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20 Unique & Fun Things to Do in Bristol (Tennessee)

Bristol is a quaint city in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

As of the last census, it has below 30,000 inhabitants and features many prominent attractions.

For parkgoers, this city offers lots of things to do. To Watersports enthusiasts, there are plentiful places to visit. For children, there are lots of fantastic things that’ll be worth their time.

In fact, if you’re craving a refine destination to spend your forthcoming vacation holiday with your spouse, you wouldn’t be short of awesome things to do here.

Most Impressively, Bristol offers something pleasurable for every big budget!

To make your vacation to this downtown more enjoyable, we’ve put up 20 best picks of top attractions in Bristol that’ll assist you in making an informed decision.

So, shall we start? Sit up, pick your book and pen, and carefully read through!

Things To Do In Bristol

1. Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Motor Speedway

Formally known as Bristol Raceway, or the Bristol International Raceway, the Bristol Motor Speedway is a NASCAR – (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) short-track venue in Bristol city, Tennessee.

It was built in 1960, and its official debut race came up on the 30th day of July 1961.

This engaging spot is among Tennessee’s most popular and beautiful tracks because of its distinct attributes.

It includes an extraordinary concrete surface, stadium-like seating, and two pit roads.

Whether in Bristol for a short trip or a holiday vacation, this Capacity 15,000-capacity attraction is a great spot to spend an hour or more!

Aside from racing, other fun activities in this fourth-largest sports venue in America include; “NASCAR Cup Series,” “Bass Pro Shops Night,” “NASCAR Xfinity Series,” “And NASCAR Camping World Truck Series,” among others.

Not so surprisingly, this favorite spot has been attracting over 153,000 tourists to Bristol annually.

Moreover, for non-motorsports usage, there are other things to do at Bristol Motor Speedway during the holiday period. They include social activities such as the “Pinnacle Speedway Lights adventure,” an event that features Christmas lights and a host of pleasurable activities.

Besides, this popular recreational facility is a great venue that hosts a series of National Football League and lots of preseason soccer games.

Little wonder this adventurous site has been acknowledged as “one of the loudest tourists destination in Tennessee.”

Best of all, this isn’t an overly crowded attraction, and the various locals on site are highly friendly.

In fact, there are plenty of parking garages, and if you crave a nice meal during your trip here, there are nearby restaurants with great menu options.

Definitely, you’ll have a blast here! A must check out if you’re in Bristol!

Address: Address: 151 Speedway Blvd, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

2. The Bristol Caverns

Bristol Caverns

Bristol Caverns

Bristol Caverns is another top destination in Bristol for every thrill-seeker.

As distinct from what’s obtainable at Bristol Motor Speedway, this location has ancient caverns with unique mineral formations & an underground river.

The cave is so beautiful and highly fascinating. More so, the tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable about the caverns, and equally ensure that everyone sees everything and gets a chance to take in the beauty of this nature-rich attraction.

Besides, they’ll take time to explain the history of the cave in detail. What a great choice it could be to extend your Bristol sightseeing tour here.

A tour through the Bristol Caverns is simply a low-key guided adventure through all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful creation. You will surely love it!

Meanwhile, be sure to come with your step tracker, as there are several staircases that you must traverse through.

However, when you visit, it’s not only going to be fun, but it’ll also be safe & easy to maneuver unless you have health issues.

Other than that, this lovely destination also features lots of beautiful hiking trails where you can hike, and if biking is what you love most, there are also some well-paved biking trails.

Interestingly, for a full day here, only $17 is payable, which is considered great.

On any of your visitation days, after all your activities here, make sure to stop by the gift shop and pick up some gemstones, it will be worth the price.

This cave is certainly not the biggest, but it’s enough to make your vacation to Bristol highly interesting!

Address: 1157 Bristol Caverns Hwy, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

3. Steele Creek Park

Steele Creek Park

Steele Creek Park

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Bristol, TN, with kids, Steele Creek Park is definitely for you!

Essentially, the Steele Creek Park is Steele Creek Park is an all-encompassing 2,200 acres attraction in Bristol, Tennessee.

It was originally named ‘Watauga’ and planned out as a state park prior to 1936.

Although, several changes have occurred over the years. Nonetheless, this delightful area still retains its original features.

If you’re here, facilities available for your enjoyment include; an 18-hole disc golf course, plenty of picnic tables, exercise trails & stations, and a 52-acre lake.

