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26 Cant-Miss Restaurants in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Looking for some amazing restaurants in Williamsburg to eat at?

Williamsburg is a trendy area of Brooklyn that attracts young people and those who are fashionable to its chic boutiques, hip cafes, and popular restaurants.

In fact, the city is among the top dining and drinking districts in New York City thanks to the incredible restaurants in Williamsburg, pubs, and diners that offer a wide variety of cuisines.

The vibrant nightlife, hipster culture, and profusion of modern art are also a plus.

Whether you take the subway, bike, foot, or even ferry, you will still get one of the best meals anywhere you are in Williamsburg.

You can eat just about anything here, including pizza, pasta, burgers, and modern cuisine.

With so many cuisine choices and restaurants in Williamsburg, it can be overwhelming to have so many options. However, here are to top tested and best locations to satisfy your cravings.

Best Restaurants In Williamsburg

1. Jack’s Wife Freda, Williamsburg

Jack's Wife Freda, Williamsburg

The Jack’s Wife Freda, Williamsburg

Jack’s wife Freda is one of the most amazing restaurants in Williamsburg.

The well-liked tiny franchise first launched on Lafayette Street in SoHo, and since then, five more stores have been added, including two in Tokyo.

Despite being a family-friendly establishment, the atmosphere is everything but dull.

The globe-shaped ceiling lights are a fun addition to the eclectic artwork collection, accompanied by a relaxed yet stylish design.

The menu combines hearty favorites with more daring selections.

The fact that breakfast is available all day is another beautiful aspect.

A tasty treat is the Rosewater Waffle with yogurt, berries, and honey-flavored syrup on top.

Classic dishes for kids, like burgers and grilled cheese, are available.

A cantaloupe mimosa and a hot toddy are both on the cocktail menu, making them the ideal match for breakfast meals.

Furthermore, a burger and an eggplant baguette with tomato, mozzarella, olive tapenade, and pesto are among the options in the sandwich section.

A house salad with butter lettuce, radish, carrots, avocado, and pea shoots is offered in the salad section.

Wine and beer are available by the glass or carafe. The Malva Pudding, a delectable delicacy with a flan-like consistency, is not to be missed.

The restaurant is open Monday through Wednesday, from 10 am to 10 pm, while it closes by 11 pm on Thursday.

Friday and Saturday schedule is from 9 am to 11 pm, and Sunday is from 9 am to 9 pm.

Address: 258 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

2. Kokomo, Williamsburg

Kokomo, Williamsburg

A spread of dishes from Kokomo | Katrine Moite / Kokomo

Kokomo, tucked away directly behind the renowned Williamsburg Hotel, has fantastic outdoor seating and live DJs spinning pulsing Caribbean music.

This hot spot debuted during the pandemic and is constantly bustling with great food, exciting music, and lots of people-watching.

In fact, you have the impression of being on a warm island.

There is constant excitement at Kokomo, including happy hour specials during the week, bottomless brunch on Fridays, and brunch all weekend long.

Kokomo’s cuisine expands on well-known island products and offerings with a contemporary flair, drawing inspiration from the diverse culture of the Caribbean.

Flatbreads, high-quality meats, comforting starches, and renowned mixologist and beverage expert Rael Petit’s seductive cocktails are all included on the menu.

Additionally, the restaurant’s name changes as dusk approaches.

It develops into Yuji Ramen, one of the top noodle shops in the city.

You can get a classic Japanese dinner from Okonomi if you come for lunch.

Try the Ichiju Sansai, for instance, which includes miso soup, roasted fish, a rice bowl, and three sides.

It’s a fascinating experience and a must-do while in Williamsburg.

Address: 65 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

3. Lilia

lilia williamsburg

Lilia Williamsburg

Do you have a flair for Italian food? Then Lilia is one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg to get Italian delicacies.

With wood-fired seafood, artisan pasta, traditional Italian cocktails, and friendly hospitality, Lilia delivers one of the best of Italy to Williamsburg.

The drab, loft-like area, which was formerly an auto-body shop, has a vaulted ceiling and skylights and is furnished with wine bottles and stacked wood on the walls.

Missy Robbins, who began her career in Chicago and rose to fame as “Obama’s favorite pasta chef,” now makes her home in this spacious, renovated garage space.

During the day, a tiny café in the back offers coffee and pastries; at night, it transforms into a bar.

