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31 Unique & Fun Things To Do In Fresno (California)

Fresno, a city known more for its agriculture than for its arts and historical artifacts, is underappreciated.

Fresno is a city in California’s San Joaquin Valley, established in the early 1900s,

There are roughly 300 sunny days each year, making this place a great tourist destination.

Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia are only a 90-minute drive from Fresno, making it the only major city in California to be situated in the middle of three national parks.

You will be astounded at the excellence of the art museums in Fresno.

The historical buildings downtown are a sight to behold. They are old, yet magnificent and inspiring.

Further, the agricultural prowess of this city cannot be overstated, as it contains 1.88 million acres of the most productive farmland in the world and is well known for its agricultural riches.

There are also numerous cutting-edge sporting and conference facilities available in Fresno.

Surely, there are lots of things to do in Fresno, and here are the top things that can make your visit memorable.

Things to do in Fresno, California

1. Fresno Art Museum

Fresno Art Museum

Fresno Art Museum

One place you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Fresno is the Fresno art museum. Whether or not you are a fan of art, you will love it here.

The museum is more than just an art museum; but is also of historical significance.

Fresno art museum provides a dynamic experience for appreciating art.

The museum warmly welcomes, inspires, and educates a wide regional audience through important exhibitions, thought-provoking programming, and meaningful contacts with artists and the creative process.

The museum’s collection includes contemporary art, modern art, Mexican and Mexican-American art, and Pre-Columbian sculpture.

The exhibits also include unique fiber art pieces and detailed fantasy drawings created with colored pencils.

The outside might be deceiving because of the area, but once you are inside, it is very beautiful!

The San Joaquin Valley’s diverse population is celebrated and reflected in the Fresno Art Museum’s contemporary and modern art, photography, ethnographic, and cultural displays.

Most shows rotate twice a year and are either curated internally by museum staff or are specially chosen.

The artists on display include both up-and-coming and seasoned national and international artists.

In addition, more than 3,500 works from the Fresno art museum’s permanent collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts from Mexico and the Andes are on exhibit.

There’s also a beautiful sculpture garden here with fantastic sculptures.

Address: 2233 N First St, Fresno, CA 93703, United States

2. Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theatre, Fresno

Things to do in Fresno

Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theatre

Do you like to be entertained whilst having dinner?

The Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theatre has been entertaining Fresno residents and tourists with inventive presentations since it opened in 1978.

Over 180 productions have been staged in the theater, which has only become better with time.

In fact, this place is a two-pronged attack; first the food and the entertainment.

The food is great, there are always several options, and the quality is always good.

Numerous cuisines are available here.

The root beer and cooked mixed vegetables are to your liking.

Furthermore, there are many choices in the dessert section, but the ice cream shakes are really delicious.

For the entertainment? You will be able to see a musical comedy while dining.

Past productions have included The Sound of Music, Guys & Dolls, and Bye Bye Birdie.

The cherished establishment is a must-visit for most people because its reputation for excellent shows and eating must be validated in-person to enjoy.

In short, you cannot call yourself a Fresnan or visit Fresno and not have to visit this crown jewel of the Tower District.

Address: 1226 N Wishon Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States

3. Woodward Regional Park

Things to do in Fresno

Woodward Regional Park

What do you imagine the largest park in Fresno would look like?

Woodward Park is an excellent, curvy, up and down, soft, and activity-filled park.

In fact, this 300-acre Woodward Park is the largest park in Fresno County.

Five miles of trails, a genuine Japanese garden, three playgrounds, and a dog park are all included in the park.

There are a lot of activities to engage in at Woodward Park.

Frizzy golf and a mountain bike time trial course are also available.

You can even fish in ponds.

The state high school cross-country race has been conducted here due to its central position in California.

You can also walk your dog here.

There is a concert venue, and you can likewise reserve picnic shelters.

Have a wonderful picnic with your picnic basket, a blanket, and food.

