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28 Unique & Fun Things to Do in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)

Is Oklahoma City your next vacation destination? If yes, you’re definitely on the right post.

Whether you’re a history buff, outdoor, or nature enthusiast, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things to do here that’ll greatly assist you.

So, sit back, read through, and select attractions that align with your interests.

Things To Do In OKC, OK

1. Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

If you want to begin your sightseeing tour in Oklahoma City on the right footing, start by learning about its historical antecedents.

This way, you can understand the city’s humble beginnings and appreciate its evolution.

When you arrive, head to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. This unique attraction features an abundance of monuments, artifacts, and exhibits that will enlighten you about the city’s past.

What sets this museum apart is its extensive collection of exhibits, including those related to the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19th, 1995.

In addition to its historical significance, this popular destination also boasts a reflecting pool, allowing visitors to see their reflection in the water, making the experience all the more memorable. The museum is also home to 168 bronze, glass, and stone pieces, showcasing the rich artistic heritage of Oklahoma City.

Best of all, admission to the museum is reasonably priced at just $15.00, making it a great value for a full day of exploration. And, with ample parking available, it’s a convenient option for families on vacation, including a children’s playground for the kids to enjoy.

Whether you visit during the hot summer or the mild spring, stopping at this downtown landmark will be a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Address: 620 N Harvey Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, United States

2. Bricktown, Oklahoma City



In all you do, there’s nothing better than finding a location that offers many opportunities.

If there should be anything of such in Oklahoma City, it is definitely Bricktown!

Being one of the prominent neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, this adventurous destination is a lively entertainment district featuring restaurants, antique stores,s and many shopping centers.

Other than that, it boasts one of the best piano lounges in Oklahoma City. In fact, if you derive so much pleasure in wine, there are many wine bars in this neighborhood.

Similarly, you can’t be disappointed by checking out one of its many eclectic mixes of shops. This is because the specialty items and condiments there are of lower prices & the right quantities.

Perhaps you might equally be willing to explore an indoor attraction; among the many casino centers here, you can’t have the wrong pick!

How about its many performing art centers? Indeed, this is an inclusive attraction with loads of great activities!

It doesn’t end there! If you enjoy attending musical concerts, you’ll feel good attending one of the numerous concerts usually held here.

Most Impressively, the locals on site are so friendly. If not for nothing else, their friendliness and welcoming behavior will allow you to feel so comfortable anytime you’re on a visit here.

Anywhere you are in Oklahoma City, find time to check out this recreational center; it will surely be worth it!

Address: 429 E California Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73104, United States

3. Oklahoma City Zoo And Botanical Garden

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Operating with the mission of connecting people with nature through its admirable botanical opportunities that inspire travelers, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden is also a beautiful site you can check out during your forthcoming visit to Oklahoma City.

It is along the Adventure District of the northeastern part of Oklahoma, featuring over 1,900 animals cutting different species.

With annual visitors of about 1,046,000 coming to this topmost destination, whether you’ll be in this downtown during the hot or the spring, it will make up a great spot to spend an hour or two.

The most admirable attribute of this beautiful spot is that, except on thanksgiving day, it is always open all year round.

Even at that, being one of the numerous zoos in Oklahoma City with full accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums of the United States, the cost of admittance here is relatively low.

While you’ll be paying that little money, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore its numerous exhibits.

For instance, the ‘Great EscAPE sculpture’ sitting on six acres with the painting of orangutans and dozens of ‘chimpanzees’ will definitely be worth your time.

It’s unsurprising that this fantastic destination has been constantly acknowledged as the “True Gem of Oklahoma”! A must check out if you’re in town!

Address: 2000 Remington Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

4. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Unlike other museums in Oklahoma City, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is a breathtaking attraction with over 28,000 American Indian and Western artworks.

If you love artistic sculptures and are in Oklahoma City, this is perfect for your itinerary!

Besides, this facility also displays the world’s most extensive collection of American barbed wire, rodeo, photographs, early rodeo trophies, and saddlery.

The various collections of this museum focus on interpreting and preserving the heritage of the American West, which is undoubtedly excellent.

Among the numerous works of art available here, there are considerably large amounts of ‘Ann Atherton’ and ‘William S.,’ including various 19th- and 20th-century collectibles.

In fact, in the whole of the United States, if you’re desirous of exploring the rare works of ancient artists such as Albert Bierstadt, Charles Marion Russell, Solon Borglum, Frederic Remington, or Thurmond Restuettenhall, you’ll never be wrong checking out this museum.

