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25 Fantastic Things To Do In Montgomery (Alabama)

You’ve come to the appropriate spot if you’re looking for exciting and unusual things to do in Montgomery.

Montgomery, which is on seven hills and offers great views of the Alabama River, is extremely significant in American history.

The Cotton State’s capital, Montgomery, which also has a turbulent civil rights movement past, was the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

With the well-known Alabama Shakespeare Festival, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and the Performing Arts Center, Montgomery boasts a vibrant art scene.

Undoubtedly, the city is a great vacation spot because of its charming downtown area, amazing landmarks, and intriguing attractions.

With so many great attractions to visit in one vibrant city, it is understandable that tourists fly from far and wide to see Monty.

In addition to the fantastic sights, the city boasts a friendly atmosphere, attractive lodgings, and a ton of things to see and do.

So, if you’re debating whether to book a trip to Montgomery, have a look at all the fantastic things to do.

Things To Do In Montgomery, Alabama

1. Haunted Montgomery Tours

Things to do in Montgomery

Haunted Montgomery Tours

Have you ever wondered what you could see if you go on a spooky tour?

Besides, what could be more spooky than visiting the Haunted Montgomery Tours, a local haunt with ghosts and goblins?

A visit to Montgomery Ghost is the spookiest way to spend an abbreviated Autumn Day.

Stroll past several Montgomery homes, cemeteries, and cursed villages.

There are even rare sightings of ghosts and a lot of mystery revolving around the afterlife.

However, these are just imaginary but they give off a good scare.

Think you have what it takes to confound this spooky tour?

Find out with a session tour at Haunted Montgomery Tours.

Guides will relate the history of these haunted houses as you move through.

Be sure not to jump out of your skin in trepidation.

Going on a Montgomery Ghost Tour of a real haunt is where you should go if you want a real scare.

Address: Montgomery, Alabama, United States

2. Montgomery Zoo

Things to do in Montgomery

Kendrick Shackleford / Flickr

One of the nicest things to do in Montgomery, Alabama, is the 40-acre Montgomery Zoo.

Anyone looking for a perfect opportunity and experience with wildlife should make a stop at the Montgomery Zoo.

The Montgomery Zoo is an interactive 40-acre zoo on the north side of Montgomery.

Home to approximately 750 animals and over 140 species of animals.

On a tour, visitors can wander and look through animal spaces, photographing and feeding animals.

Besides, the fact that this breathtaking museum showcases barrier-free exhibits of over 400 animals from five continents will blow your mind.

First, you can start off to see the Australian Realm.

Visible from a boardwalk, the Australian Realm is a significant part of the zoo displaying Australian animals.

If you want to see Australian wildlife, be sure to drop by the Australian Realm.

After that, proceed to the large Asian Hoofstock yard.

Originally, this part became open to the public in 1991 and offers rare sightings of top Asian wildlife.

Here you’ll find tigers and even Indian peafowl roaming through the zoo grounds.

Next is the African Realm, the largest exhibit complex you’ll find in this beautiful Montgomery zoo.

To make it more glamorous, there are even waterfalls, a vast pool, and a barn with a flexible design.

While touring the animals in their different compartments is something you can do, there are several options you can also try.

Stop over and eat out at the Overlook Cafe.

Then, wait behind and take a train ride around the park.

There’s even the Zoofari Skylift, the Giraffe Encounter, a Petting Zoo, and a Parakeet Cove you can explore as well.

Address: 2301 Coliseum Pkwy, Montgomery, Alabama 36110, United States.

3. Riverfront Park, Montgomery

Things to do in Montgomery

Kaydeesquared | Flickr

Riverfront Park is one of Montgomery, top outdoor attractions.

Anyone who enjoys outdoor fun would want to bask in the moment with a visit to the Riverfront Park.

The Riverfront Park is one of Montgomery’s few outdoor fun locations.

Anchored by the Amphitheatre, Riverfront Park is a fun entertainment destination, just on the banks of the Alabama River.

