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21 Cant-Miss Best Restaurants in Memphis Tennessee

Are you wondering about the quality of restaurants in Memphis?

First, it is important to state that Memphis is notable for good food, among other things.

Hence, finding the best is almost always relative when it comes to places to eat and drink.

The good thing, though, is that while there are a lot of places to pick from, each of them stands out for one distinct reason or the other.

In other words, be it a casual setting or fine dining in all its glory, there is just the right place for you.

Also, southern dishes, intercontinental dishes with a southern flair, or even intercontinental dishes with an intercontinental flair, are all here somewhere.

To top that, if you like to pick your own dishes or you will rather rely on your chef’s discretion, you will not be disappointed.

Simply put, come with your preferences, appetites, budgets, or none at all, and let the restaurants in Memphis do the rest.

Best Restaurants in Memphis

1. Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar

Restaurants in Memphis

Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar

As the days are sure to change, so also are your palate preference and your choice of view while eating.

While this is not an uncommon fit, finding a familiar place that can also soothe any mood can be undaunting.

However, not when you are in the heart of downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

Do you desire a solo or couple dinner overlooking the beautiful main street?

Perhaps then, family lunch-out with a lot of laughter and conversation?

Or even just a little bar corner where you can get a quick bite or meet new friends?

Memphis has just the place you will want to know about and visit.

Originally, a packing and shipping hub for Brodnax jewelers, repurposing the building in 2009, gave birth to the flight restaurant and wine bar.

Since then, the building itself has become one beautiful reason to visit.

Of course, this is secondary to its flexible dining experience and great culinary skills that make it more than just a local favorite.

In other words, fine dining or casual dining is just one right location, with good food and knowledgeable wait staff away.

Speaking of good food, picking a favorite might be tough, as its extensive menu has a lot of delectable options.

However, some recommendable ones across the menu will include the ocean flight, seafood gumbo, harvest salad, elk tenderloin, and the traditional dessert flight.

Plan a visit to the Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar any day from 4:30 pm to 10 pm.

Address: 39 S Main St, Memphis, TN, United States

2. Paulette’s Restaurant

Paulette's restaurant

Paulette’s restaurant

Dating to as far back as 1973, Paulette’s restaurant has kept “upscale” as a benchmark for its major decisions.

I mean, to start with, it is a restaurant in a beautiful part of Memphis with European décor and continental cuisines.

Hence, while it is not where it used to be, you can be sure it still serves its all-time favorite and inventive recipes.

Speaking of all-time favorites, you really have to try its famous hot popovers with strawberry butter.

Another recommendable option will be the entire menu because it is all so good.

In fact, if you are a picky eater, you will love to know that the only thing overpowering on the menu is how filling a 3-course meal can be.

Little wonder Paulette’s restaurant is a staple in Memphis for making memories and reliving them.

Because, to say the least, it definitely knows more than a thing or two about having an unparallel ambiance and a scenic setting.

Plan a visit to Paulette’s Restaurant any day and come for brunch on Saturday or Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Address: 50 Harbor Town Square, Memphis, TN, United States

3. Restaurants in Memphis-Soul Fish Café

Restaurants in Memphis-Soul Fish Café

Soul Fish Café

Whether it is a place to hang out or just a break from expensive fine dining, co-owner of the soul fish café, Williams says this is just the right place.

In other words, searching for friendly service and a pleasant conversation in a casual setting? you have four locations to pick from.

Although three of those are in Memphis and the fourth is in little rock, they are all locations of soul fish café.

Starting out in 2006 as a family-style restaurant with good but inexpensive food, it is now a thriving local chain.

Interestingly, the full-service restaurant specializes in chicken, catfish, vegetables, and a lot of creativity.

In fact, allegedly, you will get to taste the best-fried catfish there is at the soul fish café.

However, whether you are convinced or not about that, there is definitely quite a list of delicious southern soul food on the menu.

Speaking of which, you just have to try their famous hushpuppies appetizer when you visit.

Plan a visit to the Soul Fish Café any day from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address:  862 Cooper St, Memphis, TN, United States

4. The Majestic Grille

The Majestic Grille

The Majestic Grille

Big screens and …

If you completed that phrase with popcorn, I can be certain of one thing.

And that is, you need to experience a trip to downtown Memphis.

Specifically, this visit should be to the 1913 majestic No. 1 theater.

In other words, the reply to big screens by a Memphian will definitely be good food.

