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30 Unique & Fun Things to Do in Irvine (California)

Irvine is one of the largest and newest cities in Orange County. Not just that, it is a lovely city with natural spaces and beautiful landmarks.

Equally, one of the best places to live or visit within the United States, likewise a safe and exciting place to be.

This is because the FBI has named it one of the safest cities in the country for the past ten years.

Many great athletes love to come here from different cities. It equally has an interesting planned place that values history and culture.

The town presently has various attractions, beautiful parks and restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, among others.

Interestingly, all the exciting spots in Irvine are not so far from each other. So you will be happy to see different amazing places without blowing your account.

A visit to Irvine would be nothing but a refreshing, fun experience. There are lots of options regarding things you can do and places to visit.

Our list of things to do in Irvine will be of great help to your itinerary.

Things To Do In Irvine, California

1. UC Irvine Anteaters

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of UC Irvine Anteaters

UC Irvine Anteaters is known to be part of the city’s fun tourist attractions center.

The UC Irvine Anteaters is a collective sports team of the University of California. In fact, the teams are notable for their impressive and professional performance in the field of sports.

Besides, there are over 15 different teams, which include athletics, golf, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and tennis.

All these teams have the title of anteaters after the university mascot in 1965.

Equally, the respective teams have excellent reputations and winning records, which also adds to their achievements.

The Anteaters have over 25 national championships under their belt. Also, 52 individuals from the team are going to be participating in the Olympics.

So, if you want a fun and entertaining place, start your itinerary by checking out some of the games that the teams will play.

Getting tickets is affordable, and they have different venues all over the city.

Address: UC Irvine Anteaters + California + United States

2. Irvine Barclay Theatre

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Irvine Barclay Theatre

The Irvine Barclay Theatre is the city’s top place to visit for all kinds of live entertainment.

The theater is on Campus Drive that was created to serve as a collaboration. The collaboration is between the branch of the University of California and the local government.

Clearly, the theatre’s performances are held in Cheng Hall, which boasts amazing acoustics.

The theatrical performance, music, and dance are a few of the amazing things you can enjoy in the theater.

Additionally, they focus on local and regional groups of artists and performers. Therefore, you will be opportune to meet different great artists in the theater.

Besides, River Run North, String Quartet, and King’s Singers are among the many exciting and fascinating shows to put on.

If you want something to watch at night, there is a provision for that as well.

An amazing tour of the backstage and theatre is lovely. Also, there is an event rental hall that is family-friendly.

Aside from that, parking is accessible and easy to use.

Address: 4242 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

3. William R. Mason Regional Park

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of William R. Mason Regional Park

The William R. Mason Regional Park is situated on University Drive with a total of over 290 acres.

A former Irvine Company president is the inspiration for the park’s name.

Interestingly, the park is one of the other nature-filled fun places to visit in Irvine, California.

Notably, the park first opened in 1973 with only 43 acres of land, which has now become 95 acres since 1978.

It is really large because there are two different areas of the William R. Mason Regional Park.

The east side with areas boasting a bike trail, hills, natural wilderness, and a creek.

On the other side is the west, where you will find traditional areas, grassland, different easy-to-use trails to walk, and an artificial lake.

If all these do not interest you, there are other interesting features in the park.

Sightseeing is one of the best enjoyable activities here.

In fact, there is a large lake that allows water-related enjoyment for visitors and some areas for fun-boat sailing.

There is also a championship-level Strawberry Farms Golf Course.

Importantly, for families with children, you can have fun in one of the three amazing play areas. Besides, there is provision for toddlers as well.

Address: 18712 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

4. University Of California Irvine Arboretum

Things to do in Irvine

Nandaro / Wikipedia Commons

The University of California Irvine Arboretum is a fun location for visitors.

If what you love to do as a nature enthusiast is to see different rare and beautiful flora, then you should visit.

The arboretum features different local plants in the floristic province of the state. It also has a unique collection of plants from South Africa and other countries.

Interestingly, some areas of the Arboretum have a living classroom to learn different interesting and exciting things.

Of note, the Arboretum spans over 12 acres of land, and it is made to educate students in some relevant areas of study.

There are several special selections of plants from the Channel Islands and the Mojave Desert in the Arboretum.

Although, there are some times when the only people that can access the arboretum are Biological Science students of the university.

