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24 Best Things to Do in Kingsport TN You Shouldn’t Miss

With a population of about 54000 people, Kingsport is one of the best places to be in Tennessee.

The city and its surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful and historically significant.

Flourishing with numerous historical sites, you will love it here in Kingsport.

You can spend the day outside or inside one of the city’s restaurants, art galleries, or museums.

In addition, if you are a golf lover, whether miniature or a standard course, you will love it here.

In fact, there is something to please everyone, from the unspoiled beauty of the surrounding hills and the tranquil Holston River to its vibrant arts scene and mouthwatering eateries.

These are the 24 best and most fun things to do to enjoy the best of this place.

Things to do in Kingsport, Tennessee

1. Kingsport Greenbelt

Kingsport Greenbelt

The Kingsport Greenbelt

What better place to enjoy some serenity and tranquility with nature?

The Kingsport Greenbelt is one of the best locations to go to in Kingsport if you want to enjoy nature.

The eight-mile picturesque Greenbelt trail runs through the town and the nearby woodland.

Kingsport Greenbelt links residential areas, conventional parks, the central business sector, schools, and activity hubs.

Furthermore, it includes a walk that meanders alongside tranquil streams and meanders through marshlands.

It also glides through wide meadows and passes conserved and restored old homes and structures.

The entire trail is covered in asphalt, making it accessible to rollerbladers, runners, and walkers.

There is always something new to discover in the Greenbelt because the route is open all year, and the vistas change with the seasons.

Hikers will encounter a protected wetland area, wildflowers, and a native tree along the trail, in addition to two historical sites, a natural spring, a skate park, and a number of picnic areas.

There are numerous more spots throughout Kingsport where you can access the route.

You can also choose to have a picnic at the greenbelt or go bird watching.

You can even come with your dogs, but they must be on a leash.

This should be added to your things to do in Kingsport.

Address: 1550 Fort Henry Dr, Kingsport, TN 37664-2500

2. The LampLight Theatre

The LampLight Theatre

LampLight Theatre

The Lamplight theater in Kingsport is not the regular theater you come across every day.

The Lamplight is located in downtown Kingsport, so you can eat in any of the wonderful restaurants in downtown Kingston before the show starts or after.

The business aims to offer a variety of entertainment for individuals of all ages while also promoting traditional family values and encouraging a love of the arts.

You can discover everything you need here, whether you’re seeking uplifting Christian drama or a humorous musical comedy.

The Foggy Valley Gang plays, Family Game Nights concerts, Mortality Room performances, The Martins spectacle, Shenanigans comedy performances, A Night of Improv Comedy, or even More than Just A Man drama are some of the shows you’ll see here.

In short, the acting here is wonderful. It is hard to believe this is a community theatre with volunteer actors.

Address: 140 Broad St, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

3. Domtar Park, Kingston

Domtar Park, Kingston

Kingston Domtar Park

Domtar Park is a multi-use public space that has long provided for the needs of East Tennessee residents.

The park is conveniently located from anywhere in Kingsport and even near enough for Virginia residents as well.

This is an excellent location for softball, tee-ball, and baseball.

Domtar Park is also much more than a ball field.

The land was formerly owned by Native Cherokee Indians and has been used for a variety of purposes over the years.

A historical marker can be found nearby.

It’s worth visiting at least once in a lifetime because this is also where you can locate a commemorative stone marker reflecting this important event.

The facilities include top-notch sporting fields, which are accessible when events are planned.

There’s also a batting cage and a playground for the children.

Although pets are not permitted within the complex, there is plenty of on-site parking if you must bring your car.

Note: Domtar Park is a no-tobacco area.

Many people enjoy the ball games and stroll along the trails beside the river daily.

Address: 34 Kingsley Park Drive, Fort Mill SC 29715, Kingsport, United States

4. Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium

Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium

Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium

Been to the largest city-owned park in Tennessee?

Bays mountain park is the largest city-owned park in Tennessee. It is a 3,550-acre nature preserve in Kingsport.

A 44-acre lake and 38 miles of hiking, biking, and running trails are available in the park.

