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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Ruidoso (New Mexico) 

Ruidoso, New Mexico, is a tourist city located in the southeast region of the state.

As a result, this makes Ruidoso a great tourist destination that draws lots of people each year.

Because nature lovers normally find a lot of amazing activities to do in the city.

Activities such as biking, hiking, fishing, listening to history, and lots more.

All these delight visitors and it makes them keep coming back for more.

Ruidoso also hosts one of the greatest local museums called the Hubbard Museum of the American West.

Above all, Ruidoso town is a hidden gem for those in search of an adventure-filled vacation.

The small town obviously has plenty of things to offer for tourists with its natural beauty and fun outdoor activities.

However, the city is not as crowded as other popular tourist destinations.

You will be exploring an untouched and safe land with some of the most beautiful views that you can never find anywhere else.

Check out the list of our best and top fun things to do in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Thing To Do In Ruidoso

1. Board House and Bike Shop

Things to do in Ruidoso

Board House

Every day is a happy day in Ruidoso with Board House and Bike Shop.

This amazing place is one of the most visited attractions in this city in New Mexico due to its uniqueness.

It’s basically an award-winning bicycle shop that provides bicycle tours for adults and kids.

If you’d be in Ruidoso anytime soon and you’re yet to decide on how well you could spend your time, this attraction is a place to visit.

The most interesting part of this place is that the tour guides are apparently knowledgeable and seem versed in what they do.

In fact, if you’re relatively new to something of this, you can’t leave this site without picking interest in what they offer visitors.

If, however, what interests you is to get a wonderful gift for your kids while returning, it wouldn’t be an idea gone wrong to get a bicycle here for such kids.

They’re remarkably known to be one of the most reliable dealers of bicycles even beyond Ruidoso.

Unless you’d be on a voyage to this city of Ruidoso for something other than to catch fun, this place is a must-visit for you.

While considering an exploration of this gem, ensure you come as early as possible. This is because they close often before 4 pm.

Address: 1137 Mechem Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

2. The Village Buttery

Things to do in Ruidoso

Village Buttery

Searching for a cozy place to dine in Ruidoso?

The cozy and most visited kitchen is the Village Buttery.

They serve visitors refined American lunches, cookies, homemade pastries, and pies.

Its environment will make you feel comfortable and enjoy their soups, sandwiches, and quiches in or outside the restaurant.

No wonder it’s being named one of the best in the city and this is confirmed by most of the tourists that visited.

This is because it is the favorite of locals and tourists.

Equally, the village Buttery features a different selection of meals that is not only entrees but also they have desserts, baked pies, cakes, as well as cookies.

One of the outstanding advantages of the kitchen is that they are best recognized for their Granny Guthrie’s Buttermilk Pie.

However, the caramel pecan cheesecake and baked gourmet cookies are fantastic and cheap.

Their menu is really long thereby visitors have a lot of options to choose from.

Address: 2107 Sudderth Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

3. Ruidoso Pillow’s Funtrackers

Things to do in Ruidoso

Pillow’s Funtrackers

Another great way any adventurous person could spend his or her time while in Ruidoso is to visit Ruidoso Pillow’s Funtrackers.

This site is essentially an amusement center that offers 3 go-kart tracks, 18-hole mini-golf, bumper boats, a maze & arcade games.

It’s obviously a fun place that has something fun for visitors on sight, irrespective of their subject of interest.

While in this part of Ruidoso, New Mexico, you could take time to enjoy the go-kart, enjoy the mini golf, or opt-in to play the arcade games.

Presumably, you might be on sight here with your kids, that’s never a problem. Of course, yes! There’s a playground available for kids to play and a tour guide is always available to monitor them.

Even with all these impressive fun things, the admission fee is inexpensive.

Whichever season you’d consider a trip to Ruidoso, take time to check out this attraction.

With full certainties, you’d come with positive reviews after your next trip.

Address: 101 Carrizo Canyon Rd, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

4. Ruidoso Grindstone Stables

Things to do in Ruidoso

Grindstone Stables

Ruidoso Grindstone Stables is another amazing place to visit to get a decent fun experience with little amount.

Just like the name, ‘Stables’ is a place where horses are kept to take care of them and to also serve as a form of entertainment.

Visiting is entirely a different experience because the way you will see things from the back of a house is different from every other spot.

At Grindstone Stables, visitors hop on the back of one of the beautiful houses for a guided trail tour.

