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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hocking Hills (OH)

You’re wouldn’t be in the wrong if you’re considering Hocking Hills for a vacation expedition.

Hocking Hills is a highly scenic city in the South Western part of Ohio.

One spectacular advantage of this city over most Ohio cities is its deep nature structures, breathtaking caves, and waterfalls.

Its regular festivals and unique festivities are just a plus to its giving.

Hikers, strollers, and even mountaineers alike will find a perfect niche in its entirety.

Wondering what to do around Hocking Hills?

Below are some of the first-rate activities to explore in Hocking Hills.

Things To Do In Hocking Hills, Ohio

1. Vinton County Air Show

Things to do in hocking hills

Dennis Savage | Flickr

Hocking Hills sure holds a few festivities but there are a few exceptional ones and they are exciting to do.

One of such festivities is the Vinton County Air Show.

The Vinton County Air Show is a popular event held on the Vinton County Airport.

This popular festival is one of the biggest tourist events in Hocking Hills and has been one of the main tourist draws for over 50 years.

You’ll find this airport just six miles north of McArthur.

During the event of the airshow, planes arrive all lined up inside the tarmac.

Only this draws the attention of both locals and foreigners, so you’d be sure to find a huge crowd already waiting.

In fact, this show is one of Ohio State Largest Free Air Show.

When the show starts, you’ll get to see several activities and performances put up by some of the best pilots in the world.

Moreover, this isn’t even the best part of seeing this air show.

While in attendance, you get to try one of the best and delectably tasty barbecue chicken.

These dinners will start at 12 a.m so you can get your appetite up before the air show starts by 1 pm.

Additionally, you could even get free airplane rides after the show.

Literally, you should make out time to be here, since this airport itself is one of the nicest places in Hocking Hills.

However, make sure to make reservations or buy your tickets on time since they sell out quite quickly.

Needless to say, you’ll enjoy every moment you spend here, that’s for sure.

2. Rock House

Things To do in Hocking Hills

Mike Loveridge / Rock House

One of the thrilling spots to see around Hocking Hills is Rock House.

The Rock House is a significant and thrilling site in Hocking Hills State Park.

It is indeed one of the most scenic and famous attraction sites in the city.

Most caves may be set up or artificially constructed, but this cave is the only genuine cave in this Hocking Hills park.

This cave was formed from water, which slowly eroded from a Blackhand Sandstone.

It’s twenty-five feet high and almost thirty feet wide.

Initially, this cave derived its name following two solid reasons.

Firstly, it takes the resemblance of a house since it has openings that act as windows and a roof and because it had served as a shelter in the past.

On one end of the cave, you’ll find seven openings through which sunlight enters the cave.

If you explore further, you’ll find numerous sandstone columns supporting this cave’s roof.

Go hiking through its scenic stroll paths leading to corridors of Blackhand Stone walls.

It’s one of the nicest things to do in the city.

Address: Office 19852 State Route 664 Logan, Ohio 43138, United States 

3. High Rock Adventures

Things to do in Hocking Hills

High Rock Adventures

Climbing mountains can be another splendid way to kill time around Hocking Hills.

If you’re glaring for fun things to do in Hocking Hills, then move on a mountain climbing journey with High Rock Adventures.

High Rock Adventures is a mountaineering agency on Rock ridge.

This fun exuding organization offers the best mountain climbing opportunities in the city, both for vacationers and locals.

To make the mountain climbing experience more exciting, there are enigmatic rock formations in every corner.

However, it isn’t just the mountain climbing experience that makes this place very exciting in Hocking Hills; they have a unique difference.

They offer a full session and tour experience through nature.

On this tour, you get to explore different species and varieties of plants and medicinal herbs.

Guides will take you on an eco-tour through nature, explaining and enlightening you on local history.

Apart from that, you can choose to take a wildflower hike or just stroll through its amazing scenery.

Stop by and try rock challenges or just climb rappels.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what you decide to do, you’ll find the experience worth your time.

