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15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Appleton (Wisconsin)

Appleton is a beautiful city with lots of fun things for travelers of all ages.

From its award-winning shopping mall to a series of parks and beaches, you can never be short of amazing things to explore in this city.

Whether you want a family-friendly attraction, that’s suitable for a holiday vacation or a refined trip, you’ll never be wrong in choosing Appleton as your next vacation destination.

So, in order to ensure you have a smooth vacation experience, we’ve compiled 15 best attractions that will be worth your time upon your arrival.

Shall we begin? Let us discuss the best and most fun things to do in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Things To Do In Appleton

1. Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

A top way to enjoy your vacation in Appleton is to check out Fox Cities Performing Arts Center upon your arrival in this city.

Mostly called ‘the PAC’ by the locals, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is a performing arts theater in downtown Appleton.

Established on 25th November 2002, this 2,100-seating theater is a must-visit for every fun-seeker.

Interesting performances that take place here include Boldt Arts Alive! series, the Fox Cities series, the Fox Valley Symphony, the Thrivent Education Series, and a host of others.

Remarkably, the Wisconsin edition of the Broadway blockbuster Disney also known as ‘The Lion King, is usually held here.

Another interesting attribute that makes this movie house outstanding is the fact that the seats are recycled. No matter how long you might have been sited, you’ll b never feel tired or encounter any pain.

Even at that, the ticket fee is considerably low and there are lots of vendors of offer a nice menu list at inexpensive prices.

There’s also a little shop adjacent to this movie house that’s always ready to serve every visitor a nice coffee during the intermission period.

Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton is overall a nice attraction worth checking out if you’re traveling around Wisconsin.

Don’t forget, time doesn’t wait for no man, no matter the challenging situation, every time is worth sending well.

Certainly, if you’re in Appleton, you’ll enjoy every minute spent at Fox Cities Performing Arts Center!

Address: 400 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

2. Hearthstone Historic House Museum

Hearthstone Historic House Museum

Hearthstone Historic House Museum

To know one’s origin is to have adequate knowledge of history. Outrightly, those who fail to study history are like a tree that continually grows without a root!

Since you’ll be vacationing in Appleton, don’t you think it is worth knowing the history of this city?

Definitely, it will be worth it. After all, the state of Wisconsin is the eighth most extensive city in the United States and there’s no how you can have a glimpse history of this state without due reference to Appleton!

Upon your arrival here, Hearthstone Historic House Museum has lots of insightful exhibits in form of artifacts, photographs, and monuments that illustrate the history of this city hundreds of years ago.

In fact, aside from its historical relevance, this site is remarkably the first private landmark in the whole world to be illuminated through the usage of hydroelectricity from the ‘central Edison system.

Other than that, this informative attraction still contains the real light switches, Edison electroliers, and some of the original Edison wirings in situ (untampered with).

Even if you aren’t a history buff, you’ll love the beauty of its excellent Queen Anne Victorian architectural design. It’s so thoughtful!

Obviously, beyond its historical relevance, there’s quite a lot to be learned and admired in this destination of Appleton!

Not so surprisingly, this entertaining spot was acknowledged on the 2nd of December 1974 as one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in the United States.

To top it all, the admittance fee to the Hearthstone Historic House Museum in Appleton is totally free!

If you’re traveling around Wisconsin, an effort to be here will surely be worth it!

Address: 625 W Prospect Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

3. The Atlas Science Center Center

Atlas Science Center Center

The Atlas Science Center Center

Atlas Science Center Center is another top museum in Appleton with pleasurable things to explore for all categories of travelers.

Formally known as Paper Discovery Center, this destination in Appleton strives to promote life-long informal learning and creates environments where technology, science, arts, and engineering flourish.

This insightful sure celebrates diversity in lifestyle, language, and culture.

Its core belief is that education is an essential key to a productive and healthy life.

