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23 Best Brunch Spots in Brooklyn New York (For First Timer!)

Are you in new york and looking for fantastic brunch Spots in Brooklyn where you can charge yourself up in the morning?

Home to the Statue of Liberty, New york city is one of the top vacation spots for many tourists.

Although the city has many landmarks, the food scene is no slouch either. In fact, Brooklyn is a big contributing factor to this reputation.

Just as Jonathan Goldstein said,

“Everyone runs around trying to find a place where they still serve breakfast because eating breakfast, even if it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon, is a sign that the day has just begun and good things can still happen.”

Breakfast is an important meal, and what better setting to enjoy it than in Brooklyn’s artistic and historic ambiance?

Here’s a List to assist you in discovering fantastic restaurants for breakfast and brunch, whether you’re looking for in-person dining, takeout, or delivery.

Brunch Spots in Brooklyn

1. Agi’s Counter

Agi's counter

Agi’s counter

Agi’s counter is one of the excellent brunch Spots in Brooklyn you shouldn’t miss.

Chef and proprietor Jeremy Salamon deliver a contemporary pastiche of Jewish, Austrian, and Hungarian food at the 25-seat café, which his grandparents mostly influence.

Initially, the restaurant only offered breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch; however, Thursday dinner service has been introduced.

Many of the desserts and sweeter foods, such as the rolled crepes called palascinta that are filled with sweet cheese and blueberry compote, were inspired by her.

The shorter half of Agi’s L-shaped counter is where the glass door opens.

The longer side of the bar leads to a pale wooden banquette with subtly fashionable floral wallpaper behind it.

Agi’s counter has strict divisions between its breakfast (open until 11:30 pm) and lunch (12pm-close) menus and is only open until 3 pm.

Several options include tea, coffee, espresso beverages, and a few delicacies like homemade soda.

Agi’s definitely has the vibe of a place to grab and go, but once you’ve placed your order at the counter, there are still plenty of spaces to sit.

Just be sure to grab a few pastries from the counter beside the register before you sit down, and keep an eye out on Sundays for unique Hungarian doughnuts.

Address: 818 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States

2. Sunday In Brooklyn / Williamsburg

Sunday In Brooklyn

Sunday In Brooklyn

If Brooklyn is worth a day of visit, then Sunday in Brooklyn is worth at least three hours of that day.

Sunday in Brooklyn is a great place to go for brunch.

With an open, sunlight seating area, Sunday in Brooklyn at South Street Seaport is worth your time.

You will enjoy great coffee, fantastic drinks, flavorful bread baked in a wood-burning oven, and a daring, delicious meal created by Jaime.

The open kitchen makes the place lively because you can see where the food is produced.

The coffee here is expertly roasted and brewed to highlight its natural fruitiness.

Look for bone marrow with pickled elderberries, warm devil’s food cake with peanut ice cream, house-smoked salmon, and pastrami black fish with sour rye cream, depending on the time of day.

Brunch is served daily from 9 am to 4 pm. At the same time, it is served from 9.00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and till 8 pm on Sunday.

Address: 348 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

3. Clark’s Restaurant

Clarks restaurant brooklyn

Clarks restaurant

Whether you are a local or just visiting Brooklyn, Clark’s is by far one of the best places to visit for breakfast/brunch, especially if you are looking for delectable foods and a welcoming ambiance.

Although there might be a line when you enter, however, it is a fantastic tiny place with an abundance of brunch options and endless coffee.

Clark’s restaurant creates a delectable selection of traditional American diner favorites for breakfast, lunch, and supper that are served in a pleasant and informal atmosphere.

Enjoy the warm and filling dishes at Clark’s Restaurant to start your day, like the avocado and scrambled eggs on the brioche sandwich.

You can also go for the banana walnut pancakes and the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce.

BLT penne pasta in a garlic wine sauce, the grilled pork chops with applesauce, and the fried honey battered chicken are all well-liked lunch and evening entrees.

There’s also classical music playing in the background while you enjoy your meal.

Overall, Salads, hamburgers, sandwiches, spaghetti, soups, and other world cuisine are available on the menu. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous.

Address: 80 Clark St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

4. Black Walnut

Black walnut

Black walnut

Try Black Walnut in Brooklyn’s Downtown if you want a comfortable, relaxed hotel lounge with excellent cuisine and drinks.

Black Walnut is a Brooklyn destination restaurant thanks to its particular emphasis on locally grown fruits and vegetables and dedication to environmental concern.

Run by chef Rob Newton; the restaurant offers a varied menu with dishes from South America and Asia.

It is located inside the Downtown Brooklyn Hilton Hotel.

