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31 Best & Most Fun Things To Do In Paso Robles (California)

Not many tourists are aware that Paso Robles offers one of the purest adventures in the United States.

This little city in California, although not vast, is one of the places to explore undiluted wines.

Along with the almighty Sensorio and Bruce Muro’s field of light, it is one in a million.

Tours to the Paso Robles Pioneer Museum and the Estrella Warbird Museum will come out just fine.

Ready to take your vacation experience to the next level?

Explore our itinerary of things to do in Paso Robles.

Things To Do In Paso Robles, California

1. Paso Robles Pioneer Museum

Things to do in Paso Robles

Mike Cross / Flickr

Asides from all the wine tasting and production that is peculiar to Paso Robles, there are a few things more educational to do 

For something that is slightly intriguing and history related, take a tour of the Paso Robles Pioneer Museum.

Right on the very historic grounds of Paso Robles, you’ll find this museum featuring a single-room schoolhouse, a double-cell jail replica, and other exhibits that tell tales of what life was like during pioneer days.

Initially, the museum was set up by The Paso Robles Rotary Club with the ambition of cultivating and expanding a community museum to preserve the area’s special heritage.

Although the museum was integrated on September 17, 1971, its first building, however, was erected in 1975 and housed several farm tools and local modes of transport.

Visitors to this museum can start off their adventures from the Jeanesville Pump Museum.

Within this section, you’ll find an 85-ton oil pump, one of the artifacts relating to the development of the city.

For a more intensive view, step into the Geneseo Schoolhouse within its grounds.

A stroll on the grounds of the Pioneer Museum is sure to take you back in time. 

With the El Camino Real bell marking its walkway past a jail, you’ll find the expedition intriguing.

Check out several school memorabilia from Geneseo School.

Then, wander through the museum exploring all on display.

Address: Main Museum Building, 2010 Riverside Ave, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

2. Calcareous Vineyard

Things to do in Paso Robles

View of the Calcareous Vineyard

When you think of Paso Robles, then you’d absolutely think of wine.

For something slightly distinct, visit a vineyard and explore the wine-making processes.

One of the top vineyards you should look out to spend time in is the Calcareous Vineyard.

Calcareous, as it is widely called, produces exquisite wines around Paso Robles. More so, the grapes used to make the Calcareous Estate wines are grown in one of their three vineyards.

If there is something you’d admire the most about this vineyard, it is the fact that they take utmost care to preserve the flavor of their wines.

In fact, from the look of things, you can tell that these wines have a particular personality and are authentically handmade.

Begin your tour experience by taking in the beautiful 180-degree views of the city while sipping these rich award-winning wines. 

Even the Tasting Room’s glass walls make it a perfect display for the rich wines and the lovely surroundings. 

Sit on the Calcareous lawn on a lovely afternoon and catch views of the vicinity.

While you can hang around the patio and play cool music under the shades, you can also take the time to walk through the vineyard.

Weigh your options and explore the best wines you’ve ever tasted.

Address: 3430 Peachy Canyon Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

3. Pamper Your Skin at River Oaks Hot Springs

Things to do in Paso Robles

Got Tub at River Oaks Hot Springs

It’s always a thrilling experience exploring sights that are rare to encounter.

When you think about one of the best ways of relaxing in the city of Paso Robles, go for a deep one at the River Oaks Hot Springs.

The River Oaks Hot Springs is one of the serene places in the city to enjoy a relaxing sip and soak.

At this hot spring, visitors get to relish a breakout of Paso Wines from a Semi-Private Mineral Tub with gorgeous Vineyard Views.

Here, you’ll be able to relinquish a wildly prominent unique wine-tasting experience from an outdoor mineral tub.

From your point of view, you’ll be able to set gaze on overlooking vineyard-studded hills.  

During the tour, you’ll be able to explore five two-ounce tastings and an invigorating fresh fruit cup.

After that, you get to acquit in your tub a packet of locally prepared bath salts.

Since they offer one of the Luxury Spa experiences in the city, it’s been a source of revitalization and leisure. 

Whether it’s soaking in an artesian thermal mineral spring right under the starlit sky, or unwinding in the shade of a private open-air spa.

Decide to pamper your skin and body, relax and relieve yourself in the delight of the springs.

Add to your itinerary of things to do.

