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27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Spokane (Washington)

Known as the origin of Father’s Day and is also known as “Lilac City” locally, Spokane is a city in Washington’s eastern region.

Spokane also hosts the world’s largest basketball competition, the Spokane Hoopfest, every year.

Similarly, much of the city’s identity is related to the flowing rivers that course through town, which include both the Spokane River and the magnificent falls of the same name.

If you’re seeking a range of activities to satisfy you, no matter the age and inclinations, Spokane is the place to go.

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is located there, where exhibits on art, culture, and Native American heritage examine the region’s past.

Furthermore, if you enjoy nature, Spokane is a great place to visit all year, with plenty of hiking trails and parks, as well as winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing.

Whether you’re seeking free things to do in Spokane, Washington, or willing to treat yourself to a life of luxury, you’ll get that here.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Spokane attractions you should not miss while you’re in this city.

Things to do in Spokane

1. Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Things to do in Spokane

Northwest Museum of arts & culture / Inlander

Perhaps the first thing you want to do on getting to Spokane is to learn about the region.

Northwest museum is the place to come if you want to learn about the history of this place and particularly Native American history.

Founded in 1916, this museum in Spokane is the largest cultural institution in the Inland Northwest, with over 100,000 annual visitors.

In addition, there are exhibitions featuring regional history and art, as well as major exhibitions from all over the country.

The museum, however, has five galleries with varied cultural and historical exhibitions, as well as paintings, antiques, and other period items.

Upon entering the museum, you will be met with friendly staff and after paying for admission, there’s a small gift shop on the right that’s best visited before you leave.

Walking down the stairs to the end of the museum, you’ll see what looks like paper mache-hanging animals on the small stairwell.

Furthermore, the museum also offers guided tours that include a visit to the nearby Campbell House, a historic landmark built-in 1898.

You’ll find images, historical maps, and ancient publications that will provide a vivid picture of this section of the United States in the past.

There are also rooms where you can get creative here. Definitely a cool place for your inner child.

It’s open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the week except on Mondays.

Adult admission is $12, $10 for seniors, $10 for college students, and $7 for children aged six to seventeen.

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to learn about some history right here in Spokane.

Address: 2316 W 1st Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

2. The Scoop, Spokane

Things to so in spokane

Courtesy: thescoopspokane

A visit to the northwest museum might not be enough to get you prepared for the awesomeness you will encounter in Spokane. So, you can visit the scoop to get some super fresh over cream to calm your nerves.

The Scoop is a charming neighborhood meeting spot nestled among the tree-lined lanes of Spokane’s South Hill.

It is a family-owned business serving great ice cream.

In fact, the scoops are made on-site and cooled by liquid nitrogen.

The wonderful variety of rotating flavors is without comparison.

Plus, their waffles are so amazing that you’ll never go back to frozen ones.

Their locations are in Kendall Yards and South Hill.

Furthermore, the South Hill shop carries Pineapple Dole Whip and the Kendall Yards’ location serves homemade gelato.

You must go to the scoop if you want the inside scoop on cheap yet rewarding things to do in Spokane.

There’s also a Scoop food truck available.

Everything here is top-notch, from the warm atmosphere to the warmer personalities working behind the counter. You’ll love it here.

Address: 1001 W 25th Ave, Spokane, WA 99203, United States

3. Manito Park, Spokane

Manito Park, Spokane

Manito Park

It’s time to get into the open and have some fun. Taking a walk in this beauty of a park is one of the best things you can do in Spokane.

Manito Park is a 90-acre expanse of greenery in Spokane’s South Hill neighborhood that is popular with people all year because of the variety of activities available.

Manito Park is known for its unique horticultural displays, which are divided into five major garden areas.

The garden areas are Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden, Duncan Garden, Rose Hill, Lilac Garden, and Ferris Perennial Garden.

Lower Manito’s Mirror Pond has a paved path accommodating baby strollers, and also wheelchairs.

The Lilac garden blooming in May is sensory bliss, Rose hill is the diamond case of the park, and the Japanese garden Zen ambiance is something of a marvel.

Furthermore, the Gaiser conservatory is the inner sanctum where exotic tropical flowers exist just across the indoor bridge.

Play structures, at both the upper Manito splash pad, and lower cable climbing structure, let the kids burn off some energy.

Venture off easy hiking trails and get a snack at Manito’s Park Bench Cafe.