Other than these various works, if you’re a history buff, there’s equally a large gallery here with lots of exhibits that illustrate the humble beginning of Oklahoma City.

Whether you plan a short visit to this downtown or a holiday trip, there’s obviously something interesting for you here.

Hence, an extension of your vacation to this spot will definitely be worth it!

Meanwhile, bear in mind that this place isn’t pet-friendly. On a similar note, there is little parking space. So, endeavor to stay away from your pets while coming and make sure you arrive early before parking becomes so tricky!

Address: 1700 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

5. Myriad Botanical Gardens

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City

Myriad Botanical Gardens

The Myriad Botanical Gardens is one of Oklahoma City’s most vibrant and gorgeous green spaces.

Offering travelers access to a natural landscape consisting of several beautiful flowers and plantations, this fantastic place is a destination that you must prioritize if you love nature.

In addition to its impressive flowers, this 17-acre attraction along the southwest corner of Robinson boasts over 500 exotic animals.

Not only that, the spacious grounds here feature events and seasonal activities such as concerts, spring bulb displays, and movies.

In fact, if your kids would be on a trip with you to Oklahoma City, this favorite stop also offers lots of engaging activities for the little ones.

Perhaps, you may wish to do something more while being here. There are lots of beautiful pieces of art by ‘Hans Van de Bovenkamp’ in the art gallery available here.

No doubt, this admirable destination has a bit of something pleasurable, insightful, and adventurous for everyone!

Despite these, it’s free admission. That suggests that you’ll enjoy all these without paying a dime!

It can’t be better than this! Upon your arrival in Oklahoma City, make out time to be here! It will definitely be memorable!

Address: 301 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, United States

6. Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark

Replacing ‘All Sports Stadium’ a few years back, the Chickasaw Bricktown is a Ballpark in Oklahoma City.

Its year of operation dates back to 1998 and has since then been a favorite stop for several visitors.

If you’re a sports enthusiast with an upcoming visit to Oklahoma City, this location will make you feel totally at home.

With its 13,066 comfortable seating capacity and lots of periodic baseball tournaments that take place here, you’re definitely going to spend more time than you may have scheduled because the feeling in this place is always addictive.

Interestingly, this ballpark hosts several other activities and events outside and during the baseball season.

Among these numerous activities and events are the ‘Oklahoma High School Baseball Series,’ various community ‘walks and runs, and the ‘snow tubing Winter Fest.’

Not just that, concerts, comedies, and musical presentations are among the many activities that’ll keep you up here for hours.

Beyond all these, this destination also features numerous statues of legendary baseball players of the United States that’ll be worth your perusal during your trip.

Address: 2 S Mickey Mantle Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, United States

7. Museum Of Osteology

Museum of Osteology

Museum of Osteology

Are you willing to do something more different and unique during your subsequent vacation to Oklahoma City?

If you would find time to stop at The Museum of Osteology, there are lots of amazing exhibits here that’ll expand your horizon.

Essentially, this museum is a private establishment dedicated to studying skeletons and bones.

Here, there are over 7,000 general specimens making it not only the most insightful osteological Museum in the United States but also the largest private osteological specimen in the world.

Moreover, in its art gallery, this Oklahoma City Museum features over 1,800 species of reptiles, birds, mammals, fish, and amphibians.

This complex also hosts a multitude of engaging events and educational opportunities for all ages.

In fact, there are also tons of opportunities for this museum’s visitors to take photographs with fully articulated skeletons and touch real bone.

Since its establishment in 2010, more than 500,000 guests from different cities in the United States have come to this place to fill out scavenger hunts, see its displays, and explore its numerous collections.

Most remarkably, the cost of admission to this museum is only $10! This is apparently affordable!

Address: 10301 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73160, United States

8. Henry Overholser Mansion

Things to do in Oklahoma City

Henry Overholser Mansion

Another one of Oklahoma City’s historical attractions that shouldn’t be missed.

Since you will be in Oklahoma City, make sure to visit the Henry Overholser Mansion. This iconic landmark houses a variety of historic exhibits that showcase the rich history of both the city and the state of Oklahoma.

The Henry Overholser Mansion stands out among Oklahoma City’s numerous historic attractions, offering a unique glimpse into the city’s past. Whether you have a short time or a full day to explore, this site should not be missed.

One of the great things about the Henry Overholser Mansion is that it is a free attraction with ample parking. The knowledgeable and friendly tour guides can also answer questions and provide additional information.