Additionally, there are natural enclosures where visitors may get a close-up look at bobcats, reptiles, birds, and much more.

Visitors to Bays Mountain Park can make use of a number of amenities, including a nature Center with a cutting-edge planetarium, animal enclosures, and so on.

Furthermore, the 38 miles of trails in the park are open to hikers, runners, sight-seeing tourists, explorers, and mountain bikers.

Throughout the year, Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium also provides a wide range of free public activities, including guided tours and survival classes.

Barge rides on the lake, picnic shelter rentals, and nature programs are all available to visitors.

Visitors can also reserve a picnic shelter or rental site for a family reunion, a school function, or a business event.

In addition, this park is very dog friendly, so you can bring your four-legged friend.

The gift shop and the museum are also a lot of fun and informative.

Though Bays Mountain Park is open daily, the hours of operation vary depending on the season.

Address: 853 Bays Mountain Park Rd, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

5. Kingsport Carousel


Kingsport Carousel

If you love carousels, the Kingsport Carousel is the place to go in Kingsport.

It’s one of the area’s most well-liked attractions is the Kingsport Carousel.

In fact, the craftsmanship and artistry here are incredible. The story behind it is very heartwarming.

Located in Pal’s Roundhouse, this iconic landmark was brought to life by more than 300 volunteers.

Gale Joh, a resident, came up with the initial concept of the Kingsport Carousel.

He then enlisted the support of other civic leaders, volunteers, and donors to realize his vision.

Furthermore, the carousel took six Years To Complete and opened In July 2015.

The carousel is certainly a work of art, as it has 32 animals, 24 sweep animals, and two chariots, all of which were hand-carved and painted.

The hand-carved wooden animals, chariots, and original paintings on the carousel’s menagerie-style frame date to 1956.

The carousel also highlights Kingsport’s history on the 24 rounding boards that have painted scenes from the city’s past.

It operates from Wednesday through Sunday.

Address: 350 Clinchfield St, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

6. Chop House, Kingsport

Chop House, Kingsport

Chop House

Operating since 1992, chop house is a busy but quiet place with wonderful menu selections.

The Chop House owners have expanded the chain to eleven locations spread across three states.

They have skillfully switched gears by establishing an engaging ambiance that caters to a larger clientele, even though they are still loyal to their original idea, which was a traditional American steakhouse.

Some of Kingston’s best steaks and chops may be found here.

You can always count on consistency, from tender cuts of meat to flavorful side dishes, because they are enthusiastic about providing a superb dining experience.

Enjoy mouthwatering appetizers, the best steaks, chops, and fresh seafood.

Don’t forget to try the prime rib. It is exceptional and not overcooked.

They also have a variety of beverages and unique sandwiches.

The fact they make everything in-house right down to the ice cream and all dressings is really impressive.

Address: 1704 N Eastman Rd, Kingsport, TN 37664, United States

7. Exchange Place

Exchange place kingsport

Exchange Place Kingsport

Open throughout the year, exchange Place is where history comes to life.

The Exchange Place has been a plantation, a stagecoach relay stop, and a post office throughout its 160-year existence.

The 62-acre “living history” farm is now open to the public.

The place allows guests to experience what life was like for settlers and farmers in the 1850s.

Visitors can take tours of the main home, schoolhouse, blacksmith forge, granary, and barns.

Furthermore, you will get to see buildings from the 1800s as they would have been when settlers stopped to exchange horses and currency as well as buy goods on their journey west.

The farm is also home to a variety of rare varieties of horses, cattle, sheep, and poultry.

The Exchange Place is open from May to October, and throughout the year, it also puts on a number of festivals and special events.

Exchange Place Spring Garden Fair is held in April at the Exchange Place Living History Farm.

You will get to meet unique vendors of handcrafted items and activities, a local small orchestra and string band playing, many interesting varieties of vegetable plants and flowers, and lots more.

Address: 4812 Orebank Rd, Kingsport, TN 37664, United States

8. The Netherland Inn, Kingsport

The Netherland Inn, Kingsport

The Netherland Inn, Kingsport

If you are interested in local history, especially that of Kingsport, this is a must-see.

