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20 Cant-Miss Best Restaurants in Auburn Alabama

Would you like to explore some of the best restaurants in Auburn? If so, these restaurants’ exceptional settings and delectable menus will impress you.

Auburn is a quaint city in Lee County and the largest city in eastern Alabama. Ever since 1990, it has been known as one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States.

With its stunning locations and exciting history, you don’t need to be surprised that there are tons of opportunities in Auburn.

So, while considering the most fun things to do in Auburn, I have also made a list of the best dining for you! Here you will find modern local bars and grills, Indian, American, Italian as well as Korean spots, and so much more.

So, get yourself a pen and a book while I take you through the 20 can’t-miss restaurants in Auburn, AL!

Restaurants in Auburn Alabama

1. Acre

Acre, Restaurants in Auburn

The Acre

Eating a meal at Acre is sure to be loved at first bite, as this restaurant serves lip-smacking delights day after day.

It opened in August 2013 and has since been the gold standard of elegant dining in Auburn. The interior, the food, and the service at Acre are the height of opulence.

They have staples like grits and shrimp with plenty of Amberjack, Redfish, and bone marrow. Their burgers are also great for lunch; brunch items are usually available on weekdays.

More so, the cocktails are always crafted to perfection, and the fried Green Tomatoes will rock your socks off!

For an appetizer, a plate of fried okra or fried bacon will do, and swordfish or grouper will be the best pair for the entrée.

If you wouldn’t want anything more, I suggest you also order some portion Duck breast, it’s always cooked perfectly, more tender than a nice filet, and the sweet sauce paired well with it.

Also, the swordfish steak is always cooked to perfection, and it’s always mixed with the perfect vegetable orchestra of umami.

Alabama is so fortunate to have landed this culinary adventure! By far, one of the best restaurants in Auburn! Don’t miss out if you’re anywhere around this downtown.

Interestingly, their drink is equally extensive, and you’ll surely get the perfect pair for your meals.

Plan a visit to Acre from Wednesdays – Saturdays, 11 am – 9 pm; Sundays, 10 am – 2 pm; and Mondays through Tuesdays from 5 am – 9 pm.

Address: 210 E Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States


THE HOUND, Restaurants in Auburn


The HOUND is every tourist’s favorite restaurant in Auburn. It is a rustic-chic bar with a simple New American menu, an extensive bourbon selection & many craft beers.

In this restaurant, you will find fries that are homemade & not greasy, and their bacon and bourbon are worth dying for!

Besides, ribeye offered in this restaurant is a massive cut of meat that tastes just as good as it looks.

The chicken fried steak is also a top-notch menu. It’s just always garnished with mashed potatoes, collards green & gravy, which is, of course, always flavorful!

Don’t also forget to order the Bread Pudding with a Hound Expresso Martini. Honestly, it’s a little piece of heaven, and you’ll enjoy it.

Moreover, if you are thinking of a healthy meal, the HOUND has got you covered because they always have seasonal steamed veggies that are so fresh.

After your meals, if you’re not in haste, be sure to sit on the patio; you’ll enjoy the beautiful views!

The HOUND is just one of the best restaurants in Auburn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Anytime you’ll be here for a bite, I suggest you get a reservation during their peak time, as it gets super busy at night.

Address: 124 Tichenor Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

3. Venditori’s Italian Restaurant

Venditori's Italian Restaurant, Restaurants in Auburn

Venditori’s Italian Restaurant

When looking for classic Italian restaurants in Auburn, Venditori’s Italian Restaurant is the best option for all dining! This restaurant’s interior is Italian-themed, making it look so welcoming and highly authentic.

Once you walk inside, you’ll realize you stepped back in time. Each dining room offers a different, relaxed, and cozy setting.

At the Venditori’s Italian Restaurant, the menu consists of plenty of vegetarian, gluten, and vegan-free options. So, there’s something here for everyone coming to eat.

Their prices are equally reasonable for both the portion, the taste, and the quality; thus, you know you’re getting some great food at the best price.

If nothing more, order the lasagna that comes with the Italian sausage or a plate of cannoli, and some portion of lasagna will do.

Also, don’t miss out on the salad and rolls, & the limoncello cake, and if you like seafood, get yourself the Crawfish Julienne; it does not disappoint!

Great food, impressive service, and, most importantly, fantastic drinking straws. These straws are firm and won’t fail you during a dinner hangout!

