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31 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hartford (CT)

When considering cities with exquisite tour options, Hartford should make it to your list.

Hartford, Connecticut’s state’s capital, is home to lovely parks, a variety of interesting museums, and several attraction sites.

On your weekend vacation or day excursion, take in the breathtaking Connecticut State Capitol or gaze through the wonders of the Wadsworth Atheneum.

While there are several attraction spots that give this vibrant city a definition, there are a few you’d enjoy ultimately.

Wondering what to do in Hartford?

Below is a list of the top things to do in this city.

Things To Do In Hartford, Connecticut 

1. The North at Goodwin Golf Course

Things to do in Hartford

North at Goodwin Golf Course/ Wikimedia

Hartford isn’t the subject of love ballads or blockbuster movies, but this Insurance City is a bit of a golf underdog. 

Nearly 80 golf courses can be found in the surrounding area, along with many superb private clubs and other public-access facilities.

Thanks to two significant municipal golf developments, Greater Hartford has advanced significantly in the previous 20 years. 

Now, it is a wonderful municipal golf course in America, accessible to non-residents for less than $50.

On the boundary of Hartford and Wethersfield sits the 27-hole Goodwin Park Golf Course

This Championship course has a par of 70 and is a little over 6000 yards from the back tees. 

Since 1906, golf has been played in its vast and amiable golf environs.

The 2500-yard North course, which has a par of 35, is ideal for novices and those seeking a speedy nine. 

Excellent greens, spectacular views of Hartford’s cityscape, and a tranquil environment near the city are all features of this course. 

With 18 Greens Fees ranging from $17 to $35, golf at Goodwin Park Golf Course is quite reasonably priced. 

Visitors can enjoy a game of golf confidently within its course while making friends.

Additionally, this course houses the Greater Hartford Amateur Championship and the Greater Hartford Junior Amateur Championship.

So, even if you don’t want to play golf, you could hang around to watch a game or two.

However, Hartford is well-stocked with activities away from the course, that is, if none of these interests you.

Address: 1130 Maple Ave, Hartford, CT 06114, United States

2. The Mark Twain House & Museum

Things to do in Hartford

Onasill – Bill Badzo/ Flickr

One of the few places you should make time to see around Hartford is museums.

Museums are somewhat unique in the city and certainly hold a lot of information about its history.

Amongst a good number of them, be sure to see the Mark Twain House & Museum.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens resided and worked at the Mark Twain House & Museum on Farmington Avenue from 1874 until 1891.

His most well-known writings, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, among other well-known works, were really written at this Hartford home.

On the expedition of this three-story Victorian mansion, you’ll witness some of the most modern conveniences that this home has to offer. 

You’ll see some of the exotic leverages that were fashionable at the time because Louis C. Tiffany was one of the four designers hired for the interior of the mansion.

The home contains 19 rooms and was constructed between 1873 and 1874 in the Victorian Gothic style. 

Visitors can take the time to tour the museum on a visit and look through every artifact Mark Twain houses.

Also, you’ll hear interesting tales during the tour that provide insights into the personalities of Samuel and Livy.

However, these aren’t the only documents you’ll find, there are even documents of the odd habits of the entire family. 

After losing their daughter, the family sold the home in 1903 because it was impossible for them to move back into it after their loss.

But Clemens remembered Twain’s time spent there as the happiest and most fruitful of his life. 

The museum, which was established in 2003, offers visitors the chance to learn more about the author and his life via both permanent and changing displays.

Address: 351 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

3. Mortensen Riverfront Plaza

Things to do in Hartford

James Robertson/ Flickr

When considering exciting things to do in Hartford, a visit to a plaza should be inclusive.

At the focal point of the Riverfront park system, you’ll find an adorable plaza just downtown Hartford.

This magnificent, although grassy plaza is known as the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza

Here, you’ll find several acts on display on a huge stage near the river and there is just enough space for more than 2,500 people on its grassy terraces.

Many foreigners and locals alike come here to do tons of outdoor activities.

Of all the spots you could explore around the park, beginning with the plaza steps.

The plaza steps are a fantastic location for both strenuous workouts and relaxation while taking in the riverside boat traffic. 

Additionally, they act as front-row seats for the yearly dragon boat festival.

All year, the famous dragon boat festival held in this plaza and draws thousands of explorers.

Consider attending this festival if you want to be on the lookout for a few of Hartford’s unique festivals.

Go on a boat tour of the city from the Plaza or just still watch all those boats move in the water.

Take one of the many riverside walking trails or just cross the Founders Bridge to East Hartford on foot.