Additionally, Steele Creek Park pride itself on its beautiful ‘Horse-shoe pit’, playground, and gorgeous multi-use field.

Even if you’re a water sports enthusiast, there’s a Paddle boat rental service, a Splash Pad, and kayaking facilities.

How about its lovely trail zone? It’s just a paradise for walkers, joggers, and hikers!

Apparently, irrespective of your interest, there’s always something fun, delightful, and recreational for everyone here!

Beyond all that, Steele Creek Park is wheelchair accessible. Hence, it’s a win-win for tourists with physical disabilities.

In fact, its easy parking and nearby snacks store are part of why this great destination hasn’t stopped being a touristy area.

Whether your subsequent trip to Bristol falls during the summertime or winter period, this adventurous site is a site to be!

However, take note that this isn’t pet-friendly. Therefore, do away with your dogs while coming.

Address: Address: 4 Little Ln, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

4. Tri-Cities Escape Game, Bristol

Tri-Cities Escape Game, Bristol

Tri-Cities Escape Game

Acknowledged with the coveted ‘Traveler’s Choice Award’ and ranked among the top 100 escape games worldwide, the Tri-Cities Escape Game is a great option to consider if you’re looking for things to do in Bristol, TN for young couples.

This amusement site boasts escape-room challenges with various themes & puzzle clues.

It is absolutely immersive and features a real-life escape game that’s sure to keep you laughing and test your wits.

With about 60 minutes (duration for adventure), you and your spouse or any other teammate will be expected to find clues, solve puzzles or discover a mystery.

Although relatively challenging and somewhat scary. But, if you can endeavor to discover a clue or find answers to the mystery, it’s always fun and insightful.

Aside from its escape adventure, unlike what’s obtainable in other game centers, the Tri-Cities Escape Game has a nice dining center.

From delectable desserts to delicious dining, this inclusive attraction is far more than an escape house — an experience of fewer than three hours. Still, the memory will be for a lifetime.

Besides, this attraction is one of the best spots in Tennessee, suitable for a birthday celebration. They strive to make every birthday extra special.

Despite these unique attributes, it only costs $24.95 for ages 11 and above tourists. For children of 6 to 10 years, the price is just $18.95. On the contrary, younger children enjoy free admittance.

Address: Address: 642 State St, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

5. Paramount Center For The Arts

Paramount Center for the Arts

Paramount Center for the Arts

The Paramount Center for the Arts is an opulent performing arts theater in downtown Bristol.

It’s an interesting destination that presents dance, music, comedy, film, and many family entertainment events.

With its iconic interior and lavish marquee, this Bristol high-trafficked attraction is definitely going to give every thrill-seeker a newer vacation experience.

Although built as far back as the early 20th century, today, this landmark attracts thousands of tourists annually, fulfilling the founders’ vision of its establishment – an ‘a community-gathering place for the enrichment of every thriller.

Above its engaging presentations, what distinguishes this performing art theater from its contemporaries is that there’s no bad seat here.

Therefore, irrespective of where you’re seated, it’ll be comfortable, and you will have the best view.

Besides, during the intermission period or prior to the various presentations that await you, there are plentiful American and Canadian restaurants on-site with a robust menu list.

In fact, if you love more of chocolates more, there are a series of chocolate vendors, and you’ll have the best pick.

How about its outdoor area with a little wine bar? Apparently, the Paramount Center for the Arts of Bristol is far beyond every other viewing center in Tennessee.

Most increasingly, its mission of establishment isn’t to maximize profits. Thus, the Little entrance fee payable is just to ensure its sustainability.

Whether you’re looking for some fantastic places to explore in Bristol or you just crave a solo adventure, be sure to check out this beautiful attraction anytime you’re in this downtown.

But then, take note that this fun location isn’t accessible on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

On all other days, tourism is open from 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Address: 518 State St, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

6. Birthplace Of Country Music Museum

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Looking to do something exceptional when next you’re in Bristol?

If yes, the Birthplace of Country Music Museum is a place worth exploring.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum is a beautiful Bristol museum that celebrates the 1927 historic Sessions, which recorded most of the earliest country music in the United States when Jimmie Rodgers, Carter’s Family, and several other great musicians made their debut recording before gaining prominence.

The Museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution and is accessible Tuesdays through Sundays.

All the displays are laid out well – lots of things to watch, listen to, and look at – all appearing interactive.