Don’t pass up a chance to go on a tranquil mountaineering challenge around this place.

Address: 10108 Opossum Hollow Rd Rockbridge, Ohio 43149, United States 

4. Hocking Hills Ash Cave

Things to do in Hocking Hills

Doug Bauman / Flickr

Ash Cave is an exceptional location to spend your time while in Hocking Hills.

It is a cavernous hole with a stunning waterfall, right in the heart of the Hocking Hills State Park.

It’s the biggest, maximum profound recess fall in downtown Ohio.

While exploring, check out its one-of-a-kind horseshoe-fashioned rim where a tiny waterfall trickles down from.

Through this horseshoe rim, you may find a crystal-clean waterfall that will rejuvenate your soul.

You can hike up there without difficulty as the street is well-paved.

Moreover, the path is coated with a gorge and small waterfalls, and might take up to 40 minutes to attain the vacation spot.

With perspectives so adorable, journeying the site has grown to be one of the maximum romantic things to do in Hocking Hills for duos.

Pack a basket and experience a picnic lunch on its tranquil floors, as there are beautiful picnic centers all through the park.

Needless to mention, even the trail on the path to Ash Cave is gorgeous, with lovely flora, timber, and hemlocks alongside the direction.

So, after a picnic, head on to look at flowers and take pictures.

Address: 27291 State Route 56, South Bloomingville, OH 43152, United States 

5. Hocking Hills Canoe Livery

Things to do in Hocking Hills

Deb Gallagher / Hocking Hills Canoe Livery

In your free time, take a canoe tour of Hocking Hills.

Canoe tours help you explore the city faster at a steady pace and even have room to explore the water while at it.

If you think of taking a vacation this summer and you want some water-related activities, then explore this option.

This Hocking Hills canoe organization offers highly comfortable canoe and kayak tours through the city’s waters.

They also offer full-option rentals to explore the water.

Noteworthy, the waters of Hocking Hills are tranquil with a lot of sand formations, to thrill vacationers.

While exploring the city on a Hocking Hills Canoe Livery, you can choose any of the two-day tour options.

Since the organization offers the Crockett’s Trip and the Rockbridge Trip, you are open to grand alternatives.

For the Crockett’s Trip, you start off at the river, and journey five miles within one hour and 30 minutes.

You’ll find numerous islands scattered all over the path where you can stop over, either to explore or go on picnics.

Meanwhile, the Rockbridge Trip offers an additional two miles to the trip with more than just islands.

As you move through the sea, you can explore options for ziplining and even take a brisk hike.

Or, you could choose to go on a night floating experience with your partner.

Not only is it quiet, but a very romantic way to spend the evening.

Then, try tent camping and gaze widely into the sky, counting the stars.

Bring your camera along, this many sights need to be a huge part of your memories.

6. Sightseeing at Old Man’s Cave

Things to do in Hocking Hills

Paul McCarthy / Flickr

Old Man’s Cave is a distinguished spot to visit in Hocking Hills.

Not only is it the oldest, but it is also the most popular place in the Hocking Hills State Park.

You’ll find this cave right on State Route 664.

This popular cave was named after a hermit, Richard Rowe, who once lived in this vast cave.

While exploring this cave can be one of the top ways of touring the cave, hiking on its trails can be another option.

Several trails run along this cave and there are number of trails you can hike.

Start off at the Grandma Gatewood Trail, which features a six miles course in connection with Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, and Cedar Falls.

Extend your tour and explore the Lower Falls, Lower Gorge, Middle Falls, and Upper Falls.

You’ll even spot different awe-inspiring rock formations along the way.

Most especially, don’t forget your camera to seize all the lovely points of interest you’ll stumble upon at every part of the trail.

Address: 19852 State Route 664 S, Logan, Ohio, United States 

7. Cedar Falls

Things to do in Hocking Hills

Jodi Grove | Flickr

Located within Hocking Hills State Park, Cedar Falls is a ½ mile-length hike away but gives sincerely rewarding perspectives.