In all, there are exclusive engaging outdoor activities you can take part in that’ll help you explore Hartford more.

Address: 50 Columbus Boulevard 1st Floor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

4. Wadsworth Atheneum

Things to do in Hartford

North American Reciprocal Museum

One of the best compilations of American art, especially pieces from the Hudson River school, may be found at the Wadsworth Atheneum

The Wadsworth Atheneum is one of the rustiest art museums in the United States and is on Main Street. 

It was founded in 1842, and first opened in 1844. 

Its spectacular Gothic-style edifice that houses it includes more than 50,000 items of art, making it the oldest free public museum in the country.

If you’re a devotee of art, you might as well make your way down to this museum.

Here, you’ll find its large collection of works by current artists, French Impressionist paintings, and American Impressionist paintings. 

There are even Hudson River School landscape paintings, modernist artwork, and more. 

Undeniably, this museum, one of the top things to do in Hartford, also showcases American furniture and decorative arts.

A few of such pieces is the Italian Baroque painting, highlighted by significant pieces by Caravaggio.

There’s even a painting of the Surrealist movement, as shown in works by Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, and René Magritte.

However, these are solely a few of the prominent highlights of its European collection. 

Antique glass and bronzes as well as an exceptional collection of ceramics, particularly Meissen, Vincennes, and Sèvres ware, are a few on display.

To make the exploration more fun, you can roam through the Cabinet of Art and Curiosity.

This chamber is inspired by Victorian collectors who devoted rooms to their collections of art, technology, and natural wonders.

Despite the fact that you may learn more about any piece via a mobile tour or digital touch displays, their lack of labels encourages a more individualized and participatory experience.

Nevertheless, you should see if you have the time.

Address: 600 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

5. Bear’s Smokehouse, Hartford

Things to do in Hartford

DWenzel Photography / Bear’s Smokehouse

Bear’s Smokehouse is an unabashedly carnivores’ paradise, so vegetarians beware. 

However, if you’re no vegetarian and ready for an adventure into a world of steak and meat, then you’ll like what you’ll see.

The meat is expertly seasoned and grilled until it is charred on the exterior and pink inside, falling off the bone, in hickory and other fragrant woods.

Jamie “The Bear” McDonald, a chef, has mastered his own sauces and rubs and meticulously selects everything from the wood to the meat scrapes. 

On its menu, you will find a wide variety of meat options, including briskets, beef, hog, chicken, turkey, and sausages, as well as a number of sides. 

All sorts of meat to suit a non-vegan lifestyle.

Moreover, it isn’t just the meal that you’ll admire about this classy meat world.

Its setting is appropriate for the meal, the restaurant is housed in a former garage and even offers counter service. 

After a meal, there is a basin next to the door where you may wash the sauce off your hands.

If you’re all out for some finger-licking meat, be it hog or turkey, you’ve come to a paradise.

Address: 25 Front St, Hartford, CT 06103, United States.

6. Connecticut Science Center

Things to do in Hartford

Pelli Clarke / Connecticut Science Center

One of the best family-friendly attractions in Hartford is the Connecticut Science Center.

The Connecticut Scientific Center, a nine-story science museum and theater, is on Columbus Boulevard by the Connecticut River in Hartford. 

It debuted in 2009. 

Around Hartford, there may be a few museums with so many hands-on exhibits, but this has the most.

Its galleries feature a variety of exhibitions, such as auditory, tactile, and visual ones.

Most of the 168 exhibits in this interactive science museum will appeal to both adults and children. 

Each part includes kid-friendly DIY activities while exploring a different aspect of the world around us. 

Kids can build and test flying machines at Forces in Motion, and they can race robots and create things out of Legos at Invention Dimension.

While learning about the significance of the Connecticut River, visitors can see a moon rock and lunar craters in the Exploring Space exhibit.

You can even take a Venture to a Black Hole. 

There are even pictorial representations of distinctions between healthy behaviors and unhealthy ones, as shown by the Picture of health.

Children may experience hurricane-force winds and create their own weather forecasts with the help of the interactive exhibits on Planet Earth. 

Others include the River of Life, which is a marine touch tank that investigates the Connecticut River and its inhabitants.

There’s also Sight and Sound, Exploring Space, Picture of Health, and Energy City.

Last but not minor, the Sight and Sound Experience combines art, music, and science to give you a thrilling experience.

Address: 250 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

7. Light Fishing at Charter Oak Landing

Things to do in Hartford

Sanpani / Flickr

Having tons of outdoor activities to engage in will let you enjoy Hartford freely.

