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24 Best & Fun Things To Do In Scranton (Pennsylvania)

Amassing wholesome vacation opportunities and alternatives, the city of Scranton is a must explored amongst thrill-seekers.

Apart from being a little city with a lot of history, it was formerly the epicenter of Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal mining industry. 

There are tons of attractions to be explored and countless sightseeing opportunities to keep you on your feet.

Whether you want a fun time out at the Reapers Revenge or you simply want to take a tour of the historic Catlin House, you’ll enjoy it.

If you do have the time and intend to explore some of the top vacation spots, below is a list of things to do around Scranton.

Things To Do In Scranton, Pennsylvania 

1. Electric City Trolley Museum

Thing's to do in Scranton

Electric City Trolley Museum

Let’s say you prefer going on trolley rides.

Scranton offers one of the best options for trolley rides within.

If this is part of your interest, make your way to the Electric City Trolley Museum.

Scranton’s alias “The Electric City” derives from the city’s prior usage of electric trolleys.

This was a significant growth in public travel.

Today, the Electric City Trolley Museum works to preserve the city’s train line heritage.

The Electric City Trolley Museum is without misgiving one of the top things to do in Scranton.

This museum showcases authentic trolley vehicles that used to run through these streets decades ago.

There’s even a restored trolley vehicle and an interactive trolley exhibit for youngsters on display. 

Probably, you have the eyes for trolleys and trains. Then this is ideal.

Besides, it isn’t just about seeing the trolleys and fascinating items on exhibit.

You’ll also discover the region’s historic and devoted relationship with transportation.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to ride in an old trolley.

Roam through exhibits and look into automobiles deep into the past.

If you’re seeking something to do that will teach you about Scranton’s history, go visit the City Trolley Museum.

It is accessible from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week.

Let your eyes wander.

Address: 300 Cliff St, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503, United States

2. Visit Scranton’s Reaper’s Revenge

Things to do in Scranton

Reaper’s Revenge

Are you set for the scare of your life? 

When you visit Reaper’s Revenge, you will be seeing one of the most popular attractions as ranked by the Haunted Attraction Association. 

Because of its spookiness, visitors touring Scranton choose to do this on their first arrival.

At Reaper’s Revenge, tourists can attempt up to five spooky attractions, each of which will provide them with the shock they need. 

The Haunted Hayride will take you through 66 acres of shadowy trails filled with even darker monsters eager to board your hay cart. 

You’ll have to negotiate your way through a sideshow of curiosities and crazy clowns at the Lost Carnival. 

Sector 13, Pitch Black, and Delirium await the brave of heart with their frightening stories and equally terrifying people.

You think you have the courage to mentally overpower some clowns.

Take a shot at this.

However, if you do not like spooky places, there are several points of attraction that’ll make you glad.

Address: 460 Green Grove Road, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18447, United States 

3. Everhart Museum, Scranton

Things to do in Scranton

Everhart Museum

Dr. Isaiah Fawkes Everhart was a well-known person in Scranton during his lifetime.

The Everhart Museum is named for him, a notable Scranton physician.

His name and fame live on since he endowed the city with the Everhart Museum.

Since its origin more than 110 years ago, the Everhart Museum has evolved into everything that a museum should be.

The Everhart Museum values those who are curious and dare to wonder.

While there are several alternatives to interest visitors, there are vast exhibitions on art, science, and natural history. 

Their exhibitions feature magnificent artwork, millions of year-old fossils, and glowing rocks and minerals.

Additionally, it’s also wonderful if you’re searching for locations to take your kids.

They host some extremely great educational activities.

You cannot afford to miss out on their very special Farm To Table Lunch in September.

The museum holds the annual Farm to Table lunch in September, which features locally farmed, fresh ingredients.

What to do in Scranton is visit the Everhart Museum to view great stuff and learn incredible information.

It’s such a gift to have these products in such good condition.

Admission to the Everhart Museum is $7 for adults, $5 for students and seniors, and $3 for children aged six to twelve.

