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16 Best & Fun Things To Do In Auburn (Alabama)

Have you ever been to a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? For many visitors, it happens in Auburn!

Although this beautiful city may not be as popular as other cities in the United States, do not let that get over you.

Auburn is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit anytime you have the opportunity to do so.

You will be greatly happy by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination, Auburn.

Not certain what to see first or what to look for in this wonderful ancient city?

There is a vast amount of churches, museums, breweries, architecture, and German food that you can add to your fun bucket list of things to do in Auburn (not to mention all of the festivities and things to see that surround Auburn as well).

If you have plans to visit the United States and you are not sure if Auburn should be included in your itinerary, you just have to keep reading!

We have put together some of the things to do for fun in Auburn. We have a hunch that if you include this city in your travel plans, you will be thrilled you did so.

So strap in, enjoy the ride, and have a fabulous time during your stay in Auburn. Also, check out some of the best restaurants in Auburn to dine in after your exploration.

Things To Do In Auburn Alabama

1. Avondale Bar & Tap Room

Things to do in Auburn

Avondale Bar & Tap Room

Do you like craft cocktails or a well-made classic drink?

If all you have been craving is craft cocktails or a well-made classic drink, come to Avondale Bar & Tap Room which is in the ancient city of Auburn.

This intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue in Auburn is known as Toomer’s Corner and has a long history.

Basically, this area is in between downtown Auburn and the university campus, and it is named for state senator and businessman Sheldon “Shel” Toomer.

In this beautiful bar in Auburn, visitors will get access to unlimited and affordable drinks and a thoughtful selection of signature cocktails that every visitor will appreciate unlike ever before.

Not only will they offer you cool drinks, in order to add to visitors’ enjoyment in Auburn, but they also have 3 round booths near the bar.

These three round booths have a more comfortable seats near the windows where visitors can have a look through Toomer’s corner to watch the kids pour into Bourbon Street when it is actually open.

Auburn is just an awesome city; you can only get this here!

Although this incredible location in the ancient city of Auburn is not the easiest place to find, however, it is worth finding.

Not sure of where to visit for fun in Auburn? Why not come to this lovely gem and enjoy drinks at extremely low prices, great ambiance, professional staff, and a solid beer selection?

A visit to Avondale Bar & Tap Room in Auburn will make a difference!

Above all, there are convenient parking spaces to park your cars and the security of such cars are absolutely assured, nothing to be scared of!

Address: 106 N College St, Auburn, AL 36830, USA, United States.

2. Chewacla State Park

Things to do in Auburn

Knizzle17 / Wikimedia Commons

Do you want a pet-friendly location in Auburn?

Chewable State Park is a pet-friendly place to come and enjoy the beauty of nature.

This amazing park is the only state park you can bring your dogs in Auburn.

Besides, it is a great place to ride bikes, hike, and have plenty of picnic tables with lots of trails for walking or mountain biking.

Are you a serious trail enthusiast? Then, this park is for you!

Moreover, this tourist attraction is a beautiful park with a cool man-made waterfall that will make every kid’s voyage to this place a memorable one.

Apparently, walking to the falls is one of the most fun things a kid will always appreciate. Visiting this Auburn heritage with your kids will create a memory they will never forget!

Incredibly, the admission fee for this historic location is extremely bearable.

With $4.00 only, you can conveniently be here and have the vantage opportunity to enjoy the beautiful things this wonderful location has to offer visitors.

Above all, it would amount to an understatement to posit that their staff are good.

They are not only good but extremely good! They are knowledgeable, friendly, and goal-driven employees who understand and appreciate the nature of their work.

You will enjoy interacting with them and this will make your visit a fun-filled one!

If you plan to come to Auburn, this is a place to visit.

Address: 124 Shell Toomer Pkwy, Auburn, AL 36830, United States.

3. Jule Collins Smith Museum

Jule Collins Smith Museum

Alpha Stock / Alamy Stock Photo

Are you curious to see the American crafters exhibit?

If you are in Auburn and curious about seeing beautifully made American craft exhibits, outdoor sculptures, and social exhibits, come to Jule Collins Smith Museum.

It is another wonderful place we would recommend visiting in Auburn, especially if you do not plan to spend much on an excursion to Auburn.

This recommendation is not so unconnected with the fact that the admission fee is absolutely free here! Wonderful, right?

