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14 Best & Fun Things To Do In Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Visiting Inner Harbor is one of the best decisions you could make during your next vacation.

Whether you’re looking for a suitable family gateway to enjoy some cool time or you want a refine site to spend a couple of days, Inner Harbor has a bit of something fun for everyone!

From its numerous historic sites to its quaint restaurants to its shopping malls, you’ll never be short of fantastic sites to check out upon your arrival.

So, are you ready to map out an epic itinerary ahead of your forthcoming trip to this downtown?

Relax, we’ve put up amazing collections of the top 14 attractions that will be worth your time!

So, sit down, read through, and ensure you make use of the hereunder recommendations to narrow down your itinerary!

Things To Do In Inner Harbor

1. Inner Harbor National Aquarium

National Aquarium, Inner Harbor

National Aquarium

Also known as the Baltimore Aquarium Center, the National Aquarium is a non-profit public aquarium with loads of fun things for travelers of all ages.

It is at the Inner Harbor Area along East Pratt Street, particularly at the Pier 3 region.

Opened to the public on the 8th of August 1981, this aquarium has a yearly attendance of nearly two million visitors and it is remarkably Maryland’s largest tourist attraction.

This aquarium situated in the Inner Harbor region in Maryland holds over 2,200,000 United States gallons of water and equally features more than 17,000 specimens that represent more than 750 species in aggregate.

In this Inner Harbor establishment, the main goal is to inspire the conservation of aquatic treasures that inhabit the world.

If you’re traveling near Inner Harbor in the state of Maryland, it will be good for you to extend your voyage to this wonderful attraction.

In fact, this destination confronts lots of pressing issues that are facing global aquatic habitats through pioneering conversation, science, and its series of educational programs.

It’s not surprising this entertaining site was awarded the “Exhibit Award” by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the year 2008.

Similarly to that, the Travel Channel rated this lovely site the best aquarium in the whole of the United States in 2012.

An attribute worthy of mention about this location is the fact that, aside from its beautiful species, it also features a 4D Immersion Theater!

In fact, this building with five levels or floors provides accessible elevators and escalators for travelers.

Definitely, it will be great to begin your Inner Harbor sightseeing tour in this pleasurable area.

Note, it is open all days of the week and the admission fee is so flexible!

Address: 501 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

2. McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood And Steaks

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood & Steaks, Inner Harbor

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks

Since the year 1998, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks has continually served scrumptious seafood with a modern twist.

The classic décor of this award-winning restaurant features beveled and stained glass, as well as hand-crafted walnut wood, – creating the sophisticated, warm atmosphere requires of a private club.

If you are around Inner Harbor, this is a great place to have an afternoon bite!

A distinctive feature of this restaurant that still preserves its relevance despite its over two decades of existence is that this beautiful bar area equally features a comfortable environment from where tourists could enjoy a wide variety of beers, classic drinks, trendy cocktails, and wines.

The best part is that all offerings in this beautiful attraction of Inner Harbor are inexpensive.

However, its hours of operation vary. For instance, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, it’s accessible to visitors between 3:30 PM through 9:00 PM.

Meanwhile, if you’ll be here on Friday or Saturday, you can plan to come between 11:30 AM through 10:00 PM

On a similar note, if your favorite vacation period falls on Sunday or Monday, plan to visit between the hours of 11:40 AM – 9:00 PM, and 3:30 PM through 9:00 PM, respectively.

While coming, remember this attraction isn’t kids friendly. Similarly to that, pets aren’t allowed in this attraction.

Nonetheless, if you can’t do away with these two, we suggest you continue reading through our other recommendations hereunder!

Address: 711 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

3. The Maryland Science Center

The Maryland Science Center

Maryland Science Center

Do you prefer to explore something thrilling yet fun when next you’re around Inner Harbor?

If you would, endeavor to extend your trip to the Maryland Science Center!

Being one of Maryland’s top attractions, the Maryland Science Center is a top travelers destination that features lots of entertaining and insightful exhibits for travelers of all ages.

It was established in 1976 and it invariably includes a planetarium, three levels of exhibits, including an observatory.

Amongst its numerous exhibits here include a dinosaur skeleton that totals above two dozen in aggregate.

Beyond that, this lovely area in Inner Harbor equally features an entertaining performing art theater where you’re sure to enjoy interesting comedy and a series of concerts.

Obviously, regardless of your interests, there’s always something fun, interesting and pleasurable for every tourist here.

The admission fee isn’t equally expensive. While adults pay $25.95, children ages 3 – 12 pay only $20.95.

Similarly, senior citizens of 64 years and above pay only $25.95.

In addition to that, with the exception of Monday and Tuesday, you can plan your trip to this wonderful area between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM (sometimes 5:00 PM).