Address: 800 Clubhouse Dr, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

4. The Hatch 

Things to do in Paso Robles

Dishes from the Hatch

Great food has never met its match as you’d experience in Paso Robles.

Before you even think of visiting the city, you should know that Paso Robles has drawn quite the fame and name from wine-producing.

Since it has this much fame and moniker, you should be sure to jump at great-tasting meals that follow it up.

While in the city, you’ll be able to explore different dining options and specialties, but they all will give your taste bud something to marvel about.

Check out what packages the Hatch has in store for you.

Also one of Paso Robles’s top eateries, The Hatch calls itself “A Simple Rotisserie and Bar,”.

However, since it offers exquisite menu portions like bone marrow, burrata on toast, and tasty grilled octopus, it looks to be everything but simple. 

For the records, this is one of the best bistros in Paso Robles, and it’s conveniently located downtown. 

Visitors to this location have all the taste options in their hands and can seemingly explore more food-tasting options and drinks.

More so, they offer really tasty and valuable cocktails that will thrill you.

Order one of their daily specials and don’t forget to drink a specialty cocktail or local beer to go with it.

It all comes out good either way.

Address: 835 13th St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States 

5. Go on an Entertainment Expedition at Vina Robles Amphitheater

Things to do in Paso Robles

Crowd at Vina Robles Amphitheater concert

Take some time off to treat yourself to a movie in a serene setting in Paso Robles.

Nestled on an oak-dotted and serene hillside, this boutique amphitheater is a place where you’ll meet European and Californian characters.

The Vina Robles Amphitheater is a start-up from the Vina Robles Vineyards and Winery, as a venue for the annual Summer Concert Series.

Here, visitors will be able to enjoy exceptional wine and express live music.

Since its opening in the summer of 2013, this amphitheater has become one of the city’s broadest outdoor outlets for arts and entertainment.

Visitors to this amphitheater will be able to immerse themselves in one of the most intimate concert experiences ever.

Besides, since they offer excellent hospitality and modern amenities, it is a plus.

Prepare yourself to visit in April down till November.

Their concert season runs during this period and features ultimate-tier acts from all over the world in all genres. 

Thinking of how best to spend a movie ticket fee?

Make reservations to see one here.

You can be sure that it is easily one of the best and most extensively fun things to do in the city.

Address: 3800 Mill Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

6. La Cosecha, Paso Robles

Things to do in Paso Robles

View of La Cosecha

Truly, Paso Robles in itself is the land of wine. 

However, this doesn’t leave out the number of other delectable bars you can find. 

For a different cuisine experience and drink, visit La Cosecha

Just as its name entails, La Cosecha is a Latin-inspired farm-to-table cuisine. 

Normally, its name La Cosecha Bar + Restaurant translates to “the harvest” in Spanish.

Basically, this restaurant serves authentic farm-to-table cuisine and believes that good food and wine bring people together.

Visitors to this location will find each menu extensively incorporating the Chef, MacDonald’s Honduran roots, and meticulous devotion to locally produced and fresh food. 

You’ll be able to harness and enjoy the best dining experience and, finally, a memorable, authentic bar experience. 

Apart from the good food you’ll find to nourish your belly, the restaurant also offers a custom cocktail menu.

Since they only offer the best, this menu, if feasible, uses ingredients straight from the garden and artisanal spirits that are sourced locally.

Explaining and describing for so long will do no good. You’ll have to check this out for yourself and treat yourself to the best.

Even if you don’t love Latin cuisine, the surroundings and its outlook are something that would give you tremendous satisfaction.

Add to your itinerary of things to do in Paso Robles.

Address: 835 12th St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States 

7. Paso Robles Children’s Museum

Things to do in Paso Robles

Paso Robles Children’s Museum

There’s no better place to match the energy of fun and learning than the Paso Robles Children’s Museum.

Truly, a lot of places in the city offer a different level of fun. However, if you’re looking at learning plus fun, then you just hit the jackpot.

Right on the grounds of the Paso Robles Volunteer Firehouse is where you’ll find this amicable edifice.

Being a non-profit organization makes it much more interesting and offers a more interactive experience with little or nothing.

Basically, this museum’s mission is to set a platform to immerse children in a pleasant learn-through-play atmosphere.

