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35 Best & Fun Things To Do In Erie (Pennsylvania)

One of the nicest vacation destinations to visit in the United States is Erie.

This city is located on the south shore of Lake Erie.

In 2019, the population of Erie was estimated to be 95,508 people. It’s Pennsylvania’s fourth-largest city.

Because the city is located on the lake, there are numerous water activities available, including jet boating, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and much more.

In addition, Erie has a lot of magnificent scenery, lovely natural settings, and other interesting attractions for people of all ages. There are many fun activities to do there.

Presque Isle State Park, the Erie Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Erie Art Museum, the Experience Children’s Museum, the Erie Playhouse, and many others are among the most popular locations to visit in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Read through our list of the most fantastic things to see and do in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Things To Do In Erie

1. Presque Isle Lighthouse

things To do in Erie

Cards84664 / Wikimedia commons

Presque Isle Lighthouse is a historic structure at Presque Isle State Park that was completed in 1873.

The Lighthouse is traditionally dubbed the “Flash Light”. It is also one of Erie’s three lighthouses.

It allows visitors to experience both history and beauty at the same time.

The Presque Isle Lighthouse, while being an antique structure dating back to the 1800s, continues to assist sailors on Lake Erie in finding their way.

Visitors can explore the Lighthouse and ascend to the top of the tower for a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding area.

The area is also very peaceful. It’s a great place to spend time with friends and family or just by yourself.

Address: Presque Isle State Park, 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, United States

2. Lake Shore Railway Museum

things To do in Erie

Canadian2006 / Wikimedia common

In Erie, the Lake Shore Railway Museum is a must-see. It’s located in the historic New York Railroad Passenger Depot.

This railway museum relies on contributions to operate, and it houses a number of valuable relics, exhibits, and steam locomotives that train enthusiasts will enjoy.

This amazing museum first opened its doors in 1956, and it has since become a great center of attraction.

This museum has a lot of interesting objects that teach people about trains and railroads, in addition to the many locomotives on show.

This collection focuses on locomotives manufactured at the neighboring GE factory in Erie, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding communities.

While you’re in the vicinity, stop by the museums’ gift stores to pick up a keepsake. Hats, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other products are available.

The proceeds from the gift shop also go toward paying for the museum and keeping it open.

The Lake Shore Railway Museum also hosts a number of exciting events throughout the year, often in collaboration with the Historical Society.

This is a fantastic activity to add to your Erie bucket list.

Address: 31 Wall St, North East, PA 16428, USA 

3. Erie’s downtown

things To do in Erie

Ashley Wayne / Downtown Erie

The Downtown Erie region is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Erie. It is the city of Erie, Pennsylvania’s principal business, cultural, and government core.

Downtown has some of the best local stores, restaurants, boutiques, pubs, clubs, and landscapes to see and experience.

You can see a spectacular sunset over Lake Erie.

This downtown area can also be viewed in a variety of ways. A large number of people drive or stroll through the region.

In this area, walking is the ideal way to get about because you can see and do a lot more. You’ll see old buildings and stunning surroundings during a tour through Erie.

Address: Erie, PA 16503, USA

4.  Waldameer Park & Water World

things To do in Erie

Waldameer & Water World

If you’d like to have an outdoor adventure, Waldameer Park and Water World should be on your list.

This Park is an amazing place to visit in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Waldameer Amusement Park is the tenth oldest amusement park in the United States and the fourth oldest in the state of Pennsylvania. It is also one of just thirteen trolley parks that are still in operation across the country.

Besides, it was once known as Hoffman’s Grove and was a favorite picnic spot. It was later transformed into a thrilling water park.

During the summer, visitors of all ages can enjoy the parks. The park feature over 100 rides, slides, attractions, and other activities.

Among the rides at this park are a Merry-go-Round, and an XScream Drop Tower.

The park also includes a variety of enjoyable activities such as carnival-style games, music, food trucks and stalls, and other attractions.

Furthermore, during the summer, Waldameer & Water World is a great place to take the whole family.

