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27 of the Top Most Fun Things to Do in Mobile (Alabama)

Give your next vacation a touch of uniqueness in the fourth most populous city of Alabama, known as Mobile.

Founded in 1702, this city became the first colony of France and later Spain.

Notably, Mobile has many fun and exciting places wrapped up in its tourist package.

For art and culture enthusiasts, mobile prides itself on being the birthplace of the Mardi Gras celebration in the country.

It also has wonderful art attractions and museums, such as the center for the living arts, which runs the Saenger theater and space 301.

Furthermore, Mobile hosts lots of festivals and festivities.

The most popular are the ten sixty-five festivals and the free music festival.

In addition, check out the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center and the Dauphin Island Sea Land.

Florists and lovers of gardens can visit the mobile botanical garden to get their next garden inspiration.

Mobile has some amazing historical architecture to explore, like Greek Gothic Revival and Creole Cottage.

Besides, that’s not all this adventurous city has in store for tourists.

Keep strolling as this list takes you through the top attractions to visit in Mobile.

Things To Do In Mobile Alabama

1. USS Alabama

 USS Alabama

The USS Alabama

Ever been to a floating museum of history?

This park, nestled in Mobile, Alabama, is open to all who visit.

A park that holds the history of the Galant wars fought in the past; the Battleship Memorial Park sits on the west side of Mobile Bay.

Famous for its glorious exhibits of notable aircraft and ships, this museum tops the chart as the best site for road trips in Mobile, Alabama.

This attraction features anything war related to the likes of submarines, air crafts, and ships.

Among these is the famous south Dakota class battleship.

This attraction offers self-guided tours.

Provided for these tours are three colored routes you can choose to take.

Routes painted red, yellow, and green take you through the bravery of the gallant soldiers who risked their lives in the war.

It also exposes you to massive machines, boats, big ships, tanks, helicopters, and planes.

Likewise, these guided tours will walk you through several wars in the country.

And that walk is quite an interesting one.

So who is this glorious museum suitable for? Everyone!

Your kids will love learning about the stories of soldiers in the war, sightseeing, and the amazing exhibits.

And, of course, don’t even think you wouldn’t get to see everything.

With the marked routes put in place, a time frame of approximately 3 hours should do the trick.

So with an open mind and your camera, journey to this must-see attraction in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 2703 Battleship Pkwy, Mobile, AL 36603, United States

2. Exploreum Science Center And Porch Bank Of Creek

Exploreum Science Center And Porch Band Of Creek

The Exploreum Science Center & Porch Band Of Creek

Mobile has just the place for children and adults to learn, explore and still have fun in the embrace of science.

The Exploreum Science Center & Porch Bank Of Creek offer an amazing experience that doesn’t come as a surprise because of its mind-blowing features.

These include optical illusion, interactive flight simulators, and many more.

These interactive games are suitable for school-aged kids but even at that, adults can also participate in the fun.

Asides, from its fun, interactive games, the dome theatre is one feature that stands out in the center.

This is where you get to watch educational but interesting films.

The indoor playground is very much open to everyone who wants to have a rush of adrenaline.

You can use the slides and ball pits while at it.

Furthermore, you can also see reptiles in this attraction such as snakes, lizards, and turtles.

And after a long, fun-filled day, satisfy your appetite with pizza, hotdogs, popcorn nachos, and a variety of beverages at the snack bar.

If a snack isn’t what you want, you can opt for one of the numerous shops or restaurants laced around the center.

To crown it all, this attraction is a wheelchair and stroller ramp accessible all year round in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 65 Government St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

3. Mobile Carnival Museum

 Mobile Carnival Museum

Mobile Carnival Museum

With antiques and chronicles that date back 300 years, the Mobile Carnival Museum is one unique museum you wouldn’t want to miss.

This hidden gem feature exhibits that depict the story of how the local celebration evolved over time.

The displays include gowns, trains, and jewels worn by the queens of the carnival.

There are also displays of well-known parading jesters of the societies.

Posters and arts with origins from Mardi Gras are also among the collection of displays in the museum.

Besides the collection, the Mardi gras culture is on full display, from the food to music and all the way to pageantry.