It doesn’t end at that. They also exist to incite educational knickknacks while commemorating the heritage of their volunteer firefighters. 

Additionally, they offer several educational activities and programs for school activities and group tours.

Allow your children to get interact and learn while doing something they love.

Some exhibits you’ll find on this ground include the Magnetic Ball Wall, BEAM, Hero’s Park, Outside Play Area, and the Oak Tree.

Further into the museum, you’ll be able to explore the interactive Fire Station, Grape Stomp, and Newton’s Playhouse.

There are also El Mercado, the Market Area, the Theater Area, Firehouse Pizza Kitchen, and Karina’s Creative Corner.

They can also take time to explore the Little Free Library, and Art Empowers before leaving.

Address: 623 13th St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

8. Paso Robles Orale

Things to do in Paso Robles

Sarah Kathleen / Orale

If tasty tacos is something you seek to dip your teeth into, then there’s just the best provision for you in Paso Robles.

Tacos have a way of reaching the heart with their soft and salivating aroma.

Try out a taco while touring the city and see if it’s the closest you’ll love about Paso Robles.

 When you think of tacos, you can’t help but think of Orale.

Literally, you can not just compare Orale to any typical taco stand and a trendy restaurant serving locally sourced meals. 

They produce some of the best tacos in the city, so walking past or ignoring them is something you can not afford to do.

Besides, their tacos are to die for, both delicious and savory.

For a start, try out one of their powerful parrilladas, which are essentially meats prepared in the form of fajitas and given to you in a sizzling hot pan.

After this sizzling experience, try out one of their street tacos, which comes with your choice of meat.

You can’t help but enjoy the goodness that exudes from Orale, so get ready to check it out on your own.

Address: 834 11th St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States 

9. Eberle Winery

Things to do in Paso Robles

Exterior view Eberle Winery

You can’t help but think of wine when you mention Paso Robles.

Their flair for wine-making is something that cannot be matched, therefore, a visit to a winery should be on your list of things to do.

Just like most wineries in the city, the Eberle Winery is a family-owned maker and marketer of tasty wines.

Since it was established in 1979, the Eberle winery and Eberle wines have continued to stun the city with top and diverse flavors of wine.

The owner, who grew up in a small Pennsylvanian town, developed an appreciation of wine during his days at LSU.

After launching his career as a winemaker and pioneer of the Paso Robles Wine Region, he helped his family establish the Estrella River Winery.

Thereafter, he started his own production and not too long came up with the very first Eberle Wine.

That is, the 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon showing an iconic boar logo, portraying the German origin of the label Eberle, meaning “small boar.”

Start off your wine adventures by going wine tasting.

Afterward, you can decide what type of wine to purchase and take home.

Address: 3810 CA-46, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

10. Mission San Miguel Arcangel

Things to do in Paso Robles

California Will / Flickr

While exploring, set off to see one of Paso Robles cultural gems.

Though the city doesn’t hold many of these cultural gems, you’ll find here are quite rare and certainly intriguing.

One of these grand pieces is the Mission San Miguel Arcangel.

Just as you’d think, one of California’s historical and cultural gems is the Mission San Miguel. 

This stunning old adobe structure, whose foundations were set more than 200 years ago, is a priceless piece of Paso Robles heritage and has a tale that is essential to the history of California.

In order to bridge the distance between Mission San Antonio and Mission San Luis Obispo, Franciscan Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen founded Mission San Miguel.

Literally, it bears the name of Archangel Saint Michael. 

On the day the Mission was founded, Father Buenaventura Sitjar baptized 25 young people.

Thereafter, a temporary church was erected in 1797 but was destroyed by fire in 1806.

During that time, the mission was home to over 1,000 Salinans who were also employed there.

Following this drastic event, preparations for constructing a new adobe church started quickly following the fire. 

Prior to the 1816 laying of the church’s stone foundation, tiles and adobe blocks were manufactured and stored. 

The church structure and Esteban Munras’ interior frescoes were also finished by 1821.

Presently, this adobe structure stands solidly on Paso Robles grounds and is a constant visitor attraction site.

Since it holds this much Californian history, you can’t help but imagine the numbers dropping in on a daily basis.

You should also look forward to trying it.

Add to your list of places to explore while rummaging Paso Robles.