Though there isn’t much that makes this park so trendy, they offer amazing riverboat rides and one of the most fun performances in Montgomery.

In fact, this park is a must-see in spring, when there are a teeming number of concerts and shows on the display.

Since most of the flora on this park grounds are beautiful and safe, picnicking is one other top activity to try here.

You can either opt to sit on the grass over a mat and a picnic basket or just hang out on one of its picnic tables.

There’s even a splash pad for kids in case they get rusty with the weather.

It’s entirely safe and water hygienic.

If what you want is something more showy, you can drop by the amphitheater and see concerts and performances put up on stage.

In addition to this park’s many enticing features, visitors will enjoy the incredible view of the river and its surroundings.

Take a stroll down the Riverwalk and wait till the sunset comes out and gaze at its beauty.

Address: 355 Commerce St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

4. Hank Williams Museum

Things to do in Montgomery

Hank Williams Museum

Music lovers and enthusiasts cannot afford to leave Montgomery without a full tour of the Hank Williams Museum.

This museum honors and pays respect to Hank Williams Sr., a legend in the field of country music.

A tour through this museum will grab you on a discovery of the legacy of the first country music icon.

Here, you’ll learn how Hank Williams changed the genre and planted the seeds for American music, the blues, rockabilly, and even rock & roll.

Visitors who tour this museum have the opportunity of seeing the largest collection of Hank Williams memorabilia fully intact.

Most of Hank Williams’s memorabilia is housed in this museum spanning 6,000 square foot museum.

It showcases Williams’ 1952 baby-blue Cadillac, which is how he passed away in 1953 while traveling from Montgomery to Canton.

You’ll also be able to explore Hank’s 1952 Baby Blue Cadillac and about 17 of Hank Williams’ suits made by Nudie’s of Hollywood, Kenilworth, Royal Award, and Hart Schaffner & Marx, all from Joseph Frank & Sons in Nashville.

Apart from these, you’ll also find suits, boots, hats, ties, awards, furnishings, a horse’s saddle, pictures, records, and even albums.

In all, a trip to the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery will allow you to experience what a journey into the past life and times of Hank Williams looks like.

Address: 118 Commerce St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

5. Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Things to do in Montgomery

Alabama Shakespeare Festival

If you’re touring Montgomery, then ensure to stop by and see one of their top festivals.

The Alabama Shakespeare Festival is one of the prime ten Shakespeare festivals in the world.

Not only is it one of the tourism driving forces in the city, but it is also one of the distinct activities you’ll enjoy in Montgomery.

Yearly, this festival takes place in Montgomery, at Alabama’s Carolyn Blount Theatre, the festival’s permanent home.

Each year, the festival does more than 400 acts, drawing more than 300,000 spectators from all across the United States and 60 other countries.

At first, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival got its start in Anniston as a summer-stock theatrical initiative in 1972.

Since then, it has become a forerunner in the performing arts in the state, region, and nation overalls.

During every festival, three plays by William Shakespeare are normally among the six to nine shows that the Alabama Shakespeare Festival performs.

However, these are not the only plays you get to enjoy in the course of a tour.

They also offer musicals, classic plays, theater for young audiences, and intriguing new works.

From all indications, this top performing arts center is a must-see in Montgomery.

Be sure to explore its environs on a visit.

A stroll through the gardens can be quite satisfying.

Address: 1 Festival Dr, Montgomery, Alabama 36117, United States

6. The Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

Things to do in Montgomery

The Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum/ Pinterest

Check out The Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, one of Montgomery’s most interesting attractions.

Book lovers and general readers will find this immensely knowledgeable museum in Montgomery interesting.

The Fitzgerald Museum is a nonprofit organization in Montgomery, honoring the lives and creative output of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

It is the lone place the renowned couple called home in Montgomery after it was spared from demolition in 1986.

From 1931 until 1932, F. Scott, Zelda, and their daughter Scottie lived in this House.

On a tour of this preserved Jazz Age family home, you’ll find a collection of artwork and several books.