Informative tours are also made available by the friendly staff of the museum.

If the tours aren’t enough, you can see the video description of the history and culture of the community.

The best part is that all these come at a merger price of $8.

And be reassured that your parking is guaranteed.

Art lovers can make this hidden gem their home whenever they are in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 355 Government St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

4. History Museum Of Mobile

History Museum Of Mobile

History Museum Of Mobile

Feels like mobile has only museums, right?

Well, that’s not true, but before we dive into other attractions, let’s explore the History Museum Of Mobile.

Located in the old city hall popularly known as the Southern market, this wonderful downtown museum is filled with delight and lots of history.

History in the sense of previous wars exhibitions, Mardi Gras costumes, and beautiful vintage pageant dresses.

Amongst these dresses include the pink cape worn by Diane Sawyer in 1964.

Besides, there are other historical exhibits that you will love.

For instance, the thrilling Egypt exhibit transports you to the centuries back when pharaohs ruled as demigods and the year-long civilization of Egypt.

If you are a fan of Vikings and their expeditions, you can explore the Vikings exhibit.

Roman exhibits are also part of the fun displays in the museum and all these come at an entry fee of $10.

Moreover, you can tour around the fort if you still have time on your hands.

But while you are at it, remember to enjoy the experience in this haven of art.

Address: 111 S Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

5. Alligator Alley

 Alligator Alley

The Alligator Alley

Lovers of animals and science are going to marvel at this extraordinary attraction in Mobile, Alabama.

The Alligator Alley is a haven for approximately six hundred alligators nursed from hatching to maturity.

A wonderful attraction that depicts the interesting world of these reptiles, this attraction features an elevated broad walk, a beautiful swamp area, and even a feeding show.

In fact, the feeding shows the highlight of the whole attraction.

But asides from the feeding show, you will also have an excellent experience watching the big uncage gators, sunbath, court, or swimming.

Indeed, that will be an unforgettable experience, but what will really blow your mind are the little baby alligators you will spot as you step into the alley.

This well-laid-out park is also a natural haven for other animals such as turtles, osprey, owl, bullfrogs, and lizards.

On your visit, you can take a walk on the boardwalk while observing the gators with your family and friends.

Plus, if you want to catch the alligators feeding, you should be around 11 am, 1 pm, or 4 pm.

Nevertheless, a visit to this attraction will be one of the coolest things to do in Mobile.

Address: 19950 Co Rd 71, Summerdale, AL 36580, United States

6. Gulf Quest National Maritime The Gulf Of Mexico

Gulf Quest National Maritime The Gulf Of Mexico

The Gulf Quest National Maritime The Gulf Of Mexico

Gulf Quest National Maritime The Gulf Of Mexico was opened in 2015 with its sole mission of upholding the Maritime heritage and culture of the Gulf of Mexico.

This attraction is a 120,000-square-foot museum that sits on the riverfront in downtown Mobile, Alabama.

Beautiful and breathtaking, this attraction is constructed to replicate a ship on a voyage.

A hotspot for history and Maritime lovers, this museum features approximately 90 exhibits, simulators, theaters, and vintage displays.

With all these fantastic features, it’s a little wonder why this attraction was awarded the attraction of the year in 2016 by the Alabama Department of Tourism.

Notwithstanding, the Gulf Quest museum is the only fully interactive museum.

Other interesting features include hands-on exhibits, theaters, museum stores, a cafe, and other spaces for events.

While on a quest to explore the history, culture, marine science, and traditions of the region, you can look up the trivia knowledge pasted on the handrails.

Fun and interactive games are to look forward to at this center.

A popular game in this museum is the great Gulf challenge.

Players take on leadership roles to aid the restoration of Gulf Mexico in the midst of disaster.

Games are great, but what will really blow your mind is the drive boat area.

You can also sit back and see the informative and interesting movies on display.

And the best part is that it is right here in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 155 S Water St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

7. Cathedral- Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

 Cathedral- Basilica Of The Immaculate Conception Mobile,Alabama

The Cathedral- Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Mobile, Alabama

Worship in one of Mobile’s own religious sanctuaries.

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate is known as one of the cathedrals serving Roman Catholics in the U. S City of Mobile.