The Netherland Inn towers over the Holston River and is included on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Netherland Inn was initially constructed by William King between 1802 and 1808 as a location from which he could carry salt west.

Later, in 1818, he sold the inn to Richard Netherland.

Richard then opened the Inn and Tavern for tourists on the previous Stage Road after securing a stage contract.

The inn even served as a rest stop for travelers.

It served tourists traveling between Washington City and Nashboro and the main route to middle Tennessee and western Kentucky.

Presidents Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, and James K. Polk were among the noteworthy people who have stayed at the Inn.

In addition, the inn is stocked with museum-quality decor.

You will get a close-up look at life in one of the most significant American frontier towns in the South.

The property includes a bank barn, a historic flat boat replica, a log cabin children’s museum, and a schoolhouse.

Finally, the Inn is open on Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. from May through October.

The inn also gets opened by special arrangements.

Address: 2144 Netherland Inn Rd, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

9. Renaissance Arts Center and Theatre

Renaissance Arts Center and Theatre

Renaissance Arts Center and Theatre

One of Kingsport’s most recognizable landmarks is the Kingsport Renaissance Center.

It was formerly known as the John Sevier School and it is a masterwork of architecture.

The Kingsport Renaissance Arts Center is a definition of a multipurpose building, especially when it comes to entertainment.

The center serves the neighborhood as a hub for senior citizens and artistic events.

It also serves as a venue for corporate meetings, celebrations, showers, and lectures.

This center hosts numerous events on a regular basis, making it a wonderful destination for tourists and locals looking for entertainment.

Furthermore, the building has a 350-seat theater, a three-story atrium, meeting spaces, and offices.

A three-story atrium with 50 chairs on each level is also available.

Aside from the impressive three-story sky-lit atrium with 50 seats on each level, the center also offers a gymnasium and a stunning art gallery with new exhibits every month.

In addition, you can visit the second-level art gallery from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

You can also visit on Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Every month, a fresh show is displayed at the Art Gallery, so don’t miss this Kingsport beauty.

Address: 1200 E Center St Ste 224, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

10. Rotherwood Mansion, Kingsport

Rotherwood Mansion, Kingsport, flickr

The Rotherwood Mansion, Kingsport

If you love tales of haunted houses and ghost stories, this is the place to go in Kingsport.

Rotherwood Mansion, erected in 1818, has a fascinating and eerie past.

It was originally owned by Reverend F. A. Ross, a successful plantation owner. He also founded Kingsport.

This Mansion has been the scene of a number of spooky events.

The lore surrounding the estate is filled with tragic tales of enslavement, a myth about a dog from hell, and numerous instances of lost souls wandering the grounds even after death.

There are rumors that a Woman in White has been haunting the people who resided in this traditional mansion since the 17th century.

It has also gained notoriety for the depths to which its beauty has inspired artists.

Since 1991, Rotherwood Mansion has thrived as a private residence and has been lovingly restored.

Overall, it is a beautiful historic mansion that sits overlooking the river.

Although you can’t go on the property as it is private now, you can take beautiful pics from the Riverfront park overlook.

Address: 3401 Netherland Inn RD, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

11. Ridgefield’s Golf & Athletic Club

Ridgefield's Golf & Athletic Club

Ridgefield’s Golf & Athletic Club

Make your way to Kingsport’s historic Netherlands Inn neighborhood if you’re searching for a fantastic golf course with difficult holes and lots of character.

Ridgefields Golf & Athletic Club has been drawing golfers from across Eastern Tennessee and beyond since it opened its doors in 1949.

Golfers of all ability levels can enjoy breathtaking views and a hard game at Ridgefields Country Club.

The course was created by Donald Ross, one of golf’s most well-known architects at the time.

For players of all skill levels, the rolling terrain and strategically positioned bunkers provide a picturesque experience.

Despite being one of the most prominent golf courses in the region, you will genuinely love the club’s family-friendly atmosphere.

This is a place golf lovers shouldn’t miss in Kingsport.

Address: 2320 Pendragon Rd, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

12. Gypsy Circus Cider Company

Gypsy Circus Cider Company

Gypsy Circus Cider Company

Are you a cider fan? or do you want to grab some good food and cold beer? Gypsy is where to go.