You’ll find several knowledgeable books and even rare exhibits on display.

Take a walk through the rooms, wander amidst exhibits and take pictures.

In addition to the vast collection of exhibits you can explore, the museum now holds readings, galas, silent auctions, and other literary occasions.

Visitors and travelers can take part in these daily literary activities and even make their own input.

If what you want to explore is a vast literary world, make a stop at this museum.

Truly, it’s one of the great places you should keep an eye out for when touring Montgomery.

Address: 919 Felder Ave, Montgomery, Alabama 36106, United States

7. Rosa Parks Library and Museum

Things To Do in Montgomery

Ann Alto / Flickr

One of the most poignant Montgomery attractions is the Rosa Parks Library and Museum.

If you have heard of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, you’ll know that it was a really trying period in the city.

A lot of memories accumulated from that one-time experience and its tales and aftermath are still quite visible.

Want to explore a little of Montgomery’s dark history, visit the Rosa Parks Library and Museum.

The Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University serves as an active tribute to the life of civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks and the lessons learned from the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Basically, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was the turning point for racial integration in transportation and brought civil rights to the scrutiny of the world.

It is the only museum in the country devoted to Rosa Parks at the location of her arrest in downtown Montgomery.

Visitors going on a tour can check out the museum’s collection, including a number of historically significant artifacts, such as Mrs. Parks’ original fingerprint arrest record.

There’s also a Montgomery city bus from the 1950s, original works of art like statues and quilts, court records, and police reports, on display.

Also, you’ll find the restored 1955 station wagon that was used to transport protesters and was known as a “rolling church”.

You’ll be able to look into the eyes and hear the brave men and women who bravely and successfully fought for freedom.

And if you’re fortuitous, you can get a glimpse of the divided South, and the injustices experienced by African Americans through our exhibitions.

Explore whenever in Montgomery, you’ll never leave unsatisfied.

Address: 252 Montgomery St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

8. Wilderness Park & Bamboo Forest

Things to do in Montgomery

Ann Alto | Flickr

If you’re looking for some other huge things to do just close to Montgomery, there are a few.

Of all, try a visit to the Wilderness Park & Bamboo Forest.

Anyone who wants to explore the natural setting of a bamboo forest should make a trip to this scenic location.

Wilderness Park & Bamboo Forest is a small dog-friendly park featuring a trail running through bamboo trees and a frog pond in a serene setting.

Hidden away in Wilderness Park, in downtown Prattville, is this beautiful bamboo forest that was formerly used by the U.S. martial during the notable Vietnam era.

And during the 1982 period, it became the first park of its kind developed inside city limits in the United States.

On a tour of this park, you’ll discover that many areas have bamboo stalks as tall as 60 feet and a trunk diameter of 6 inches.

Besides bamboo, there are several other varieties of plants that you can explore within the forest.

Moreover, right in this park, you’ll find Alabama’s second-largest beech tree.

Visitors can take a hike through the cleared trail or even consider photography.

Since it has a gorgeous backdrop, it makes the perfect spot for beautiful pictures.

It’s open every day from sunrise until dusk and it’s free to get in.

Address: 800 Upper Kingston Rd, Prattville, Alabama 36067, United States

9. Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall

Things to do in Montgomery

Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall

Shopping and exploring Montgomery’s market is one great way to spend time in the city.

One of the popular markets and malls in this beautiful Alabama city is Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall.

At this market, you’ll find over 300 vendors selling a wide variety of items on 60,000 square feet.

This market is one of the biggest and one of the top attraction sites in Montgomery.

Each year, this market receives a teeming amount of visitors since they offer some of the rarest objects.

For more than 26 years, they’ve been in operation and you’ll enjoy checking out their three floors of unique and vintage goods.

Not just that, there are a teeming amount of collectibles, antiques, furniture, comics, albums, glassware, oil paintings, and old tools.

Even the rarest of them, like pop culture memorabilia, vintage clothing, Coke memorabilia, militaria, and handcrafted furniture, are on display.