Reminisce over what Wayne Gretzky said; “you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take!”

Therefore, during your forthcoming trip to Inner Harbor, it will surely be worth it to have a stop!

If you’ll be here, endeavor to come as early as you could. This will enable you to secure a space to park your vehicle!

Address: 601 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

4. Inner Harbor, Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore Museum of Industry is another fantastic attraction you can check out if you’re in Inner Harbor in the state of Maryland.

It is along this city’s old cannery, featuring a series of exhibits on diverse areas of the manufacturing industry from the 20th-century era till the contemporary period.

Besides, this lovely region boasts several hands-on sections with amazing artifacts and other equipment.

If you want to expand your horizon, whether you’ll be in Inner Harbor for a short trip or a holiday vacation, this is a perfect fit for your itinerary!

Moreover, in this industrial museum, you’ll have access to over 5,000 volumes of historic books and rare documentation.

The collections of available manuscripts cover various major industries in Inner Harbor inclusive of, including clothing, canning, the violin making, amongst other industries.

More particularly, the photographic collections that await your arrival consist of over 260,000 negatives, and prints, including the Inner Harbor’s Electric company Prints and Gas Negative Collection.

There’s no apt description that can illustrate how awesome this attraction is.

There are on-site restaurants and a gift store where you’re confident of getting nice souvenirs, goodies, snacks, and beautiful gifts that relate to the industrial revolution.

Even with all these unique features, the admission fee for this site is relatively low!

While you pay the low admission fee, the staff wouldn’t hesitate to accommodate you and narrate some interesting stories about this beautiful city.

If you’re coming to this downtown city, endeavor to come to Inner Harbor to spend an hour or more.

Definitely, you’ll feel good obliging!

Take note this museum doesn’t open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Address: 1415 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

5. The Federal Hill Park, Inner Harbor

Federal Hill Park

Hill Park

Federal Hill Park is a recreational facility on the south shore of the Inner Harbor.

This beautiful park, being an Inner Harbor’s signature landmark, offers travelers the most impressive views ever.

If you care to have a glimpse of the gorgeous views of this beautiful city, it wouldn’t be wrong for you to come for some minutes of adventure here.

Other than its awesome views, Federal Hill Park in Inner harbor features a basketball court, and a Rash Field, that offers a variety of recreational activities including volleyball, a beach area, and gated kids playing spot.

Whether you are seeking a family-friendly attraction to take your kids to for their next spring vacation or you want a refine site to spend some cool moments, Federal Hill Park offers something entertaining for all classes of fun seekers!

Do note that, unless you have a residential parking sticker, the cost of admittance to this beautiful park in the Inner Harbor is $56.

As distinct from other parks in this city, this is equally a great place for a dog walk, and baggies for poop are provided at the entrance.

Overall, Federal Hill Park is an awesome place that is worth including on your bucket list if you crave an all-encompassing adventure like never before!

Address: 300 Warren Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

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6. The Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Port Discovery Children’s Museum

As soon as summer vacation approaches, as a parent, it behooves you to have a thorough reflection of where to take your kids for some pleasurable moments.

Should Inner Harbor be your next vacation destination, Port Discovery Children’s Museum will definitely come to your rescue!

As different from other museums in the state of Maryland, this museum is absolutely dedicated to children’s enjoyment, which is evident from its name.

By way of accurate description, this attraction is an 80,000 square feet area that features three floors of exhibits coupled with its series of entertaining and informative programs that are designed to be educational and interactive to every child on site.

Although, this museum’s focus is on children on children ages 1 to 10, including their respective caregivers.

To underscore its uniqueness, it has consistently level receiving over 265,000 tourists annually since its establishment in the year 1998.

So, if you truly care about your children’s happiness, why will you exclude this area from your itinerary?

Definitely, there’s no reason that is good enough to justify such exclusion!

Here, your kids will have access to lots of recreational activities and adventures. This includes tiny’s diner, adventure expeditions, sky climber, and lots more.

Even at that, the staff’s friendliness to every child on site is second to none! They interact with every kid almost like old friends. Your kids will definitely love that!

Do note that, with the exception of Mondays and Tuesdays, this museum is accessible to travelers on all other days of the week.

Address: 35 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

7. Inner Harbor Watermark Baltimore Cruises

Watermark Baltimore Cruises

Watermark Baltimore Cruises

Sightseeing through the Watermark Baltimore Cruises includes several activities of the Inner Harbor including Fort McHenry, the iconic Domino Sugar sign, Fell’s Point, the Key Bridge, and more.

The Watermark’s knowledgeable and friendly crew makes getting on the water for all fun-seekers quite impressive!

With the exception of Sundays, this attraction is accessible to travelers on all days of the week and it’s one of Maryland’s top cruising adventures you should miss if you’re on a voyage to this downtown.