Address: 775 Mission St, San Miguel, CA 93451, United States

11. Estrella Warbirds Museum

Things to do in Paso Robles

G. Server / Flickr

Visits to the Estrella Warbirds Museum can also come out fine to do on a serene day.

Right on the grounds of the Paso Robles Municipal Airport is where you’ll find this museum.

It isn’t just a museum, but also one of the rapidly growing establishments on the Central Coast.

Aircraft lovers and anyone with a keen interest in warbirds will enjoy every second of exploring this museum.

Presently, you’ll find on display several military aircraft and a lot of exhibits to check out in an over 15,000 display area.

On display are missiles, personal artifacts, military vehicles, munitions, and its latest addition, unique automobiles.

You’ll find the museum on a sprawling 12.5 acres on the perimeter of Paso Robles Municipal Airport. 

Alongside several exhibits, you’ll find 33 aircraft on exhibit.

Some of these include an F-14B Tomcat, an F-4D Phantom, a large A-4A Skyhawk, and an A-6 Intruder.

Others include a QF-86F Sabre, a T-33A Shooting Star, a vast T-37 Tweety bird, a valiant Fighting Falcon F-16, and an OV-10A Bronco.

Additionally, there is a War World II C-47, a 1950 MiG 15bis, posters, maps, and a M.A.S.H. tent.

At the Woodland Automobile Display, you’ll find classic cars and race cars. 

There is a 1929 REO Speed Wagon, a 1932 Ford Phaeton, a rare 1951 Jaguar Mark V, and a 1997 Indy Champ Car.

Address: 4251 Dry Creek Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

12. Ravine Waterpark

Things to do in Paso Robles

Slide at Ravine Waterpark

Gaming outdoors can also be a fun option to explore around Paso Robles.

The Ravine Waterpark holds one of the best outdoor attractions in the city and allows visitors the best experience.

Start off your fun experience at the Sidewinder.

Just like most new additions, the Sidewinder is a new water slide in the park offering excitement and thrills to the Ravine.

It features slithering twists and spins in an enclosed aqueduct. 

You can tell by its name that the water slide is a fast-moving and steady harpy for thrill-seekers of all ages.

Afterward, explore the Thunder Run.

This mammoth slide starts at almost 7 stories high and offers a family raft ride captioning three-breathtaking drops.

Then, there is the Quadzilla.

At the Quadzilla, visitors can plunge down 5 stories of the supersonic liquid track before a splash down a 300 feet finish line.  

Next, take turns to go on the Anaconda & Viper.

Anaconda and viper feature both red and yellow options, and you can have your pick.

Each slide carries you twisting and veering on your tube down its two 325-foot-long open flume slides.

Other options are the Calypso Bay Wave Pool, the Kamikaze, the Kickback Kreek, Tadpool, Vertigo, and finally, Kool Vibes.

Address: 2301 Airport Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States 

13. LXV, Paso Robles

Things to do in Paso Robles

Wines from LXV winery

The LXV is one of those wine-making and producing facilities you’ll find in Paso Robles.

They are about as fun to visit as every other winery in the city.

Its owners, Neeta and Kunal Mittal, produce top-notch LXV Wine in the tranquil and relaxing region of Paso Robles, California. 

Basically, this establishment is a Bordeaux house offering wonderful Sangiovese in play. 

It doesn’t come out to be that big, but don’t be mistaken.

Even if it doesn’t appear to be quite grand, it is heralded for being one of the fairest wine-tasting experiences, not just in Paso Robles, but America.

Additionally, they offer some of the fairest Italian varieties of wine in the city. 

Address: 1306-B Pine St, Paso Robles, CA, United States 

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14. Franklin Hot Springs

Things to do in Paso Robles

Spring at Franklin Hot Springs

To get a little bit of relaxation while viewing wildlife at its best, visit the Franklin Hot Springs.

It’s quite rare to find this kind of hot spring in Paso Robles, so when you meet one, you explore it to the fullest.

As its name entails, this hot spring is one of the places you go to wash off all the stress you’d encounter while touring.

Soaking in this hot spring will drive you back to memory lane and help you relax as well.

For a start, take your camera and get some great shots of the local fauna. 

Yes, therein you’ll find a vast amount of wildlife and to some extent, it is quite distinct.

Since it was filled in the 1960s, Franklin Hot Springs has been a haven for a wide variety of species. 