Yes, you can come without a dollar on you! If you are in Auburn, you can easily make frequent visits and stay as long (or short) as your attention span allows.

Besides, the grounds at this beautiful museum are amazing, and visitors will love it.

There is also a large lake near the museum that people often walk around.

Apparently, there are so many things to enjoy here. Auburn is the few in the united states that have so many things to offer tourists and visitors!

A great place to go to relax and enjoy creativity! Art, music, and wonderful talks. Lunch there is very pleasant—a good place to enjoy alone or with friends.

Moreover, not only is this incredible location in Auburn a place where beautifully made exhibits are displayed, but it is also a location for several public events.

It is such an extraordinary location for events such as weddings and birthday celebrations. This place will slice up and add to the delicacies of your event.

If you plan to visit Auburn with the kids, there is no problem at all! This place is equally suitable for kids. They have a fun summer art program.

There is something for everyone here!

Address 901 S College St, Auburn, AL 36849, United States.

4. Auburn Tuskegee National Forest

things to do in Auburn

Tuskegee National Forest

Do you derive so much joy from hiking and biking?

If you derived pleasure in hiking and biking and you are in Auburn, a visit to Tuskegee National Forest is necessary.

This small but incredible forest in the heart of Auburn is a great location for hikers. It is clean and well-maintained, and hardly any trash can be seen anywhere. It is simply fantastic!

Tuskegee National Forest in Auburn is such a great quiet place to connect with nature.

You can also easily find trails, and roads are well-marked.

Besides, there are modern facilities that are readily available to visitors to aid their hiking activities in this quiet location.

Thinking of the security of your life and property if coming here? There is nothing to worry about. Your safety is guaranteed!

Also, the staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and highly subjective in their approaches to visitors.

They will walk through with you and ensure that every visitor leaves this beautiful place happily.

If you are planning to embark on a voyage to Auburn in the united states with friends, family, or alone, consider adding this place to your itinerary, and you would be glad you do so.

Address: 125 National Forest Rd 949, Tuskegee, AL 36083, United States.

5. Kreher Preserve & Nature Center

Kreher Preserve & Nature Center

Preserve & Nature Center

Kreher Preserve & Nature Center is a lovely forested area on the transition between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.

It is a nice forest in Auburn for a family walk, especially with a toddler.

In short, this is the only place in Auburn you can rest assured of getting lots of activities for toddlers with a nature theme.

Besides, this Auburn’s nature reserve is a great place for hiking with children. It is also a place that provides visitors with vantage opportunity of seeing natural wildlife as well as a few reptiles in cages.

Not only that, the environment is easy to walk, and there are several informative signs of learning about trees, animals, and nature that your children will cherish greatly.

So many things are available in this fantastic nature center, such as a well-marked trail, a lovely sensory garden, a picnic spot, and playground area, a pond, a butterfly garden, and a host of others.

There are so many interesting places to visit here at Kreher Preserve & Nature Center.

Interestingly, despite the fact that there are several places to explore and events here, the admission fee is absolutely no dollar; it is absolutely free! Such an interesting place to have a stop in Auburn!

Even if you don’t have an interest in nature but prefer reading books, there is something for you as well.

There is a little free library in the treehouse where you can have access to free books of any kind to read.

A visit to this amazing city will not only do, but a stop here also will!

Address: N College St, Auburn, AL 36830, United States.

6. Donald E. Davis Arboretum


Donald E. Davis Arboretum

Greatly interested in having a look at fish or turtles while in Auburn?

Choosing to come to Donald E. Davis Arboretum will be the best decision to be made if you enjoy looking at fishes, turtles, and many other animals.

It is Auburn’s beautiful place that consists of a 13.5-acre plant museum and a serene green space on the Auburn University campus, supported by the College of Sciences and Mathematics.

An arboretum is a place where visitors can enjoy a natural setting and learn about Alabama’s native plants and habitats that are located inside Auburn University.

The good thing about this place is that you will see these animals in their natural states. Such a place you should visit while in Auburn!

Besides, all-season and eye-catching flowers in summer are well in place in this incredible place.

Not only is this place established as a place to see fishes and turtles alone, but visitors can also host their personal events in their reserved events area or pavilion.

In tandem with that, visitors can either rent their reserved area or pavilion, and it is extremely affordable with no fear of getting scared of how your guests will park their cars.