To make better use of your time in Hartford, there are tons of outdoor recreational activities you could try.

Whilst there is a good number, they are all picture worthy.

Try a ton of outdoor activities at Charter Oak Landing.

Most visitors to Charter Oak Landing Park arrive in order to go on a riverboat tour or to launch their own craft for a journey along the banks. 

However, these are just a few of its offerings.

This park holds a lot of attractive highlights that would just leave you gasping for air.

The pier is just one part of this magnificent park, though. 

It’s a terrific place for some light fishing, a romantic picnic, playing with your dog, jogging, or enjoying a leisurely stroll.

Looking for a good place to stretch those crampy legs after a journey, this is perfect.

Want to walk your dog and play some loud music, it’s befitting.

Apart from all of these, there’s a nice playground for children and a charming small pavilion for some shade.

That’s if you’re considering staying for a picnic.

Additionally, several seats along the park’s pathways allow visitors to unwind, feed birds, or simply enjoy the slow-moving river waters.

Literally, it doesn’t matter what your pick is, as long as it is fun and outdoors, you’ll enjoy every moment.

Address: 50 Reserve Rd, Hartford, CT 06114, United States 

8. State Capitol, Hartford

Things to do in Hartford

Onasill – Bill Badzo / Flickr

The Connecticut State Senate and the office of the Connecticut Governor are all located at the Connecticut State Capitol

U.S. National Historic Landmark, the current capital was built with marble and granite and inaugurated in 1871.

This High Victorian Gothic State Capitol is on Capitol Hill and looks out over Bushnell Memorial Park. 

Other notable structures you’ll find here are The State Senate Chamber, State House of Representatives Hall, and Governor’s offices.

Also, the Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State offices are all located here. 

The structure has numerous exquisite elements, including floors made of inlaid white, red, and Connecticut and Italian marble.

Its architecture was influenced by the Eastlake Movement.

On guided and self-guided tours, you can see the Hall of Flags and the Connecticut Hall of Fame honoring outstanding accomplishments by residents of Connecticut.

You’ll even find historical artifact collections, many of which are connected to the Civil War, on the main level.

When the General Assembly is in a bout, you can watch the proceedings from the public galleries.

There are also accessible private group trips and school visits, that is if you want to explore the Capitol satisfactorily.

Address: 210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

9. Visit the Trumbull Kitchen

Things to do in Hartford

John W | Flickr

Some moments in a classy kitchen in Hartford could be one of the most fun moments in your life.

Eat out at the Trumbull Kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if it’s wine, booze, or lunch that you want to have; they’re all on a platter of gold.

The opulent and affluent Trumbull Kitchen is a restaurant with leather-covered walls, soothing bespoke lighting, and modern, cool industrial accents. 

It’s a fantastic setting for a romantic supper for two or a professional lunch. 

In order to create distinctive, multicultural comfort cuisine that transcends ethnic boundaries, executive chef Chris Torla experiments with fresh, farm-to-table ingredients from nearby farms and food suppliers.

Both his tapas and huge dishes have great taste combinations, and the presentation is almost zen-like. 

Getting to try one of these dishes can be one of the top things you could do in Hartford.

Additionally, Trumbull Kitchen offers a wide selection of wines as well as a rotating tap list of craft brews.

Go for wine tasting and sip on wine.

Order a bottle after that and take the goodness home.

Apparently, they offer one of the most tempting comforts in the city.

Address: 150 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT, United States

10. Elizabeth Park Rose Garden

Things to do in Hartford

Shirley Grob/ Pinterest

On Asylum Avenue, there is a city park known as Elizabeth Park

This 102-acre site was held by Charles M. Pond, who donated it to the City of Hartford in 1894 and requested that it be given the name Elizabeth Pond Park in honor of his wife.

It is the third-largest rose garden in the United States. 

The Rose Garden is undeniably one of the park’s most well-known features. 

You’d be absolutely correct if you call it a florist’s haven.

With 15,000 rose plants representing 800 different rose kinds, it is the oldest municipal rose garden in the United States.

These include floribunda, shrub, pillar roses, climbers, hybrid perpetual, and old and new forms of hybrid tea. 

Although they remain in bloom all summer long, late June and early July are the best times to visit when the ramblers that cover the arches are in full bloom. 

Besides, this is a terrific spot to go if you’re looking for family-friendly activities in Hartford. 

The park also has tennis courts, a pond, grass, and paths in addition to the rose garden.

They even offer frost skating in the winter, and you can rent skating equipment.