Here, you’re sure to find even the missing piece of your grandmother’s china, as well as furniture and glassware.

In fact, you’ll find everything you’re searching for at Eastbrook, whether it be new or vintage.

Check out this beautiful market and mall whenever in Montgomery. It promises to be exciting.

In all, you’ll find it amazingly beautiful.

Address: 425 Coliseum Blvd, Montgomery, Alabama 36109, United States

10. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Things to do in Montgomery

North American Reciprocal Museum

One of the most notable traveler destinations in all of Alabama is this well-known Montgomery museum.

Anyone interested in fine arts should check out the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is a museum with a number of art collections in Montgomery.

It was established in 1930.

Most of its collections and exhibits on display include American paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Not just that, Southern regional art, Old Master prints, and decorative arts are all part of its permanent collection.

Its current structure was developed in 1988 and inaugurated by the Montgomery architectural company of Barganier, Davis, and Sims.

To this feat, this museum is considered the oldest fine arts museum in Alabama and the first ever museum in Alabama to be accredited by the American Alliance of Museums in June 1978.

Notable about most of its galleries is the kind of art and portraits you’ll find on display.

Visitors who decide to tour or check out the museum can view the works of Hudson and Krenshaw in the galleries.

There’s also a collection from famed artist Jacques Amans, a portrait of J.A. Rozier, Adolph Weinman, and Rising Day Adolph Weinman, and Descending Night.

Then you can move on to the Blount Collection to see the works of John Singer Sargent, Mrs. Louis E. Raphael, John Singleton Copley, Joseph Henshaw, and John Sloan.

Other serene and beautiful artworks and exhibits you can explore include Deborah Butterfield, Jamey Grimes, and Teraxacum (2019).

Literally, the kind of art you’ll find within these walls is exceptional and if you’re a big art buff, this is quite a catch.

A great place to see and view art at its peak.

Address: 1 Museum Dr, Montgomery, Alabama 36117, United States

11. Civil Rights Memorial Center

Things to do in Montgomery

Ann Alto / Flickr

Even amidst looking through and exploring all the beauty and history of Montgomery, take a break and pause at some time.

Yes, pause and pay respect to some of the valiant individuals who lost their lives to make the city great.

The Civil Rights Memorial Center is a granite fountain bearing the names of 41 individuals who died as martyrs for the civil rights fight.

Maya Lin built this Civil Rights American monument, in Montgomery.

Its original sponsor was the Southern Poverty Law Center, and in 1989, the Civil Rights Memorial was officially open to the public.

This memorial embodies the names of all the people who died between 1955 and 1968.

These dates were however chosen because Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968 and, secondly, the United States Supreme Court conceded that racial segregation in schools was illegal in 1956.

Since The Civil Rights Memorial Center offers one-hour-long group tours, visitors can take part in these tours.

You can make reservations or schedule a tour from Monday through Saturday.

Slowly walk down memory lane and pay respect to 41 of these individuals.

If you get bored at any moment and want to do more than just pay respects, there are several great significant spots close to the memorial.

Head on to The Alabama State Capitol or even the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Address: 400 Washington Ave, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

12. Visit the Blount Cultural Park

Things to do in Montgomery

Kendrick Shacklefordn / Flickr

Blount Cultural Park is a shining city park with lovely sights to view and enjoyable things to do in Montgomery.

The Blount Cultural Park is a large municipal park in Montgomery’s beautiful setting.

This scenic park offers a strolling path, a dog park, duck ponds, and a statuary.

It is one of the most elegant places in the city where you can explore nature’s lush greenery.

One of the activities you can enjoy in this park is strolling.

Not only are the strolling paths in good condition at the sides of these paths, but you’ll also find beautiful flowers blooming.

A good opportunity to look at flowers and soak in the essence.

While looking at the flowers and lush greenery, you can pick a spot and camp out picnicking.

If you get hot while exploring, there are ponds and a splash pad where you can dive in and cool off.

Soak in the pond and then sit on the sand or try sunbathing.

