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23 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tri-Cities (Washington)

Tri-Cities comprise three major cities in Washington.

These cities are closed in terms of landmarks and are equally relatively interlinked.

This beautiful city is infamous for its comfortable parks, cultural and historical importance, and a lot of museums that are so rich in artifacts.

In this city in Washington state, you should be sure of getting lots of fun and beautiful galleries, historical attractions, markets, artifacts, and many more things that you will find interesting.

There are so unlimited fun things to explore here to the extent that it will be uneasy for you to select the best attractions, so we have painstakingly put up a list of amazing places to visit while in this great city.

Here are our recommendations for the 23 best and most fun things to do in this city in Washington!

Things To Do In Tri-Cities

1. Tri-Cities Howard Amon Park

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Photo Courtesy of Howard Amon Park

Howard Amon Park is an amazing park in Richland, Washington.

Of note, this incredible park is named after Howard Amon, one of Richland’s early settlers.

If you are visiting Tri-Cities, this multi-use recreation area on the shore of the Columbia River in Richland is a must-visit, else your exploration will be incomplete.

Besides, Howard Amon Park is blessed with an equipped playground and a facility for concerts that you wouldn’t want to resist while in this incredible place.

The paved bike path, the Riverfront Trail, and the entire length of the park are the major reasons why visitors keep coming here for fun and enjoyment.

The sports equipment at the park also includes four tennis courts and a half basketball court.

Outside that, this amazing Tri-Cities park is also a safe and nice destination for water-related activities.

There is a small, beautiful, and well-constructed pool in the southern portion of the park as well.

Beyond this, the park’s riverfront location also makes it an easy access point to Columbia.

You can also be sure to enjoy their interactive musical instruments that are always well maintained.

There are so many fun and lovely things to explore and you should prepare to spend a few hours on yourself here as soon as you arrive in Tri-Cities!

Address: 500 Amon Park Dr, Richland, WA 99352, United States. 

2. Tri-Cities Gesa Carousel Of Dreams

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Gesa Carousel Of Dreams

If at all you are unable to check Howard Amon Park, Gesa Carousel of Dreams is another fun place you can visit in Tri-Cities to have the best of what the town has to offer visitors.

Although, it is evident that this location is a children’s amusement center in Kennewick, however, older ones can also get something fun to keep themselves relaxed here.

If you are here, it will definitely take you back to when you were a kid because they have different concessions.

Different from that, it is also a lovely park in Tri-Cities where the kids can play all day without any hindrance or risk of being injured.

Their facilities are top-notch and kids are highly supervised.

Besides, this lovely park appears to be a nice location for a picnic and a place to enjoy nature.

A little but beautiful playground, a walking path that goes all around the sports complex, and more!

It is absolutely a location that has limitless fun things that visitors can explore.

If you are in Gesa Carousel of Dreams during summer, don’t forget to rent their bikes that are so near and cheap.

Besides, they also do a food truck event.

Although, it is advisable you come during the summer in order to explore the best here!

Even if you want a party room, be sure to come here.

There is a concession stand to buy food and drinks if you get hungry or thirsty in the carousel or the park.

Tri-Cities is indeed loaded with lots of best and fun things to explore!

Address: 2901-F Southridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99338, United States. 

3. Tri-Cities 9/11 Memorial Pools

9/11 Memorial Pools

Photo Courtesy of 9/11 Memorial Pools

Local inhabitants notably regarded the 9/11 Memorial Pools as a memorial estate in Tri-Cities.

However, beyond being a memorial estate, there are so many fun things you should be confident of enjoying here.

The reflective pool that honors those killed in the 9/11 terror attacks and 1993 World Trade Center bombing is a project you will marvel at how much was expended on it.

This destination in Tri-Cities is obviously a silent, emotional, quiet, serene, and reflective destination for anyone who cares about United States history.

If you visit, it would be truly hard to comprehend the scale of the tragedy that occurred several decades ago!

No trip to Tri-Cities should be made without visiting these pools or the museum.

It will create an amazing experience and will surely be worth the visit!

It is one of those places you could be at for a very long time to realize not only the size of those buildings but the extremely horrible incident that happened there that day.

While coming, prepare to have your heartstrings yanked, as it is an emotional experience!

This is a place in Tri-Cities is a location that everyone should see.

It’s more than just a place for Americans, it’s a site for all humans!

Address: 180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, United States. 

4. Tri-Cities REACH Museum

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Photo Courtesy of REACH Museum

If you are ready to reflect on the past activity of humanists, come to REACH Museum. 