The vegetation and animals are also extensive, and avid bird watchers will delight in spotting the indigenous species at Manito Park.

Snow is also common throughout the cooler seasons, and sledding is a favorite recreation.

This park has lots of picnic areas and a little (expensive) coffee, and a sandwich shop with outdoor music “occasionally open”.

If you wish to unwind, have a peaceful picnic on one of the numerous lawns or play sports in the community spaces.

Overall, this park is a beautiful place and certainly, a must-see in Spokane.

Address: 1702 S Grand Blvd, Spokane, WA 99203, United States

4. Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls

Located in downtown Spokane, Spokane falls is the name of a waterfall and dam on the Spokane River.

The falls are divided into two sections: the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls, each of which has its own dams that provide electricity to the city.

The dams were built in 1890, making them historical landmarks, and the region is now safeguarded by the city so that visitors can enjoy the rushing rivers for centuries to come.

In addition, you can even take a gondola ride over the falls!

There are scooters and bikes to rent or just put on your walking shoes.

It is not every day that a natural wonder like Spokane Falls is so assessable, so do not miss the opportunity to assess one. Go explore and have fun.

Address: Spokane, United States

5. Wisconsinburger



Founded in 2014, Wisconsinburger is a locally owned restaurant and is one of the hidden gems in Spokane.

Yes, even though this burger joint is located in Spokane, Washington, its name is Wisconsinburger.

Wisconsinburger is your friend if you’re craving a tasty burger.

They make excellent use of local ingredients.

Their beef is 100% Washington Premium Angus, and their buns are produced by the Alpine Bakery in the neighborhood.

On the menu are some extremely inventive burgers, including two delectable vegan burgers.

Everything about this place screams quality. From the awesome decor, which is a wonderful mix of wood and steel to the delicious beer to the unbelievably delicious hamburgers.

They are absolutely delicious and unique.

Furthermore, if you are into bacon, bacon jam is also available, and they are made from scratch and are permanently on the menu.

Perhaps you even need something light? You can try out the salads, they are fresh and innovative.

When you want to enjoy terrific comfort in a stylish setting, go to Wisconsinburger.

Address: 916 S Hatch St, Spokane, WA 99202, United States

6. River Park Square

River Park Square

Courtesy: River Park Square

River Park Square in downtown Spokane’s prime shopping, dining, and entertainment area.

You can shop to your delight and indulge in some high-end dining and drinking at River Park Square.

The shopping is fantastic, with all of their fantastic brands allowing you to truly dress up your clothing.

In addition, AMC 20 Theatres with IMAX, the Fan Suite for a private event or meeting, and a range of national and local retailers and eateries are all located at River Park Square.

Nordstrom, Apple, Gap, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and more are right inside, as well as many other smaller/local stores.

Shopping might make you hungry, and you’ll have plenty of options whether you want a full course dinner or just a quick snack, moreover, Starbucks is right across the street.

After 5 p.m., parking is only $4, which is ideal for attending downtown events, and the daily maximum is only $12.

The concierge desk sells gift cards, which can also be purchased online on their website.

Address: 808 W Main Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

7. Mobius Children’s Museum

Mobius Children’s Museum

Mobius Children’s Museum

If you in are Spokane with your kids, then Mobius Children’s Museum is a place you must visit.

The museum was founded as an interactive museum for children to learn about many themes such as science, art, and culture, and in fact, is one of the greatest interactive centers for kids.

They have a great selection of items that will stimulate you and your children.

The emphasis is on teaching in a pleasant and hands-on environment, and there are several galleries with various topics for children to enjoy.

These include places like the “Out-of-Hand Art Studio,” where kids can work on their own masterpieces or participate in other arts and crafts.

Other areas include “Geotopia,” which teaches children about geography, and interactive tanks with reptiles and insects, which attempt to teach children about the world’s ecosystems.

There’s even a “Globe Theater” where you can see dance, music, and storytelling acts all day.

The displays are educational and fun for the whole family!

The bathrooms are clean and there’s a gift shop to look through before you leave.

Address: 331 N Post St, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

8. The Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox

The Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox

Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox

You can’t visit Spokane and not visit any of the beautiful theaters here.

The Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox began as a Fox movie theater in 1931.

The stunning Art Deco structure was designed by renowned architect Robert Reamer. The theatre was the largest in Spokane at the time, with 2,300 seats.

It was the only air-conditioned building in Spokane at the time and boasted the most advanced modern movie equipment.

