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15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Albany (Oregon)

Things to do on a visit to Albany, Oregon are vast and fun-filled!

Albany, which is the county seat of Linn County, is also the 11th largest city in the United States.

Also, Albany is found in the Willamette Valley at the confluence of the Calapooia River and the Willamette River.

Apart from being one of the most beautiful places in the United States, it also houses great entertainment.

Food, entertainment, exploration, and music, whichever your pick is, Albany has it all!

Check out our list of the best and most fun things to do in Albany, Oregon.

Things To Do In Albany

1. Historic Carousel & Museum

things to do in albany

Credit: George Ostertag / Alamy Stock Photo

This one-of-a-kind attraction site is in Willamette Valley, Albany, Oregon. Having over 50 hand-carved animals on an antique mechanism in an indoor carousel, this museum is a treasure.

In the Historic Carousel and Museum, you will also find exhibits of historic carousel artifacts. However, this isn’t the only fun thing you get to experience in this carousel in Albany!

Exploring the inside and outsides of this carousel gives the premium satisfaction a user or a tourist seeks for.

One of the fun spots and things to do and explore in this animal museum is the gift shop.

Asides from the carousel, which has magnificent animals and monsters that kids can ride on, the gift shop is a popular attraction.

Beautifully designed and stocked, this gift house sits inside the museum. You can pick an interesting gift for children in this shop.

In addition, in the back of the gift shop, you will see part of the Painting and Carving Studio where animals for the carousel are made.

They also offer a tour with a guide showcasing how the slideshow animals are made downstairs.

You can choose to host a birthday party for your kids here. Since this is a fun and educative place with a lot of space and fun things to do, hosting a birthday party will be fun for kids.

Moreover, the scenery and the environs in this place are scenic and extremely beautiful.

You can pick out this spot as one of the places to honor a family member’s retirement party.

Weddings and engagement parties are also some of the fun things to do here in Albany, Oregon.

The brick garden here has a lot of luxury that will suit a wedding or engagement party just fine.

Also, if you get hungry along while exploring, there are restaurants and good snack bars around where you can stock your stomach full.

Ensure to get matching stickers and gift cards on your visit here. It promises the appropriate dose of fun!

Address: 503 W 1st Ave, Albany, OR, United States

2. Albany Regional Museum

things to do in albany

image by Albany Democrat- Herald

Famous for vast and huge collection of Albany, Oregon’s local history is the Albany Regional Museum.

With exhibits exploring Albany’s local history and culture, it is one of the famous, educative, and fun places to visit on a visit to Albany, Oregon.

The Albany Regional Museum, an 1887 Italianate building, is in the center of Albany, Oregon.

Although founded in 1980, this museum houses an interesting collection of relics, photographs, and artifacts of Albany.

Exhibits shown here are in varieties, the history of Albany’s people, their businesses, and also top and famous events held there.

There are also paintings of a replica railroad station and the famous S.E. Young General store.

In addition to this interesting piece, there are rotating exhibits on everything from top-notch metals to woodcarving displays here.

In fact, this museum is a git bag of Albany’s original history!

If you’re a history student and you are inquisitive about what was and what is in Albany, then take your time to check out this museum in Albany.

For kids and learning experience, there are also some fun things to do.

In this museum, there’re a hands-on spots for kids and also a small library where you can entertain and keep them busy.

History assignments, community service, research projects, and even building interest in the country take your time to explore this library.

However, since this place is a quiet and educative place in Albany, you can organize history tours, school excursions, or even homeschooling here.

Bring kids here and allow them to visualize what was of and how this city rose this far.

Staffs here are extremely knowledgeable and courteous so tourists won’t have any difficulties here.

They can ask questions at ease and be sure to get good answers for them.

Learn about the history of Albany and Linn County here through photographs and exhibits.

It’s totally worth a visit. I’ll recommend you check this place out in Albany, Oregon.

Address: 136 SE Lyon St S, Albany, OR, United States

3. Talking Water Gardens

things to do in albany

Photography by ISOCARP

This wetland is a description of wildlife in a pond. The Talking Water Gardens is a scenic place and a beautiful piece in Albany.

Featuring accessible and smooth trails, beautifully decorated and flowery gardens, dog walks, and conducive environs, waterfalls and so much more.

For photographers and movie shooters, this place is a great place to walk and photograph wildlife throughout the year!