Unlike other museums earlier recommended, this is the center for the study of regional history, geology, science, and technology on a trail with a monument.

If you are a historian or an archeologist, this is a perfect destination to visit in Tri-Cities.

As a historian, coming to see these ancient buildings and artifacts is a voyage that is really worth it.

Importantly, in this amazing museum in the heart of Tri-Cities, the staff are not grumpy and they are so patient and know how to interact with children.

If you are visiting, it is best you come with one or two kids because they also have something fun to explore.

Obviously, something fun and enjoyable is available to everyone!

This is just an excellent museum in Tri-Cities that has interesting information on the area during the ice age, how the area was formed, wildlife native to the area, Hanford, and much more!

Adding this place to your itinerary while visiting will be a good decision you wouldn’t regret!

Address: 1943 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA 99352, United States. 

5. Tri-Cities Franklin County Historical Museum

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Franklin County Historical Museum

Franklin County Historical Museum is a little museum in Tri-Cities with local history exhibits, including old photographs and artifacts.

Are you on a voyage to appreciate any of United States history?

Do you care to see some amazing exhibits that will take you back to several eras?

If so, be sure to have a stop here if you are in Tri-Cities!

If you are coming, you may come with little cash so as to get amazing gifts from their shop!

They also have the best sets of staff who are so polite and friendly. You wouldn’t have wanted something different!

Even if you ask countless questions, they are ready to supply answers and make you feel so comfortable during your visit to this Tri-Cities destination.

If you are coming and you have kids below 15 years, do come along with them so that they will see the prehistoric camel model and its impressive tales.

Stop in on your way to where you are going and take a stroll through this little charmer.

Very low entrance fee, and a friendly host to point out all the displays.

Address: 305 N 4th Ave, Pasco, WA 99301, United States. 

6. Tri-Cities Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Photo Courtesy of Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve

Do you want to explore a nature preserve center while visiting Tri-Cities?

Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve is one of the few nature preserves in Richland, Washington that is loaded with lots of fun things.

If you are a good hiker or you love hiking, it is a plus for you because their facility is one of the best-hiking facilities in Tri-Cities!

The trails are also in excellent shape always and their staff acts so impressively!

Aside from that, they have a little play area that can keep your children busy and lots of gifts are usually served on them.

Do not leave without checking out their beautiful garden unless you don’t want to have a full fun stay here.

The admission fee is so inexpensive, you can simply come with two kids for just 20 dollars!

Obviously, this is a great destination you should check if you are in Tri-Cities because it is certain that it will create a beautiful memory you’d appreciate!!

Address: Sagebrush Trail, Richland, WA 99352, United States.

7. WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

Things to do in Tri-Cities

WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

Do you ever wonder why WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden is popular?

Did you ever reflect on why this place is always recommended to visitors in Tri-Cities?

Stop wondering, the simple reason is because of its uniqueness and so many fun things visitors enjoy in the Garden.

It is simply a beautiful and amazing location in Tri-Cities with a large rose garden.

Not only that, this wonderful place has a little library that you can go in to have some quiet time for yourself to read.

Don’t let your kids stay at home while coming, this area is equally a great place for the kids because they have a well-maintained playground where they can playoff.

The garden also has a cute little children’s garden with a sandbox and veggie boxes.

They equally have picnic tables. You can just sit and have lunch while you let the kids play!

Moreover, they have a space for visitors to park cars and bikes.

This is just a perfect place you should visit while in Tri-Cities, you wouldn’t leave less happy!

Address: 1620 S Union St, Kennewick, WA 99338, United States.

8. Tri-Cities Playground Of Dreams

Playground Of Dreams

Photo Courtesy of Playground Of Dreams

Playground of Dreams is a little but fun-loaded playground in Tri-Cities that has received several recognitions even beyond Washington.

This is a great visitor’s destination for walking and bringing the kids to play on the equipment or just parking to eat lunch and take in the view of the pond will worth it!

It is a nice park right next to the river.

Kids are not only going to enjoy playing with the pieces of equipment, but it is also going to be fun for them because they will get into some water activities in the playground too.

Plenty of picnic tables, gazebos, benches, shade trees, and open grassy areas for throwing a football or frisbee, flying a kite, or playing fetch with the pooch! This is just an amazing destination!

This place has tons of fun and great things that visitors can explore while on sight!

Besides, restrooms are nearby and the entrance fee is just money you could throw away!

Absolutely affordable!

If you planned a visit to Tri-Cities, endeavor to add Playground of Dreams to your itinerary!

Address: Columbia Park Trail, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States.