In addition, through the series of educative and entertaining programs that are usually held here, this awesome initiative strives to ensure the mentality shift of every traveler from “it can never be possible” to, “wow! everything is possible”.

If you are in Appleton and you want an attraction where you’ll not only have fun but equally learn so many things that make up the contemporary era, don’t hesitate to have a stop here when next you’re on a vacation to this downtown.

After all, irrespective of your age, whether fifteen or seventy, if you stop learning, you’ll stop growing!

Amazingly, this museum isn’t for profit maximization purposes, it’s to imbibe learning! Therefore, you’ll not pay any admission fee before you’ll enjoy the best this spot has to offer. So great!

Note that this attraction isn’t in operation on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Meanwhile, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, its period of operation is between 11:00 AM through 4:00 PM.

While coming, bear in mind that this museum isn’t a typical attraction with restaurants, so, if you plan to spend a couple of hours here, endeavor to come with some snacks and a bottle of water.

Address: 425 W Water St, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

4. Bubolz Nature Preserve

Bubolz Nature Preserve

Bubolz Nature Preserve

Whether you’re a mature or history enthusiast, you’ll never be short of the best and most fun things to explore anytime you’re in Appleton.

So, are you a nature enthusiast and will love to check out a nature preserve site when next you’re on a voyage to this city of Wisconsin?

If you are, Bubolz Nature Preserve has lots of awesome things that will be worth your time, whether your period of visitation falls during the summer or winter period.

With over eight miles of trails, this fun area in Appleton offers every tourist all-year-round access to nature.

The trail systems available here feature five trail options for walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

In fact, other than that, this beautiful site equally organizes several informative programs targeted at inspiring inhabitants and travelers alike on the need to appreciate nature.

The awesome blend of habitats available in this attraction unequivocally also allows this preserve to be such an interesting natural habitat that its importance can never be overlooked in the state of Wisconsin.

Producing a diverse array of fauna and flora, this attraction is just too loaded to be excluded from your itinerary if you’re traveling to Appleton.

Although pets aren’t allowed in the Bubolz Nature Preserve. Nevertheless, it is kids friendly because there’s a large playground where kids of diverse interests will have a nice time.

If you’ll be here, be sure to come early as parking might be tricky when it’s noon! With the exception of Monday, you can plan your visitation here any day of the week!

Address: 4815 N Lynndale Dr, Appleton, WI 54913, United States

5. Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium

Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium

Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium

The Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium is a baseball park stadium in Grand Chute, Appleton.

It is mainly used for baseball, and it is the home base of Midwest League Minor League Baseball that’s affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers.

If you love sports and you’ll love to enjoy yourself in a sporting complex anytime you’re in Wisconsin, Midwest League Minor League Baseball is for you!

Beyond its sporting activities, this stadium also hosts a series of musical concerts periodically.

For instance, the most entertaining “NCAA Division III College World Series” has been held here several times.

Having a capacity of 5,900 people, this museum was built in 1995 and also features hiking trails and a children’s play site.

Evidently, Midwest League Minor League Baseball is much more than a regular basketball stadium. There’s a little bit of something interesting for various interests.

The entire seats are in the best condition, the locals available on this sports complex are well mannered and so friendly. In fact, there are lots of vendors with good menu options.

Similarly to that, if you’re in Midwest League Minor League Baseball, you’re quite sure of having the best wine without you having to step out of the complex.

This site is overall an awesome destination worth spending two hours or more, you’ll love everything that’s available here!

Interestingly, this sporting area opens all days of the week and in all seasons. So, regardless of when your period of visitation falls, you’re sure of having an enjoyable moment here!

Address: 2400 N Casaloma Dr, Appleton, WI 54913, United States

6. Plamann Park

Plamann Park

Plamann Park

If you want an all-inclusive fun attraction, look no further. Plamann Park offers several recreational activities for travelers of various interests.