The admission fee outweighs the fun moments that await you. Its boats & other cruising facilities are equally in perfect condition.

Although, as distinct from other attractions recommended herein, Watermark Baltimore Cruises only accept contactless payments such as debit cards and credit cards.

However, the Boats in this pleasurable area offer the topmost bar service with the availability of light snacks and clean restrooms on board.

In fact, these cruising agency vessels are climate controlled and handicapped-accessible.

Here, there’s apparently every beautiful thing that will make your trip more fun.

The admission fee is fair enough and for wines, it cost about $12. Note that popcorn costs less than $5!

While coming for a cruise, don’t be hesitant to come with your kids because, as different from other boating cruising agencies in the state of Maryland, this is totally kid’s friendly!

Address: 555 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

8. Reginald F. Lewis Attraction At Inner Harbor

Reginald F. Lewis Attraction, Inner Harbor

Reginald F. Lewis Attraction

Also known as the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture, Reginald F. Lewis Attraction is for you if you’re a history buff!

This location is a resource for information that relates to the history and lives of African American Marylanders.

If you’re of African origin, or you’re too curious to learn about the history of these immigrants, this particular attraction is a must-visit for you!

The Lewis Museum strongly engages in the collection, preservation, interpretation, and documentation of the various contributions of African American Marylanders.

With over 11,000 objects and documents available in this area, there’s absolutely no other attraction that can illustrate this negro contribution to the state of Maryland.

It’s not so surprising that ever since its establishment in the year 2005, it has continually received over 200,000 travelers on a yearly basis.

If you’ll be in Inner Harbor for an excursion or a voyage of discovery, don’t be hesitant to join the quantum of meticulous travels coming to this attraction.

After all, real riches are the ones that advance you, entertain you, and inform you!

It will be well worth it to extend your vacation to this impressive site!

Note, except for Tuesday and Wednesday, Reginald F. Lewis’s attraction opens on all other days of the week.

Although, it opens from 10:00 through 5:00 PM on all other days. Its hours of operation on Sunday are between 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Address: 830 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

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9. Inner Harbor Hard Rock Cafe

Inner Harbor Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is an American restaurant in the Inner Harbor area of Maryland.

Essentially, this restaurant is a rock and roll-themed chain with a high-energy vibe serving burgers & American classics.

If you’re still uncertain about an eatery worth checking out during your forthcoming trip to Inner Harbor, your worry is over. Hard Rock Cafe offers everything you’ll want!

With its love of music, well-preserved dining spot, and displaying screen all over this region, you’ll definitely wish to come here over and over again after your subsequent trip.

The best part is that both the owner and the waitress appear so friendly, courteous, and highly polite in their interactions with travelers.

All you have to do is to place your order and within a few minutes of doing that, your food is served!

In fact, other than its food services, this site also features lots of indoor games.

Although, the downside of this destination is that parking might be tricky during the noon.

So, alternatively, as a precaution, it’s advisable you come early to beat that!

Aside from that, there’s apparently no reason why you’ll regret coming here for a bite!

Address: 601 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

10. Baltimore Water Taxi

Baltimore Water Taxi

Baltimore Water Taxi

The Baltimore Water Taxi is an open-air, water-based bus adventure along the Inner Harbor in the state of Maryland.

The water taxi is fast, fun, and the best way you could navigate through this city.

Operating with a fleet of USCG inspected and a crew of licensed Captains, these commercial passenger vessels should be prioritized in your itinerary if you want to enjoy your vacationing experience in this downtown like never before!

The caption and the entire personnel that works here are so meticulous. That’s not it all. They’ll ensure that each visitor on site has a glimpse into the beautiful history that this city is known for.

Despite all this, the cost of transportation with this adventurous taxi is inexpensive!

In fact, they have several food vendors on site that all offers awesome American dishes.

How about the delicious ice cream and the snacks that are offered to travelers?

Obviously, Water Taxi in Inner Harbor is the best to the beat!

Whether you will spend longer days or shorter periods in this area of Inner Harbor, an hour or more spent here will definitely be worth it!

Don’t forget to reflect on what Steve Jobs opined that time is precious. It’s meant to be enjoyed always!

Address: 901 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231, United States 

11. The Historic Ship Of Baltimore

Historic Ship Of Baltimore, Inner Harbor

The Historic Ship Of Baltimore

Instead of spending time at traditional maritime museums, do you know there are equally several historic ships that are docked on a permanent basis in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor?

Well, you may not know, but then, there are several historic Ships that will be worth your time if you’re vacationing around Inner Harbor!

Travelers of all ages can conveniently climb aboard and enjoy quality moments cruising through this Historic Ship.