Regardless of this fact, it tops the list as the most tranquil place to fellowship with God.

This Sanctuary is located on South Claybourne Street in downtown

However, it is linked to Dauphin Street on the North, Franklin Street, and Conti Street.

The architecture of its historic building is one of its captivating qualities.

With symbolic designs, the building is modeled on Roman Basilica architecture.

This unique building is surrounded by a nice, serene garden.

And like other parts of the building, the stained glass windows symbolize baby Mary being presented to the temple priest.

In addition, one look at the high ceiling showcases the artwork of saints.

Statues are also positioned at the left side of the main doors.

Address: 2 S Claiborne St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

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8. Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

Bragg- Mitchell Mansion

The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

Built in 1855 by Judge John Bragg, the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion should not miss your list of places to visit in Mobile, Alabama.

Renowned as one of the most photographed tourist attractions in the city of Mobile, this house is speculated to be the most photographed.

The mansion architecture replicates the Greek revival style.

Its two-story building contains 14 rooms, seven of those rooms are bedrooms.

The attraction is also accessible by wheelchair and a nice in-house elevator is available to take you anywhere.

A tour around this house will give you a first-class experience of the fine furnishing, decor, and rooms in this historic mansion.

These tours come with insightful information about the history of the house and mobile.

You can also explore its beautiful grounds and take wonderful pictures along the way.

Moreover, it will be good to know that these come at an entry fee of only $10.

So make this lovely mansion a must-visit when you are in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 1906 SpringHill Ave, Mobile, AL 36607, United States

9. Crescent Theater

Crescent Theater

Crescent Theater

Miss the good old cinema experience?

Then let Crescent theater relive every nostalgic moment you miss.

This single-screen movie theater is famous for showing independent films.

Ranking as the “coolest movie theater in Alabama”, this theater shows local cinemas and film competitions.

Once in a while, the theater is used for music and improvisational comedy.

To go with the movie and popcorn, there is plenty of beer, wine, and soft drinks at the concession stand.

This attraction is a perfect place to chill in a comfy seat with your loved one to enjoy a show.

Plus if you come really early, you can get one of the recliners at the front of the theater.

With a good seat, delicious popcorn, and a bottle of drink, you will definitely have the time of your life in this wonderful attraction in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 208 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

10. Mobile -Tensaw River Delta

Mobile -Tensaw River Delta

Mobile -Tensaw River Delta

Explore one of the largest river deltas and wetlands in Alabama.

And mind you, it is actually the largest river delta in Alabama and the second largest in the United States.

It spans approximately 260,000 acres and its region was inhabited by an unknown tribe 5000 years ago.

Notwithstanding, its northernmost edge is the confluence of the Tombigbee and Alabama rivers.

As a matter of fact, this site features hard words, cypress, marshes, swamps, and other wetland habitats.

There are also amazing sites to venture into the delta.

For instance, the five rivers Alabama resources center is a fantastic place to explore the wildlife in the delta.

Likewise, hunters can hunt for animals at the upper delta as long as they possess a valid hunting license, and a free map and permit.

There are also various places to chill out, eat and have a good time at the delta.

So why wait when you can check out one of the world’s treasures right in Mobile, Alabama?

11. Conde- Charlotte Museum

Conde- Charlotte Museum

The Conde- Charlotte Museum

Conde-Charlotte Museum popularly known as the Kirkbride House is a home of history.

Of Note, this historic building was constructed with handmade brick over the exterior.

Upon completion, this building resembled the federal style, which was later altered to replicate the Greek revival style.

A tour of its beautiful surroundings is enough to fuel your aesthetic nature.

It features furniture and decor from various periods in mobile history.

Periods from all the countries mobile was part of its colonies like France, Spain, and Britain.

With these exhibits come great captivating stories told by storytellers in the form of dames.

These dames are sure to take you on an excellent tour around the house.

They also offer to give additional information like great dinner and lunch recommendations.

And, of course, this attraction also offers free parking for all visitors who stop by its premises.

Address: 104 Theatre St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

Alabama has other wonderful cities to explore, like Montgomery, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Auburn!

