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24 Best & Fun Things To Do In Green Bay (Wisconsin)

Green Bay is a quaint nature city that is in Wisconsin, United States of America.

This city is known for its welcoming ambiance, beautiful scenes, and inspiring hiking trails.

With a population of about 107,395 inhabitants (as of the 2020 census), this city is not as crowded as other places and it is surely a wonderful travel destination that is perfect for the whole family or a lonely trip.

Providing tourists with tons of things to explore, visitors come from far and wide to enjoy Green Bay’s natural splendor.

Besides, with awesome mountain scenery as well as rich and diverse historical documentation, this city of Wisconsin is a must-see for nature enthusiasts.

If you’re thinking of other unique and exciting things you could do in Green Bay aside from things associated with nature, there are definitely other amazing things to be enjoyed in Green Bay.

There is apparently an assortment of impressive sights to see. Moreover, there are historical sites to visit, great parks to enjoy, and delightful attractions. Visiting this charming city is a no-brainer, you certainly wouldn’t find your trip here boring!.

Shall we go on to talk about the best and most fun things to do in Green Bay?

Relax! Take a look at our 24 most fun and enjoyable attractions you could check out on your next trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Things To Do In Green Bay

1. Lambeau Field, Green Bay

Lambeau Field in Green Bay

Image: Lambeau Field

Green Bay is filled with varieties of best and most fun things that all visitors will admire during their trip.

Lambeau Field is one of those interesting destinations in this most delightful city of Wisconsin.

By way of an apt description, Lambeau Field is a multi-functioning sports stadium in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

It is a fun place that is remarkably set out as the home field of the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League and its establishment date dates back to 1957.

This stadium, which is about 81,441 capacity strength, features unlimited sporting activities that every sports enthusiast will definitely cherish.

The seating area is classic, comfortable with a large screen well fixed for visitors who peradventure might be sitting at the back.

Definitely, the energy and the overall experience every visitor gets here is ever renewed. Regardless of the number of times you come to visit this fun place, you’d always find something new and fun.

Beyond being a sports complex, there are also tons of interesting sporting exhibits that are highly informative.

Fan or not, taking a tour of this beautiful place, you’ll be astonished by the rich history of football and its progression through the years.

The atrium and the pro shop are equally admirable attributes of this wonderful place.

While you watch and enjoy every bit of sporting activity that goes down here, getting snacks and ice cream wouldn’t be an issue.

If you have the chance to come to visit Lambeau Field during your voyage to Green Bay, you’d surely love the memories that’d be created!

Address: 1265 Lombardi Ave, Green Bay, WI 54304, United States.

2. Green Bay Packer Hall Of Fame

Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame

Image: Packer Hall of Fame

Green Bay is one of those cities that cherishes and appreciates the great gesture of the earlier warriors and great contributors.

Not only do they do this, but they also preserve the history in a way that every visitor coming to this city would always be eager to check these sites out.

While planning a trip to Green Bay in Wisconsin, you shouldn’t make yourself an exception to those categories of visitors that check out these sites.

As long as you’d not, the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame is one of these historic and fun sites to explore.

Thinking of what’s fun about the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame? Just relax and carefully read on!

Basically, this amazing place of Green Bay is a heritage historic house that was built to honor a single professional American football team. John P. Holloway!

This attraction of 15,000-square-foot that was built in 1966 is so clean and so entertaining, with lots of resourceful documentation.

Every visitor on sight could easily learn about the history of unparalleled players, coaches, and its people. Definitely, it’d be so fun!

Spacious and well thought out! Even with its unique offerings that are totally fun, less than $20 is the admission fee.

With this relatively low price, you’d enjoy this impressive story that the hall of fame brings to life.

Even if you’re not a Packers fan, if you love football, it’s worth a visit!

If nothing else keeps you thoughtful here, the beautiful and cool memorabilia that dates back over 100 years ago will surely do.

While planning a trip to Green Bay, remember to include the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame in your itinerary!

Address: 1265 Lombardi Ave, Green Bay, WI 54304, United States.

3. Bay Beach Amusement Park

Green Bay Beach Amusement Park

Image: Bay Beach Amusement Park

Bay Beach Amusement Park is another interesting spot in this awesome city of Wisconsin.

