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26 Cant-Miss Best Restaurants in Westport (Connecticut)

Did you know Westport is the town with the most ocean and river waterfront in Connecticut? Did you know that there are over 40 different restaurants in Westport?

Westport is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with plenty to offer its residents and visitors.

Westport has a vibrant downtown and the Saugatuck area, with shops and restaurants.

Sandy beaches, scenic walks along art galleries, and indoor and outdoor performing arts venues are some things to enjoy here, even before and after a meal.

You can sample a variety of cuisines in Westport, whether local or international.

In fact, no matter what you choose to eat, there is always something for everyone, and here are the best restaurants to visit while in Westport.

Restaurants in Westport CT

1. Basso Restaurant & Wine Bar

Bbasso restaurant & wine bar

The Bbasso restaurant & wine bar

Basso Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Westport and a good place to start your tour.

The Restaurant and Wine Bar is a warm and welcoming establishment in Westport.

The cuisine is inspired by Award Winning Chef Renato Donzelli’s interpretation of Southern and Eastern Mediterranean European culture, with hints of Latin fusion and plenty of city flair.

The place is adorable, with doors that open to a small patio with outside seating in nice weather. There is also an upstairs.

In fact, its charming, elegant, and welcoming atmosphere immediately invites you to sit and relax.

When you walk in, you can tell the owner/chef has put a lot of heart into this place.

The menu offers so many delectable small plates as well as main dishes.

Not only is the food delicious, but the service is outstanding.

In fact, the bartenders always make the best drinks and have a friendly demeanor.

Pizza, arepas, garlic shrimp, basso salad, and meatballs are all delicious.

There are also inventive special tapas on the menu. Try the mussels fra diavolo, gnocchi, and chicken scarpiello.

Overall, this is the place to be if you are looking for restaurants in Westport to spend some time with your loved ones while also enjoying good wine and an explosion of flavors.

Address: 33 Jesup Rd, Westport, CT 06880, United States

2. Terrain Cafe – Westport

Terrain Cafe – Westport

Terrain Cafe – Westport

This place will make your week if you love all things garden and farm-to-table cuisine.

Terrain Cafe is a charming American eatery in a nursery setting on the north side of the Post Rd.

The restaurant is not only a Garden shopping destination but also a very pleasant lunch spot hidden within.

There are gorgeous garden pots and flowers, housewares, and handcrafted jewelry, all styled with a decorator’s flair.

In fact, the space is fantastic, transforming an old car dealership into an aerie of light and greenery.

On a warm Spring day, the dining area opens to the outside and is the ideal destination.

Breakfast items are available, as well as salads and heartier dishes. The omelet is always delicious, as are the arugula salad and yogurt parfaits.

Terrain cafe also serves seasonal brunch, lunch, and dinner menus with hand-selected local produce, meats, dairy, and carefully curated beverages.

After 5 pm, the cafe is open for evening entertainment.

The atmosphere is also lively, but not so much that you have to listen in on other people’s conversations.

Address: 561 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

3. Match Burger Lobster

Match burger lobster

Match burger lobster

Match Burger is a casual, open-kitchen-style restaurant. They serve under an indoor/outdoor tented patio.

Heads up, there’s more to this place than lobster!

They have delicious lamb burgers, weekend brunch items, killer fries, heavenly skinny crunchy onion rings, two lobster rolls, and a surprisingly good matzo ball soup.

Everything is made fresh and to order. For example, the hot lobster roll is stuffed with meat, buttery, and served on a baked roll.

The Match burger is always available, as are great fries and onion rings, as well as lobster; if you can’t decide between the two, get the combo plate;

Several burger varieties, truffle fries, matzoh ball soup, and a couple of salads are also available.

Address: 580 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880, United States

4. La plage

La plage westport

La Plage Westport

Nothing beats a glass of La Plage’s vintage Rose on a beautiful evening overlooking the Long Island Sound.

La Plage is a casual waterfront restaurant and oyster bar serving Westport’s coastal cuisine.

The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Westport for a weekend Brunch.

The food is terrific, the views from the patio are breathtaking, and the interior is so chic.

The pre-fixe menu is excellent, and the “Brunch Pinsa” is particularly tasty.

If you like seafood, the seafood tower is a must-order appetizer. Another excellent starter is the lamb chop lollipops.

The noise level in the enclosed patio area (during the colder months or inclement weather) can be high, making normal decibel levels challenging to maintain when the dining room is full.