Little wonder this favorite area has gained prominence on the National Register of Historic Places since 1970.

Note, except for Sundays and Mondays, the Henry Overholser Mansion allows tourists between 10:00 AM through 2:00 PM.”

Address: 405 NW 15th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, United States

9. The Science Museum Oklahoma

Things to do in Oklahoma City

Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Museum Oklahoma is one of the largest hands-on science museums in the United States.

This museum is home to the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, a Kirkpatrick Planetarium, and several other specialized galleries.

Although this 390,000 square feet attraction was formally known as the Omniplex Science Museum, nonetheless, it’s still as unique as it was when it was established in 1958.

If you’re here, you’ll have access to and explore many exhibits illustrating the interactions between art and science.

In addition to that, there are lots of exhibits that also demonstrate how light and electricity were invented.

Even at that, there’s a beautiful location here called ‘Curiosity’ that’s essentially made for the kids. It features a playful spot with many playing instruments suitable for children’s recreational activities.

It doesn’t end there! There are equally large and beautiful gardens where you can explore a series of plants native to Oklahoma.

How about its aviation spot with loads of exhibits that focus on the United States’ aviation history?

No matter your interest, this attraction offers something pleasurable to everyone.

Although, it’s not an attraction where you can be confident of seeing restaurants nearby. However, as distinct from other science museums in Oklahoma, this place is accessible all days of the week.

In tandem with that, they cost an average of $20, which is great!

Address: 2020 Remington Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

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10. Paycom Center At Oklahoma City

Paycom Center

The Paycom Center

Initially known as the ‘Ford Center’ between 2002 through late 2010 and later as ‘Oklahoma City Arena’ from 2010 until 2011, the Paycom Center has been the home venue for the National Basketball Association of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

If you’re a sports enthusiast coming to this downtown, this fun destination features lots of basketball competitions that’ll be worth your time.

It has about 19,711 seats, and among these, there’s no bad one, making it an ideal place to sit for hours without discomfort.

Beyond that, the Paycom Center of Oklahoma City boasts a Clubhouse, a full-service bar, and a restaurant with many exclusive dining options.

In fact, other than being a prominent sports venue, this beautiful destination also has huge social relevance. This destination hosts family and social activities, concerts, conventions, Civic events, and ice shows.

Anytime you’re in Oklahoma City, this establishment is a worthwhile attraction worth every minute spent.

Just as you’ll love, the ticket fee is not pricey! It only costs an average of $15 per adult!

Address: 100 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, United States

11. Martin Park Nature Center, Oklahoma City

Martin Park Nature Center, Oklahoma City

Martin Park Nature Center

One unique thing about Oklahoma City is its diversity of attractions. No matter your interest, you can’t be short of fun things to explore in this city.

So, since history buffs are not left out on our list, likewise the lovers of artistic works, bow about the parkgoers?

Definitely, Martin Park Nature Center is the best option for you if to consider if you’re a parkgoer with an upcoming journey to this city in Oklahoma.

The Martin Park Nature Center is a park with trails & grassland, plus amenities including a playground and nature area.

It’s a topmost location that’s not just a park but a hub for nature exploration. Hence, regardless of your age, a session of its many nature-rich programs will definitely resuscitate your interest in nature.

Additionally, guided tours are available on this fantastic site, and its wildlife center will definitely be a great place to extend your exploration if you’re here.

Although, it’s pertinent to state that tourists need to restrict their activities on designated trails and equally refrain from picking plants as well as distancing themselves from wildlife. Notwithstanding that, pets on leash are permissible here, and restaurants have great menu options on-site.

Any day you plan a visit here, remember that this attraction doesn’t allow tourism on Mondays. Nevertheless, it’s accessible for exploration on other days between 9:00 AM through 6:00 PM.

Address: 5000 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73142, United States

12. Oklahoma City’s Remington Park

Remington Park

Remington Park

The Remington Park in Oklahoma City is a one-stop shop for excitement and entertainment.

This casino center and horse racing track was built by the renowned Edward J. DeBartolo Sr in 1988. Since then, it has become a prominent destination for travelers seeking an enjoyable experience.

One of the standout features of Remington Park is its well-maintained facilities. The horses are well taken care of, and the instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, making the experience even more enjoyable for visitors.

In addition to the high-quality facilities, Remington Park offers incredible value to its visitors. The cost of admission and participation in the various activities is reasonable, so you don’t have to break the bank.

