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21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dauphin Island (AL)

With the number of travelers picking Dauphin Island as a holiday area, one can only wonder why?

This beautiful and serene city in Alabama has remained on the list of the most visited fun spots in the country!

It has a population of 1,778 at the 2020 census compared to 1,238 at the 2010 census. 

Its name is severally mistaken as Dolphin Island but isn’t.

The term was used as the title of the heir apparent to the French monarch.

Beaches are plenteous in this city and are quite the major highlights it holds.

Therefore, beaches here attract tourism and make fishing a popular activity in the area.

Additionally, it is home to the Dauphin Island Airport, boat ramps, Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, and a large public pier that sits on dry land. 

If you are looking for thrill, fun, and entertainment, then you’re about to make the best decision!

Check out our list of the most amazing things to do on Dauphin Island.

Things To Do In Dauphin Island, Alabama

1. Sand Island Lighthouse

Things To Do In Dauphin Island

Image: Sand Island Lighthouse

Looking for amazing places around Dauphin Island to catch splendid views?

Explore the Sand Island Lighthouse!

The Sand Island Light, also known as Sand Island Lighthouse, is a masonry Gothic lighthouse from 1873.

This lighthouse is 132 feet high.

It is a magnificent brick lighthouse sitting on the remnants of Sand Island.  

For tourists seeking to explore Dauphin Island, this place is a treasure!

Tours of the lighthouse here are one of the amazing things to do.

You can kill some time looking at this outstanding structure.

However, it can only be accessed by boat, but it’s worth visiting as it doesn’t have much time left before it collapses into the Gulf.  

Take pictures on the piles of rocks here, the setting is wonderful.

Add to your to-do list while on Dauphin Island!

Address: Sand Island Light, Gulf of Mexico, Dauphin Island, AL, United States

2. The Alabama Aquarium at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Things To Do In Dauphin Island

Image: The Alabama Aquarium at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Want to visit an aquarium or check out coastal life on a tour around Dauphin Island?

Go see coastal life at the Alabama Aquarium at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab!

The Alabama Aquarium is a beautiful, informative area showcasing four key habitats of coastal Alabama.

It displays the Barrier Islands, the Northern Gulf of Mexico, the Mobile Tensaw River Delta, and Mobile Bay.

Things for tourists to do at this amazing place are plenteous.

A tour of the 10,000 square foot Exhibit Hall here is one of them.

In this Sealab, you’ll find this vast exhibit hall where you can explore several hands-on exhibits.

You’ll find over 31 aquariums, over 30,000 gallons, and over 100 species on display.

Outstanding isn’t it?!

If you’re a coastal research student or love aquaculture, this is for you!

Also, there is a 7,000-gallon stingray touch pool available for anyone who wants to check out stingrays!

Moreover, botanists and students will have a great time looking at various plants, animals, and other natural resources in this estuary.

It’s a lot of fun and a better way to tour the city.

Additionally, if you just want to relax and spend a quiet time strolling, the boardwalk here is a good option

Overall, it’s a must-see! 

Grab an opportunity and tour this place, you’ll be amazed!

 Address: 102 Bienville Bld, Dauphin Island, AL 36528, United States

3. Indian Shell Mound Park

Indian Shell Mound Park

Image: Indian Shell Mound Park

Want to spend time outdoors and can’t get your head around where to explore on Dauphin Island?

Take a walk down the Indian Shell Mound Park!

Shell Mound Park, also known as Indian Shell Mound Park, is a park and birds shelter.

This park is a historic subtropical island park in the city.

For tourists and bird lovers, this could be an enormous bag of fun!

Birdwatching is a popular activity around this park since it offers a view of several species of birds.

Also, if you want to capture beautiful pictures of birds in a scenic area, this is an option!

Besides, with the many birds which visit, you’ll also find a wide variety of botanical species in its natural offerings. 

Whether you’re just visiting the island or just want some peace away from the city, here’s a delightful spot!

Shell Mounds Park is a quiet place to get away for some nature. 