It is an amusement park that is situated near the mouth of the Fox River, on the East Bank.

This beautiful location was established in 1892 and despite its long year of establishment, it has never seized to be a fun place worth exploring.

The park essentially contains rides, concessions, a roller coaster, a food pavilion, and more!

Obviously, no visitor will stay idle during a trip to this award-winning attraction of Green Bay.

Dances, movies, and other events are equally held in their Pavillion, this and some other beautiful offerings make them stand out in Wisconsin!

A visit here could actually be the best way to give yourself a relaxing and fun experience during your voyage here.

Interestingly, this park also has different rides for kids and families.

Regardless of the peculiarities of each visitor and their ages, no one will be left out amongst the best and most fun things available here!

In fact, if your little ones enjoy zipping or boat riding, this wonderful place is a dream come through.

The admission fee is inexpensive, and the entire facilities are neat and safe to utilize.

A visit to this beautiful attraction of Green Bay in the state of Wisconsin will surely be worthwhile!

Address: 1313 Bay Beach Rd, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States.

4. Green Bay Botanical Garden

Green Bay Botanical Garden

Image: Green Bay Botanical Garden

Have you ever visited a botanical garden in your previous explorations?

If you’ve been to a botanical garden on your previous trips, it is sure you’d be looking for such an attraction while you’re in Green Bay.

This is obviously due to how fun it is! Definitely, whether you’ve been to a botanical garden before or not, Green Bay Botanical Garden is a place to visit.

Although relatively small and unpopular, nonetheless, it is always fun exploring, and no visitor has ever felt bad coming over.

It is an initiative that is 100% community supported! That presupposes that you literally wouldn’t be paying a dim during your visitation!

Amazing right? Definitely, more reasons why this wonderful place should be added to your itinerary while planning a trip to Green Bay!

Of note, this attraction is opened daily in the warmer months, or on weekdays in the colder months.

Whichever season you are planning to visit this lovely place, you wouldn’t enjoy less what they have to offer!

Certainly, these wonderful displays that are here are lovely and fun to behold.

Despite the over 65,000 plants to see and admiration, visitors can also enjoy show-stopping adventure with 47 acres to explore!

Green Bay Botanical Garden is evidently an attraction that will create indelible memories during your trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Address: 2600 Larsen Rd, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

5. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Green Bay Botanical Garden

Image: Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Seeing animals in their natural habitats is also a fun thing every visitor can do while in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Of course, the world of animals is a distinct world that is as interesting as learning the history of people.

While contemplating how to actualize these wishes, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary has tons of wildlife refuges that are always appearing so happy.

Mainly, this attraction is a 600-acre municipal urban wildlife refuge and remarkably the largest park in Green Bay.

This amazing place is also the second-largest wildlife rehabilitation region in the entire of Wisconsin.

Fun facilities available in this impressive place include a nature education center, observation building, hiking trails, woodland building, and numerous animal habitats.

Apparently, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is more than an animal rehabilitation spot!

Despite the huge fun things available to all visitors in this attraction, this 1936 establishment has been a free destination for families and tourists alike.

The blast at the sanctuary is indescribable, not only fun but super fun!

There’s obviously much to see and do for the old, young, or kids. It’s simply a must-visit during your subsequent exploration of this city of Wisconsin!

Address: 1660 E Shore Dr, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States

6. The Automobile Gallery

The Automobile Gallery in Green Bay

Image: The Automobile Gallery

The Automobile Gallery revived the automobile heritage, and it is equally an interesting and fun thing to learn about.

If you can let out a reasonable time of your travel schedule, The Automobile Gallery will allow you to appreciate the myth surrounding automobiles!

There are plenty of impressive automobile collections and various exhibited artifacts.

Aside from that, there are usually cultural and corporate events that are always held here.

Alternatively, while you’re seeing this history less interesting, you can simply opt to see through their various celebrations.

Except you decide not to visit The Automobile Gallery during your vacation to Green Bay, you can’t leave this city less happy!

Please note that about $10 is the admission fee and there are enough parking spaces available for visitors.

Operation hour varies, but then, it is usually between 10 am to 5 pm except on weekends, which usually closes at 4 pm.

Regardless of that period or day, you plan to visit Green Bay. Be sure to check out The Automobile Gallery!