12. Village Point Park Preserve

 Village Point Park Preserve

The Village Point Park Preserve

Renowned to be the largest park in Mobile, the Village Point Park Preserve opened its Gates in 2002.

This serene and beautiful park sits on the shore of Mobile Bay.

Notably, this park is home to the D’olive cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in Mobile, Alabama.

Not only that, but it is also an abyss to the famous Tackling Oak plant.

This unique plant is over 300 years old and it takes the number one spot as Alabama’s largest Oak.

In addition, this attraction is endowed with terrific features.

Besides gorgeous plants and trees, this attraction enjoys unique features such as a mini beach and a pier that anglers can have access to anytime they visit.

As well as a Broadway that links to the sandbar, amazing birds and two access points equipped with restroom facilities.

Visitors can settle down in this quiet natural Eden and have a relaxing afternoon in the wild.

Explore the wilds and birdwatch, or if you are keen to fishing, you can bring your hooks and lines to its pier.

Have a relaxing breath of fresh air or if you desire more privacy with the wild, then early Sunday morning at this attraction is a perfect match for you.

Regardless, every day at this park is always something to look forward to when you pay a visit to Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 27710 Main St, Daphne, AL 36526, United States

13. Richard-DAR House Museum

 Richard-DAR House Museum mobile

Richard-DAR House Museum mobile

In 1860, Charles and Caroline Richards became owners of an Italian-styled house.

As of Present, that house built by the couple is now recognized in mobile to be a house of culture and art.

The two-story building is Italianate in style and it has amazing features.

Some of its amazing features include a curved staircase, Mable mantels, original bronze chandeliers, and floor-length windows.

Explore the fascinating history of the local captain Richards and his family.

A tour of the Richard-DAR House will expose you to lots of fine furniture and breathtaking decor.

With amazing and informative tour guides who really know their way around the house, you are surely in great hands.

Moreover, you are allowed to touch anything, sit on the furniture, or even take a picture.

Delicious tea and cookies are served at the end of the tour, plus you can also visit the gift shop where nice items are sold.

Admission to this historic building comes at a cost of $10, which is really a steal, considering the amount of fun this attraction offers.

So then, don’t sleep on this attraction when you are in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 256 N Joachim St, Mobile, AL 36603, United States

14. Oakleigh House Museum

 Oakleigh House Museum

The Oakleigh House Museum

Built in 1833, the Oakleigh historic house is the centerpiece of the Oakleigh Historic Complex.

This historic household holds a hundred years of history.

Asides from that, it also has gorgeous ground, a serene and tranquil environment, and lots of beautiful furniture.

Tour around this beautiful house with a well-informed docent who is ever ready to accompany you through the walk of time.

These docents are friendly and are just what you need to find out more about the unique decor, furnishing and historical pieces.

After a well-guided tour, you can settle down for a nice little souvenir at the gift shop.

Ultimately, if you are a lover of architecture and history, the doors of this attraction are open to you all year round.

Address: 300 Oakleigh Pl, Mobile, AL 36604, United States

15. Mobile Botanical Garden

Mobile Botanical Garden

The Mobile Botanical Garden

The Mobile Botanical Garden began operations in 1974 and sits on a museum drive in Spring Hill Community.

This 100 acres garden features a blend of cultivated areas and natural habitat.

A florist’s heaven, this breathtaking botanical garden includes a tea maze, herbs garden, chicken coop, and more.

Not only that, but it also has walking trails, well-labeled plants, a gift shop, and a garden market.

The garden market is your sure hub for a good variety of plants like water, lilies, and seasonal varieties.

Don’t worry about finding your way around because, at the entrance of the garden, the gatekeeper will hand you a map to help you navigate around.

If you are a cat person, then you are in luck because scattered around the garden are these beautiful, friendly creatures who love human company.

Furthermore, the gift shops are always open to visitors to get some awesome stuff.

You can also find this attraction to be a serene place to take a calm walk, jog, or run.

Moreover, its beautiful landscape is to kill for.

So when next you are coming to Mobile, don’t forget to include this little gem on your list of places to visit in the area.

Address: 5151 Museum Dr, Mobile, AL 36608, United States

16. Bienville square

 Bienville square

The Bienville square

Bienville square holds a lot of history in Mobile, Alabama.