Strolling and cycling through the trails is another fun thing to do here.

Trails in this park are amazingly smooth and offer a lot of comfort for workouts.

Moreover, there are a lot of benches at the side of its trails where you can rest if you get tired. 

Take a load off, play some music, read a book or even have a picnic, or just visit to watch the birds in the trees.

Additionally, in the pond area, you’ll find a lot of butterflies and turtles, spend a little time petting them.  

Capture these pleasant moments and keep them as memories!

Address: 830 Desoto Dr, Dauphin Island, Alabama 36528, United States

4. Isle Dauphine Golf Club

Things To Do In Dauphin Island

Image: Isle Dauphine Golf Club

Are you a golf lover or you’re looking for the best spots around Dauphin Island to go golfing?

Try golfing at the Isle Dauphine Golf Club.

This place in Dauphin Island offers more than just golfing activities, it offers tranquility and beauty.

For tourists and golf lovers, fun is never complete without a day of golf at this golf club.

Golf courses here are outstanding and in good condition.

If you want to try a new level of endurance or just know what it feels like playing golf in a coastal environment, then check this out!

However, it may be difficult at first, but in no time, you’ll have your head around it.

Moreover, the prices are fine for the ambiance this island offers!

If you like adventure and you are not a golf snob, you will have a great time.

Also, the views are spectacular and if you don’t even want to play golf, you’ll enjoy walking down the beach.  

There are a lot of birds, crabs and some fish, so you can enjoy a moment exploring the vicinity.

Could also be a good choice if you want to go picnicking, just ensure to choose a good spot.

Address: 100 Orleans Dr, Dauphin Island, AL 36528, United States

5. Audubon Bird Sanctuary

Things To Do In Dauphin Island

Image: Audubon Bird Sanctuary

Do you love bird watching or do you simply want to spend a quiet time with nature around Dauphin Island?

The Audubon Bird Sanctuary is a sanctuary and a protected area known for bird life.

This birdwatching area is an important stop for many bird migrations, as it is often the first land birds encounter when crossing the Gulf of Mexico. 

If you’re a bird lover, you cannot afford to miss this amazing place!

Since the sanctuary is a huge forest with paths you can walk, you’ll find tall pine trees and see the birds that live in them!

Quite a nice place to visit and see a bit of nature. 

Also, there is a beautiful lake where you can see some wildlife.

You’ll find alligators, turtles, and other aquatic microfauna.

The lake view and the beach access are very nice with impressive sights.

Moreover, if you want to stroll or go jogging, its trails are perfect.

It may not seem like a big place on the map, but it certainly has an extensive network of trails to keep you busy for hours.

There are also signs and maps around the park telling you where you can go.

Signages tell you about the lake with crocodiles and cute little turtles or the path to the sandy white beach.

Pack some water on a tour, it can get boiling around here.

Make sure to take photos!

Address: 211 Bienville Bld, Dauphin Island, Alabama 36528, United States

6. Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Site

Things To Do In Dauphin Island

Image: Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Site

Want to spend some time fishing or you want a relaxing spot in Dauphin Island to watch fish?

Try fishing at the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Site!

The Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Site is a fishing pier on Dauphin Island with an abundance of fish.

For tourists who like to fish or want to spend some quiet time behind a fishing rod and bait, this is great.

If you enjoy fishing, then this will be a great option for you.

Even if you haven’t tried fishing and you want to learn, this is a great place for learning and seeing the different kinds of fish. 

Moreover, they have a whole separate rodeo for kids a weekend before the adult rodeo. 

You also have a chance to win prizes while you fish at this place on Dauphin Island.

And, if you don’t fish, you can bring your kids to see the catches. 

Furthermore, if you get hungry at any point, there is a convenience store and food nearby.

Picnicking will also be fun to do at this fishing pier.

Pack a basket and head out to spend some cool time at this place.