Opened in 2006 to honor the entertaining memories its building gave Memphians over a period of 30 years; the first appreciable feature of the majestic grill is the ambiance.

In fact, after a visit, classic silent films in a dimly lit room plus the aroma of different dishes will always remind you of the majestic grill.

Speaking of aroma and flavors, this downtown restaurant is also popular for its amazing menu.

From signature flatbreads and steaks to specialty BBQ ribs and grilled pork tenderloin, the majestic grille is good enough for any occasion.

Still curious about the menu? Let’s talk about appetizers.

As a matter of fact, really enjoying this list to your heart’s content might require more than a couple of visits.

However, having house-smoked salmon will especially leave you a happy customer any day.

Simply put, big screens and good food are here at one of the best restaurants in Memphis.

Plan a visit to the Majestic Grille any day except Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address: 145 S Main St, Memphis, TN, United States

5. Restaurants in Memphis-Itta Bena

Restaurants in Memphis-Itta Bena

Itta Bena

When an otherwise speakeasy-style restaurant shares a name with a movie and a hometown to over 2,000 people plus a legend, it is sure to soon draw attention.

One notable example of such a scenario is the Itta Bena restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.

Although it might not sound like it, this is allegedly a perfect embodiment of fine southern dining with a Delta twist.

Having said that, this is where you want to be when you don’t know the meal perfectly suitable for an occasion.

From signature favorites like Cajun Abita shrimp, she-crab soup, and blackened gulf red snapper to specialty dishes, it’s all here.

In addition to that, they have just the right menu of cocktails and hospitality to go with the relaxing “Itta Bena” atmosphere.

Hence, while it offers a different vibe from its surrounding Beale Street, it is really basically an upscale version of all the southern goodness down there with a lot more creativity and variety.

Speaking of being the more versions, while Beale Street is known for loud thumping music, that is not what welcomes you into Itta Bena.

Enjoy live concerts and classic R&Bs at just the right volume and tempo while at one of the best restaurants in Memphis.

Plan a visit to Itta Bena any day from 5 pm to 10 pm

Address: 145 Beale St, Memphis, TN, United States

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6. Gus’s World-Famous Fried Chicken

Gus's World-Famous Fried Chicken

Gus’s World-Famous Fried Chicken

Built on the solid pillars of community love and love for tasty chicken, mason, Tennessee became the birth home of a priceless fried chicken recipe in 1953.

While this might not sound like an achievement in the southern state of Tennessee, the number of customers that remember and were told about the ingenuity sold at Maggie’s short orders between 1973 to 1983 beg to differ.

Today, while the name of the business has changed, the taste has only gotten better and more popular nationwide.

In fact, Gus’s world-famous fried chicken, as it is now called, is now popular for maintaining the traditional chicken recipe with the addition of sides appealing to evolving palates.

While this menu might sound short and simple, there is absolutely nothing on the menu boring or basic.

Little wonder the local franchise now has about 14 locations all over the country serving hot and spicy fried chicken.

Specifically, the location in downtown Memphis was opened in November 2001.

Since that time, it has not only brought its traveling customers comfort and easy accessibility to tasty fried chicken but has also become one of the popular restaurants in Memphis and beyond.

In other words, a Gus world-famous fried chicken in California is also a Gus world-famous fried chicken in Memphis.

Plan a visit to Gus’s World-Famous Fried Chicken any day from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address: 310 S Front St, Memphis, TN, United States

7. McEwen’s

Restaurants in Memphis


It is obviously true that a lot of fine dining is sure to create a desire for a more casual setting once in a while.

However, it is also true that if you have actually tasted the good version of something, you will never want to pay for anything less.

In other words, a casual setting with high regard for fine service and good food is the only acceptable alternative, right?

What if there is a place that has it all and more?

The elaborate fine dining, the comfortable casual setting, and the wine menu you cannot get over.

Here’s one name that does justice to that; McEwen’s.

While its history is probably as interesting as its appetizer menu, it is the creativity, passion, and growth evident here that keeps it as one of the most popular restaurants in Memphis.

Speaking of its food menu, this is a southern restaurant, so you can expect to be wowed whenever you visit.

However, when you visit, you definitely have to try some of their notable dishes like fried green tomatoes, seafood pasta, and grilled beef tenderloin.

While at that, enjoy the personable service of the knowledgeable wait staff, which makes a third of the famous McEwen’s experience.

Plan a visit to McEwen’s any weekday from 11 am and on Saturday from 5:30 pm.

