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18 Best & Fun Things To Do In La Crosse (Wisconsin)

La Crosse is a popular tourist destination and the largest city on Wisconsin’s western border.

It’s known for its parks, lakes, and museum which has made it a haven and paradise for those seeking a relaxing and fun-filled adventure.

Besides, La Crosse is a great vacation hotspot for history lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

And, of course, it’s an ideal getaway for families with its thrilling options that will keep visitors of all ages entertained, engaged, and satisfied.

So, where should you check out while on a trip to La Crosse?

Here are our picks for the 17 best and most fun things to do in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Things To Do In La Crosse

1. Children’s Museum Of La Crosse

Children's Museum, La Crosse

Children’s Museum of La Crosse

Just as Jim DeMint rightly said; One of the greatest titles in the world is a parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.

Meanwhile, to be a mother or father is different from being a mere parent which involves absolute dedication to giving out the best to your kids.

Of the numerous ways, you can give your kids the best is to take them on a vacation to a pleasurable destination while they’re on holiday!

Should you consider a trip to La Crosse, the Children’s Museum of La Crosse has tons of impressive activities that are sure to make your kid’s holiday enjoyable like never before.

Essentially, this museum has a playground, water boats facility, a gift shop plus three floors of hands-on exhibits.

It’s such an attraction that your kids would love to be taken to several times after their subsequent trip because they’ll surely have a blast here.

Not so surprising this children’s entertainment spot has been drawing visitors from far and near cities in the United States ever since it was established in the year 1999.

Do note that, the admission fee to this amusing center is about $15 and you can visit any day between 9 am to 5 pm.

Address: 207 5th Ave S, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

2. Riverside Park

Riverside Park, La Crosse

Explore La Crosse / Riverside Park

If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, tie it to a goal, make plans for vacation & enjoy yourself like never before!

While making plans for your next voyage to La Crosse, Riverside Park has amazing fun activities that will make your trip more enjoyable.

In this delightful place, you can hike, walk or enjoy biking.

Besides, this park organizes entertaining activities such as Riverfest, Oktoberfest, and Moon Tunes among several others.

It’s important to however state that, Riverside Park is not nearly as kid-friendly as other parks in La Crosse.

Notwithstanding, unlike other parks, it is relatively close to downtown. So, having access to nice food and navigating through other lovely attractions wouldn’t be a problem.

Even at that, there’s easy parking, and you’d not be required to pay any admission fee.

If you want something thrilling and enjoyable while in this city of Wisconsin, this fun place is a great option to consider!

Address: 100 State St, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

3. Riverside International Friendship Garden

Riverside International Friendship Garden

Burst / Flickr

Riverside International Friendship Gardens is a landscaped garden in La Crosse with lots of flowers, trees, shrubs, and gazebos.

Opening every day between 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, if you’re in La Crosse, it’s sure you’ll like everything about this park.

From over 500 species of flowers to the presence of a series of birds and the amazing chair that are available around this scenic area, you will certainly enjoy yourself here!

Incredibly, the admission fee to this destination is $9 which is considerably affordable.

If you need a recess or somewhere to take chill while you’re in La Crosse, treat yourself to a stroll through this serenity!

Address: 345-, 405 E Veterans Memorial Dr, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

4. The Best Dam Fishing Float

The Best Dam Fishing Float

Best Dam Fishing Float

As one of the remarkable fishing tour agencies in the United States, the Best Dam Fishing Float is obviously another interesting site in Wisconsin.

Whether it’s your first time fishing or your 1,000th, this adventure will create a renewed fishing experience for you unlike before.

You will be able to catch a couple of big, memorable fish, and that aside, all the locals on the float are apparently friendly.

Even at that, the owner of this initiative and the tour guide are so friendly and act almost like old friends.

So, do you plan on changing the narration of your vacation by engaging in something more pleasurable and delightful?

Absolutely, you will! Therefore, upon your arrival in La Crosse, find time to come and enjoy some thrill at this Best Dam Fishing Float!

Address: The Best Dam Fishing Float, La Crosse, WS.

5. Grandad Bluff

Grandad Bluff

Grandad Bluff

It is common knowledge that spending quality time when in an area surrounded by greenery can increase Hunan’s energy!