9. Tri-Cities Water2Wine Cruise

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Water2Wine Cruise

Water2Wine Cruise is notably a cruise agency in Tri-Cities.

It is a wonderful location that is open to visitors for a dinner cruise and other fun activities.

Starting with the drinks, the available options are good, and the mixed drinks are extremely wonderful!

Besides, this wonderful location in Tri-Cities also has a good wine list.

Their dinner is also good all the way from the salad to the dessert – you can even have a steak, which was cooked to medium!

The staff are great as well and are all very friendly and helpful and seemed to work well together as a team.

In short, this is a great destination to explore if you are planning a visit to Tri-Cities!

In case you are planning to visit during the summer, don’t forget to check out their weekly special concerts, it is always top-notch and you wouldn’t wish to leave Tri-Cities again if you ever attend!

Seats, tables, and all facilities are just great and always comfortable!

Address: 591 Stevens Dr, Richland, WA 99352, United States.

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10. Tri-Cities Badger Mountain Trailhead

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Mikecase00 / Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to explore a place with something different?

Do you love to hike!?

If you do, visit Badger Mountain Trailhead in Tri-Cities!

The different levels of trails are great, and that is why this location is unique!

Although the wildflowers are pretty thin in spring, there are good views of the Tri-Cities.

This location in Tri-Cities has never been filled up; if it does, there’s plenty of street parking!

If you are here, you can do an entire loop, which takes roughly 2 hours if you’re walking at a moderate pace.

While coming, don’t hesitate to wear appropriate clothing; it can get blazing hot during the summer, with no coverage for you.

But either way, the view is beautiful, and this is the best trail around the Tri-Cities area if you enjoy a great view of the city!

The staff are totally accommodating and are so knowledgeable.

If you wish to visit Tri-Cities the next summer, be kind to yourself to add Badger Mountain Trailhead to your itinerary.

It is surely going to be fun-filled!!

Address:1294 White Bluffs St, Richland, WA 99352, United States.

11. Tri-Cities Barnard Griffin Wine Industry

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Barnard Griffin Wine Industry

Barnard Griffin Wine Industry is an old wine industry in Tri-Cities that was opened in the 18th century.

Ever since then, it has been reckoned with as one of Washington’s best enduring and recipient of several awards in the wine industry.

If you are planning to visit an amazing place to enjoy crafted chilled wine while in Tri-Cities, come to Barnard Griffin Winery!

Aside from the winery production facilities in this wonderful place, this Richland destination is home to a tasting room, full-service restaurant, and fused and dynamic glass art studio.

You can conveniently come here to enjoy tasting without feeling like you will consume non-quality drinks.

Absolutely, they provide the best-quality wines in Tri-Cities!

Their outdoor patio is also a great option, while you should come here if you don’t have an interest in any of their drinks.

The structure is made with uncommon designs which are extremely attractive to visitors.

That apart, their employees don’t do less to make appropriate recommendations to guests.

If you will visit Tri-Cities, you can dress up for your kids and bring them along, they have a large playground that can keep them busy while you have your chilled drinks!

Address:878 Tulip Ln, Richland, WA 99352, United States.

12. Tri-Cities Badger Mountain Community Park

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Badger Mountain Community Park

Badger Mountain Community Park is a neighborhood park in Tri-Cities with extremely large fields and sports facilities.

Other than these sports facilities that visitors can make use of, they equally have a verse playground area, splash pad & popular off-leash dog area.

Definitely, you shouldn’t plan to come with your kids alone, but also your dogs!

If you want a place to have multi-enjoyment in Tri-Cities, don’t think twice before you have a stop here!

Lots of open field space, baseball fields, a small basketball court, a sports-themed splash pad, a playground with big and small kids’ equipment and it’s near wonderful walking trails.

These wonderful combinations are just uncommon to see in a park, be sure to check this place out if you are in Tri-Cities!

It is a very clean and well-maintained park, with lots of trash cans that are emptied regularly.

Though there isn’t a lot of shade, unfortunately, as the trees grow bigger, it should get better over time.

However, there are some picnic tables if you can find some shade or go in the evening.

This amazing place also has a water park, batting cages, and other fun features.

In short, Badger Mountain Community Park is a wonderful place to visit in Tri-Cities!

Address: 350 Keene Rd, Richland, WA 99352, United States.

13. Tri-Cities LIGO Hanford Observatory

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Caltech / MIT / LIGO Laboratory / Wikimedia Commons

Want to see what an observatory house looks like? Have you been longing to see how the setting of this kind of house is?

If so, LIGO Hanford Observatory should be on your list of places you should explore on your next tour to Tri-Cities, Washington.