You would count it luck if you manage to see Cedar Falls during your stay in Hocking Hills.

Unlike most other waterfalls and caves you’ll find in the city, the Cedar Falls is quite spectacular.

In fact, this waterfall is the most voluminous in Hocking Hills.

This unique waterfall was named after early settlers who felt that the hemlock trees there were cedar trees.

Formerly, this location was home to a grist mill that used the power supply from the waterfall.

However, you’ll still find the remains of this mill on a tour around Cedar Falls.

If you intend on taking a full tour of Cedar Falls, stop by the Queer Creek.

The valley leading to it has some of the most amazing sights you should catch on camera.

Better still, venture through the grottos and check out other waterfalls surrounding this region.

You may first get the impression that it’s lonely and maybe wild as well, but it’s beautiful as you’d expect it to be.

Sincerely, you can’t help but tour this massive waterfall, and even though you cannot swim in it, looking at it is just amazing.

Or, hang around and try a yoga exercise or meditation close to the waterfall area just listening to the sound of the water.

Furthermore, it holds some amazing picnic sites, so find out which you can put up with and come picnicking.

A tour here is undeniably one of the most beautiful and serene things to do in Hocking Hills.

Address: Highway 374, Logan, Ohio, United States 

8. Explore Hocking Hills State Park

Things to do in Hocking Hills

The Hocking Hills State Park

For the greatest outdoor fun, make a stop at the Hocking Hills State Park.

The Hocking Hills Park is a significant facet of the Allegheny Plateau, a vast plain that runs from central New York, Pennsylvania, and even down to West Virginia.

This famous Park in the city is the site where the Blackhand Sandstone was formed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Since the ocean dried up, leaving this Blackhand Sandstone, it left one of Hocking Hills’ biggest blessings with this park.

In this Park, you’ll find several hemlocks and Canadian yews, which you’ll not ordinarily access in the entire Ohio.

Following its popularity, these rock formations and hemlocks turned out to be one of the most prominent tourist destinations.

Presently, visitors from all over Hocking Hills and beyond take trips to this amazing location to admire the grottoes, waterfalls, elevations, and even its beautiful wildlife.

Notably, this park is also home to Cedar Falls, The Queer Creek, The Old Man Bathtub, and several Hocking Hills wonders.

Regardless of whether you just intend on cooling off in the park Old or encountering the splendor emanating from the waterfalls, this park never disappoints.

Afterward, take a brief moment and explore its wildlife.

You wouldn’t want to leave your camera behind, you’d regret doing so.

Address: 19852 State Route 664 S Logan, Ohio 43138, United States 

9. Kayaking and Canoeing Tours

Things to do in Hocking Hills

Butirek / Flickr

One of the best approaches to exploring Hocking Hills is to revel in a leisurely canoe or kayak journey.

For this same reason, there are a lot of kayaking tours you’ll find in Hocking Hills.

Several kayaking tours cover a great scenic portion of the Hocking Hills River, while some cover just a little amount.

Since the scenery in Hocking Hills is exceptional following the presence of hemlocks, lush greenery, and waterfalls, canoeing tours are a quicker way to explore the city.

Start off at the River’s Edge Campground, and tour a huge session of the sea, and since most expeditions end at the Canoe Livery, you can explore further.

Grasp this rare opportunity to explore a 7-mile stretch of the Hocking Hills river.

Not to mention, you’ll find its natural charm and secluded solitude peaceful.

Apart from that, you get the rare opportunity to see the Natural Rockbridge and even remnants of the rusty Hocking Canal.

Besides, what better way can you explore a city than by the water?

You can be sure of a secure and clean trip around Hocking Hills if you can pick out a fun kayak experience.

10. Tour Local Wineries

Things to do in Hocking Hills

Local Wineries

A tour through some of the Hocking Hills wineries can be a fantastic thing to do on a bright day.

This is quite easy since there are a teeming number of wineries in the city.

For a serene Hocking Hills winery experience, pick one of these wineries and tour them.