Besides, you can check out its mini studio, where you could rehearse the vocals from a Bristol Sessions song, then record it so you can hear your voice with the background music.

The story of how technology transformed people’s access to music and facilitated the broad sharing of musical culture is equally interesting and well-told here.

More so, the documentary videos are informative, and the interactive exhibits are fun and make it possible for the kids to be part of the adventure.

Unlike what you’ll discover elsewhere, the Birthplace of Country Music Museum of Bristol also traces the history of old-time music and its evolution into bluegrass; it’ll be highly insightful!

Incredibly, in this Museum’s Store, there are equally some of the finest in regionally sourced, handcrafted artisan items, music-themed gifts and décor, books, CDs, Bristol-centric souvenirs, and exclusive Birthplace of Country Music merchandise, all in this convenient location!

Anytime you’re near Bristol, visiting this resourceful location will be well worth your time and money, even if country music isn’t your thing.

Address: 101 Country Music Wy, Bristol, VA 24201, United States

7. The Pinnacle Of Bristol

Pinnacle, Bristol


If you love shopping, the Pinnacle is a place you need to prioritize in your itinerary.

The Pinnacle is a regional open-air shopping center packed with dining options and many shopping opportunities.

From pizza to its Hickory BBQ Chicken, everything is always cooked to perfection.

Besides, it’s always full of wonderful flavors and textures. It doesn’t end there; the Chili is far too spicy with too much cayenne.

As always, the chips are equally crispy and perfect with the garlic dip, and if you prefer cakes of various flavors, you wouldn’t be short of the best options here.

If none of that interests you, you can as well kick back in a recliner to eat good popcorn and watch movies in their large theater with your family and friends.

There is also a “Just Jump” region in this Bristol’s attraction & kid’s play area featuring various recreational activities for the kids.

Most Impressively, the various offerings here are reasonably priced, and the environment is so welcoming.

Although, the traffic here can be really heavy on the weekends. So, to avoid much crowd, it’s advisable you plan your trip to this spot during the weekdays.

The Pinnacle of Bristol is a nice spot to hang out; there’s everything that’ll make your shopping more fun and memorable here.

Note this destination opens at 5:00 AM and closes at 12:00 PM.

Address: 460 Pinnacle Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

8. Twin City Drive-In Theatre

Twin City Drive-In Theatre

Twin City Drive-In Theatre

The Twin City Drive-In Theatre is another top attraction on our list of fantastic things to do in Bristol, Tennessee.

In contrast to other places herein, the Twin City Drive-In Theatre is a Drive-in movie theater established in 1949.

It’s situated on twenty-nine acres of land on a beautiful mountain setting featuring a series of classical presentations and lots of engaging activities for children.

The various actors are skillful, and their nostalgic dress outfits, beautiful dance steps, and melodious singing are enough to create an awesome vacation experience for you.

Not just that, there’s a concession stand that will take you back in time, and everyone there is equally friendly.

Most admirably, no matter where you’re seated, you’ll have a good view of the movie and its beautiful scenery.

That aside, a snacks center, a bar, and several food trucks are on site with varying menu options.

Best of all, you can’t beat the prices of what’s payable in this great location. It’s just $7 per adult, while only $3 is payable per child.

Wherever you are in Tennessee, this family-oriented attraction is a great destination worth checking out.

Address: 2512 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

9. Tennessee Welcome Center

Tennessee Welcome Center

Tennessee Welcome Center

In total deviation from everyone’s belief that “a welcome center is merely a tourist information arena,” the Tennessee Welcome Center distinguishes itself by offering more than mere information.

At the Tennessee Welcome Center, aside from its resourcefulness about major attractions in Bristol, there are also two huge historic statues, one being that of B.B. King and the other of King Elvis.

There are also several exhibits on display that reflect the true history of the battle of the Mississippi River.

In fact, if you want some nice Bristol souvenirs, there are loads of them waiting for your arrival at the Tennessee Welcome Center.

Just as you’ll love, this tourist information is equally surrounded by a very large river park. Hence, if you love rafting, kayaking, or canoeing, this site is exceptionally fun.

To top that up, the customer service assessment is top-notch because all the staff demonstrates the highest form of professionalism.

Moreover, there is adequate security on the premises. So, your vehicle and any other property you may be coming with will be safe here.

Notwithstanding all these, it costs just $2 for a full-day adventure here which is apparently great.