Address: 220 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, United States

5. Presque Isle State Park

Things To Do In Erie

Ken Winters / Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park near Erie, Pennsylvania, is a renowned tourist destination.

It offers a variety of entertaining activities for both children and adults.

The park is around 3,200 acres in size and offers a variety of activities, such as boating, swimming, bird watching, and more.

Beautiful marinas, well-connected paths, beaches, and breathtaking landscapes are just a few of the highlights of this park. All of these factors contribute to tourists having a nice time outside.

While in the park, visitors can go riding, hiking, fishing, inline skating, and participate in activities such as volleyball, canoeing, and water skiing.

The park also features a lighthouse, concert venues, lagoons, and an environmental education center in addition to its 11 kilometers of beaches.

It is a terrific spot to visit, even when it’s freezing outside because it’s always bustling.

Both tourists and residents use the park in the winter to cross-country ski and ice skate or ice board.

Different types of birds migrate through the park, making it an excellent site to observe them.

Presque Isle State Park should be at the top of your Erie to-do list. You will never be bored here because there are so many things to do.

Address: 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, United States

6. The All an Act Theatre Productions

Things To do in Erie

The All An Act Productions

All An Act Productions, or A3 as residents lovingly call it, is a theatrical troupe based in Erie, Pennsylvania. Their aim is to increase the number of people in the Greater Erie Community who have access to high-quality theater.

This community theater first opened its doors in 2004. Its main purpose is to provide live theater performances to people who are interested in a variety of different types of art.

This theater performance has also been hosting the Footlights Theatre Program every summer for 41 years.

Overall, it’s a great place. They have comfortable seats, and the shows here are also excellent.

The initiative generally allows children from all walks of life and backgrounds to witness a full-length musical production for free.

The Footlights Theatre Project is one of Erie and Pennsylvania’s most successful and long-running juvenile theater programs.

Shows set up through the program, as well as other live musicals and plays, are available for viewing.

Address: 652 West 17th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania

7. Watson-Curtze Mansion

Best things To do in Erie

Tumblr / Watson-Curtze Mansion

The Watson-Curtze mansion is a historic brownstone mansion in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Mansion was designed by Green & Wicks and completed in 1891-1891. It is designed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and contains a total of 24 rooms.

As a matter of fact, these rooms are embellished with architecture, mosaics, stained-glass windows, and 12 fireplaces. Additionally, there is a ballroom and solarium.

Carpenter Harrison F. Watson and his wife Carrie constructed the home together.

Frederic Felix Curtze, a bank president and business leader, purchased the residence following Carrie’s passing and continued to remain there with his family until the time of his own passing.

The Hagen History Center is located in the historic Watson-Curtze mansion.r. The Mansion is quite attractive, making it one of the top sights to visit in Erie.

Christmas lights and decorations transform the home into a spectacular display that everyone will enjoy.

This is one of the top sites to see in Erie, Pennsylvania, and it should be on your list.

Address: 356 W 6th St, Erie, PA 16507, United States

8. Warner Bros. Pictures

Things To do in Erie

Pnoble805 / Wikimedia commons

The Warner Theatre is a theater with art déco and French Renaissance influences, and it can be found in the heart of downtown Erie, Pennsylvania. In 1982, the building was given a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

A Chicago-based architectural firm called Rapp and Rapp designed and built the Warner Theater, which first opened its doors in 1931.

This magnificent building was commissioned to be constructed in 1929 by the world-famous Warner Bros studio, from which it takes its namesake.

More than 2,250 upholstered seats in the style of traditional theater are available in the building’s climate-controlled auditorium, which can also be utilized for presentations and other forms of entertainment.

Over the course of the year, the Theater hosts over 150 events that are sure to be memorable for its patrons, in addition to the numerous magnificent performances it puts on. It is the location of many of Erie’s most notable events and shows at the present time.

One of the things that set it out the most is undoubtedly its eye-catching architecture and design. The art déco furnishings, crystal chandeliers, and marble foyer all point to the building’s previous life as a vaudeville theater.

Enjoy a performance at the stunning Warner Theater in Erie, Pennsylvania, and take in its stunning architecture during your visit.