Also, it provides the appropriate habitat for several animals and birds in the Paso Robles area.

Visitors to this hot spring can spend some time admiring the birds in and around Franklins.

Since numerous varieties of birds call Franklin home, bird watching is one top activity to do here.

If you come just at the right season of the year, you’ll find a pair of Canadian Geese producing their goslings. 

While the Killdeer pairs look for food at the pond’s edge, you’ll hear the Red-winged Blackbirds singing in the reeds and pussy willows.

You’ll also find wild ducks, such as Cinnamon Teal Ducks and Mallards, raising their young.

Thereafter, decide to study aquatic life here.

There are Bull Frogs, Turtles, Black Crappie, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, and Largemouth Bass.

Frequently, you’ll find coyotes, Mountain Lions, and Foxes using the pond as a watering hole.

Address: 3015d, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

15. The Wine Wrangler

Things to do in Paso Robles

Wine Wrangler

Grab a wine bottle at the Wine Wrangler and try a different variety of wines.

The Wine Wrangler, like most wine-producing facilities in Paso Robles, offers one of the best types of wine.

Luckily, they are one of the top professionals in the wine-producing business and help you explore wine tourism like never before.

With over 80 years of expedition and tourism adventure and about 50 years in the Paso Robles Wine Region, they offer the best wine tourism experience.

Truly, it isn’t about all the wine you can taste but where to find what you’re searching for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re contemporary to the wine world or would deem yourself to be an expert, their wine adventures will help accordingly.

Address: 800 Pine St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

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16. Sensorio

Things to do in Paso Robles

Lighting at Sensorio

Art lovers and general art creators will enjoy a session of art immersion at Sensorio.

Little wonder if there’s anyone in Paso Robles who doesn’t know about Sensorio.

Its name and outlook pave the way for it and, just as anyone would expect from it, it delivers just the same.

Sensorio, in a distinct setting in Paso Robles, is an intriguing art center.

It is at this spot that visitors and locals in the city get to view Paso Robles through a vibrant new hue at Light at Sensorio. 

You could liken this very art center to a fantastic entertainment destination with an intersection of art, technology, and nature in the middle of a wine country. 

Here, you’ll find the lifetime pieces of internationally renowned British artist Bruce Munro, the inspiration behind Sensorio. 

Bruce Munro had always wanted to provide guests with a sensory experience that went beyond visual art to include funny, melodic, and kinetic entertainment. 

Truly, he wanted a structure embodying and envisioning a piece of art that would honor the topography of the landscape by using only lights.

Presently, that huge lightning success is Sensorio, and it is one of the biggest things in Paso Robles.

Whether you want to have a thrilling evening with the family, go on an adventure with friends, or spend a romantic evening with someone special, Sensorio in Paso is an incredible experience for everyone who visits. 

Besides, you get to enjoy a night of light with food, drink, and beer from nearby facilities.

Furthermore, visitors can complete their experience with acoustic live music on the main lawn before or after visiting the exhibit.

Want to see something that’d burst your bubble?

This is the answer.

Address: 4380 CA-46, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

17. Giornata, Paso Robles


Collection from Giornata

Giornata is one of the best and top-notch wine-making facilities in the city offering a blend of sweetness and excellence.

This facility, like most of the wine-making industries in Paso Robles, directs their interest to more Italian wines than Californian.

If you’re up for a little blend of Italian winemaking expertise, then this is the niche for you.

The wine factory was inspired by an ambition to produce wines using Italian grapes cultivated in California while adhering to Italian winemaking sensibilities and principles. 

In this light, they make use of the same grape vines, that is clonal material as Italy’s top growers, and produce some of the best wines. 

Explore rec wines, sangiovese, unique red, white, and dessert wines, and countless varieties.

Address: 470 Marquita Ave., Paso Robles CA 93446, United States 

18. Paso Robles Fish Gaucho

Paso Robles Fish Gaucho

Fish Gaucho

Smoked and grilled fish is something rare and fancily wonderful you’ll find interesting about Paso Robles.

Unlike the way you would find a ton of places to enjoy the goodness of wines, there are few fish restaurants.

Being few doesn’t cut out the fun and delicious captions they have.

The Paso Robles Fish Gaucho is something you should set an eye out for.

You’ll find this beautiful eatery in the heart of Paso Robles.