Anytime you’re in Bristol, stop in at this great facility. This could be the nicest welcome center you’d ever visit.

Address: SB, 10749 I-81, 10749 I-81, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

10. Bristol Dragway

Bristol Dragway

Bristol Dragway

Still looking for something more thrilling while in Bristol, Tennessee? Try out the Bristol Dragway; you’ll love all its recreational facilities that await you.

Essentially, the Bristol Dragway is a 30,000-capacity drag racing circuit.

It was originally built in 1965, and during this period, it was referred to as “Thunder Valley” due to its gorgeous acoustics and its location (situated in between two mountains).

This public space features both local and international racing activities, including a series of cultural and historic presentations.

Anytime you’re here, you’ll get to actually drive on the racetrack, and there is equally a winter wonderland in the middle of its track with other amusement rides and a few other things in between.

Racing is always exciting in this amusement center because it’s specifically designed for all categories of fun-seekers.

Meanwhile, take note that, during your visit, you’ll need some basic safety gear if your car is fast, but otherwise, it costs only $20 for a full-day adventure.

Although, the only downside of this destination is that parking is mostly uneasy. Hence, we suggest you park at any nearby garage.

A must check out anytime you’re in town!

Address: 151 Speedway Blvd Ext, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

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11. Cascade Draft House At Bristol

Cascade Draft House, Bristol

Cascade Draft House

At Cascade Draft House, you’ll be able to discover a unique selection of craft beverages that are always in continuous rotation for better choices.

The Cascade Draft House is a beautiful pub in Bristol that carefully select ciders, over 39 taps of craft brews, seltzers, and sours.

No matter your choice, the craft beverages offered on this highly trafficked site will keep you coming back.

Beyond its regional ciders and craft beers, this great attraction pride itself on offerings from Southern America with impressive heritage tales.

Besides, you’re sure to discover some hard-to-find ales from Britain here. So, irrespective of your choices, you can’t be short of the best here.

Even at that, this place is family oriented. Therefore, children can also grab a few non-alcoholic drinks.

In fact, unlike what’s available in other Bristol pub houses, this place prides itself on its outdoor overflow area and features local singers that entertain tourists.

Other than that, Cascade Draft House is dog friendly. Hence, be ready to hand out those pets to the puppies.

The bartenders are also patient and willing to explain the composition of every one of your selections.

Address: 828 State St, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

12. The Rage Room, Bristol

Rage Room

Rage Room

The Rage Room is another fantastic place to visit in Bristol.

Although relatively unpopular, unlike other fun things herein. Nevertheless, a stop here will justify the proverbial saying that; “it’s bad to judge a book by its cover.”

Upon your arrival here, you’ll get outfitted in safety gear and exercise your options by choosing your music and your Weapons.

Afterward, the crew will put you into a fortified room, and you’ll commence the adventure by smashing inanimate objects.

A little bit abstract, but it’s just one of the best activities that can release you of whatever stress and build your mind.

Aside from its therapeutic advantage, the Rage Room of Bristol is equally a perfect place for a unique date, a fun birthday party, or a regular de-stressor.

Have you ever had an unavoidable bad day and you believed squeezing a stress ball would be enough than breaking something?

Well, this is just a place you need to be! It’s the ultimate stress relief, and you’ll love it.

Meanwhile, before you plan a trip here, bear in mind that this attraction isn’t accessible on Mondays and Tuesdays.

However, it’s in operation from 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM on Saturdays.

On all other days of the week, you can visit from 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

Similarly, this isn’t a typical recreational facility. So, don’t expect to sight a restaurant on site.

But then, whichever way, you’ll surely have a blast here. Be sure to include it in your itinerary. It will well be worth it!

Address: 604 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

13. Blackbird Bakery

Blackbird Bakery, Bristol

Blackbird Bakery

The Blackbird Bakery is a multi-level comfy bakery & Cafe in Bristol that serves coffee, bread, cupcakes, pastries, ice cream & more.

It features lots of seating upstairs, outside, and on the main floor, and there are several couches to chill and enjoy your time during your trip here.

Additionally, the display is awesome and the delicious-looking deserts all over the place make it an all-in-all for every foodie.

More particularly, the killer offer here is the cookies and cream cheesecake. A delectable Brownie crust that’s also topped with whipped cream and ganache won’t be a bad option for you if you like creamy things.

