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26 Best Restaurants in Ocean City Maryland You Must Try

Whether you are stepping out in the evening or off the beach, Ocean City restaurants are ready for you. This city is perfect to satisfy your cravings, diet, and budget.

If you can have lists of what to see or do in Ocean City, then why can’t you have the lists of restaurants in Ocean City, MD?

I’m very sure you will love all of our dining lists. Just so you know, Ocean city’s culinary scene has really improved, with new restaurants and experienced chefs who use locally sourced ingredients.

Even if you crave fresh salad, high-quality steaks, or hand-tossed pizza, you will find an excellent restaurant in Ocean City to satisfy your cravings.

Therefore, here is a list of the best restaurants in Ocean City to visit.

Best Restaurants In Ocean City, Maryland

1. Hobbit Restaurant

Restaurants In Ocean City

Joyce Mohrer / Flickr

Looking for one of the most picturesque views, a simple, comfortable world of dining excellence, sleek and classy? then Hobbit Restaurant in Ocean city should be where you should step into.

The Hobbit Restaurant, founded in 1977, its original location was a cozy white beach house on 82nd Street and Coastal Highway.

Also, the food at the Hobbit is exceptional, with quick service and fantastic staff. The menu is outstanding, and difficult to limit oneself to a meal.

Every seat has a beautiful view of the bay and the spectacular sunset. If you dine here, you must go before sundown because the sight is exquisite.

Most importantly, the beautiful views of the Assawoman Bay Bridge and the St. Martin River Bridge are very gorgeous.

The swordfish corn and asparagus are a die-for, and the duck and filet mignon are highly recommended. Moreso the creme brulé is fantastic, also the pork chop is huge and the short ribs is tender.

You’re missing out if you don’t eat in Hobbit Restaurant in Ocean City, while in or around this part of Maryland.

Plan a visit to Hobbit Restaurant every day from 5 PM – 10 PM.

Note: The restaurant is temporarily closed for the season until March 29th, 2023. You should therefore check out the website before planning a trip.

Address: 121 81st St H 101, Ocean City, MD 21842.

2. Hooked

Restaurants In Ocean City


Just as its name implies, this well-kept secret place in the heart of Ocean city will get you hooked multiple times, and you will continue to go back.

However, this Indian River seafood company was founded in 2010 by Hagen and Kevin Frey with its first restaurant “Off The Hook” in Bethany Beach, this summer Ocean city’s Hooked follows suit, with its location on 80th street.

With its dining areas on two floors of the building, the colors of National Geographic, Kevin Fleming’s photograph, Aubre Duncan’s paintings against the wall, and the Delaware artists’ paintings can be seen throughout the two-story building.

Speaking of its menu, the Hooked restaurant in Ocean city has a larger menu than its other company establishments. From the seared scallops, its signature calamari is definitely the best in any of the restaurants in Ocean City.

Furthermore, the restaurant has a variety of signature cocktails, comprising the drink menu, orange-ginger, and peach vodkas which are made in-house.

Even the lemon-rosemary, sangria, and heirloom tomato nectar to complement your meal. Besides, Hooked likewise has a large wine menu than other restaurants in Ocean City, which includes Dogfish head, 16 miles, and old dominion.

In addition, you do not need to rush out after your meal, as the outdoor seating is pleasant, especially given the cool breeze from the ocean in the late afternoon / early evening.

Address: 8033 Coastal Hey, Ocean City, MD 21842.

3. Shotti’s Point Ocean City

Restaurants In Ocean City

Shotti’s Point Ocean City

This list is definitely not complete without mentioning Shotti’s Point Ocean City, known as “Shotti” to close family and friends.

However, while established in 2016 with its unique menu and local vibe to Ocean City, and award-winning wings during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Just so you know, this is such an outstanding and amazing restaurant in Ocean City. The service is top-notch, and the food is absolutely amazing.

Whereas the setting is beautiful, and right alongside the bay is excellent music (not too loud), every single drink and bite of food is absolutely perfect, fresh, bursting with flavor, and cooked to perfection.

Also, the wait staff are perfectly tentative, not too little and not too much, super friendly, and helpful.