As you may have guessed, this structure and eatery is a modern California-Mexican restaurant and tequila bar in the city. 

Apart from their menu being to die for, they offer some of the best and most tasty tacos.

For a start, try out their special short rib tacos and follow it up with a smoked fire and blood cocktail.

Basically, the cocktail is made with mezcal and blood orange juice and is highly tasty. 

After that, you can check out their great elote, which is both creamy, cheesy, and incredible.

Address: 1244 Park St, Paso Robles, CA, 93446, United States

19. Tobin James Cellars Winery and Tasting Room

Tobin James Cellars Winery and Tasting Room

The Tobin James Cellars Winery and Tasting Room

Basically, the Tobin James Cellars Winery and Tasting Room is one of these wine-producing facilities in Paso Robles.

Here, you’ll be able to understand and taste what Paso Robles feels like.

Set up in 1987, its owners, Claire Silver, and Tobin James have consistently run the vineyard quite well.

Its welcoming and saloon-style tasting hall pays tribute to the region’s Western pa.

You’ll find a variety of Tobin Jamess wine, alongside world-class Syrahs, some Chardonnays, tasty Cabernet Sauvignons, and a Meritage blend.

Address: 8950 Union Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

20. Downtown Paso Robles

Downtown Paso Robles

Buildings Downtown Paso Robles

To experience a different life from what you have heard or what you know about Paso Robles, take a walk to Downtown Paso Robles.

Just like every city has its portion of vibrant city life, Downtown Paso Robles is the heart and vibrancy of the city.

Want to know how famous it is?

Downtown Paso Robles is easily one of the first stops for tourists, hoping to appreciate the beauty of the city.

Start off your tour experience from The Downtown City Park.

True to its name, this city park is a central green space offering a gazebo, freshly rebuilt playground equipment, picnic tables, and benches.

It doesn’t end there, you’ll even find the Carnegie Library, which currently houses the Paso Robles Historical Society’s archives and exhibits.

Just as you may guess, it forms the core of the town square. 

The Downtown City Park is frequently used by the locals for picnics, recreational activities, or the newest event. 

Additionally, its vast and beautiful space makes it a popular community meeting spot, and hosts annual events like the Paso Robles Wine Festival, Olive Oil Festival, Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony, Farmer’s Market, Summer Concert Series, and more.

Luckily enough, you’ll find almost everything you’ll need in the city here.

Notwithstanding what it is, you’ll find everything from apparel and presents to antiques and fine art.

Check out the newest trends in fashion at Bijou apparel boutique. 

Then, move on to Studios in the Park, an ideal art destination, where you can add to your collection.

Finally, spend the day looking through the antiques at Reminisce Village of Shops. 

21. Halter Ranch Vineyard

Halter Ranch Vineyard

Halter Ranch Vineyard

Even as you sojourn and your several wineries in Paso Robles, make out time to see the Halter Ranch Vineyard.

As the name entails, this isn’t a ranch in any case, but also one of the top wine-producing facilities.

You’ll find it sitting on the Central Coast of California, just west of Paso Robles.

Since its set up in 2000, the winery has committed itself to a long history and an allegiance to environmentally responsible practices. 

On its 2,700 acres, you’ll find 200 acres of organic wine grapes, a sprawling 10 acres of organic walnuts, and finally, 17 acres of organic olives.

Begin your tour by exploring the estate-grown Bordeaux and Rhône-style wines.

Visitors can skim through their wine selection and pick out a few.

Apart from that, you can also purchase organic olives and its likes during the tour.

Address: 8910 Adelaida Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

22. Thomas Hill Organics Bistro & Wine Lounge

The Thomas Hill Organics Bistro & Wine Lounge

The Thomas Hill Organics Bistro & Wine Lounge

Visit the Thomas Hill Organics Bistro and Wine Lounge for one of the best wine experiences.

Thomas Hill Organics, one of the greatest restaurants in Paso Robles, is a farm-to-table restaurant delivering organic cuisine and showcasing distinctive wines from the Central Coast.

The eatery sources a wide variety of fresh ingredients to create daring, creative dishes, and its menu is constantly evolving.

Initially, it had started as a modest organic CSA showing off the Central Coast wealth.

However, what started out as a modest organic CSA swiftly developed into a well-known destination for imaginatively simmered, real food.

