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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Toledo (Ohio)

Toledo is a nature lover’s dream that has so many amazing and beautiful attractions.

Spend the week, the month, or even longer period in Toledo, and you will enjoy plenty of delightful activities, attractions, and places that will be worthwhile.

An exciting Toledo attraction is affordable, whether you are in the city or driving in from across other cities.

With several fun things to do in this city, you need to consider a trip here.

There is stuff to do for couples! Fun things to do for singles! Points of interest and recreational activities for kids!

There are also historical sites, and so much more things for all categories of visitors.

How will you spend your time in this wonderful city during your trip?

Day and night, this impressive city has something fun for all and you’d surely appreciate them.

Let’s move on to talk about the best and most fun things to do in Toledo, Ohio!

Things to do in Toledo

1. Hollywood Casino Toledo

Hollywood Casino Toledo

Hollywood Casino Toledo

For the admirers of the casino, Hollywood Casino Toledo is one of the best attractions that make Toledo stand out amongst other cities in Ohio and obviously will be one of the best attractions you’d appreciate exploring during your trip to this city.

If Casino is your subject of interest as far as exploration is concerned, Hollywood Casino Toledo has all you would appreciate!

It is an attraction that was established on May 29, 2012, by the Gaming and Leisure Properties, and ever since its establishment, it has always been an amazingly fun place for all.

This lovely place is also a beautiful place with enough gaming space.

Besides, it also house about 2,002 slot machines with almost 60 table games.

Incredible right? Absolutely, it is! And that’s why several visitors kept on coming over and over to this fun place.

With 125,000 square feet of thrilling casino available in this fun place, you will never run out of ways to enjoy yourself at Hollywood Casino Toledo.

Equally important is the fact that this wonderful place is not only nice but equally clean and there is even reserve space for smokers!

The sweet burger with sweet potato fries is also a positive attribute of this fun spot.

In fact, with just about $10 for a drink, you will have a buzz! Hollywood Casino Toledo is undoubtedly a fun place to explore.

While you’re still fixing up your itinerary as to how you’d spend your time during your trip to Toledo, don’t be reluctant to include this wonderful place in your travel plan.

Address: 1968 Miami St, Toledo, OH 43605, United States.

2. Toledo History Museum

Toledo History Museum

The Toledo History Museum

Toledo History Museum is another historic yet fun place you could visit during your trip to this city of Ohio.

This amazing place is strictly a location that provides visitors with an avenue to learn more about the history of Ohio.

It is a museum that was established in 1919 that has tons of exhibits about the history of the earliest inhabitants of this city.

In furtherance of why the museum was set up, there are great exhibits that are so informative.

Artifacts, monuments, photographic images, maps, and several other documents available here will surely make every visitor appreciate the cultural heritage of the United States.

In fact, if you want an excellent place to learn more about how earlier inhabitants lived, what they loved doing, and their style of life, this museum will not do less to make that a reality!

Although, it isn’t the kind of museum that makes provisions for restaurants and groceries.

That is notwithstanding, not anything to worry about since the mission isn’t only to eat but equally to learn more about the historical antecedents of the earliest inhabitants.

The great customer etiquette and the labeling of each artifact will definitely make this place more interesting for any kind of visitor to explore.

Regardless of your expectations, the qualities of this museum are enough to create great memories for you during your visit to Toledo.

Address: 425 N St Clair St, Toledo, OH 43604, United States.

3. Trapped Toledo

Trapped Toledo

Trapped Toledo

If you haven’t visited an escape room on all your trips, you are missing out on something fun!

Well, it isn’t too late, you can do the needful next time you are in Toledo.

In this fun city, Trapped Toledo is remarkably the best escape room ever, and it’s highly recommended you visit them anytime you are available.

One awesome feature of this place is that the escape room is not just challenging, but so fun and accessible.

Note that, even if you have been to an escape room in other cities, Trapped Toledo will create new fun moments that you’d love.

As for what you might have thought, the admission fee here is so cheap.

For absolute enjoyment and amazing fun moments during your trip to Toledo, consider a voyage to this lovely place that will make the difference!

If you’d be here to enjoy yourself, it is important to note that their operation hour is 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening on all days, excluding the weekends.

Visiting this wonderful place will definitely create an indelible experience you’d stand to remember for years.

Address: 2410 Key St, Toledo, OH 43614, United States.

4. Toledo Museum of Art

Toledo Museum of Art

The Toledo Museum of Art

Toledo Museum of Art is an art museum in Toledo, Ohio. It is a beautiful attraction that offers a spectacular exhibition of more than 30,000 objects that are so fascinating.