Essentially, Plamann Park is a big park in Appleton, Wisconsin that features a 27-hole disc-golf course, a lake beach, a kids’ farm, sports fields, and picnic areas.

Whether you’re a professional golfer, beach lover, sports enthusiast, or fun-seeker looking for a scenery site to enjoy some quiet moments, you will never be wrong to visit this park!

Opening 7:00 AM through 10:00 PM every day, Plamann Park is just an addictive area that no outdoor thriller will be willing to leave on time because of its loads of recreational amenities.

The tour guides are so exceptional in their interactions with tourists. They are not only knowledgeable, but they’re also equally fun and ensure every traveler feels comfortable while on site.

Despite these unique attributes, the cost of admittance here is relatively low! While in most circumstances, kids aren’t required to pay any cost for admission, adults pay less than $20, which is quite impressive.

Should Appleton be your next vacation destination, relax, Plamann Park will certainly give you the best vacation experience!

Address: 1375 E Broadway Dr, Appleton, WI 54913, United States

7. Appleton Farmer’s Market

Appleton Farmer's Market

Appleton Farmer’s Market

Just as Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, who was an erstwhile political figure, and American diplomat rightly said; “the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”

So, do you care to have a newer vacation experience when next you’re on a trip to Appleton in the state of Wisconsin?

Once you arrive in Appleton, amongst the top sites that’ll give you a newer vacation experience is this downtown Appleton Farmer’s Market.

Are you having a thoughtful reflection as to why a market area could be a top fun destination?

Relax, it’s normal to be naïve, it’s normal to be myopic, but then it’s never normal to dwell in ignorance!

Appleton Farmer’s Market offers the most insightful cultural presentations, and concerts. So, beyond its usual fresh farm produce, you’re sure of having an unquantifiable fun moment through its series of cultural presentations.

If you’re vacationing in this city on Saturday between 8:00 AM through 12:30 PM on Saturday, which is their usual operation hour in this market, don’t be hesitant to spend an hour or more here.

Every time spent here will certainly be memorable and highly fun!

Address: 10 S Oneida St, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

8. Fox Trot Trail

Fox Trot Trail, Appleton

Fox Trot Trail

The Fox Trot Trail is a scenic and self-guided two-mile loop in Appleton’s Downtown.

If you love hiking or bicycling, ensure Fox Trot Trail isn’t missing from your travel plan!

It is an awesome site where you’ll not only enjoy the adventure, you’ll also enjoy the highlights of some of Appleton’s rich history and it is always pleasurable.

Contrary to what every adventurer will expect, this beautiful area doesn’t have any bridges, steep hills, or obstacles.

So, there’s absolutely no drawback to your enjoyment if you’re on a visit to Fox Trot Trail!

In fact, the tour guides act like old friends to every traveler. Whether you’re of high skill level or just want to experience how enjoyable hiking or bicycling is, these sets of guides device an inclusive approach that’ll make it fun for everyone!

How about the little ones that are coming with their parents? Kids too aren’t left out of the best and most fun things in this lovely spot!

There’s a gazebo and a large play spot for children of various ages. Apparently, Fox Trot Trail is more than a hiking trail, it offers a hit of something entertaining to everyone!

If you’re still yet to decide on a family-friendly attraction to include in your travel itinerary, Fox Trot Trail is a perfect fit!

Although, quite unfortunate that there’s no food vendor on site, nevertheless, you can’t regret spending a couple of minutes here if you’re in Appleton.

Address: 318 East Franklin Street, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

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9. The Trout Museum of Art

The Trout Museum of Art, Appleton

The Trout Museum of Art

As one of Wisconsin’s premier spaces for visual arts, The Trout Museum of Art is another interesting site in Appleton.

It’s an art museum that house lots of artistic works in form of sculptures, painting, and photographs.

Similarly to that, The Trout Museum of Art also features exhibitions of national, regional, and international visual art.

This lovely destination also presents several educational programs, jazz performances, special events, and more.