If other activities in La Crosse have worn you out, Grandad Bluff Park is a perfect spot to refuel yourself and relax!

Located in the Eastern part of La Crosse, this green space which requires a zero admittance fee is the perfect place to go for enjoyment and an affordable day out!

If you’re up for more sightseeing, hiking, or trailing, you will never be wrong visiting Grandad Bluff!

In fact, for travelers that particularly derive pleasure in horse riding, there’s an opportunity for that here!

This spot operates for a very shorter period during the weekend.

So, we suggest you come during the weekdays or alternatively, come early if you’ll be willing to visit here on weekdays.

There’s plenty of free parking and there are food trucks on sight offering affordable dishes.

Address: Grandad Bluff, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

6. Dahl Auto Museum

Dahl Auto Museum

Dahl Auto Museum

Are you ready to check out something different during your forthcoming trip to La Crosse in Wisconsin?

At Dahl Auto Museum, you’ll have access to over 100 years of automobile history.

Besides, this insightful site will surely throttle you with its series of extensive mascot collections of the cars that are on display.

In case you’ll be visiting this place with your kids, endeavor to allow them to take part in the spectacular Starlite Drive and other educational kids-related activities of the museum.

Aside from being the only museum in the state of Wisconsin dedicated to the preservation of automobile history, this awesome place also has an in-house movie theater.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll spend an hour checking through the exhibits. Afterward, the movie will keep you up for about five additional hours.

Isn’t that so amazing? Absolutely, there’s no better way a museum could be more fun than this!

While still contemplating where to check out during your travel to this downtown, your worry is over. Dahl Auto Museum will be a better option to consider!

Address: 711 3rd St S, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

7. Goose Island County Park

Goose Island County Park, La Crosse

Goose Island County Park

Established in the year 1960, Goose Island County Park is another interesting attraction in La Crosse with lots of entertaining activities.

Part of the fun activities that are here for travelers’ enjoyment includes boat cruising, fishing, and hiking.

More so, Goose Island offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities and its camping ground is also top-notch!

Take note that, although this attraction is family-friendly, nevertheless, it gets so crowded during the weekend.

Meanwhile, regardless of that drawback, it’s still a great spot!

You can simply plan a trip here between Monday to Thursday in order to avoid this challenging issue associated with the exploration of this place.

Bear in mind, happiness is the secret of healthy living, and one of the best ways to be happy is to do what brings happiness.

So, why would you exclude Goose Island County Park from your itinerary when it’s sure to make you happy while on a trip to La Crosse?

There’s apparently no justification for excluding this pleasurable region from your bucket list!

Address: Goose Island County Park, Shelby, WI 54658, USA

8. Antique Center Of La Crosse

Antique Center Of La Crosse

Highsmith / Antique Center Of La Crosse

Antique Center of La Crosse is a well spacious antique store in La Crosse.

It’s a stunning attraction that offers vintage dolls, signs, jewelry, furniture, chandeliers, and vases, among other forms of beautiful antiquities.

With their decorative style and rare holiday collections, you’ll appreciate checking out this antique storehouse!

Little wonder this place has been a favorite spot for most admirers of antiques since 1986, when it was established.

If your itinerary can still accommodate some other exciting places, you need to add this fascinating antique shop to it!

There are also some antiquities that are mildly creepy for the kids and the owner & the entire attendant are so knowledgeable.

Address: 110 3rd St S, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

9. Historic Hixon House Museum

Historic Hixon House Museum

Historic Hixon House Museum

Humans who don’t know history are destined to repeat the flaws of the past. Of course, a man without the knowledge of history is like a man who wakes up with a blank memory! 

Thus, will you love to learn more about the historical antecedent of La Crosse?

Expectedly, you will! That’s considerably great! Historic Hixon House Museum has varieties of exhibits that reflect how the city looks like centuries ago.

This two-story building historic residence has brought a real point of interest to over three million travelers since 1859 when it was commissioned.

In fact, to underscore the importance of this insightful area, it was recognized by the United States as one of the most fun and historic places in 1974.

Except if you’re not so keenly interested in learning about the history of this area in the United States, you definitely have to be here.

In fact, considering its outstanding uniqueness, mere walking around this Italianate architectural building is enough to create awesome and beautiful memories for you.

After all, wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it, and the best form of wisdom is having the knowledge of history.