This incredible LIGO Hanford is located in the Columbia Basin region and their facility operates in relation to the LIGO Livingston detector.

What they do here is to listen for the faint whispers of gravitational waves from the most energetic events in the universe.

If you are a space enthusiast, don’t leave Tri-Cities without making a stop!

In all, it is certain you will get all the information about gravitational-wave studies and a peekaboo at what’s happening all the while in space.

It is indeed a working lab!

In case you plan to visit on a Saturday, be sure to attend their organized 2 hours detailed tour.

Special mention to the staff and scientists working there, they are top-notch and absolutely friendly!

Moreover, if you don’t understand the gravitational waves thing, it is still educationally resourceful to learn how basic physics concepts are applied to their prototype.

Coming to LIGO Hanford Observatory in Tri-Cities will be a very interesting exploration!

Address: 127124 N Route 10, Richland, WA 99354, United States.

14. WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

Photo Courtesy of WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden is a popular community garden in Kennewick, Washington.

It is a one-acre garden that is consisting of an integrated mix of perennial, annual, and edible beds.

Besides, this beautiful place in Tri-Cities also features different varieties of gardening practices and ideas, most of which can easily be incorporated into better landscaping.

If you care to see a gorgeous flower garden with a large rose garden as well while in Tri-Cities, it is recommended you visit this amazing place.

It is very well maintained, excellent, and doesn’t require any admission fee whatsoever!

It is also a cool place to go for a walk and while coming for that, you can also come along with your kids, they will love to play, and looking at the mystery rocks will be highly memorable for them!

Even though you plan to come with your dogs, there are provisions for dogs, and surely, your dogs will be happy too!!

So much to see and something is available for all categories of visitors!

Address: 1620 S Union St, Kennewick, WA 99338, United States.

15. Tri-Cities Toyota Center

Toyota Center

Photo Courtesy of Toyota Center

The Toyota Center officially began operation in 1988 as a multi-purpose location in Tri-Cities, Washington.

This amazing facility is available for conventions, special events, shows of different kinds, concerts, or broadway shows.

Not just these, this wonderful location is the home of the Tri-City American hockey team.

So, do not forget to come prepared because the hockey games are interesting that you wouldn’t resist but to watch!

The bathrooms are also always clean, concessions are usually abundant, and the venue staff are very nice and courteous.

You can also come to get food from the food stands to eat during a hockey game and also a good selection of drinks.

Not just that, they have enough parking spaces and the entire location is always secured!

There are apparently lots of fun things to explore in this incredible Tri-Cities attraction.

If you plan to visit next summer, don’t forget to include this in your itinerary!

Address: 7000 W Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States.

16. Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Photo Courtesy of Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Sacagawea Heritage Trail is a trail in Tri-Cities that is named after Sacagawea, a Lemhi Shoshone who followed the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Sacagawea Heritage Trail is a flat 23 miles, and it is a recreational trail that has been attractive to visitors of all ages from all over the world.

With a little fee, you can simply come here to ride this trail system weekly or at least for a few hours during your visit!

It is not only a great place for professional cyclists but also for beginners.

Incredibly, the views here are tremendous.

If you don’t have an interest in coming for a ride, you can as well make a stop and see the great installation by Maya Lyn.

If you are in Tri-Cities, you can also visit this wonderful location in order to find out the story of Sacagawea or also look at the confluence river!

They open all days, including weekends, so be sure to check out this amazing fun place during your next visit to Tri-Cities.

It is surely going to be worth the visit!

Address: Sacagawea Heritage Trl, Pasco, WA 99301, United States. 

17. Wahluke Slope

Wahluke Slope

Photo Courtesy of Discovery Washington Wine

Wahluke Slope is an over two decades initiative and since then, it has been a wonderful visitor’s destination.

This location was named after the common American word “watering place”.

It is a region that is always appearing clean, and the atmosphere is great.

This amazing location also has unique Vineyards, in fact, it houses over 25 vineyards.
Incredible right? Yes!!

Besides, this Washington attraction also has over 4 wine production facilities.

This unique place is equally a perfect destination to host all your kinds of events if you are in Tri-Cities.

Don’t leave without checking their hiking facilities and if you have some little time, you can go on to enjoy it under the supervision of the tour guide.

There are restaurants available to sell foods and those foods are delicious and not expensive.

If at all you just need a place to relax and see the beauty of nature, be sure to check out what this place has to offer!

Address: Wahluke Slope AVA, Washington 99349, United States. 

18. Columbia Center Mall

Columbia Center Mall

Photo Courtesy of Columbia Center Mall

Columbia Center Mall is a shopping mall in Kennewick, Washington.