There are a lot of parking spaces solely for guests. This should be a perfect location if you plan to host your next event in Auburn!

Do you want to spend your next summer in Auburn? Why not come to where you will be able to find protected nature, gorgeous flowers, scents, and a perfect place to host your events?

This is such a fantastic location to explore in Auburn!

Address: Auburn, AL 36830, United States.

7. Kiesel Park

Things to do in Auburn

Kiesel Park

Are you looking for a beautiful and sprawling park to off-leash dogs while in Auburn?

Look no further! Come to Auburn Kiesel Park! It is such a beautiful, spacious, clean, and safe park in Auburn that is open to off-leash dogs.

Even with that, the park has fenced areas for off-leash dogs and separated areas for small and large dogs, so your dog is absolutely secured if brought here.

If you are in the city, you can bring your dogs here. There’s a track to run or walk.

Besides, there is a beautiful garden where visitors can get to get some fresh fruits at no extra cost.

Even if you have no dog to bring here, you can also enjoy the best out of this place.

You can come to their special exercise center to do some exercise or read a book with other visitors.

There is something for everyone, with or without a dog! So amazing! A place worth visiting in Auburn!

Moreover, there are modern benches all around the park where you can sit just to observe what is happening in this beautiful Auburn Park.

In fact, sometimes, the park organizes cultural activities in order to add to the delicacies of visitors’ enjoyment.

You will surely love this place!

Looking for where to spend an hour or two in Auburn? Come to Kiesel Park; it is worth the stop!

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Address: 520 Chadwick Ln, Auburn, AL 36832, United States.

8. Town Creek Park

Things to do in Auburn

Photo by Mollie Taylor

Visiting Town Creek Park is another recommendation on our list of places you can visit for fun in Auburn.

The Creek Park in Auburn is a great park with lots of lovely walking trails and well-kept grounds where.

This park has been attracting visitors and tourists from all over the world due to its uniqueness in terms of the services it provides.

Ever thought of going to a park with no admission fee yet returning with a lot of gifts and books? Town Creek Park does it all!

No admission fee, no compulsory donation, and several gifts and goodies to take home! Just so unique and fantastic place to visit in Auburn!

Besides, the staff are professional in their activities and will ensure that visitors are satisfied at all times, even without paying any admission fee! Its uniqueness is second to none!

Moreover, this is a wonderful location to bring your dogs and a perfect spot for humans and critters alike.

Equally, you can bring your kids here for walking trails, creek, and turtle ponds.

They will definitely enjoy these! What about its beautiful playground? It is for your kids; bring them and let them enjoy the best out of this Town Creek Park in Auburn.

Above all, there is no other place in Auburn where you see a scenic lake, if not in this beautiful location.

There is also a cemetery visitors can walk up to if they like that sort of thing, and the historic tree pathway, which its exciting and educational, can be explored!

Address: 1150 S Gay St, Auburn, AL 36832, United States

9. Southeastern Raptor Center

Southeastern Raptor Center

Photo by Highsmith, Carol M.

Are you looking for a place to see eagles, hawks, owls, and other interesting birds in Auburn?

I highly recommend you visit Southeastern Raptor Center.

This facility is beautiful with a modern structure, and it is adjacent to the American University Campus in Auburn.

Moreover, it is open to all visitors, and it has an exciting variety of eagles, hawks, owls, and other interesting birds that no visitor will hate seeing.

It is a great place to bring your children and grandchildren to see most of the birds they have been viewing the diagrams in their books.

More importantly, you need to bring them to the Auburn Friday afternoon bird show, which is inexpensive, very entertaining, and informative.

Bringing them here will broaden their horizons and create an unforgettable memory for them! Your kids will enjoy their vacation in Ausburn!

Besides, all the employees are friendly and versed in their respective departments.

The trainers bring out about 12 different birds, which will fly, and then tour them through the audience.

They will also interact with the audience in order to give them a sense of responsibility and to allow them to feel relaxed. They equally engage in informative talks about the Raptor Center and each type of bird.

So many things to enjoy in this tourist attraction in Auburn!

More so, popcorn and drinks are available to any audience who have an interest, especially when trainers are engaging them with informative talks.

Although the admission fee is not free here, however, there is a reasonable charge which is solely for support to the Raptor Center.

Come visit and enjoy the best this wonderful place has to offer!