An attribute that distinguishes this region from its contemporary is the presence of rotating exhibitions.

They offer exhibits that change every season, time, and year. That suggests that, if you’re on a vacation here a hundred times, you’ll always get a newer vacation experience which is so great!

This isn’t a large museum, but every time you’ll spend here will certainly be golden, you’ll not have anything less fun!

Other than that, the various exhibits have a clearer inscriptions on them which makes it quite either for visitors to identify them.

The admission fee to this artistically interesting museum is so affordable. While adults pay about $15, kids and senior citizens pay lesser.

Don’t forget what Robert L. Peters once said: “design creates culture. Culture shapes values and values determine the future.”

Certainly, you’ll have a blast here at The Trout Museum of Art!

Address: 111 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

10. Appleton Memorial Park

Appleton Memorial Park

Appleton Memorial Park

Located between Ballard Road and Meade Street on the northern side of Appleton, Appleton Memorial Park is another amazing tourist attraction in Wisconsin.

This public park covers about 139 acres of land and offers several recreational activities for every fun-seeker.

Being the largest and the most diverse park in the state of Wisconsin, its facilities include a baseball and softball field, Family Ice Center, an amphitheater, Scheig Center, a fishing pond, and more.

There are also three playgrounds in this memorial park designed for children of all abilities.

In fact, its flower garden is an added bonus to every admirer of nature. Appleton Memorial Park apparently features several awesome things!

In addition, this lovely attraction is also dog friendly and there are lots of parking areas on both sides of the park.

After your subsequent vacation to this lovely spot, it’s certain you’ll come back with lots of positive reviews about this wonderful attraction.

So, as beautiful as this park is, why wouldn’t you include it in your travel plan? Whatever the excuse may be, such an attraction with a bit of something fun for everyone shouldn’t be off your itinerary!

While coming, bear in mind that this ark is open until 11:00 PM.

Address: 1620 E Witzke Blvd, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

11. Appleton Historical Society Museum And Resource Center

Appleton Historical Society Museum and Resource Center

Appleton Historical Society Museum and Resource Center

If you’ll not be visiting Hearthstone Historic House Museum, Appleton Historical Society Museum and Resource Center is another historic site in this city of Wisconsin with lots of informative exhibits.

These exhibits don’t only reflect the history of the city of Appleton; they also capture notable interesting historical occurrences in the state of Wisconsin and the United States at large.

No doubt, time spent learning history is never a waste. After all, the knowledge of history is a veritable tool in knowing how the future was years back and how to avoid the shortfall of early inhabitants.

Anytime you’re traveling around Appleton, if you’re not so occupied, endeavor to have a stop here.

You’ll love this figurine and the inscriptions on them! Even if they appear imprecise, the tour guides are on site to make necessary clarifications!

Do note that this museum is only open four days a week. On Thursday through Friday, it’s open between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. On Saturday, its hours of operation are between 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM; this attraction does not operate on other days of the week.

Besides, there’s no admission fee before you can explore these beautiful and informative exhibits!

Address: 128 N Durkee St, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

12. Outagamie County Pet Exercise Area, Appleton, WI

Outagamie County Pet Exercise Area

Outagamie County Pet Exercise Area

Wealth can buy you fine pets, but only love, and adequate care can make such a pet wag his tail!

Pets are not human’s whole life, but they sometimes make living a whole.

Among the various animals, the dog is the only one that can love you more than it’ll love itself!

Do you have any plans for your pets ahead of your next vacation to Appleton in Wisconsin?

If you don’t, you don’t have to feel bad about that. Just endeavor you embark on this visitation with your pet; Outagamie County Pet Exercise Area, Appleton, WI, will take care of the rest!

Here, the pet play space is divided into several exercise areas to allow travelers to choose the best area that’ll be suitable for their respective pets.

In addition, this 5-acre open space area is designed in a region with many nature trails, which wouldn’t do less to make your pets happy while having a nice time.