Not just a classic diner with a true Ocean City local vibe, Shotti’s Point likewise offers a full bar with liquor, not just beer and wine.

Honestly, this is one of the best restaurants in Ocean City, Maryland with reasonable prices, from the rhino fries to the tacos and pizza.

Visit Shotti’s Point Ocean City daily from 11 AM – 11 PM.

Address: 3505 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

4. Café Mirage

Restaurants In Ocean City

Café Mirage

Want to wake up those taste buds? Then find your way to Café Mirage restaurant in Ocean City, MD, a colorful café with outdoor seating that serves creative American seafood and sandwiches.

With a mix of modern American meals and Caribbean, Café Mirage features local ingredients, homemade recipes, and made-to-order meals.

Sincerely, you can never be disappointed whenever you visit Café Mirage. “Jay,” the owner, always ensures the highest quality of food and service to all his customers.

Consistently excellent food, this is one of the go-to restaurants in Ocean City, for dining in or taking out.

While the restaurant is at the end of a strip mall, the inside is warm and inviting, and the outside patio has lights, flowers and is partially covered.

However, don’t judge this restaurant as being in a shopping center. Everyone is extremely nice and accommodating.

Kid friendly with real food for the kids (not just frozen fried food), with great appetizers. I recommend crab bread, but everything on the menu is wonderful.

Address: 12817 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

5. Blue Fish

Restaurants In Ocean City

Blue Fish

Let no aspect of Japanese cuisine get overlooked. Consider everything: flavors, textures, colors, overall composition, and presentation.

When you crave the freshest and highest quality Japanese food, from sushi to soups and salads, then the Blue Fish restaurant in Ocean City should be your next stop when you are visiting this city.

Hands down the best sushi restaurant in Ocean City, where you can order and eat in their extremely clean dining area, or better still you can order with your pajamas on and go through their drive-through to pick up your meal at your own convenience.

However, the menu has a ton of options including sushi, Chinese, and Thai food, so everyone can always find something they would enjoy.

Fresh sushi/sashimi, expertly prepared noodles and soups, traditional Chinese dishes, and also Japanese specialties.

Speaking of their ingredients, they are always fresh, and the food presentation is top-notch, and not to be compared to.

Considering the fact that Blue Fish formerly used to be a fast food franchise, but now it is now a comfortable and one of the best restaurants in Ocean City for sushi and classic Japanese cuisine.

Address: 9401 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

6. Liquid Assets

Restaurants In Ocean City

Liquid Assets

No doubt, this award-winning Wine & Martini Bar with a wine country bistro cuisine with fresh farm food deserves its name.

A restaurant in Ocean City with a heritage of passion for food and beverage services, which delivers delicious traditional favorites from scratch with local, freshly prepared, highest quality ingredients.

Though the restaurant doesn’t look fancy but trust me, do not judge a book by its cover.

The foods are phenomenal from beginning to end; the desserts are out of this world.

Besides, if you need a restaurant in Ocean City with the best burger and awesome ice cream, find your way to Liquid Assets restaurant in Ocean City, definitely going to love it here.

However, Liquid Assets is a liquor store, a bar, and also a restaurant at the same time. The menu has many options, so everyone will find something that suits their taste buds.

Hence, Liquid Assets restaurant in Ocean city has a great layout, lounge, and bar area, perfect for hanging with family and friends, while enjoying your favorite wine or whiskey.

Visit Liquid Assets daily from 11:30 AM – 11 PM.

Address: 9301 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

7. Delmarva Boil Company

Restaurants In Ocean City

The Delmarva Boil Company

Honestly, if it’s for seafood, low country boil, catering, steamer pots, crab legs, and shrimp, then you should find your way to Delmarva Boil Company restaurant in Ocean City.

Besides, this is a locally owned seafood cuisine and takeout restaurant, which specializes in traditional “Coastal Low country Boils.”

With the mission to provide visitors and locals an opportunity to not just enjoy a meal, but have a memory by hosting their own coastal boil at their homes or event.

Utterly wonderful takeout, easy, efficient, and delicious, A great meal, exactly what you are looking for in a seafood boil.

Also, not to mention the staff are always helpful, friendly and always at your service.