Interestingly, this awesome attraction in this city of Ohio, which was founded in 1901, also has about 45 galleries.

The impressive and commendable attribute of this fun place is that the available documentation here shows exceptional quality exhibits.

These exhibits include awesome glass, painting, sculpture, decorative arts, and several other beautiful items.

Incredibly, there is no admission fee to enjoy the best of this attraction.

It may interest you to further note that restaurants are also available.

Parking lots and several other side activities to make you happy are equally in place.

Apparently, you’d not be wrong to plan an exploration of this impressive tourist attraction in this lovely city of Ohio.

Ensure this is included in your itinerary once you’re sure of coming to Toledo.

No description could suffice unless you’re on sight, so ensure you do upon your arrival!

Address: 2445 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43620, United States.

5. Toledo Zoo

Toledo Zoo

The Toledo Zoo

Another interesting and fun place to explore during your trip to Toledo in Ohio is to check out Toledo Zoo.

Toledo Zoo is an award-winning animal zoo with several years of existence.

It is, in fact, one of the most visited attractions in this city of Ohio.

Basically, what visitors tend to see here during a visitation includes over 10,000 individual animals that cover 720 species.

This Zoo is remarkably one of the few attractions of this kind that currently participate in over 80 species survival programs.

There wouldn’t be any boring moments in this impressive place if you are on sight.

If you would consider a visit to this lovely place during your trip to Toledo, please be aware that they are open every day between 10 am to 4 pm.

Additionally, it is quite apposite to state that no admission fee whatsoever is required to gain entrance.

Whichever period you consider planning a voyage to this amazing city of Toledo, endeavor you plan to spend a few minutes here.

Surely, it would be fun and enjoyable!

Address: 2 Hippo Way, Toledo, OH 43609, United States.

6. Imagination Station

Imagination Station

Imagination Station

One of your responsibilities during your trip to Toledo is to find an all-encompassing, fun place.

The reason for doing so is so inevitable because, while you find something fun for yourself, it behooves you to also find an amazing and interesting place for your kids.

So, if you’d do so, Imagination Station is that perfect family spot that will definitely create an enjoyable scene for all.

This place is essentially a science museum in Toledo, Ohio that has so many fun things for mom and dad.

Kids and toddlers aren’t also left out! It is surely a fun place for all ages, regardless of the subject of interest.

Besides, this non-profit, hands-on science museum along the Maumee riverfront in downtown Toledo also has a little pool.

The presence of their over 300 exhibits for “children of all ages” is equally another impressive attribute that makes them stand out.

Plenty of science learning opportunities in a very fun setting for pre-school kids through early teenagers will in no small way make your kids so happy.

Incredibly, the cost of their services is so affordable and your kids are sure to enjoy the best out of this fun attraction.

Address: 1 Discovery Way, Toledo, OH 43604, United States.

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7. Franklin Park Mall

Franklin Park Mall

Franklin Park Mall

Another fun place on our list of best and fun things to do in Toledo, Ohio, is Franklin Park Mall.

This lovely and fun place is a large shopping mall in Toledo with different fun things for visitors to enjoy.

For any tourist planning a trip to this city, you may be willing to check out a mall that has so many amazing offerings, like gifts, cakes, and lots of other amazing things. Franklin Park Mall should be your next spot.

Beyond being a mere shopping mall, there are several other fun things that visitors will appreciate.

Are you inquisitive to know how and why a shopping mall could be a fun place to visit?

Relax! Expectedly, we wouldn’t leave you being at that suspense state all through!

They have a big food court, a movie theater, a play zone, and lots more.

It is obvious that, if at all you’re unwilling to get a gift or other offering available here, you have other alternate fun things that’d keep you in sight!

What a beautiful place with plenty of the best and fun things for all visitors!

In fact, you can decide to take a walk in this scenery and well-pleasing environment.

If you want the best for yourself while in this city, do plan a visit here!

Definitely, you’d appreciate obliging!

Address: 5001 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623, United States.

8. Fifth Third Field

Fifth Third Field

Fifth Third Field

As a tourist, visiting an attraction where various sporting activities take place is such a great blessing.

Toledo in the stage of Ohio isn’t an exception to those exciting cities in the United States where this is possible.

So, how soon will you be in Toledo to experience such a huge fun and rare thing?

Regardless of the season, you plan a trip to this amazing city. Fifth Third Field has that imaginable sporting activity that’d make every visitor’s trip such a fun one.