Hungry and need somewhere to recharge?

Make a stop here.

In order to make sure they give out the best, even their chicken, fish, cattle, lamb, and exotic meats come from the best California purveyors.

It isn’t just the food that you’ll find appealing about this Bistro, they also offer tasty got bread from professionals.

You can explore any of their serving options, whether indoor or outdoor, without concerns about the weather. 

There are heaters to warm you up just in case you feel too cold or want a little warmth.

Address: 1313 Park St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

23. Il Cortile Ristorante

Il Cortile Ristorante

The Il Cortile Ristorante

A passion for fine food and wine doesn’t just begin without an interest.

If you’re looking for fine food and wine in Paso Robles, look forward to visiting Il Cortile Ristorante.

Its moniker is derived from the Italian word, Il Cortile, meaning the courtyard.

This restaurant was set up in 2009 by chef Santos MacDonald and his spouse, Carole.

Here, you’ll find from-scratch dishes, exclusively produced by the owners.

Several homemade kinds of pasta, tasty braised Osso Bucco, and several grilled seafood.

You’ll find the perfect match and make contemporary Italian dishes in this cozy space.

Address: 608 12th St #101, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

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24. Opolo Vineyard

Opolo Vineyard

Opolo Vineyard

After a brisk round of wineries in Paso Robles, it is best to find a comfy region to admire the city’s beauty more.

Not all wineries have an inn where you can stay and gaze at the winery and city while retiring.

With the fresh air coming from the vineyard and great scents, consider a tour and stay at the Opolo Vineyard.

Here, you’ll be able to book and enjoy the pleasures of the city sitting in one spot.

At the inn at this location, you’ll be able to access soaking tubs, made-to-order breakfasts, showers, and fireplaces.

There is also a provision for complimentary wine and appetizers every afternoon.

Want somewhere you can open your windows to take in a vineyard’s fresh air?

This is what you need.

Address: 7110 Vineyard Dr, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

25. Rios-Caledonia Adobe

Rios-Caledonia Adobe

PedroMImages / Flickr

Visit the Rios-Caledonia Adobe and see one of the histories of Paso Robles.

Just south of the San Miguel Mission is where you’ll find the Historic Rios-Caledonia Adobe.

Basically, It is just eight miles north of Paso Robles along the former mission trail that connected San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

This huge edifice and structure were constructed in 1835 as a residence for the mission’s land overseer.

However, its original inn and stagecoach stop has been modified into a museum and a small gift store. 

In addition, a building that is currently a distinctive history research library was added in 1930 and is currently accessible to the public. 

Within it, the San Luis Obispo County Parks also houses several picnic areas and restrooms, and the grounds are immaculately kept.

To save and conserve the culture and history of Paso Robles, this building exists and is open for exploration.

Visitors to this historical adobe can visit the museum and go through all of Paso Robles history and check out what they have.

If you want something more informative, the research library holds a lot of information on Paso Robles as well as programs.

Afterward, visit the gift shop and pick out some cool souvenirs to take along with you.

It’s one of the easiest and most informative places in Paso Robles and you’ll enjoy it equally.

Address: 700 Mission St, San Miguel, CA 93451, United States

26. Adelaida Cellars, Paso Robles

Adelaida Cellars

Adelaida Cellars

Right on the hilly landscape of Paso Robles is where you’ll find the Adelaida Vineyards & Winery.

This wine-making facility and team struggle to create classic California wines that express a sense of the city. 

Of all their offers, this facility offers the chance to explore their vineyard and interact with producers, and customers.

Struggling to understand the concept of wine-making?

Be sure to plan a visit to the Adelaida Vineyards and Winery.

Check out some of their wines too, they are highly tasty and cost quite moderate.

Address: 5805 Adelaida Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

27. Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse

Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse

Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse

Craving quality steaks around Paso Robles?

The Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse offers just the right type of steak, with tasty wines to accompany them.

This steakhouse, set up in 1964, offers visitors a culinary reflection of this wine country and all of its history.

You’ll find this steakhouse conveniently set up amongst a stunning garden setting with both indoor fireside dining and patio dining.

Apart from the steak, this steakhouse’s enticing atmosphere draws enough visitors to the restaurant, and its commitment to genuine service crowns it all.