Named after the founder of Alabama, this park sits at the center of downtown Mobile.

As such, this significant historic park takes up most of the blocks in Dauphin Street, Saint

Joseph, Saint Francis, and North conceptions.

Like other parks in the city, this park has a variety of amazing features.

These features include plenty of benches and shades, a beautiful fountain, and great old oaks.

But what makes this park stand out are the little cute squirrels that run around the park.

Not only are these squirrels accessible, but you can also feed them if you want.

For that reason, tasty peanuts that these squirrels will love are sold at the park.

While at it, you can find a unique spot to settle down and feed them.

Likewise, you can plan a relaxing picnic with your family and friends or take a walk or jog around the park.

It will be fantastic to note that fun events are held in this beautiful park all year round.

Check their website to find out what event is close to your visiting date and hurry over to this amazing park once you are in Mobile.

Address: 150 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36607, United States

17. Medal Of Honor Park

Medal Of Honor Park

Medal Of Honor Park

A family-oriented Park is what most tourists search for when they are in a new city to explore.

Luckily Mobile has a couple of parks that fit into that description.

One of those hidden gems in the city is the Medal Of Honor Park.

The Medal Of Honor Park is first of all the dream of every bubbling child with amazing features such as two play areas for kids.

One for toddlers and the other for older kids, it’s a little wonder why Children adore this park.

Well, the fun at this park isn’t only for kids.

This 80 acres of land in total has adult-worthy features like a wide concrete walk path, trails in the wooded area, multiple tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, basketball fields, and many more.

Once your kids are busy running around the play area, you can walk the trails, jog or burn some heat in some sprints.

If you are with your buddies, you can either choose to play a game of baseball, basketball, or tennis.

Feel free to bring food or snack or better still, if you are in the picnic spirit, you can come along with your picnic baskets and mats.

During summer, your kids are going to be in high spirits because of the splash pool that is going to be made available in the park.


We didn’t skip your furry friends, did we?

Absolutely not, because this park also has two incredible dog park areas.

How cool is that?

But even as your dogs have an incredible time at their park, do not forget to pick up after them.

Regardless, this park is a destination you would want to put on your list of places you would love to visit in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 1711 Hillcrest Rd, Mobile, AL 36609, United States

18. Saenger Theater Mobile

 Saenger Theater Mobile

The Saenger Theater Mobile

Saenger Theater Mobile is situated at lower Dauphin District Street. In 1929, this unique landmark was dedicated and opened to the public.

However, this attraction stands out because of its magnificent architecture and features.

If you are in the area and just want to treat your ears to good music from world-famous musicians, this theater is your best plug.

Home to the Mobile symphony orchestra, this theatre offers comfortable seats, good sound systems, and a night to remember.

What better way to enjoy good music if not with snacks and drinks?

Luckily, there are plenty of snacks and drinks to choose from at the concession.

If you need help around this attraction, you can beckon on the friendly staff to help you.

Surely, these staff members are ever ready to assist you if need be.

It is also worth noting that this theater shares ties with Mobile and comes with free parking space.

So if music is on your mind this season, make Saenger Theater Mobile your next stop in Mobile, Alabama.

Address: 6 S Joachim St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

19. Hank Aaron Musuem

Hank Aaron Museum

The Hank Aaron Museum

Museums, Museums, Museums are never ending in Mobile, Alabama but Hank Aaron Stadium
is one unique museum you should look out for when you are in Mobile, Alabama.

Located Downtown, this museum features beautiful exhibits and artwork.

With striking pieces for you to feed your eyes on, you will have a lot of collections and sculptures to see and explore.

There are also many cultural activities in this museum to indulge in.

Speaking of activities, their gorgeous displays, landscapes, décor, and furnishings make this site a perfect venue for weddings.

No doubt, this attraction has a lot of potential and you can have access to this beautiful attraction for just a merger price of $5.

Take out time from your busy schedule, visit this fantastic attraction, and embrace all the art and culture this attraction offers.

And mind you, the first time is never enough.