You may get a fantastic burger, a soft pretzel, or some outstanding wings while watching the game from the bar.

Address: 140 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

5. Brooklyn Roasting Company

Brooklyn roasting company

Brooklyn Roasting Company

If you need to finish a lot of work, play some table tennis, or want to relax on one of the couches and watch Netflix.

Brooklyn roasting company is one of the nice spots to do all these.

This Brooklyn company’s spacious, towering location sits at the end of the Mikan Shimokita complex.

The menu offers all the typical café drinks along with a large food menu. It also features classic American diner fare, such as breakfast dishes, pasta, pizzas, and steak.

If you only want a snack, freshly baked pastries are available at the coffee counter.

Additionally, their specialty coffee beverages are so great that you want to buy an extra bag of beans to take home and brew.

It’s fantastic that they roast the beans locally in New York, ensuring an incredibly fresh cup.

If you want to purchase memorabilia from the Brooklyn roasting company, they sell them, including shirts and socks.

At Brooklyn Roasting Company, breakfast/brunch is available starting at 8 am and dinner last orders are at 9 pm.

Address: 200 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA

6. Devocion

Devocion, Brooklyn


Located at the base of a luxurious high-rise apartment complex in central Brooklyn, the Devoción is a fantastic spot if you are looking for brunch Spots in Brooklyn with great ambiance and, of course, coffee.

The ambiance at Devocion is both comfortable and industrial, perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee.

The garden’s attractiveness is enhanced by the white brick walls and typical handmade cement tiles of Colombia, both of which are abstract representations of a traditional Colombian farm.

The towering recessed gateway with bare steel and glass doors that leads to their roasting chamber is the focal point of the façade.

As you pass by this area on your way in, you can see the coffee roaster in action through gallery windows and inhale the aroma of Colombian coffee.

Come in for a cup of farm-fresh direct-trade coffee.

Choose from one of the year-round House Blends, which are sourced from Colombian farms, or try something new with one of the Limited Edition coffees.

Overall, it’s a great location if you are feeling a little down and need a cup of coffee to perk you back up, just want to hang out (with friends), or need to use your laptop or tablet for work.

Address: 69 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

7. Sweet Chick

Sweet chick

Sweet Chick

Located on Bedford Avenue’s main drag, Sweet Chick, offers fantastic food and outstanding customer service.

Although it has a rustic look on the inside, but you won’t go wrong coming here.

They specialize in fried chicken and waffles.

The waffles are amazing. The vanilla-flavored batter, soft interiors, and crispy exteriors all go beautifully with the crispy chicken. If you want to get really crazy, add some butter, syrup, and hot sauce.

Although fried chicken and waffles are its specialties, it has other offerings as well.

There is a substantial menu of straightforward but excellent Southern fare, as well as a fun cocktail menu and a wide variety of local beers on tap.

The reclaimed wood bar serves drinks like a house-infused watermelon vodka martini and a traditional rye Manhattan in keeping with the rustic-meets-refined theme.

A caveat here is that it is constantly busy, especially in the early morning hours when most people in Williamsburg are just getting out of bed.

Address: 164 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

8. Almondine

Almondine bakery brooklyn

Almondine Bakery Brooklyn

Almondine is the type of bakery that you go to every day to get your bread and French pastries.

Herve Poussot, an expert French baker, opened Almondine Bakery in 2004 in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Since then, Almondine has gained thousands of customers and served Brooklyn.

In addition to feeling and smelling like Paris, Almondine also offers a unique selection of baked goods, bread, sandwiches, soups, specialized seasonal dishes, and coffee.

Herve, the proprietor and top-tier pastry chef is unquestionably a genius in his field. His sense of taste is far above average.

In fact, every dish on the menu is delicious, without exception.

Your taste buds will appreciate it, and if that’s not enough, you can always walk off your lunch while taking in the most breathtaking city vistas possible over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Almondine is one of the must-visit brunch Spots in Brooklyn. So make sure you don’t miss it.

Address: 85 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

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9. Tom’s Restaurant

Tom’s restaurant

Tom’s restaurant

Open just for breakfast and lunch; Tom’s is located within walking distance from the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Many people visit Tom’s Restaurant hoping to get a place in line where they can receive free coffee, orange slices, and cookies.

The 1936-opened diner still has an old-fashioned, soda-fountain vibe, but their pancake selection does not disappoint customers, especially the “Danish” type.

They offer meals like cinnamon roll pancakes, pastrami, and eggs in addition to the more basic morning fare (though they also have a selection of hot sandwiches, not including hot dogs).

Given how busy this restaurant may get, the meal itself is excellent and served relatively fast.