Address: 260 Compo Rd S, Westport, CT 06880, United States

5. Little Barn

Little Barn

The Little Barn

Little Barn is a great place to hang out with friends and have a really good meal in a relaxed environment.

It’s a rustic, chic restaurant and bar serving American cuisine in a cozy barn setting.

In short, the interior decor, which includes nostalgic Americana and a few owls, gives it a lot of character.

The outdoor patio area has heaters for cool evenings, but keep in mind that the restaurant is located on busy Post Rd., so noise might be an issue.

Additionally, the restaurant has a rustic appearance, and the walls are covered in various memorabilia. There are numerous cute touches, such as beverages served in mason jars.

The menu is small and limited, but the food is beautifully presented and delicious.

There is a limited selection of beers, but they offer a little bit of everything, not just a bunch of IPAs.

Dogs are also allowed on the patio, and the restaurant fills up quickly on weekends, so you might want to get here early on weekends.

Address: 1050 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

6. The Cottage

The cottage westport

The Cottage, Westport

The Cottage is a cozy and pleasant restaurant. Chef Brian’s innovative approach to American cooking offers an exciting menu of handcrafted dishes inspired by techniques and cultures worldwide.

He inspects every plate that leaves the kitchen with the same care that a father would inspect a newborn in the hospital.

In fact, he visits each table regularly to inquire about the experience and pays close attention to what his customers say to him.

The Cottage has excellent food and a fantastic bar. What more could you want? Yes, there is also a well-thought-out wine list.

The food is inventive and not something you’d make at home, but it’s so delicious.

Because the Cottage is small and cozy, it might not be suitable for large groups; however, it exudes a sublime vibe.

The spicy squid with broccoli is delicious. Again, the Asian influence is spot on, and the dish’s texture is superb.

The Duck fried rice is also outstanding. The duck breast is tender and moist, and the quail eggs add a lovely touch to the dish.

Address: 256 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

7. Rive Bistro

Rive Bistro

The Rive Bistro

Rive is a French Bistro on the Saugatuck River in Westport, created by Chef Eric Sierra.

This charming restaurant on the waterside is an absolute must for a romantic dinner.

The dining room has a wrap-around wall of windows overlooking a bend in the river, further enhancing its ambiance.

Rive Bistro is warm and welcoming even on a chilly winter evening, with a busy bar and excellent authentic French cuisine.

The restaurant’s theme is French, but the menu is extensive and varied.

With items like foie gras, duck leg confit, and delicious escargot, the menu appears to favor the Dordogne region (southwestern France near Bordeaux).

The menu also includes a variety of large and small plates, sandwiches, main courses, and so on. Small plates are substantial enough for lunch.

Because the restaurant overlooks the Saugatuck River, it offers a beautiful water view, and you will love it.

Address: 299 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880, United States

8. The Whelk

The whelk


The Whelk is one the best seafood restaurants in Westport.

On the Saugatuck River, The Whelk is a seafood and oyster bar serving great meals from Tuesday through Saturday.

For many years, the Whelk has been a popular seafood restaurant in Westport. Their small plate format (with a few modestly sized entrees) offers various and inventive recipes.

The seafood is always fresh and well-prepared. The menu offers something for everyone.

Furthermore, seating is a combination of bar stools, communal high-top tables, and conventional table seating.

The people in the kitchen are concerned and know what they are doing. The flavor profiles and ingredient combinations are thoughtful, intentional, and creative.

If you arrive without a reservation, there is banquet seating for 2-4 people along the side windows and two long topper islands in the middle.

There is also plenty of seating at the bar. Similarly, in the summer, you can sit at one of two long tables outside with a view of the Saugatuck River.

There are many seafood-inspired dishes, but there are also many that aren’t. It’s also a fantastic location and a fun place to hang out.

Address: 575 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880, United States

9. Capuli Restaurant

Capuli restaurant

Capuli Restaurant

If you are looking for a Westport restaurant serving vegetarian food beyond the usual quinoa burgers and salads, this is your place.

This location is ideal for guests who want to eat on the go because they can order dishes to go.

The spectacular decor and welcoming atmosphere make visitors feel at ease.

Every dish is delicious, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting, with plenty of room between tables.

There are many gluten-free or vegetarian options as well as traditional fare.

Among the dishes to order are good salmon, steaks, and beet salads.

Their beet salad, gem salad, and shrimp/steak skewers are all excellent appetizers.

Similarly, the chef’s Salmon Roulade with crab stuffing and an incredible sauce on a bed of risotto is the best combination you’ll ever have.