Except for important holidays, the museum is open seven days a week.

Active military personnel with appropriate identification are admitted free of charge.

Address: 1901 Mulberry St, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18510, United States

4. Catlin House

Things to do in Scranton

The Catlin House

For something a little different and ancient, take a tour of the Catlin House.

Although there are a few ancient buildings in Scranton, this happens to be remarkable.

Catlin House, a Tudor-style mansion built in 1912, was originally the residence of George H. Catlin, an early Scranton merchant. 

The house has 16 rooms that have been meticulously kept and decorated with period-appropriate décor and antiques.

Several highlights within this house have made it quite popular amongst visitors and tourists.

Some of these highlights include beautiful wood paneling, a wooden staircase, and stained glass windows. 

On select days, guided tours of the Catlin House are available. 

Visitors can move about the house exploring and capturing shots of pieces of great interest.

The mansion also serves as the Lackawanna to Historical Society’s headquarters, including a research library and lecture room.

So, even if you do not want to just tour or go sightseeing, sit back at the library and have your fill of books.

Address: 232 Monroe Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18510, United States.

5. Church Picnics

Things to do in Scranton

Church picnic

Probably, you might not be a member or even know of any parishes in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

You may, however, still appreciate their hospitality and share your own.

Attending a church service is one means of doing this.

Another option is to gather the potato salad and attend a church picnic.

Many of these picnics are held in the smaller villages surrounding Scranton.

They are among the most enjoyable events in the city.

Along with the exquisite cuisine, which emphasizes the parish’s cultural past, there are several games and activities.

These picnics simply have too much going on to pass up.

This area is one of the most impressive in America because of the magnificent church picnics.

Come to a church picnic if you’re in the area and want to get a true sense of belonging.

Pack a picnic basket and spend time with friends and make new ones.

Several summer activities will definitely entertain the entire family.

Address: 621 Vine St, Scranton

6. Lackawanna Coal Mine Your

Things to do in scranton

Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

While Scranton is dubbed as “The Electric City,” it would be incorrect to ignore the city’s reliance on coal.

For decades, coal mining has been an important aspect of the Pennsylvania economy. 

A Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour takes you inside a working coal mine.

Visitors at Lackawanna County may learn about underground mining by taking a tour of the Lackawanna County Coal Mine.

While it is no longer in operation, its preservation allows visitors to witness how miners operated in the past.

Say farewell to the bright sky and board a mine vehicle that will take you 300 feet deep into this more than 160-year-old coal mine.

You’ll see wonderful sights and learn incredible things.

This is a must-see Scranton site, especially if you have coal miners in your background.

Few cities have activities as exciting as a Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour.

Besides, the tour is around one hour long. 

Except for Easter and Thanksgiving, the trips are accessible from April 1 to November 30.

Admission is $10 for adults, $9.50 for students, and $9 for military personnel.

Children aged three to twelve are charged $7.50.

Grab your walking shoes and a jacket and head downtown Scranton.

Address: Bald Mountain Rd, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18504, United States

7. Scranton’s Famous Pronto

Things to do in scranton

Scranton’s Famous Pronto

One of the most popular Scranton attractions is one of Pennsylvania’s best restaurants.

Pronto is an authentic Italian cuisine made using exceptional ingredients.

You’ll feel on top of the world in Scranton at night when you feast on Pronto’s amazing offers.

Pronto, as you can think, serves a lot of pasta.

This, however, is not the leftover spaghetti from the night before.

Their menu includes “Pappardelle Pronto” and “Rigatoni Bolognese” with the optimum taste layering.

They also have mouth-watering non-pasta selections like “Shrimp Pronto,” “Pollo Marsala,” and a New York strip steak.

Do you want to know what to do for supper tonight in Scranton, Pennsylvania?

There are several selections to pick from and they are simply mind-blowing.

They are open from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Address: 110 N Main Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18504, United States

8. Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society

Things to do in scranton

Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society

A fantastic lunch was not out of the question when railroads were the dominant mode of transportation.

The Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society is based in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, not far from Scranton.