Besides, they also let visitors bring their own drinks for a $10 corking fee, which is great.

Address: 2575 Hilton Garden Dr, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

4. The Depot

The Depot, Restaurants in Auburn

The Depot

Plating up Auburn’s freshest and finest seafood, the Depot is a beautiful grilled gulf-coastal restaurant in Auburn’s Historic Train Depot.

With a globally inspired menu by Scott Simpson, the Executive Chef & Co­-Owner, this iconic restaurant is elevating the cuisine in Alabama.

Among all other restaurants in Auburn, this eatery pride itself on being the first restaurant to receive the prestigious ‘James Beard Smart Catch Leader Award.’ Therefore, they’re good and committed to serving responsibly and sustainably harvested seafood!

Their food options echo from the past, honoring Alabama’s southern heritage because it’s always cooked simply and spectacularly.

Once you arrive, you can order chicken collards & sweet potato mash, or if you crave something spicier, don’t hesitate to call for some portion of banana foster bread pudding; it’s just the best you can get in town!

The crusted halibut with tomato & balsamic rice will be a perfect pairing for an entree! More so, Napa Valley seasonal cocktail or themed tequila lemon will be a great option for drinking if you need something to step down your meals.

The oysters are also a must for anyone who loves experiencing the diversity of the Gulf Coast!

As an appetizer, I suggest you go for the salmon poke bowl; it’ll be nothing short of a delicacy. Although it’s a typical dish found in Hawaii, this restaurant brings it to Auburn and does it very well. You will love it dearly.

In fact, not only do they have the best food in Auburn, but the staff are also amazing and are always willing to do whatever it takes to make the experience nothing short of perfect.

Address: 124 Mitcham Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

5. Bow & Arrow

Bow & Arrow, Restaurants in Auburn

Bow & Arrow

If you’re looking for a great place in Auburn for a barbecue, then you have to give Bow & Arrow a try!

Located at Samford Avenue in downtown Auburn, the Bow & Arrow prides itself on its fantastic quick bites, great ambiance, and Western cuisine.

The ambiance is both industrial and comfortable, perfect for grabbing a weekend brunch, a date night, or a hangout.

On the menu list, there’s a pepper jack chicken sandwich with fries, the chips that usually come out hot and crunchy. Brisket, turkey, and pork are also a better pick; they’re seasoned and sauced well. A spicy margarita is equally a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

Importantly, it may be hectic in there, but they’re obviously used to it because everything seemed to run smoothly, and the waiting period is always bearable.

The customer service is also impressive. Even though this is a self-serve restaurant, the staff will frequently come around to check on visitors and offer refills.

If cheap and plentiful is your priority, you might want to check other restaurants in Auburn, but if you don’t mind paying a bit more for quality all-around, the Bow & Arrow is a commendable option!

Plan a visit to Bow & Arrow from Tuesdays – Saturdays, 11 am – 9 pm, and Sundays from 10 am – 2 pm,

Address: 1977 E Samford Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

6. Amsterdam Cafe

Amsterdam Cafe, Restaurants in Auburn

Amsterdam Cafe

Known for its Seafood & Southern-style fare that’s served in a cozy cafe with Van Gogh art style & live music, the Amsterdam Cafe is another top pick for the best restaurants in Auburn.

Unlike all other restaurants above, lovely Turkey wraps are on the menu list here. The crab cake with avocado and fixings is equally outstanding.

If you’re more conscious of spicy foods, the Crab Cake on a croissant will also be pretty good. The homemade sweet potato chips aren’t also crispy and will make the best alternative if you want something more nutritious.

The spinach and artichoke dip is also delicious, and on the kid’s menu list, there are considerably huge offerings. Obviously, the Amsterdam Cafe has what will satisfy everyone’s cravings!

Best of all, the staff are so accommodating, the friendly greeting and the warm service you’ll receive from them is always top notch.

Whether you’re just in Auburn for a weekend gateway or you’re in to explore from its many beaches, stop by; the Amsterdam Cafe has all that’ll give you the best dining experience!

Before you stop here, I suggest you call beforehand because there is limited seating, and it’s mostly overly crowded.