Chef Armando prepares other chicken, pot roast, and steak dishes with delectable touches.

Address: 143 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

10. Via Sforza Trattoria

Via sforza trattoria

Via Sforza Trattoria

VS is a family-owned Tuscan-inspired trattoria with excellent food and a casual atmosphere.

If you are looking for very good Italian restaurants in Westport, you must try Via Sforza.

It’s the place to indulge your taste buds with an array of homemade pasta (Grandma’s recipes), complemented by a variety of sauces.

The structure is absolutely charming, with a lovely al fresco dining patio for when the weather is nice.

The menu includes authentic Italian dishes and flatbread pizzas at reasonable prices.

Via Sforza Trattoria in Westport is also a dog-friendly restaurant. When the weather permits, pets are welcome at outdoor tables.

Reservations are required because the establishment is small.

Address: 243 Post Rd W, Westport, CT 06880, United States

11. Spotted Horse Tavern

Spotted horse tavern

Spotted Horse Tavern

Whether you want a vibrant bar scene or a delicious lunch at an outside table, visit the spotted Horse Tavern.

The Gray Goose Café, also known as the Spotted Horse Tavern, is a neighborhood hangout where people gather to enjoy great food and drink.

The design is modern in its interpretation, with a nod to the historic building’s colonial past.

They have two seating areas: the main dining room with a bar and a heated enclosed patio.

Catch a game with a burger and an ice-cold beer at the bar, or try tasty southern specialties at a table.

Their menu is extensive, with options ranging from tacos to burgers to salads and other dishes.

Additionally, the food is American, with something for everyone and almost too many delicious options to choose from.

There is also plenty of outdoor space, and the street is now closed to car traffic, making it much more pleasant to sit outside.

Whether it’s lunch, cocktails, or supper, this restaurant won’t disappoint.

Address: 26 Church Ln, Westport, CT 06880, United States

12. Pane e Bene

Pane e Bene

Pane e Bene

Pane e Bene is one of the must-visit restaurants in Westport.

Angelo and his team make you feel like family the moment you walk in. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the service is attentive.

First of all, this is a small place next to a carpet company, so the charm is mostly on the inside, which will make you quickly forget all about carpets and the vehicular madness on the Post Road.

The proprietor is an ebullient Italian gentleman who is rightly proud of his food and has a good word for everyone.

The fare is straightforward, and all the better for it, being perfectly prepared and presented.

So if you are looking for great Italian restaurants in Westport, visit here.

Address: 1620 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

13. Amis – Westport

Amis - westport

Amis – Westport

Located in an Old firehouse, the restaurant is a welcome respite from the urban area.

Tall custom folding window walls in the original firehouse door openings create a nearly outdoor dining experience.

The warm tones in the butcher-block tabletops are complemented by whitewashed exposed brick and monochromatic hexagon floor tiles.

Furthermore, the delicious food, especially the homemade pasta, the atmosphere, and the large beautiful windows make this place unique.

The cocktail menu here is also exquisite and meticulously curated. They provide industrial chic indoor and outdoor seating.

Try the tomato Arancini, Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, and Old School Meatballs; they are all excellent.

Address: 1 Church Ln, Westport, CT 06880, United States

14. GOGI Korean Steakhouse & Sushi

gogi korean steakhouse & sushi

Gogi Korean Steakhouse & Sushi

Have you ever tasted Korean barbecue? If not, then you need to be here.

Gogi Westport is a Korean Steakhouse and Sushi restaurant specializing in Korean barbecue.

Korean barbecue is a popular method of grilling meat in Korean cuisine, typically beef, pork, or chicken.

This place is stunning, and the bar is equally lovely and welcoming.

You should try the lychee martini. The experience is fantastic whether you go with a group or just two people.

Your server prepares meals for you right at the table, and when you order, you get a bunch of side dishes called Banchan.

Address: 34 Elm St, Westport, CT 06880, United States

15. Gabriele’s of Westport

Gabriele's of westport

The Gabriele’s of Westport

Gabriele’s is a New York City-quality restaurant with a menu, wine service, and table service.

The vibe is upbeat, the decor is lovely, and every menu item on their extensive menu is delicious.

The owner, Danny Gabrielle, is an old-school hospitality professional who treats you like family.

Similarly, chef Dagoberto Trucios-Cruz, whose food has garnered a loyal following alongside Frederic Kieffer at Artisan in the Delamar Hotel in Southport, oversees the kitchen.

The only caveat here is that the noise level can be high sometimes.