There’s also an amphitheater where you can catch a few performances and shows before you leave.

After you’ve had your pile of fun, you can visit other interesting attraction sites also in the park.

The Alabama Shakespeare Festival, the Hannah Daye Ridling Bark Park, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts are all in this 175-acre park.

Blount Cultural Park is accessible every day of the week and has ponds, miles of walking trails, a natural amphitheater, and a beautiful landscape.

Check it out if you have doubts.

Address: 1 Festival Dr, Montgomery, Alabama 36117, United States

13. Explore MOOseum, Montgomery

Things to do in Montgomery

Arthur Taussig / MOOseum

Wondering what to do that is both educational and interactive, but overall animal related.

If so, there’s just one place in Montgomery that’ll appeal to you.

MOOseum is an educational museum in Montgomery celebrating Alabama’s cattle farming and cowboy heritage.

Since unfolding its doors in 1995, the MOOseum has been the exclusive outlet for children and adults alike to discover more about Alabama’s beef cattle industry.

It’s so detailed and ushers you into the world of beef.

Whether you’re a history fanatic looking to explore the timeline of the past or to learn in a hands-on environment, then visit MOOseum.

You can start your tour from The View from pasture to Plate exhibit and experience the distinct lifecycle of a beef animal from the pasture all the way to the center of your plate.

However, the story doesn’t stop here.

Learn about all the rare byproducts that come from beef cattle with their fun and interaction byproducts case.

While here, Adam Bainbridge, an on-staff cowboy, and virtual tour guide, will walk you through a movie and tell you a tale about this cattle industry in Alabama.

After that, head over and check out the “Hoofprints Through Alabama” gallery, which features a floor-to-ceiling timeline starting in 1494.

You can also explore The Feeding Trough to learn about beef and dress like a tough cowboy in the Rodeo Arena.

Be sure to leave with memories.

The MOOseum has a General Store where you can get your photo taken with our Texas Longhorn, “Dusty.”

Tour Montgomery differently for a start.

Address: 201 S Bainbridge St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

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14. Old Alabama Town

Things to do in Montgomery

Lone Cypress / Flickr

If you’re darting for things to do in Montgomery itself, you should definitely visit Old Alabama Town.

Old Alabama Town is a historical landmark in Montgomery, Alabama.

This area in the city consists of a group of 19th- and 20th-century structures that have been restored to make up Old Alabama Town.

It was founded by The Landmarks Foundation of Montgomery, a non-profit organization, in 1967.

These houses depict the lifestyle of the pioneers who settled and created central Alabama.

Spanning over six blocks in the center of Montgomery, it shows a variety of structures, eras, and lifestyles.

A visit and a walk through these historic buildings will tell you a lot about Alabama.

Start your exploration at the Living Block.

Here, you’ll find both urban and rural buildings, as well as modest structures where people gathered to meet a variety of wants, longings, and aspirations.

Then, proceed to tour the Working Block by entering through the Rose House dogtrot.

There, you can witness how people lived, worked, and created in central Alabama in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

You’ll also find fig trees, a satsuma tree, and a garden as you walk through the working block, all of which are actively producing.

Address: 301 Columbus St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

15. Tour the Alley Entertainment District

Things to do in Montgomery

Photographer 192 / Flickr

Spend some time at the Alley Entertainment District if you’re seeking only adult-oriented things to do in Montgomery.

Truly, for any occasion, Alley Station provides the ideal location.

For visitors, the Alley Station provides the ideal venue for whatever activity and event you intend to undertake in the city.

Whether you’re celebrating the ideal romance, conducting business in luxury, or even holding the season’s biggest gathering, you can rely on this entertainment district.

They have a way of creating relaxation and excellence in one page.

Explore their numerous event options and find out which is befitting for you.

You can also check out the views from their rooftop and look into the soul of Montgomery.

If you have the time, you ought to go.

Address: 133 Tallapoosa St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

16. Explore Harriott II Riverboat

Things to do in Montgomery

Mister_wolf / Flickr

A renowned Montgomery destination, the Harriott II Riverboat offers views of some of the most beautiful locations in the country.