Address: 120 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN, United States

8. Restaurants in Memphis-Iris

Restaurant Iris

Restaurant Iris

Authentic creole dishes came to southern dining tables in East Memphis, Tennessee in 2008.

Today, it is here to stay as more than just that.

While it is popular as the Memphis restaurant that underwent demolition after ten years in a historic house building, that is not all there is to the story of restaurant Iris.

In fact, far from going into early retirement, Iris, Memphis, has been rebranded to seamlessly fit into the Memphis of now.

Currently, even its menu has been rebranded, leaving old and new customers to decide on new favorites and star dishes.

Where there once was a menu that said Louisiana in Memphis, there now is a menu that says inspired and modern south in the south.

From Char Sui Quail, gulf shrimp, and rice grits congee to collard green and sweet potato Kibbeh, everything is refreshing.

Also, if you enjoy talking to your chefs, you will enjoy this restaurant’s new strategy a lot.

Speaking of the ambiance it has now, let’s just say you will not be disappointed if you visit all dolled up.

I mean, when you think of it, reserving a private room that can accommodate up to 30 people is definitely a classy way to mark your next milestone.

Plan a visit to Iris any day from 11 am to 2 pm and from Friday to Sunday from 5 pm to 8:30 pm.

Address: 2146 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN, United States

9. B.B. King’s Blues Club

B.B. King's Blues Club

B.B. King’s Blues Club

If you are all about Memphis nightlife, we have just the classic location to interest you.

Famously known for defining the blues for his worldwide audience, Mississippi-born singer Riley B. King is the face behind a steadily growing chain of clubs and grills.

In 1991, Beale Street, Memphis became the first location of B.B. King’s blues club after John Elkington recruited him to open it, and has since grown famous among locals and visitors.

Today, it incorporates a lot more genres, signature drinks, and BBQs, to the delight of its customers all night long.

Because like B.B., King will say, blues belong wherever good music is found.

Simply put, B.B King’s blues club is definitely a dwelling place for good music.

More importantly, it is quite the reflection of King’s tireless investment in ensuring his audience always had a swell time.

Hence, the classic B.B. King’s restaurant experience includes grooving to classic jams and even more than that.

From burgers and salads to shrimp and grits, it is always a good time to visit B.B. King’s blues club

In fact, while its specialty ribs might very well find a place in your heart, its other tasty southern dishes will give you a good run for your money.

Plan a visit to the B.B. King’s Blues Club any day from 11 am to 12 am.

Address: 143 Beale St, Memphis, TN, United States

10. Restaurants in Memphis-Chez Philippe

Chez Philippe

Chez Philippe

While Peabody’s hotel’s main dining room space has enough elegance to make it the subject matter of a very long article, it is the food menu that gives the opulence to this room.

Why is this?

The simple answer to this is that it features traditional French cuisines made with classic and detailed techniques using seasonal ingredients.

As if this does not already say a lot, it has also bagged some notable awards and listings like being the only Mobil four-star restaurant in the mid-south, the triple-A Four-Diamond award, and more in the past years.

Speaking of notables, this restaurant does not serve ducks in any way throughout its menu.

And if it is not already obvious, this means there is no duck a l’orange on the menu, which is saying a lot for a French restaurant.

While this tradition might cause visitors to raise an eyebrow at first, the story behind this decision explains it all.

What then is on the menu that makes this 1982 restaurant so renowned?

Your answer is somewhere between their prix fixe choices and refreshing chef bonuses like French onion soup, langoustines, French macaroons, amuse-bouche, filet mignon, and more.

In addition to that, talking about its wine list will call for more well-deserving praise singing, so try it out yourself.

You can also enjoy events here like high tea while you are here at one of the best restaurants in Memphis.

Plan a visit to Chez Philippe from Thursday to Sunday from 1 pm.

Address: 2638, 149 Union Ave #4, Memphis, TN, United States

11. Texas de Brazil – Memphis

Texas de Brazil - Memphis

Texas de Brazil – Memphis

When you think of restaurants in Memphis, you picture southern comfort foods.

However, when you come to Texas de Brazil in Memphis, you will find out what a Brazilian steakhouse has to offer.

Opening its doors in 2002, the Memphis location became the first location outside Texas for the restaurant chain.

In the beginning, Texas de Brazil started as a dream come true for a man who thought the whole world should share in a unique way of dining.

In other words, having a parade of meat and an extravagant salad area accompanied by sides should not be a luxury you need to travel for.