The first specialty cidery in Tennessee uses a distinctive approach that excludes sorbates, concentrates, and uses only natural ingredients.

To give a variety of specialized juices, the company uses apples that are privately procured and all-natural supplements.

In fact, the most well-known cidery in the South is Gypsy Circus.

In addition, the Tennessee Championship of Beers awarded Gypsy circus Cider gold, silver, and bronze medals.

While it says “Cider Company,” they have plenty of other options as well.

In a nutshell, this is one of the greatest locations to go for tasty cuisine and cold beer.

There are tables and a bar on the inside, as well as a deck and an outside ground-level area with picnic tables.

You will like the excellent music playing in the background.

If you are a Cider fan, this is a must-go place in Kingsport.

Address: 2645 Fort Henry Dr, Kingsport, TN 37664, United States

13. The Inventor Center

The inventor center kingsport

The Inventor Center Kingsport

Time to get your hands dirty and go full technical.

The inventor center is a facility in Kingston that offers shared artisanal, creative work, and play spaces to artists, innovators, and other trailblazing people.

These spaces contain heavy-duty and specialized equipment not typically seen in other communal or commercial settings.

Receive practical training in various disciplines like carpentry, fine arts, animation, and lots more.

The Center’s mission is to foster a community of artists, craftspeople, and thinkers who can take advantage of the opportunity.

Guests can pick from a variety of workshops. Locals and extended visitors can also choose from monthly memberships.

The fact that they have workshops and social events every week is one of the wonderful aspects.

Address: 118 Shelby St, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

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14. Fort Henry Mall, Kingsport

Fort Henry Mall, kingsport flickr-min

Mike Kalasnik / Flickr

Are you a shopping buff and want to go shopping in Kingsport? Henry port is a good place to satisfy your shopping urge.

Even though this is not your largely-packed city mall, but it has everything you need

Fort Henry Mall, formerly Kingsport Town Center, located in Kingsport, Tennessee, is the only regional shopping mall serving Kingsport.

Hull Property Group owns the mall and opened its doors to the public in March 1976.

Visit the Henry Mall in Kingsport and indulge in your preferred culinary and retail experiences.

In the mall, welcoming merchants offer goods such as shoes, clothing, accessories, and many more.

Additionally, the mall provides gift recommendations, seasonal style suggestions, and fashion advice.

Henry Mall also contains everything you could possibly need and a spot where you can kick back, unwind, and savor the delectable meals offered.

The Fort Henry Mall is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 am, Monday through Saturday, and from 1 pm to 6 pm on Sunday.

Address: 2101 Fort Henry Dr, Kingsport, TN 37664, United States

15. Long Island of the Holston

Long island of the holston

Mark Hilton / Long Island of the Holston

Need some tranquility and some time with nature? Long Island should be on your list.

A natural and geological wonder in Tennessee is the Long Island of the Holston, sometimes referred to as Long Island.

This island, a famous destination for tourists because of its numerous historical sites, is also very important to the people who have lived there for hundreds of years.

The island has a length of about four miles and a width of about half a mile.

Besides, it is recognized as a U.S. National Historic Landmark District and listed on the National Register of Historic Places!

This peculiar island has long been regarded to be a fantastic place to take time off for oneself far away from frenetic city life.

Address: 500-582 Riverport Rd, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

16. Kingsport Mets Baseball Game

Kingsport Mets Baseball Game

Allen Greene Photography / Kingsport Mets Baseball Game

Known as an American pastime, baseball occupies a unique place in the hearts of many people across the United States of America and has a long history, earning it the moniker “America’s pastime.”

Observing a baseball game in person is the way to enjoy a baseball game properly.

The Appalachian League (1921–2020) baseball team known as the Kingsport Mets is connected to the New York Mets of Major League Baseball.

The experience of attending a game extends beyond observing a number of players throw and hit the ball all over the field.

The ambiance, crowd noise, and stadium odor all contribute to how much fun it is to attend.