Address: Prospect Avenue and Asylum Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

11. Connecticut Historical Society Museum

Things to do Hartford

Paul Chibeba/ Flickr

The Colonial Revival estate that now houses the Connecticut Historical Society’s holdings was formerly owned by inventor Curtis Veeder. 

These collections contain more than 200,000 objects and pictures, as well as books and manuscripts that run as far back as the 1600s. 

At the Connecticut Historical Society Museum, you’ll find more than 500 of these items on display.

They are not just on display, but in fascinating displays that are frequently interactive.

In addition to the books and valuable manuscripts you’ll find, the largest collection of inn and tavern signs in the nation is on display.

Truly, the Inn & Tavern Signs of Connecticut is particularly intriguing and a must-see around the museum. 

Other special exhibits cover topics related to New England history and culture, such as women’s suffrage and the home front.

There are even WWII propaganda posters, Victorian clothing, traditional folk artists, and costumes from Hartford’s West Indian Community, to name a few.

Address: 1 Elizabeth Street, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

12. Bushnell Park & Carousel, Hartford

Things to do in Hartford

John W | Flickr

Reverend Horace Bushnell conceived of Bushnell Park in the middle of the 19th century to provide the people of Hartford with green open space, an idea that no other city in the United States had yet finished. 

Bushnell Park is the oldest publicly sponsored park in the United States.

It is noteworthy that this 37-acre park near the Capitol grounds was the country’s first open space. 

Moreover, it houses the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, the Pump House Gallery, the Israel Putnam monument, and the Civil War Memorial.

One of the three remaining Stein and Goldstein carousels, built in 1914, has 48 hand-carved wooden horses and two chariots that revolve around a Wurlitzer band organ.

In addition to walks and clusters of trees, the park’s more than 50 acres also include a pond, a performance pavilion, a carousel, and the Corning Fountain.

It is a favorite destination for families in the city.

The park accommodates performances, festivals, and other events and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States.

From May through October, tours of the park are available on the second Saturday of each month.

You’ll also find tours of the Soldiers and Sailors, and Memorial Arch, on Thursdays at noon.

Looking for more places to explore in Connecticut? See our list of things to do in Danbury and things to do in Greenwich!

13. The Bushnell Performing Arts Center

Things to do in Hartford

Visit Connecticut/ Pinterest

If you’re all out for performing acts, then visit the Bushnell Performing Arts Center.

Formerly known as the Bushnell Memorial Hall, the Bushnell Performing Arts Center is a performing arts center that is on Capitol Avenue. 

The center was built between 1929 and 1930 during the Great Depression as a tribute to Dotha Bushnell Hillyer’s father, Horace Bushnell.

Horace Bushnell was a highly esteemed thinker of the 19th century.

Mortensen Hall original and the Maxwell M. and Ruth R. Belding Theater are only two of the venues that make up this center. 

Visitors who visit this art center can enjoy the famous Hartford Symphony Orchestra.

However, the center not only hosts events but also offers educational initiatives and neighborhood engagement initiatives like iQuilt and Passport to the Arts. 

Watch a show at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center in Hartford, if you’re searching for a romantic date night suggestion.

A quiet night with your partner with just the music and harmony.

Address: 166 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

14. Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

Things to do in Hartford

Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center is a historical museum and a U.S. National Landmark. 

Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of the 1852 book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, resided in this home from 1873 until her passing in 1896. 

You’ll find it in Hartford’s Nook Farm area, next to Mark Twain’s home. 

For her portrayal of slavery in her book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Stowe made a significant contribution to the abolitionist cause, to the extent where Abraham Lincoln once attributed her with sparking the Civil War.

In fact, the kitchen in her book “The American Woman’s Home” is the inspiration for the Gothic Revival cottage’s kitchen design. 

While the home, which has two side porches, a bay window, and a steep hip roof, is undergoing extensive repair, tours of the property are available.

The cottage-style, two-story brick home, which is 5,000 square feet in size, is gray in color and furnished with gables and dormers. 

Its center has a number of documents and letters in addition to actual items from the family. 

Also, this institution also contains a library for study and a visitor center housed in a carriage. 

They even provide information about how such a major historic building was restored.

Address: 77 Forest Street, Hartford, CT, United States.

15. Lady Katherine Excursions

Things to do in Hartford

Lady Katherine Excursions

The Connecticut River has two boats that provide picturesque tours, which are the ideal place to see Hartford’s unique skyline.

You can explore and take river cruises at the Lady Katherine Excursions.

Lady Katharine Excursions offers 60 and 90-minute cruises that depart at the Charter Oak Landing.