Hence, he and his partners wisely chose the lone wolf state to replicate the traditional preparation and serving of the churrasco dinner.

Simply put, you get the experience of large meals, slow-roasted meats cooked over the fire, seasonal vegetables, and a large array of regional specialties.

What’s so special about all these?

The meat!

While you can go buffet on your salads and vegetables and order your other meals once and for all, your variety of meat is hand carved in your presence by gauchos.

Furthermore, you even get to flip your table card on its green side to keep your meat coming till you want no more.

Hence, you can get as experimental as you like, but dining at Texas de Brazil does not come cheap.

Speaking of the menu, Texas day Brazil also features some signature and specialty dishes and cocktail options to enjoy.

Plan a visit to Texas de Brazil- Memphis any day at different hours and from Monday to Friday, happy hours from 4:30 to 6 pm.

Address: 150 Peabody Pl Ste 103, Memphis, TN, United States

12. Erling Jensen the Restaurant

Erling Jensen the Restaurant

Erling Jensen the Restaurant

If there really is no sincerer love than the love of food, there really is no better gift for a food lover in Memphis than a visit to Erling Jensen restaurant.

I mean, when you have a chef who started cooking at 14, cooking your food, you can only expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Opened in 1996 only seven years after chef Erling moved to Memphis, Erling Jensen’s restaurant has become both a staple and a household name in Memphis.

In addition to that, it is the hub of hospitality and community bonding.

How did it get here?

Quality, classic French cuisines, and refined casual dining.

Hence, while a classic southern comfort food or BBQ will always have its place, you will not regret swapping it with some Erling Jensen specialties more than once in a while.

However, since that is quite a long list, come hungry and ready to enjoy creative plates of flavors and tastes.

While at it, some recommendable options like Buffalo tenderloin, Angus filet, chocolate souffle, amuse-bouche of duck confit, seabass with grilled lemon and rosemary cream, escargot, and lobster salad should not be missed.

Without a doubt, the wine menu is also an ideal list to enjoy with family and friends any day at one of the best restaurants in Memphis.

Plan a visit to Erling Jensen the Restaurant any day from 5 to 10 pm

Address: 1044 S Yates Rd, Memphis, TN, United States

13. Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen

Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen

Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen

Speaking of restaurants in Memphis that you just have to try out, this Italian kitchen should be on your list.

While Italian might quickly bring to mind authentic pasta and pork dishes, there is always more to the Andrew Michael Italian kitchen.

Established in 2008, Andrew Michael’s Italian kitchen gives a southern flair to traditional European culinary methods and recipes to produce innovative signature dishes.

Think of short rib potato gnocchi or pork belly cooked in sous vide style to understand why this restaurant is famous for serving traditional classic recipes in a modern style.

More interestingly, since the menu is updated based on the availability of seasonal ingredients, you can always renew your impression of classic Italian dishes more than once.

Speaking of the menu, if you are feeling adventurous, you can go with the chef’s tasting menu to be pleasantly surprised.

Having said that, it comes as no shocker that the chefs are as skilled as they are experienced and hospitable.

However, more than that, a passion for sharing love through comforting and communal dining makes the Andrew Michael restaurant more than just one of the scenic restaurants in Memphis with global ideas.

In other words, before you even take your first bite of an A/M Breakfast or Maw Maw’s Ravioli you will understand why it is worth the hype.

Plan a visit to the Andrew Michael Restaurant any day except Sunday and visit the kitchen from Tuesday to Saturday.

Address: 712 W Brookhaven Cir, Memphis, TN, United States

14. Huey’s Restaurants in Memphis

Huey's Restaurants in Memphis

Huey’s Restaurants in Memphis

When a thriving restaurant specializes in burgers in a place like Memphis, you can bet it is doing a lot of things right.

However, when it celebrates 50 years and counting, now that’s definitely Huey’s restaurant in Memphis.

Originally opened in midtown Memphis in 1970, Huey’s is now a local chain with about three locations in Memphis and 10 nationwide.

Having said that, it is quite interesting to note that its all-time business model is to stay as closely knit together as possible.

Now the question becomes, how does it maintain the legendary feeling of being the second home for its customers while expanding and spreading out?

While this is a question you will have to answer yourself after your visit, a hint will be that it is intentional about being a fun and relaxing place.

In addition to its list of award-winning burgers, Huey’s offers a menu with great salads, pies, sandwiches, soups, and more

Because in the end, blues, brews, and burgers are not all there is to Huey’s downtown.