A particularly wonderful way to begin is with three cheese-crusted, browned orbs with creamy, spicy cores known as Cacio E Pepe Fritters.

Because everything is always reserved, you must make a reservation in advance.

The kinds of pasta here are the star attraction, with the richest, most complexly flavorful sauces topping the finest pasta you’ll ever eat.

The agnolotti is a must-order dish; they are rich and buttery with a flowery and umami flavor thanks to the addition of saffron and sun-dried tomatoes.

Even though all of these meals are fantastic, the “Italian Job,” a vanilla gelato topped with olive oil, honey, and fennel pollen, is a common favorite here.

If you are fortunate enough to eat at Lilia and have room for dessert at the end of the meal, you should consider the “Italian job.”

Lilia might be on the expensive side, but the excellent food and attentive service make up for the price and sets it apart from other restaurants in Williamsburg.

Address: 567 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

4. Lighthouse

Lighthouse, Williamsburg

The Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an excellent choice for brunch on the weekends with a group, and you can also grab a seat outside during the warmer months.

The restaurant is a reputable neighborhood eatery serving New American cuisine with Mediterranean influences in Williamsburg.

Although the burger is reason enough to go, there is much more on the menu than just meat and buns.

It’s a warm, inviting location with helpful service, and many regulars are among the big draws here.

They are close to the Crow & Chick restaurant at the intersection of Keep and South 1st.

Fresh, healthful, and regionally sourced dishes, including ceviche, roasted vegetables, and grilled chicken bowls, are served at the Lighthouse.

The fact that meals are offered, prix fixe allows you to select selections for multiple courses for a single fee.

You can order items to share, like their chicken shawarma, or you can order them individually.

Address: 145 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

5. The Williamsburg Restaurant

The Williamsburg Restaurant

The Williamsburg Restaurant

The sleek and fashionable Williamsburg Hotel’s Williamsburg Restaurant is a warm and friendly establishment.

In order to combine authentic dining with the vigor and culture of late-night Williamsburg, the chefs create dishes that are inspired by their youth.

Besides that, the meals here are friendly to vegan or vegetarian diets; they can also easily satisfy the meatiest of omnivores.

The restaurant also focuses on fresh, seasonal fare and house-made artisan bread in partnership with The Brooklyn Bread Lab.

Try the fried cauliflower, fries, hummus, vegetable shawarma, pitas, baba ganoush, Israeli salad, and more.

Don’t forget to explore the short but thoughtful wine list.

You can, of course, order your favorite foods online, and they will be delivered to you.

Address: 96 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

6. Francie

francie williamsburg

The Francie, Williamsburg

Francie is another wonderful Italian restaurant you will come across in Williamsburg.

The Italian eatery is an earthy beauty that is housed inside a former bank.

Although more formal than what is typical in the rest of Brooklyn, service is still informal and occasionally amusing.

It has elegant booths on one side, a banquette on the other, and smooth oak tables in the center.

Snacks, spaghetti, shrimp, and a client favorite, dry-aged roast duck, are all on the delectable menu.

You will also find dry-aged Crown of Rohan duck, littleneck clams, duck mortadella, carrot, and more on the menu.

The magic Chef Cippolini works in the kitchen will take your tastebuds somewhere they’ve never been before, making dinner here an experience you’ll wish to repeat!

Try the duck bolognese. The duck bolognese lasagna is so delicate and light tasting that it can be sliced with a fork like warm butter.

Unexpectedly, the salad starter is also a standout, giving you a taste of all the expertly prepared ingredients in every bite.

A large eating area offers convenience and a festive atmosphere without becoming stuffy.

Address: 136 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

7. The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen restaurant

The Four Horsemen restaurant

This is the place to go if you want to enjoy a fine meal with wine and don’t care about the quantity of your portions.

It’s not simple to get a table here, but if you do, you’re in for a fantastic supper!

From the grilled squid to the Manila clams with some outstanding bread to sop up the sauce and the wonderful fried chicken, you will love it here.

In fact, the menu at this stylish and friendly wine-focused restaurant is short and to the point, created by Chef Nick Curtola.

Start with the traditional yellowfin tuna served tonnato-style and brightened with yuzu kosho or the chicken liver mousse.

The earthy edge of thinly sliced kohlrabi gives Montauk scallops in a vivid Leche de Tigre a lovely Thai twist.

Long Island duck that has been expertly rendered and delicately crisped is complemented with slices of sweet Bosc pear and salt-baked onion.