But it is open to the public five days a week.

In addition to that, a tour is available during some special seasons when the flowers are blooming.

So, if you are in the city when the flowers are blooming, you will certainly be able to check out the natural space.

There is no entrance fee, so all these fun views are free.

This distinguishing feature makes this place one of the greatest free places to visit in Irvine.

Address: Campus Dr and Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92697, United States

5. Jack & Shanaz Langson Institute & Museum of California Art

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of California Museum of Art

Is art your area of specialization?

Jack & Shanaz Langson Institute & Museum of California Art is one of the most hospitable and exciting places in Irvine.

Jack & Shanaz Museum is an Art gallery in Irvine, and it is also a fun environment to visit during your trip to California.

Basically, this is a loveable place with varieties of artistic works.

If you need high-quality exhibits and diverse artwork, then this is a lovely spot.

Apparently, it is home to a wide range of quality exhibits that focus on different scenes from California and some of the works of the American Impressionist movement art that depicts the California landscape.

The artwork in the center gave artists lots of inspiration and some quality time. Obviously, allowing such vast collections of art is interesting.

There is a tour that is usually available on Thursdays, in conjunction with all kinds of lectures, programs, and fun classes are equally available.

Besides, parking is not a problem at Jack & Shanaz Langson Institute because it is absolutely free.

Address: 18881 Von Karman Ave #100, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

6. Irvine Spectrum Center

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Irvine Spectrum Center

Irvine Spectrum Center is the most hospitable shopping center in this city of California.

The Center is home to different boutiques and also, and there are a lot of dining establishments in the spectrum.

Additionally, there are several other amazing things you can enjoy here as well.

Places like the cinema and the spa, and there is a virtual reality experience to enjoy in the center.

In addition to that, there are several retail shops ranging from local sellers to popular brands, like Lululemon and The Denim Lab. Also, you will come across lots of food choices from fast-food joints like dessert spots and Umami Burger.

In fact, there is Dave and Buster’s fun arcade games and a classic American snacks bar.

One of the top central attractions in the Spectrum Center is the Giant Wheel, which lights up at night and gives gorgeous views from 107 feet above the ground.

Apart from that, there is a carousel for kids in the center.

You can visit during the weekend because you will find some of the weekly live performances playing for shoppers.

Above all, the parking space is spacious and free.

Address: Address: 670 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

7. Tanaka Farms

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farms is an agricultural center of attraction in Irvine, which is one of the top points of interest among tourists.

Apparently, it is 30 acres that can be found on University Drive. The farm was owned by Glen Tanaka and his family since the 19s.

It began operating in 1940 as a private farm but was recently available to the public.

Primarily, the Farm is a produce growing center and an educational attraction for all visitors of all ages.

Tanaka Farms also supports all other California farmers by selling extra available items from the farm at a reasonable price.

Therefore, It has a different stand that sells all kinds of seeds and products that are freshly harvested.

The Farms’ real draw lies in its Farm Tours, which bring different farmers and visitors around to teach them about the farming process while showing them all kinds of colorful fruit.

An additional feature of this farm is that there are several other events held here.

Activities such as attending special cooking classes and festivals are a few of the amazing events held here.

If you are in town, you can also check out what they have for visitors.

Address: 5380 3/4 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

8. Orange County Great Park

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of JEFF ANTENORE

Orange County Great Park is one of the most popular attractions in Irvine, California.

Situated on 1,200 acres and was opened in 2017. Also, it is important that you know that the park is on a property that was once an air station for the Marine Corps.

But now the park is meant for relaxing and having fun.

Apparently, the park has lots of fun activities, and there are different, exciting things to see, including many amenities to explore.

Few of the normal amenities you will come across in this park are things like picnic tables, playgrounds, and plumbing, among others.

It is also home to art exhibits, sports complexes, and many more.

Some notable attractions in the park include the Food Lab, which ensures that visitors get knowledge on agriculture.

Another central attraction in the Orange County Great Park is a large orange hot-air balloon that most visitors love to ride.

Interestingly, riding this hot-air balloon will give you a breathtaking tour of the sky.

Next to the Great Park Balloon is the Palm Court Art Complex, where you can enjoy some free moments.

Also, there is a new section that recently became part of the park, which is the Great Ice Park, which hosts events and is open for public skating in all seasons.