Take a tour through the Brewery 33 Hocking Hills, the largest beer garden in Hocking Hills.

Brewery 33 features and offers over 14 flavors of beer, including homemade wine and cider.

You’ll even find several foreign and local wines like Gose, IPAs, Shandy’s Pale Ale’s, Seltzers, and even Porters.

There are even crunchy beer nuggets and Carolina reaper beef jerky.

Another top winery is the Hocking Hills Winery, an award-winning winery offering varieties of wine from Pinot Grigio to red wine blends.

It’s not just the wine you’ll find spectacular about this way.

They offer an assortment of savory charcuterie boards to pair your wine with.

If you decide to take a tour of these wineries, wait behind to savor its nightlife.

It’ll be a fun and softening way to seize the day because typically, that’s what you’ll love about wineries in Hocking Hills.

11. Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

Things to do in Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway carries wanderers deep into the famous knolls of Hocking Hills.

It passes over hills and valleys and even through Hocking Hills State Park’s top six natural gems and waterfalls.

Its breathtaking panorama offers visitors great sightings in every season.

A drive through this Scenic Byway will transcend your expectations.

Start off at US Highway 33 or State Route 374 and go farther through the prehistoric Native American stacks and through six of Hocking Hills gems.

There are even the remains of the Black CCC Camp and minor household cemeteries along the way.

While on a drive through this highway, you can take a go at different outdoor recreational activities.

One of the few activities you can try within this scenic highway is hiking.

Here, you’ll find well-marked and maintained trails on each side, making it an easier location for hiking.

Also, you can further try fishing, hunting, kayaking, and even horseback riding.

Apart from that, you can take a go at archery, mountaineering, rock climbing, and even rappelling.

After you’re done exploring this highway, endeavor to spend a while putting up tents and camping.

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12. Hocking Hills Market

Things to do in Hocking Hills

The Hocking Hills Market

Don’t spend your Hocking Hills experience without a visit to this Ohio city’s market.

Although Hocking Hill has a handful of markets, this unique flea market is one of the considerably thrilling places.

If you are gawking for places to catch the shopping fever, head on to the Hocking Hills Market.

Move down from Antiques & Crafts to Lawn Art to check out artwork and antiques.

You’ll find several types of crafts, and artworks spread out throughout the market.

Or, you can find something thoroughly distinct to do at this weekend flea market, let’s say pottery.

Explore further through the market, you’ll find beautiful barns and buildings with many outstanding stores.

Antiques, collectibles, lovely craftworks, and food you will find on display will leave you wanting to explore more.

Go on a shopping spree around the market if you’re gawking for some of the fun activities to do around.

Address: 26792 US Hwy. 33, Rockbridge, 43149, OH, United States 

13. John Glenn Astronomy Park

John Glenn Astronomy Park

John Glenn Astronomy Park

Astronomy enthusiasts and space lovers will enjoy exploring this option.

A stop at the John Glenn Astronomy Park will increase your interest and obsession about space and stars.

The John Glenn Astronomy Park is an astronomical park committed to stimulating your curiosity in science.

If what you want to explore is a science center and look at stars, make a trip to this Park.

Explore the marvels of the sky with the help of a telescope.

This park is one of the unique locales where you can explore the night sky in this squeaky-clean state.

Yet, you can find out all about the solar system while looking through its exhibits and activities.

Pick a telescope, venture out to a designated area and launch your telescope into the clear sky.

Look at stars, capture photographs, and explore the solar system.

More so, if you’re visiting this city with children, bring them to explore this astronomical center and let them look at the stars.

Address: 20294 S.R. 664 Logan, OH 43138, United States 

14. Horseback Tours

John Glenn Astronomy Park

Far Flung / Flickr

Going on horseback tours can be another great way to look at the city.

Spanning 25 miles of tracks on 500 acres of land, the Spotted Horse Ranch is one of the serene places in the city.

The Spotted Horse Ranch is the ideal area to relish a horseback riding jaunt.

You’ll uncover friendly horses and enjoy spectacular views of the city.