Choose the beautiful salads and the excellent Ham & Cheese lunch sandwich.

This local treasure specializes in wine varietals, so if their extensive selection has you giddy, don’t worry—they also offer half-glasses for generous sampling.

Address: 295 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

8. Marlow & Sons

Marlow & Sons

The Marlow & Sons

Marlow & Sons is one of the first notable restaurants in Williamsburg where locals congregated to hang out.

With a daily changing menu, this restaurant manages to feel new while being open for more than ten years.

This quirky Williamsburg canteen is owned by Andrew Tarlow, who also owns Diner, the American bistro next door.

Café by day, raw bar, and restaurant by night. However, Marlow is perfectly situated to take in diner’s excess customers and sate them with retro cocktails and briny oysters.

You can visit in the morning to eat a freshly baked biscuit breakfast sandwich or eggs with whatever vegetables are in season.

Only two things never change at dinner: oysters and roasted chicken under a brick. Otherwise, your meal will be whatever they feel like cooking.

Like the entire menu, the raw bar at Marlow & Sons changes daily to keep things fresh.

Marlow & Sons has earned a reputation for its Brick Chicken, the only item that is always available on the menu.

In short, Marlow & Sons has a familiar feel to it; it’s the kind of place you’d want to spend any Friday night.

This romantic environment is perfect for any occasion, whether sharing a plate of their renowned brick chicken with a date or relaxing with a glass and chatting at the bar.

The restaurant is open from 8 am to noon.

Address: 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

9. Xixa

Xixa, williamsburg


Restaurants in Williamsburg are known for different things, and Xixa is known for its amazing Mexican dishes.

Traif’s sibling restaurant, XiXa, is a quaint restaurant in Brooklyn located under the Williamsburg Bridge. Xixa, pronounced “shiksa,” is a Mexican-themed eatery.

In fact, this distinctive Mexican restaurant, which is different from your usual taco or burrito stand, is quite difficult to define.

The restaurant offers creative Tequila-based cocktails, great-tasting Mexican food with a contemporary twist, and knowledgeable and welcoming service.

The foie gras al pastor and skirt steak are two outstanding dishes at Xixa.

Given the excellent food and service, XiXa is a highly recommended restaurant for a special and pleasurable dining experience.

Address: 241 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

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10. Llama Inn

Llama Inn

The Llama Inn

Llama Inn is not the regular restaurant you will come across in Williamsburg.

The inn is an attraction that combines elements of a corner neighborhood bar and an urban hacienda.

In November 2015, the inn debuted in a structure that appeared to have a triangle shape.

With a daring cuisine full of turns, twists, and surprises to be enjoyed with close companions, you will enjoy it here.

In fact, the restaurant respects all types of Peruvian cooking while incorporating Chef Erik Ramirez’s technical skills.

Another popular dish is duck sausage served over rice flavored with cilantro and flecked with spinach and choclo.

Lastly, indulge in a piece of their key lime pie. You can choose from a variety of seating options, including the chef’s counter, which faces the open kitchen, a multi-sided bar, and more.

Address: 50 Withers St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

11. Meadowsweet

meadowsweet williamsburg

Meadowsweet Williamsburg

With its glass-fronted façade, whitewashed brick walls, and original mosaic-tiled flooring, Meadowsweet cuts a chic industrial figure next to the steely skeleton of the Williamsburg Bridge.

The wall is lined with leather banquettes, and pendant lights light numerous stunning oil paintings of meadows.

The restaurant is packed inside with Williamsburg’s elite and quite a few bridge-hoppers from Manhattan and other nearby cities.

The kitchen’s dishes are elevated by Chef/Owner Polo Dobkin and his wife, Stephanie Lempert, despite the area’s intense competition.

Although the restaurant differs from other high-end restaurants in Williamsburg but is still a charming neighborhood spot for brunch on the weekends.

There isn’t a lot of diversity on their menu.

Duck Pastrami, Crispy Artichokes, Portobello Mushrooms, Truffle & Fontina Toast, and Doughnuts to split are some of the meals available on the menu.

Address: 149 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

12. Suzume

Suzume, williamsburg

Inside Suzume, Brooklyn | Nick Solares

Are you a fan of a cozy spot or an intimate dining experience? Then Suzume is just the right place for you.

The menu includes a few sushi selections, a few “snacks” (tacos, wings), a few bowls of ramen, and more.

Try the Hawaiian fried chicken rice with its combination of crispy fried chicken strips, Mac and cheese.