Overall, the Park is an excellent destination for anyone seeking a fun and engaging experience. It is no wonder why it has become a popular destination for travelers.

Whether you are a fan of horse racing, casino games, or just looking for a fun day out, Remington Park is one of the best places to be in Oklahoma City.

Address: Remington Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

13. Oklahoma Railway Museum

Oklahoma Railway Museum, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Railway Museum

Established as a non-profit initiative over three decades ago, the Oklahoma Railway Museum is a museum that collects, preserves and displays a series of artifacts that illustrate the United States’ railway history.

Although, unlike other museums in this city of Oklahoma, this delightful destination is only accessible three times a week, which are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Nonetheless, suppose you’re curious about discovering the hidden facts about this rare aspect of history. In that case, it will be well worth it for you to reschedule your visitation period to any of these days!

Make sure it’s between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM any time you visit!

Address: 3400 NE Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

14. Oklahoma History Center

Oklahoma History Center

Situated on an 18-acre plot across the Governor’s mansion in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma History Center is a historical attraction with exhibits and documentation.

If you’re coming to this downtown with a desire to explore this city’s past, don’t look too far! This place is definitely for you!

The most admirable attribute of this area is that these exhibits also illustrate various historic occurrences in the United States.

In fact, despite its numerous exhibits, there are explanatory inscriptions on them.

Hence, navigating through the host of exhibits here wouldn’t be difficult.

Even if you’re unsure of some of their chronology, several friendly and knowledgeable historians are always quick to come in.

Beyond all these exhibits, this museum contains a Gallery with lots of pictorial documentation of this city of Oklahoma. Thus, even if you’re finding it not easy to comprehend its exhibits, the pictures will definitely speak for themselves!

Perhaps your period of vacation to this site might fall during the summer? That would be great as you’ll enjoy the “History Day Completion,” annually held here.

Address: 800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, United States

15. OKC Outlets, Oklahoma City

OKC Outlets

OKC Outlets

Equally known to locals as the Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City, the OKC Outlets is a favorite shopping center in Oklahoma City.

Except for Sundays, this place is accessible from 11:00 AM through 7:00 PM.

In this 394,661 square feet shopping destination, there are about 82 stores providing different services to visitors of diverse interests.

Whether you’re in for a well-baked cake or an ice cream, you’ll have plenty of that here.

Multigrain tortilla chips, cucumbers, toys, honey, and a host of other home latencies are also a great draw that preserves the relevance of this place since the 5th of August 2011 when it was established.

Impressively, despite being one of the largest malls in Oklahoma, the proportion of the crowd here is bearable.

Even at that, all the staff is so kind and friendly. In fact, they’ll ensure every visitor feels at home.

Most importantly, the price of various offering in this area is relatively low, and on most days, tourist enjoys unbeatable discounts.

If you’re in for shopping like never before, have a stop here! You won’t have anything to regret!

Address: 7625 W Reno Ave Suite 1960, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, United States

16. Red Earth Festival At Oklahoma City

Red Earth Festival, Oklahoma City

Red Earth Festival

The Red Earth Festival is an American cultural festival that’s always held in June in Oklahoma City.

It is an interesting festival that’s always attended by a series of fun-seekers that are always eager to know more about the cultural heritage of the United States.

Aside from being remarkable for this cultural presentation, this great spot also features lots of permanent collections of Native American art.

Just as you’ll love, this place is a free attraction. Hence, you’re going to enjoy all these without the need to pay a dime.

If you’re a cultural enthusiast with an upcoming journey to Oklahoma City, don’t leave out the Red Earth Festival from your bucket list, there’s much to be enjoyed here!

Address: 2100 N E 52nd Street, Oklahoma, United States

17. Bricktown Brewery, Oklahoma City

Bricktown Brewery, Oklahoma City

Bricktown Brewery

Have you ever considered enjoying yourself in a serene environment with many of the greatest bits?

If you have, the realization of that is possible upon your arrival in Oklahoma City.

Once you’re in town, head straight to the Bricktown Brewery! This Local brewpub chain serves burgers, pizza, lots of American comfort food & beer in a brick-walled space.

One outstanding attribute distinguishing this lovely place from its contemporaries is its affordable offerings.

Similarly to that, the waiting period here is impressive. Once you make your order, you’ll be served immediately, which is great.

If you consider a stop here, note this place is accessible between 11:00 AM till late evening!