Address: 755 Bolling Brothers Blvd, Mobile, AL 36606, United States

20. Cooper Riverside Park

Cooper Riverside Park

The Cooper Riverside Park

Cooper Riverside Park is a 3-acre park that sits along the Mobile River.

Beautiful and stunning, this attraction features outdoor sculptures, paved walking paths, and several benches.

Its gorgeous harbor area has lots of places to park and there is also enough place to walk around.

As you engage in that peaceful walk, you can gaze at the welcoming sight of the Mobile River.

Interestingly, this attraction houses a museum and cruise terminal.

Likewise, there are many benches for you to have a peaceful picnic or just relax in a peaceful, secluded area.

Apart from picnics and walks, you can enjoy live entertainment or chill out in the mini-amphitheater,

Statues are perfectly positioned all around the park, so feel free to feed your eyes.

There is also free parking and plenty of parking space.

Therefore, let this place make it to your list of places to visit in Mobile.

Address: 101 S Water St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

21. Gator Broad Walk

Gator Broad Walk

Gator Broad Walk

If you are a fan of reptiles, then you are in luck because Mobile has a boardwalk Alligators underneath.

A natural reserve located in the middle of the city, the Gator Boardwalk has excellent features that are quite unique for an ordinary boardwalk.

But there is nothing ordinary about this Broadwalk.

For one, this amazing attraction houses well-maintained walking paths.

These paths are suitable for running, walking, and even a light jog around.

It is also good to note that the half-mile trail links up to a longer trail you can hike through.

Moreover, there are free parking, picnic benches, and trash bins for you to dispose of your waste and keep the boardwalk clean.

And most importantly, the most exciting reptiles you came to see are just below the bridge.

You will have an amazing time taking pictures of the gators or just sightseeing.

Mind you, it is fun to see too.

What is also fun at this attraction is its beautiful view of the waters below or the peace of having a fantastic picnic with your friends and family.

So if you are looking for a free and fun location to visit in Mobile, you should visit this attraction once you are in town.

Address: N Main St, Daphne, AL 36526, United States

22. Mobile Medical Museum

Mobile Medical Museum

Mobile Medical Museum

Interesting museums to visit in Mobile, Alabama are never-ending.

Museums for almost all interests are lined up in this beautiful city and will surely keep you busy throughout your stay.

A good example of such a museum is the Mobile Medical Museum.

As the name implies, this small but interesting museum showcases only medical exhibits and displays.

Want to know what that is all about, then keep reading.

For the most part of it, this museum holds a captivating history of medical history that only aims to appreciate modern science.

It features iron lungs, machines used during heart surgery, models of the human body, and parts showing skin diseases.

There are also medical devices all the way back from the medieval times of the 20th century.

In fact, you can scan through the archives if you really want to know about early significant medical practitioners.

Interestingly, this museum is open to everyone, regardless of their profession.

And if you are wondering if this museum is actually somewhere you will enjoy…

Well, you will never know till you give it a try.

Address: 1664 SpringHill Ave, Mobile, AL 36604, United States

Other amazing cities to visit in Alabama are Dothan, Foley, Orange Beach, and Dauphin Island!

23. Colonial Forte Conde

 Colonial Forte Conde

Colonial Forte Conde

The Colonial Forte Constructed was partially in the 18th Century.

Since its construction, the fort has been the guard of Mobile and its citizens.

It served as protected access along the Mississippi River and the Atlantic colonies along the Alabama River and Tombigbee.

As of present, this port is recognized as a tourist attraction for all as it represents a hundred years of history.

A tour around this historical monument opens up to beautiful landscapes and breathtaking vicinity.

With a well-informed tour guide to take you around this fascinating fort, your tour will definitely be worth the time.

Take your camera too because you will have the time of your life taking pictures in this beautiful serene attraction.

Address: 150 S Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

24.Chickasabogue Park

Chickasabogue Park

The Chickasabogue Park

Mobile is filled with some fantastic parks, and one of these parks is Chickasabogue Park.

Now here comes the amazing peaks of this fun attraction!

This park features a campground, hiking and biking trails, a disc golf course, sports fields, boat launches, and an incredible beach on Chikasabogue creek.

Doesn’t this sound like a park of all trades?

Yeah, it sure does!