Address: 27 Powers Ct, Westport, CT 06880, United States

16. DeTAPAS Spanish Gastrobar

Detapas spanish gastrobar

Detapas Spanish Gastrobar

DeTAPAS Spanish Gastrobar is an authentic Spanish restaurant where you can share tapas, paellas, and “soon” other entrees.

A colorful modern design along with the menu all points to Spain.

In short, the large mural in bright, boldly colored tiles, combined with the clean lines and streamlined interior, transports you from Westport to a bustling little gastropub in the heart of the urban Spanish city.

A variety of seating experiences, such as regular tables, a hightop by the bar or kitchen, lounge sofas, or typical stools at the bar, await you.

Try the Agua de Sevilla cocktail, which is made with Redemption Bourbon, Cointreau, pineapple, lemon, and cava.

De Tapas is open from Tuesday through Sunday, 5 pm to 10 pm.

Address: 180 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

17. Parker. Mansion, Westport

Parker. Mansion, Westport

Parker. Mansion, Westport

If you love dining on the water or close to the water, then you will love Parker.

The restaurant is in a fantastic setting overlooking the Saugatuck River and the Saugatuck River bridge.

The 1884 bridge is Connecticut’s oldest surviving movable bridge and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There are two outdoor patios on the river, one covered and one uncovered; it is a great spot to dine. At the same time, the indoor tables are very comfortable for groups of friends.

Grab a glass of wine and try one of Parker’s many delectable dishes.

The menu includes mac-n-cheese, mushroom meatloaf, bbq ribs, and our famous french dip. They also have a fantastic wine menu.

Address: 541 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880, United States

18. 190 Main Bar & Restaurant

190 Main Bar & Restaurant

190 Main Bar & Restaurant

If you want to relax in a comfortable setting with good food and drink, this is the place to go.

190 Main is a charming and picturesque bar and restaurant in downtown Westport, Connecticut.

The restaurant makes you feel at home with a terrific environment and a casual atmosphere, as well as great music playing in the background.

It is a little house shop with only a few charming turquoise and white leather booths facing the bar, but it is cozy.

Whether you’re stopping in for brunch or dining with us for dinner, you will love the food.

Their extensive cocktail menu caters to all tastes. They also have a large selection of wines and IPAs.

Address: 190 Main St, Westport, CT 06880, United States

19. Bartaco

Bartaco westport

The Bartaco Westport

Bar Taco is an upscale taco-style restaurant with multiple locations. This is one of those restaurants in Westport that you always want to return to.

The restaurant is located on Wilton Road over the bridge from Main Street.

The river runs behind the restaurant, making for great waterside dining.

The varied and interesting menu never disappoints, and they’ve gotten good at incorporating new items like beet and goat cheese while keeping the old favorites.

Because of the location’s popularity, patience is required on busy nights when the wait for a table may be longer than you would like.

When the weather permits, there is a lovely serviced patio to enjoy drinks on.

While it is a little noisy inside, you should be able to have a decent conversation with those you are dining with once seated.

Tacos are the menu’s focus, but with an eclectic twist – rice bowls, banh mi, and other dishes go beyond traditional Mexican tacos.

Furthermore, the tacos are small but inexpensive and can be ordered individually, allowing you to sample three or four varieties.

You can also choose from a handful of side dishes to fill out the meal. For example, iced tea comes in four varieties.

Address: 20 Wilton Rd, Westport, CT 06880, United States

20. Hudson Malone

Restaurants in Westport

The Hudson Malone

Hudson is an ideal place for brunch, lunch, dinner, or an indulgent cocktail.

The food is just one of the many draws of the Hudson Malone.

The Hudson Malone restaurant in Westport has a cosmopolitan ambiance and a menu full of familiar American fare with a unique twist.

When you first walk into the restaurant, you’ll notice the bar, which has an old-school, saloon feel to it.

Various paintings, photography, memorabilia, and Americana artifacts animate the walls throughout the establishment.

Similarly, you’ll notice hints of New York City blending in with the local scenery.

The rough-hewn wood ceiling and support beams also provide a rustic yet comforting tone that is balanced by the warm glow of the overhead lighting.

The restaurant has a rustic appearance but is decorated with numerous photographs and art posters.

Black Pot of Mussels, Pork Chop, Burger, and Oysters are some of the meals you can try.

Address: 323 Main St, Westport, CT 06880, United States

21. Black Duck Cafe

Restaurants in Westport

The Black Duck Cafe

Black Duck is an excellent choice for great seafood, drinks, and a waterfront atmosphere. It is a historic rustic barge right on the Saugatuck River.