Address: 400 S Adams St, Green Bay, WI 54301, United States.

7. Badger State Brewing Company

Badger State Brewing Company in Green Bay

Image: Badger State Brewing Company

Being a tourist isn’t an act of jampacking your itinerary, it goes beyond that!

A tourist is someone who took reasonable measures to explore fun places, and nevertheless, creates some indelible scenes.

Thinking of how to create indelible scenes for yourself while you visit Green Bay? That’s absolutely easy!

After all, learning alone makes things appear boring!

The best way you can bring yourself into the exploration and create the best scenes for yourself is to include Badger State Brewing Company in your travel plan.

Badger State Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery industry in Green Bay with tasty and sweet bears.

Visitors are permitted to dine-in, kerbside pickup is also available and whichever you go for, you’d certainly enjoy it!

The beer variety in this beautiful city of Wisconsin is great for groups of people.

During your trip here, you’d not only leave with positive reviews, but with a total sense of satisfaction!

There are also several TVs which make it fun if you are watching football throughout the day.

Incredibly, this awesome attraction also has a game house that is open to all visitors.

If, in reality, none of these appear to be interesting to you, there are also a few IPAs that are delicious.

You can’t be here and experience boredom. Everything in the place is apparently great and impressive!

Although there are few restaurants in sight, then, regardless of that drawback, you’d surely enjoy yourself if you visit.

Address: 990 Tony Canadeo Run, Green Bay, WI 54304, United States.

8. Neville Public Museum

Neville Public Museum in Green Bay

Image: Neville Public Museum

Here comes Neville Public Museum on our list of best and fun things to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

This museum is not strictly a museum where visitors get to learn about the history of the aboriginal settlers.

Essentially, it is an amazing place in Green Bay that is dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Wisconsin.

They are accredited cultural museums of Green Bay that champion culture, science, and art.

Evidently, beyond being a fun destination, there are several things every visitor will learn in this lovely place.

The best part of this invaluable location is that it seeks to bridge the multi-generational regional communities through engaging exhibits and dynamic programming.

Ninety-five years of establishment and still great, a must-visit once you are in this city of Wisconsin!

Besides, if you have been wishing to learn about the ice harvesting that occurred in Green Bay, the opportunity to learn that is all available here.

Coming to see this ancient building itself is a worthwhile exploration.

Why then will you decide to omit Neville Public Museum from your itinerary?

No reason could be too good enough to deprive you of the full enjoyment available in Green Bay!

Address: 210 Museum Pl, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

9. Oneida Casino, Green Bay

Oneida Casino in Green Bay

Image: Oneida Casino

Do you love casinos and are willing to visit a casino house during your trip to Green Bay?

Except you are myopic about how fun and enjoyable a casino house is. You’d definitely love to visit such an attraction.

If you would love to visit this kind of attraction during your voyage to Green Bay, Wisconsin, Oneida Casino is a dream come through for you!

This beautiful place offers the best and most fun casino games to visitors and tourists alike.

The best and most commendable attribute of this great attraction that makes them stand out is that the services here are so affordable.

So, why’d you decided to explore other attractions where visors pay more and enjoy less?

Your itinerary is your personal affairs, nonetheless, it is a great sense of smartness to check out Oneida Casino anytime you are in Green Bay.

In addition, there are ice cream joints and a few food trucks. What an attraction!

While you take up the casino, you sip the most chilling ice cream!

No description can perfectly suffice unless you personally plan to check out this place upon your next trip to this great city of Wisconsin.

Address: 2020 Airport Dr, Green Bay, WI 54313, United States.

10. Meyer Theatre

Meyer Theatre in Green Bay

Image: Meyer Theatre

Meyer Theatre is a lovely and historic theater in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Originally, this attraction was known as the Fox Theatre and was reported to have been established in 1929.

It is an impressive structure of Art déco and Spanish Colonial Revival architectural styles that in itself is great to see.

Simply put, Find Meyer Theatre is a venue for the most interesting concerts and events.

Cultural occasions, insightful and fun educational program, you wouldn’t be wrong for coming here!

Seats are recycled in nature, and it is great for visitors who consider staying here for long hours.

Everything is apparently comfortable and convenient in this beautiful attraction of Green Bay!