This place is a gem, from riding a horse to biking or taking a stroll through the Japanese Shinzen Garden or the Art of Life Healing Garden.

Besides, the admission fee to gain admission to the park is just $5.

Address: Fresno, CA 93720, United States

4. Moravia Wines

Moravia Wines, fresno

Moravia Wines, Fresno

If you need a place to have some good wine in Fresno, Moravia Wine is one of the best places to go.

Moravia has some of the best wines in the area.

It’s a family-owned business that started operating I’m 2012. However, the family has been producing grapes in the region for more than 35years.

The company’s initial goal was to be able to wine use locally grown Fresno grapes to win accolades, and it has undoubtedly excelled in terms of flavor and quality.

In fact, the wines have won numerous gold medals at wine competitions around the state. You won’t find a wine tasting room in the area that is more fun to visit!

Moravia Wines also hosts several intriguing programs in Fresno each week and gives tours of its surroundings.

In addition, it’s an excellent venue for occasions if you are a professional photographer.

With great landscaping, orientation, and natural light, you would fall in love with this place.

Address: 3620 N Bishop Ave, Fresno, CA 93723, United States

5. Forestiere Underground Garden

Forestiere Underground Garden-min

Forestiere Underground Garden / Fresno

If you want to see a definition of anything is possible with consistency and determination, then this garden is the perfect definition.

The Forestiere Underground Gardens were designed and hand-sculpted by Baldasare Forestiere, a Sicilian immigrant in Fresno.

Located on Shaw Avenue in north Fresno, just east of Highway 99, is the Forestiere Underground Gardens.

The underground residence of Baldasare Forestiere is surrounded by a complex of tunnels, grottos, patios, and garden courts.

Coupled with a great tale behind the creation of this garden, it is unlike something you have ever seen before.

It is a fascinating tale of an industrious immigrant who refused to give up after learning that the 80 acres he purchased for citrus cultivation were unfarmable land.

He made the potential catastrophe into something lovely.

With literally his own hands (and rudimentary tools), he created an ingenious spread of underground living quarters.

The Forestiere Underground Gardens invites you to descend below ground.

Wander through tunnels and passageways that one guy spent forty years carving, digging, and chipping away on the guided tour.

Discover the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen Baldassare Forestiere built underground, as well as the nearly 100-year-old fruit trees that are still growing today.

Discover what inspired this creative to create the fantastic creation, then leave with fresh motivation.

If you are in Fresno or planning on visiting Fresno, this is a place you do not want to miss for anything.

Address: 5021 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93722, United States

6. Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

The Chaffee Zoo is a terrific place to visit, whether you have little children or simply you and your significant other.

Located in roeding park in Fresno, California, Fresno park is endowed with stunning, cutting-edge exhibits, including more than 200 species.

Stingray Bay, Dino Dig, Valley Farm, Sea Lion Cove, African Adventure, and Ross Laird’s Winged Wonders Bird Show are a few of its attractions.

This zoo offers experiences with nature that are unparalleled.

From feeding a giraffe to petting a stingray, you can do a lot more here.

There are two dining options at the zoo; including Kopje Lodge, with breathtaking views of the African Savannah.

The African adventure is a wonderful place to hang out, eat great food, and watch the animals from your table.

Gourmet dishes such as artisan sandwiches, oven-roasted pizza, fresh salads, and more are available. All these while witnessing African elephants, rhinos, wildebeest, and other animals!

The Kopje Lodge also serves beer and wine.

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is always a great experience. They have a great itinerary of events that happen throughout the day.

This Chaffee Zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Address: 894 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States

7. Roeding Park

Roeding Park

The Roeding Park

Roeding Park is home to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, and it is a beautiful park.

The park is part of the four regional city parks in Fresno.

The other parks include Regional Sports Park and Kearney Park.

Johannes Reimers created this 148-acre park in 1903 for the City of Fresno.

Frederick and Marianne Roeding donated the land on which the park was built, and their son, a local nursery owner and agriculturist George C. Roeding, oversaw the area’s transformation into an informal arboretum.