Address: 782 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

10. Westville Dumbo

Westville Dumbo

Westville Dumbo

Located next to the well-known Brooklyn Bridge view in the center of Dumbo, Westville has grown to be one of the most well-liked in the Brooklyn region.

Given its exceptional quality, Westville has numerous locations throughout New York.

Like the others, it has a cozy atmosphere in Dumbo that will draw many visitors.

It provides a recognizable cuisine with a wide selection of comfort foods you can’t possibly refuse.

Eat the pulled pork, ham, Swiss, and deli mustard-stuffed Cuban Benedict.

The restaurant’s inventive vegetable dishes are what you’ll like the most.

In fact, what sets this restaurant apart from the competition is the selection of fresh market vegetables. So get the market tray of vegetables of your choice, and if you like, add some protein.

There are lots of alternatives, even for vegans, and delicious meals. It is also an excellent place for people with allergies.

Address: 81 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

11. Rosalia’s Cafe

Rosalia's cafe

Rosalia’s cafe

Want a fantastic study cafe and brunch venue? Then Rosalia’s cafe is a great place.

Floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in a lot of natural light and are great for people-watching cover half of the cafe.

Because it is enormously roomy, has lots of natural light, and has plenty of table space, many come here to work and study.

You can view what you ordered and how the food is prepared.

Eggs, bacon, omelets, bagels, home fries, and many other foods are available.

The wraps and sandwiches are delicious, and one order is big enough for two people to share.

The drinks include a variety of tea and coffee varieties, with smoothies and juices on the way soon.

Desserts include scones, cookies, croissants, bear claws, and cinnamon rolls.

Address: 615 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States

12. Milk And Honey Cafe

Milk and honey cafe brooklyn

The Milk and Honey Cafe Brooklyn

Milk and Honey Cafe is an ideal brunch spot in Brooklyn, especially if you’re pressed for time.

With contemporary furnishings and soothing background music, it provides a peaceful ambiance.

They offer delicious cuisine and affordable coffee. The French toast, the pastrami, the breakfast pastries, and the hanger steak are particularly remarkable.

Similar to McDonald’s, you place your order at the counter, bring a number to your table so the staff knows where to deliver your food, and then pay.

On the weekends, you must hustle for a table to avoid waiting for a while.

Even after the renovation to make the ordering and dining area larger, this business is still incredibly busy on the weekends, filling up every available space to the point where the line to order spills into the seating area.

The best part is that the dining room is large enough that they frequently turn over tables, and the large windows let in so much light that it’s difficult not to enjoy yourself here.

Address: 1119 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230, United States

13. Leland Eating and Drinking House

Leland Eating and Drinking House

Leland Eating and Drinking House

Here’s an amazing place to grab some brunch while in Brooklyn.

Owner Randi Lee named the restaurant after his great-uncle Leland Chin.

In keeping with the family history of friendly hospitality, Leland Eating and Drinking House offer a gathering spot where neighbors may unwind, unwind, and eat well.

Leland’s New York Mediterranean cuisine uses house-made pickling and preserves regional food and drink.

In fact, everything in this space—the food, the beverages, the ambiance, and the vibe—comes together so flawlessly and seamlessly to create not only a meal but an experience.

One benefit of the corner location is that it has two inviting dining spaces.

The bar, a long banquette made of pale wood, and tables are on your right as you enter on the Dean Street side.

Another dining room, further back and down a few stairs, is closer to the kitchen and has views of Underhill Avenue.

From the moment you enter and are welcomed by the door, it is clear that Leland is unique.

Similarly, you get the impression that you are entering your personal gastronomic cosmos when you are seated in one of the outdoor “cozy cabins.”

The menu is separated into three portions as well. Most of the little dishes and snacks might equally well be classified as appetizers, while the large plates are entrées.

Address: 755 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

14. Café Mogador

Café mogador

Café Mogador

Breakfast or Brunch is a meal to be enjoyed, and café Mogador is a good place to enjoy it.

In addition to being a downtown cultural center, Cafe Mogador was a pioneering NYC restaurant that opened in the East Village in 1983.

Despite being operational since 1983, the location, ambiance, and menu options are still relevant.

It is spatially balanced with a few dining rooms inside that seem different but in tune and small-scale eating environments with outdoor possibilities.

The menus of Café Mogador are flexible since this eatery understands that everyone leads a busy life and that standard eating hours simply don’t apply to everyone.

Eat some of the well-known halumi eggs for breakfast. This rich dish includes roasted tomatoes, halumi cheese, olives, poached eggs, and more.

Most of the time, there will be a short wait, but it is worthwhile.

The signature restaurant may be difficult to spot when you first arrive because it is tucked away, but you’ll love its personal yet compact design once you do.