When next you’re in La Crosse, be diligent enough by having a stop here!

Address: 429 7th St N, La Crosse, WI 54601

10. Copeland Park

Copeland Park, La Crosse

Copeland Park

Since outdoor enthusiasts will have something delightful while in this city sports lovers are not left out!

La Crosse is a city that’s riffed with lots of adventurous activities. Irrespective of your interest, you’ll always find something so enjoyable that will be worth your time.

So, will you love to spend a couple of your time in a sporting stadium during your subsequent trip here?

As much as your response would be a yes, be sure to add Copeland Park to your bucket list!

Popularly known to locals as “The Lumber Yard, ” Copeland Park is a baseball stadium in Wisconsin and the home field of the La Crosse baseball team.

Built-in 2003, this 3,550 stadium stood out among several other stadiums in the state of Wisconsin because sporting activities never seize to take place here irrespective of the season.

Even at that, with just $10.00, you can get yourself a chicken meal while enjoying a live baseball match

Copeland Park is overall an amazing getaway where you wouldn’t have an iota of regret if you visit.

Address: 1130 Copeland Park Dr, La Crosse, WI 54603, United States

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11. Mt. La Crosse Ski Area And Pro Shop

Mt. La Crosse Ski Area And Pro Shop

Mt. La Crosse Ski Area And Pro Shop

Mt. La Crosse Ski Area And Pro Shop offer skiing and snowboarding to visitors and tourists alike.

Since 1959, this recreational attraction has been one of Wisconsin’s longest skiing regions.

Different from its remarkable skiing facilities, it equally has 19 scenic slopes and several beautiful trailing tracks.

Beyond those great attributes, this wonderful place also offers a series of interesting cultural shows which are always entertaining.

If you would prefer to stay overnight or for more than a day, there’s equally an accessible lodge that is inexpensive.

Skiing in this area cost $56 for a day, inclusive of all the packages.

However, if you’ll be willing to stay for a shorter period, you will only pay about $25, which is apparently fair.

Address: Old Town Hall Rd, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

12. La Crosse Public Library

La Crosse Public Library

La Crosse Public Library

Do you love to read interesting, educational, and resourceful books during your voyage to La Crosse in Wisconsin?

La Crosse Public Library has amazing and interesting book collections that you’ll appreciate!

The library has over 245,000 volumes of books, making it rank as a third-tier standard public library in the United States.

In fact, to corroborate this wonderful recognition, this place was recognized in the year 2005 as being one of the most digitalized libraries in the United States.

Different from all that, another attribute worthy of mentioning of this library is the availability of varieties of children’s collections.

Out of its total volume of books collection, over 10,000 books are strictly under the kid’s category, which is undoubtedly great.

Unlike what’s obtainable elsewhere, this library has a few amazing collections for all categories of visitors!

Although, the major drawback of this public library is that the entrance fee is a bit costly. Nonetheless, the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the collection far outweigh this minor gripe!

If you’d not be too busy while on a voyage here, checking out this top-notch catalog and archives would be worthwhile!

Address: 800 Main St, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

13. Pettibone Park

Pettibone Park

Schaefer / Miles

One day, your life will flash before your eyes; make sure those flashbacks are what bring happiness to you!

Consider the fact that you can never have an interesting moment sitting all day in your room! Of course, you can only create memories when you embark on vacation!

Since you’re already making plans to embark on an adventurous trip to La Crosse, a visit to Pettibone Park will create pages of interesting moments for you like never before!

Precisely, Pettibone Park is a public park on Barron Island in La Crosse that was founded by Albert Pettibone in 1901.

Recreational activities that you can enjoy on this Island attraction include trailing, walking, fishing, a beach cruiser, and golfing.

If you’re willing to spare an hour or more, it’ll be cool to see this wonderful location.

Address: 700 N Pettibone Dr, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

14. Cameron Farmers Market

Cameron Farmers Market

The Cameron Farmers Market

Cameron Farmers Market is an open space market area that has been serving the state of Wisconsin and its neighboring cities for over a decade of its existence.

If you’ll love to have nice cakes, fresh farm produce, butter, bread, ice cream, or pizza, you need to check out this market!