So if you are a nature lover, sports enthusiast, or you just want to spread lay down on a sandy beach, then this attraction is your ticket to leisure.

Hike  17miles trails while listening to your favorite playlist or you can play any ball game of your choice with your buddies.

Furthermore, this attraction has a museum that is home to the history and artifacts of Native America, the colonial and plantation era.

You will find this historic museum in the former African Methodist Episcopal Church.

There are also kayak rental services offered in this attraction, a playground for children, and clean restrooms.

To top it all, there is top-notch security at this park so you can rest your mind while you have fun.

So then, does this sound like a place you can bring your family to?


But it’s best if you decide that for yourself when you pay your first visit to this amazing attraction.

Address:760 Aldock Rd, Eight Mile, AL 36613, United States

25. Mobile County Park

Mobile County Park

The Mobile County Park

Mobile County Park is an ideal park for tourists looking for a small and free park.

It features a fantastic soccer field, a trail that leads to the woods, and plenty of wildflowers, butterflies, and blackberry plants.

There is also a disc golf course and clean and accessible restrooms.

Because of its size, this park is not usually crowded, which makes it a perfect place to have some alone time.

You can spend your time with quiet walks through the trails, read a book on the clean grass or just eat a nice breakfast.

With ample parking space and easy accessibility, you have no excuse to not visit this serene and quiet park in Mobile.

Address:2275 Leroy Stevens Rd, Mobile, AL 36695, United States

26. Bellingrath Gardens and Home

Bellingrath Garden and Home

The Bellingrath Gardens and Home

Bellingrath Gardens and Home is a 65-acre garden open to the public.

Originally, this beautiful garden belongs to Walter and Bessie Bellingrath and sits on the fowl river near mobile.

The owner, Walter Bellingrath, was among the pioneer Coca-Cola bottlers in the southeast, and as a result, he amassed a lot of wealth and built the estate garden and home.

Presently, this beautiful historic home and garden is now a popular tourist attraction in Mobile.

The museum has impressive architecture and a beautiful landscape that is soothing to the eyes.

Beautiful to visit in all seasons. A tour around this house opens you to amazing pieces, decor, and furnishings.

To get around the house, you can access their audio tour.

Once accessed through your phone, it will be easier to understand the history behind every piece in the house.

The audio sure does tell a pretty detailed story about this hidden gem.

You can also explore the beautiful gardens.

This garden features a variety of flowers, swings, and wonderful spots to have picnics.

Moreover, there are walking trails laced with lovely light displays.

These light displays illuminate the garden at night, giving it a breathtaking view.

At approximately 90 minutes, you should be through with the house tour and launch into its beautiful estate.

Ultimately, if you are a florist or a lover of history, then you should check this place out.

12401 Bellingrath Gardens Rd, Theodore, AL 36582, United States

27. Dauphin Street

Dauphin Street

Dauphin Street

Although this is the last item on the list, this lovely street is one that holds the most exciting activities to engage in.

Its ever-bubbling atmosphere is something to look forward to, especially at night.

From bars, restaurants, and boutiques, you will always have something interesting to do on these busy streets.

On a night out in the city of Mobile, enjoy the great music, food, and drinks at one of the numerous bars around.

You can also head on to the window shop or buy some nice antiques in one of the antique stores.

Historic buildings decorate the streets of Dauphin so if you are a lover of old architecture, you will find this street amazing.

What’s more?

Well, there is a lot more on this street that this write-up won’t do enough justice to, so it’s left for you to pack your bags and prepare for an exciting journey to Mobile, Alabama.

Address Dauphin St, Mobile, AL, USA

Now That You know what’s in For You, Pack Up And Head Over To Mobile, Alabama

It’s already obvious that Mobile is a city you definitely want to be in.

This flourishing city is everyone’s dream, with mind-blowing museums, festivals, and splendid attractions just within your grasp.

Tour the city and visit your favorite places and attractions.

While you are in it, enjoy the amazing food and drinks served in cool bars and restaurants.

Learn about ages of historical secrets and unlearn some of the historical facts you thought you knew.

But in all you do in this city, remember to have a good time with your family and friends.

Happy Holidays!