Address: 811 State Street, Erie, PA 16501, USA

9. Tom Ridge Environmental Center

The Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center if you are in the area of Presque Isle; it is a must-see attraction. You’ll have the opportunity to educate yourself on the natural history, zoology, and ecology of Presque Isle.

The Tom Ridge Environmental Center is around 6,500 square feet in size and includes a learning center where visitors may learn about plants, trees, and a variety of other topics.

When you go, make it a point to climb to the observation deck of the tower so you can take in the breathtaking panorama of the lake and the landscape beyond it.

In addition, you’ll find exhibits of great quality on the native flora and fauna, ecological systems, and geological history of Presque Isle and Lake Erie.

Because of the interactive nature of many of the displays, this would be an excellent option for families with children. The prices in the gift shop are very fair, and it offers a diverse range of products to choose from.

Among the innovative items on show at the site are more than 75 hand-carved whirligigs.

Also, one of the numerous attractions at the center is a 45-minute IMAX theater performance and an exhibit about ecosystems.

Be sure to stop by the nature gift shop before leaving the Tom Ridge Environmental Center to pick up a souvenir or some pamphlets to help you remember your visit.

Address: 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, United States

10. Presque Isle Downs and Casino

Best things To do in Erie

Presque Isle Downs & Casino

The Presque Isle Downs & Casino is a gaming establishment and horse racing track located close to Erie.

Your best bet for a thrilling time at the gaming tables is at the Presque Isle Downs & Casino. With over 1,500 of the most popular slot machines, you can always find an exciting new game to play whenever you visit the casino.

If you prefer tables, they have over 30 exciting table games for you to try your hand at. Likewise, if you love to bet on sports, you can join in the action at TwinSpires, their online sportsbook.

Bets can be placed quickly and easily at any of the fifty handy sports betting kiosks, so you won’t miss a single exciting second of the action.

There are over 1,700 games to select from in this casino. Bally Quick Hits and Wheel of Fortune are two of these games.

Many individuals visit this casino every day, and some of them win large sums of money while playing games and slots.

You can come in and try your luck at one of the many games available. You could win a lot of money if you’re lucky.

In addition to other games, the Casino offers a blackjack table, a craps table, and a fantastic poker room.

There’s more to the Presque Isle Downs & Casino than just gambling. It also offers a variety of live entertainment, shopping, award-winning cuisine, and a hotel directly next door for those who wish to stay the night.

If you’re looking for a great night out, Presque Isle Downs & Casino should be on your list of things to do in Erie.

Address: 8199 Perry Highway, Erie, PA 16509, USA.

11. The Erie Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Best things To do in Erie

The Erie Zoo

In the city of Erie, Pennsylvania, there is a zoological park known as the Erie Zoo.

It is in Glenwood Park and encompasses a total area of 15 acres of land.

The zoo is home to more than 400 different species of animals. And the botanical gardens and greenhouse together house more than 600 different kinds of plants from all over the world.

If you enjoy animals and the environment, go to the Erie Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It’s one of the most enjoyable things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The zoo’s animals are from all around the world. Cheetahs, warthogs, lions, tigers, orangutans, rhinos, and other animals are among them.

You can likewise head to the Botanical Garden next door. Especially if you want to keep enjoying fun and excitement after seeing different creatures up close. There is also a lot of gorgeous scenery there.

Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens have provided visitors with many unique animal experiences since it first opened to the public in 1982.

This is one of the top free activities in Erie, and it is enjoyable for both children and adults.

Address: 423 W 38th St, Erie, PA 16508-2701, USA 

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12. Erie Bluffs State Park

Best things To do in Erie

Erie Bluffs State Park

The Erie Bluffs State Park is one of the many lovely spots around Lake Erie that you should see during your visit to Erie, Pennsylvania.

This lovely park, located in the city’s west end, is a terrific area to spend time outside with family or friends.

This is a fantastic park that offers stunning views of the lake. Similarly, the trees here are nothing short of magnificent.

We recommend that you bring a support stick with you or get ready to put in some serious leg work because some of the trails have uphills that are challengingly steep.