The Spokane Symphony performs at the Martin Woldson.

Check the Fox website frequently for great entertainment of many kinds, but especially for performances by the fantastic Spokane Symphony.

The Symphony puts on a wide range of performances, catering to all preferences.

You can also book the theatre for weddings or other special events.

There are parking lots nearby for symphony concerts.

Do yourself a favor, don’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy the Martin Woldson Theater in Spokane.

Address: 1001 W Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

9. First Interstate Center for the Arts, Spokane

First Interstate Center for the Arts, Spokane

First Interstate Center for the Arts, Spokane

This is a great place to see a play as it comes through town.

This arts center is another benefit Spokane received from Expo 74. Originally called the Opera House, you will enjoy fine productions here.

It’s a venue for enjoyable and highly enlightening experiences, with numerous forms of performance hosted and celebrated right by the eponymous river.

Since 1974, the First Interstate Center for the Arts has existed.

The large venue is well appointed with easy access to comfortable seats, rows are narrow as usual for these types of venues, but there is appointed handicap seating/areas for wheelchair access.

Furthermore, there is good acoustics, as would be expected.

It has hosted comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, singers like John Mellencamp, and Broadway plays like “The Lion King” during that time.

Because of its 2,600 seats, you can feel like you’re in a vast crowd while still having a personal experience.

It’s a beautiful place to get lost in fun and entertainment.

Address: 334 W Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

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10. Centennial Trail

Centennial Trail

Spokane County / Centennial Trail

Spokane has something for everyone, even the hikers

This 37.5-mile path in Spokane is a must-see for anybody visiting Spokane who enjoys hiking.

From Nine Mile Recreation Area on Lake Spokane to the Idaho border, the 40-mile Spokane River Centennial State Park Trail travels through eastern Washington.

Furthermore, the trail winds through high desert Ponderosa pine forests, basalt canyons, hip urban hubs, and cultural heritage sites.

The trail here skirts Riverfront Park, but if you continue on out of town, it will take you into rural areas to the east and west of the city in both directions.

This rural-urban road will provide a fun and educational experience for hardy hikers, cyclists, inline skaters, and other foot-powered travelers.

The trail in Riverside State Park is also horse-friendly.

Many activities are also held in the park, including marathons, triathlons, cycling races, and charity walks and runs, making it a fantastic spot to meet other fitness enthusiasts.

Address: Spokane, United States

11. The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Spokane

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Spokane

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

If you are religious or have a thing for architecture and magnificent structures, then you will enjoy this place.

This is an awesome place with outstanding architectural buildings overlooking downtown Spokane.

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is made up of three smaller churches that have been combined overtime to make one big cathedral complex.

The cathedral is made of stone with some wood carvings.

The stained glass windows are brilliant. The natural light above the altar is always a good highlight.

The church is welcoming, loving, and graced with a powerfully inspiring and accepting Bishop.

When they say “All are welcome, “, they truly mean anyone and everyone.

They practice the original meaning of “catholic” and accept anyone as a guest or patron regardless of faith, gender identity, denomination, cultural or social background, or abilities.

Address: 127 E 12th Ave, Spokane, WA 99202, United States

12. Green Bluff

Green Bluff

Courtesy: Green Bluff

Green buff is a well-known farming community in Spokane. In fact, you could call Green Bluff a mini Heaven.

On a well-kept country road, you ascend to a little higher elevation. Then you’re in the clouds at the foot of Mount Spokane, passing through magnificent well-kept family farms that are nicely spaced apart among the greenest of green sloping grasslands.

Green Bluff Growers promotes Green Bluff as a viable and sustainable agricultural, education, and agri-tourism area located just north of Spokane.

In addition, the group assists member farms in thriving by boosting their exposure and informing the public about the amazing experiences available on Green Bluff

Each farm beckons you with signs like “U – Pick” to come to fill buckets and bags with fruit you pick yourself from their gorgeous orchards.

Delicious apricots, apples, cherries, and peaches are among their product offerings.

You can even take a tour of the grounds to discover more about this incredible farming organization, which dates back to 1902.

This is a great location to visit in Spokane to learn more about agriculture.

Address: Spokane, United States

13. Avista Stadium

Avista Stadium

Photo by Spokesman

Intimate Stadium puts you close to the action. This is how it always should feel watching baseball.

Avista is a great little ballpark with excellent field maintenance, fun activities, very reasonable concessions, and wonderful staff.