In fact, it is a living museum for trees.

George Christan Roeding, son of Frederick and Marianne Roeding, traveled the world by boat long before commercial aircraft travel.

They collected samples of different trees from every continent on the globe and brought them back to Fresno.

The Park has picnic spots, tennis courts, a Southern Pacific railroad engine, and groves of ash, cedar, pine, eucalyptus, maple, and redwood trees.

A Japanese War Memorial is also located in the park.

Other amenities include horseshoe pits, pro-quality tennis courts, two dog parks, and of course Storyland, Playland, and the world-class zoo.

Address: 890 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States

8. Warnors Theatre

Warnors Theatre

Warnors Theatre

Have you been to the largest theater in California? If not, it’s time to pay a visit there.

The largest theater in all of California is the Warnors Theatre, and it is located here in Fresno.

In 1928, it was the first public area constructed specifically for theater purposes, and the legacy endures till today.

The theater is important to Fresno’s history and serves as more than just a venue for entertainment.

Entering the main theatre is like stepping back in time. The atmosphere is notably very alive and enchanting.

Similarly, the ceiling design is a beautiful piece of art, and a vast 2,000 seats are available at Warnors Theatre.

You can watch dramas or movies here in addition to performances and musicals.

While in Fresno, try to watch a concert or a movie at this historic theater.

There are also lounges inside the theater where you can hold private gatherings or other activities.

Don’t forget the historic pipe organ; it is a sight to behold and listen to.

Address: 1400 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

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9. Chukchansi Park

Chukchansi Park

Chukchansi Park

Located in downtown Fresno, Chukchansi park is a must-go for baseball fans.

In fact, this ballpark is just the right size to enjoy a game of baseball up close.

The stadium is home to the Fresno Grizz in the heart of Fresno and is one of the most popular and adaptable venues in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley.

It has gained a reputation as one of the most attractive and contemporary Minor League sports facilities in the country.

The 10,650-seat stadium in the center of Downtown Fresno has spectacular sightlines from every seat.

Besides hosting exhilarating baseball games, the stadium is also adored for its breathtaking views of the adjacent Sierra Mountains and the city’s skyline.

Lastly, you can grab some beers at Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company (just across the stadium) after leaving.

Address: 1800 Tulare St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

10. Fresno Discovery Center

Fresno Discovery Center

Fresno Discovery Center

A little-known gem in the Fresno neighborhood is the Discovery Center.

Opened its doors in 1954. It welcomed visitors through its doors. Fresno Discovery Center is a great place to take your young kids and keep them active for a few hours.

The Fresno center features lovely gardens to explore outside and a museum with exhibits within.

In fact, your interest will be piqued by the different interactive exhibits that highlight the wonders of environmental and physical sciences.

They also have a large outdoor area with swings, slides, and a pond where you can feed the fish.

Similarly, there is a cactus garden, a dinosaur area with giant dinosaur statues, and a sand area where kids can dig for bones.

You can even arrange for lessons to be taught to your group, including producing “goop” to teach about liquids and solids and other enjoyable hands-on activities.

This is a great place to keep your kid busy and inspired while also having nice moments of your own.

Address: 1944 N Winery Ave, Fresno, CA 93703, United States

11. Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden

The Fresno Grizzlies ballpark’s centerfield is directly across from the Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company.

This is a great place to go in Fresno for adults and children; there is something to do for everyone regardless of age.

With live bands, vendors, and food trucks to curb your appetite, there is always something to engage in or see.

Besides, they provide a number of seasonal beers in addition to year-round options.

Come here to enjoy music and refreshments before or after the baseball game.

Address: 745 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

12. Shinzen Friendship Garden

Shinzen Friendship Garden

Shinzen Friendship Garden

As J. Carter would say, no one will understand a Japanese garden until you’ve walked through one. Then you hear the crunch underfoot, smell it, and experience it over time.

Now there’s no photograph or any movie that can give you that experience.