These cruises visit the local wildlife, riverbank attractions, and historical sites in Hartford. 

Its 113-foot Lady Kate has two climate-controlled dining decks and a covered observation deck from which visitors can view the waters. 

It spent 20 years cruising New York Harbor before coming to Hartford. 

Along with sightseeing tours, it is a famous option for Sunday breakfast, lunch, music, and dance cruises.

Visitors have a good shot at discovering the nature and history of the Connecticut River by just taking a sail along it. 

You’ll be astounded by the quantity of wildlife as the boat exits the city, from eagles on the riverbank trees to sturgeon leaping in the water.

Besides, it’s a quick way to take in more of Hartford’s view in a little while.

Take your partner with you and you both could cruise the sea together.

16. Museum of Connecticut History

Museum of Connecticut History

Onasill – Bill Badzo / Flickr

The immaculately preserved and historic 1910 structure that once housed the State Library and Supreme Court is now home to the Museum of Connecticut History

Its primary focus is the state’s political, industrial, and military past, which is highlighted via a variety of ongoing and one-time exhibits. 

It has a collection of weapons, portraits, and other artifacts that chronicle the state’s history and advancements in technology. 

These displays trace the evolution of the State and the role it played in the formation of the United States.

Original outlines of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence written in Connecticut are all shown here, along with other political artifacts.

On a tour, start with the Memorial Hall, where there is a collection of previous Connecticut governors’ portraits. 

The Connecticut Collection, the Colt Firearms Collection, the Mitchelson Coin Collection, and several more are additional significant collections.

If you’re looking for something informative and knowledge-enhancing, take a tour of this museum.

Address: 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

17. Catch views of the river from Riverside Parks

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Recapture / Flickr

Downtown Hartford is bordered by the Connecticut River, which has four public parks that are connected by river walks. 

With a riverside stage and 2,500 seats on a slope of grassy terraces, Mortensen Riverfront Plaza is the hub of these events. 

Riverside Park, which is located north of the city center, features miles of walking paths and a community rowing program called Riverfront Rowing.

There are several amenities, including a boat launch, fishing access, picnic tables, and a playground to enjoy.

South of the center, at Charter Oak Landing, there are also ball fields, picnic areas, a boat launch, and a playground.

Whilst visitors can spend ample time looking at the river views while relaxing on the cool grasses, there are more musical options.

A 350-seat amphitheater is part of the outdoor performance space in Great River Park.

Visitors can hang out here to see a show or even watch a musical concert when hold in the park.

18. Salute, Hartford



After a full day touring Hartford, you should take the time to try out their cuisine.

Basically, there are several restaurants in the city and a ton of them serve delectable meals.

However, there are only a few highly scenic and strategic points in the city.

One of such restaurants is Salute.

The proprietors of Salute are Andy Risso, Jimmy Cosgrove, and Dave Caudill. 

It is a vibrant, endearing, and elegant eatery, just in the heart of the city. 

Unlike many others, they offer a different and spectacular style of dish.

This trio operates a warm restaurant on Trumbull Street where they provide wonderful Italian food to eager customers. 

Try delectable dishes like Salute’s Sunday Dinner and Lemon Panko Crusted Cod. 

Then, indulge in some of the restaurant’s great pasta dishes, like pasta ala vodka, rose pasta, and chicken gnocchi. 

Salute also provides its visitors with a sizable wine list for ideal combinations. 

Even if you don’t know what wine selection to opt for, they offer plausible recommendations.

The welcoming hosts and servers at Salute are happy to offer advice to individuals who are unsure about the ideal pairings.

Got nothing else to do on a cold, freezy Saturday evening. Make a stop here.

Address: 100 Trumbull Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06103, United States.

19. Ancient Burying Ground & Butler-McCook House

Ancient Burying Ground

Susan / Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground

Those who are interested in history will enjoy visiting two nearby sights on Main Street. 

The only historical site from the 1600s to still exist is Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground

Since it served as Hartford’s sole cemetery until the early 1800s, the oldest headstone dates from 1648, and there are around 6,000 burials there.

Only three blocks south on Main Street, at the Butler-McCook House & Garden, you may find out more about early Hartford. 

Butler-McCook Homestead, the oldest residence in Hartford and where generations of a family resided from the Revolution until the heart of the 20th century, was built in 1782.

With the help of their comments and experiences, “Witnesses on Main Street” depicts how Main Street has evolved from wooden dwellings and tiny businesses into a contemporary metropolis made of steel, brick, and stone. 

The home is not depicted at a particular point in its lengthy history by the art, antiques, and other domestic items on display, but rather by the changes that have taken place through time.