It was recognized for offering fresh, gourmet meals to customers traveling on its train dining cars for almost 100 years. 

Presently, its sole purpose is to preserve the heritage of these cars and train travel.

They’re great at illustrating the history of dining cars, and they have some great old items to show you.

These excursions take you through their restored railway carriages.

Three dining cars, one sleeping car, and two Dieseliner coaches have been restored by the organization. 

They’ve all been preserved in great shape.

Dig into their schedule to see when they’re giving meals and trips if you truly want to enjoy the dining car experience.

Although dining vehicles are no longer common, this society demonstrates why they should be.

Call or email and set up a trip to see these vehicles.

Address: 201 S Blakely St, Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512, United States

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9. Rattlesnake Falls

Things to do in scranton

James / Rattlesnake Falls

Waterfalls, regardless of size or worldwide recognition, are always among the most amazing sites to explore.

Rattlesnake Falls, located in Spring Brook Township’s Pinchot State Forest, epitomizes what the best tourist attractions can be.

It’s well worth the effort to access this natural wonder.

It’s not difficult to get to Rattlesnake Falls.

The trek is just about 15 minutes long, yet Pinchot State Forest is so lovely that you’ll probably want to see more of it.

Keep an ear out for the sound of water flowing out.

You can imagine yourself as an adventurer, feasting your eyes on the spectacular views of unexplored land.

Rattlesnake Falls will take your breath away with its beauty.

This is also a great option for romantic activities to do just next to Scranton.

It’s an attraction that might make you laugh and cry as you contemplate how magnificent nature is.

Address: Spring Brook Township, Pennsylvania 18444, United States

10. Houdini Museum, Scranton

Things to do in scranton

Houdini Museum

Harry Houdini set the stage for numerous magicians while also changing the world.

The Houdini Museum in Scranton explains to everyone about this great escape artist through the essential relics of his life.

You can learn all about Harry Houdini in only a few hours.

The Houdini Museum adventure includes a video about his life, a tour of the museum, and even a magic act.

These all show how valuable Houdini was, not only for magicians but for entertainment lovers in general.

Scranton’s visitor attractions, such as the Houdini Museum, set it apart from other small towns.

Every part of the Houdini Museum is filled with fun and enchantment.

They hold a Houdini Seance every Halloween, which is great if you want to relate with Houdini.

Surprisingly, no admission is needed to access this museum.

Address: 1433 N Main Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18508, United States

11. Lahey Family Fun Park

Things to do in scranton

The Lahey Family Fun Park

Lahey Family Fun Park is in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, which is also in Lackawanna County, near Scranton.

This attraction delivers specifically all that its name suggests.

Bring your kids to Lahey Family Fun Park for hours of fun.

When you crave to feel like a kid again, this is the place to be.

It has bumper boats, go-karts, and an arcade.

This can be an excellent way to test your reflexes, especially if you use the batting cages.

All Friday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. are their winter business hours.

Address: 500 Morgan Hwy, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 18411, United States

12. First Friday’s, Scranton

Things to do in scranton

Irvine / First Friday

Going to Scranton at the beginning of the month is a fantastic idea.

This is when Scranton city’s “First Friday” gallery walks take place.

If you’ve never gone on one of these, get ready for one of the most enjoyable cultural experiences you can have.

Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also do a lot with so much ease.

First Fridays are also fantastic free activities to do around Scranton.

Address: PO Box 20032 – Scranton, PA 18502

13. Anthracite Heritage Museum, Scranton

Anthracite Heritage Museum

Anthracite Heritage Museum

By now, it shouldn’t be new to you that coal played a significant role in Scranton during its time.

It is a known legend far and near Scranton.

The importance of coal to Scranton, Pennsylvania has previously been emphasized, but the value of anthracite coal should not be overlooked.

In this regard, there are structures around the city with enough knowledge of these.

One of the promising sites to learn about coal mining is the Anthracite Heritage Museum.

It belongs among the all-time great Scranton attractions.