The Shinzen friendship garden is a Japanese-style garden in Fresno Woodward Park.

The garden was built to celebrate the spirit of understanding and to improve educational and cultural awareness in Kochi, Japan, Fresno’s Sister City.

In addition, the use of various plant materials, rocks and stones, and water throughout the five-acre garden exemplify Japanese design’s beauty, grace, and serenity.

Moreover, the garden is divided into four sections marked by granite monuments that represent the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

In the springtime, you get awesome blossoms.

In the autumn, you get a myriad of colors.

Small waterfalls flow throughout different parts of the garden and add to the serenity of the place.

The Clark Collection, a top-notch bonsai (miniature trees) museum cared for by volunteers, is housed in a complex tucked away in Shinzen.

On weekends and public holidays, the public is welcome to visit the bonsai collection.

Address: 114 W Audubon Dr, Fresno, CA 93720, United States

13. LoMac Winery, Fresno

LoMac Winery, Fresno

LoMac Winery

Open for tasting from 12 to 5 every Saturday and Sunday. This place is a must-visit if you want to taste one of the finest wines Fresno offers.

Owned by Eric Engelman, the Engelman family has been farming grapes and creating wine in the fertile San Joaquin Valley for four generations.

Live music is also available.

Whether you’re seeking a crisp Chardonnay or Rose, a light Moscato, a silky Cabernet or Merlot, or even that Pinot Noir that man is growing near Fresno, you will love it here.

Lastly, you can time your visit as it is open for wine tasting on Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: 2674 N Westlawn Ave, Fresno, CA 93723, United States

14. Big Fresno Fair

Big Fresno Fair

Big Fresno Fair

The Big Fresno Fair, founded in 1884, is the fifth-largest fair in the State of California.

It attracts more than 600,000 visitors each year from the Central Valley.

The fair serves to connect urban and rural California by showcasing agriculture.

The big Fresno fair lasts for two weeks and hosts a variety of events, including ones for livestock, fur, and feathers.

Similarly, other varieties of displays include cattle competitions, horse races, and live music.

There are also rides, and in fact, it has all the rides you want to go on.

If you like the carnival games, they have that too.

Lots of music and tons of delicious food are all available.

Alcoholic beverages are also available if you want them.

They also have a beautiful art gallery.

From live music to agriculture events to different rides to hope on, the big Fresno fair is something to look forward to.

Address: 1121 S Chance Ave, Fresno, CA 93702, United States

15. Downtown Fresno

Downtown Fresno

Downtown Fresno

Known for its modern galleries, exciting live music venues, and bright street art, Downtown Fresno is the bustling part of Fresno.

The region is also home to many structures with significant historical value.

Some of them, which date back to the 1800s, nearly fell apart during World War II.

Thankfully, they were preserved and are still visible today.

There are numerous food trucks and stalls that provide delectable fare as you stroll through the downtown area.

In some places, there are also many bands performing live music.

The location is also home to Chukchansi Park, the Fresno Water Tower, and the City Hall.

Attend a Broadway show at Saroyan Theatre or a baseball game at Chukchansi Park.

Every first Thursday of the month, go to ArtHop, eat at one of the unique restaurants, or get something to eat from a food truck.

Overall, it’s a great neighborhood to visit if you want to get a feel for Fresno.

Address: Fresno, United States

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16. River Park Shopping Center

River Park Shopping Center

River Park Shopping Center

With plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from, River Park is probably the best and most popular place in Fresno to hang out for an evening.

River Park is split into three sections: The Marketplace, a traditional power; auxiliary shopping center and The Shops at River Park, an outdoor lifestyle center.

It has almost everything you need—all within a one-mile radius.

Go watch a movie at the theater, go on a shopping spree or just grab a coffee and unwind.

In addition, the largest and best movie theater in town has an IMAX screen.

There are also many excellent dining options.

Target, Best Buy, Sportclub, and others are also not missing here.