Address: 410 S Gay St, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

7. Pannie-George’s Kitchen Inc

Pannie-George's Kitchen Inc, Restaurants in Auburn

Pannie-George’s Kitchen Inc

The Pannie-George’s selection of km vegetables and meats encompasses the rich textures and taste of the owners’ unique Southern style of cooking.

It is named after Alabama’s grandparents, and the operators & the owners of this cafeteria-style casual restaurant make this place an establishment where everyone is “treated and welcomed like a noble member of Pannie-George’s family.” This has so become a paragon of traditional Southern cooking in the Alabama area!

This restaurant offers legendary selections of vegetables and meats, fried chicken, and other staples, including meatloaf, catfish, macaroni & cheese, cabbage, purple hull peas, sweet potato pie, and banana pudding.

The fish’s batter is also crunchy, the purple hull peas do come out firm yet soft and had all the flavor you could ask for in a pea, while the yams were sweet and soft and they’ll melt in your mouth as if you’re enjoying packages from your homemade kitchen.

I also recommend their baked chicken (it melts tender and flavourful), the okra (it’s always stewed with gombos), or the collars greens (thankfully not too-too greasy). The jalapeño sauce & red pepper sauce are also made in-house, while the cornbread muffins are also tasty, with that nice grittiness and a tad sweet!

A plus to this restaurant is that each meal comes with a drink! Although it does get busy, the line goes fast and efficiently.

Overall this is one of the best restaurants in Auburn for a legendary selection of meals.

Except for Saturdays, Pannie-George’s Kitchen Inc is ready to serve you all the above dishes from morning through evening.

Address: 2328 S College St UNIT 6, Auburn, AL 36832, United States

8. LiveOaks

LiveOaks, Restaurants in Auburn


Whether you’re in the mood for a mocktail menu or a hamburger steak meal to take home, the LiveOaks is one of the must-visit restaurants in Auburn, Alabama.

The LiveOaks is a favorite place for great Buffalo wings! And then this particular location also has coal-fired pizzas, which are very popular and tasty.

Besides, there are lots of seafood, wings, and fire-baked pizza here. Definitely, no taste will be left behind at this joint!

In addition to its outstanding outlook and diverse menu options, LiveOaks is also known for its open bar space. There, you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks, including alcoholic beverages.

Even if you want a perfect place to have dinner with your friends, then this spot is for you! It has a club-like atmosphere with great views.

Address: 2353 Bent Creek Rd, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

9. Jim ‘N Nick’s

Jim 'N Nick's, Restaurants in Auburn

Jim ‘N Nick’s

Located on College Street in downtown Auburn, the Jim ‘N Nick’s is a laid-back chain known for slow-cooked BBQ & cheese biscuits, plus burgers, salads & classic sides.

Whether it’s a romantic date, lunchtime deal-making, or an opportunity for evening dinner with your spouse, this upscale restaurant offers the perfect dining experience.

You can get everything from BBQ chicken to sandwiches, to catfish, Cheese biscuits, chopped salad, Omelets, and frittatas.

The meat is always succulent, and I know pretty well that the platter is the signature menu, but the hamburger wouldn’t be a bad option either.

In addition to that, spice sauce is equally a right pick (not too spicy), and the cheese bread will make one of the best options too.

Interestingly, the staff here are as well attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable; they are best at offering amazing options for every visitor and handling all orders professionally.

If you’re here for a date night or dinner, don’t stay on the patio, I suggest you din in the dining room, it’s not too busy and, best of all, the space in between the chairs is impressive.

You can visit Jim ‘N Nick’s any time of the week from 11 am – 9 pm.

Address: 1920 S College St, Auburn, AL 36832, United States

10. Umami Auburn

Umami Auburn, Restaurants in Auburn

Umami Auburn

As much as we may desire to make healthy food choices, it may be so tasking to stick with a balanced diet when the ease of less virtuous and comfort options are not available – it’ll be damn disappointing!

Luckily, the Umami Auburn stands out as one of the best restaurants in Auburn! In this eatery, there are not only balanced diets, but there are equally lots of quick bites such as sushi rolls, Auburn Firework roll, or Tonkotsu ramen.

I also recommend the seafood bowl of deliciousness; it’s very much on point! Depending on your spice tolerance, I suggest you request that the dish be made spicier. Afterward, you can request a complimentary ice cream from the chef.

In all of these selections, all orders do come out a few minutes later, and the foil will be open instantly for you to enjoy your meals.