Furthermore, you can book Delmarva Boil Company restaurant in Ocean City for catering events like business trip meetings, bachelor parties, and even birthdays.

Address: 14308 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

8. OC Uptown Eats

Restaurants In Ocean City

OC Uptown Eats

With so many choices of food at the beach, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

However, looking for a great place that tickles your fancy on the beach, OC Uptown Eats is the hidden gem restaurant on the beach in the heart of Ocean City, Maryland.

Definitely, a MUST, if you are at the beach, one of the best restaurants in Ocean city no doubt, absolutely punches above its weight class, is clean, warm, and friendly, and the food is even better.

Also, the regular cheese steak is larger than most places, and it is so juicy and flavorful, you will finish it all.

Not forgetting the flounder platter, which is so delicious as the owner (Dan Schmidt) says it is, lightly breaded fresh flounder, and the pickles and coleslaw are outstanding too, just a little sweet with the fresh green flavor of the slaw not overpowered.

Hence, OC Uptown Eats restaurant in Ocean City has better food than most fancy sit-down places, the ingredients are just far fresher than any restaurants in Ocean City.

Address: 14107 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

9. Longboard Café

Restaurants In Ocean City

Longboard Café

Food is one part of the experience and must be between 50% or 60% of the dining experience, the atmosphere, the feeling, and the design compliments what you have on the plate and what surrounds the plate.

Therefore, this list isn’t complete without this classic and creative American cuisine and cocktails, which are showcased in a festive, surf-themed setting, the decor is cool, with light music, and you can sit inside or outside in an open or in a tent, Longboard Café.

However, the staff in Longboard Café restaurant in Ocean city are all friendly. They are familiar with the menu and make recommendations for you if you are confused about what to eat.

Talking about the food, the wings are award-winning and simply the best. The drinks are as great as the service.

Its signature Longboard wings is must try when in Ocean city, also the Mexican street corn is the best you can have in any restaurant in Ocean City.

Above all, they have very tasty juices to complement your meal, from its Bumble berry crush to Blue Hawaiian, and also the strawberry/lemonade crush.

Visit Longboard Café on Mondays – Saturdays from 11 AM – 9 PM.

Address: 6701 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

10. OCM Crabs

OCM Crabs

OCM Crabs

If you are on the hunt for real authentic Ocean city blue crab, this family-owned restaurant is definitely your place.

The Diehl brothers (Mike and Tim), grew up in the family crab house, which prompted the opening of this restaurant on 63rd street in Ocean City.

A homey restaurant in Ocean City, offering steamed crabs and corn with other Eastern shore classics, when visiting for the first time, start your appetizers with calamari, hush puppies, and onion rings, they are very delicious.

Later, you can order medium crabs, some shrimps, and also the steamed clams, for the sides, go for the corn on the cob, potato salad, and coleslaw to share.

Also, don’t worry about the bills here in OCM Crabs restaurant in Ocean City; the bill is quite reasonable and actually less than some comparable restaurants in Ocean City.

Note: The restaurant is temporarily closed. You should therefore check out the website before planning a trip.

Address: 7111 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

11. Thrasher’s French Fries

Thrasher's French Fries

Thrasher’s French Fries

French fries also called chips or French Pommes Frites, typically made from deep-fried potatoes cut into various shapes, salted, and served with items like ketchup, mayonnaise, or vinegar.

Today, a Georgian known as Mr, J.T. Thrasher, founded a unique food stand concession in Ocean city, which specializes in the noble French fry in 1929.

Thrasher’s French Fries are still under the same management till date, the quality is the ultimate goal of this unique restaurant in Ocean City.

Moreso, Thrasher’s is an Ocean city MUST DO!, they only serve fries and Pepsi or diet Pepsi, you then salt and vinegar them yourself.

Besides, Thrasher’s fries is the only best place to get fries in any restaurant in Ocean City.

Nothing else even comes close to how delicious these fries are; they have the perfect amount of crispness and are always piping hot.

Also, the portion size is great, so expect the fries to be overflowing from the top of the cup.

What is not love is if you find yourself in Ocean city, and don’t try Thrasher’s French fries.