One incredible fact about this place is that you can see different types of wildlife at different times of the year, amazing right?

From Ospreys, Bald Eagles, White Egrets, Blue Herons, turtles, bullfrogs, otters, mink, wild Turkey, fox, butterflies, rabbits, and even snakes, you’ll see them.

Moreover, if you check out the waterfalls, I’m sure you’ll pick up more breath-taking scenes of wood ducks.

However, the Gardens isn’t a huge area, but it borders the Willamette River area along with the Dave Clark Trail.

Things to do in this park don’t only revolve around the wildlife it houses!

In addition to its wildlife, it is a lovely place for a walk or to take your dog for a walk. Put your dog on a leash and walk with them through the trails here.

You can even play frisbee and fetch with them here if you want.

Trails here are neat and smooth, so you can hike, jog or do some other fun things if you want. Bring your children here and you can teach them how to ride a bike here.

Beautifully mowed and safe gardens are here too if you want to take your partner out to just experience its calm nature.

Picnicking is another thing to do here!

Fun part of it is that it is wheelchair accessible, so there is no limit to the fun anyone can have here.

Benches to sit on and informative signs are scattered about and inform you about the history of the land and park.

Definitely a fun place with lots of things to do in Albany!

Address: 577 Waverly Dr NE, Albany, OR, United States

4. Waverly Lake, Albany


Image by Outdoor Project

This famous small artificial lake in Albany is one of the famous sites for fishing and outdoor recreation activities.

Situated in a conducive and urban setting, this lake has a lot of fun things to do.

On the northeast side of the city near the interstate, this five-acre lake is an attraction site during the summer for leisurely time spent outside.

Outdoor recreation activities and fishing are specialties in Waverly Lake!

Paddleboats can be rented on this lake’s shore and used to explore her lakes. You can take these paddleboats and scavenge the waters when off mood.

In addition, other things to do in Waverly Park include fishing. Although fishing licenses are required for 14 and older, you will also have a fun time exploring this lake.

There is a smooth and paved path where you will enjoy cycling. If you bring bicycles here, you can teach children how to ride bikes around here.

Woody the Waverly Wood Duck is also a huge 600-pound fiberglass duck that is also an amazing site that will thrill children.

Park benches and clean restrooms are accessible too, in case you want to host birthday parties or even go bird watching.

Different species of birds are seen here regularly, so if you are interested in Bird art or you do bird photography, this is a great place for you to check out.

For birthdays, the benches are conducive, and the lawn is well mowed to accommodate picnicking, so whichever is your pick, you will have a nice time utilizing the park in full.

It’s a great place to walk about if you want to stretch your calves or even take your pets for a walk.

Address: Albany, OR, United States

5. Timber Linn Memorial Park

things to do in albany

Image from Wikimedia.commons

Timber Linn Memorial Park is a famous veteran’s memorial park in Albany, Oregon.

Also featuring a lake and a wide playground for children it is one of the most beautiful places to see in Albany, Oregon.

The quiet and scenic environment in this place makes it a popular attraction site for both families and schools who want to experience fun alongside learning!

There is an athletic field in this Memorial park where you can try out different games and exercise as much as you want.

Various outdoor recreation games and activities can be played in this park and burn off some energy.

Also, for little children and blooming teens, there is a playground.

Playground equipment and objects of different sizes and types can be found in this park, so it is an advantage at almost every end.

Sidewalks and clean pathways too, if you want to quietly take a walk to free your mind or just feel the cool breeze on your skin.

There’s also a golf course you can try out at this park. Not just for people learning golfing or children who have an interest in playing golf, business and work outdoor activities can also be enjoyed here.

Picnic tables and benches for sitting are also here. So, if you ever get tired while exploring this park, you can sit on these benches.

Bring a book during hot evenings and sit down and enjoy the tranquility of this park.

For picnickers, things to do with those picnic tables are vast.

Asides from picnics, you can host a simple birthday party on these picnic tables and save yourself some cost while allowing the children to explore this park.

Barbecue pits and waste disposal bins for hot coals are accessible here too.

If at any point you want to grill and just enjoy steak or whatever it is, you fancy in this park, you can do so without problems.

Around the pond, there is fishing and you may even see a heron.

They also host air and art festivals, among some other festivals they host.

Great atmosphere, delicious food, fun venues, awesome music, and beautiful nighttime hot air balloons.

There are a lot of things to do here.