Other than that swiftness, the staff puts in efforts to clean the tables frequently, unlike all other restaurants in Auburn and far above that; the atmosphere of this location is pleasant, and the food presentation is highly commendable.

Conveniently located right off the highway, definitely, a place to go out of your way if you’re anywhere near Auburn; you won’t be disappointed!

Plan a stop here from Tuesdays through Sundays. Anytime that’ll be, bear in mind that this restaurant isn’t pet-friendly.

Address: 2319 Bent Creek Rd Ste 400, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

11. Pho Lee

Pho Lee

Pho Lee

For the pick of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Auburn, you aren’t to miss Pho Lee!

Since its opening in December 2013, this iconic restaurant has been bringing authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the Auburn area with commendable success.

Being a few of the Local and family-owned Vietnamese restaurants in Auburn, Pho Lee has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere as well as accommodating and efficient staff.

In fact, from its classical outlook to its vintage Vietnamese decor, everything here appears so impressive.

Start by ordering the Shrimp Spring Rolls and Beef Rice Dish; it’s so yummy and tender and has a unique sweet teriyaki-like flavor to it.

You can also have some portion of Com Suon Nuong (Rice with pork chop) if you want to try something else. Meanwhile, it’s better if there is a soup (even the broth for Pho is acceptable) to eat with this dish as it’ll give you the necessary taste.

Thai tea and Vietnamese coffee would be perfect if you needed a drink to step down the meals.

Moreover, if you like spicy food like me, ask them to bump up the heat. I usually say, “Make it a spiciness of 5 and then add sriracha to get the perfect temp”!

For those that prefer less spicy dishes, the beef and chicken plate is a killer, just the right flame level for the spice!

Everything here is a hit or miss; a must-check out if you’re in Auburn!

Address: 756 E Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

12. Shrimp Basket- Auburn

Shrimp Basket- Auburn

Shrimp Basket- Auburn

For the best seafood restaurants in Auburn, look no further; the Shrimp Basket- Auburn offers all you want!

This spot is a family-friendly restaurant with a beach atmosphere serving delicious Western seafood.

For several decades of its existence, the goal of Shrimp Basket has been to offer tourists and inhabitants of Auburn affordable and enjoyable meals which are accomplished by its kind, courteous, and professional staff.

Here, you’ll have a perfect selection of a delicious blend of shrimp, crab,& queso cheese, and crawfish – all served in their seasoned house-made tortilla chips.

Moreover, with the combination of steamed potatoes, and corn, it’s an appetizer perfect for sharing with the entire family or group of friends.

The Seafood boil medium Cajun style is as well a great addition to the already flavorful menu. The Shrimp Basket- Auburn is just a quiet, casual dining spot and by far the best that’ll satisfy all your cravings.

Although offerings on the menu list may appear a bit pricy, for all the right reasons, it is well worth it! If you haven’t been here, you should when next you’re in Alabama. I assure you they’re one of the best restaurants in Auburn that will give you the necessary vibe you require!

Address: 1651 S College St, Auburn, AL 36832, United States

13. Little Italy Pizzeria

Little Italy Pizzeria

Little Italy Pizzeria

The Little Italy Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant in Alabama and one of the few restaurants in Auburn offering lots of excellent Italian dishes.

Since its opening, this place has strived to bring authentic and delicious New York-style pizza, which everyone can buy by the slice or as a whole pie.

This appealing restaurant also serves strombolis, sandwiches, salads, calzones, and a few desserts. They have two different great lunch specials that commence at 11 am until three noon and a pitcher special that commences at 3 pm and up to 7 pm.

More so, the Little Italy Pizzeria offers a bottled beer selection as well wine by the glass.

Pertinently, I advise you to make available a pile of napkins on standby because if you pick a slice up, it’s going to pour grease like Niagara Falls.

Notwithstanding, this restaurant’s offerings are spectacular and will make up a great option if you want the best for yourself while in Auburn, Alabama!

Plan a visit to Little Italy Pizzeria from Mondays – Thursdays, 11 am – 2 am; Fridays through Saturdays, 11 am – 3 am; and Sundays, 11 am – 9 pm.

Address: 129 E Magnolia Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

14. Niffer’s Place Auburn

Niffer's Place Auburn

Niffer’s Place Auburn

Niffer’s Place was established in 1991 with a mission of providing good food and a fun atmosphere for a great value.