Although, this terrain is basically designated off-leash. Meanwhile, visitors are expected to keep their pets on a lead anytime they’re traveling within the enclosures as well as in every area of the park that is not categorized as off-leash sections.

In addition to that, every tourist can carry a leash while coming in case of an emergency.

On a final note, you’re expected to do proper vaccinations and acquire a license for every dog you bring here.

For a day with your pets at the park, you’ll never forget!

Address: 2830 French Rd, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

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13. Escape Room Appleton – Wisconsin

Escape Room Appleton - Wisconsin

Escape Room Appleton – Wisconsin

In the early 1950s, something mysterious happened in Appleton, Escape Room Appleton – Wisconsin was established.

Subsequently, a seemingly ordinary citizen was usually found dead in a scary room.

Without any bad motive, no clue, no suspects, and in fact, he wasn’t without a gun!

Since the law enforcement agency doesn’t have any clue about this mysterious occurrence, do you have what it takes to unravel this mystery?

That’s just so paradoxical. Escape Room Appleton – Wisconsin is just so fun, it’s painted in white and black with a very scary atmosphere.

Either alone or together with your teammate, you all will be in a scary room, to find clues, solve puzzles and find solutions to mysterious fiction.

If you have what it takes to escape, upon your arrival in Appleton, come and test your skill, it will be fun!

Although it’s somehow scary considering the settings, design, and the entire ambiance, nonetheless, once you escape, you’ll love the moment.

With the exception of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, this attraction is open to the public up to 9:30 pm and the entrance fee is inexpensive.

Pursuant to that, take notice that there are no on-site restaurants. But then, there is a gift and snacks store.

If you are coming, do note that, because of the scary nature of this attraction, it may be unsettling for the little ones.

Therefore, it’s advisable you consider other attractions herein if you’re coming to this downtown with your little children.

Address: 2701 N Oneida St, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

14. Building For Kids

Building for Kids

Building for Kids

Only a true parent will prioritize his or her kid’s happiness over anything else! No doubt, whatever you give your kids is what they’ll remember when you’re no more!

But then, golden toys, sweet candies, chocolates, and a host of other perishable items might get lost, or destroyed within a shorter time.

Therefore, you need to ensure you give your kids something sustainable!

If you would, consider making their next summer vacation more memorable than ever before.

Impressively, Building for Kids in Appleton is dedicated to the kids! Unlike in other cities where you’ll hardly see any attraction that’s mainly for the kids, this city of Wisconsin is exceptional!

At Building for Kids, their core mission is to boast discovery and build resilience through intergenerational play-based learning and exploration of the arts, sciences, and humanities.

For the sake of your kids, anytime you’re traveling around Appleton, consider having a stop here.

Importantly, there’s no admission fee to explore this gum site, and it’s suitable for kids of 7 years and under.

Address: 100 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

15. The Cleo’s Cocktail Lounge

Cleo's Cocktail Lounge

The Cleo’s Cocktail Lounge

Cleo’s Cocktail Lounge offers premium beverages, wines, and an awesome menu of Mezze-style dishes, including the signature of Turkish Delight at affordable prices.

If you love beers and you’re on a vacation to Appleton in Wisconsin, this seductive and intimate space oozes all the amazing flavors you’ll expect from a bar house!

Opening 3:00 PM till down, Cleo’s Cocktail Lounge equally offers amazing pizza, and the attendant and the entire staff are so friendly.

If you love to prioritize your enjoyment over anything, whenever you’re in Appleton, be sure to come here for some moments of enjoyment!

Address: 203 W College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911, United States

Final Remarks

Now that you have seen that Appleton features lots of amazing attractions, when do you plan your vacation to this downtown?

Whenever it’ll be, whether summer or winter period, it’s certain you’ll have a blast in this beautiful city.

Meanwhile, do ensure you narrow down your itinerary using our above recommendations.

Safe Trip!