Address: 1 N Oklahoma Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, United States

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18. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City

Often shortened as the Hurricane Harbor OKC, the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City is an Oklahoma City water park built in 1981.

It’s an adventurous destination that provides a series of water-riding activities. This includes Blackbeard’s Revenge, the Big Kahuna, the Bermuda Triangle, and many more.

Interestingly, all the riding facilities are in good working condition, and the fee payable by every tourist is inexpensive compared to what’s obtainable elsewhere.

Even at that, there are food courts, and if you’re more of a junk person, the snacks store has tons of delicious goodies in stock!

A must check if you’re in Oklahoma City!

Address: 3908 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States

19. American Banjo Museum, Oklahoma City

American Banjo Museum, Oklahoma City

American Banjo Museum

Unlike other museums in Oklahoma City, the American Banjo Museum is dedicated to celebrating the banjo’s history.

This museum’s exhibits provide an adequate account of the rise of the banjo. This ranges from when it arrived in Northern America through the Atlantic slave trade to modern times.

Although established as far as 1988, this commendable initiative is still evergreen. This is because its exhibits are still insightful, like when it was founded.

The American Banjo Museum also has a rare collection of the earliest American banjos that were utilized to accompany dancing and singing, which, till today, remained exclusive to Black culture despite its existence for nearly 200 years.

Notwithstanding all these uniqueness, it only costs $8 per person.

If you can, anytime you’re in Oklahoma City, plan to spend an hour, a day, a week, or your whole period of exploration here. You’ll find everything interesting!

Address: 9 E Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, United States

20. Orr Family Farm

Orr Family Farm

Orr Family Farm

The Orr Family Farm is a beautiful family-friendly getaway situated in the heart of Oklahoma City.

It’s a lovely farm that offers a variety of engaging activities, educational opportunities, rides, and of course, scrumptious food and treats.

This destination provides exploration opportunities to tourists in all seasons. Its doors are open for tourism during the spring season in March through late June. Meanwhile, this decent place opened again in mid-September through mid-November for tourism.

Whichever period you’ll be in Oklahoma, find your way here! It will surely be memorable.

Address: 14400 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73170, United States

21. Will Rogers Garden, Oklahoma City

Will Rogers Garden, Oklahoma City

Will Rogers Garden

More than just any other regular gardens, the Will Rogers Gardens provide adequate horticulture classes and hands-on gardening experience to visitors of various ages throughout the year.

Aside from that, these historic gardens also provide dynamic programs and serene settings for casual park tourists to experience green thumbs alike.

Whatever category you may fall into, you can’t be short of happy and memorable moments here.

To top that up, beyond its regular serene setting that appeals to sight, the Will Rogers Park of Oklahoma City also features an Exhibition Center, a Conservatory, and an admirable Arboretum.

Hence, you’ll have a variety of activities to engage in this place if exploring gardens alone wouldn’t suffice.

For the kids, this garden also has activities for them! For youth, this Garden hosts multiple family classes. This includes ‘summer camps’ and ‘spring break’ where children get hands-on experience learning about the beauty of nature, including that of the outdoor world.

No doubt, this favorite stop offers something enjoyable and delightful for everyone!

While coming, note that this is a free attraction & it opens every day!

Address: 3400 NW 36th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112-6393, United States

22. The American Pigeon Museum & Library, Oklahoma City

American Pigeon Museum & Library

American Pigeon Museum & Library

Of course, everything that could be seen or felt has its historical antecedents.

Just like the inhabitants of Oklahoma City have their distinctive history, so are birds and pigeons.

This beautiful museum features several historical exhibits that sufficiently reflect the history of these creatures in an interesting manner.

Far beyond exhibits that illustrate the rich heritage of these domestic pigeons, there are also tons of exhibits on display that illustrate their relationship with man over time.

If you wouldn’t be hesitant to have a paradigmatic shift in your usual vacation routine, endeavor to have a stop here, and you wouldn’t regret it!

Although, it is necessary to state that, as distinct from other museums herein, this historic place is only accessible on Fridays and Saturdays.

On Friday, it opens its gate for tourism from 1:00 PM through 5:00 PM. Meanwhile, If you are here on Saturday, you can plan your trip to this spot between 10:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the evening.

Address: 2300 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

23. Oklahoma Firefighters Museum

Oklahoma Firefighters Museum, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Firefighters Museum

Situated at the Adventure District in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Firefighters Museum is the sole Museum that is being owned by the Firefighters Crew in the whole of the United States.