Visit daily from 10 AM – 4 PM.

Address: 401St. Atlantic Ave. #1, Ocean City, MD 21842.

12. Layton’s Family Restaurant

Layton's Family Restaurant

Layton’s Family Restaurant

For the past 40 years, Layton’s Family Restaurant has provided great memories to locals and visitors, and the owner (Larry Layton) looks forward to continuing this tradition.

However, Layton’s Family Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that purchased the 17th street property in 1959.

Though, it was purchased by Larry’s parents, Robert and Peggy, which was the first 24hrs donut shop in Ocean City.

Over the years, this shop evolved from a basic donut shop to a full-blown 24hrs restaurant in Ocean City, Layton’s Family Restaurant offers traditional breakfasts like scrambled eggs and French toast.

Although there are many options for you on the menu, also traditional pancakes and coconut banana pancakes are as well served.

The lunch menu has a variety of choices too, from its unique cheese steak subs to crab cakes.

Interestingly, Layton’s Family Restaurant has a kid menu, available for the younger generations.

In fact, the prices are very reasonable; you pay for good quality. I mean food with quality ingredients.

Address: 1601 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

13. Coastal Salt

Coastal Salt

Coastal Salt

Actually, Coastal Salt was opened in 2020, with the mission of bringing fresh, locally made ingredients, made in amazing ways to the heart of Ocean City.

Meanwhile, Coastal Salt provides its guest with coastal dishes in a cool and casual atmosphere, with inventive cocktails, mouthwatering dishes, and savory desserts, which set Coastal Salt apart from other restaurants in Ocean City.

However, homemade varieties like lemonade scallops, crab imperial topped Mahi, and fried deviled eggs are served.

It likewise offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis, which leaves a great memory each time visitors or locals dine at Coastal Salt in Ocean City.

Unarguably the best restaurant to eat on the boardwalk in Ocean City with good views, short waits, and smiling and consistent staff too.

Also, Petra from Hollywood pictures is there to take adorable and fabulous pictures as a moment of your wonderful experience.

Trust me, the Coastal Salt restaurant in Ocean city never disappoints. The chef always has unique specials for you to try.

Visit Coastal Salt from 8 AM – 10 PM daily.

Address: 1601 Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

While enjoying the best food in this city. Here’s a list of other fun things to do in Ocean City, and check out the amazing Restaurants in Columbia MD to dine at!

14. Annabelle’s BBQ / Creamery

Annabelle's BBQ / Creamery

Annabelle’s BBQ / Creamery

One thing you will definitely enjoy while visiting Ocean City is the Southern style of cooking.

This brings us to this down-home classic Southern comforting restaurant in Ocean City, Annabelle’s BBQ/Creamery.

Firstly, Annabelle’s serves authentic Southern BBQ, cooked with passion, made with homemade flavors, and served with Southern hospitality and style.

Besides, the tables, homemade sausages, brisket, chicken, cold beer, and even seasonal sides, which will make you smile on the inside, are what make Annabelle’s BBQ/ Creamery different from any other restaurants in Ocean City.

However, the owner of the restaurant Liquid Assets and Our Harvest (John Trader), owns this restaurant as well.

Most importantly, the picnic tables are designed just for family, which makes you feel you’re at home.

Don’t sleep on the smoked Arnold Palmer Brined Amish Rotisserie chicken, one of the most surprising flavorful, and delicious meals to have at Annabelle’s.

By far the best, and only place you should visit for a BBQ in Ocean City. And lest I forget, great selection of craft beers too.

Address: 6401 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

15. OC Kabob & Grill

OC Kabob & Grill

OC Kabob & Grill

Do you need that minimally processed meal, where herbs and spices are the essential ingredients, with lots of fruits or veggies?

Just so you know, OC Kabob & Grill restaurant in Ocean city serves the best Mediterranean food, and also the best Kabobs.

I mean the best food on the Island of Ocean city, regardless of the menu, fresh and not straight off the Sysco truck to your plate, like most in the town.

Honestly, the staff are extremely friendly, and the environment has a very homey and welcoming vibe. The decor is incredibly beautiful, and the music will have you dancing in your seat.