Address: 531 Lemoyne Dr, Dauphin Island, AL 36528, United States

7. Gulf Islands National Seashore

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Image: Gulf Islands National Seashore

Go explore cannons at the Gulf Islands National Seashore!

Gulf Islands National Seashore is a national park in the city offering a beach, recreation, and historic forts.

Onlookers can never get enough of this park until a tour.

For tourists who want to spend some time exploring outdoor activities in a beach setting, this is perfect!

Fun things to do in this national park include swimming.

Not only does this beach have clean waters but they are also beautiful.

Swimmers will find it useful.

Also, boating is something fun to also do in this place.

Rent a boat and explore the waters while at this place.

You could try this with a partner, a friend, family, or even alone.

Additionally, camping is also fun to do here.

Since its highly peaceful environment is comforting, most campers on Dauphin Island choose this spot as one of the camping areas.

Moreover, it has very serene settings if you just want to enjoy a night quietly or behind a fire.

The area also has a ton of bike trails, if you want to explore by bike. 

Overall, don’t miss this wonderful destination if you are passing through this area.

Bring a book and some music and spend a little time relaxing!l

Add to your to-do list while in the city!

Address: Gulf Breeze, Dauphin Island FL 32563, United States

8. Ft. Morgan Fishing Beach

Ft. Morgan Fishing Beach

Image: Ft. Morgan Fishing Beach

Try fishing at the Ft. Morgan Fishing Beach!

The Ft. Morgan Fishing Beach is a fishing area and a beach in the city.

For tourists visiting the golf coast for the first time, it is a must-see!

One of the unique things for tourists to do in this place is touring.

This place is an exceptional area to come and see the gulf. 

Besides, its attractive beach with soft sand and lots of shells is a highlight for explorers.

You can spend quality time gathering seashells and building a collection.

Not only that, you’ll also find it interesting building sandcastles and playing beach ball by the beach.

Also, you can look at dolphins and eat seafood while at it.

Take your sun umbrella, a snorkel gear and corn hole, a speaker and relax on a good chair.

Allow the water to cool off on your feet.

However, if you just want quiet time, then sit by the water and try fishing.

While at it, if you’re looking for a place to fill your stomach, the Beach Club has a few good spots to eat. 

If you’re looking to get away from a lot of people this summer, this is where you want to be!

Try surfing and wading in the water while at it, you’ll enjoy every moment!

Address: Dauphin Island, AL, United States

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9. Dauphin Island East End Public Beach

Things To Do In Dauphin Island

Image: Dauphin Island East End Public Beach

Are you checking out a few beaches around Dauphin Island?

Try the Dauphin Island East End Public Beach!

For tourists looking for a better way to cool off after a long journey, this is an option!

It’s simply a mixture of relaxation and serenity.

Even if you don’t go to public beaches, after an experience here, you’ll think otherwise!

Things to do in this place in Dauphin Island is swimming.

Swimming and wading in the waters in this place is amazing.

The waters on this beach are clean and cool and give off the best.

Also, watching the gorgeous sunset at this place is another fun thing to do in this beach.

Even though the water is stunning, the sunsets on this side of the island are unbelievable.

There is a reason they call it the sunset capital of the world. 

You should definitely take the chance to take the ferry if you get a chance to Fort Morgan.

Moreover, the views of the marine traffic and oil rigs are cool if you don’t mind them taking away from the natural landscape.

Great beach for families to explore.

If you don’t mind the landscape, holding a birthday party around here is also fun to do.

Bring your family for picnics and get together at this place.

Make sure to take the ferry ride across the water!

Add to your to-do list while on Dauphin Island, there’s just so much fun in one place!

Address: Dauphin Island, AL, United States

10. Fort Gaines

Things To Do In Dauphin Island

Image: Fort Gaines

Looking for somewhere in Dauphin Island to explore Pre-Civil War ramparts?

Go touring at Fort Gaines!

Fort Gaines is a popular historic fort on Dauphin Island, with Pre-Civil War ramparts fronting a bay.

This place, set up in 1821, was named after Edmund Pendleton Gaines.