There is also the Spam Musubi, which has a distinctive blend of flavors, including saltiness and crispiness from the spam, a hint of sourness from the chunks of pineapple, and warmth and sweetness from the rice.

Similarly, the fish ramen is another favorite here. Fresh salmon has a slightly crunchy exterior and a delicate, sweet inside. Each bite is incredibly satisfying, and eating it with the ramen makes the experience perfect.

Suzume also has a fantastic drink menu so that you can enjoy a spicy tuna roll and a gin-beet-carrot-apple-ginger cocktail.

Suzume’s environment also merits high praise. Even though the area is small, it’s hip enough for a date and cozy enough for a single nightly dinner.

So, if cozy is your thing, do not hesitate to visit this Williamsburg diner.

Address: 545 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

13. Barano

barano williamsburg

Barano Williamsburg

Located just two blocks away from the famous Peter Lugers, Barano is a must-visit if you want to eat one of the best pasta in the city.

Chef Albert DiMeglio’s wood-fired seasonal Italian restaurant in South Williamsburg is a must-visit.

The eatery bears the name of Barano D’Ischia, the southern Italian town where Giuseppina DiMeglio’s grandmother was born.

Enjoy a drink (or two) of wine and the delicious antipasti while sitting at the bar and chatting with the bartender and other patrons.

Don’t forget to save room for the pasta; it’s *stellar*. It really is Milan-good.

The menu might be on the smaller side, but each dish is incredibly tasty.

In fact, Barano‘s most endearing trait might be its apparent innate sense of hospitality you might not across in other restaurants in Williamsburg.

The setting encourages staying; it’s the kind of spot where you could be persuaded to stay for and then return the following day.

Address: 26 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

14. Bolero

Bolero, williamsburg

The Bolero, Williamsburg

Bolero’s interior design conveys a more working-class view of life in Vietnam while including elegant accents from a gourmet dining establishment.

The name Bolero refers to a popular dance that was popular in Saigon in the 1950s called the Vietnamese Bolero.

The modern restaurant has a wonderful tea garden in the back and an open kitchen.

As you enter, on your right, there is a small store selling Vietnamese goods like three different kinds of fish sauce, spring roll wrappers, tapioca starch, and more.

Small meals, including delectable glass dumplings stuffed with earthy mushrooms and fried dough stuffed with crab and pork, make up most of the menu.

Yes, there are cocktails, wines, and beers, but the nonalcoholic nuoc ngot is one of the best options to quench your thirst.

The drink is a tall, cool glass of limeade soda made with calamansi, a citrus fruit that resembles a small lime and sweetened with sugar cane.

Address: 177 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

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15. Sweetwater

Sweetwater restaurant

Sweetwater restaurant

Williamsburg’s Sweetwater is an excellent restaurant where you can eat indoors or upstairs on the rooftop terrace.

With a big bar, a tin roof, and little booth and table seats, the atmosphere is rustic from the early 20th century.

First of all, the fact that it has been there for so long is evidence of the consistently excellent and good food.

The drink and wine menu offer some great discounts, fascinating and decently priced.

Despite the menu’s simplicity, the food is delicious and well-prepared.

Due to the acoustics inside, you might not hear conversation well, so you can also choose to eat outside.

Address: 105 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

16. Birds Of A Feather, Williamsburg

Birds Of A Feather, Williamsburg

Birds Of A Feather, Williamsburg

Located in Williamsburg, the Chinese restaurant Birds of a Feather is an ideal spot to go for a group meal or supper with friends.

Yiming and Xian, are the minds behind it this wonderful place.

As the interior designer and architect for Birds of a Feather, Yiming created an environment that is both contemporary and classic, warm and intimate.

With some large windows up front and a communal table in the center, it is spacious and light.

This restaurant is quite authentic; the flavor profile of each meal is generally fairly home-cooked style.

It is most advantageous to dine with friends or family who prefer family-style meals because their quantities are prepared accordingly.

Winter melon and Curiously Tasty Chicken are cooked together in a clay pot for a perfect protein balance, so you can try them.

Similarly, bang bang chicken is a cold dish that makes a delicious starter.

What sets Birds of a Feather different from other restaurants in Williamsburg is the fact that the eatery is best enjoyed when you visit in groups.

So feel free to drop by with some pals. Everyone will be delighted.