Although this is essentially a Baseball Stadium, nonetheless, as against the myopic belief of several visitors, there are more other sporting activities available here.

For instance, this award-winning facility, which is equally like the Toledo Mud Hens, also has a little volleyball and rugby court.

This is simply an amazing ballpark that has everything you can want for a day out at a ball game.

Having noted that, please note further that the admission fee is inexpensive.

With less than $20, you’d have opportunities to enjoy all these amazing and fun things.

Beyond all that, there is also a large screen, a big speaker and the seating is totally comfortable.

Evidently, everything that is available in this fun attraction of Toledo is enough to make your journey a worthwhile voyage!

Address: 406 Washington St, Toledo, OH 43604, United States.

9. Toledo Botanical Garden

Toledo Botanical Garden

Toledo Botanical Garden

Unlike other tourist attractions earlier recommended, Toledo Botanical Garden is strictly for nature enthusiasts.

It’s often said that nature enthusiasts often find other attractions uninteresting and unappealing.

That is quite understandable! So, if you fall under these categories of visitors that need a perfect place to enjoy your quality time, don’t hesitate to head to Toledo Botanical Garden!

It is a public attraction that was established in 1964 as George P. Crosby Park before its subsequent modifications.

Meanwhile, due to needing to make it more accessible and fun for visitors and tourists alike, a series of renovations have occurred, which makes it more fun and cool.

Even if you’ve once been here, you need to visit again to see these amazing plants and various flowers.

This is just a typical garden in Toledo where all visitors has the opportunity to share, discover and enjoy cultivated beauty.

Perfect area to wander around and discover the beauty of nature, nice walking trails, and interesting sculptures are hidden all throughout. What more would you have expected of a botanical garden?

Absolutely, only a visit here will suffice!

If you’d be on sight, please note that there is plenty of parking and lots of signage available for navigation.

Address: 5403 Elmer Dr, Toledo, OH 43615, United States.

10. Delaware Park

Delaware Park

Delaware Park

Just for the sake of tourists coming outside the state of Ohio, Delaware Park doesn’t need much description.

This is because it is a popular place even far beyond the state of Ohio.

Lovers of hiking, biking, or someone who is delightful in mere walking in a scenic environment will find this attraction so interesting.

This park was founded in the 1950s and ever since its establishment, it has always been a favorite tourist spot.

There are also modern sporting facilities that are right available in this fun location of Toledo.

Regardless of what you love doing, you can’t be idle visiting this place because there are so many things you’d enjoy.

Will you be visiting Toledo, Ohio soon?

Regardless of the time, you’d plan a visit to this great city, this fun location can never do less to entertain and create beautiful memories for you.

It’s advisable you plan to spend two to three hours from your travel plan to check this amazing place out.

After all, no admission fee whatsoever is required from any visitor. Obviously, there isn’t any drawback to avoiding a visit!

Address: 3076-3098, River Rd, Toledo, OH 43614, United States.

11. Maumee Bay Brew Pub

Maumee Bay Brew Pub

Maumee Bay Brew Pub

Every visitor has a master plan of how to spend his or her time while in a different city.

To some, the best time is spent in a museum, while few others believe that only an antique store is a fun place to explore.

Not too much of visitors actually knew that exploring a brewery industry could also be the best way a tourist could spend his time.

Regardless of whatever interests a diverse number of visitors, it’s quite interesting to note that Toledo has tons of the best and most fun things for all ages.

So, do you care to see through how fun the brewery industry could be?

If you indeed care, it is then necessary for you to check out Maumee Bay Brew Pub during your subsequent trip to Toledo, Ohio.

The establishment of this great place dates back to 1995 and has since then been an addictive fun place.

The ambiance inside of this historical building is so amazing.

Servers are extremely kind too and you could be sure to get the best-crafted beers of your choice!

With apt descriptions, this place is a dream come through for every lover of beer.

Incredibly, they also sell delicious American and best Canadian food here.

Since you may love to visit this place, it is interesting to state that pets are allowed and no fee whatsoever is charged on cars parked by visitors.

Address: 27 Broadway St, Toledo, OH 43604, United States.

12. Wildwood Preserve Metropark

Wildwood Preserve Metropark

The Wildwood Preserve Metropark

Wildwood Preserve Metropark is a park in Ohio and one of the fun places that visitors of all ages can check out.

Preserve in this amazing attraction contains one of the best tall-grass prairies plus a wealth of activities and attractions.

Part of these activities includes hiking, biking, walking, and so many others.