The park is also not well-developed, and there are just a few trails that run through it and lead to Lake Erie’s coastlines.

Because the majority of Erie Bluffs State Park is undeveloped terrain, it is rich in natural resources and an excellent spot to get away from the city’s noise.

Address: 11100 W Lake Rd., Lake City, PA 16423, USA

13. Harbor Ridge Golf Club and Grill

Things to Do in Erie

Harbour Ridge

If you enjoy golf, pay a visit to the Harbor Ridge Golf Club & Grill.

This public golf club features one of Pennsylvania’s most demanding courses. This course is ideal for experienced players looking to put their talents to the test.

There’s also fantastic open-air dining on the patio, which features amazing views of Lake Erie.

Even though it only has nine holes, the course is very challenging.

There is a significant amount of both slope and elevation change. There is also a pro shop in addition to a driving range.

In addition, there’s a restaurant and a bar, both of which have a pleasant ambiance.

Golfers at Harbor Ridge Golf Club & Grill are given a fair challenge and a fair reward, resulting in an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The area’s grill delivers a variety of delectable cuisine and refreshing beverages, making golfing in the region even more enjoyable.

Address: 3730 Harbor Ridge Trail, Harborcreek Township, PA 16510, USA

14. Erie’s Playhouse

Erie Playhouse

Erie Playhouse

If you enjoy theater, Erie Playhouse should be on your list of things to do in Erie, PA.

The Erie Playhouse is a historic theater in Erie’s downtown district. It routinely holds plays and musicals, each with a varied ticket price.

The Playhouse is both a pioneer in the field of community theater and a leader among its peers in terms of size and scope.

It was named one of the top 10 community theaters in the country in a competition held in 2017, and it continues to hold a leading position in the arts not only in Northwest Pennsylvania but across the entirety of Pennsylvania.

In 2015, the Erie Playhouse was also honored with the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Community Theatre in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, the Erie Playhouse has been honored with the Erie’s Choice Award for Best Live Theatre for the past 14 years in a row!

That’s another reason to watch a production at Erie Playhouse if you are in the neighborhood over the weekend.

Going to this lovely theater should be on your list of things to do in Erie with a loved one.

Address: 13 W 10th St, Erie, PA 16501, USA

15. Splash Lagoon Indoor Waterpark

Splash Lagoon Indoor Waterpark


During the summer, Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park is a great place to come with family or friends.

A wave pool with waves up to 6 feet high and 200,000 gallons of water may be found in the indoor park.

This exciting Indoor Water Park has a lot to offer, including thrilling fun slides operated by a friendly and cautious crew to ensure everyone’s safety.

The indoor water park features areas with tropical pool settings, slides, a lazy river, a ropes course, an arcade, and laser tag games.

There are also various activities at the water park that are not related to water, such as dining at the restaurant.

You can also relax and enjoy a drink in the park’s nice lounge.

Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park also provides other activities for kids, such as a candy shop with a variety of sweets that kids will like.

This water park should be on your list of things to do in Erie with kids.

Address: 8091 Peach Street, Erie, PA 16509, USA

16. Millcreek Mall

Millcreek Mall


For a unique shopping experience, go to the Millcreek Mall.

This mall is a fantastic shopping complex with a variety of shops selling unusual items.

Since its inception in 1975, Millcreek Mall has played an essential role in the city of Erie.

This mall features several kiosks, restaurants, and shops selling a wide range of goods and services. As well as a movie theater where teenagers frequently go to watch movies.

It has everything you can think of unless you are looking for something that is usually not in stores. It is a wonderful mall with many shops, all of which are unique in their own way.

It’s safe to say that this is one of the few malls that’s operating at least 85 percent of its capacity. It’s a nice change of pace to go shopping in a mall and not notice a significant number of vacant stores.

Electronics, toys, beauty products, and nearly everything else a person could want to buy are just a few of the items available in this mall.

Additionally, Millcreek Mall has over 175 businesses, including DSW Shoe Warehouse, Michaels, JCPenney, and Old Navy.

The Outback Steakhouse, Bones Barbeque & Grill, and Arby’s are all located in this mall and serve wonderful food prepared by experts.