Address: 1350 Pratt-Carden Dr, Auburn, AL 36849, United States.

10. Hound



Are you craving some American Classics meal while in Auburn?

If you are looking for some American classics, particularly if you are in Auburn, your search is over!

Hound is a family-owned restaurant and bar that has a great selection of food, craft beers on tap, as well as some excellent bourbon to choose from.

The food here is delicious, the services are impeccable, and the atmosphere is so energetic.

Not only that, the bar has amazing selections, and the lounge is the perfect spot to sit and relax while in the city.

The atmosphere inside the hound is designed to take visitors and inhabitants back to the carefree days of the past.

These were days when life was all about fishing, hunting, telling stories, and making memories.

Everything at Hound is fantastic, especially the Brussels sprouts and bread pudding. So sweet; if you are in Auburn, you need to come here to have a taste!

Interestingly, there are regular promotions and happy hours that change throughout the week.

During this period, visitors will have opportunities of getting these delicious meals and drinks at a slashed price.

Besides, this incredible location in Auburn is also a football fan favorite and can be full to the brim on home games!

Although there is indoor and outdoor seating that is available, definitely, every visitor will get a seat!

Above all, visitors are equally allowed to host their birthday events after payment of a little maintenance charge.

Do you intend to visit Auburn in the coming month? We recommend you add this place to the list of places to explore.

Auburn is such a wonderful place that has a lot to offer!

Address: 124 Tichenor Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States.

11. AMF Auburn Lanes

Things to do in Auburn

TenPinGeek / Wikimedia Commons

Not Certain of a good place for bowling in Auburn?

Yes, come to AMF Auburn Lanes. It is a great price and family-oriented facility that is not the new high-tech bowling alleys but the one each visitor will hold memories of every time they visit.

Besides, their food generally is restaurant quality (some people come to Auburn just for the food!), and the whole experience is definitely worth the price.

You can typically get local dishes here at reduced prices. Always a fantastic place to spend some time!

Unlike in other similar facilities area in Auburn, their customer service representatives are awesome.

They are very friendly and attentive. In fact, it does not matter if it is a large group or just two or one; you will still get good service and attention from them.

If you have the intention of exploring the United States, particularly Auburn, a stop here for a nice meal will be worth it.

We highly recommend you do!

Address: 719 Opelika Rd, Auburn, AL 36830, United States.

12. Auburn Arena

Things to do in Auburn

CarterMichaels / Wikimedia Commons

Are you a lover of basketball?

If you are a lover of basketball, Auburn Arena is an exciting place to watch basketball games at no charge whatsoever.

This unique sporting area in Auburn is fun, and the facilities here are new and clean.

Aside from this incredible location being one of Auburn’s sporting regions, it has plenty of party rooms with cash bars where visitors can even catch extra fun at the completion of each game. Auburn Arena is such an amazing place to visit!

Seats are very comfortable, and snacks are given to visitors during the pendency of basketball games. Once you are there, so many goodies will keep coming at no extra charge!

Moreover, at Auburn Arena, the parking is good and there is always a space for every visitor to pack their cars.

Interestingly, this sporting area has the availability of restrooms that are neat. You would barely have to wait!

Above all, receptionists are professional and will do everything to explain whatever thing you need clarifications during your visit.

If you are a fan of basketball and you plan to come to Auburn, why not come to the Auburn arena and show full support to your team?

Definitely, spending hours here will be worth the stop!

Address: Auburn Arena, 250 Beard-Eaves Court, Auburn, AL 36849, United States.

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13. Auburn Jordan-Hare Stadium

Things to do in Auburn

AuburnPilot / Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to enjoy viewing sports games right in Auburn?

If your answer is yes, a visit to Jordan-Hare Stadium is necessary.

This is a stadium where visitors can come to enjoy a live game being played on a weekly basis.

You will definitely enjoy watching their matches, especially on weekends!

Do you want to enjoy your weekends to the fullest while in Auburn? Come to Jordan-Hare Stadium and create a beautiful weekend for yourself!

Even if you don’t have an interest in watching any of their matches, gaining access and seeing this huge football stadium in pre-match mode itself is necessary.

You will be glad to see this stadium live against the usual mode when you see them in the media.

Besides, the staff of this incredible stadium is amazing and totally friendly.