They ride across the scenic lake, also to the top of nearby Townsend Ridge to explore more new things.

Of note, the trails are easily accessible for riders of all skill levels.

These include beginners, experts, and children. Also, it is a nice place to develop yourself if you want to join a horse-raising competition.

Interestingly, during the winter, Grindstone Stables offers horse-drawn rides through the carriage rides town and upper Canyon.

Address: 523 Resort Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

5. Ruidoso Public Library

Things to do in Ruidoso

The Ruidoso Public Library

The categorization of an exciting place is totally dependent on visitors’ interest, alongside their overall intention of embarking on a voyage.

To some visitors, the best and most fun moments are spent in the museum, while to others, the best moment is spent in the pool, zoo, library, and so on.

Because of these varying peculiarities, ensuring balancing our list of places visitors could visit in Ruidoso is inevitable.

To this end, if you are a researcher, lover of books, or a writer planning a trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico, Ruidoso Public Library is for you.

Ruidoso Public Library is a public library that has been of importance to tourists over the years.

This amazing place is a community hub of books and education, a meeting place of minds, and an incubator of imagination.

Regardless of what area of human endeavors you’d love to learn more about, Ruidoso Library will surely do the magic.

Of note, they operate Monday to Sunday and there are enough parking lots for visitors to park cars.

Not many restaurants in sight, however, that doesn’t reduce its uniqueness! After all, the goal isn’t to eat but to enjoy the moment.

Alternatively, you could take enough food before setting out for a journey to this amazing place of Ruidoso.

It’s a public library, and that’s suggestive of the fact that no admission fee is required.

No drawback, unless you’re not ready to expand your horizons, this insightful place should be on your travel plan.

If you could visit, its resourcefulness will totally outweigh your expectations.

Address: 107 Kansas City Rd, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

6. Ruidoso Ski Apache

Things to do in Ruidoso

Ski Apache

Ruidoso Ski Apache should appear on one of the top places you want to visit whenever you are in Ruidoso.

This should be so because this amazing center has a lot of things to offer its visitors anytime they visit regardless of the season.

The center has been in operation since 1963, till date, and is owned by the Mescalero Apache Tribe.

Presumably, this resort is the southernmost ski area in the United States that is a great place to visit for some warm weather skiing.

Visitors also do come here because they want to improve their skiing skills or if they desire to watch other skinners.

With more than 50 runs and trails over 700 skiable acres of land, 11 lifts, and slopes for fresh beginners, intermediate skiers, and also experts.

That shows that there is room for everyone in the center and also visitors’ safety is certain.

Not just that, Ski Apache has something for everyone, especially during summer.

Here, visitors still get to have fun by taking the gondola ride to the top of the mountain or using the zip line tour on the way down, from 11,000 feet.

There are also paths trails for mountain biking and hiking.

Address: 1286 Ski Run Rd, Alto, NM 88312, United States

7. Ruidoso Emporium

Things to do in Ruidoso

Ruidoso Emporium

Do you love antiquities and you care to get some when next you are in Ruidoso, New Mexico?

If you are an admirer of antiquities planning a voyage to this city of New Mexico, Ruidoso Emporium is an answer to your request.

Regardless of the form or structure of antiquities, you’d never be wrong to visit this gem.

In fact, you will greatly be impressed by the efforts of these local artisans which highly show their high levels of creativity.

Ever since the establishment of this fun place in the year 2010, it has always been one of the great places for explorers and visitors.

Two stories of items for you to look through, an impressive and welcoming environment. How much more would you have wanted from the antique store?

Obviously, this is a large assortment that’d definitely meet up to your expectations of an antique store.

You could spend a day here to see everything – like visiting a museum.

If that isn’t enough, you can purchase the displays at a very reasonable price.

Not only that but there is also a little bar which is unarguably a plus to the fun things available for visitors on sight.

Ruidoso Emporium is simply a rare gem and an amazing place with lots of possibilities.

With the vast variety of antiques available in this amazing site of Ruidoso, it is a done deal that you will enjoy yourself during your trip.

Therefore, it would be so meticulous for any visitor planning a visit to this place of New Mexico to check out the Ruidoso Emporium.

Address: 519 US-70, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

8. The Hubbard Museum of the American West

The Hubbard Museum of the American West

The Hubbard Museum of the American West

Visiting Ruidoso is a great idea, but visiting The Hubbard Museum of the American West is a fantastic way to peek into the past.

This place will show you the lives of early settlers of Native Americans and New Mexico who called the land their home for centuries.