Firstly, the goat cheese platter is phenomenal and so is the falafel sandwich, the tzatziki, and warm pita is addicting.

Note, if you are vegan, I suggest double-checking the ingredients of items labeled as vegan.

Visit from 11 AM – 9 PM on Sundays – Saturdays.

Address: 11805 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

16. Spain Wine Bar

Spain Wine Bar

Spain Wine Bar

Life is too short to drink bad wine, drinking some good wine with great food, with a couple of friends is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.

Whether you eat sitting, standing, or dancing, enjoy genuine service in this mother’s home restaurant in Ocean City.

Spain Wine Bar prides itself in preparing both tapas cuisine and larger experiences like meat and seafood. Even if you are a vegetarian, you are not left out too.

Meanwhile, Spain Wine Bar is one of those restaurants in Ocean City that uses the finest seasonal ingredients from the farms to make traditional dishes with live flavors.

Also, its craft cocktails are made with local brews, finished table-side fresh ingredients, and, of course, its extensive wine list.

However, when enjoying your meal with great wine, you can sit on the rooftop with unobstructed views of the ocean.

Asides from the ocean view, Assateague Island, the bay, and of course, the sunsets also make your experience very memorable.

Remember that this restaurant is the first rooftop Spanish restaurant in Ocean City, on the top of the Cambria Hotel.

Then, the food is magnificent, well prepared, well presented, and delicious as well. The tapas selection has something for everyone and allows you to sample many dishes.

The portion sizes is great for tapas, just try the Potato-Bravas, 18hrs pork belly, truffle-ham, and cheese gambas shrimp.

Its wine list is extensive, from the Cave De Lugny Chardonnay, Campo Viejo Cava Rosé, and so on are MUST TRY.

Address: 13St. Louis Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

17. Cork Bar

Cork Bar

Cork Bar

A visit to Ocean city isn’t complete without a visit to Cork Bar restaurant.

The dive bar in Ocean City lets you feel like you are in your hometown bar with its good food, insane air conditioning, drink specials, and games, and the staff is always on point to ensure you have a drink.

Just so you know, it’s a great family-owned bar, which has had the coldest beer in the heart of Ocean City, ever since its invention in 1963.

Compared to other bars at the beach in Ocean City, Cork Bar’s beer/drink prices are significantly more reasonable.

Besides, the food is fantastic. You just have to try the fried pickles. I can assure you will love it.

Pay a visit to Cork Bar from 10 AM – 2 AM daily.

Address: 3 Wicomico St, Ocean City, MD 21842.

18. Casita Linda

Casita Linda

Casita Linda

Life without Mexican food is like no life at all, which brings us to one of the best Mexican restaurants in Ocean City.

This is a traditional Mexican café that specializes in breakfast and lunch, including homemade baked goods and a coffee bar.

No doubt the best Mexican food/ coffee restaurant in Ocean City, such a bright and beautiful place to visit.

Casita Linda is in a perfect location, just off the Ocean City boardwalk. They have beautifully crafted decor, and the staff are incredibly friendly.

Honestly, they are very excited and helpful in explaining the dishes on the menu and their cultural authenticity.

Further, Casita Linda has a large variety of options for each category of food or drink. The vegan carnitas tacos made with shredded oyster mushrooms are amazing.

Also, the freshly made tortillas and salsas are incredible. What a gem in Ocean City.

Not to forget, Casita Linda is a family-owned eatery, owned by “Linda Barragan”, who runs the business with her family, and serves the meal with traditional family recipes from their home in Guanajuato, Mexico.

So be rest assured you are getting the best of the best while dining in this spot.

Address: 218 Baltimore Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

19. The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant

The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant

Shark on the Harbor Restaurant

This 11-year-old restaurant in Ocean city is at the far south end of Ocean City, along the commercial fisherman’s harbor and adjacent the marinas.

However, the harborside location is essential because seafood arrives by boat, coming directly from the watermen, straight to the restaurant.

Besides, the menu is all made with local touches. For example, the cheese steak biscuit is made with Roseda Farm tenderloins from Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the avocados are battered in Natty Boh. Also, the drink menu is a broad selection of local beers and wines, as well as trendy cocktails made with Belle Isle Moonshine.