It was founded by ‘Keely Beasecker,’ an alumnus of Auburn University and a professional swimmer.

Ever since then, this kitchen-oriented woman has surrounded herself with the best team in the business. Keely not only wants to make more money, but she also enjoys hearing that “everyone enjoys their food,” and most admirably, she loves to hear that “people have fun at Niffer’s Place Auburn.”

Not just that, unlike other restaurants in Auburn, for as low as twenty-five dollars, you’ll have plenty of corn nuggets, buggers, and a perfect pair of drinks. They all have a great flavor and are so juicy with high-quality ingredients.

Obviously, there is a reason this place is always packed full and has a great turnout! The secret is it features excellent menu options, so nothing will be a miss. Even you’ll find some killer fried pickles that’ll satisfy your cravings.

While visiting Auburn, I recommend you stop for lunch at Niffer’s Place; it’ll be great with excellent classic comfort!

However, note that you may come across a more extensive crowd on a busy weekend night. But you will be delighted with what you will get. It’s just a terrific local restaurant, eclectic, with a perfect welcoming vibe!

Address: 1151 Opelika Rd, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

15. Hamilton’s On Magnolia

Hamilton's On Magnolia

Hamilton’s On Magnolia

The Hamilton’s On Magnolia is a cozy restaurant with a full bar & patio tables offering modern American fare & live music.

It provides a casual and intimate neighborhood atmosphere, making it a destination for locals and tourists in historic downtown Auburn.

This iconic spot is one block from Toomer’s Corner, and there are diverse contemporary American selections on its menu list. This includes pork, beef, chicken, and fish of the finest quality.

For appetizers, sandwiches and salads are made available throughout the day. I also recommend the crab cakes, which wouldn’t take long enough for you even to take a photograph before it is served!

Above that, what distinguishes Hamilton from many other restaurants in Auburn is the chef’s entrees which are creatively prepared and presented every day.

Whether hosting a particular party, dining for pleasure, or having an upcoming family event, the meal you will get in this restaurant will surely make a lasting impression!

There’s also a patio dining with daily drink specials. It’s with seasonal flowers, herbs, and ornamental plants, making a perfect view if you love a place to watch the sunset.

Although parking may be an issue, I advise you to park at the garage parking area, as it’s just a walking distance away.

Address: 174 E Magnolia Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

16. Insomnia Steak & Grill

Insomnia Steak & Grill

Insomnia Steak & Grill

Looking for one of the best French restaurants while in Auburn? Make your way down to the Insomnia Steak & Grill; they have a perfect deal to make your dining experience so memorable.

Once you enter, you will be welcomed by courteous sets of staff, and if you’re in for a quick appetizer at no charge, you’ll make your selection while waiting for your order to be ready.

Among its large menu option, you can order the Gyro; it’s very tender and packed full of flavor. If that wouldn’t enough, a plate of falafel and the veggie burger is also worth dying for.

The baba ghanouj pita is also a favorite to some, and if you’re in for much spicy, the Insomnia Steak & Grill serves the fries with a unique spicy masala that’s just so irresistible.

There’s no bad day for vegetarian options; you’ll be lost in the selection, and they’re all perfectly seasoned.

Although Insomnia Steak & Grill doesn’t make provisions for alcohol, however, there’s a package store right next door with everything from wines to alcoholic drinks and juice.

If you’re in Auburn, treat yourself right to this great joint. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in the Auburn area.

Don’t let the looks of the outside fool you; it is a place that’ll give you reasons to come again.

Address: 186 N Donahue Dr, Auburn, AL 36832, United States

17. Sushiya Japanese Restaurant

Sushiya Japanese Restaurant

Sushiya Japanese Restaurant

A stop at the Sushiya Japanese Restaurant will do for traditional Japanese food! Aside from being one of the famous Japanese restaurants in Auburn, the Sushiya Japanese Restaurant pride itself on being one of the most fantastic places with great Japanese offerings outside Asia.

Udon is well-made with excellent seasoning, and there are a lot of options for rolls that you can choose from. If you’re with your children, I recommend ordering seared tuna as an appetizer; it’s everyone’s delight!

If you’re coming for lunch, you can get sushi and bento lunch, and the tempura box is equally incredibly scrumptious.

For little expenses outside the regular budget, Vegas Roll, Gyoza & Chicken Ramen wouldn’t disappoint!