Address: 5800 Peach Street, Erie, PA 16565, USA

17. Bicentennial Tower in Erie

Bicentennial Tower in Erie

Bicentennial Tower

The Bicentennial Tower is an observation tower that can be found in Erie, Pennsylvania.

From the top of the tower, visitors can take in the beautiful scenery of Lake Erie.

The tower was constructed in 1996, the year that marked the city’s 200th anniversary as a settlement. It stands at a height of 187 feet and features two observation decks.

The tower is located in Erie’s downtown district and is known as the state’s tallest structure.

From the two observation decks, one of which is 138 feet high, and the other is 17 feet high, visitors to the tower may observe the city from various perspectives.

People can take a tour of the tower every day of the week, and on clear days, they can view as far as 27 miles into Ontario, Canada.

Going to this tower in Erie, Pennsylvania, is one of the best ways to enjoy a wonderful view.

Address: 1 State Street, Erie, PA 16507, USA

18. Erie County’s Covered Bridges

Erie County's covered bridges

Erie County’s Covered Bridges

It is highly recommended that you add a trip to see the two famous covered bridges that are located in Erie County to your list of things to do while you are in the region.

There is also the Waterford Covered Bridge and the Harrington Covered Bridge, both of which are very interesting structures.

They are located on opposite sides of the county and have drastically different looks as a result.

The Waterford Covered Bridge is a historic site that is recognized on a national level. It is also regarded as one of the oldest bridges in the United States. This location can be found in the most eastern part of the county.

The Harrington Covered Bridge, on the other hand, is widely considered to be among the most impressive covered bridges in the entirety of Pennsylvania. Additionally, it is situated in the western region of Erie County.

Be sure to check it!

Address: 695-699 Niemeyer Rd, Waterford, PA 16441, United States

19. Play Port Arcade and Family Fun Center

Play Port Arcade and Family Fun Center

Play Port Arcade & Family fun Center

Playing games at the Play Port Arcade & Family fun Center is a lot of fun for people of all ages, including children and adults.

This establishment is a wonderful location for having a good time because it provides access to more than one hundred complimentary games.

At the Play Port Arcade & Family Fun Center, you can enjoy a variety of fun activities like Glow Golf & Pool, Laser Tag, and even a virtual arcade.

In addition, throughout the course of the year, the center puts on a variety of enjoyable special events that are great fun to attend.

This place is always buzzing with exciting activities that people of all ages can take part in, and it’s open to everyone.

Address: 2730 West 12th Street, Erie, PA 16505, USA

20. Mi Scuzi

Mi Scuzi

Mike / Mi Scuzi

Mi Scuzi is a five-star restaurant that delivers a wide range of delectable Italian cuisine cooked with carefully selected fresh ingredients.

It is the place for Authentic Italian cuisine in Erie, PA.

The restaurant’s menu features a wide variety of pasta, salads, desserts, bread, and other items.

Mi Scuzi also features a superb assortment of craft beers and wines from all over the country, in addition to the delicious food.

The restaurant is open from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. The restaurant is only closed on Mondays.

If you want to enjoy a meal to remember, add Mi Scuzi to your list of things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Address: 2641 Myrtle St, Erie, PA 16508, United States

21. The Seaway Trail of the Great Lakes

The Seaway Trail

Great Lakes Seaway Trail

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail is a walking path that is well connected and makes its way through the wine country of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Wine lovers will find that following this path is an excellent way to educate themselves about these regions. It takes guests on a route that passes by many kinds of colorful trees, rolling hills, and other picturesque views.

Along the path, you will come across a lot of beautiful things that are definitely worth taking pictures of.

The path departs from Route 5 and continues in an easterly direction. It travels by about 25 lovely vineyards and wineries, where guests can unwind, take in the serenity and beauty of nature, and enjoy award-winning local beers and wines while doing so.

Every day of the week, tours are offered in the region, and guests can schedule appointments in advance if they are interested in touring a specific winery or vineyard in the area.