Address: 8000 Great Park Blvd, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

9. IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Wildlife Sanctuary

Lovers of birds, nature, photographers, and wildlife will find this beautiful environment stunning.

This amazing environment is non-other than IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine.

The IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary is on 300 acres of land. But over 10 miles of Sanctuary trails take you through several ponds.

The Sanctuary offers something genuine for wilderness lovers to explore.

Interestingly, the Sanctuary is easy to access, and you will find a Riparian View here.

It is also important you know that some trails here differ, from wider, easier access roads to narrow and more challenging trails.

The challenging trail here is perfect for hikers.

In addition, lovers of birds will find an amazing species of birds that include egrets, ducks, cormorants, geese, herons, eagles, and grebes.

Aside from that, you will also come across other fauna, like bobcats, coyotes, raccoons, and plenty of amphibians, reptiles, as well as different fish.

IRWD is a genuine spot for wildlife and nature lovers; there are other amenities on the trails of the San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary, aside from viewings birds.

Other additional modern features in the Sanctuary are the boardwalk, Audubon House, and areas for observation.

Address: 5 Riparian View, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

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10. Pretend City Children’s Museum

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children’s Museum is a beautiful, safe, and fun location and one of the most popular Irvine attractions centers in California.

The kid’s play area was opened in 1997. The attraction is seen as a city that has a lot of fun and exciting things to do for kids to enjoy and explore.

The fun and interesting activities available in the museum are hands-on exhibits, educational programs, role-playing, and many more; all of these allow kids to learn and have fun in each section.

Equally, in the Pretend City Children’s Museum, you will find a fire station, cafe, bank, beach, grocery store, post office, farm, theater, and construction site, among others.

Additionally, they have interconnected buildings within the building for the enjoyment of kids in their tiny cars.

The museum is to educate young children, and also, their staff is professionally trained to ensure the development and proper education of the kids.

Furthermore, one of the museum’s uniqueness is the spaces available for the Imagination Playground.

In this section, kids can use their creative imagination to make rockets, houses, and even animals of their choice.

Interestingly, there are also unique events that are always open here every year.

The event ranges from occasion-related ones like Father’s Day parties, Healthy Halloween, or Dance Like A Chicken Day.

Therefore, if you are in California and you want your kids to have a wonderful holiday, check out what the Pretend City Children’s Museum has to offer.

Address: 29 Hubble, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

11. Irvine Improv Comedy Club

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Irvine Improv Comedy Club

Are you feeling down in the city, or do you wish to spend some of your time in a fun environment that will bring a smile to your face?

If you do, you are in the right place to find the most amazing and best place to make you feel lively.

Clearly, this location is no other than Irvine Improv Comedy Club in California.

The Irvine Improv Comedy Club is seen to be the greatest fun environment in Orange County because it is one of the city’s top attractions.

The club presently provides a wonderful list of comedy acts that are backed up by state-of-the-art modern technology.

Equally, the club has enough space for over 450 eager audiences.

You will come across all sorts of comedians that will be performing at the Comedy Club.

Indeed, you will always have a great fun time visiting the club, and you will be opportune to watch the mix of A-listers and upstarts here.

Jay Leno, Dave Atell, Drew Carey, and Paul Reiser are a few of the great guys you will meet here and also, and they will be performing on stage as well.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the fun places you should consider visiting whenever you are in Irvine, California.

Address: 527 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

12. Diamond Jamboree

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Diamond Jamboree

Did you desire to find tasty and healthy Asian food in California?

Or are you a food content creator?

If you are, this is a delightful spot for you in Irvine.

This amazing location is called Diamond Jamboree.

If you want to eat something mood-lifting, then you should head to Diamond Jamboree.

The beautiful restaurant is an International Dining environment in Irvine.

Also, the restaurant is famous as a retail and dining center with all kinds of fun options aside from eating.

If you desire Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, or Korean fare, you will surely find some delicious delicacy at Diamond Jamboree.

Each restaurant serves a high-quality meal which makes it a genuinely world-class spot in the city for visitors and residents.

Another alternative in Diamond Jamboree is to check out Capital Seafood, 85ºC Bakery Café, Urban Seoul, Lollicup Coffee and Tea, and Afters Ice Cream.

You will certainly find this environment enjoyable.