Great sound, lovely and impressive customer service, interesting shows with beverages and snacks, more than a theater!

Incredibly, visitors can gaze upon the ornate details and the twinkling sky above the seats while they are waiting for your show to begin.

There is also free parking on a deck very close to the theatre and everything is so safe.

If you’re not willing to enjoy the best and fun things while in Green Bay, endeavor to add Meyer Theatre to the list of places you’d visit.

Address: 117 S Washington St, Green Bay, WI 54301, United States.

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11. The Children’s Museum Of Green Bay

The Children's Museum of Green Bay

Image: The Children’s Museum of Green Bay

The beauty of planning a trip is getting for an all-encompassing attraction.

While you are right in this city of Green Bay for a fun and memorable trip, it is incumbent on you to get the best for your kids.

After all, the responsibility of making them happy rests on you.

So, will you love to explore an attraction that is all-encompassing; where you’d find something interesting and your kids would also?

If that is your utmost desire, The Children’s Museum of Green Bay will create the magic.

Well, it’s kids-oriented, nonetheless, the adults have so many things to enjoy here.

Hiking, hiking, or merely walking through this scenery location are a few things that adults could enjoy while on sight.

Meanwhile, kids can explore their large players, take a look at some interesting exhibits that are so insightful, or engage in other similar activities.

No admission fee whatsoever is required, although donations are welcomed.

So, how soon do you plan a trip with your kids to this amazing city of Wisconsin?

Anytime it would be; winter or summer, ensure you bring them over to this beautiful fun place.

Definitely, it is going to be fun for all!

Address: 1230 Bay Beach Rd, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States.

12. Pamperin Park, Green Bay

Pamperin Park in Green Bay

Image: Pamperin Park

Another wonderful and fun place worth exploring during your voyage to Green Bay is Pamperin Park.

Pamperin Park features tranquil rolling hills, wooded areas, and landscaped gardens with a creek, playground, and gazebo to rent.

There is always a reason why this wonderful, fun place is always regarded as the tourist peak of the city.

Evidently, there are tons of best and most fun things every visitor, regardless of their subject of interest, will enjoy here.

The atmosphere is well-pleasing and the tour guide is highly responsive enough to make your trip worthwhile.

That aside, there are food trucks on sight, and plenty of food supplies and regardless of whichever food you’d want, you can’t find it hard here!

Admission is though somewhat pricey, but then, the goal is getting the most fun things, so; the fun outweighs what is payable.

Note that there is also a little outdoor pool in this amazing place and you’d not be required to make any extra fee for that.

While planning a visit, their operating hours are between 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday.

So, is your traveling period during this day of the week?

If it is, remember to add this fun location to your bucket of places you would be visiting during your trip to Green Bay.

Address: 2801 County Road RK, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

13. Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Heritage Hill State Historical Park of Green Bay

Image: Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Learning about the history of the past is one of the greatest deals for an explorer.

After all, the knowledge of history brings what transpired in the past into real-life situations.

Green Bay in Wisconsin isn’t without some form of interesting and fun history.

If you consider learning about this history a priority, Heritage Hill State Historical Park has the most interesting exhibits for you!

This museum was essentially established in 1977 and since its establishment date, it has been so informative.

Exhibits available in this beautiful place include relics and monuments.

Besides, there are equally tons of pictorial and video tape historic documentation.

With all these awesome collections, every visitor coming to Green Bay will appreciate the history of this city at a glance.

That aside, this amazing place also housed a little pool and all are available for free.

What an impressive museum in this city of Wisconsin!

Although, the only drawback of this amazing location is that no food vendor is in sight.

To make the fun worthwhile, we encourage you to come with some goodies and food.

Meanwhile, if you’d be here for a short trip, that wouldn’t be a challenge!

Address: 2640 S Webster Ave, Green Bay, WI 54301, United States.

14. Navarino Antique Mall

Navarino Antique Mall in Green Bay

Image: Navarino Antique Mall

Since history enthusiasts are not left out on our list of best and fun things to do in Green Bay, Lincoln, expectedly, the lovers of antiquities shouldn’t be left out.

Therefore, let us talk about the most expected and fun place for all lovers of antiquities.

Anytime you step into this historic city, do not hesitate to check out Navarino Antique Mall.

Navarino Antique Mall is an antiquity mall with decades of existence.