Along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, you’ll come across a wide selection of different vineyards. The PennShore Vineyard and the Courtyard Vineyard are both excellent options for a day trip to wine country.

Visitors have the opportunity to gain knowledge about the production of wine as well as the Concord grape, which is utilized in the production of the vast majority of the state’s grape wine, at the nearby Grape Discovery Center.

Include a hike along this path on your itinerary for things to do in and around Erie, Pennsylvania, right now. It is a wonderful opportunity to take in the scenery.

Address: Ohio–Pennsylvania state line west of Erie, PA

22. The Erie Insurance Arena

The Erie Insurance Arena

Jfvoll / Erie Insurance Arena

The Erie Insurance Arena is a recreation center.

It first opened its doors in 1983.

Many sports tournaments, exhibitions, concerts, and other events have taken place there over the years.

The Beach Boys performed the inaugural concert in the arena. Many well-known Hollywood acts and stars have performed there since then.

Besides, the historic arena was recently renovated and expanded for $47 million. It added a club level as well as a few high-end suites for those who wish to pamper themselves while attending an event.

Now it hosts the NBA-D League Erie BayHawks, the SIFL Erie Explosion, and the OHL Erie Otters and has a capacity of about 9,000 people.

Stop and visit the arena if you’re in Erie to see one of the many events that take place there.

Address: 809 French Street, Erie, PA 16501, USA

23. The Erie Art Museum

The Erie Art Museum

Erie Art Museum

For those who are interested in art and history, the Erie Art Museum is a wonderful place to visit while in the city of Erie. In the year 1898, the Art Museum was established.

Since it first opened its doors, the museum has resided in a number of different places; however, it can now be found within the premises of the Discovery Square Corporation, which is home to a number of different shops, galleries, and museums.

This art museum is home to some of the most impressive art collections in all of Pennsylvania, including those from Erie and other parts of the state.

Over 8,000 incredible works of art and antiquities can be found within the Erie Art Museum’s walls. Paintings from Tibet, bronzes from India, ceramics from the United States, modern baskets, and a great deal more are included.

The museum hosts approximately twenty different traveling exhibitions each year, each of which features magnificent works of art that are suitable for all members of the family to appreciate.

Visiting this museum is one of the most enjoyable things that can be done in the city of Erie.

Address: 20 E 5th St, Erie, PA 16507, United States

24. The Lady Kate boat Tour

The Lady Kate boat Tour

Lady Kate boat Tour

During your time in the city, don’t miss out on the chance to get to know Lake Erie better by booking a spot on the Lady Kate Boat Tour.

The tour starts in Presque Isle State Park and includes an enjoyable boat ride during which participants learn about the history of the surrounding area.

After departing from the dock, the boat will transport passengers across the lake to the park’s beaches, where tour guides will talk about the history of Presque Isle, the geology of the area, and other aspects of the island.

This activity should unquestionably be at the top of your list of things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania. Especially if you are interested in expanding your knowledge of the region while also having the opportunity to relax and take in the soothing effects of the water.

Address: Erie, PA 16507, United States

25. The Erie Library

Erie County Public Library

Erie Library

The Erie Library should be on your list of things to do in Erie if you enjoy reading.

Locals and visitors alike go to this popular spot, with the majority of them there to study, read, or do research.

The Erie Library’s mission is to increase people’s learning, creativity, and curiosity in the city of Erie and throughout Pennsylvania by providing them with accurate and timely information.

The Erie Library includes five locations and a bookmobile, all of which offer extensive book and e-book holdings.

The library also offers a variety of interesting programs, workshops, and services that provide visitors with a variety of learning opportunities.

Computer lessons, reading groups, children’s storytimes, the Blasco Library Concert Series, Lego building, yoga for preschoolers, and many other activities are held at this library.

Address: 160 East Front Street, Erie, PA 16507

26. The Firefighters’ Historical Museum

The Firefighters' Historical Museum

Firefighters Historical Museum

The Firefighters Historical Museum is a location that holds a significant amount of history. The building, which was formerly known as Erie Engine Station No. 4, was constructed in 1903.