Interestingly, the owner of “Shark on the Harbor Restaurant” (Wright), who grew up in Arlington, VA, and schooled in Charleston, SC, is influenced by Southern dishes.

The desserts which offer a mess of chocolate, chipotle, and bacon, a peach crisp cookie with milk, are all mouthwatering.

Furthermore, the services here are professional, and the servers help you with your orders.

Tin sharks hang from the roof, reminding you of its name, “The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant” in Ocean City.

However, the food not only attracts you, but the restaurant also provides an elevated outpost. So you can watch the boats’ comings and goings.

Address: 12924 Sunset Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

20. Sunset Grille

Sunset Grille

The Sunset Grille

If you are looking for a restaurant in Ocean city, with a nice view to have dinner outdoors, with some good food and drinks, then visit Sunset Grille.

Located in the heart of the marina district, which guarantees fresh local seafood, and an advantage to watching the boats return to dock.

Although, the outdoor seating can be full, but it is a casual, comfortable, relaxing, yet fancy restaurant.

As for the food, target the happy hour and order the delicious sunset grille salad, cheeseburger, and chicken quesadilla along with a tequila margarita or beer.

Hence, it has great entries like the Tuna dinner fresh, fantastic hot derives, and great steak.

Also, the drinks are amazing, recommend a popsicle drink (ask Brandy or Nicole), Nicole makes the best long Islands.

To add to this, Sunset Grille has 4 bars and 6 dining areas, so there are lots of amazing views for you when you visit.

Address: 12933 Sunset Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

21. Alaska Stand

Alaska Stand

Alaska Stand

Since 1933, Alaska Stand has maintained a strong relationship with its customers, tourists, and locals in Ocean City.

It has provided an amazing oceanfront view and boardwalk events for 90 years here at Alaska Stand in this city.

However, Alaska Stand is truly a classic American boardwalk establishment where you can get a burger during the day or ice cream at night.

Also, the staff are fast, so waiting time is very short. Over the years, the menu has evolved to include fries, milkshakes, hotdogs, and the famous hamburgers.

Meanwhile, Alaska Stand is still famous for its unique fresh hamburgers with hotdogs in the middle.

However, the owner of Alaska Stand realized that the tourists and locals wanted more refreshments aside from the frozen Alaskas.

Therefore, fresh fruit juices were added to the menu, then in the early 60s, coke was added to the menu as well.

Address: 821 Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

22. Trattoria Lombardi’s Restaurant

Trattoria Lombardi's Restaurant

Trattoria Lombardi’s Restaurant

You need to know why the locals choose Trattoria Lombardi’s as their favorite pizza and Italian restaurant in Ocean City.

Absolutely the best pizza in Ocean City, MD, that uses the best ingredients which are freshly made.

The ambiance of Trattoria Lombardi’s Restaurant is like no other restaurant in Ocean city, located in a great place that is easily accessible.

However, Trattoria Lombardi’s was founded by restaurateur Diane Symms in 1987, with a vision to serve fresh regional Italian meals inspired by Diane’s travels through Italy, then Lombardi’s was named after the grandfather of the first chef “papa Lombardi.”

Meanwhile, you are going to enjoy Trattoria Lombardi’s sauces that are made from scratch, salad dressings, desserts, and even imported Italian staples like pizza flour, Barilla, cheeses, and olive oils.

Hands down the best Italian restaurant in Ocean City, that serves the best homemade light, crispy golden bottom, and very good flavor pizza.

When you order pasta, it comes out with pasta on a plate and a gravy boat of sauce, so you can pour your own.

Don’t miss an opportunity to have great pizza and Italian dishes in Trattoria Lombardi’s Restaurant, when in Ocean City.

Address: 9203 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

23. Ristorante Antipasti

Ristorante Antipasti

Ristorante Antipasti

What is an Italian restaurant without pasta, steak, or seafood? Let me introduce you to the best authentic Italian restaurant in Ocean city, Ristorante Antipasti.

The oldest gourmet Italian kitchen in Ocean city is also the only restaurant featured on Food Network, which was established in 1995.