The restaurant is known for its mouthwatering wings, tender steaks, and award-winning burgers.

It appears to be a dive bar, but it is Cheers on the Water, with many locals of all ages.

The massive windows open out onto the water, allowing you to enjoy the breeze and watch the ducks and boats pass by while eating the best burgers and wings in Fairfield County.

Their other seafood dishes, as well as their CT and Maine-style lobster rolls, are all excellent. There are also a lot of great beers on tap.

The Duck has a great menu, with burgers, wings, chowder, seafood, salads, and more.

Everything is great, and regardless of what you drink (even water), you’ll leave feeling a bit tipsy thanks to the boat lean.

Heads up, if you prefer high-end, romantic, and quiet settings, this is not the place for you. But this is the place to go if you like good food at a reasonable price and want to have a good time.

Address: 605 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880, United States

22. Don Memo, Westport

Restaurants in Westport

The Don Memo, Westport

Don Memo is one of the top Mexican restaurants in Westport.

The restaurant is located in the original town hall in the heart of downtown Westport.

It has a modern farmhouse vibe and lots of wood accents and real plants throughout.

This is not an Americanized Mexican menu but rather a creative celebration of Mexican cuisine.

You can try the lightly smoked sardines tostada; it is delicious, as are the poblano and potato taquitos.

Make sure also to check out their specialty cocktails – they’re tasty

Address: 90 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

23. Walrus Alley

Restaurants in Westport

The Walrus Alley

Walrus Alley is hands down one of the best spots in southern Connecticut. It is a hidden gem in an alleyway and basement of a very stone building.

From the mastery of southern-inspired smoking techniques to the hand-selected American craft beers, wines, and liquors, you are sure to have a good experience here.

There is indoor and outside dining. The outdoor dining is pleasant, away from the busy street, and ideal for families with small children/strollers.

The menu includes smoked meat BBQ and a variety of Canadian poutine dishes.

The beer menu is also absolutely phenomenal! You can’t possibly go wrong with any of the bottles or whatever they got on tap.

Address: 90 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

24. Tutti’s Restaurant

Restaurants in Westport

Tutti’s Restaurant

If you are looking for restaurants in Westport to go for a meal with your family or friends, tutti’s is a great choice.

The space is cozy and immaculate, filled with the staff’s smiles and the delighted, satisfied patrons enjoying light and delicious Italian cuisine.

Pizzas and incredible Calzones, as well as Clams, Fish, Chicken Scarp, and Pasta, are available, as is a full menu.

To begin, try the cheese or gluten-free pie, or create your own and choose your favorite toppings.

They also serve a variety of gourmet pizzas that are all delicious.

Various appetizers, salads, sides, calzones, seafood, and other dishes are also available.

Address: 599 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880, United States

25. Kawa Ni

Kawa Ni

The Kawa Ni

Kawa Ni is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Westport. It is a drinking establishment that also serves food to go with their drinks.

The restaurant specializes in inventive cocktails and sophisticated takes on pan-Asian dishes, focusing on Japanese cuisine.

The menu is very different from the many American farm-to-table and seafood restaurants in the area.

The nigiri is served hot and crisp, with a crunchy rice chip on the outside and soft pillowy rice inside the small rice rectangles.

Additionally, the karaage chicken is served in a creamy white sauce with rice and slaw or as hot and tender morsels of moist, dark meat- Japanese nuggets.

Come here to try as many small dishes as you can because each one is unique.

Even the more mundane-sounding options, such as chicken meatballs in sauce, will astound you.

Address: 19A Bridge Square, Westport, CT 06880, United States

26. Layla’s Falafel

Restaurants in Westport

Layla’s falafel westport

If you want to experience authentic mid-eastern food, visit Layla’s Falafel.

Layla’s Falafel is a Westport Mediterranean GEM!

Dino, the owner, is extremely friendly and welcoming, and the service is excellent.

The seating is plentiful and comfortable, and the space and restrooms are spotless.

The food is fantastic. Hummus and puffy pitas make excellent appetizers.

Similarly, every meat wrap, pita, and the platter is abundant, healthy, fresh, and delicious.

The prices are also extremely reasonable for the amount of food you receive. Don’t forget to bring some falafel home with you.

Address: 1535 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, United States

Final Remarks

With this top list of restaurants in Westport, you are sure to have a great time and eat some of the best meals.

Make sure to visit the sandy beaches, art galleries, and performing arts venues if you want a complete experience.

Bon Appetit!