Over the course of its existence, this museum has accumulated a vast collection of artifacts relating to the history of firefighting, including various pieces of apparatus, tools, and uniforms.

A fire engine that is powered by steam is one of the exhibits that visitors to the Firefighters Historical Museum find to be the most interesting.

Additionally, on display in the museum is a hose wagon with four wheels, as well as several firefighter uniforms from a variety of time periods.

You can learn a lot by interacting with the museum’s extensive collection of interactive objects and displays.

If you are interested in Erie’s history as well as the history of firefighting in the city, the Firefighters Historical Museum is an excellent location to visit and learn more about these topics.

Address: 428 Chestnut St, Erie, PA 16507, United States

27. Lake Erie Speedway

Lake Erie Speedway

Lake Erie Speedway

You should go to the Lake Erie Speedway if you enjoy watching races for the purpose of entertainment. At that location, racers have the opportunity to compete against one another on one of five different courses.

At Lake Erie Speedway, there is a dedicated track for each car class, such as Bandoleros, Legends, and Compacts.

If you own a race car, you’ll find that this is a great place to hone your skills and put them to the test.

Since 2002, Lake Erie Speedway has been a part of the Lake Erie Speedway family. It offers a 3/8-mile track where stock car owners can train and improve their racing skills.

In addition, the Lake Erie Speedway hosts numerous events each year and offers a variety of entertaining activities for visitors.

If you want to see some exciting and fun racing, come to this speedway, which is considered one of the best dirt racing tracks in Erie and Pennsylvania as a whole.

Address: 10700 Delmas Dr, North East, PA 16428, USA

28. The Erie Maritime Museum

The Erie Maritime Museum

John Baker / Erie Maritime Museum

If you’re interested in history and planning a trip to Erie, Pennsylvania, the Erie Maritime Museum should be on your itinerary.

The museum has a wealth of information about the history of Lake Erie. It transports visitors back through time by displaying significant events and individuals from the region.

The museum holds records dating back to 1812, including the Battle of Lake Erie, which took place on September 10, 1813.

The Erie Maritime Museum features a variety of historical artifacts, movies, and hands-on displays that depict various historical figures and events.

Apart from the Battle of Lake Erie, this museum features a variety of other fascinating events that visitors can learn about through demonstrations, exhibits, videos, and other means.

Definitely one of the top things to do in Erie for history buffs.

Address: 150 E Front St, Suite 100, Erie, PA 16507, USA

29. Frontier Park’s Lake Erie Arboretum

Lake Erie Arboretum

Lake Erie Arboretum

The Lake Erie Arboretum in Frontier Park is a delightful site to visit that educates visitors on the importance of trees to the environment and community.

The Arboretum at Frontier is a terrific site to acquire a lot of essential information while enjoying the beauty of nature, with over 250 different species of trees on display.

In 1998, the Lake Erie Arboretum first opened its doors. Russian Olive, Honey Locust Maple, Hawthorn, Scarlet Oak, Douglas Fir, Dogwood, Ginkgo, Alder, Hawthorn, and more trees from throughout the world can be found there.

This Arboretum at Frontier is much more than just a place to learn about trees and admire them.

During the summer, visitors can enjoy and explore the Arboretum’s sledding hills, biking routes, and labyrinths.

The Arboretum offers a virtual tree gazebo that the whole family, including youngsters, may enjoy during the spring.

This spot should be on your list of interesting things to do in Erie if you want to learn more about the environment.

Address: 1501 W 6th St Erie, PA 16505, USA 

30. Erie Land lighthouse

Erie Land lighthouse

Erie Land lighthouse

The Erie Land Lighthouse, located east of downtown Erie on the mainland, is an important aspect of the city’s history.

The historic land lighthouse was built in 1818. It was constructed in 1867, and it was decommissioned in 1899.

It is one of the three lighthouses that can be found in the vicinity of Lake Erie, the other two being the Presque Isle Light and the North Pier Light.

This Lighthouse should be on your list of locations to visit if you are interested in Erie’s history.

This ancient structure can be observed on tours of the neighborhood, even if it isn’t always open to the public.