The jazzy tea is equally a better choice if you’ll be here during the hot summer day, and if you crave something more, don’t be hesitant to try out kolache, strawberry danish, or some Chai tea, it’s one of the yummiest things you could get in Northern America!

Perhaps you might be a vegetarian; you wouldn’t be less of a great choice here as well.

Most importantly, all these items are of reasonable prices and the right quantity.

If you’re still unusual of the coolest location for your hangout while in Bristol, Tennessee, this is a perfect fit for your bucket list.

While coming, don’t leave your kids behind because there are so many tasty treats to choose from for all categories of thrillers here.

Note, with the exception of Sundays, the Blackbird Bakery opens from 7:00 in the morning through 10:00 PM on all other days.

Address: 56 Piedmont Ave, Bristol, VA 24201, United States

14. Blue Ridge Comedy Club, Bristol

Blue Ridge Comedy Club, Bristol

Blue Ridge Comedy Club

Study reveals that there are health benefits associated with laughter.

First, it’s an activity that acts as a natural pain reliever and it equally assists in strengthening an immune system.

On the other hand, it’s the only major activity that can help to improve your mood and increase your productivity.

So, will you love to explore an attraction with so many things that’ll invoke your laughing spirit?

Considering the health benefit highlighted above, certainly, you will! Hence, head straight to the Blue Ridge Comedy Club anytime you’re in Bristol!

At the Blue Ridge Comedy Club, they present varieties of comic events that are not only funny but equally insightful.

This open space is spacious; the chairs are comfortable, and, most impressively, beer sellers are on site.

Not just that, if you’re not in haste to leave during your trip, there are tons of engaging night shows, and if you are in this downtown during the weekend, don’t hesitate to attend one of its many weekend concerts.

Address: 620 State St Suite 1003, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

15. Janie’s Place

Janie's Place

Janie’s Place

A full day of adventure without a stop to fill your stomach with something nice may likely make your vacation so boring.

To salvage that, Janie’s Place will come to your rescue!

This topmost American restaurant offers scrumptious meals that are always cooked to perfection.

They also offer a nice selection of wines; if you’d prefer some chilled beers, you’ll have plenty of them here.

Besides, there are a host of many fruit trees and herbs in their garden area that you’ll find so thoughtful.

How about its wide variety of flowers and a large playground for the kids? No doubt, Janie’s Place is far above everything, and many things are available at other restaurants in this downtown!

Although, it’s quite unfortunate that there are few outdoor seating areas. Nevertheless, the rooms are so comfy, and the atmosphere is so welcoming.

On a similar note, it’s an attraction situated on a little portion of land. Hence, parking may be highly challenging.

Nonetheless, if you can come early or park at any nearby garages, that’s nothing to prevent you from having a stop here.

This is a charming area in Bristol city and will, in no small measure, make your vacation to this Tri-Cities highly fun and delightful.

In any season you’ll be here, note that this location opens all days with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: 725 Bluff City Hwy, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

16. Bristol Just Jump Trampoline Park

Just Jump Trampoline Park

Just Jump Trampoline Park

The Just Jump Trampoline Park is another amusement center in Bristol with plenty of things to do for every fun-seekers.

Just Jump Trampoline Park is a great area in Bristol area where the kids can jump, run, and learn from several hands-on exhibits awaiting their arrival.

In addition to that, this facility has loose mats in the toddler trampoline area. Thereby creating engaging activities for toddlers as well.

Even for the parents, caregivers, or grandparents, there are massage chairs, and for those who are sports enthusiasts, you’ll find a basketball hoop with modern equipment here.

These facilities are very clean and safe for the little ones.

Moreover, the staff acts like an old friend to every child on tourism here.

Although, the only worrisome thing about this fun place is that the cost of admission is a little bit pricey.

However, irrespective of what’s payable, anything that’s sure to bring happiness to your kids can never be too expensive to afford.

Address: 315 Bristol W Blvd, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

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17. Sugar Hollow Park

Sugar Hollow Park, Bristol

Sugar Hollow Park

If you’re a parkgoer intending to have a newer vacation experience, try spending a few hours at Sugar Hollow Park.

Sugar Hollow Park is an all-encompassing pleasurable spot with several fun activities that are suitable for travelers of diverse ages.

It’s a 400-acre park featuring a bike trail for bikers, hikers, and cyclists and a camping site with contemporary camping facilities.