Seeing old covered wagons, stagecoaches, and other artifacts of the Wild West are some things you should be expecting.

These include a section of the museum that displays the history of the horse. This particular area is enjoyable for those that love horses.

Hubbard Museum of the American West is equally subordinate to the Smithsonian Institute.

Its displays and exhibits normally teach visitors more about life in the west from centuries to centuries.

Visitors will learn about some specific illustrious figures, like Butch Cassidy, Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid, and more.

Above all, the museum is cozy with lots of displaying artifacts from the Old West.

However, as of the moment, the museum is temporarily closed, so be sure to check their website before planning a visit.

Address: 26301 US-70, Ruidoso Downs, NM 88346, United States

9. Inn of the Mountain Gods

Inn of the Mountain Gods

Alexia / Inn of the Mountain Gods

Inn of the Mountain Gods in New Mexico’s premier mountain resort with impeccable fun things.

It’s a place that is most appropriate for casino lovers.

If you love casinos or partial gambling, this part of Ruidoso should be on your itinerary.

There is apparently no limit to what visitors can enjoy on this 45000 square-foot casino floor, definitely, you will enjoy yourself.

The entire environment is always clean, lots of food trucks on sight and incredibly, it’s not always crowded.

Far from all that, there is also an amazing dining room in this amazing attraction of Ruidoso.

Little wonder that over 5% of visitors coming to this city of New Mexico are always visiting here.

So, why would you constitute an exception by not checking out this attraction when next you are in Ruidoso?

No matter how good the reason might appear, it wouldn’t be reasonable enough to constitute an excuse.

You definitely need to check out this fun place, as that is the only thing that will suffice.

In case you might consider a trip to this lovely site, take note that 10 am to 4 pm are the visitation hours.

A visit here could actually create an unimaginable experience for every visitor.

Address: 287 Carrizo Canyon Rd, Mescalero, NM 88340, United States

10. Ruidoso Winter Park

Winter Park

The Winter Park

Ruidoso Winter Park is a small beautiful environment that is featuring zip lines, snow-tubing runs, and heated igloo tents for rent.

Almost every year, most especially during the snowy months, Ruidoso Winter Park appears to be a fun and exciting place for tourists for them to spend their time and play in a winter wonderland.

For there are more than six guests zip that can be used to go down the snowy wooded trails.

Equally, the hills in the inflatable tube and the linked train of tubes can also be used to have fun as long as your determination allows it.

There’s also a zip line view experience so guests can use the slopes and see the place from a different perspective,

In addition to that, the Kidz Korral is a gentle slope for children and it is also a nice place for beginners as well.

Some visitors get to rent the VIP igloo for the day, which actually provides a warm environment from the chilly outdoors.

There is an area for seating, and the availability of hot cocoa, pizza, and even marshmallows for roasting make this place more memorable.

Address: 121 Ski Run Rd, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

11. Monjeau Lookout, Ruidoso

Monjeau Lookout

Asad / Monjeau Lookout

Monjeau Lookout, Ruidoso, was established in 1936 in Lincoln National Forest to serve as a lookout tower for forest fires.

The tower is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places and it is open to visitors every month.

Because it offers a 360-degree view of most parts of Ruidoso, makes many locals and tourists frequent the place.

The Lookout is also accessible by car and bike, but there are also several hiking trails that lead to the top.

But then, hiking is also one of the great ways to get to the top for more adventurous views.

Address: Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

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12. Blues Lotus Day Spa & Yoga Studio

Things to do in Ruidoso

Blues Lotus Day Spa & Yoga Studio

A seamless, relaxing, yet energizing treatment is such a huge thing every visitor would crave for.

After all, it should not be an all-long exploration without proper care for yourself.

Day spa in Ruidoso is surely an avenue where you will get that seamless, relaxing, and energetic treatment anytime you are in Ruidoso.

It is essentially a Day spa in Ruidoso with other numerous fun offerings.

This excellent place in Ruidoso offers massage therapy, facials, couples massage, and deep tissue.

Their mantra is “every impossibility is possible” which is evident in their services.

Not only that, the yoga studio is 1000 sq ft with eco-bamboo laminate floors and wall-to-wall windows overlooking the Rio Ruidoso.

You will love it because they provide classes for beginners and all levels.

What an attraction that’s more than a spa? Truly, impossibility is apparently possible.

If at all you’d not be here for anything else, you could come for an aromatherapy massage.