Perhaps you may be in love with the avocados and crab meat with good sauces and crunchy stuff; try loveacado folks, it rocks!

Most Impressively, all servers do appear so happy, genuinely knowledgeable of the menu, and highly helpful.

All in all, excellent stuff here, and the service was terrific; it’s a top pick for the list of my best restaurants in Auburn!

Address: 2319 Bent Creek Rd Ste 300, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

18. Savanh Thai Kitchen

Savanh Thai Kitchen, Restaurants in Auburn

Savanh Thai Kitchen

At the Savanh Thai Kitchen, the belief is that Thai meals shouldn’t only be tasted while in Thailand. By so doing, they top the list of Thai restaurants in Auburn with their diverse menu option that is filled with traditional Thai dishes.

This restaurant offers delicious and fresh authentic Thai dishes that are crafted with the best ingredients.

From the tom kha soup that’s always perfectly spiced to the Nuer num tok entree that’s full of flavor, you can’t be short of the best choices here.

All the food is authentic and unforgettable! The staff are equally great; they’re so wonderful, and the atmosphere is so impressive.

Note food here is fresh, so it may take time. They don’t hide this, don’t be in a hurry; it will undoubtedly be well worth the wait.

Whenever you are here, bring your appetite and ensure to come with your kids because the kid’s menu list is equally top-notch!

Address: 1750 Opelika Rd building b, Auburn, AL 36830, United States

19. The Good Karma

Good Karma

Good Karma

Good Karma strives to live up to her name by incorporating positive practices as many as possible into their business.

Distinguishable from all other restaurants in Auburn, the Good Karma is an Indian eatery that’ll give you the vibe and temp as if you’re in India.

It’s an initiative that began because ‘Sunny,’ who is the founder, wanted to create an establishment that’ll spread happiness outside Indian communities. At the core, the Good Karma is in to make people feel good, and they do that by providing worthwhile meals.

In a way to share positivity and cultivate a culture of kindness, they offer rice bowls with paneer tiki masala, and the tika masala sauce is an enjoyable surprise find.

Beyond its great Indian-inspired dishes, there are also lots of yummy trim plate options here, and the staff are so friendly. Right when you enter, they’ll give you a sampler of garlic Naan; it’s always yummy!

In fact, the Good Karma equally features plenty of choices that will suit your spice level preferences. For a consideration of one of the best Indian restaurants in Auburn, don’t leave Good Karma behind! This is more of a take-out spot; it’ll be great!

Address: 1409 S College St, Auburn, AL 36832, United States

20. 167°F Korean BBQ

167°F Korean BBQ, restaurants in Auburn

167°F Korean BBQ

The 167°F Korean BBQ offers Korean BBQ that’s cooked on table grills with stylish booths & a full bar.

All offerings are always delicious, with excellent ambiance and incredible decorations. From vegetable sauce, chicken, shrimp, beef, and lots of pork dishes, a meal here will give you the vibe you’re dining in your old pal’s place.

Another positive innovation that makes this restaurant great is that while the staff prepares your food, you’ll have to cook it on grills built into the tables by yourself.

The processes are marinated perfectly; if you have trouble grilling it, the wait staff is always happy to help.

Besides, the atmosphere is also trendy and would be an excellent choice for date nights or weekend hangouts with friends.

It’s always a good time out here with a group of people who like to socialize! Anytime you’re coming, try to get four or five people together; it’ll be much more enjoyable.

Fair warning, it may be uneasy about parking vehicles during the weekend. So, I suggest you come during the weekdays if you don’t like crowds.

Even at that, everything is affordable in this solid all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place. While you only pay ten dollars for the basic package, only sixteen dollars is payable for the deluxe package; that’s so great!

Except on Mondays, visit the 167°F Korean BBQ from 11 am through 9:30 pm.

Address: 1660 S College St, Auburn, AL 36832, United States

Final Remarks

Without a doubt, visiting this Alabama city is a must for any traveler that’s excited to have a richer vacation experience.

Now that I have enlightened you about some of the best restaurants in Auburn, which one will you be visiting first?

Well, there’s no priority with the order of their arrangements; they’re all thoughtfully picked out.

So, plan your visit and be sure to come hungry so that you can check out a few of these great restaurants in Auburn!

Bon Appetit!