Women, art, and the Cook family’s global travels are just a few of the subjects covered by special interest excursions. 

Jacob Weidenmann was responsible for creating the Victorian garden.

Visiting and touring these homes can be a good way to spend time in the city.

Address: 60 Gold Street, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

20. Toasted, Hartford



Hartford’s sandwiches could become your traveler’s delight.

This is because these delectable snacks are very tasty options you’ll find in the city.

If you crave a different sort of sandwich, bursting with crispness, taste sandwiches from Toasted.

The warm, oozy, toasted sandwiches from Toasted’s flashy red truck are still available, but you can now get them from their Asylum Street shop. 

Interestingly, this restaurant offers its customers a superior method of enjoying sandwiches as they continue their “sandwich revolution.” 

Toasted features a set menu, but you can also create your own sandwich combo.

You can do this by selecting from three different types of bread, five different kinds of cheese, 12 different types of meat, 19 different sauces, and five different vegetables.

Interesting isn’t it, having to make and choose ingredients for your own sandwich?

The sandwich is then toasted and pressed, and the cheese is melted. 

Everything is very excellent, and the bread comes out beautifully crusty. 

Every day, fresh bread is made, and while you wait, they’ll slice all meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

Mouth watery is an understatement of its definition. It’s more than that.

Address: 188 Asylum St., Hartford, CT, United States.

21. Hartford Stage

Hartford Stage

Hartford Stage

The Hartford Stage is a well-known local theater on Church Street in Hartford. 

This theater offers world and American premieres of fresh and avant-garde stage productions in addition to revivals of well-known plays and musicals. 

After-school activities, adult and youth theater seminars, theatrical residencies, student matinee performances, and other educational outreach initiatives are among the programs available.

Noteworthy, the theater had its start in a converted old grocery store warehouse and swiftly rose to prominence across the country as a significant cultural hub.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, which won four 2014 Tony Awards, are just a few of Hartford Stages’ production.

Its relevance and feat have earned it a recipient of the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre. 

On its stage, celebrities including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Olympia Dukakis, Marlo Thomas, Lynn Redgrave, and Angela Lansbury performed.

The Stage, which is renowned for its avant-garde productions and fresh perspectives on revivals, also actively promotes education for children.

Not only that, but it also engages the neighborhood via activities like Sunday Afternoon Discussion and AfterWords Discussion.

All these activities bring cast members and audience members together and create room for interaction.

Visitors can join cast members at the theater for a variety of programs, including the Sunday Afternoon Discussion and AfterWords Discussion following shows. 

Also, visitors with hearing or vision impairments can attend special performances.

Nevertheless, there are so many options that are only available in a few theatrical centers.

If you’re looking for a unique scene to make friends and interact with around Hartford, this is a good idea.

Address: 50 Church Street, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

22. Polish National Home, Hartford

Polish National Home

Polish National Home

Nothing could be more enticing than a quick Polish meal in the middle of the day.

A trip to the Polish National Home is enjoyable to do in Hartford, regardless of your nationality. 

This 85-year-old Polish-American social club features a fantastic restaurant where people who know and love Polish food may indulge.

Here, you’ll find some fresh Golabki, filled cabbage rolls, or pierogies, dumplings packed with potato, cabbage, and cheese. 

It is housed in a beautiful Art Deco edifice.

Come check it out if you’re fascinated by Polish cuisine, and you’ll meet some extremely kind and pleasant folks. 

The structure also has a ballroom, eating area, bar, and a number of offices. 

You may join the club for $25 a year, which permits you to use any of the facilities.

Additionally, you’ll get special prices at the restaurant and take part in a variety of activities.

Sounds too good to be credible, but it sure is.

Address: 60 Charter Oak Avenue, Pulaski Plaza, Hartford, CT, United States.

23. Colt Park & Coltsville Historic District

Colt Park & Coltsville Historic District

Bristol / Flickr

If you’re looking for valiant things to do around Hartford, especially options that involve seeing fountains, visit Colt Park.

In honor of Samuel Colt, a gunmaker from Hartford, a 114-acre park on his old Armsmear Estate was donated to the city. 

During Colt’s day, there were gardens, lawns, conservatories, fountains, reflecting pools, fish ponds, and a deer park, making it a spectacular location.

The park was a location where Colt workers and their families could unwind and take in the scenery, not only for his own family and visitors. 

This was a component of Colt’s “paternalistic capitalism” theories, which also included an industrial community with a church.

Colt’s revolver components in the Armorer’s Entrance ornamentation is a distinctive aspect of the chapel that makes it outstanding.