If you wouldn’t be in haste to conclude your exploration of this city, make sure you have a stop in this nature-filled attraction.

Amazingly, aside from these numerous fun activities that are available, there are also so many trails to choose from!

There are deer and wild turkeys, as well as other wilder animals, and visitors needn’t pay any extra fee to enjoy them.

Watching this smaller wildlife itself is sufficient ground to include this fun attraction in your itinerary.

Definitely, no reason could be good enough to deprive you of the so many fun things available in this fun place.

Address: 5100 Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43615, United States.

13. Toledo Firefighters Museum

Toledo Firefighters Museum

Toledo Firefighters Museum

Are you on a low budget and thinking of the best place to visit while in Toledo, Ohio?

Regardless of your financial strength, you’d still find this city of Ohio fun and interesting.

Yes, Toledo Firefighters Museum is an extremely fun location in this city of Ohio where you’d spend less and enjoy more.

This place is the former firehouse with vintage equipment and uniforms on display.

With several exhibits associated with the fire stations in the United States, you can’t find here less interesting.

This working fire station hasn’t lost its relevance since 1920 when it was established.

Of course, the reason isn’t far-fetched, this is because these houses today have a vast collection of vintage equipment and fire toys.

It is really an interesting place that will bring to life what happened centuries ago.

Unless you are less inquisitive to learn, create time to come over to see what this awesome place has to offer visitors.

Without a doubt, you will leave happier and delighted!

Address: 918 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43612, United States.

14. Toledo Speedway

Toledo Speedway

Toledo Speedway

Only a few tourists are aware of how fun it is to spend time in an initiative that provides car racing sporting facilities.

Their judgments are due to the fact that car racing isn’t a common sport that is available in all cities.

Luckily, among the cities in the United States where visitors can enjoy Car racing is Toledo, Ohio!

If you care to try out something unique and fun during your trip to this city in the United States, Toledo Speedway is a place to go.

It is an initiative that was birthed by the combined efforts of Roy Mott and ARCA President Ron Drager.

In addition, it is a fun place that is operated by ARCA and runs as the sister track to Flat Rock Speedway.

With so many awards in recognition of their awesomeness, you really won’t be willing to leave quickly during your visit.

While planning a trip here, you need not worry about coming with a racing jacket, every piece of equipment is rightly available in this fun place.

Address: 5639 Benore Rd, Toledo, OH 43612, United States.

15. Stranahan Theater

Stranahan Theater

Stranahan Theater

Do you care to check out a fun place during your evening sessions while you are in Toledo, Ohio?

While you are not too sure of a place, you could visit during your evening sessions while in this city, visit Stranahan Theater!

For accurate description, Stranahan Theater is a movie theater with lots of fun things.

It is an incredibly fun place that features broadway shows, concerts, and events.

More so, this fun place has extremely good seats and the seating capacity is approximately 2200.

This 1969 establishment is dedicated to bringing every visitor the best in live entertainment.

The great attribute that makes this fun place outstanding is that the admission fee is considerably cheap.

Apparently, this attraction is so promising to be fun; no drawback, all facilities are great and there are restaurants in sight!

The operation hour is between 10 am to 5 pm on Monday through Friday in case you’d consider a visit here.

Thus, whichever day you choose to plan a trip here, it’s really going to be worth it!

Address: 4645 Heatherdowns Blvd, Toledo, OH 43614, United States.

16. Reggie’s Bike Shop

Reggie's Bike Shop

The Reggie’s Bike Shop

Reggie’s Bike Shop provides bicycles to the public for private or group tours.

Ever experienced how fun it is to ride a bicycle? It’s nobody’s fault not to have experienced some basic fun things like this.

That is the more reason why it’s advisable you check out Reggie’s Bike Shop.

This will allow you to experience this unimaginable feeling during your trip.

Even if you’ve never been to a bicycle store before, that isn’t an issue why you should avoid checking out this fun place.

A tour guide is rightly available on sight to make every visitor’s dream a reality.

Beyond these, they also sell the best and various brands of bicycles.

If you’re yet to be sure of what to get home for your kids, you can easily check out this lovely place to pick up one of their bicycles.

Remember, your kids’ happiness is directly connected with yours!

It’s really a place with so many possibilities and at best, giving out 20 minutes of your travel schedule to visit this fun place will be so cool!

Address: 5934 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH 43623, United States.

17 The Vault Antiques & Treasures

The Vault Antiques & Treasures

The Vault Antiques & Treasures

Just as earlier posited, Toledo is a city that no visitor will find less interesting.

This is because, regardless of your subject of interest, no visitor will be left out!