There are antiquities of various shapes, sizes, colors, and compositions.

Whatever form or kind of antiquities you’d love to get during your trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin, it is always available.

The amazing fact about this top fun attraction is that these works are initiatives from local artisans.

So incredible, right? Yeah, it is! Only a visit to this awesome place can justify this!

Of note, these antiquities are less expensive and in most situations, there are offered with great discounts.

As a lover of antiquities, be meticulous enough to prioritize this beautiful and addictive location in your itinerary.

Of a truth, you’d wish to come over and over again after your subsequent visit here!

Address: 913 E Walnut St, Green Bay, WI 54301, United States.

15. Escape Room Wisconsin – Green Bay

Escape Room Wisconsin - Green Bay

Image: Escape Room Wisconsin – Green Bay

Do you want something more challenging yet fun during your trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin?

Escape Room Wisconsin – Green Bay is an escape house in this tourist-oriented city with over two decades of existence.

Basically, visitors are given puzzles to solve, alone or with friends and it is always so fun and memorable.

Aside from the fact that solving puzzles and other related activities are tasking and challenging, they are so fun and interesting.

Even if you have never been to an escape house, a visit here will create a worthwhile experience.

Meanwhile, if as a visitor you derive some pleasure seeing a cinema, you can get that done here!

You definitely will have options of what to do regardless of the fact that you’d pay relatively so low.

Truly, Escape Room Wisconsin – Green Bay is more than an escape room.

It is an attraction that ought to be visited by any person who desires to be addressed as adventurous.

Thus, we recommend you come on board here to spend two or three hours during your trip to this lovely city of Wisconsin.

If you would be visiting this fun place, make an effort to come with your friends and associates.

This is because it is most fun when explored as a group. Nonetheless, you would pair up with teammates if you wouldn’t here with your friends.

So, that wouldn’t be an issue to deprive you of visiting!

Address: 985 Centennial St, Green Bay, WI 54304, United States.

16. Farmer’s Market On Broadway

Green Bay Farmer's Market on Broadway

Image: Farmer’s Market on Broadway

As distinct to what majority of visitors do believe that the farmers’ market is only a place where goods are gotten, absolutely that’s very wrong!

It’s not about the nomenclature. Farmer’s Market on Broadway is equally an amazing and fun thing.

Are you thinking of how and why a farmer’s market could be fun?

Definitely, we can’t leave you curious without coming through!

This amazing location host series of historic events and has an in-house bar overall, taking a walk alone in this ancient place is in itself a great deal.

Incredibly, this amazing location is one of Wisconsin’s largest farmers’ markets.

Over 150 vendors sell produce, and handmade goods and they are obviously of the best qualities.

If perhaps you derive greater pleasure in getting some chilled ice cream to yourself, you will get that aplenty here.

On the other hand, if you love to eat cake, chocolates, drink juice or get nice vegetables, you are on the right path to coming here.

Obviously, there isn’t anything expected of a farmer’s market that is missing out here.

It is indeed a modern farmer’s market with modern and great things that are so fun.

As of now, they open mainly on Wednesdays, therefore, if you’d be available in Green Bay, Wisconsin during these days, a visit here will be cool!

Address: 163 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

17. Glide N.E.W. – Segway The Fox Tours

Glide N.E.W. - Segway the Fox Tours in Green Bay

Image: Glide N.E.W. – Segway the Fox Tours

Glide N.E.W. – Segway the Fox Tours is a tourist attraction in Green Bay that is fun, amazing, and worthy of checking out.

What they offer tourist here is simply the best Segway tours in Wisconsin.

Their tours are so great for families or individuals.

While on board in this part of Green Bay, you will enjoy your glide along and over the Fox River as you explore downtown Green Bay.

Besides, every visitor will equally be able to view the historic and scenic places around the city.

While making plans to come to visit this lovely city of Wisconsin, come over here to enjoy the best Segway tours in Wisconsin.

In fact, if you’ve not experienced a Segway tour earlier, it is something you’d greatly love after your next visit here.

Coaches are available, advisors are on standby and to crown it all, the admission fee is absolutely flexible.

However, note that parking is somewhat tricky during the weekend.

This is due to the overwhelming population of visitors coming over to this remarkable place.