A tour of this museum will transport you to the time coal made Scranton bustling.

You’ll see how important anthracite coal is to the whole region of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Many immigrants moved to Pennsylvania in the 1800s to start a new life in the anthracite coal mining business.

While touring the Anthracite Heritage Museum, you will learn about the importance of immigrants in coal mining, and also the stories of the miners.

The Anthracite Heritage Museum aims to portray the narrative of these immigrants, their families, their labor, and their customs.

There are also many interesting items from this era to see, such as an ancient lace machine.

Amongst a few, you’ll find a reproduction of a typical coal miner’s home, a replica bar, and several pictures of employees and their families.

Also, an adjacent display of four massive iron furnaces is also available.

It’s unquestionably one of the best things to do in Scranton.

Particularly, if you’re enthusiastic about the history of the coal industry and its workers.

The general entrance price is $7.

It is open from Wednesday through Sunday and closed on important holidays.

Active military personnel and their immediate families are admitted free of charge.

Find your way through the history of Scranton.

Address: 22 Bald Mountain Rd, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18504, United States

14. See the RailRiders Play

RailRiders Play

RailRiders Play

Although notable for a lot of games and talents within the city, Scranton has a name in baseball.

Scranton may not have a Major League Baseball club, but the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders of the Minor Leagues is a lot of fun to watch.

They are an affiliate of the New York Yankees, and there is some Major League talent among the players.

It’s also one of the most enjoyable pastimes since, after all, there’s nothing quite like watching a baseball game, right?

The RailRiders play their home games at PNC Field in Moosic, Pennsylvania.

Its 10,000-seat arrangement is fantastic, and it’s simple to get a decent perspective of the action on the field.

Consider how much joy it would be to eat a hotdog while attempting to catch a foul ball in the stands at this park.

If you want to witness some sports in Scranton, Pennsylvania, purchase some RailRiders tickets.

You may also utilize this to expose your children to the joys of baseball.

PNC Field allows you to enjoy Major League entertainment at Minor League pricing.

Even if you don’t want to watch a game, sit back and enjoy a bite of their tasty hotdogs.

Address: 235 Montage Mountain Rd, Moosic, Pennsylvania 18507, United States

15. Lackawanna Historical Society Museum

Lackawanna Historical Society Museum

Lackawanna Historical Society Museum

One country may have an influence on the entire planet.

That appears to be the argument of the Lackawanna Historical Society Museum, and it is one worth considering.

Lackawanna may be Pennsylvania’s newest county, but this museum demonstrates its significance.

This organization was founded only eight years after Lackawanna County was established.

It has been held at the Caitlin House, an early twentieth-century structure on the University of Scranton campus, since the 1940s.

This was George and Helen Catlin’s house, and seeing the museum provides insight into their daily lives.

The Historical Society Museum highlights each aspect of Lackawanna County’s history in its own unique way.

You would not think to find the history of coal and the military to be so fascinating, but you would be wrong.

This museum is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays through Fridays.

You must first make an appointment.

A tour is enough to convince you.

Take the opportunity and explore while you can.

Address: 232 Monroe Ave, Scranton, PA 18510, United States

16. Steamtown National Historic Site

Steamtown National Historic Site

Steamtown National Historic Site

The sound of a steam train is one of the most intense sensations you’ll ever experience.

If you’re seeking fantastic sites to visit that include transportation and equipment, the Steamtown National Historic Site is a must-see.

Steamtown National Historic Site is a museum dedicated to the preservation of steam locomotive heritage. 

These locomotives were previously vital for moving coal and passengers across Pennsylvania.

On its grounds, there is a whole list of exhibits on display.

Take a look around for interesting and enjoyable things to do in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Visitors can watch a short video on the railroad’s history at the theater.

You’ll learn about steam locomotives in a variety of entertaining methods, including looking at images, watching a film, and even riding on a refurbished train, the “Scranton Limited.”

These trains were crucial aspects of this area and country, whether they were hauling pounds of coal or people.

