farm exhibits with sheep and goats that will make kids’ visits a fun one.

There are equally a lot of little monkeys and little animals like snakes, spiders, chinchillas, sugar gliders, different types of birds, and turtles.

This and several other amazing things they offer here make here the most fun attractions in Pigeon Forge!

Your kids will absolutely love this place and as a bonus, the gift shop and kids will be able to get some pretty cool stuff there.

If you are planning a trip here, let your kids be prepared that there is an animal smell.

Above all, they can also feed sheep and goats for a small $3 fee.

Absolutely, this place is a kid adventure region, it’s surely going to be worth the visit!

Address: 109, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

7. Foxfire Mountain Bridge

Foxfire Mountain Bridge

Photo Courtesy of Foxfire Mountain Bridge

Foxfire Mountain Swinging Bridge is a tourist attraction in Sevierville and one of the most visited locations in the entire city.

This place is unique because of its amazing garden, farmhouse, and adequate facilities for hiking.

If you are after a place to have all-rounder fun activities while in Sevierville, we highly recommend you visit Foxfire Mountain Swinging Bridge.

They also have highly professional staff that will ensure that they make your adventure memorable!

Besides, the zip lines also have incredible views.

Also, visitors can try the hard cider, and presumably, visitors can leave with a few mason jars!

The kids playing ground is also well maintained, and very safe for kids.

Not only will a tour guide ensure he stays with kids all through their stay here, but he will also equally play and joke with them, just to make them feel relaxed and comfortable during the visit.

If you are planning to visit Sevierville, Tennessee, be kind enough to add this amazing place to your itinerary.

While doing that, ensure you come along with your kids because there is something fun and great for all visitors.

Address: 3757 Thomas Ln, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

8. Dolly Parton Statue

Dolly Parton Statue

Photo Courtesy of Dolly Parton Statue

Will you love to see the amazing statue of Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton Statue is a historical landmark in Sevierville, Tennesse where visitors can get a real statue of the great Dolly.

It would be nice to see how Dolly Parton was honored for her contributions to this area rather than reading them on the pages of papers.

Aside from the fact that this place is dedicated to Dolly Parton, it is also a place that gives every visitor a relaxing feeling.

Merely being here relaxing in the shade of the trees and admiring the tributes themselves is an exploration that really worth it.

If you make it to Sevierville, then take the time to visit Dolly Parton Statue.

The people living here and the management are so courteous and totally friendly, they wouldn’t frustrate your visit but rather make it more interesting.

Visitors can see the statue for free and the government buildings next to it are beautiful and a plus to the fun things available here.

Several gift shops are also here and you can be sure of getting cheap, nice, and quality gifts for your kids and loved ones.

On your next visit to Sevierville, Tennessee, endeavor to check out this amazing tourist attraction.

You need to have a look at the stories you’ve been reading for so long here!

Address: 125 Court Ave, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

9. Harrisburg Covered Bridge

Harrisburg Covered Bridge

Isabella / Wikimedia Commons

Are you interested in how the people of the past lived their lives?

If you are in Sevierville and you want to know how the past inhabitants lived their lives, Harrisburg Covered Bridge will give you an insight into that!

This ancient house of Sevierville, Tennessee that was built in 1875 is absolutely a perfect location to see that.

It is a covered bridge that has so many interesting artifacts that shows the mode of life of people who had lived in time past.

Besides, local restaurants are available, and they sell food to visitors on sight.

Parking is uneasy here, but it is recommended you exercise some patience, and you will find a spot.

Staff are not also rude, and they are so accessible.

If you are in Sevierville and you want a place, you can visit to have fun without spending any money, try visiting this place.

Address: Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

10. NASCAR Speed Park Smoky Mountains

Things to do in Sevierville

Krista / Wikimedia Commons

NASCAR Speed Park Smoky Mountains is a Go-kart track in Sevierville.

This wonderful place provides visitors with the opportunity of riding Go-Karts.

Besides, visitors can also enjoy bumper boats & amusement park rides or play golf & arcade games.

So, will you love to ride Go-Karts while on a visit to Sevierville?

That’s rightly available here!

If you have no interest in that, bumper boats and other fun things are things that could also keep you busy.

Lovers of golf will obviously have something fun to do here too!

You can play golf games or take their 18-holes course.

Definitely, there is something fun for all categories of visitors here!!

The price is totally reasonable despite their bunch of different tracks and a small arcade inside.

One incredible thing about this place is that visitors may leave and then come back without having to buy another ticket.

Staff also take their job seriously and still have fun doing it.

Beyond that, they are friendly and so accommodating.

If you are in Sevierville, it’s certain that visiting here will definitely be worth it if you can!