In fact, if you just want a place to chill and vibe late into the night, Huey’s got you.

Plan a visit to Huey’s Downtown Location any day from 11 am to 11 pm and on weekdays for happy hours between 4 pm and 7 pm.

Address: 77 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN, United States

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15. Marlowe’s Ribs & Restaurant

Marlowe's Ribs & Restaurant

Marlowe’s Ribs & Restaurant

Before we talk about the obvious reason you will want to visit this restaurant let’s talk about its memories.

In fact, with the number of memorabilia here for Elvis Presley, you can easily spend a while reliving the good old days.

If you are a millennial, you can get all the catching up you want at the gift shop.

Having said that, Marlowe’s ribs & restaurant was opened in 1974, as an Italian restaurant called white haven.

In fact, its salad bar concept actually came first to the area while it came second after Danver’s to Memphis.

Eight years later, in 1982, it was renamed after one of the owner’s daughters.

However, while it still features some Italian choices on the menu, it is mostly now popular for Memphis BBQ choices that came on board in 1989.

In addition to that, its menu also features signatures like the Elvis Burger, which is still just the way Elvis Presley himself liked it.

While plating great dishes customers want to come back for is one-half of what is offered at this restaurant, hospitality, and communal bonding is the other half.

If you think this is overstating, my question will be: what other restaurant offers a free ride to and from their restaurant?

Plan a visit to Marlowe’s Ribs and Restaurant every other day from 4 pm to 10 pm and on Friday and Saturday to 11 pm.

Address: 4381 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN, United States

16. Restaurants in Memphis-Seasons 52

Restaurants in Memphis-Seasons 52

Seasons 52

Welcome to Memphis, Tennessee, a town of restaurants and others.

Having said that, let’s talk about the restaurants in Memphis with fresh grills and seasonal menus.

First, think of a casual ambiance: no fryers, low calories, no frozen produce, and no bad days all in one place.

In other words, let’s talk about Seasons 52.

Opened in 2003 as a fresh grill and wine bar in Orlando, it opened its Memphis location in 2013.

Since then, it has been a casual dining location with a difference for both Memphians and visitors.

Speaking of its differentiating quality, its policy of using only fresh veggies and seafood in season cannot be overemphasized.

What this means is that you get food portions with their natural flavors intact and no enhancers.

In addition to that, you get to enjoy frequently revised menus at least fifty-two times a year.

As if this is not incentive enough, its sophisticated and hospitable service delivery is an effective mood enhancer and appetizer.

Although that number of menu changes can justify its name, it is interesting to note that its name actually refers to the 52 wines they offer by the glass.

Speaking of its wine list, let’s just say there are only about a handful of other places you will get a better variety.

Plan a visit to Seasons 52 any day from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address: 6085 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN, United States

17. Catherine & Mary’s

Restaurants in Memphis

Catherine & Mary’s

Ever eaten Rigatoni, or Gnudi?

Better still, have you had a server like Monica give you a food suggestion that could change your life forever?

If you are thinking yes and yes, you are just the right person to appreciate the perfection of Tuscan and Sicilian cuisine at Catherine and Mary’s.

Whereas, a no to one or both questions makes Catherine and Mary’s an important restaurant in Memphis to visit.

Opened in 2016, it highlights Italian dining, grandmother or traditional home cooking techniques, and southern ingredients.

In fact, the restaurant aims to always bring to mind the fact that meal times are family bonding times.

Hence, this Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman downtown Memphis restaurant is another family restaurant to try and enjoy fresh concepts.

Speaking of fresh concepts, its farm-to-table policy ensures you get an authentic taste from traditional recipes with every bite.

If you are just up for sips and chatter only, you will get a wine menu made with you in mind.

Plan a visit to Catherine and Mary’s for brunch on Saturday and Sunday and from 4 pm to 10 pm on Tuesday to Saturday.

Address: 272 S Main St, Memphis, TN, United States

18. Char Restaurant

Restaurants in Memphis

Char Restaurant

Like Chef Steven Howell will say, easy is the best way to cook food.

While this sounds easier said than done for some, some restaurants in Memphis do just fine on this principle.

One such thriving one in Memphis is Char restaurant.

Starting with its classic steakhouse ambiance, Char restaurant gives off a modern southern vibe.

Simply put, no matter what your usual steakhouse choice is, Char has the best serving of it.

Still, on their menu, the fresh seafood and homestyle sides come as a worthy competitor for their star steaks.