Of note, this open area is not a typical usual market. This is because it’s only open three days a week, which are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

You can come to spend 30 minutes or more here if your visitation period to this city in Wisconsin falls on any of these days.

Beyond the fresh food available here at affordable prices, this arena is also a perfect place to get hand-crafted art in La Crosse.

Perhaps you might be a cultural enthusiast, but the series of cultural activities here are also great! You’ll be on the right path to visiting this market!

Obviously, the good qualities of this amazing place aren’t exhaustible, only a visit will certainly suffice!

Address: 4th St S, La Crosse, WI 54601, USA

15. Myrick Park Center

Myrick Park Center

Myrick Park Center

The Myrick Park Center is another interesting destination in this city of Wisconsin.

Essentially, this park showcases La Crosse’s bluff lands, woodlands, wetlands, and native prairies.

Unlike other parks in this city, this nature preserve has tons of animals and beautiful plantations that are sure to create insightful moments for you during your vacation.

Even for the kids, there’s a playground and a series of imaginative structures that are so awesome.

Take note that there’s also a picnic area and an open space that’s suitable for a large gathering of visitors, and the entrance fee is relatively low!

Typically, you’ll only spend 45 minutes navigating through this area. Nonetheless, you’ll have loads of beautiful moments to flashback to afterward!

Address: 789 Myrick Park Dr, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

16. The Upper Hixon Forrest Park

Upper Hixon Forrest Park

Upper Hixon Forrest Park

Upper Hixon Forrest Park is a natural area known for its hiking & mountain-biking trails, together with its most amazing scenic lookouts.

This impressive location is a sprawling entity, with multiple trails that are divided into subsections with each of its sessions for a particular skill level.

That presupposes that, no matter how unskillful you’re in hiking, bicycling, or tailing, there’s a session for everyone here, even if you’re an amateur.

To complement that, the staff appears so friendly and they always act in a pleasant manner.

Equally worthy of note about this attraction is that, unlike other trailing grounds in La Crosse, Upper Hixon isn’t always crowded.

In fact, the beautiful trees planted on every side of this hiking path make it so beautiful to navigate! It’s just so imaginable and quite awesome!

Address: 800 Milson Ct, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

17. La Crosse Segway Tours

La Crosse Segway Tours

La Crosse Segway Tours

Vacations are the only adventurous way of learning something new!

With the existence of La Crosse Segway Tours, you’ll never be on a voyage to Wisconsin without enjoying your trip.

La Crosse Segway offers Segway tours to travelers and tourists between 9 am to 6 pm on Monday through Thursday.

Beautifully, the Segway facilities are in good condition and the tour facilitators are exceptionally friendly.

Even while enjoying this amazing adventure, these tour guides are always in the habit of telling the most notable history of this wonderful city in Wisconsin.

With this exceptional treat in this pleasurable attraction, you only have to pay $14 as the ticket fee.

Meanwhile, take notice that this is not a typical kids-friendly attraction so, it’s not advisable to bring your kids while coming.

Address: Next To Duluth Trading, 400 Main St Suite 102, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

18. The Great Escape Of La Crosse

The Great Escape Of La Crosse

The Great Escape Of La Crosse

Do you love to solve puzzles and enjoy yourself like never before while in La Crosse?

If you would, activities at The Great Escape of La Crosse will definitely surpass your expectations!

Known for its immersive Escape Room experience with interactive themed puzzle games, this site is a dream come true for all puzzle lovers.

Once you’re here, you and your teammates will be in a theme house in search of secret passageways, hidden compartments, and clues in order to escape.

It may appear tough at the beginning. Nevertheless, it’s always pleasurable at the end!

The Great Escape of La Crosse is just like a hybrid of a scavenger hunt. Absolutely amazing!

So, do you have what it takes to escape and be a puzzle champion?

If you do, ensure to spend a couple of minutes in this recreational center.

Don’t forget, you only have one life, so create some wonderful memories out of it!

Address: 203 4th St S, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

Final Remarks

La Crosse undoubtedly is an amazing vacation destination.

From its numerous parks to museums and other adventurous sites, it’s sure you’ll have an amazing traveling experience here.

So, the wait is over! Stand up, book your flight, and come to enjoy the best this city has to offer.

However, ensure you narrow down your itinerary with the recommendations proffered herein.

We wish you a safe trip in advance!