The stadium is located in downtown Spokane.

The minor league Spokane Indians play at Avista Stadium, which is an outdoor stadium.

Since its inception in 1958, Avista Stadium has been regarded as a crown jewel of Spokane.

There are skyboxes, a picnic area, the Banner Back Diamond Club, and a children’s play area.

It’s also fun to sit in the stands and cheer on the team while eating a hot dog.

It’s undoubtedly one of the top places in Spokane for entertaining and fascinating activities.

In short, the Avista Stadium, concessions, & level of baseball hold their own.

Stadium & grounds are spotless, the field itself is baseball-beautiful, and the view over the outfield fence is trains & mountains.

Address: 602 N Havana St, Spokane Valley, WA 99212, United States

14. Downtown Spokane

Downtown Spokane

Downtown Spokane

Do you need to visit the heart of Spokane and experience the hustle and bustle of this city, Downtown Spokane is the right place.

Downtown Spokane, which is punctuated by an urban river gorge, offers a unique blend of city activity and natural beauty.

You will find art and architecture delightful if it is your passion.

In addition, theater, live music, craft beer, and wine are all available in beautiful downtown Spokane.

Riverfront Park is located in the center. According to National Geographic, it is one of the best urban parks in the country.

If you need to have some nice food, their restaurants are also great. Locations like Cochinito and Wild Sage demonstrate how serious Spokane is about food.

You can have a romantic evening with your sweetheart or a wild night out with your buddies downtown.

You can even have a fantastic time by yourself and find much to do.

The Entertainment District in Spokane is quite unique.

Address: Spokane, United States

15. John A. Finch Arboretum

John A. Finch Arboretum

Photo by James Hawley

The Arboretum is a great place to enjoy the scenery of Spokane with a lot of trees that you don’t see every day.

Nestled in the Sunset Hill area, the arboretum offers trails, streams, seating areas, and a program center.

This little hidden gem is always a quiet refuge from the day. Rarely busy, always lovely.

There are thousands of species to observe, as well as many pathways to explore.

It’s a multisensory experience with a lot to see.

You can, however, crouch down to appreciate the flowers, especially the lilacs, and look up at the tall trees.

If you enjoy activities that help you understand nature better, the Touch and See Natural Trail is for you.

There’s also a stream that goes all the way through the arboretum with little waterfalls and lots of secret little hiding spots.

This venue is really fun for the whole family or for taking a romantic stroll with your spouse while you are in Spokane.

Address: 3404 W Woodland Blvd, Spokane, WA 99224, United States

16. Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

The Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park is a ski resort on North Mount Spokane Park Drive in Spokane.

The park is about 23 miles northeast of Spokane, near Mount Spokane State Park. Five chairlifts transport skiers and snowboarders from the base to the 5,889-foot summit.

In addition, Mt. Spokane is a great mountain to learn at! They have a great ski school program for small kids up to adults with private and group lessons.

There are two ski lodges and rentals! The main lodge has decent food and a very good beverage selection.

Built-in 1933, the historic Vista House at the summit serves hot food and drinks on weekends and holidays.

The park also provides rentals and lessons for both children and adults, as well as special activities like child daycare.

Night skiing, a tubing hill, and chalets are also available at the park.

Address: 29500 N Mt Spokane Park Dr, Mead, WA 99021, United States

17. Queen of Sheba, Spokane

Queen of Sheba, Spokane

Queen of Sheba Restaurant.

Step inside Spokane’s historic Flour Mill and there you will find a food gem, serving far more than authentic Ethiopian cuisine.

The restaurant is located in downtown Spokane, near the waterfalls which are nice.

The flavors and spices are unlike anything else in the world, and they are delicious.

Be advised that if you’ve never experienced Ethiopian food, it’s served on a communal tray and eaten with your fingers. When you’re through, you really need the wet wipe they give you.

They also have a parking lot which is convenient.

You need to come here to taste some Ethiopian foods while you are in Spokane.

Address: 621 W Mallon Ave #426, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

18. Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University

Photo by Gonzaga University

This is a private Roman Catholic university founded in 1887 by the Jesuit order and is located alongside the glittering Spokane River.

With two big libraries, the superb Jundt Art Center and Museum, and the soaring spires of St. Aloysius Church, the campus now has over a hundred structures.

Gonzaga University‘s beautiful green campus is located just a short walk northeast of the center.