It was launched as far back as 1854. Nonetheless, its uniqueness still preserves its relevance today.

If you’re vacationing around Inner Harbor, consider yourself lucky. Of course, this beautiful attraction will give you a newer vacation experience.

To underscore its importance among travelers and tourists alike in the United States, this attraction in the state of Maryland has been on the Registrar of Historic and fun places since 15th October 1966.

Although, the cost of adventure here is a bit pricey. Nevertheless, the enjoyable moment you will have here will outweigh what’s payable!

Even at that, you’re sure of being in the safe hand. This is because all the tour crew are professionals. In fact, they also possess adequate knowledge of water cruising.

Note further that, except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays, this destination is accessible to travelers and locals alike between 10:00 AM through 5:00 PM every day.

Address: 301 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States 

12. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Popularly known to the locals as ‘The Zoo in Baltimore”, and formerly regarded as ‘Baltimore City Zoo”, or simply,’ the Baltimore Zoo’, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is a 135-acre attraction in downtown Inner Harbor.

It is particularly located along Druid Hill Park in the northwestern part of Maryland.

Established in the year 1876, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore houses over 2,000 animals that are all brought from various continents of the world.

Whether you love to see African elephants, lions, or Giraffes ready for a closeup, you can never be wrong starting your Inner Harbor sightseeing tour here!

These animals look so happier and best of it all, they’re not hostile to travelers.

A distinguishable element that makes this attraction largely visited by tourists is the fact that, all around this area, there are shaded spots where you can sit and observe this beautiful creature.

Not only that, you can’t be here without having varieties of snacks and lots of coffee. As long as you have about $20 dollar in your wallet, you’re sure to have a whole day of enjoyment.

Beautifully, this Zoo in Inner Harbor opens all days of the week.

Address: 1 Safari Pl, Baltimore, MD 21217, United States

13. Flag House And Star-Spangled Banner Museum

Flag House & Star-Spangled Banner Museum, Inner Harbor

Flag House & Star-Spangled Banner Museum

Another top way you can enjoy your stay in Inner Harbor is to step back in time to see how this city was several years ago.

After all, no matter what you know, if you neglect history, its consequences aren’t always palatable!

Upon your arrival in the Inner Harbor area, take a moment to check out Flag House & Star-Spangled Banner Museum!

Established in 1793, Flag House & Star-Spangled Banner Museum is one of the oldest museums in Inner Harbor with several insightful exhibits.

Aside from the fact that these exhibits are historically rich, it’s interesting to also state that they’re equally culturally informative!

Not so surprisingly, this site was recognized as far back as the 3rd of December, 1969 as one of the most insightful and historic regions in the United States.

This attraction isn’t for profit. It’s totally free!

In fact, navigating through its many exhibits is totally easy. This is because they all have labeling on them.

Perhaps you might also find it difficult to establish the chronology of these monuments. There are historians on site who are eager to clarify everything!

If you are in Inner Harbor and you leave this attraction behind; it’s like a treasure thrown into an ocean!

After all, regardless of your age, whether it is sixty-six or fifty, if you stop exploring, you’re just an old man!

Therefore, modify your itinerary to include this lovely place. It is certain you will be here again to give positive feedback!

Address: 844 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States

14. Inner Harbor American Visionary Art Museum

American Visionary Art Museum

American Visionary Art Museum

The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) is an art center situated along the Federal Hill neighborhood.

As different from other museums recommended above, this location specializes in the display and preservation of outsider art.

These works are also referred to as “raw art,” “intuitive art,” or the “art brut”.

It was established on 24th November 1995 and ever since then; it has been a favorite stop for several travelers coming to Inner Harbor.

The artistic works are so insightful that there’s no how you can sight them without having a thoughtful feeling.

If you love arts and you’ll be in this downtown, this attraction is for you!

Although, it is not free admission. Nevertheless, the admittance fee is so affordable! You’ll pay so low while you enjoy the best!

Bear in mind that, by the time you are old, it is not all about the moment you take to enjoy. You’ll be more pained by the moment you fail to enjoy!

Whether you’ll be in Inner Harbor for weeks of vacation or a few days of excursion, take up the opportunity to extend your voyage to the American Visionary Art Museum and it’s sure to be a blast!

Note that this museum only opens on Wednesday through Saturday between 10:00 AM through 5:00 PM!

Address: 800 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230, United States

Final Remarks

There’s no gainsaying that Inner Harbor features lots of amazing sites and attractions.

It’s obvious from the recommendation above! So, book your flight, and get set for an adventurous trip!

Meanwhile, don’t be hesitant to make use of the above recommendations to narrow down your itinerary!

While doing that, don’t leave your spouse and kids behind! This is because there’s a bit of something fun for everyone in Inner Harbor!

Safe Trip!