Address: 2700-2750 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606, United States

13. Bistango in Irvine

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Bistango

Apart from Diamond Jamboree, Bistango is one of the best places to visit to treat yourself and your friends to good food.

It’s a fantastic trendy hotspot boot in Irvine because it is an award-winning restaurant.

Primarily, its menu focuses on the latest American cuisine.

The food served at Bistango is known for its scrumptious and presentable look.

Making the food look presentable makes their visitors always come for more.

However, High-quality seafood and fish are what you will most likely see on the menu, but there are other appetizing options like brandied peach and all kinds of pasta for you to choose from.

You can even have good tapas from the bar.

In addition to that, there is a wine list with over 350 labels, as well as some cocktails.

You can equally eat in the dining room, or you can go to the patio for an alfresco experience while eating.

Apart from offering great and appealing food, Bistango also provides you with fantastic activities.

You will really love the spacious dining area because it has art, both on the walls and the plate.

As a matter of fact, the art that you will come across is part of the rotating exhibits in the Atrium Building.

If you love live music, then you can consider visiting the bar. You will absolutely adore the performance, and if you happen to be in Bistango at night, you are most likely to catch classics, blues, and jazz music.

Address: 19100 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

14. Turtle Rock Viewpoint

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Viewpoint

Turtle Rock Viewpoint is a beautiful endpoint at the top of the Turtle Rock Trail, located in California’s Irvine Chaparral Park.

This is a place to spend quality time with your friends to reminisce or watching on the beautiful views.

This area is great for exploration during breezy or warm sunny days.

Equally, the park itself has lots of options for what to do and see, which include towering trees and wide expanses of green.

If you ever decide to get to the Turtle Rock Viewpoint, you will obviously be rewarded with some quality and relaxing time, most especially in the evenings.

Visiting in the evenings also has another advantage because you will be opportune to see the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

You can observe the sunset as you sit to relax in this stunning environment. This beautiful area always lights up at night.

The dog owner will also find something amazing to do here; you can bring your dog to this exciting location to hike or have some amazing moments alone with them.

Above all, visiting this place is one of the many free fun things you can do in Irvine.

Address: Irvine, CA 92603, United States

15. Boomers Irvine

Things to do in Irvine

Photo courtesy of Boomers Irvine

Boomers Irvine is also one of the fun theme parks located in California.

This is clearly a nice and safe, fun environment for visitors and residents.

The park has all sorts of exciting activities for all visitors of different age groups.

Activities such as a water park, go-karting track, mini-golf course, rock wall climbing area, bumper boat area, laser tag course, and more are actually added to the vibrancy of the amusement in the park.

In fact, there are indoor arcade game areas with virtual racing games and snowboarding, as well as several safe outdoor rides.

One of the most famous and favorite rides is the Buccaneer Cove, that is boasting five levels with slides, wet tunnels, spray loops, and lots more.

On the other hand, the outdoor seating expanse in this location provides you with convenient and comfortable places to sit, relax, and enjoy.

Address: 3405 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

16. Irvine Regional Park

Regional Park

Photo courtesy of Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park is one of the most hospitable and rated parks In Irvine, California.

This is so, as to the fact that it is the very first of its kind to open in California with all its distinguishing features and officially swing to the public in 1897.

It is on 475 acres of land, which shows that it is definitely a very spacious play area.

Irvine Regional Park is a beautiful place for sightseeing or any other fun activities.

Apparently, there are several places to go within the regional park to have a fun experience.

There are lots of hiking trails and paths for walking, biking, and jogging. All this will let you explore the environment in a very comfortable manner.

You can choose to hike to the peak of the trail in a barren area of the park for a delightful and surprising view of the area.

There are picnic areas and barbeque pits where you can have a nice time with your family, and the playgrounds and softball fields allow visitors of all ages to play together if they choose to.

In addition to that, horse and pony rides are also available at the park, as well as a good nature center and even a waterfall.

The zoo is likewise one of the nicest areas to visit. It is home to goats, tortoises, bears, reptiles, raccoons, rabbits, insects, vultures, deer, peacocks, donkeys, and lots more.

With all these amazing things to see, the entrance fee is really affordable.

Address: 1 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869, United States

17. Oak Creek Golf Club

Oak Creek Golf Club

Photo courtesy of Irvine Company

Oak Creek Golf Club is another fun place to visit in Irvine.