Attending a game at Hunter Wright Stadium is a great and inexpensive way to spend a day or evening with friends or family.

The stadium can hold 2,500 spectators, and tickets normally cost $8 or less (not including parking).

You don’t even need to be a baseball fan to enjoy the game. Just go, keep an open mind and have a blast!

Address: Kingsport, TN, United States

17. Kingsport Public Library

kingsport public library

J. Stephen Conn / Flickr

Kingsport Library is an excellent small city library that offers new and classic selections and services and hosts free clubs, fun events, and educational classes throughout the year.

You will discover fascinating facts about the city by visiting the Kingsport Public Library.

The Kingsport City Archives facilitate research and consulting on the city’s documented past in Tennessee.

The Kingsport Public Library’s bottom floor houses the city of Kingsport’s archives.

Events for children and teenagers are planned by the Kingsport Public Library, including storytimes, paws to read, teen book league, and more.

The library also hosts various gatherings and activities for adults.

There are frequently free events for young children and/or teens.

The Kingsport Public Library is open every day from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and from dawn until 6 pm on the weekends.

There’s also a 3D printer available and free Wi-Fi, all these to ease learning.

Address: 400 Broad St, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

18. Warriors’ Path State Park

warriors’ path state park

Warriors’ Path State Park

If you want a place to fish, bike, hike or perhaps take a hike, this is the place to be.

This Tennessee state park is one of the most unique and diverse in the state.

Along with a Boundless playground, there is a sensory braille trail that recounts the Chronicles of Narnia.

You should include this 950-acre natural reserve near the Patrick Henry Reservoir on your list of things to do in Kingsport.

The park, which has 12 miles of hiking trails that lead visitors through the breathtaking Tennessee countryside, is named after The Cherokee War and Trading Path.

It also contains a 134-site campsite, an 18-hole golf course, a picnic area, and pavilions.

One of Tennessee’s most well-known mountain bike paths is also located in this park.

Other notable attractions include an amphitheater and a treehouse.

In addition, the park’s Fort Patrick Henry Lake is a fantastic spot for boating, swimming, and fishing.

Children who are blind or disabled can use the playground’s accessible trails and equipment.

The park is open every day of the year, from sunrise to sunset, while day-use areas close at dusk.

Address: 490 Hemlock Rd, Kingsport, TN 37663, United States

19. Kingsport Aquatic Center

kingsport aquatic center

Kingsport Aquatic Center

Do you need anything water? Come here.

The Kingsport Aquatic Center is a cutting-edge facility available all year for visitors and locals to use.

Located at the foot of the famous Bays Mountain in Kingsport’s Meadowview neighborhood, the facility offers the best in health, exercise, and recreation amenities in a setting that prioritizes safety.

46,000 square feet of indoor space can be found at this aquatic center. There are gorgeous multi-purpose pools in this area.

The only Olympic-sized indoor pool in the area is also here.

Furthermore, a 50-meter lap pool with eight lanes is available for those taking lessons or looking for some action.

Swimmers can utilize the inside aqua obstacle course or the outdoor pool, which features two water slides and a water play area.

Additionally, the facility also provides a 900-foot-long lazy river for visitors wishing to unwind while swimming in the sunshine.

The state-of-the-art Kingsport Aquatic Center is unlike any other attraction in the area, whether you’re interested in competitive swimming, water classes, or water park fun.

Address: 1820 Meadowview Pkwy, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

20. Allandale Mansion, Kingsport

Allandale mansion, flickr-min

Lamar / Flickr

Old houses are always interesting to explore.

Explore Allandale Mansion and try to picture how it would have looked in the past.

The 25-acre Allandale Mansion near Kingsport is a well-liked location for weddings, private events, and corporate gatherings.

The City of Kingsport received Allandale Mansion in 1969.

Allandale, which Ruth and Harvey Brooks built in 1950, still contains their upscale furnishings.

Furthermore, Allandale is now a vibrant aspect of Kingsport’s civic and social life.

It was formerly a 500-acre farm where Mr. Brooks raised his champion Black Angus cows and award-winning walking horses.