Address: 191 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

17. Fandi Mata

Fandi Mata

Fandi Mata

Visit Fandi Mata to enjoy a unique dining experience with soulful cuisine and handcrafted signature cocktails at its core.

The location is an old warehouse that had been transformed into a roomy restaurant with adorable tables and lots of plants.

The interior of Fandi Mata is stunning, featuring lavish plant life and elegant architecture.

In fact, it is among the best in terms of natural aesthetics and feelings.

Similarly, the quality of the meal is on par with the atmosphere.

You can go for the shakshuka, French toast, and brunch pizza, all of which are outstanding. The shakshuka sauce is especially delectable and flavorful.

This restaurant has it all, from the interior design to the authentic, delicious food with the ideal portions.

Address: 74 Bayard St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

18. Edith’s Eatery & Grocery

Edith's Eatery & Grocery

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery

Here’s a place to go if you want to eat one of a kind brunch in Williamsburg.

The eatery offers a wide selection of delectable modern Jewish cuisine and a store for tahini, pickled vegetables, and other groceries.

Since becoming a pop-up store in 2020, Williamsburg’s Edith’s Eatery and Grocery has welcomed Jewish cuisine from all over the Diaspora.

The store and restaurant were founded by Elyssa Heller, a Chicago native.

In addition to serving meats, fish, salads, and bread, Edith’s Eatery & Grocery also has a coffee bar, a carefully picked wine list, and signature cocktails.

To connect the menus to the founder’s Jewish heritage and family history with the Jewish delicatessen, Russian folk art, Art déco borders, and motifs, as well as family photos from the founder, are used.

Don’t forget to also sample their chicken schnitzel, labneh parfait, and malawach.

Address: 312 Leonard St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

19. Pies-n-Thighs



Want to eat one of the best-fried chickens you would ever taste? Then Pies-n-Thighs is one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg to get it.

Pies-n-Thighs is so well-liked by customers because of its perfectly prepared comfort food.

In fact, this adorable eatery is the recipient of numerous accolades for its filling, salty fried chicken, fluffy biscuits, crispy-edged donuts, and traditional apple pie.

The restaurant isn’t very big, but it does provide patrons with two dining options: the front or the back of the restaurant.

So ask if there are any tables available in the two rear rooms if the first room seems full, so you won’t have to stay outside.

The menu is extensive, and almost everything on it is delicious, including the chicken biscuit with honey butter and hot sauce, the sweet apple pie with a slice of cheddar, and the unstoppable, decadent cheese grits.

Even green stuff is fantastic. Fresh ingredients in The Big Salad balance out the chicken skin such that you’ll be licking off your fingers.

Address: 166 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

20. Casa Pública

Casa Pública

Casa Pública

This is the place to go if you desire pricey, delicious, and top-notch tacos.

Casa Publica is a Mexican eatery and bar in the Brooklyn district of North Williamsburg.

A range of vibrant and tasty cocktails, Mexican wines, and micheladas complements the always-changing menu.

You can fill up on just one order with guacamole, tacos, and a margarita. If you’re particularly hungry, take two taco orders.

From their pork to beef, to chicken, and even mushrooms, you will love them. They all have pleasantly surprising differences in flavor and texture, rich meat, excellent salsas, and the ideal combination of traditional Mexican toppings like onion, cilantro, and pineapple.

Address: 594 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

21. Maison Premiere

Maison Premiere

Maison Premiere

This is the spot to visit in Williamsburg if you’re looking for an old-vibe spot.

While many restaurants in Williamsburg focus on modern looks, Maison Premiere has more of an old-fashioned, traditional bar setting.

Maison Premiere is an exceptional location that does not skimp on quality, ambiance, or service.

The restaurant draws inspiration from vintage New York hotel lobbies.

All the restaurant’s food is grown on the tranquil Goatfell Farm in upstate New York’s Catskill region.

Along with American seafood cuisine, Maison Premiere offers a daily list of more than 30 different species of oysters.

Sea urchin, fresh Crudo, and a variety of shared plates and entrees are also among the available foods.

As soon as you enter Maison Premiere, your experience begins.

In order to have the best experience, try to request a seat at the oyster bar.

The bar has a wide selection of tasty alternatives, and the drinks are inventive, intricate, and beautifully presented.

Make a note of Maison Premiere on your calendar if you haven’t been able to go there before; it’s worth it.

The lush garden offers additional seating amidst a magical setting from June to September during the summer.