It’s a beautiful museum that is devoted to the preservation of fire pieces of equipment and apparatus.

Notable exhibits that await your arrival here include the “Patch Collection,” “Fort Supply Firehouse,” the “The Last Alarm,” among several others.

In each exhibit, you’ll have an empirical view and understanding of the various activities of firefighters in the United States.

Aside from that, in this insightful area, there is a great collection of antique gear that dates back to the mid-18th century.

Additionally, there are several items from the United States’ oldest fire company that Benjamin Franklin commands on display in this rare gem.

In fact, you’ll also have the opportunity of exploring the distinctive mural and the world’s largest patch collection during your visit to this place.

Anytime you’re in Oklahoma City, this is yet another beautiful museum worth an hour or two!

Address: 2716 NE 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

24. Decades Revisited, A Vintage Mall At Oklahoma City

Decades Revisited, A Vintage Mall, Oklahoma City

Decades Revisited, A Vintage Mall

With lots of antiquities at the Decades Revisited, A Vintage Mall, you can’t find Oklahoma City boring if you’re an antique lover.

This local store offers several antiquities and collectibles at a relatively low price to travelers and locals alike.

A worthwhile effort put up here that distinguishes them from other antiquity stores in Oklahoma City is that the owner and the entire staff that works here are so friendly.

Even though you may be far from home, this set of individuals will make you feel totally at home, and you’ll love it!

Address: 3639 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States

25. Oklahoma City Frontier City

Frontier City, Oklahoma City

Frontier City

Are you still unsure how to commence your sightseeing tour in Oklahoma City?

Don’t worry; check out Frontier City; it has all the fun activities that’ll make you enjoy your vacation through this western state.

This amusement park was established in 1958. And, despite that,  as of today, it’s under the strict management of Six Flags.

It’s simply the ultimate destination for thrilling rides, fun, and recreational activities for all ages.

There are many nice rides, dancing presentations, and magic shows that’ll be worth your time here.

In fact, if you love to jump, there’s a jumping center with many modern facilities. Not just that, the development in their food court is also impressive!

You can always take a bite and cool off at their food court without necessarily emptying your pocket.

Overall, Frontier City is one of the most recreational attractions in Oklahoma City!

Address: 11501 N I- 35 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73131, United States

26. The Paseo Arts District

Paseo Arts District

Paseo Arts District

Originally known as the Spanish Village, the Paseo Arts District is a neighborhood in Oklahoma City built-in 1929.

It is regarded as the first commercial shopping location in Downtown Oklahoma City. And, ever since its construction in mid 20th century, it hasn’t stopped being a favorite stop for several travelers.

The Paseo is home to over twenty art galleries, tons of restaurants, and a swimming pool.

Being one of the oldest neighborhoods in Oklahoma, this lovely location also features many recreational activities for the kids.

Anytime you’re in Oklahoma City, this is a great area to enjoy some cool breeze and its many outdoor attractions.

Address: Paseo, Oklahoma City, OK, United States

27. Oklahoma City First Americans Museum

First Americans Museum, Oklahoma City

First Americans Museum

Known to locals as American Indian Cultural Center and Museum, the First Americans Museum is another historic center in Oklahoma City.

However, in contradiction to what’s obtainable in other museums on this list, this delightful location serves as a resourceful center that promotes awareness and educates the public on the diversity and the unique culture of the First American Nations in Oklahoma today.

If you’re interested in this rare but interesting aspect of history, upon arriving downtown, make no hesitation to be here. It will surely be a worthwhile adventure!

Address: 659 American Indian Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States

28. Charles B. Hall Airpark

Charles B. Hall Airpark

Charles B. Hall Airpark

The Charles B. Hall Airpack is another free and accessible museum in Oklahoma City.

Unless heightened security warrants early closure, this destination is always open from dawn to dusk and features many exhibits relating to aviation history.

Travelers of all ages will find this beautiful attraction rich and insightful. Hence, don’t leave this place off your bucket list if you crave something insightful!

If you’re coming, take note that this place isn’t pet-friendly. And also, if your kids would be on a trip here with you, consider other attractions. This is because this area isn’t kid-friendly as well.

Address: Oklahoma City, OK 73145, United States

Final Remarks

From the foregoing, it is obvious that this city has lots of beautiful sites.

So, what’s delaying your trip here? There should be nothing! Stand up, set on a journey, and have the best vacation experience ever!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to make use of the above recommendations!

Safe trip!