There are all speckled Appaloosa horses, with a lot of these horses born exactly on the ranch.

Most of these horses have very funny personalities and you’ll enjoy a friendly session with them.

Looking for activities you can explore on this ranch?

Go on Horseback Riding.

Explore its trails all day long with a unique horseback riding excursion made just for you.

If you are gawking for an extra fun experience, take the Cowboy Cookout Ride.

Enjoy a guided horseback riding session and after that, a factual cowboy banquet and storytelling session.

You can bring your own horse, explore the vast ranch or go camping out under the stars.

Besides, you can set up your own structure and enjoy a cool night breeze, that is, if you choose to stay over.

Address: 17325 Deffenbaugh Rd. Laurelville, Ohio 43135, United States 

15. Ohio Belly Boat Fishing

Ohio Belly Boat Fishing

The Ohio Belly Boat Fishing / Flickr

For a change of activities to do in Hocking Hills, try fishing.

Since Hocking Hills is full of waters and even splendid side lakes.

Go fishing with the Ohio Belly Boat Fishing.

The Ohio Belly Boat Fishing is a fishing organization and body offering professionally guided belly-boat fishing tours at the Hocking Hills State Park’s Rose Lake.

Beautifully stationed, Rose Lake is a thrift lake close to the Hocking Hills Old Man’s Cave.

Interestingly, it isn’t only Rose Lake that you get to explore, there are hundreds of distinct lakes across a thousand acres of wilderness.

Journey through Woodbury and even move past the TriValley Wildlife areas.

There are full assortments available for a half-day fishing experience, a full-day tour, and even multi-day fishing adventures.

You’ll even find a professional guide who’ll take you around for these fishing tours.

Even if you haven’t tried fishing, give fishing a shot, and who knows, you may be able to catch a bass or salmon.

In all, this belly boat fishing offers one of the best and most adventurous fishing experiences in the city.

Address: Hocking Hills area, 43138, OH, United States 

16. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

A ziplining adventure is one of the remarkable trends travelers can explore in Hocking Hills.

Literally, anyone would agree that there is nothing better than a zipline adventure somewhere so fashionable.

Although several outdoor adventure companies offer these tours, the Hocking Hills Canopy Tours are exceptional.

Nature lovers will enjoy these zip and Segway tours alongside other thrill options available.

The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours are all rapid and thrilling experiences for visitors, especially first-timers.

On a tour or a zipline experience, you’ll have an onsite view of Hocking Hills’ spectacular terrain.

In fact, as you zipline past treetops, you’ll be amazed by what you can find in transit.

Choose a scenic tour past caves and waterfalls and even down to the thrills of a moonlight ride.

For 3 hours, you’ll experience jaw-dropping adventures featuring a network of cables rescinded high above the thicket floor.

Visitors try to finish off 10 zip lines, pass through five sky bridges, and then get back to the ground tier at the finish streak.

More than that, you get to experience a thorough outlook and gaze into the area’s flora and fauna.

Go zip lining if you fancy airborne fun.

17. Learn Crafts at Rabbit and Rocket’s Arts Class

Rabbit and Rocket's Arts Class

Rabbit and Rocket’s Arts Class

Outdoor adventures and experiences aren’t the only fun things you will find interesting about Hocking Hills.

Spending quality time indoors can be possible too if what you want is quiet time.

To this feat, if you want to spend a little time indoors, joining workshops and art classes can make your stay more effective and insightful.

One of the creative workshops you can choose to explore in Hocking Hills is Rabbit and Rocket’s Arts and Crafts Class.

Here, you’ll be able to hone prior skills in pass stitch, embroidery, quilting, crochet, and even knitting.

Visitors can pick out their own workshop classes and you can opt to learn any particular skill you find enticing.

Additionally, if you choose one and you can’t work through it, you are open to a lot of options and can check out others.

Truly, if what you want to master is embroidery or craft, you’ll find it relatively easy to do here.