Furthermore, this Fresno river park has an outstanding outdoor flea market with a massive variety of food selections on Tuesday and Saturday, bringing many people to see it.

Even though there are many parking spaces, the number of people trooping in here every day makes the parking space look like a cubicle.

This prestigious mall located on the east side of Blackstone Avenue here in Fresno is one of the best outdoor malls you can go to in Fresno.

Address: 71 E Via la Plata, Fresno, CA 93720, United States

17. Storyland Fresno

Storyland Fresno

Storyland Fresno

Fresno story land is a fantastic little park to take little ones to and even have birthday parties.

This place is no Disneyland, but your kids will have a filled time.

At Storyland, fairytales come to life.

Each area is designed around children’s favorite storybooks.

There are also play structures and slides.

Your children can use a key to hear stories. The magic key unlocks talking boxes.

You will listen to stories of adventure and danger, fantastic worlds, and heroic journeys.

The keys ($5 each) make it significantly more interactive and fun.

Lastly, this place is a lovely outdoor park in Fresno, with lots of fun interactive things for the kids and lots of visually stimulating artwork and scenes.

Address: 890 W Belmont Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States

18. Kearney Mansion Museum

Kearney Mansion Museum

Kearney Mansion Museum

If you love historical mansions, this is a great place to be.

Located just west of downtown Fresno, the Kearney Mansion is a historical location that transports you back in time.

This house museum tells the fascinating history of visionary land developer M.Theo Kearney, who saw potential in the San Joaquin Valley.

The mansion comprises the main house and a set of servants’ quarters adjacent to one another.

The two structures were constructed by employees of the building’s owner, M. Theo. Kearney, and were designed in the French Renaissance style.

Both buildings’ interiors feature traditional Victorian decor, crown moldings, fireplaces, and stair railings.

A gorgeous skyline is produced by the tall roofs, dormer windows, and elaborate pinnacles at the intersection of the tall roofs.

The county’s historical society and Fresno city run the museum today. However, 50 percent of the original furnishings, including wallpaper, are still on display.

In addition, where the genuine fabric has been lost, historical copies of carpets and other wallpapers have been utilized.

This place drips of living Fresno history, and you will learn a lot and have a great look into the past.

If you are an artist or an architect, you will get a lot of inspiration from this place.

Address: 7160 W Kearney Blvd, Fresno, CA 93706, United States

19. Meux Home Museum

Meux Home Museum

Meux Home Museum

Fresno is home to a lot of historical buildings, and this century-old home museum is one of them.

The Meux Home is a Victorian home from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries situated in downtown Fresno.

It is constructed using the typical asymmetrical design.

Moreso, it portrays the broad stylistic range of that era in a muted way.

Towers, Corinthian cornices, corbels, scrolls, fans, string courses, and stained or cut glass are all used on the house’s facade.

The intricate chimney decorations above the roof also show a French Renaissance influence.

The Meux Home in Fresno pays homage to the hospitality and Victorian gothic architecture.

You are welcome to take a guided tour of this museum.

Depending on your speed, tours last 45 to 1 hour.

Moreover, the finest examples of Victorian-era architecture, works of art, and more are on display, so you will enjoy it here.

Address: 1007 R St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

20. Save Mart Center

Save Mart Center

Save Mart Center

Home to Fresno State Bulldogs men’s and women’s basketball team, women’s volleyball, and men’s wrestling, save mart center is a multipurpose venue.

Since its inception in 2003, the Save Mart Center has hosted a variety of events.

These events include sporting competitions, traveling Cirque du Soleil performances, and even live music concerts.

The center is also part of the grounds of California state university and has hosted events like hockey, ice hockey, wrestling, rodeo, etc.

Catch a concert, watch wrestling matches, discover monster trucks, and attend sporting events; there’s so much to do at this center.

Address: 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93710, United States

21. Southern Pacific Railroad Depot

Southern Pacific Railroad Depot

Southern Pacific Railroad Depot

More than any other structure in the city, the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot symbolizes Fresno’s transformation from a desolate plain into the global center of the agribusiness industry.