Even if you are visiting this place for the first time, these staff will definitely make you feel at home and make your visit a memorable one.

What about the unique dishes and drinks that are usually given to visitors who arrive early?

Of course, this should be part of the reasons why you should plan to visit this wonderful museum in Auburn.

There are so many things to enjoy here!

Moreover, there are a lot of parking spaces that are available for visitors, regardless of their population.

Seats are equally neat and made with modern wooden facilities.

Overall, Jordan-Hare Stadium is a place to explore in Auburn if you plan to visit Auburn anytime soon.

Address: 251 S Donahue Dr, Auburn, AL 36849, United States.

14. Auburn Depot

Things to do in Auburn

Donzigw / Wikimedia Commons

Are you coming to Auburn and do not know the first place to head to?

If you are coming to Auburn for the first time and need a place to head to, come to Auburn Depot.

It is a wonderful place that was initially set up as a train depot in 1847 in downtown Auburn, Alabama.

Besides, this Depot is an upscale and surprisingly elegant Gulf Coast Brasserie with a relaxed ambiance, gorgeous original marble floors, leather banquettes, and magnificent chandeliers.

Such a place to have a look in Auburn!

Moreover, this is the only basic place to get fresh seafood in the entire Auburn.

Also, the designs and restoration of the old train station in this incredible place is a work of art, which in itself is worth seeing.

Apparently, the staff are extremely amazing and the services they render are phenomenal, and the delightful ambiance makes for quite the dining experience worthwhile.

Aside from these, they have a playground for kids to enjoy and relate with their colleagues.

Your kids will be happy they come with you to this incredible location.

Definitely, there is something for everyone here at Auburn Depot.

Address: 124 Mitcham Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States. 

15. Auburn Hickory Dickory Park

History Dicktory park

History Dicktory park

Do you want a toddler and kids attractive region while in Auburn?

If all you want is where to take your kids for enjoyment while in Auburn, a visit to Auburn Hickory Dickory Park is inevitable!

This park is lovingly and interestingly designed for toddlers and young kids.

It is built like an extremely large fort and has an inventive color scheme.

This scheme is inspired by popular old-world nursery rhymes actually painted along with its turrets,

In addition, this incredible place is located on the north side of Auburn.

Although, indifferent to other parks mentioned above, which are also in Auburn, it is a small park with quite a large ‘castle’ built of wood for the children to run around and enjoy while in this area.

Besides, there are a couple of tables for the adults to sit at while they carefully watch their children.

Though, this place is relatively safe for children to play while in Auburn because there are things they could fall on since all the places there are covered in wood chips.

Not only that but there are also swings on the edge of the park.

Definitely, kids are secure here regardless of how playful they could appear.

What a place you need to check anytime you are in Auburn!

Above all, this wonderful park in Auburn requires no admission fee from visitors, and they entertain kids with enough goodies that would make their stay a memorable one.

Planning to come to Auburn the next summer? Be kind to your kids by bringing them here.

An hour or two will definitely add to their happiness!

Address: History Park, Auburn, United States.

16. Auburn Acre

Auburn Acre

Auburn Acre

Acre is another wonderful place to visit in Auburn. It is beside Auburn’s historic Toomer’s Corner, and it is an upscale restaurant with a locally sourced, extensive wine list and imaginative cocktails.
It is a place you can visit in Auburn alone or with family and friends.
Interestingly, in this beautiful foodie location in the heart of Ausburn, they use fresh ingredients from their own gardens and local farms to prepare traditional Southern dishes.
Though their dining room is rustic, but chic, with comfortable banquettes and long communal tables that are suitable for family dinners and various celebrations.
Do you plan on an extensive voyage to Auburn? Why not visit Acre and enjoy their local dishes, especially their Georgia quail, which is delicious with fermented honey, hot sauce, and barbecue pecan streusel?
A visit to Auburn, mainly this spot, will make a difference!
Address: 210 E Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States.


Final Remarks

Auburn is a great city to explore during a vacation.

With a vibrant mix of art, culture, history, food, drink, recreation, and nature, there is something for everyone in Auburn!

As evidenced herein, exciting Auburn attractions are not hard to come by.

If nothing else, you can be sure that if you add a few of these amazing attractions to your itinerary, you will certainly have the best time.

So pack your bags, round up your family and friends, and get ready to make memories to last a lifetime.

Happy travels.