Address: 900 Price Rd SE, Albany, OR, United States

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6. North Albany County Park

things to do in albany

Image by Corvallis Gazette-Times

The North Albany County Park is a beautiful park in Albany, Oregon. This famous tourist attraction site in Albany has a lot of fun things to do!

In the park, there is a hint of some wildlife present. If you look and explore this park carefully and thoroughly, you will see some deer and a few other wildlife.

Birds too are a common sight here. Various species of birds migrate to this park depending on the season. Watching birds is, therefore, something fun you can do here.

A covered area also perfect for outdoor gatherings, even while it is raining, is one of its treasures. Because this place has a lot of space and much covering, you can hold wedding parties, engagement parties, or even birthday parties and not bother about the rain.

Also, there is a volleyball area where you can come to play volleyball or even teach people how to play volleyball.

Its pitch is wide and suitable, so even if it is a beginner or a novice, they won’t find it difficult to pick up skills quite easily.

Playgrounds for small kids with sand too. The small play area is appropriate for ages 2 to 12 with swings of different sizes and a boat-themed play structure as well.

For your convenience, there is a nice, large, covered outdoor kitchen and many picnic tables.

Grilling and holding barbeque sessions are some of the fun things to do too. Covered area for setting up buffet and storing food while you cook.

Native plant species are planted too and there are a lot of trees, so there is sufficient breeze just flowing into the park.

Address: Albany, OR, United States

7. Takena Landing Park

things to do in albany

Image by Outdoor Project

This 3.6-mile park is a popular attraction site in Albany, Oregon. However, this park is more of a boat launch than an actual “park” like the larger Monteith and Bowers rock facilities.

In this park, there are well-shaded grassy areas for hanging out or going picnicking. With its relatively small size and isolation, it is a safe and quiet place for most travelers to explore.

Its picnic areas have a lot of trees for the cool breeze and the grass at this point is mowed properly to ensure the comfort of its visitors.

Reading a book or even listening o cool music t relax the mind is something you can do at the picnic area comfortably.

Also, if you want a quiet place to have lunch outside in the shade without the potential hassle of other people or campers, check this out.

In addition, if you are new here and have difficulties locating various sections of this park as well as its history, there are a lot of placards telling you the origin of the word Takena, which you will see all around you in Oregon.

Looking at the river view from this park is also a fun thing to do on a visit here. Since they host several boat launches, you will find it interesting just to enjoy the view.

Rock hunting is also something you should try. You may pick an entire collection of different rocks. Geographers will enjoy this!

The river trail here has tons of river views and amazing big Cottonwood trees.

So if you haven’t seen what a cottonwood tree is like, take your time to explore this park.

Great little nature walks, so just go jogging, take a walk or even walk your dog down here and just try to relax.

I’ll recommend this park 100 percent.

Address: 656 Albany Corvallis Hwy, Albany, OR, United States

8. Bryant Park

things to do in albany

Photography from Hotels

Bryant Park is a riverside park famous for sporting and fishing in Albany, Oregon.

At 72 acres, Bryant Park is big, so it makes sense it has so many fun things to do!

Here in Bryant Park, there is a popular river, the Calapooia River. Wading the Calapooia River to catch minnows is one of the fun things that travelers and visitors find interesting to do in Bryant Park.

This large Albany park also has fishing, basketball courts, and a big playground.

In short, it’s a great place spot to stop on an Oregon road trip.

Also, there is an enticing and fun 18 holes disc golf course.

There are also a couple of open fairways switchback near the playgrounds and baseball fields along with wooded elevation changes near secluded walking trails.

In addition, there is a lot of space for any sort of outdoor recreational activity you want to do. A bike area also!

With generous parking and nice views of the river and railroad crossing, you will find it amazing to hang out here.

Photos of sunset and sunrise here will also be one of the fun things you can do here if you are good with the camera.

Moreover, the Frisbee golf section will catch your interest!

Since this golf section was launched, it is one of the most regularly visited sections in the part and a lot of people are also trying it out.

Also, there is a covered area that you can rent for events and other parties. Weddings, birthday parties, get-togethers and other mini parties can be held here and you don’t have to bother about the rain.

Lots of picnic tables and permanent barbecue spots too if you want to use those. Waste bins are also here if you want to dispose of the hot coals from grilling.

Finally, this park has ample places for your furry friends to explore too, so bring them out and allow them to explore.