Although there are so many ways of exploring Montgomery, none can beat a river ride.

Come down to the river and relive history while taking a leisurely sail aboard Harriott II, Montgomery’s top downtown attraction.

The Harriott II is a 19th-century steamboat, which is berthed next to the Riverwalk Amphitheater.

A grand vessel that serves dining, dancing, and even live entertainment.

Visitors can choose to take two more tour options and explore the waters since one is never enough.

Among the available cruises are the Blues Cruise, Mother’s Day Brunch, Brew’s Cruise, Dinner Cruise, and Getaway Cruise.

Bring your partner and spend a tranquil evening on the river, just rowing and singing into the dusk.

Are you planning a surprise for your anniversary, partner, or even a birthday?

There are some tour options that will fit in completely and offer you excellence.

You can choose to exploit an anniversary package or even a birthday package.

While an anniversary package contains flowers, balloons, and champagne, birthday packages typically include balloons, cake, and party favors.

For the icing on the cake, there are fireworks cruises on the second Saturday of the month, Father’s Day dinner cruises, and July 4th fireworks cruises.

That means you can hang out and watch fireworks as you interact and sail on the river.

Plan to visit and take your spouse on a leisurely date.

Address: 200 Coosa St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

17. Legacy Museum, Montgomery

Legacy Museum

Legacy Museum

Want to explore some of the racial discord histories in Montgomery, then make a stop at the legacy museum.

The Legacy Museum is one of Montgomery’s top attractions that chronicles the history of racism and slavery in the United States.

Presently, the museum is at a new location that offers 47,000 square feet of space as well as new exhibitions, including an art gallery.

This museum keeps every documentation about the racial lynchings, segregation, and racial intolerance, as well as the enslavement of African-Americans.

In order to depict the misery and fear of slavery, lynchings, and officially enforced racial segregation in America, the museum makes use of technology.

Visitors can explore slave replicas that simulate what it was like to be a captive slave waiting to be sold at the auction block.

Through narration and voiceovers, visitors can explore first-person accounts of slavery and auction.

Notable artists and sculptors have most of their artworks on display in this museum and visitors have a chance of exploring them.

At the art gallery, you’ll find the works of Hank Willis Thomas, Glenn Ligon, Jacob Lawrence, and Elizabeth Catlett.

If you move further, you’ll also find the works of Titus Kaphar and Sanford Biggers in the memorial complex.

Amongst most of the famed artist’s collections in the museum, you should check out the collection of soil from lynching settings across the country.

There’s even a striking display showing a scared group of shackled and abducted Africans facing a group of men as they are being arrested.

Literally, if you want to acquire first-hand information about the slave trade, be sure to visit.

Stop by if you’re visiting Montgomery.

You can’t afford to miss this.

Address: 400 N Court St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

18. Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

Check out the Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium if you are a baseball lover.

In your itinerary of things to do, be sure to include a visit to this remarkable stadium.

The Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium is home to The Southern League’s Montgomery Biscuits.

Southern League Montgomery Biscuits, a minor league baseball stadium, debuted in 2004.

And this stadium, which is in the center of Montgomery, is the location for their performances.

With a capacity of 7,000 people every night, this stadium is one of the famous outdoor centers in the city.

Formerly, the Riverwalk Stadium was a century-old train shed.

Since its transformation, the field is now two blocks from the actual railway station.

Apart from watching the Biscuits perform in the stadium, there are a number of activities to enjoy within the stadium.

Needless to say, this stadium stands in close proximity to the Alabama River and offers breathtaking views of the river.

There’s even a riverfront area with a kiddie pool that visitors can enjoy, especially if traveling with children.

For entertainment, there is a vast amphitheater just behind the field.

Regularly, concerts, shows, and performances are held on its grounds.

There are even several picnic areas in the lush vegetation on the left field and along the third baseline.

It is so large that it can hold up to 4,000 spectators.