In contrast to the typical Southern Pacific architectural style, the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot in downtown Fresno is an uncommon exception.

The depot wasn’t built in the rectangular box design common across the rest of the San Joaquin Valley, which may be because the original plans to build a depot were rejected by the residents in 1888.

Further, the waiting room contains an inlaid tile floor, oak door and window frames, and elaborate ceiling molding.

Although, the depot closed in 1971 due to truck transportation and declining passenger traffic.

Even though it’s closed down, it is still among Fresno’s most important historical and architectural landmarks.

Address: Fresno, United States

22. Sam’s Italian Deli

Sam’s italian deli

Sam’s Italian Deli

As the saying goes, the trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you’re hungry again.

Sam’s deli is a genuine Italian deli similar to those found in New York. It is found here in Fresno.

The structure is old, and the surrounding area isn’t rosy, but as soon as you step inside and inhale the aroma of ancient Italy, all of it is forgotten.

It is a family-run deli that takes pleasure in its meats, cheeses, sandwiches, and a large range of prepared Italian entrees that you can heat up at home and even proudly present to your family.

Everything from bread, wines, meats, cheeses, delicacies, and so much more to explore while the aroma puts a smile on your face!

In addition, deli sandwiches are abundant to choose from, made fresh right before your eyes, and there are no wrong choices to please your taste.

Take your time and enjoy the experience, and your day will be rewarding.

They also have a fantastic wine variety that ranges from excellent, affordable table wines to pricey vintages.

Address: 2415 N First St, Fresno, CA 93703, United States

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23. The Tower Theatre

Tower theatre

Tower theatre / Flickr

Capable of sitting 761 people in one setting, the tower theatre is a historically significant landmark that transports guests through its doors to the preservation of the 1940s.

Designed by S. Charles Lee, The Tower Theatre of Fresno first opened its doors in 1939. Then, it was known as a 20th Century Fox Movie House.

The theater was renovated and reopened as a performing arts center in 1990.

It features etched green back-lit panels in the lobby and also sculpted aluminum fittings throughout its arts deck presence.

The Tower Theater is an intimate venue in Fresno, which you will enjoy a lot. It is definitely a nice place to catch some live art performances.

Address: S 69th St &, Ludlow St, Upper Darby, PA 19082, United States

24. Arte Americas

Arte Americans

Arte America

This charming little jewel serves as both an art gallery and a hub for Hispanic culture, and it can be found in Downtown Fresno on Van Ness Boulevard.

In 1987, Arte Americas was founded as a modest one-room office and is now the Valley’s most well-known non-profit Latino history organization.

The group has become woven into the fabric of Fresno’s Cultural Arts District.

Although it is tiny and primarily focuses on Latin America and Mexican art, they occasionally switch up the displays.

You’ll discover a varied collection of Latino filmmakers, musicians, writers, and photographers, works here.

The museum hosts evening outdoor music in the summer.

Although it is not the best museum around, you will love the art.

Check with the museum to see what workshops are available to ensure they are open.

Arte Américas indeed shows the beauty of art from a Latino/a point of view.

Address: 1630 Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

25. Fresno’s County Blossoms Trail

Fresno County Blossom Trail

Fresno County Blossom Trail

Do the Blossom Trail drive if you reside in the Fresno area or are just passing through in early spring.

The fruit trees usually begin to blossom during spring between February and March.

The blossoms trail in Fresno is not your regular trail; it’s one of the most beautiful trails you will see and, of course, a great place to snap fine pictures.

All different varieties of cherries are at their peak of blossom. You would find orange blossoms, strawberry blossoms, melons, etc.

Most people drive through the trail and stop at different stops to take photos.

You can walk, drive or bike on the path. Whichever you do, you will definitely cherish every moment.

Be sure to call before you come here to ensure the trees are in their full bloom.