I’ll recommend this course on your visit to Albany, there are just so many things to do!

Address: 801 Bryant Way SW, Albany, OR, United States

9. Monteith Riverpark, Albany

monteith park albany

Image from Wikimedia Commons

The Monteith Park is a great family park with numerous trails that start from the park and run along the Willamette River.

This park is situated where the Caloopia River meets the Williamette River. It has a lot of fun things to do.

In this park, travelers and tourists come here often to swim and fish. Since this Riverpark is made up of clean waters, the popular sight of people swimming will meet you here.

If you, however, want to just have a quiet time with your fishing rod and some bait, you can sit by the riverside and try to catch fish.

If you’re lucky, you will net in a trout or even bass.

Also, during the summer there are a lot of events held. Musical events, festivities, river rhythms, concerts, and some entertainment boosters you cannot afford to miss.

Movie nights held here are also popular among locals and will be a fun thing to do on your visit here!

For your convenience, the park also has bathroom facilities and a covered area for year-round get-togethers.

Some other small events a group may want to hold for fun too!

You can also bring your own folding chair and sit behind the area to watch musical performances on its stage.

Moreover, there are food carts at most of the events here and they offer many snacks or dinners. In addition, there are BBQs and picnic tables throughout the park.

Going picnicking in this park is another fun option to explore while here.

Behind the Senior Center, there are paved paths along the river to stroll or jog in good weather.

The amphitheater here also shows the different high-water marks from the past too!

Running or even riding a bike along its smooth trails is also something you can do here.

Trails here are neat and well taken care of, so even if you choose to exercise a little here, you’ll have all the comfort you need and more!

Check out this place on your visit to Albany and ensure to have a lot of fun!

Address: 489 NW Water Ave, Albany, OR, United States

10. Timber-Linn Lake

Timber Linn Lake

Uploaded by Zaw Imagineering

This 11-acre lake in Albany, Oregon, is a natural lake.

The waters running from this lake is refreshing and cold. Regularly tourists visit this site to check out the famous Timber Linn Lake.

With so many fun things to do, this place has become a wonderful point of exploration in Albany.

Due to its chill waters and cold nature, fishing can be done here.

If you want to have some alone time over shook and a fishing rod, this is the place to be!

You’ll see and catch trout, basses, and a few other species of fish regularly here.

In addition to the fishing activities you can do here, there’s also a dog park attached here.

You can walk a dog and even stretch your calves in this place.

Jogging, running, cycling, bird watching are some other things you can do here.

Lastly, it may not really be fanciful or exploding with so much fun, but it’s a good place to cool off and relax.

Bring a boat if you want and also try kayaking here.

It is amazing to know how much fun you will be getting in just one piece!

Address: Timber Linn Lake, Albany, OR, United States.

11. Monteith Historical Society

Monteith Historical Society

Image from Wikimedia Commons

This historical landmark in Albany, Oregon, is full of antiques.

The Monteith Historical Society is a famous home built by pioneer brothers in 1849 and offers tours and special events.

Touring here could be an advantage from your end.

If you’re history engrossed or just have a liking to history, you’ll want to explore this place.

Apart from the tour, you can get, they hold kids learning activities every first Saturday of the month!

You should bring your kids along and let them ponder into history and learn new things. Since a lot of parents bring their kids here, your kid will be able to make new friends too!

Tour guides here are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping visitors enjoy this place.

However, since most historical sites of this kind have only furnishings similar to the period. Truthfully, this is the good part of this house, as it has much of its original furnishings.

Other things to do include photography, siting good documentations and also a peek at creativity.

If you do the ghost walk tour, you’ll enjoy it. It is history just spelled boldly! I’ll recommend you check out this place on a visit to Albany!

Address: 518 SW 2nd Ave, Albany, OR 97321, United States

12. Springhill Cellars Winery, Albany

Springhill cellars winery

Image from Visit Corvallis

Have you checked out distilleries and wine cellars in Albany?

If you’re a lover of wine and love to explore flavors, then this is your pick!

The Springhill Cellars Winery is a wine tasting and making site in Albany.

This friendly family-owned winery is on a hill. Amazing views of both the big and beautiful vineyard and the hills greet you on your arrival here.

A very big vineyard that spreads through almost all of the winery is a catchy site.

In addition, things to do in this place include free wine tasting.