Except for that little hitch, you’d definitely enjoy this impressive place of Green Bay.

Be sure to create two hours of your schedule to visit during your trip to this city in Wisconsin.

Address: 200 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

18. Prohibition Spirits And Cigar Lounge

Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge

Image: Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge

Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge is for lovers of cigars and spirits.

As long as that’s where your point of interest lies, Green Bay will be habitable dot you.

Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge offers a relaxing lounge where visitors can enjoy a smoke and drink with friends.

Premium spirits bar where every visitor can sample some of the best bourbons and scotches is no other place than this lovely spot.

They care to create an awesome experience for first-time visits or regular visitors.

In fact, if you aren’t a cigar smoker, you will still enjoy coming here for a drink and other amazing offerings.

The tour guide will not do less to assist every visitor with cigar choice.

And of course, if you are a rookie, they will surely make you feel welcome.

Great drinks and a clean environment, leather couches are elegant and comfortable. Evidently, here is a fun place to visit!

A nice and chill environment with lots of places to sit. Also, great selection of bourbon and whiskey.

No description is perfect to give a concise and apt description of this lovely place.

Indeed, a must-visit for every cigar lover and admirer coming to Green Bay!

Address: 159 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

19. Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Image: Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley is as well a fun place like other attractions earlier recommended.

Of note, this favorite and fun place is a 60-lane bowling center with a full-service bar & restaurant.

There is also a children’s arcade with three different bowling atmospheres.

Adults can come here to explore an array of Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley vacation rentals, including houses, apartments,s and condo rentals.

While adults are into that, the kids can comfortably get on in their arcade zone.

Without any iota of doubt, everyone in sight will surely be on the right path to come here.

Meanwhile, if you’d want an incredible venue for your kid’s birthday party, here is absolutely appropriate!

All these services are inexpensive and, of course, none of their facilities is risky for the kids.

Will you be in Green Bay in a few months’ time? Yes, whichever period you plan to visit, here is an attraction worth being on your travel plan.

Though where to explore is absolutely a personal decision, but then, checking out this place wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Modify your itinerary and include Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley. It’s surely going to be fun!

Address: 2929 Allied St, Green Bay, WI 54304, United States.

20. Foxy Paddler Party Boat

Foxy Paddler Party Boat in Green Bay

Image: Foxy Paddler Party Boat

Foxy Paddler Party Boat is a boat tour agency in Green Bay, Wisconsin, that is also extremely fun.

If as a visitor, you are not too sure of where to begin your exploration in this city of Wisconsin, start here!

By way of an apt description, this attraction is a boat tour agency with beautiful years of existence.

Though not a new initiative, nonetheless, it creates new and interesting experiences always.

It is a 22-passenger 35 Foot Party Pontoon Boat taking tours of the Fox River in downtown Green Bay.

Group tours or seat-by-seat tours with up to 22 passengers are available.

Beyond that, riders can sit at one of the 12 bikes in the pedal station and power the boat’s paddle wheel, relax in the lounge area, or mill around the boat.

Incredible right? Yes, but that’s simply the apt description of this fun place.

It is nonetheless important to state that each visitor is expected to come with their dress.

If, however, you have none, there isn’t anything to worry about!

Yes, all things are available here, and surely, their prices are affordable! Definitely, a trip to this amazing with them will be worthwhile!

Address: 128 Dousman St, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

21. Cup O’ Joy

Cup O' Joy in Green Bay

Image: Cup O’ Joy

Our list of best and fun things absolutely captured interesting places in Green Bay, but then, it appears as if something is left out!

It is never an oversight, lovers of entertainment, here comes your favorite!

If you’d wish to check out an entertaining house where live music is available, Cup O’ Joy is the spot.

Cup O’ Joy will not only entertain visitors with live music but also inspire visitors with ancient lyrics.

Perhaps, here is not sectional, this is because it is a nonalcoholic-free zone.

The whole environment is friendly, and the entrance fee is so affordable.

Note further that restaurants are on sight and their food is equally not expensive.

It is a typical attraction suitable for evening crooners.

Come on to Cup O’ Joy and ease off the whole stress of your exploration, surely it will be worth it.

Note that they operate on Monday – Saturday between 11 am – 6 pm.

They, however, don’t operate on Sundays.