Address: 2629 S Clovis Ave, Fresno, CA 93725, United States

26. Saint John the Baptist Cathedral, Fresno

Saint John the Baptist Cathedral, Fresno

Saint John the Baptist Cathedral

Established in 1882, Saint John Cathedral is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno.

In fact, this is one of Fresno’s most beautiful churches.

It is located downtown across the street from the Meux Home Museum.

The dark red brick and arches attract your attention to the building, while the many stained glass windows and paintings draw your eye upward to the vaulted ceilings.

The altar is surrounded by several small statues and is highlighted by a back-lit mural.

It’s very interesting to learn about the church as a whole and the historical events that influenced and shaped today’s world.

Other things to learn include the stories about the 400 knights laid to rest in the Knave.

For a religious person in Fresno, this is a must-visit.

Address: 2814 Mariposa St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States

27. Island WaterPark

Island waterpark

Island waterpark

During the sweltering summers in Fresno, this place is a local’s favorite.

There are numerous water attractions suitable for individuals of all ages.

Many public pools have closed over the years, and this appears to be one of the remaining options for enjoying the summer heat.

The slides are of all varieties; anyone can find a great one to ride on.

You can stroll through the Mumbai Monsoon or explore the Tunnel of Terror.

You can even eat at one of the seven food and drink booths when you need a break from all the water-related pleasure.

Always check online before going because the park is not always open due to weather.

Address: 6099 W Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA 93723, United States

28. Spokeasy, Fresno


Spokeasy, Fresno

This is the spot for you if you want a laid-back atmosphere, good people-watching, and fantastic rotating craft beer.

Weekends might be hectic, but because it’s a tiny place without hard alcohol, things seldom get out of hand.

The back room is filled with vintage arcade games. The owners are the bartenders.

It’s quite uncommon but always useful to be able to bring your own meals.

Address: 1472 N Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States

29. ArtHop



If you are an art fan or an artist and you want more places to go, ArtHop is just the right place.

Every first and third Thursday of the month, there is an art hop.

It’s one of the most popular and effective initiatives run by the Fresno Arts Council.

Furthermore, every first Thursday of the month, people from all walks of life congregate in downtown Fresno.

ArtHop features artwork and artist receptions at over 50 participating artist studios, galleries, museums, and other locations.

It has grown to be a cultural and special event for the neighborhood with extensive media attention.

Public access to exhibitions begins at 5:00 p.m. and lasts until 8:00 p.m. at museums, studios, galleries, and other locations.

Address: Fresno, United States

30. Downing Planetarium

downing planetarium fresno

Downing Planetarium Fresno

California State University, Fresno, also known as Fresno State, is one of the few universities with an on-campus planetarium.

Its 30-foot dome is impressive even from a distance.

It has been one of the favorite things to do in Fresno for fans of celestial bodies since its inception in 2000.

Teachers in the Fresno area who want to take their students outside the classroom to learn more about science often turn to the planetarium.

A Minolta MS-10 start projector and hemispherical mirror projection are used to transform the whole planetarium dome into a movie screen in the 74-seat Downing Planetarium’s star theater.

On a clear night, gazing through the planetarium telescope at distant celestial objects will make you feel as though you’ve been transported far from California.

Address: 5320 N Maple Ave, Fresno, CA 93710, United States

31. Fresno Philharmonic

Fresno philharmonic flickr

Fresno philharmonic / Flickr

One of the top cultural institutions in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley is the Fresno Philharmonic, which is presently in its 68th season.

The Fresno Philharmonic, Fresno’s professional symphony orchestra, offers thousands of people each season unforgettable live musical experiences.

In addition, it offers a huge selection of live musical performances and experiences during each performance season that captivate audiences of all ages and demographics.

It also provides top-notch music education programs to schools all across the region.

Address: 726 W Barstow Ave Ste. 106, Fresno, CA 93704, United States

Final Remarks

The possibilities are endless, whether it’s to explore the most curious underground dwelling, the Forestiere Underground Gardens, or take pictures at Fresno’s county blossoms trail.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip if you haven’t already.