Address: 1103 Spring St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

28. Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

For a change, visit a brewing company and see if Paso Robles produces just as many tasty beers as their wines.

Since the city is a top wine-making state, it is easier to find several wineries and then a few brewery centers.

To this effect, consider a visit to the Firestone Walker Brewing Company.

Here, visitors will be able to explore several tasty staple beers, as well as a collection of several legendary barrel-aged selections.

At the Emporium, beer lovers and visitors can shop and sample countless beers on the brewery grounds.

Meanwhile, a trip to the visitors center takes you on brewery tours and offers a whopping 14 beers on tap.

Additionally, the brewery’s taproom also features a large eating area, a side terrace, an outside courtyard, and a bar that wraps around the room.

Address: 1400 Ramada Dr, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

29. Capture the beauty of Bruce Monro’s Field of Light

Bruce Monro's Field of Light

Serena Munro / Bruce Monro’s Field of Light

In the midst of all the fun activities you’re going to be exploring in Paso Robles, find time to visit Bruce Monro’s Field of Light.

Still in Paso Robles, the internationally renowned artist Bruce Munro has two grand artistic installations at Light at Sensorio.

To show how grand and beautiful it is, this beauty is number six in The New York Times’ list of “50 Places to Visit in 2020.” 

Here, you’ll find Munro’s largest artwork to date.

More formally put, the Field of Light is a 15-acre walk-through experience through more than 58,800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber optics.

This artwork subtly illuminates the landscape in delicate peaks of morphing color that accurately depict the mountainous landscape. 

Even his most recent installation, the Light Towers, acclaims Paso Robles’ sweeping wine country surroundings. 

On a tour, visitors can catch a glimpse of the tower, which consists of 69 towers made of more than 17,000 bright, creative wine bottles.

These bottles obtain their illumination from glowing optic fibers whose colors change at intervals and create an uplifting musical score. 

Creatively put, these breathtaking exhibits are actually designed and built to be solar-powered.

For starters and first-time visitors to the city, this serene and captivating sight is a must-see.

Take a walk and allow Bruce Monro’s Field of Light to captivate you.

Move through the city and interact with the surrounding environment through an ethereal light-based and sculptural experience.

You’ll find it worth doing in the city since it is one of the brightest sights there is to see.

Address: 4380 Highway 46 East, Paso Robles, CA, United States 

30. J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

Wines from J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

The J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines is also one of the best places to see in Paso Robles.

When Jerry Lohr started a new job fifty years ago, little did he know that what happened next would change the face of the California wine business.

Not only that, but would also give birth to one of the most well-known wine brands in the nation.

Initially, Jerry Lohr began a thorough research of California’s grape-growing regions in the late 1960s in quest of the appropriate spot for his first vineyard. 

Since he was born and raised on a farm in South Dakota, his background in agriculture gave him an instinctive understanding of how climate, soil, and location are related.

He ended up on the Central Coast, a region that was only starting to explore its possibilities for wine growing as a result of his studies and instincts.

Presently, what started out as a little dream has come to be a huge winery and one of Paso Robles tourist attractions.

Here, you’ll find an assortment of wines.

Go for wine tasting and enjoy seasonal selections and winery-exclusive wines. 

Address: 6169 Airport Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446, United States

31. Thomas Hill Organics 

Thomas Hill Organics 

Thomas Hill Organics

Going organic can always come out very good, especially if you know where to find the best of it.

The Thomas Hill Organics is quite famous in the tourists’ checklist.

There are a number of delicacies you never thought you’d try that grace their menu, besides to ensure you have a better experience you can try out a lot of their side dishes.

Just so you are aware, the Thomas Hill Organics is a farm-to-table eatery with a stunning patio, slightly tucked away in the heart of Paso Robles. 

They offer a one-of-a-kind cuisine and it really comes out well with all they do.

You can begin your lunch experience by trying out the tasty bone marrow-crusted rib-eye for a special occasion.

After that, you can dive head-on at a bourbon pecan dessert with Chantilly cream.

Truly, you have got to stop by before heading into the city.

Final Remarks

Surely, it takes nothing but a thorough trip to consider all of Paso Robles glory.

An experience will surely take you off your feet and open you up to several opportunities.

Take the time to explore and create memories.

Grasp your camera tightly as there are a lot of places that need a shot.

Safe Travels.