Address: 1545 Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

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11. Boot Factory Outlet, Sevierville

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Boot Factory Outlet

Boot Factory Outlet is an amazing visitor’s destination that is at Sevierville, Pigeon Forge in Tennessee.

This lovely park is popularly known as a family-friendly tourist attraction.

Notably, it has over 22,000 pairs of boots in stock.

Visitors do enjoy their stay here With fun attractions such as Splash Country, Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, and more!

Interestingly, this wonderful Sevierville attraction has some amazing international brands like Rocky, Masterson, and many more.

If you are in this part of Tennessee, you will certainly find boots of any kind, be it for men and ladies, including those that are hard to find!

Not only will visitors get a great deal on boots for the whole family, but visitors will surely leave with a memorable experience.

The buy one, get two method of a treat here is also absolutely amazing, you will get to leave with lots of boots while spending so less.

In short, this amazing place is a place worth visiting if you do plan a visit to Sevierville.

Staff are equally nice, smart, and always at visitor’s service.

Above all, you will also see a large selection of children’s boots along with other kids’ accessories.

Kids’ accessories available include belts, belt buckles, and a host of other amazing things for the kids.

Be sure to check them out if you are in Sevierville!

Address: 1842 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

12. Sevierville Wilderness At The Smokies

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Wilderness at the Smokies

Wilderness at the Smokies is another fun place you can visit in Sevierville.

This incredible place is family-focused that was established with the aim of providing indoor and outdoor water parks.

This is a fun, amazing Family Adventure Center in Sevierville and it is a great location and perfect meeting destination.

So, are you looking for the best location where you can reunite with your friends, colleagues, or associates?

This wonderful place is the whole latest definition of fun.

This is because, it provides a conducive and welcoming atmosphere for meetings, seminars, symposiums, and lots more!

More so, this amazing location in Sevierville is equally the home to the Water Dome.

This water dome is the Sevierville’s Largest Indoor Waterpark.

This Waterpark has a transparent roof that will make your vacation more fun.

Besides, it will give you the opportunity to tan inside all day long!

Moreover, along with indoor water park enjoyment, every visitor will find two outdoor water parks just outside their room’s door!

During your visit, be sure to check out the Adventure Forest.

This forest provides a multiple-story ropes course, mega arcade, and many more!

While planning your trip and places to check-in during your subsequent trip to Sevierville, do not forget to include this in your itinerary!

Address: 1424 Old Knoxville Hwy, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

13. Sevierville Flea Traders Paradise Market

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Flea Traders Paradise Market

Flea Traders Paradise Market is a market in Sevierville that was officially opened in 1991.

Ever since then, it has been a perfect destination for every lover of fresh farm produce.

This location is a safe and clean environment for shoppers and sellers as well.

They sell fresh vegetables, rice, fresh bread, meats, and other amazing stuff.

The sellers are absolutely courteous and not rude; they ensure every visitor leaves with a smile on their face.

Beyond that, the prices of these goods are so affordable and it is cheaper than what is sold outside.

So, why would you choose to spend much elsewhere while you can get the best quality of those items here?

The decision is absolutely yours!.

Meanwhile, a visit to this great market will surely be worth it.

Although, it is suggested you come during the weekdays as the weekend usually appears a little rowdy.

While planning to come to this amazing place, do not bring your cars here because there is limited parking space.

Thus, ensure you find a place you can park.

But then, despite the limited parking space that is available, you would not regret visiting this amazing market.

Address: 1907 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Sevierville, TN, US 37876, United States. 

14. Tennessee Museum Of Aviation In Sevierville

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Tennessee Museum of Aviation

Will you love to see beautiful artifacts and pictures relating to aviation during your Sevierville exploration?

If you love to see amazing artifacts that are about aviation, be sure to check out the Tennessee Museum of Aviation. 

This lovely museum will not only inform you but will enlighten you about the aviation industry.

Truly, if you visit here, you will leave more informed than you came.

Besides, they have a wonderful staff who are committed to their work and the entire location is so clean and well maintained.

Visitors can also speak with some pilots and engineers who are on site to provide additional information to any questions they are curious about.

This will obviously create a great experience if you can visit, because, it is more than a mere museum you may have been to before!

Address: 135 Air Museum Way, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

15. Sevierville City Park, Sevierville

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Sevierville City Park

If you can’t visit the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, endeavor to check out Sevierville City Park before you leave Sevierville!

Sevierville City Park is an amazing Park in Sevierville, Tennessee with unique athletic fields and picnic areas.

If you want a safe field where you can relax, play and enjoy yourself, try to consider visiting this lovely location.

Besides, if all you are interested in is a perfect location for a picnic, this place is also good for that.

The most interesting part about this lovely location is that they have a modern and unique aquatic center.

Not only that, but they also have a themed playground.

This play area basically has the five useful developmental domains.