You will enjoy a glass of Federweißer, and even take some delicacies, a Cajun sausage, and even a piece of rare delicacy, Zwiebelkuchen (caramelized onion and bacon pie).

Polka music playing in the background will be a good option if you intend to flex your muscles while here.

Regularly, they host festivals where anyone can grace. The Federweisser Festival is just one of them.

For weddings, engagement parties, and even quiet parties, this place is a wonderful place to host it.

You should also try out their 10 dollars cheese plate, with at least different kinds of cheese with salami, nuts, and grapes.

Moreover, it is in a beautiful location and very dog friendly.

Address: 2920 NW Scenic Dr, Albany, OR 97321, United States

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13. Simpson Park, Albany

Simpson Park

Photo credit: Reddit

If you’re thinking about somewhere in Albany to explore the Willamette River, then here it is!

The Simpson Park is a park with a location along the Willamette River.

Awesome and smooth trails to do so many things are available. Trails here are a must-see and a must-try!

Suitable trails for walking, running, hopping, or even riding a bike are available.

Things to do in this park could be teaching a kid to ride a bike. Since the trails here are relatively easy and smooth for kids.

Kids will have fun riding bikes here or even learning to ride bikes.

Apart from trails, there is a beautiful garden in this park where you can host picnics or just relax to enjoy the scenery.

Trees are planted in this park, so a refreshing and cool breeze ooze through.

Birds make nests in these trees, so different species of birds can be seen flying around this park.

If you want to take photos of birds or even just do bird watching, you should check this place out.

Deer can also be seen if you look very carefully!

In addition, there are camping spots around this park and you can go on camping trips with your family.

Take your time to visit this park and bring the kids along too to have a fun experience!

Address: 725 Waverly Dr. NE, Albany, OR 97321, United States

14. Bowers Rock State Park

Bowers Rock State Park

Photo from Reddit

The Bowers Rock State Park is located in Hyak County Park, Albany Oregon.

Bowers Rock, before its development, was first and foremost a floodplain restoration project, constructed to protect the area’s natural hydrology and ecosystem, which was once threatened by human activity.

This park, which is made up of fields and minimal pathways, was at first difficult to access and underdeveloped by design, since the intention is to reduce human activity in the area.

It is a hidden gem in the midst of Albany and has a corresponding beautiful example of ecosystem protection and restoration.

Although there aren’t well-developed trails here for hiking, jogging, or even riding a bike, there is a small pond in this vicinity where you can find some fun things to do.

Fishing is one thing you can do in this pond! Since this pond is filled with fish and very few crabs, you can take your time out to come fishing here.

If you do, you will catch a reasonable number of either trout or basses.

In addition, since its surroundings are relatively quiet and cool since most people don’t come here often, you can opt for alone time here.

It’s still a great place to relax. You should decompress, read, sketch or even get some creative ideas here since it’s very quiet and peaceful.

I’ll recommend you check out this state park in Albany.

Address: 525 Trade Southeast Street, Albany, OR 97321, United States

15. Hyak County Park, Albany

Hyak County Park

Image by Willamette Water Trail

Hyak county park is a well-maintained park in Albany, Oregon.

Like every other park in Albany, this county park is in a scenic spot along the Willamette River.

This place is a great little place to stop and stretch your legs or calves while traveling through Albany or even Corvallis.

In this park, there are beautiful sceneries and tranquility and this is why it is a great place to go to for some quiet time.

Sometimes there are a lot of people there, but most of the time there is hardly anyone around.

Voices of birds chirping will greet you on your arrival at this county park.

Moreover, the microflora and fauna in this place constitute their own beauty too.

You will enjoy sitting by the water and having a decent view of the sunset. Since the water is both calm and relaxing to the eyes and ears, you will be able to comprehend its beauty fully.

There is also a boat ramp! With this, you can also hang out by the water and wade in the water a bit.

However, if you are going to swim, make sure to be careful because there is a lot of ocean current.

Also, there is a decent size parking lot and also has a truck with boat trailer parking spots, restrooms, and picnic benches.

For grilling, there are barbecue pits too. Overall, it is a great summer swim spot and easy out for River floaters.

Great place to go and get closer to nature.

You should check this place out on your visit to Albany, Oregon!

Address: 5000 US-20, Albany, OR 97321, United States

Final Remarks

We hope you have a wonderful time exploring Albany, Oregon.

Happy Travels!