It is famous for its role in the Battle of Mobile Bay during the American Civil War. 

On a tour of these historic forts, you’ll find several exhibits on display.

History and military lovers will find this piece of history very significant.

You’ll be able to see the huge anchor from USS Hartford, Admiral David Farragut’s flagship.

It was on this flagship that he gave his world-famous command, “Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead!” 

Also, the fort holds the original cannons used during the battle.

The five pre-Civil War brick buildings in the interior courtyard are also highlights in this place.

In all, a tour of this place is just amazing with all the brickwork, tunnels, and living quarters. 

If you explore further, you’ll find a museum and a section with letters written by the soldiers. 

A definite must-see for history, definitely worth the trip!

However, tourists, be careful of your surroundings throughout the entire fort!

Some parts have to be traversed through with care, as there are some areas that are unsafe.

Bring hiking boots because you can look forward to a lot of walking and climbing around!

Address: 51 Bienville Bld, Dauphin Island, Alabama 36528, United States

11. Public Beach

Public Beach

Image: Public Beach

Check out the Public Beach!

This beautiful beach is in a quiet stretch with great scenery. 

For travelers and tourists looking forward to shelling and outdoor recreational fun, this place is perfect.

Things for tourists to do in this place are plenteous and trail exploring is one of them.

Trails in this scenic location are in good condition and perfect for explorations.

If you want to stroll in a quiet location, go jogging or even go for workouts, this is a good option.

Moreover, it is pet friendly, so you even get to go on workouts with your dogs or even walk them.

However, make sure they are on a leash!

Shelling is another fun activity to do here since there are a lot of seashells on this beach.

Seashells of different colors and designs are all over this beach and you’ll have fun putting them together.

Picnics and small get-togethers are also fun to do on this beach.

Its highly scenic setting and picturesque view make it a perfect spot to eat out or take great photos outside.

Regularly, there are firework displays around this place, so you can experience fireworks.

Take in the breeze, play in the waters, and relax by the waterside!

There’s just so much for you to enjoy here, so take the time to explore!

Finally, if you’re up for a boat ride, you can catch the 40-minute ferry ride to Fort Morgan across the bay in Baldwin county. 

Address: Dauphin Island, AL, United States

12. Goat Tree Reserve, Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries, Inc.

Goat Tree Reserve, Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries, Inc.

Image: Goat Tree Reserve, Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries, Inc.

Explore the Goat Tree Reserve, Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries, Inc.!

Goat Tree Reserve, Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries, Inc. is a bird sanctuary in the city.

This area is home to several species of birds and a few wildlife.

For bird lovers and biologists, this sanctuary is a must-see location.

On a tour of this sanctuary, you’ll find several birds of different species and colors.

The trees and vines here are long and convenient, making it an attractive site and home for several birds.

Moreover, if you like chirping sounds and music, you should not miss this spot for anything.

Photographs of birds come out really well in this location too as it’s immersed in beauty.

Also, there are signages and plaques that tell you a bit of the history around this place.

Great piece of knowledge if you’re touring this place on your own or with a curious partner.

There are also a few benches along the path where you can sit to catch a bite or sit in case you get tired.

In all, it’s a pretty slice of a tangled forest.

If you want to come here for picnics, you can also do this peacefully.

The trees bring a lot of breezes and will give you a chilly and cool setting.

However, be careful, the ground around the base of the trees are overgrown, so it is difficult to see them. 

Great place to listen to some music or read a book in the shade on the waterfront.

Address: 701 Cadillac Ave, Dauphin Island, AL 36528, United States

13. Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay

Image: Pelican Bay

Visit the Pelican Bay!

Pelican Bay is a barrier island bay with a sandy beach in the city.

It is a regular choice and option amongst tourists who want to enjoy a peaceful moment of sunbathing.

Sunbathing on this beach is one of the outstanding things there is to do.

Bring a sunscreen, lie on the sand or on the comfy chairs and bask in the sun.