It is on the aptly Golf Club Drive on a public golf course and designed by one of the world’s most popular courses, Tom Fazio.

The Golf Club has an over 18-hole course and was opened in 1996.

Of note, it spans over 6,800 yards and is a 70-par course that is accessible to visitors at all skill levels.

The golf course has gorgeous landscapes, lovely greens, relaxing lakes, delightful fairways, and swelling bunkers.

In fact, the golf course is nothing short but a wonderful and fun place to play.

On the other hand, there are several domestic animals, like birds, that often wander through the Oak Creek Golf Club.

This gives you the privilege of seeing some of the beautiful birds as you golf.

There is equally a practice area for visitors who want to get a few trial swings.

Aside from that, there is an in-club restaurant known as The Grille, which you can visit to enjoy a quality meal at a reasonable price.

Thus, Don’t forget to check out the golf shop to see their selection of sunglasses, balls, and shoes.

Address: 1 Golf Club Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

18. Irvine Historical Museum

 Historical Museum

Photo courtesy of Irvine Historical Museum

The Irvine Historical Museum is located on the grounds of the old Irvine Ranch, which was one of America’s largest private ranches.

Specifically, the Irvine Historical Museum is inside the oldest structure of the old ranch, which is still strong and dates back to 1877.

But wild cats and fleas were the local house problems that eventually resulted in its destruction in 1971.

However, after five years, the museum was re-established, and it is presently one of the best environments to see different historical values.

It is essential to know that the Historical Museum has one primary aim, which is to preserve the ranch’s history.

The museum provides guided tours that are fun in other to teach visitors about the details of ranch history, but you have to make a reservation for the tour.

Interestingly, the museum also holds a research library for researchers, and they equally provide fascinating information about the ranch in some books.

Therefore, it is certain that you will get to learn a lot of exciting things from the museum. You can visit to find out more.

Address: 5 San Joaquin, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

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19. Bommer Canyon

Bommer Canyon

Photo courtesy of Bommer Canyon

Bommer Canyon is a natural area that is perfect for those that love sightseeing.

It is on what was formally used to be the Irvine Ranch Cattle Camp; this makes it a 4.6 miles trail and a historically rich exploration environment in recent times.

Also, one of the greatest advantages of visiting this exciting environment is that it is near the Quail Hill Loop Trail, so you will be opportune to check out the trails at no additional cost.

This, as a result, will make your exploration more fun.

Precisely, Bommer Canyon is filled with outcrops and trails that are perfect for activities like biking, hiking, and riding horses, among others.

Visiting this environment to do all those activities will certainly be fun and adventurous for all ages.

It is important you know that specific trails are available to the public, but you will have to be a guide for some of them because some are difficult to navigate.

However, some trails are easy-to-use both for kids and adults.

If you love to spend some quality, memorable and relaxing time alone, then you should waste no time visiting Bommer Canyon.

Address: 6400 Shady Canyon Drive, Irvine, CA 92603, United States

20. Global Village Festival

Global Village Festival

Photo courtesy of Global Village Festival

Global Village Festival is the top and most amazing thing to do in Irvine.

It is a historic, entertaining gem and tradition of the Orange Country meant to boast rich cultural festivals with several kinds of activities to partake in and enjoy.

Usually, the Festival normally begins its activities at 10 in the morning, so to get a better spot and a great view of the various activities, you can visit early.

You will enjoy musical demonstrations as well as different dancing steps that are interesting to watch, with more than 85 performances that are usually put on annually.

You will also get to experience all kinds of diverse and melodious sounds and sights during the event.

Not just that, you will be allowed to try out different tasty delicacies from different countries across the planet.

All this enjoyment comes with no charge.

Therefore, the Global Village Festival is one of the many free places you can visit in Irvine.

But there is no provision for parking.

Address: Bill Barber Memorial Park, 4 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606, United States

21. Irvine Open Space Preserve

Open Space Preserve

Photo courtesy of Open Space Preserve

Irvine Open Space Preserve is just another beautiful place in California for visitors to relax and explore.

You will come across different spots for recreation throughout the environment.

Each area here can serve a different purpose to visitors. There are areas connecting to many public lands, natural areas, and trailhead access.