A rebuilt steam engine, pictures, and memorabilia from the heyday of the railroad lie beautifully within its walls.

Also, there are various exhibits representing the life of a rail hand and a roundhouse where specialists may do repairs and upkeep on the trains.

The Steamtown National Historic Site is well-deserving of the title.

All-day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can go sightseeing here.

It’s free to visit the museum, but $5 per guest to ride the “Scranton Limited.”

Except for important holidays, the site is open every day. 

Explore this site when you have the time. There is a lot of history hidden within.

Address: 350 Cliff St, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503, United States

17. Montage Mountain, Scranton

Montage Mountain

The Montage Mountain

If you have a strong liking for climbing activities, there is just someplace in Scranton where you’ll find a full dose.

Montage Mountain is the place to go in northern Pennsylvania for outdoor family activities.

It provides skiing, snowboarding, and even snow tubing throughout the winter.

Apart from all the activities you can do for fun, you can also consider learning.

Ski lessons are available for both youngsters and adults. 

In the summer, the park offers zipline rides and a large water park with slides, a canal for floating, a large wave pool, and poolside cabanas. 

Grab a skateboard and take a hike down the mountains.

Get your snowboard and get those rusty skills moving.


Halt by the concession stands for a quick bite to eat or stay for a longer meal at the Slocum Hollow Bar & Restaurant. 

Park hours change depending on the season and may be found on the park’s website.

For fun, this is one of the top things to do. Consider it.

Address: 100 Montage Mountain Road, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18507, United States.

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18. See the Scranton Iron Furnaces

Scranton Iron Furnace

Scranton Iron Furnaces

The Scranton Iron Furnaces are a remnant of the country’s early iron industry. 

This historic landmark, made up of four massive stone blast furnaces, was once a part of the Lackawant to Iron and Steel Company, which operated in the mid-1800s. 

Today, visitors to the Scranton Iron Furnaces may take a tour of the site and learn about its importance in the American industrial revolution. 

While many various companies give tours, the Scranton Iron Furnaces are available to self-guided tours and tourists from dawn to dark all year since they are located within a historic park. 

From April through October, tours on the Historic Trolley can be reserved at Scranton’s Visitor Center.

Literally, this is one exceptional thing to do, especially if you love smoldering.

Attempt it and see if you like it.

Address: 159 Cedar Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505, United States 

19. Lake Scranton Walking Path

Lake Scranton Walking Path

James / Lake Scranton Walking Path

Lake Scranton is a 16,000-acre reservoir that serves as the city of Scranton’s water supply. 

The 3.5-mile Lake Scranton Walking Path surrounds the lake. 

Its trail is all paved, making it an easy walk or run with stunning views of the lake and surrounding East Mountain. 

However, the trail is not open to pets, bicycles, or motor vehicles.

While there are some limitations to what you can enjoy in this park, you’ll find several fantastic options to cling to.

Address: Route 307, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505, United States.

20. Scranton Cultural Center

Scranton Cultural Center

Scranton Cultural Center

What was formerly a Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite Cathedral has evolved into the Scranton Cultural Center.

It is one of Northeast Pennsylvania’s most recognized centers for entertainment, culture, and performing arts. 

Over time, it has grown into a 180,000-square-foot facility with two theaters, several meeting rooms, a grand ballroom, and dozens of other multipurpose rooms. 

Those interested in learning about the cultural center’s essential aspects can take part in free public tours on specified days. 

A knowledgeable tour guide will also give facts about the Masons’ past.

If you have a strong interest in performances and acts, you’ll find this thing exceptional to do around Scranton.

Address: 420 N. Washington Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503, United States 

21. Eat pizzas at Scranton’s Old Forge Pizza

Old Forge Pizza

The Old Forge Pizza

Foodies will find a food tour through this pizza world incredible.

If you take your time to look through Scranton, you’ll find offerings of the best pizza.

The community of Old Forge, Pennsylvania, made a bold claim when it declared itself the “Pizza Capital of the World.”

Many Italians and New Yorkers may disagree, but this is one of the greatest pizzas in town.