Also, Kayaking is another fun option to explore on this beach.

For tourists who want a pleasant time exploring the waters, kayaking is perfect here.

While here, you can rent a kayak and spend some time wading and enjoying the waters.

Moreover, there aren’t many waves and since it’s less crowded, you’ll have a wonderful experience.

If you also love crabbing and want to spend some time capturing crabs, you’ll find this place nice.

Crabs are almost everywhere, so if you take your time to go crab hunting, you’re sure to have a feast!

Overall, this is a great beach to visit, with beautiful sunset views and even better sunrise views. 

You’ll also find an amazing view of Mobile Bay with ships sailing in and out of the bay. 

Go chill out and have some fun. It’s worth it!

Address: Dauphin Island, AL, United States.

14. Rolston Park

Rolston Park

Image: Rolston Park

If you’re in search of a fun park around Dauphin Island where you can have family time in a beach setting, try Rolston Park!

Like every other fun park in the city, Rolston Park is one great option to explore.

It is a park offering a beach setting and several pieces of play equipment.

For tourists who want to have a pleasant outdoor experience, this park is a must-visit!

Besides, it is a nice place to relax and just watch the water.

With the beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico, it offers relaxing is more promising.

Also, if you are looking for an outstanding place to jog and meet new people, then this is perfect.

Residents often come to this park for walks, so it’s relatively easy to make friends.

There are a few swings, some slides, monkey bars, walking tracks, and climbing obstacles for kids to explore.

It’s a good place if you want to have a birthday party outdoors. 

Moreover, it’s right by the water and the nice breeze blowing is soothing. 

Picnics are also fun to do in this place.

Several covered picnic tables are available, so if you want somewhere to eat lunch, consider this!

Add exploring this peaceful park on your to-do list while in Dauphin Island!

Address: 7840 Coden Belt, Coden, AL 36523, United States

15. Portersville Bay

Portersville Bay

Image: Portersville Bay

Are you exploring Dauphin Island and you are looking for an area to see or explore oysters?

Visit the Portersville Bay!

Portersville Bay is a popular tourist attraction site and oyster farming area of the city.

It is one of the highly scenic and beautiful places in the city.

Asides from that, it is popular amongst locals and oyster lovers.

If you love oysters and you’re looking forward to getting a lot of them, then this place on Dauphin Island is a must-visit!

Moreover, if you’re interested in boat rides and you want to spend some time on the waters, this is perfect.

This bay is a really nice place for a boat ride and surfing!

Overall, you’ll catch some good memories here, so sit back, relax and take in all the sights and pleasure it offers!

Make sure to take photos!

Address: Dauphin Island, AL, United States

16. The Estuarium at The Dauphin Island Sea Lab

The Estuarium at The Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Image: The Estuarium at The Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Are you looking for a Sealab where you can explore fun aquariums?

Then, explore The Estuarium at The Dauphin Island Sea Lab!

The Estuarium, popularly known as the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, is an aquarium and home to over 100 forms of aquatic life. 

This 10,000 square foot exhibit facility is a place with over 30 aquariums. 

For school children and educational institutes, this Sealab is a must explore!

Since the Estuarium offers informative tours and educational materials for school groups. 

Not only that, but they also host a popular program known as the Boardwalk Talks.

Boardwalk Talks is a series of seminars with a view to helping people understand the ecology of the Mobile Bay Estuary.

Moreover, it’s absolutely free so tourists get to explore knowledge at the cost of nothing!

Make sure to add to your to-do list while exploring the city!

Address: 101 Bienville Blvd., Dauphin Island, AL, United States.

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17. Mobile Bay Ferry

Mobile Bay Ferry

Image: Mobile Bay Ferry

Catch a quick ferry ride at the Mobile Bay Ferry!

The Mobile Bay Ferry links Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan, Alabama. 

For tourists and travelers who love ferry rides or want to have one, Mobile Bay Ferry is splendid.

This ferry ride, which takes about 40 minutes, offers gorgeous views of the famous Mobile Bay.