Other amenities in this great park include an elaborate pavilion and a beautiful picnic area.

More so, there’s a playground for children to run up and down, and its well-equipped swimming pool is one of the biggest draws here.

Just as you’ll love, Sugar Hollow Park in Bristol equally has large soccer and softball fields.

Perhaps, golfing might also be your favorite activity. There’s a beautiful golf-playing center with everything that’ll make your golfing adventure highly engaging.

However, I suggest you plan a trip here during the summertime. This is because this attraction is less functioning in other seasons.

Address: Sugar Hollow Park, Bristol, VA 24202, United States

18. South Holston Lake

South Holston Lake

South Holston Lake

The South Holston Lake is situated towards the cities of Virginia, Abingdon, and Bristol in Tennessee.

It’s a delightful place that offers anglers over 1,600 acres of attraction for adventure.

South Holston offers a great fishing experience for a variety of species. This includes Black bass, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, catfish, and walleye are a few of the most sought-after species here.

In addition, here, predatory fish have abundant and diverse forage in the form of gizzard alewives, threadfin shad, and shiners.

It doesn’t end there; this lake’s shoreline habitats equally offer anglers an impressive diversity of structures. This consists of shale banks, rock bluffs, and flat clay points.

Anglers who also prefer trolling will find a reasonable selection of open-water structures. It ranges from river channels to mud flats, submerged islands, and drop-offs.

Beyond all that, South Holston Lake is also famous for its engaging events.

Annually, on the 4th of July, this landmark has a fireworks display. The fireworks can be seen everywhere over the lake during this activity, and it’s always interesting.

There are also lots of fishing and boat racing activities every summer.

Whatever your choice of activity would be here, you definitely wouldn’t leave without a beautiful smile all over your face because you’ll have a blast.

Address: 918 South View Dam Dr., Bristol, Tenn. 37602, United States

19. Whitetop Creek Park, Bristol

Whitetop Creek Park

Whitetop Creek Park

Opening daily from 9:00 AM through 9:00 PM, the Whitetop Creek Park is a beautiful sports complex in Bristol, Tennessee.

It’s a point of interest that prides itself on its large softball & lighted soccer fields, plus a perimeter walking trail.

Whether you are interested in football or softball or prefer hiking, this great area has a bit of something fun for everyone.

Other than those facilities, this admirable place also features a pavilion area, and next to it, there’s a large playground for children of ages 5 – 12.

Moreover, this 55.8-acre attraction also boasts a large basketball court. In fact, if you prefer golfing or camping, you’ll find this park so engaging.

How about its well-laid-out trails? You wouldn’t wish for anything better! The layout is lovely; it’s just a paradise for hikers of various skill levels.

In fact, as rarely as you may expect an attraction of this nature, this engaging spot also has a pond where you can fish.

Apparently, no matter what you want, how you want it, and to what extent you want it, Whitetop Creek Park offers something for everyone.

Notwithstanding all these, a full-day adventure to this gorgeous site costs just $85, which is evidently affordable.

If you can, add this lovely destination to your itinerary, and it’ll surely be well worth it!

Address: 100 Sports way Dr, Bristol, TN 37620, United States

20. Stickley Farm

Stickley Farm, Bristol

Stickley Farm

The Stickley Farm is a lovely family-owned and operated farm in Bluff City, towards Bristol in Tennessee.

It is always open for tourism in the month of October, and it also serves as one of the iconic centers for lovely birthday parties in Bristol.

Besides, it’s a suitable venue for a reunion, and if you’re more culturally inclined, be sure to attend one of the many cultural presentations that are usually held here.

Asides from its impressive farm structure, the Stickley Farm of Bristol has a petting zoo with various animals, including ducks, geese, ponies, sheep, and goats.

Their hunted house is also fun, not too scary for kids, and adequate enough to keep the adults looking over their shoulders.

This is just a great place with lots of things to do, be sure to stop by anytime you’re in Bristol!

Address: 531 Timber Mill Private Dr, Bluff City, TN 37618, United States

Final Remarks

In line with the popular saying, “Fact speaks for itself!”

Now that you have seen how incredible Bristol is, when will you be here?

Be it summertime or winter period; there wouldn’t be a shortage of beautiful places you could explore.

Meanwhile, while preparing for an epic vacation to this town, don’t forget to use the above recommendations to narrow your itinerary.

Safe Trip!