The mansion is a favorite location for events and entertainment due to its convenient access to all sites of interest and leisure pursuits in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

The Allendale Mansion has a lot to explore.

Besides, the Allendale Mansion itself is frequently referred to as “the White House of Kingsport” due to its elegant interior.

The grounds are pet-friendly, but leash laws do apply; however, only service animals are allowed inside the buildings

The grounds also consist of an amphitheater, picnic tables, gazebos, and lots more.

Address: 4444 W Stone Dr, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

21. Riverfront park

riverfront park kingsport

Riverfront Park Kingsport

If you want to go on an evening outing or spend some time with your spouse, riverfront park is a nice place.

Located along the Holston River, the boatyard riverfront park is a 19-acre community park with many recreation components.

There are bike lanes, boat docks, park chairs, walking paths, water fountains, and also picnic tables here.

In addition, you can go fishing in Riverfront Park.

Enjoy organizing a wonderful picnic with your loved ones in a welcoming setting because Riverfront Park has BBQ grills, picnic shelters, picnic tables, and seats.

It also provides access to the Kingsport Greenbelt, a replica flatboat, fishing piers, historical markers, and more.

Moreso, you can bring your kids along; there are multi-station playgrounds for kids of all ages where they may play and have a good time.

Additionally, Riverfront Park is pet-friendly.

Address: Kingsport, TN, United States

22. Putt-Putt Fun Center, Kingsport

putt putt fun center

Putt Putt Fun Center

Here’s a miniature golf course you’d like.

Putt-Putt Fun Center, founded in 1954 became the only protected and recognized miniature golf course in the world.

This spot is also a great place for the family to hang out.

Courses are added to create more attractions, resulting in a game that is enjoyed equally by adults and children.

The fun center provides families in the neighborhood with a safe, hygienic, and affordable environment for entertainment.

The company created and added additional attractions to provide all-around amusement.

For example, there are traditional games, go-karts, bumper boats, indoor bumper cars, batting cages, laser tag, a contemporary arcade, and other amusements.

Putt-Putt is a great family activity, and you may host birthday celebrations there as well as just hang out with your loved ones.

Address: 346 W Stone Dr, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

23. Kingsport Farmers Market


Kingsport Farmer’s Market

You won’t run out of fresh produce at the Kingsport farmers’ market.

Kingsport farmers market is one of the best open-air markets in the area.

A few farmers came together to participate in several food festivals. The farmers formally established Kingsport Farmers Market at the beginning of the 1990s.

The Farmers Market, situated at the intersection of Center and Clinchfield Streets, offers various goods.

Goods include delicious baked goods, crafts, live music, and fresh, locally grown produce.

Customers can participate in a variety of activities, such as baking workshops and cooking lessons, in addition to shopping for the best produce and ready-to-eat meals.

Furthermore, the Kingsport Farmers Market also hosts a wide range of activities.

Typically, the Kingsport Farmers Market is a fantastic place to find good meals.

The market is accessible to the public from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Address: 308 Clinchfield St, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

24. Cattails at MeadowView, Kingsport

cattails at meadowview

Cattails at Meadowview

This is another golf course in Kingsport you will get to enjoy a lot.

Denis Griffiths’ Cattails golf course debuted in 1998 and has since gained a reputation as one of the greatest in the Tennessee region.

In fact, golf Digest magazine recently ranked it as the second-best golf city in America.

The gorgeous Cattails Golf Course, which has Bermuda fairways and Bentgrass greens, is located at the foot of Bays Mountain.

It is a fair yet difficult test of golf that features a moderate amount of sand bunkers, a winding stream, six lovely lakes, spacious fairways, and substantial putting greens.

This is a fun yet challenging 18-hole course depending on what tees you decide to play.

There are also views across Kingsport from the highest points on the course, which is a plus.

Golfers of different skill levels will enjoy the challenge presented by this place.

Any golf fan in Kingsport should visit here.

Address: 1901 Meadowview Pkwy, Kingsport, TN 37660, United States

Final Remarks

Spend days outside or inside one of the city’s restaurants, art galleries, or museums.

In addition, if you are a golf lover, play a game or two. You can even just choose to take in the beauty and the scenery here.