Hike lovers will also get to spend some quality time in the Preserve.

So, if you want to hike, bike, or ride horses, the Space Preserve is certainly a perfect spot for you.

Precisely, Irvine Open Space Preserve is situated on over 20,000 acres, which obviously covers Crystal Cove State Park and Fremont Canyon Nature Preserve.

You will never have a shortage of areas to explore, and it is also a nice and quiet environment to hang out in.

Address: Open Space Preserve + Irvine + California

22. K1 Speed Irvine

K1 Speed

Photo courtesy of K1 Speed Irvine

K1 Speed Irvine is another great site featuring go-karting, which is only for indoor racing.

Clearly, K1 Speed Irvine is a very large facility with two different race tracks.

The race tracks are designed by professionals for a safe and smooth karting experience.

Not only that, electric go-karting is actually a game that is fun and safe for visitors of all ages.

So, if you are interested in going out to a fun place in Irvine, then you should head to K1 Speed Irvine.

Apart from go-karting, K1 Speed offers some nice and cozy areas for lounging with nice plasma televisions and leather couches for relaxation.

In addition, there is a Cafe named Pit Cafe that provides food for pre-or post-racing meals; snacks are also available.

There is also some memorabilia and art related to racing available for viewing in the place.

K1 Speed equally has areas rentable for parties and events at a very low rate.

Above all, it is an exciting place to add to your itinerary.

Address: 17221 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92614, United States

23. Newport Beach

Newport Beach

Photo courtesy of Newport Beach

Are you bored in Irvine?

Well, there is a lovely spot near Irvine that you can explore as well.

Newport Beach is obviously more than just a beach because it is considered a city itself.

It is located in a huge recreation center packed with different mind-blowing attractions.

Newport Beach is really sandy perfect for a quick walk, or if you love to watch the sunset, then you will certainly love this place.

Apart from taking a walk, there is a restaurant that offers delicious seaside meals on the beach.

Another interesting feature is the availability of boutique shops to provide shopping experiences.

Newport Beach is really a famous location for a day trip, and you can explore other fun attractions in the area because they are worth checking out.

Places like the romantic Corona Del Mar, ferry-accessible Balboa Island, the Balboa Peninsula that hosts the Balboa Pier, and sport fishing are a few of the fun places you can visit.

Address: Newport Beach + California

24. Beall Center For Art + Technology

Beall Center For Art + Technology

Photo courtesy of Beall Center For Art

Lovers of art will find this unique place stunning.

The Beall Center for Art + Technology is situated at Trevor School of Arts in California.

It is an art and science center with diverse, interesting things to view.

In fact, there are some other activities to enjoy at the Beall Center, apart from viewing the arts.

Other exciting exhibits available for visitors include Origins of Life: Experiment #1.X, Wall of Sound: New Work by Zimoun, and Sight & Sound.

Equally, there are other unique interactive exhibits that will surely amaze children, such as outreach programs, videos, summer camps, lectures, and lots more.

To a reasonable level, the Beall Center for Art + Technology is one of those charming attractions that you should consider visiting.

Address: University of California, Irvine, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, 712 Arts Plaza, Irvine, CA 92697, United States

25. Aldrich Park

Aldrich Park

Photo courtesy of Ian Parker

Aldrich Park is another amazing place to go in the city that offers many relaxation areas and nature.

Located at the University of California and is widely considered a center of fun and happiness.

Of note, it is mainly visited by those seeking a moment alone or to escape their daily busy lives.

There are more than 10,000 trees that provide a tranquil experience in the park, with over 30 eucalyptus species, shrubs, and lots of sweet sloping hills

Equally, the shade from faunas allows calming places for picnic experiences and can serve as a fun place to spend some memorable and relaxing time.

Address: Irvine, CA 92697, United States

26. Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial

Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial

Photo courtesy of Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial

Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial is the first nation’s memorial to honor all the American members who were lost in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003.

The names on the memorial are from the US DoD records Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Presently, it is the only memorial in the United States with a complete list of all the US servicers who have passed on during the conflict.

The names listed are their full names, which is a total of 6, 786 as of now.

Apart from visiting to view the names and paying respect, there are several other enthralling things to do and watch here.

But it is a sobering location and one of the quietest places in Irvine, among all other fun places in California.