Of a few highly tasty pizza restaurants, the Old Forge Pizza is astounding.

Old Forge Pizza is one of Scranton’s top culinary tourism attractions.

The tale is that Old Forge Pizza began in 1926 in the now-defunct Ghigiarelli’s Restaurant.

Its light but crunchy crust distinguishes this pizza from a long list.

They provide white and red pizzas, with the red, including a cheese blend.

Pizzas are called “trays,” while slices are called “cuts.”

If you’re hungry this weekend in Scranton, Pennsylvania, you should go to Old Forge Pizza.

Grab a bite.

Pack some to take home.

Or simply just go to take a sneak peek.

It’s only five miles downtown Scranton and is the place to go for real pizza fans.

You’ll understand why Old Forge pizza is still so popular today, that’s for sure.

Address: 843 South Main Street Old Forge PA 18518

22. Archbald Pothole State Park

Archbald Pothole State Park

The Archbald Pothole State Park

Exploring Archbald Pothole State Park is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating and enjoyable things to do in Scranton.

This park may not be as vast as others, but it has some amazing attractions.

Anyone with an interest in geology or prehistory should visit here.

There are a number of attractions that will keep you occupied.

One of its greatest pieces of attraction is a glacial pothole.

Archbald Pothole State Park contains the world’s largest glacial pothole.

That is true around the world, not simply in Pennsylvania or even North America.

Come here if you want to see locations that are unlike any other on the planet.

Moreover, it is also a great place to capture some of your greatest vacation photos.

Since it is highly scenic and all of its surroundings bright, you can capture good shots.

It may be one of the free things to do in Archbald, but the experience is priceless.

Pack a basket and come picnicking.

Sit on one of its benches and allow its sight to drench you.

Come when you have the time. It promises to be as interesting as interesting can be.

Address: 960 Scranton Carbondale Hwy, Archbald, PA 18403, United States

23. Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

Most of the fascinating places in Scranton are outdoors.

The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail allows you to discover many of the greatest spots to see in Scranton.

It offers miles of lovely wooded beauty. 

This path is 70 miles long and may be explored in a variety of ways.

There are several locales of interest along the path and in the towns it passes through.

Amongst these, the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail offers opportunities for walking, jogging, and cycling.

Majority of the route is paved, making it ideal for walking, jogging, or cycling.

Enjoy both the outside sightseeing and your favorite pastimes.

These woodlands and their trees are breathtaking, as is the Lackawanna.

Throughout the year, many area groups host special activities such as runs and walks, and group bicycle rides.

Also, this route hosts a variety of fun Scranton activities, like races and clean-up efforts.

The Lackawanna to River Heritage Trail is, without a doubt, one of the best sites to see in Scranton.

Its entire journey allows you to witness nature and people at their finest.

Even if you can only see a portion of it, you’re still going to have a great time.

Address: Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States 

24. Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den

Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den

Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den

In Scranton, there is just something fishy going on, and you can glimpse this at the Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den.

Many species with fins and scales reside here.

It’s what you should see if you like animals, no matter how fuzzy or not.

The Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den is a downtown shopping complex that is part of the Marketplace at Steamtown.

They take you on a voyage through the ocean with their fish, octopus, sharks, and other sea creatures.

Also, snakes, lizards, and tortoises are among the reptiles and amphibians on display at their reptile house.

They also host feedings, which demonstrate how voracious some of these critters are.

If you’re in Scranton with your kids this weekend, bring them here.

It is accessible from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Adults pay $18.95 for a day admission, children aged two to twelve pay $15.95, and college students, seniors, military members, and first responders pay $16.95.

Address: 300 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503, United States

Final Remarks 

This list does not include all the great Scranton attractions, but it does include some of the most interesting and notable.

Seemingly, finding attraction spots in Scranton is easy.

Visit Scranton, Pennsylvania, this weekend or later in the year when you have more time to organize your vacation.

Find what you’ll enjoy the most and immerse yourself in deep relaxation.

Safe travels!