In fact, some recommendable options will be the shrimp and grits, fillet, and seafood gumbo

Having said that, you will be interested to know that these outstanding dishes are paired with the very hospitable wait staff.

Because in the end, everything that ensures a happy customer is what matters.

Char restaurant makes it quite simple to have a remarkable date or time out every time.

Plan a visit to Char Restaurant any day from 11 am to 10 pm.

Address: 431 S Highland St #120, Memphis, TN, United States

19. Kooky Canuck

Restaurants in Memphis-Kooky Canuck

Kooky Canuck

Let’s just say when you think of big food and big fun in Memphis, you should know where to go after a visit.

This is because this restaurant for southern cuisines with a Canadian twist is sure to impress you.

First opened in Memphis in 2005 as the big foot lodge, the family business only changed its name to Kooky Canuck in 2008.

Soon after that, in 2014, it opened its second Memphis location in Cordova to the delight of its customers.

While the kooky Canuck brand is a popular name among restaurants in Memphis for a lot of reasons, the top reason will be its Kookamonga burger.

As humongous as that sounds, your imagination is not far from reality.

I mean, if you can fully consume a seven and a half pounds hamburger all by yourself in less than an hour, wow, and please don’t pay.

If your burger beats you to the time, just know it happens even to the best of us.

Still on the menu are signature dishes like the Marple sirloin steaks and monte Cristo sandwiches.

However, because this place could probably thrive on being just a burger spot, there is enough on the kooky burger menu to satisfy a large appetite.

In other words, come hungry and ready to indulge yourself while having fun at the kooky Canuck restaurant.

Plan a visit to Kooky Canuck any day from 11 am to 10 pm and also plan for brunch days and happy hours.

Address: 87 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN, United States

20. Central BBQ Restaurants in Memphis

Restaurants in Memphis

Central BBQ

Memphis might not be Carolina, Kansas City, or Texas, but like all those other places, there is a Memphis-style BBQ.

Hence, while you will not be disappointed at any of the various barbeque restaurants in Memphis, there are BBQ spots, and then there is the central BBQ.

In other words, I cannot make this list of restaurants in Memphis without mentioning the central BBQ restaurant.

Opened in 2002 in the town of Memphis, this barbeque restaurant has become popular not only in Memphis but also in the state and beyond.

While that may be because it was placed first for best barbeque, second for best ribs, and third for best hot wings in 2011, there is no denying the taste of slow-smoked Memphis style here.

From barbeque nachos, chicken nachos, and beef nachos, to turkey nachos, it is always a tasty meat day out here.

However, this is not to say this is all there is to the menu, as you can also get some impressive family-style sides.

Speaking of its ambiance, right from the exterior you get the vibe of relaxing, casual, community love and attachment, and fun.

Plan a visit to the Central BBQ Downtown any day from 11 am to 9 pm.

Address: 147 E Butler Ave, Memphis, TN, United States

21. The Arcade Restaurant

Restaurants in Memphis

The Arcade Restaurant

Elvis Presley was here!

Yup, for this and other reasons, this iconic Arcade Restaurant is one of the most visited restaurants in Memphis and this is not because walk-ins are always welcome.

I mean, apart from sitting on the seat Elvis used to seat on, this restaurant has also been in a number of movies set in Memphis.

But guess what, you don’t absolutely need a reservation although you can make one if you choose.

Opened in 1919 as a small wooden one-story building, the restaurant has seen and fed generations of Memphians and counting.

While it is no longer a small wooden building today, it still maintains the 50s style it got during a remodeling in the 1920s.

Hence, this place is greatly loved for its age, sustainability, and, of course, classic look.

In addition to that, it is also one of the best restaurants in town.

From lunch specials on weekdays to specialty brunch on weekends, the arcade restaurant still has its fine touch.

Some recommendations will include the sweet potato pancake, the fried French toast, and the chocolate gravy with the chocolate chip pancakes.

In addition to that, its bar menu is not to be missed, although it only starts serving adult beverages like bloody Mary from 10 am on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends.

Plan a visit to Memphis’ oldest restaurant any day from 7 am to 3 pm.

Address: 540 S Main St, Memphis, TN, United States

Final Remark

All restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee have one thing in common, which is a menu.

From there on out, it is one unique feature to another creative feature.

While this means there are a lot of options here to try out, you don’t need to.

In other words, our list is a compilation of top-rated and hidden gems that balance savory and sweet preferences.

Having said that, what’s not to just love about southern food?

Enjoy your meal!