Address: Erie, PA 16507 1200 Lighthouse Street

31. Liberty Park and the Highmark Amphitheater

Liberty Park and the Highmark Amphitheater

Liberty Park

The park is an excellent place to bring kids because it contains a lot of new and well-equipped playground equipment, such as monkey bars and slides, that provide a variety of activities for them to enjoy.

There are also picnic areas where guests may relax and have a delicious dinner.

The majority of the concerts at the Amphitheater take place on Friday or Saturday nights. Throughout the year, a few shows are held on different days of the week.

During concerts, there are food trucks where you may purchase food, and admission to the acts is free.

For kids and adults who wish to spend time outside, Liberty Park and the Highmark Amphitheater are great options.

Address: 726 W Bayfront Pkwy, Erie, PA 16507, USA

32. Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club

Jr's Last Laugh Comedy Club & Restaurant

Sheffield City Hall

Going to a comedy event is one of the best ways to relieve tension and be cheerful. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Erie’s Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club.

The comedy club is regarded as one of the top comedy venues in the state. There are both tourists and residents who visit.

Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club features a welcoming and spacious ambiance, and the staff is pleasant and attentive to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.

Every night, there are new brilliant comedians in this club that can keep you laughing all night.

A limited menu of delectable bar cuisine, drinks, and excellent cocktails is also available at the club.

Tickets to the club vary in price depending on the performance, but they are always inexpensive.

One of the nicest things to do in Erie at night is to attend a comedy show at this bar.

Address: 1402 State Street, Erie, PA 16501, USA

33. Asbury Woods

Asbury Woods


With more than 205 acres of forests, fields, wetlands, and streams, Asbury Woods is a one-of-a-kind outdoor attraction. There are activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

Hiking, biking, fishing, cross-country skiing, running, picnicking, and many more activities are available in this park.

Craft classes, a picnic pavilion, a native plants garden, animal exhibitions, and the Little Woods Nature Play Area for kids are just a few of the attractions of Asbury Woods.

There’s also the Otto Behrend Celebration Garden for adults to enjoy, as well as a big amphitheater where a variety of activities and events are held.

The majority of what takes place here is beneficial to children. It provides students with a wealth of information on flora, animals, and how to stay safe when outdoors. As they meet and play with other kids their age, this helps them get along better.

Address: 4105 Asbury Rd, Erie, PA 16506, United States

34. ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum – Erie, PA

ExpERIEnce Children's Museum


ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum is a terrific place to visit if you’re looking for things to do in Erie with kids.

The Adventure Children’s Museum is located in downtown Erie’s historic cultural district. Its main objective is to display the wonderful artwork created by students in Erie and across the country.

The museum caters to children of all ages. And it also teaches them essential lessons in a pleasant way, such as through hands-on activities and interactive displays.

More than 50 hands-on, interactive displays for youngsters to explore a variety of topics, including history, culture, and math. An outside play space is also available for the children to take a break from their studies.

Experience The Children’s Museum is a fantastic venue for both children and their parents to have fun while learning.

Address: 420 French Street, Erie, PA 16507, USA

35. Schaefer’s Auto Art

Schaefer's Auto Art


Schaefer’s Auto Art is a great place to visit if you enjoy art.

It is a family-run art center. Dick’s Auto Art used to be the name of the shop. They are primarily interested in creating one-of-a-kind vehicle sculptures.

This art center has a large number of unusual art collections, most of which are built from old metals and automobile components.

Each sculpture on exhibit at Schaefer’s Auto Art is unique and one-of-a-kind, with a name to match.

Bumble Bee, Rocket Ship, Spider, Automan, Two-Headed Dinosaur, and other vehicle sculptures may be found in this area.

If you want to do something strange and distinctive in Erie, here is the place to go.

Address: 3705 Hershey Road, Erie, Pennsylvania 16506, USA

Final Remarks

Make it a point to visit Erie.

It is a wonderful city in the United States to visit and it offers tourists a wide variety of interesting places to go and things to do.

This location provides a wide range of activities that are suitable for both children and their parents.

Use this list for all the places you want to see and activities you want to participate in during your next trip to Erie.

I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!