Under the grandstands, the stadium houses a gift shop, “The Biscuit Basket.”

Stop by the Biscuit Basket and pick some baseball souvenirs to take home and remember your fun stay at the stadium.

You’ll find it amazingly great.

Address: 200 Coosa St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

19. Go on Coosa River Adventures

Coosa River Adventures

Coosa River Adventures

One of the best tourist destinations for outdoor aficionados is Coosa River Adventures, which is just outside of Montgomery.

If you’d appreciate the serenity of the calm waters and prefer going on a river adventure, this is for you.

Visits to the Coosa River Adventures are always one of the top activities to explore in Montgomery.

The Coosa River Adventures is the largest sit-on-top kayak dealer in the South with more than 300 boats.

In this place, visitors can purchase or rent name-brand, high-quality canoes, and kayaks.

Visitors will be able to charter kayaks and canoes to explore Old Town, Mad River, Jackson, Bonifide, Native, NuCanoe, Ocean Kayak, Perception, Dagger, and much more.

Basically, if what you want to experience is your soul drifting away like a log of wood, this is for you.

While here, visitors can explore trips which often take 3 to 4 hours.

Moreover, the Coosa River is a fantastic place to encounter whitewater for the first time.

Go on a kayak fishing experience or just join the Tote ‘n Float.

In the Tote ‘n Float, visitors get to explore the lake or beach with a canoe or sit-on-top kayak.

Since there are various lakes, brooks, and rivers in the area, it’s best to just explore the Tote ‘n Float Program.

Then, if what you want is a longer journey, go on a trip through the Tallapoosa River all night.

You’ll get to explore an entire 51-mile journey on flat, quickly-moving water.

Spend the night in a rocking boat with your partner or just for alone time.

Take the time to make memories in Montgomery.

Address: 415 Company St, Wetumpka, Alabama 36092, United States

20. Garrett Coliseum

Garrett Coliseum

Lamar / Flickr

The Alabama Agricultural Center, a one hundred eighteen-acre multifunctional facility, including the renowned Garrett Coliseum.

It is three miles northeast of the center of Montgomery. 

This coliseum, which has more than 12,500 seats, is host to well-known performers, including Prince, Elton John, and Hank Williams.

Its Southeastern Rodeo Association, Black Rodeo, is another event held yearly at the coliseum. 

A list of bands and performances that will be taking place in Montgomery is available on the Garret Coliseum website.

If you feel like seeing a band, don’t miss out on this.

Address: 1555 Federal Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36107, United States

21. Majestic Caverns

Majestic Caverns

James G. Milles | Flickr

Majestic Caverns, one of the best tourist destinations in the South, is about an hour’s drive from Montgomery, but the trip is definitely worth it.

This attraction, which is one of the most visited spots in the city, is ideal to do on a sunny day.

Visits to notable caves within the Majestic Caverns are something you can look forward to experiencing.

Its major highlight is a highly scenic onyx chamber right across the attraction site.

However, the onyx isn’t only the intriguing thing about this cave.

As you journey along and roam this site, you’ll find a healing room, a laser light display, and even a natural waterfall.

Sincerely, there’s no better sight to behold than these caves.

Additionally, Majestic Caverns offers a variety of unusual live performances, including magic shows and forge demonstrations.

Rock wall climbing, a train ride, gemstone planning, a maze path, and a splash pad are available for visitors to explore.

For something more sporty, visitors can explore the mini-golf section and an archery range.

Literally, there’s no reason you should be found missing in action.

Address: 5181 Desoto Caverns Pkwy, Childersburg, Alabama 35044, United States

22. 1048 Jazz & Blues

1048 Jazz & Blues

christina rutz | Flickr

Check out 1048 Jazz & Blues if you’re wondering what to do in Montgomery after dark.

You won’t be let down at one of the coolest venues for live music and delicious drinks.

Notably, 1048 Jazz & Blues presents musical groups every night that cover the full spectrum from jazz to blues and everything in between.