Thereupon, you could spend about 30 minutes in the sauna. It’s definitely an invaluable place that no apt description is enough.

The atmosphere is calm and relaxing, and only the best instrument is put to use.

Literally, it’s a fun place that promises to bring forth an amazing visitor’s experience you’d value.

Address: 2810A Sudderth Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

13. Grsindstones Lake, Ruidoso

Grsindstones Lake

Grsindstones Lake

Like the fun thing you’d expect of a lake, Grsindstones Lake is also full of fun activities.

It is an outdoor attraction in Ruidoso, New Mexico, with plenty of things that are always appreciated by visitors.

In this awesome and delightful site, visitors can swim and it’s not in any way risky.

The water is always clean and tour guides are always available to monitor visitors’ activities, which is a mode of assurance of their safety.

Meanwhile, if that is not your point of interest while in Ruidoso, it’s never the end.

Yes, it isn’t! This region equally has a very nice trail for hiking or biking.

Without any form of dissatisfaction, you will enjoy yourself to the fullest hiking here and under the best facilities.

In fact, this amazing place is considered one of the best places to go fishing, if that’s what you love to do.

Are you in any way considering a voyage to this awesome city any time soon?

If you are, make efforts to check out this amazing attraction with all-rounder fun things during your trip.

Perhaps you might be envisaging a huge bill, absolutely, you’re wrong! The admission fee is so affordable.

Address: 501 Resort Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

14. Fort Stanton – Snowy River Cave National Conservation Area

Snowy River Cave National Conservation

Snowy River Cave National Conservation

If you could make a little more effort while in Ruidoso, Fort Stanton – Snowy River Cave National Conservation Area should be on your itinerary.

It is, though, not an attraction within Ruidoso, but merely 27 minutes off, it is nonetheless going to worth whichever efforts you put up to visit there.

Essentially, it is a historic site in the Sierra Blanca in south-central New Mexico with tons of fun things for visitors.

It is approximately 25,080 acres and was established in 2009.

In fact, ever since it was incorporated, visitors, not minding the sacrifice, ensure it’s prioritized on their itinerary.

While on sight in this amazing place, you can go into this historic building with open exhibits to learn extensively about the history of New Mexico.

Not only that, if you have a whole day to set aside, you can enjoy the amazing sunset from a nearby hill.

Interested visitors may equally enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife.

The restorations are amazing and obviously, you’d never be in this marvelous site without something fun to enjoy.

While preparing for an adventurous trip to this beautiful city, endeavor to make this little sacrifice of coming to this area.

It is surely going to be worth the whole sacrifice if you visit.

Address: 104 Kit Carson Rd, Fort Stanton, NM 88323, United States

15. The Links at Sierra Blanca

Things to do in Ruidoso

Links at Sierra Blanca

Do you love golf, and would love to visit a golf club during your visit to Ruidoso?

That’s never a problem. Ruidoso is equally a fun city for golf lovers, so relax and read on.

During your subsequent trip to Ruidoso, The Links at Sierra Blanca have all you’d want from a golf house.

It is an amazing and impressive place that is known for the greens and surely, you’d love being here.

The 18-hole golf course provided in this amazing place is second to none with a modern facility.

In fact, the only requirement as a visitor is having an interest in the course. Everything else is secondary. Even if you are new, you can’t feel new here.

Should that isn’t your point of interest while in this part of the city, it isn’t an end to it.

Hiking, biking, or mere walking on this scenery field is in itself an exploration that is going to be memorable.

Therefore, the ball is absolutely in your court, and you’re in charge of your itinerary. If you derive little pleasure from golf or hiking, why don’t you exclude this fun place from your itinerary?

Regardless of the reason, this rare gem is too amazing to be left out.

So, get set for an adventurous trip to this city, and do remember to check out The Links at Sierra Blanca.

Address: 105 Sierra Blanca Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

16. Casino Apache Travel Center

Things to do in Ruidoso

The Casino Apache Travel Center

Casino Apache Travel Center is another tourist attraction in Ruidoso on our recommendations of the best and most fun places you could visit.

This attraction offers everything a visitor will need to rest and refuel.

Located on the highway in the heart of Ruidoso, they have all your favorite games, from endless slots and video poker.

The high-energy sports bar available here also offers great entertainment.

Suffice to say, Casino Apache Travel Center is more than a game house.

It’s interesting to note that it is a non-smoking casino which invariably makes it more habitable to the hall.