Although the college is best recognized for its strong basketball team, it offers a vibrant, youthful atmosphere with stunning architecture and distinctive artwork.

On tours of the campus, you can observe the first-class facilities and playing fields, as well as the spectacular statues and sculptures, which are mostly of notable religious personalities and Catholics.

Address: 502 E Boone Ave, Spokane, WA 99258, United States

19. Barrister Winery

Barrister Winery

Barrister Winery

Come over to enjoy the art and wine at the Barrister winery.

Railroad Alley, off Monroe Street, is where you’ll find the venue.

The winery has earned multiple honors for its Malbecs and Merlots, Sangioveses, and Cabernet Sauvignons since its inception in 2000.

Wine tastings are held regularly. (Call in advance for information.)

So, you may try some of their amazing wines and learn all about how they are made using the best local grapes in its dramatic tasting room.

You can also browse the artworks and exhibitions or listen to live music in addition to sampling the wines and taking in the atmosphere of the 100-year-old warehouse.

The ambiance of the winery and the delicious wine will make you fall in love with this place.

They are open daily for tastings, glass pours, and bottle sales.

20. Latah Creek Winery

Latah Creek Winery

Latah Creek Winery

Perhaps you want to visit a different winery?. Latah Creek winery is one of the best wineries in the Spokane area and their wines are delicious and reasonably priced

Situated in Spokane Valley, Latah Creek is both an award-winning and family-run business.

They’ve been around since 1982, and they never fail to deliver. So the winery is not just a place that sprung up overnight.

They have a great variety of grapes, giving lots of depth to their wines.

On top of the great quality wines (they’ll even print a custom wine label), they offer a beautiful gift shop.

In addition to the wine and specialty foods, you are also encouraged to get acquainted with the Nora Fleming line of home decor, accent, and serving pieces that can be “personalized” by every event and season!

In short, they have a great selection of wine-related items for gifts.

Address: 13030 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, United States

21. ROW Adventure Center

ROW Adventure Center, SPOKANE

Courtesy: ROW Adventure Center

If you love adventure and outdoor sports, the Row adventure center is a good place to go.

ROW Adventure Center is a Spokane-based outdoor activity tour company that specializes in whitewater rafting and other outdoor sports.

ROW has specialized in and pioneered adventure travel all around the world since 1979.

In fact, ROW is even named one of National Geographic’s “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” every year!

Spokane is unique because it has a beautiful river running through it that is popular with visitors.

The ROW Adventure Center’s Spokane River Rafting excursion begins downstream from the city.

The river has a stunning eight-mile stretch with rock cliffs, Ponderosa pine woods, and animals such as osprey and eagles, so you will see beautiful creatures even while having your adventure.

When the river is low, the company offers rafters so that guests can float down it.

Perhaps it’s your first time rafting? you will be offered basic instructions and allowed to spend a few minutes getting comfortable on the water in the kayak before we headed down the river.

Overall, this is a great trip and you will always look forward to coming back for more.

Address: 209 S Washington St, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

22. Mica Moon Zip Tours

Mica Moon Zip Tours

Photo by Mica Moon

Your adventure in Spokane is not complete until you visit mica moon zip tours.

Mica Moon Zip Tour is a thrilling opportunity to view some of Spokane’s untamed wildlife from above the treetops.

The excursion begins at the Liberty Lake Portal, about halfway to Mica Peak, and lasts around two and a half hours, with 9 lines, each progressively becoming lengthier and more scenic.

You can have the zip tour, the aerial tours, or even the combo tour.

The combo tour is definitely worth it.

The zip lines are also amazing.

If you’ll have the combo tour, do pack some light lunch to have in between the two.

Do not carry backpacks on the actual zip line or Arial park.

Leave them in the trucks where you’ll change into the gears.

Mica Moon’s tour takes you through woodland glens, a valley, a mountain stream, and Mica Moon’s historic prohibition-era moonshine camps.

The majority of these sights may be seen while suspended in the treetops, but the tour also includes two trail excursions where you can see hawks, elk, and other wildlife.

Address: 23403 E Mission Ave #111, Liberty Lake, WA 99019, United States

23. Wild Sage Bistro

wild sage bistro

Photo by wild sage bistro

Treat yourself to a life of luxury at the wild sage bistro.

Wild Sage is a locally owned and run American bistro and bar in Spokane’s central business district.

High-quality meats, fresh seafood, seasonally inspired dishes, and locally sourced ingredients are featured on the menu.