If you would love to honor those fallen amazing heroes, you can add Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial to your list of places to visit in Irvine.

Address: 4531 Bryan Ave, Irvine, CA 92620, United States

27. Irvine Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Photo courtesy of Irvine Farmers Market

Eating fruit and fresh foods is a good way to live healthily.

Therefore, to find quality fresh vegetables and fruits, Irvine Farmers Market is the best place to visit.

Irvine Farmers Market is the city’s area of interest for those that love to get more in touch with local life.

Interestingly, this region has always grown and harvested throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

So, it is one of Irvine’s markets that is most blessed and vibrant farmer’s markets in California.

Equally, most of the farmer’s produce is grown at the Park Farm and is from local growers only.

Apart from the fact that the products are locally grown, they are cheap and easy to get.

There is also an art for those visitors seeking more long-lasting souvenirs.

So, whenever you are in Irvine, California, you can decide to shop here like the locals.

Address: 5001 Newport Coast Dr, Irvine, CA 92603, United States

If you are planning a trip around California, you can also visit Alameda, Sausalito, Malibu, Orange County, and Humboldt County to utilize your vacation!

28. Marconi Automotive Museum

Marconi Automotive Museum

Photo courtesy of Marconi Automotive Museum

The name Marconi Automotive Museum was gotten from the founder, Dick Marconi, who is an impresario in the vitamin industry.

Specifically, Marconi Automotive Museum is one interesting attraction to visit to see some cool things in Irvine, most especially for automobile enthusiasts.

Its collection of Automotive features streetcars, muscle cars, race cars, high-performance cars, and other famous cars.

In total, the selected cars on display are worth more than 28 million dollars in value. This shows that you will get the value and quality of the cars you desire.

Although it is imperative, you know that most of the cars are for racing, just like Michael Schumacher’s 1996 Formula One Ferrari, there are some other interesting and exciting cars on display as well.

You will see some unique American-made cars with wheel cars that some celebrities drive, and some fancy Lamborghini is on display.

But note that the admission fee to the Marconi Automotive Museum is not free. However, the fee is not used by Marconi Automotive Museum; all the money will go to a charity for children.

Most importantly, Children below the age of 13 have no charge for entry.

Address: 1302 Industrial Dr, Tustin, CA 92780, United States

29. OC Library – Heritage Park Regional Branch

OC Library - Heritage Park Regional Branch

Photo courtesy of OC Library

Do you love reading books, or are you on a special educational tour?

If you do, OC Library – Heritage Park Regional Branch is the perfect place for you to be.

The library is available for all visitors and inhabitants of Irvine and visitors outside California.

So, if you are on a research trip to Irvine, this library is one site you can’t miss; you will see all kinds of books and articles that will suit your needs.

Perhaps, if you visit Irvine often and you are looking for a quiet and calm place to read some books, then OC Library – Heritage Park Regional Branch will be an area of interest to visit.

Besides, the library is mostly open but might be a bit delayed during the weekends.

It is equally a magnificent place to find full collections of audiobooks and some detailed documentaries.

OC Library – Heritage Park Regional Branch equally has a wonderful department for little ones.

Not only that, the library has a computer zone that is always quiet as well.

Address: 14361 Yale Ave, Irvine, CA 92604, United States

30. Orange County Soccer Club

Orange County Soccer Club

Photo courtesy of Orange County Soccer Club

The Orange County Soccer Club can find its way to your list of things to do wherever you are in Irvine.

A lovely attraction center specifically located in Orange County Great Park.

It is a championship soccer stadium with only professional soccer teams in the United Soccer League.

Interestingly, Orange County Soccer Club also has an official partner of Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club.

Imperatively, it has an enormous space for over 4,000 audiences, which makes it to become a favorite for visitors and locals.

You will love the games played with lots of excitement.

Outside watching the games, you will come across food truck stands filled with yummy snacks, and there is also an interactive fan zone to have fun in between matches.

Address: 8272 Great Park Blvd, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

Final Remark

Visitors will certainly find exploring Irvine to be one of the best places to visit around California.

You can spend some quality time and check out some things the city has to offer.

It is evident that you will enjoy every single moment you spend in Irvine.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, nature-lover, appreciator of culture and diversity, or if you are someone who loves to watch music performances, then it is sure that you will get something that you will love in Irvine, California.

Happy Travels!