These include physical, communication, sensory, cognitive, and social-emotional.

Children are surely going to enjoy this amazing and top-notch playground!

The admission fee is also fixed, and it is so affordable.

In fact, most times, kids are to enter without paying!

This is because they seem to prioritize their happiness over anything else!

Address: 1005 Park Rd, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

16. Kyker Farms Corn Maze In Sevierville

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Kyker Farms Corn Maze

Do you love corn and you want it fresh?

If you do, look no further, Kyker Farms Corn Maze is a farm with modern facilities in Sevierville that produce and sell fresh corn maize.

Besides, there is a privilege for every visitor to look at the petting zoo.

So, even if you don’t have an interest in getting their fresh maize, there is something fun that will keep you busy!

If at all you wouldn’t check anything else, be sure to check out the amazing zoo!

You will love seeing those lovely and friendly animals in their natural state.

With all these tons of fun things to do here, no admission fee is required!

Yes, no visitor is required to pay anything to enter here.

It is absolutely free, and you will only pay if you are getting maize.

This is incredibly amazing!

Yeah, a visit to this location will definitely be worth it.

Do remember to add this to your travel plans while planning a visit to this wonderful Tennessee City!

Address: 938 Alder Branch Rd, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

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17. Honeysuckle Meadows Pool & Deli, Sevierville

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Honeysuckle Meadows Pool & Deli

Are you in Sevierville looking for a nice swimming pool?

Honeysuckle Meadows Pool & Deli is a public swimming pool in Sevierville, Tennessee that has been open to visitors and inhabitants since 2 decades ago.

The pool is inexpensive to be able to enter, and the water is always clean.

Besides, it is safe to swim here because it is not deep.

One unique attribute about this pool is that the guide is always available to train and give useful instructions.

So, why would you not check out something unique and more fun rather than visiting only museums alone?

If you can come here, you will surely create a memorable experience for yourself.

Oh, don’t forget to get their lovely sweet ice cream, you will definitely love it!!

Address: 4005 Tomahawk Way, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

18. Sevierville Robert A. Tino Gallery

Things to do in Sevierville

Photo Courtesy of Robert A. Tino Gallery

Robert A. Tino Gallery is an Art gallery in Sevierville, Tennessee that has been operating for nearly 30 years under the management of a kind man known as Robert.

For these past years, Robert has meticulously exhibited his talents in acrylic, and watercolor.

By so doing, he was able to bring out something unique and creative.

This has now turned into the greatest attraction in the entire of Tennessee!

Also, the staff are always so friendly and helpful, they always answer any questions visitors may have.

Each art workpiece in this beautiful gallery brings every visitor unique and special thoughts.

This is because they all represent one thing or the other about the area.

Importantly, these items are so cheap beyond what you could ever imagine!

If you are lucky to visit here during the weekend, the festival always celebrated here is also fun!

Address: 812 Old Douglas Dam Rd, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

19. Pathways Church Sevierville

Things to do in Serverville

Photo Courtesy of Pathways Church Sevierville

Pathways Church is a church in Sevierville, Tennessee that doesn’t operate based on any denomination.

This church is open to all people of Christian faiths, regardless of their denominations.

If you want real discussion based on Christianity, you will find no better place than here.

Interestingly, from the time you step into the church till the moment you leave, you are always received like family.

Beyond that, they will even associate with you like a friend.

This is also a perfect location for your wedding, burial, and other related ceremonies.

The only thing you need to do here is to identify yourself as a Christian and nothing more!

Meanwhile, while visiting this ancient church, ensure you don’t come on Sunday.

This is because the pastor wouldn’t have some time to attend to you.

Address:1126 Wagner Dr, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States. 

20. Heartland Antiques & Collectibles In Sevierville

Heartland Antiques & Collectibles

Photo Courtesy of Heartland Antiques & Collectibles

Heartland Antiques & Collectibles is a big antique mall that is in the heart of Sevierville.

This place needs not much discussion because it is very popular.

Check out this place if you want to have some antiques that are locally made.

It has a lot of space and basically; it is also a clean place with tons of cool parking!

Are you not certain of what to find during your visit here?

You certainly would want to find something that you can not do away without it!

Do check them out!

Every of their booth is amazing, and they are always neatly filled.

They are obviously lovely treasures that are suitable for you.

Besides, all styles are duly represented, so there is absolutely something for all categories of visitors!

There are also so many wonderful vendors and the staff are calm and knowledgeable.

If you have not busted, you are less available for a nice treat!

Address: 1441 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37876, United States. 

Final Remarks

Listed above is just a list of the best and most fun things you can do in Sevierville, Tennessee.

We believe that this list will be a great guild for you while planning your visit to this beautiful and fun city.

Happy Travels!