Every aspect from entering to leaving indicates a focus on quality and that many people genuinely care about the details and work well together.

There are two floors.

The first floor is where the bar and bathrooms are located. There are also windows, curtains, and lights on strings to help set the mood.

There are also candles on each table.

Furthermore, upstairs is more of the same, but in a much smaller and echoing space.

The atmosphere, drinks, food, staff, and desserts at this place are fantastic.

The food and cocktails here are incredible.

In addition, the foods are of very high quality, and the flavors are great too.

You can try the pork belly crostini. It would register as one of the best-tasting foods you’ve ever eaten.

Although, this restaurant in Spokane might be on the expensive side, but it is definitely worth every penny.

Address: 916 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

24. The Campbell House

The Campbell House

Courtesy: The Campbell House

The Campbell House is a beautiful piece of architecture in Spokane’s Browne’s Addition, featuring bits and pieces of history from its heyday in the early 20th century.

This mansion really evokes the history of Spokane.

At the Campbell House, you may learn about one family’s legendary position while touring one of Washington’s most beautiful structures.

The narrative of the Campbell House begins with Ambassa B. Campbell, who was born in Ohio but subsequently moved to the city to start a mining firm with John A. Finch.

This was a massive enterprise that allowed Finch and Campbell to earn six figures.

His daughter gave their family home to be used as a museum in honor of his wife and mother.

Campbell House is open for self-guided tours Tuesday through Sunday from 12 to 4 pm.

Those who purchase tickets between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m, however, will be able to tour the historic house after seeing the other exhibits.

Address: 2316 W 1st Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

25. The Historic Davenport Hotel

The Historic Davenport Hotel

Courtesy: The Historic Davenport Hotel

The Historic Davenport Hotel is a fantastic hotel and a Spokane landmark, as well as a vital part of the hospitality sector in general.

This Hotel is so great, the details are intricate throughout.

Similarly, the rooms are excellent, and service is on all levels beyond 5 stars.

The Historic Davenport Hotel was the first American hotel to use air conditioning when it debuted in 1914.

It was also the first hotel to include housekeeping carts and a pipe organ.

The Historic Davenport Hotel does not require a reservation.

A lounge, spa, and bar are also available.

If you’re looking for excellent historical sights in Spokane, look no further.

You’ll love the experience with so much to do within walking distance.

If you come during the Holiday. It is extra special.

Address: 10 S Post St, Spokane, WA 99201, United States

26. Clear Lake

Clear lake

The Clear Lake

Does fishing sound exciting to you? If yes, then you will love it here at Clear Lake.

Clear Lake is a huge freshwater lake in Spokane.

Furthermore, the north end of Clear Lake is 377 acres and 110 feet deep.

It’s home to brown trout, tiger trout, black crappie, rainbow trout, black bullhead, brown bullhead, and largemouth bass.

Others include signal crayfish, smallmouth bass, and yellow bullhead.

In addition, clear Lake has a boat launch and decent coastline access.

If you go fishing in Clear Lake, you’ll have a good chance of catching a trout or bass.

Take a boat out on the lake to go fishing, waterskiing, or simply enjoy the tranquility and colors.

You can have a good time by doing things that make you scream with excitement or sigh with contentment.

Spend some quality time here, whether as a resident in Spokane or even a tourist, and you won’t regret coming here.

Address: Spokane, WA, United States

27. Spokane Symphony

Spokane Symphony

Photo by Young Kwak

The Spokane Symphony is a 70-piece professional orchestra situated in Spokane that presents over 65 concerts a year for over 150,000 people.

It was founded in 1945 as the Spokane Philharmonic and changed its name to the Spokane Symphony in 1962.

Since they began more than 70 years ago, in 1945, they’ve continued to demonstrate what master artists can achieve.

Their talent is simply incredible, and they all work together to fill the Martin Woldson Theater with incredible sound.

If you want to listen to live music while enjoying some fresh air and a beautiful sky, you’re in luck.

The orchestra regularly gives concerts in public spaces.

You can see them perform at the local ballet school during the holidays if you arrive at that time.

Address: Spokane, WA, United States

Start planning your trip to Spokane

From the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture where exhibits on art, culture, and Native American heritage can be observed, to the world’s largest basketball competition, the Spokane Hoopfest, to hiking, and even anything you plan to do in Spokane, you will enjoy every bit of it.

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