This mall operates all day, and it is notably the largest mall in entire Washington.

Selections in this mall usually include shoes, any type of clothing, and food.

If you are in Tri-Cities and you desire to get any of these items, be sure to check out Columbia Center Mall.

Incredibly, the prices of their goods are less costly and they sell just quality items.

While checking their store, you can also get free ice cream while exiting!

Address: 1321 N Columbia Center Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States. 

19. Three Rivers Convention Center

Three Rivers Convention Center

Photo Courtesy of Three Rivers Convention Center

Three Rivers Convention Center is a large and amazing foot of modular conference space.

This location is the ideal and best place for any kind of event, large or small.

It is a place that is sleek, modern, and they are always ever ready to host any kind of event.

So, if you need a good location to host trade shows or any kind of event, they will always be available to make your event a memorable one.

Not just that, this amazing location in Tri-Cities is equally a place to have a banquet and enjoy good food and service.

They have the nicest staff and enough parking spaces for guest to park their cars.

Address: 7016 W Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States. 

20. Pasco Flea Market

Paolo Gamba / Wikimedia Commons

The Pasco Flea Market is the biggest open-air market in Washington State.

This beautiful market is along East Lewis Place.

The place offers visitors and inhabitants the opportunity of getting lots of great food that are especially fresh!

It is such a good family environment where you can find a lot of good stuff ranging from fresh vegetables and a host of other farm produce.

The sellers here are also absolutely friendly and are always recommending the best options for visitors.

Even at that, prices of their goods are not expensive and you could be sure of getting the right quality of whatever you choose to buy!

Although, it is a bit rowdy here, so, don’t forget to leave your cars where you stay while coming as there is a parking space that is available.

Would you love to get some affordable farm produce on your next visit to Tri-Cities?

You can check out Pasco Flea Market, it has all you’d be looking for!!

Address: 3620 E Lewis Pl, Pasco, WA 99301, United States. 

21. D’s Wicked Cider House


Things to do in Tri-Cities

Mark AC Photos / Wikimedia Commons

D’s Wicked Cider House is a favorite cider house for several visitors in Tri-Cities and it is the best location where awesome cider blends are obtainable.

You will enjoy the flavors because they are not overly sweet but well-balanced!

The snack boards are also great and paired well with the ciders.

Interestingly, their excellent range of ciders comes with fair pricing!

With great service, a good cold food menu (cheese and meats, etc), and good cider, you will surely enjoy your experience in this amazing location.

While you plan to visit this incredible location in Tri-Cities, make sure you come early so that you can have more time to explore what this amazing place has to offer visitors.

Address: 9312 W 10th Ave, Kennewick, WA 99336, United States. 

22. Gallery At The Park

Gallery At The Park

Photo Courtesy of Gallery At The Park

Since 1948, 30, the Gallery at the Park has been instrumental in showcasing local artists, promoting art education, and sharing artworks.

Their arts in this Tri-Cities destination are presented in the form of pottery, glass, photography, and paper collage.

Incredibly, this wonderful gallery space and shop also have some nice and friendly staff.

These staffs are always available to provide answers to visitors’ questions, anytime, any day!

This is surely a very fun place to visit in order to enjoy some arts if you are around Howard Amon Park.

Above all, the admission fee is so cheap, it is just 10 dollars!

It is certainly going to be fun and so memorable if you can visit!

Address: 89 Lee Blvd, Richland, WA 99352, United States. 

23. Benton City

Things to do in Tri-Cities

Photo Courtesy of Benton City

No need to note it again that this city is always referred to as a City of Wines.

The name is not without a reason!

One of the best and most fun things to do in this city, especially for the lovers of wine, is to embark on wine tasting.

There are countless wineries to visit within a few hours’ drive, and definitely, you will feel tipsy!

Benton City itself has over 20 wineries that are available!

Moreover, visitors coming here can also loosen up with their amazing views overlooking the Yakima Valley

Another attribute that makes this place unique is the indoor setting, the tasting location did absolutely well in reeling out excitement!

Be careful to note the wine tasting periods because it is sometimes on weekends!

Address: Tri-Cities, Washington, United States.

Final Remarks

It is clear that Tri-Cities is a perfect destination with lots of fun things.

Whether you are after the ever performing arts, coming to witness one of their several cultural celebrations, or looking after a tourist destination to enjoy, there is no end to where you can visit for fun in the city!

Lover of nature, enthusiasts of historical antecedents, wine connoisseurs, and goers of theaters alike will all see some interesting destinations here!

Safe Trip!