The restroom is always clean and available to all visitors without needing to pay an extra fee.

Perhaps you might want to fill up your stomach with amazing American food, that’s also available here as well.

Prices of the entrance are fair, food prices are considerably low too and the staff is so courteous.

How well would you have wanted a game house? Everything available in this attraction is enough to make your Ruidoso trip worthwhile.

Interestingly, no selective days in their opening hours, they open all days.

Address: S High St, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

17. Ruidoso Noisy Water Winery

Noisy Water Winery

Ruidoso Noisy Water Winery

You might possibly be on a low budget yet want something fun while in Ruidoso. There’s something for you.

Check out Ruidoso Noisy Water Winery! It’s definitely going to be fun.

Established in 2004, Ruidoso Noisy Water Winery is locally owned.

It is an award-winning winery with several local and international recognitions.

For instance, wines available here were recognized 15 times at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

It’s a place that’d queen your tasty as far as crafted beers are concerned.

Besides, there’s a bar available if you just want to sit and enjoy a beer or two while at this site.

In fact, if you are less interested in coming for a wine, seeing how wines are bottled is an exploration that’d be great.

It would not only add to your horizon but increase your awareness about how wines are made.

Note further that there’s a little playground which is considered okay for every kid.

While your little kids are off to play, you’d have something doing.

So, spend a few of your travel schedules here anytime you are in Ruidoso.

You would be greatly impressed by the memorable experiences you’d get here.

Address: 2331 Sudderth Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

18. Yesterday Antique

Yesterday Antique

Hank / Yesterday Antique

If you love exploring antique stores, your visit to Ruidoso will be worthwhile.

Yesterday Antique will create the unimaginable magic to make your dream come true.

The antiquities available in this amazing store are wonderful and so unique.

Besides, they are made in various sizes, shapes, and textures. You definitely will love them.

Prices of their antiquities are reasonable, and the tour guide is highly knowledgeable.

Notwithstanding, if that’s not your subject of interest, it isn’t the end to how you could spend your time at this attraction.

You can explore the little museum or just have a stroll along the scenic walkway.

Kids are also permitted to come in and the playground is always open for them to also enjoy themselves.

Presumably, for every visitor regardless of age or point of interest, there’s something to revel in.

Address: 1001 Mechem Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

19. Ruidoso Adventure Mountain

Adventure Mountain

Adventure Mountain

Whether you are certainly with family, commemorating a birthday with associates, or perhaps planning dates, great activities are right here at Adventure Mountain.

This well-known entertainment location offers several entertaining indoor and outdoor activities for visitors of all ages to safely enjoy.

Outside, this fun place has activities such as batting cages, and a rock-climbing structure, just along with a ropes course suspended awesome feet off the ground.

Meanwhile, visitors can also play unique games such as Bazooka ball—a hybrid game of laser tag and paintball.

It’s evident that there isn’t a limit to how much more every visitor can enjoy in this fun place of Ruidoso.

Incredibly, that’s not it all. Other indoor activities available include 9-hole miniature golf.

The golf course is so challenging and every visitor will obviously love it.

If you are a type that loves arcade games, you are in a safe place for that.

Ruidoso Adventure Mountain would not do less to create the magic.

Address: 1056 Mechem Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345, United States

20. Ruidoso Fort Stanton

Fort Stanton

Ruidoso Fort Stanton

Learning about the history of Ruidoso is an expected thing of every visitor.

After all, exploration entails learning and relearning. So, will you love to learn about this history during your next visit to Ruidoso?

If you would check out Ruidoso Fort Stanton! There are plenty of exhibits available in this place and you surely will love them.

Built In 1855 and ever since then, it has significantly brought a point of interest to several visitors.

In addition, if you desire to learn about the various wars fought and won within this city, there are tons of exhibits to help out with that here.

The mode of life and predominant lifestyle of the earliest inhabitants of Ruidoso is equally best learned here.

Note that the museum is open seven days a week from 10 am to 4 pm and the ground is always accessible as well.

Admission fee is absolutely free because they mainly sustain themselves with donations that aren’t mandatory.

Any season or period of the year you are in this city of New Mexico, extend your voyage to this fun place and you will definitely love it.

Address: 104 Kit Carson Rd Fort Stanton, NM 88323

Final Remark

Considering the list of great things to do in this amazing city, it is certain that visitors will find Ruidoso so habitable and fun.

Therefore, you can happily pack your bags to begin your adventure journey to make happy and long-lasting fun memories.

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