Also, it operates year-round, and travelers can have a fun experience in the waters. 

With as low as $5, you’ll have a lot of fun on a one-way trip.

If you love the water and really want to see a vast amount of it, then consider exploring this place.

It is amazing and will leave you satisfied!

Address: Dauphin Island, AL, United States

18. Action Outdoors

Action Outdoors

Image: Action Outdoors

Come and take a boat trip at Action Outdoors!

Action Outdoors is a serene location in the city, offering boat rides and tours.

This outdoor recreational area offers boat trips on the waters surrounding Dauphin Island.

For Tourists, this outdoor area is a gem and an absolute find.

If you are thinking of throwing a birthday party or an outdoor event in water, this is an option.

Private boat rides and birthday parties are all amazing activities to do in this outdoor area.

Also, bay fishing trips are available if you want to spend some time fishing when in this place. 

In addition to giving tours, it also organizes field trips for homeschoolers, teachers, and even groups.

Its field trips are highly informative and provide students of all ages with enough knowledge of bay ecosystems. 

However, if you are scared of the waters, then you can just hang around and watch the boats come in and leave.

Or better still, just come to enjoy the breeze and peaceful surroundings!

Make sure to explore while on Dauphin Island!

Address: 650 LeMoyne Dr., Dauphin Island, AL, United States.

19. Dauphin Island Heritage & Arts Council

Dauphin Island Heritage & Arts Council

Image: Dauphin Island Heritage & Arts Council

Check out the drooping history at the Dauphin Island Heritage & Arts Council!

The Dauphin Island Heritage & Arts Council is an art center displaying various forms of art. 

This art center has not only a vast amount of history and art, but it also offers much more.

For tourists and art lovers, this place is a paradise and a must-see!

Painting classes hold here and visitors have a better chance of understanding the value of art. 

Also, there is a beautiful gallery showcasing various works from local artists.

So, if you are a budding artist, this place is a perfect option to promote your art!

Address: 918 Bienville Rd., Dauphin Island, AL, United States.

20. Dauphin Island Marina

Dauphin Island Marina

Image: Dauphin Island Marina

Are you looking for somewhere on Dauphin Island to look at dolphins?

Explore the Dauphin Island Marina!

The Dauphin Island Marina is at the base of the Dauphin Island Bridge. 

It is a marina with a substantial amount of amenities, including fuel and oil for boats.

This area is also a boat maintenance and storage spot but has a restaurant.

For tourists who enjoy looking at sea creatures, dolphins especially, this is a must-see.

Dolphins are popular sights in this Marina and you’ll find it exciting to capture their activities with your lens.

Additionally, anyone who wants to try going fishing near Dauphin Island can also enjoy fishing trips. 

Kayaking is also fun to do in this area.

Since there are places to rent kayaks around this place, you can easily rent a kayak and spend quality time wading the waters.

Also, you can visit the boat ramp to rent boats for alone or family time.

Try to spot wildlife while at it!

Address: Dauphin Island Marina, Dauphin Island, AL, United States

21. FinAtics Inshore Fishing Charters

FinAtics Inshore Fishing Charters

Image: FinAtics Inshore Fishing Charters

Looking for fun spots around Dauphin Island to go on fishing trips?

Visit the FinAtics Inshore Fishing Charters!

FinAtics Fishing Charters is an area in the city organizing fishing trips for individuals, families, and groups. 

At this place, tourists can enjoy low chartered trip rates covering the cost of renting a fishing rod and several fishing amenities. 

Moreover, you’ll spend four to six hours fishing, and you can keep anything you catch.

Amazing, right? 

Make your way to this fishing spot now and enjoy quality time!

Address: 610 E Lemoyne Dr, Dauphin Island, AL, United States.

Final Remarks

After a tour around Dauphin Island, you’ll come to understand fun.

Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to free yourself to diverse forms of thrills.

Make sure to capture photos, keep souvenirs and have fun.

Safe travels!