Presently, the Coltsville Historic District, which is listed as a National Historic Landmark, includes both the chapel and Colt Park

Colt Park, which is also a component of Coltsville National Historical Park, has two public swimming pools, playgrounds, sporting equipment, and walking paths today.

Visitors can go here to take a good view of the fountains.

Stroll through the water paths and play a game of hide and seek in the playground.

If the day is pungent and sunny, the pools here make for a good spot to cool off and swim.

Sporting equipment is all over the park and if you want to build some muscles, you have a good chance to do so.

Address: 130 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

24. Mission Escape Games

Mission Escape Games

The Mission Escape Games

Visits to escape rooms are some other great ways of spending time in Hartford.

If you’re seeking a new, fun-filled adventure, consider the Mission Escape Games.

Mission Escape Games aspires to offer a distinctive escape room experience where visitors can use their brains and collaborate with others to solve puzzles. 

Find hints, and trinkets, and use logic to solve brainteasers so you can escape. 

These meetings last only for one hour. 

By using the offered clues, your gang must beat the time and solve the puzzle to leave the chamber. 

They go aloft and beyond to make sure you have a wonderful experience through your escape session. 

Regularly, they refresh and switch out on puzzles to keep you interested and coming back for more. 

Besides, all of their puzzles are entirely unique and you won’t find them elsewhere. 

Make a reservation for your party and enjoy the time breaking out of rooms.

Indeed, it is enjoyable, interesting, and a fantastic team-building activity.

Address: 76 LaSalle Rd Unit 403, West Hartford, CT 06107, United States.

25. Connecticut Historical Society

Connecticut Historical Society

Connecticut Historical Society

Learn more about Connecticut and its history, people, and culture by visiting the Connecticut Historical Society’s museum, library, and Edgar F. Waterman Research Center.

The Society, founded in 1825, is housed in a beautiful 1928 Colonial Revival structure that was formerly a mansion.

Currently, it houses more than 4 million unique things, including textiles, furniture, clothes, and manuscripts. 

There are even diaries, photographs, portraits, bar signs, children’s books, and a variety of equipment.

However, the most significant of the several permanent exhibits is a thorough survey of Connecticut’s history, spanning more than 400 years. 

A complete elucidation of all of Hartford’s history is all and more that this museum has to offer.

Not just that, there are over 500 historical photographs, artifacts, and papers from the Quinnetukut, the area’s first occupants, through modern times.

Indeed, all these and more are on show in the museum, and you can catch a glimpse of every one of them.

Address: One Elizabeth Street, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

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26. On20, Hartford



You may enjoy a breathtaking view of the river below the 20th floor of One State Street from the stylish, upmarket restaurant On20

Absolutely beautiful is the word you’ll utter from all the glory exuding from this close Riverside restaurant.

The restaurant’s understated décor enhances the extraordinary food that their young Executive Chef Jeffery Lizotte makes.

This he does, by utilizing locally sourced ingredients that he acquires daily from his network of farmers and food producers. 

It is an ideal setting for serious business lunches or romantic candle-lit nights.

Besides, the food is creative, vibrant, and occasionally daring. His chowder has creamy fennel, pancetta crumble, orange, and dill oil. 

Takes a lot of courage to refuse a quiet meal at this restaurant.

Moreover, it takes youth in Connecticut to upend customs to this degree. 

A business lunch alternative that is also an inexpensive opportunity to sample some of the chef’s specialties is the lunch prix fixe.

Try out the lunch prix fixe if nothing else catches your eye here.

Address: 400 Columbus Blvd, “One State Street”, Hartford, CT, United States.

27. Hartford TheaterWorks

Hartford TheaterWorks

Hartford TheaterWorks

You don’t need to be a theatrical performance lover to appreciate the wonders and beauty of the arts.

In fact, you could find some of the most beautiful arts and performances at the Hartford TheaterWorks.

Professional theater company TheaterWorks is at the Bushnell Towers & Plaza on Pearl Street in the heart of Hartford. 

The firm, which was set up in 1985, has produced more than 130 plays, the majority of which are modern dramas, and offers more than 200 performances per season. 

Productions, performances, and acts they put out are similarly widely known and are incomparable.

If you’re wondering what to do within Hartford that includes performing arts, this is a good option.

Additionally, the structure, currently known as City Arts on Pearl, has offices, rehearsal spaces, galleries, and storage areas you can check out. 

Wander through its galleries, looking at bright paintings and pictures.

Visit the rehearsal spaces and meet most artists and performers.