While thinking of what and where to head to on the evening of your weekdays here, Cup O’ Joy in Green Bay is the right option!

Take the move to check them out anytime you are in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Address: 525 N Taylor St, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

22. Duck Creek Golf Center At Green Bay

Duck Creek Golf Center in Green Bay

Image: Duck Creek Golf Center

Duck Creek Golf Center is the home of Green to every golf lover coming to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

It is an impressive golf house that provides an insightful golf course to visitors and inhabitants.

Their courses are elaborate enough to resuscitate your interest in this impressive game.

If, however, you lack interest in taking any of their courses; it isn’t over yet!

Surely it isn’t, you can opt-in to take their 18-hole golf course, which is absolutely awesome.

Their facilities are great and no visitor has ever complained about the conduct of their staff.

Also, players will enjoy the majestic mature trees, scenic views of Duck Creek, and a great layout designed by Michael Hurdzan.

It isn’t about a vague description, you wouldn’t understand how fun this place is unless you visit here.

Parking isn’t tricky, and no extra fee to park your cars while on sight.

Perhaps you might also not be interested in playing these golf games, it isn’t over!

Thinking of how again, definitely, you can decide to unleash dogs, run in their field, or engage in hiking.

You can’t be short of options on the list of fun things to do in Duck Creek Golf Center!

Address: 345 Village Ct, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States.

23. The Bottle Room Of Green Bay

The Bottle Room

Image: The Bottle Room

Do you want to enjoy something different while in Green Bay?

If you would, once you are in Green Bay, endeavor to check out The Bottle Room!

The Bottle Room is a wonderful location in Green Bay that no visitor will find less interesting.

Of note, this awesome place is a nice and addictive bar location that has one of the best and most nice crafted beers.

The bar isn’t new, but everything here is awesome and so beautiful to the extent that it always appears so new to visitors on each visit.

Crafted beers of various flavors are adequately available in this wonderful place.

Evidently, you would be greatly happy and impressed by everything that is being offered in this fun place in Wisconsin.

There isn’t much on a sight food truck, however, food isn’t hard to come by as restaurants are not too far from this location.

It is notwithstanding an amazing and fun place to explore, most especially for the lovers of wine.

If you’d be visiting this attraction of Green Bay, ensure you dress modestly.

Surely, you’d be back with positive reviews after your subsequent trip to this lovely place!

Address: 2300 Lineville Rd Suite 101, Green Bay, WI 54313, United States. 

24. Fonferek Glen County Park, Green Bay

Fonferek Glen County Park

Image: Fonferek Glen County Park

Perhaps your core reason for visitation to Green Bay might be to check out an attraction where you’ll have the best yet paying lesser.

If that is the true position, of course, you would still have the best, regardless of your financial capacity.

Fonferek Glen County Park is a public park in this city of Wisconsin that has so many fun things available for visitors and tourists alike.

This park, which is situated on 74 acres of land, features a 30-foot waterfall.

In fact, it is remarkably acknowledged as one of the most popular parks in Green Bay.

It is a delightful visitor destination that offers varieties of activities for individuals and groups.

Hiking, biking, and zipping are part of the activities that are available in this fun place.

This suggests that this lovely attraction of Green Bay has plenty of fun things to offer tourists.

Regardless of any visitors’ interest, there is something fun for all ages here!

Interestingly, there is also an opportunity for every visitor to swim or unleash their dogs if they come with one.

This is absolutely a plus to the best and fun things every visitor will stand to enjoy during the visit.

While planning a trip to this city of Wisconsin, be sure to extend your exploration to this awesome place.

You will not pay much while enjoying this plenty of fun things. It is certainly affordable!

Address: 2825 Dutchman Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311, United States.

Final Remarks

The fun things to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are not hard to come by.

From cultural hotspots to interesting museums and a great art scene to impressive things to do with nature, your next trip to Green Bay is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Although, narrowing down an itinerary might not be easy considering the several attractions that are available in this city.

To make this uneasy task easier, we have carefully put up 24 best and most fun things you can do during your trip here.

We hope that it would be easier for you to narrow down your itinerary if you make use of our recommendations.

Therefore, get set, pack your loads, and prepare for this wonderful and promising trip to this wonderful city of Wisconsin!

Happy travels.