Again, the decor is tastefully Italian with a white tablecloth with a modern touch, and the staff are great menu knowledgeable, and friendly.

Ristorante Antipasti only serves traditional cocktails, which are made to perfection, but also an extensive wine list as well.

Speaking of its meal, the homemade food has so much pride and care in it, you will savor every single bite and feel the love that was used to make it.

For a starter, try the fried mozzarella and a Ceaser salad, which are absolutely delicious, simple ingredients but so good.

Then, the Bolognese as entrée, and of course, the fresh homemade pasta in a homemade Bolognese sauce, is definitely the best any restaurant can serve in Ocean City.

Do yourself a solid and check out Ristorante Antipasti restaurant while in Ocean City. You will not be disappointed.

Address: 3101 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

24. Fager’s Island

Fager's Island

Fager’s Island

Enjoy Bayfront dining at Fager’s Island restaurant or on the waterfront decks in Ocean City.

Here, you can watch the beautiful sunsets in town, and also the live bands and entertainment in its nightclub.

Note, Fager’s Island has two facilities.: open seating, fine dining seating, also multiple bars, and an onsite store for everything on Fager’s Island.

Furthermore, Fager’s has another restaurant, The Band Monkee, and a clothing store Monkee.

Be sure to eat in the fine-dining room and sit upstairs if you want the best views of the bay. Fager’s Island provides breakfast, dinner, lighter fare, and, of course, happy hour.

The downstairs serves sandwiches, burgers, and shareable appetizers, while the upstairs has more high-end meals like seafood dishes, pasta, steaks, and so on.

In addition to this menu, Fager’s Island has about 32 wines by the glass, and local craft beer, by 8 PM Fager’s Island mandates a dress code of athletic wear, baggy and torn clothing, and work boots are not allowed in the restaurant.

Visit Fager’s Island every day from 11 AM – 2 AM.

Address: 201 60th St, Ocean City, MD 21842.

25. Quickies Mini Donuts & Coffee

Quickies Mini Donuts & Coffee

Alexis / Quickies Mini Donuts & Coffee

Quickies Mini Donuts & Coffee was founded by Ocean city’s local Aaron Evans and his family in 2001.

Its vision is to serve cinnamon sugar mini donuts in a bucket, similar to how Thrashers sell their French fries.

However, Quickies Mini Donuts are coated with blended cinnamon and sugar, which are served to melt in your mouth anytime from breakfast to desserts.

The best donuts you will ever have when you visit Ocean City. These donuts are so yummy, and the prices and sizes are great.

You can as well watch your donuts being made right in front of you.

Again, the iced coffee is served undoctored, with enough room to fix it how you like.

In conclusion, Quickies Mini Donuts & Coffee in Ocean City is one of the best restaurants in Ocean city with the best donuts, and also the coffee compliments the donuts.

Address: 1109N Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842.

26. Albertino’s Brick Oven Eatery

Albertino's Brick Oven Eatery

Albertino’s Brick Oven Eatery

Pizza is not a trend. It’s a way of life. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pizza, and that’s kind of the same thing.

Therefore, authentic Italian pasta and brick oven New York pizza are all made fresh in Albertino’s Brick Oven Eatery in Ocean City.

An impinger-baked pizza is nowhere near an oven-baked pizza, so if you want a brick-oven-baked pizza in Ocean City, then stop by Albertino’s Brick Oven Eatery for lunch or dinner.

However, the atmosphere is perfect for socializing and full of exciting things, and family-friendly.

Without forgetting the other menus, they have an extensive pasta selection from the Bolognese, which is made with pork and veal, it also offers seafood like Crab Mac and cheese, and the wine or draft beer that compliments your pizza.

In addition, Albertino’s Brick Oven Eatery offers a large variety of appetizers like fried mozzarella, lump crab balls, and fried calamari.

Visit from 4 PM – 9 PM on Mondays – Sundays.

Address: 13117 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842.

Final Remarks

While Ocean City has many restaurants, you can find exactly what you are looking for with these lists.

Whether you want Mexican, pizza, sushi, barbecue or Italian dishes, and of course the seafood, then with these lists, you will get all that you crave while in Ocean City, Maryland.

Safe Travels!