Or better still, hang around to make some friends in the same field.

The basement of this structure houses the little theater, which has 195 seats. 

Above all, make it a thing to explore this theater whenever in Hartford.

Address: Bushnell Towers & Plaza, 233 Pearl Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06103, United States

28. Isham-Terry House

Isham-Terry House

The Isham-Terry House

Hartford was thriving at the turn of the century because of its affluent way of life. 

Thus, leaving several colorful and brightly historic houses and places in the city.

Although you’ll find a lot of such houses in good condition, you should check out the Isham-Terry House.

Isham-Terry House, the only remaining building in what was once a vibrant and busy Hartford Neighborhood, is one of the greatest venues to investigate this way of life. 

Dr. Oliver Isham bought this Italianate home, which was built in 1854. 

They lived in the 15-room house, which also served as the location of the family’s medical facility. 

Visitors may now visit the house in all its splendor and experience what life was like in the 1800s. 

Several artifacts and belongings of this home, still in perfect working condition, are on display.

On a tour of this home, visitors can wander through the rooms, take pictures and observe these exhibits more closely.

View stunning stained-glass windows, artifacts of sentimental, artistic, and historical value, and antique furniture.

Also, you’ll find exquisite crown moldings and unique goods like Terry clocks and rare books.

There’s so much to give your eye enough filling.

Address: 211 High Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06103, United States

29. City Steam Brewery, Hartford

City Steam Brewery

City Steam Brewer

Since 1997, City Steam Brewery has operated out of Hartford, producing enticing and attractive beers. 

Beginning at 4 pm every day from Wednesday through Sunday, City Steam Brewery welcomes visitors. 

Visitors to this brewery can have a look and even purchase some of their signature beers.

In addition to 12 of their signature beers, the taproom frequently has guest taps and other seasonal libations. 

Try beers like Steam Pils, a golden pilsner with overtones of pineapple, orange, Blonde-on-Blonde IPA, Export, a traditional Dortmunder-style lager, or the latter two. 

Then, try Cosmic Okapi, Brass Bonanza, and Phase One. 

Naughty Nurse and Into the Glades are more options. 

One amongst all of their signature beers is bound to catch your attention.

After that, you can opt for a sit-down supper in the brewery’s restaurant.

Or, make a stop at the comedy club at the City Steam Brewery, laugh your heart out and get a free belly ache. 

Address: 942 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06103, United States

30. Empower Adventure Park at Nomads

Empower Adventure Park at Nomads

Empower Adventure Park at Nomads

You can have your go at rock climbing and several fun tasking activities at Empower Adventure Park.

Try virtual reality, laser tag, bumper cars, bounce houses, black light mini golf, and even route 66 bowling.

It doesn’t just end here, there are rock climbing walls, spinning teacups, over 100 arcade games, and two full-size basketball courts.

At a corner, there is a lovely pool room, conference and banquet rooms with overhead projection screens, a full bar, and a full-service café.

Literally, you’ll call it a world of all games.

To make it greater fun, these historic structures are all climbable.

The climbing wall at Nomads has many belays, so you can challenge your buddies to the top. 

Basically, the rock-climbing wall is a fun and safe method to increase physical strength and confidence while socializing with friends.

It’s entertaining and tough, continuing the theme of ancient ruins.

However, ensure to be on closed-toed shoes as these are a necessity and you have to be between 50 and 250 pounds.

Address: 240 Governors Hwy, South Windsor, CT 06074, United States

31. Carbone’s Ristorante

Carbone's Ristorante

Coyoty / Flickr

There’s just the place in Hartford if you’re looking for somewhere for formal events.

You could go to Carbone’s Ristorante to impress your in-laws or to celebrate a significant accomplishment. 

Introducing Carbone’s Ristorante, which serves delicious, modernized, authentic Italian cuisine, with its white tablecloths, charming Old World decor, and superb service.

To elaborate on how much elegance it holds, even the mayor and a few celebrities frequent this historic 75-year-old café, which is run by the third generation of the Carbone family. 

They come to Carbone’s for the cuisine and the royal attention every client receives, just as you do. 

At your table, you will get a variety of meals, from crisp salads to burning deserts. 

Deserts, salads, and even drinks to match it.

It is certainly a great experience to eat at Carbone’s Ristorante.

Give it a try before you leave the city.

Address: 588 Franklin Avenue, Hartford, CT, United States.

Final Remarks

Visiting Hartford will let you in on several fun opportunities you never knew you could find.

Find one that suits, position yourself for more fun, and enjoy the city relentlessly.

Safe Travels!