The eatery has both indoor and outdoor dining, which is great if you’re seeking for an alfresco experience.

Along with fantastic live music, 1048 Jazz & Blues offers delicious mixed beverages and frosty beers.

Amazingly, the pub features live music every day of the week, every day of the year.

Their entertainment schedule is always available on their website well in advance.

In all, allowing you to research your preferred musical genre before going.

Finally, 1048 Jazz & Blues has a very laid-back atmosphere, a modest location, and a relaxed feel that makes it the ideal place for a nightcap.

Looking for a trendy nightlife location, make a stop here.

Address: 1104 E Fairview Ave, Montgomery, Alabama 36106, United States

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23. Eastdale Mall Ice Palace

Eastdale Mall Ice Palace

The Eastdale Mall Ice Palace

This year-round ice rink is one of the hippest tourist destinations in the area, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Eastdale Mall Ice Palace, the ideal location for all your ice activities, provides ice skating lessons, broom hockey, and bumper cars.

Undoubtedly, this is the spot for everything, whether you’re searching for a location to cool down during the sweltering Alabama summers or the ideal winter activity.

The fact that the ice rink is flanked by an amazing retail mall makes it even cooler than the ice rink and other frozen activities.

Therefore, the nearby mall is a perfect spot for light shopping or a bite to eat after you’ve exhausted yourself on the ice.

In Montgomery, there are so many excellent things to do that picking just one may seem impossible.

Be sure to create time for Eastdale Mall Ice Palace, though.

You’ll never regret your selection.

Address: 1000 Eastdale Cir, Montgomery, Alabama 36117, United States

24. Freedom Rides Museum

Freedom Rides Museum

Ginger / Flickr

The Freedom Rides Museum is just one of the intriguing things to do in Montgomery, which was formerly the location of the Greyhound Bus Depot.

But more significantly, the museum served as the setting for the notorious 1961 Freedom Rides Movement of the 1960s.

African Americans proudly and legally took their seats in the segregated, “whites only” portions of buses during this demonstration of nonviolent action.

Additionally, the US Civil Rights Trail now includes the Freedom Rides Museum as a destination.

To start, the courageous Freedom Riders are commemorated in stunning memorials inside the museum.

Unfortunately, several of the identified passengers were brutally beaten by a crowd at the Greyhound Bus Depot for peacefully opposing racial discrimination.

A restored 1960s Greyhound bus is one of the museum’s greatest exhibits, yet we’re still talking about the bus depot.

In all, the Freedom Rides Museum is a must-see since it is jam-packed with information on the history of the civil rights struggle.

Take a step to start your tour here if you haven’t already.

Address: 210 S Court St, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

25. Alabama Safari Park

Alabama Safari Park

The Alabama Safari Park

One of the most thrilling Montgomery attractions is Alabama Safari Park.

This is the most exhilarating excursion you can partake in, out of all the things to do while in town.

You may visit the incredible 350-acre Alabama Safari Park in the convenience of your own car.

Also, you can safely interact with and even feed some of the region’s most stunning animals on a drive-through safari.

Speaking about creatures, among those in the park are lemurs, llamas, giraffes, watusi, and zebras.

Although you will drive for most of the trip, there will be times when you may get off and walk about.

In particular, the Village Walk enables you to meander through animal enclosures and interact with friendly animals.

Other interesting sights in the park include an exhibit on sloths and one on anteaters.

Alabama Safari Park is one of the many distinctive things to do in Montgomery, so be sure to leave room for it in your schedule.

You’ll have a lot of fun just seeing animals.

Address: 1664 Venable Rd, Hope Hull, Alabama 36043, United States

Final Remarks

It’s understandable that you’re thinking of Montgomery as a potential trip destination with all the fantastic activities there are to do there.

Montgomery offers a wide range of activities, from leisurely and picturesque to historical and cultural.

Look no further if you’re seeking the most amazing things to do in the charming city of Montgomery.

Note a few locations from this lengthy list, then go off on an unforgettable road trip.

Travel safely.