If you want to spend less money, there is a dollar-per-oyster happy hour from Monday through Friday between 4 pm to 7 pm.

Address: 298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

22. Emmy Squared Pizza: Williamsburg

Emmy Squared Pizza. Williamsburg

The Emmy Squared Pizza

Emmy Squared Pizza serves a Detroit-style pizza. That means it’s square and thick, and the sauce is typically on top of the cheese.

Pizza from Emmy Squared has a delicious, tasty cheese-fried, crunchy, and crisp on the surface and warm, fluffy, and molten on the inside.

Along with the award-winning pizzas and burgers, their extensive menu also offers delectable appetizers, sandwiches, and salads.

They are also creative when it comes to the non-pizza selections and drink menu.

Address: 364 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

23. St. Anselm

st. anselm williamsburg

St. Anselm Williamsburg

Serving Williamsburg for more than a decade, St. Anselm is one of the most amazing casual restaurants in Williamsburg you will come across.

With a mix of warm rhythm and blues music, the eatery is a small space with a few wooden tables next to an exposed brick wall and a line of chairs in front of the open kitchen.

Lamb, pig, fish, salads, delectable sides, and their legendary trademark steaks are all on the menu.

Enjoy their delectable sweets, or just order off their alcohol menu to get wasted.

The top things to order are butcher’s steak, mashed potatoes, and Pot de Crème.

Try the Ken Wright Pinot Noir with the sweet tea brined young bobo chicken and pan-fried mashed potatoes.

For dessert, there’s the Dow’s 10-Year Tawny Port and the Rum Sticky Toffee Cake.

They also provide a variety of seating options, including the backyard, which is lovely in the summer, and the chef’s counter, where you can watch the chefs prepare your food and interact with one another and occasionally with you.

This makes the experience feel less like you are a customer observing a chef and more like you are watching your friend cook their favorite dish and sharing a few laughs.

When you finally and reluctantly decide it’s time to leave, there is a genuine sense that you will be missed and your presence wasn’t taken for granted.

Address: 355 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

24. Brooklyn Ball Factory

Brooklyn Ball Factory

The Brooklyn Ball Factory

Brooklyn Ball Factory is an excellent location for breakfast, lunch, and super-strong coffee.

Although there are prettier outdoor dining areas in the city, few have the rooftop experience that Brooklyn Ball Factory offers.

Brooklyn Ball Factory is a one-story Japanese comfort-food spot and coffee shop in East Williamsburg.

Beer cans that were ready to be recycled were formerly stored in the one-story structure.

Owner and chef Makoto Suzuki had the brilliant idea of removing a skylight and replacing it with a staircase with a glass peak.

This cafe serves grilled vegetables, salmon, fried chicken, and various kinds of bento boxes.

Additionally, there is a cafe inside that serves a variety of beverages, Japanese-inspired snacks, lunch, and dinner.

When you ascend it at noon, the light is stunning, and you just love the whole ambiance.

Address: 95 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States

25. Le Crocodile

Le Crocodile

Williamsburg’s Le Crocodile

Le Crocodile is one of the city’s most charming hotel restaurants. It also has one of the most impressive interiors.

There are nearly 40 dishes on the menu to choose from. But to avoid being overwhelmed, you should order the chicken.

It has succulent meat, crispy skin, and a mountain of fries the size of a nest of seagulls. Although it seems simple, it is nothing short of the best.

Near the entryway, there are a few booths and a complete bar.

The cocktails are also made with skill. Even the most straightforward mixture is well-balanced and palatable.

Make sure to make reservations before you set out.

Address: 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

26. Aska

aska williamsburg


Situated close to the Williamsburg Bridge, Aska, which translates to “ashes” in Swedish, is a restaurant in Brooklyn operated by Chef Fredrik Berselius.

Aska offers a unique dining experience through a succession of courses prepared from an open kitchen and served to guests of only ten tables each night.

This spot is housed in a restored 1860s warehouse building.

It reopened in a different location in 2016, within a warehouse built in the 1860s.

Aska’s dining experience is by reservation only due to its ominous tone, simplistic layout, and small sitting capacity.

Their 12- to 14-course evening tasting program offers an optional wine pairing.

Address: 47 S 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Final Remarks

With so many cuisine choices and restaurants in Williamsburg, you can’t go wrong eating in any, especially if you follow this guide.

Whether it’s a cozy feeling you want, a rooftop location, or evening casual dining, restaurants in Williamsburg always come through.