Address: 207 W. Main Street, Lancaster, OH 43130, United States 

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18. Cantwell Cliffs

Cantwell Cliffs

Matthew Dillon / Flickr

Climbing cliffs, touring caves, and exploring gorges can be exciting options to employ in Hocking Hills.

Of a truth, Hocking Hills is full of cliffs, gorges, and caves which you already knew from the past suggestions of sites to visit, but the Cantwell Cliffs stand aside from the rest.

The Cantwell Cliffs is a grand portion of the Hocking Hills State Park.

It is one of the biggest attraction sites near Logan, Ohio. 

Not just is it the biggest, but it is also one of Hocking Hills’ most prominent realistic history attractions.

This cliff is made up of several cliffs overlooking a beautiful gorge.

Its ravine was readily formed when waters from Buck Run slipped past Black Hand Sandstone.

You’ll find this 150 feet cliff standing in the quiet part of Ohio with three gorges surrounding it.

There are several activities you can try close to this cliff and mountaineering is one of them.

If you amass what it takes to climb your way through this cliff, take on a mountain climbing task.

Besides, this cliff holds a rare kind of beauty and holds most of the Hocking Hills attractions.

Take a hike through its quiet path and experience views of cliffs, greenery, and boulders.

Stroll through its terrain and enjoy an incredible session of birdwatching and photography.

However, be careful to pick out the right choices of footwear since it can get quite slippery during rainy periods.

Nevertheless, these are rare cases, so you can still have a lot of fun climbing this cliff.

Address: Ohio SR 374, Rockbridge, Ohio 43149, United States 

19. Hocking Hills Devil’s Bathtub

Hocking Hills Devil's Bathtub

Leon Winkowski / Hocking Hills Devil’s Bathtub

Sounds absurd to recommend such a creepy site to explore.

However, doesn’t the name on its own compel you to stop by and take a sneak peek?

Despite its ominous seeming moniker, the Hocking Hills Devil’s Bathtub is breathtaking and quite compelling.

A visit to the Devil’s Bathtub is one of the most promising activities to do in the city.

Essentially, the bathtub is a bowl-fashioned basin made from disintegrating Blackhand sandstone.

This bathtub lies within the Hocking Hills State Park and you’ll find it on the Old Man’s Cave trekking route.

Here, you can explore various kinds of waterfalls.

Even though this spot looks quite tempting to cool off, swimming in the Devil’s Bathtub is not an option.

Since the tub is quite deep and slippery, it’s nearly tough to escape the tub.

Stop by this bathtub, even if you don’t get to swim, to just explore its environs.

Be careful so you don’t fall in.

20. Movies 10 & Arcade

Movies 10 & Arcade

Movies 10 & Arcade

Entertainment and fun enthusiasts should make it a thing to explore Movies 10 & Arcade.

There’s no greater way to spend a calm evening than a night out at the Movies 10 & Arcade.

Movies 10 & Arcade is an entertainment center in Nelsonville.

You’ll find it after a 7 minutes drive north of Athens on US Route 33.

Here, you can take advantage of the latest arcade games or try out some fun activities.

There are over 100 games on display and the fun center is accessible every day of the week.

Try out the Max Flight Roller Coaster Simulator or check out the Bumper Cars.

If these are quite boring, move on to the AMF Mini-Bowling session.

After that, try out Crane Games, a brief session with the Food Court, and several indoor entertainments.

However, it isn’t only the gaming experience that is spectacular about this entertainment center.

They are also open to a lot of indoor and outdoor party experiences for almost anyone.

Make a reservation and you can enjoy one of the Hocking Hills limitless fun platforms.

In all, it’s a great place to enjoy a full gaming session.

Address: 14333 US Hwy 33 Nelsonville, OH 45764, United States 

Final Thoughts

It’s no new tale that Hocking Hills is a haven for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, so you can experience that first hand.

Moreover, irrespective of whatever you enjoy doing, there are just so many activities to help you enjoy the city even more.

Create memories as you journey along and pick a lot of souvenirs.

Safe Travels.