So, let’s talk about what lovers of antiquities will love!

If you want the best and most perfectly fun place for antiquities of various designs, The Vault Antiques & Treasures is a dream come through for you.

There are antiquities of various sizes, shapes, and designs that are offered at reasonable prices.

If at all you are unwilling to get any of these antiquities, coming to this lovely place to see this ancient building itself is enough to keep you so thoughtful.

Perhaps none of this might interest you. It isn’t over!

Yes, you can explore the little nature garden or if perchance you’d be on a visit with your pet, you can easily unleash them.

It is absolutely an attraction in this lovely city of Toledo that you’d never regret checking out!

Address: 1583 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43612, United States.

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18. Toledo Farmers’ Market

Toledo Farmers' Market

Toledo Farmers’ Market

If you would want to get nice and fresh farm goods when next you visit Toledo, definitely, Toledo Farmers’ Market is truly a fun place worth exploring.

The market has been of great resourcefulness for several decades.

Although it is a considerably a little market, nevertheless, it has several varieties of good choices that are not easy to actualize elsewhere.

Sweet bread, delicious cakes, fresh bread, vegetables, carrots, ice cream, and lots more are part of what every visitor will enjoy here.

In fact, there isn’t any other great destination in Toledo that has the best quality goods aside from this lovely place.

Little wonder this market had and has continued to receive different awards and recognitions in the United States.

Moreover, one great feature of this lovely market in Toledo, Ohio, is that the goods are totally inexpensive.

You wouldn’t be less happy coming to this great place during your subsequent trip to Toledo!

If nothing else appears so fun to you, coming for a trip to see the cinema alone is enough to make you extremely happy.

If you would be willing to visit as soon as you arrive in Toledo, it’s encouraging you to come during the weekend.

This is because it’s mostly rowdy during the weekdays.

Address: 525 Market St, Toledo, OH 43604, United States.

19. Launchpad Tennis

Launchpad Tennis

Launchpad Tennis

You wouldn’t be wrong in planning a trip to Toledo, Ohio if your sport of interest is tennis.

Although there are several tennis courts where visitors can play tennis in Toledo, Launchpad Tennis is nonetheless the best of them all.

This lovely place is remarkably the largest public tennis facility that is available in Toledo.

Besides, they also offer junior classes for kids, including all skill levels; beginners and professionals as well.

This is the perfect tennis location worth visiting for all tennis enthusiasts planning a trip to Toledo.

Even if it has been so long since you last played tennis, a voyage here will revive your interest.

In fact, if you are an amateur and hope to learn tennis, that is so possible here.

It is evidently an amazing place you wouldn’t have any iota of regret during your voyage.

Not only that, the tennis court and every facility that is available are absolutely in perfect condition.

Unless you don’t want the best out of this city, be sure to have a stop here while in Toledo, Ohio!

Only a little dollar is the admission fee, and that is considerably cheaper.

It would really be an amazing decision to plan a journey here rather than visiting somewhere else where you’d pay more!

Address: 5400 Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43615, United States.

20. South Toledo Golf Club

South Toledo Golf Club

Image: South Toledo Golf Club

South Toledo Golf Club is for golfers!

You obviously wouldn’t be without checking out your favorite spot during your visit to Toledo!

So, do you love to visit a place where you would have access to challenging and proficient golf games?

If that is the case with you, South Toledo Golf Club is an amazing golf house that has never disappointed any visitor.

Of note, this little place is nothing like junk that visitors see elsewhere. It is simply a golf house with adequate facilities a golf house could ever get.

You can as well take time to join in playing golf games anytime you’re in sight.

While you find the course not interesting, you probably will take delight in the golf games.

With great restaurants on sight, amazing tour guides, and impressive facilities, South Toledo Golf Club is a top-notch golf house!

During your upcoming visitation to South Toledo Golf Club, endeavor to come to visit this favorite place in the western part of Ohio.

Address: 3915 Heatherdowns Blvd, Toledo, OH 43614, United States.

Final Remarks

Toledo has several fun attractions that every visitor will be delightful to check out.

It is one of the most explored cities and one of the top places to live in the United States because of its numerous amazing attractions.

Now that you know what to do in Toledo, it’s time for you to plan a perfect voyage here.

No matter what type of things you’d love to enjoy, this city of Ohio offers an array of things that are sure to make you happy.

Any time of the year, this amazing city has so much for you to explore and enjoy at your leisure.

Ensure you make use of our recommendations to plan your itinerary in this lovely city!

Happy Travels!