Whether you sit outside or inside, you will still enjoy wonderful Moroccan cuisine.

Address: 133 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

15. Bakeri

Bakeri restaurant

The Bakeri

Bakeri is another of the best brunch Spots in Brooklyn you would enjoy, especially if you desire an amazing coffee experience.

Imagine for a moment. Just imagine yourself seated in a charming, obsessively ingredient-focused bakery, a la café de Flore.

The pastries are second to none.

The decor is an antique French farmhouse with recycled furniture cabinets and period-style tile floors.

A communal table, a couple of two-tops, and two tables on the patio are available at Bakeri, although most of their business is takeout.

Address: 150 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

16. Love, Nelly

Breakfast spots in Brooklyn

Love, Nelly

Love, Nelly is named after the owner’s mother.

As one of the newest bakeries, Love, Nelly was only founded in July 2020.

Walking into Love Nelly feels like you just walked into your own Cozy home where you can feel yourself all the


Try their chicken or beef empanada if you’re searching for something to eat on the run.

Customers who enjoy sweets frequently order alfajores with their dulce de leche cookies.

Try the cakes; they are just one of a kind. Their frosting is made with cream cheese and is light, fluffy, and just the right amount of sweet.

Similarly, their sprinkles are custom-made. The cake itself is flavorful, moist, and densely packed with frosting between layers. It is well worth every single calorie and cent. Fortunately, they also provide slices.

Come early if you want the empanadas because they finish quickly.

Best part? Everything offered for sale in this shop is freshly baked daily, and everything smells amazing. Additionally, candles and greeting cards are available for purchase.

Address: 53 Rockaway Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233, United States

17. Partners Coffee

Breakfast spots in Brooklyn

Partners Coffee Brooklyn

Previously known as Toby’s estate, Partners Coffee creates flavourful coffee.

The old-school cool spot is a great place to stop by and work while sipping coffee and hearing the roasting machine in the rear.

To sample the barista’s espresso beverages, ask for a macchiato, flat white, or mocha.

For a delicious portable, complete your order with a smoked turkey sandwich.

They also offer a wide assortment of coffee accessories, like mugs and French presses.

The essential component for the restaurant’s success is the coffee itself, together with the dynamic atmosphere and design of the place.

Try the avocado toast or the smoked salmon sandwich if you’re not sure the toasts and sandwiches are good.

There are no wifi and plugs on weekends. While some may find the absence of plugs and wifi on the weekends to be negative, on the other hand, it allows for customer turnover in a location that is already crowded.

Address: 125 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

18. Miriam

Breakfast spots in Brooklyn

The Miriam Brooklyn

Miriam is the ideal synthesis of all the elements. Excellent service, delicious food, and a great location!

The restaurant is located near the Barclay Center and the Brooklyn Museum.

The setting evokes the sultry atmosphere of a night in the French Quarter, replete with alfresco dining on balconies, modern tropical decor, and a cozy jazz club.

Both traditional American breakfasts and Israeli meal options are available on the extensive menu.

The eatery provides a classy yet relaxed dining experience and serves dinner and a popular brunch daily.

A variety of small plates/appetizers are available, including hummus, falafel, and eggplant (all excellent), as well as meat and vegetarian couscous dishes, a “cauliflower steak,” as well as various chicken, fish, and other alternatives.

Additionally, along with pancakes, French breakfast, and an a la carte menu, brunch at Miriam provides a variety of organic egg dishes.

You can’t miss this wonderful spot in Brooklyn.

Address: 79 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

19. Milk Bar

Breakfast spots in Brooklyn

The Milk bar

Milk Bar is absolutely one of the best brunch Spots in Brooklyn, serving light meals to locals and visitors.

This modest milk bar is well-known among Instagrammers and food enthusiasts for its cereal milk, birthday cake ice cream, cookies, and crack pie.

The excellent plating of every single dish contributes to the pleasant appearance of its contents.

Thanks to this location’s airy, lovely atmosphere, you can also feel at ease.

The little cafe’s straightforward cuisine complements the decor of plain wooden booths and the tranquil noise level.

Various options center on toast: The syrupy strawberry compote is for sweet lovers.

Savory breakfast lovers should choose the egg “toasties” with avocado and salsa or ham and Gruyere.

If you want a meaty portable, a chicken blat sandwich would be a great choice.

Add a sweet potato pancake to ensure that you get something off the griddle.

Drink a cup of single-origin coffee with your morning meal.

Address: 620 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

20. Junior’s Restaurant

Breakfast spots in Brooklyn

Junior’s Restaurant

Juniors have been around for a long time, and it is one of the best places where you can purchase genuine traditional NY-style cheesecake.

Since the 1950s, Junior’s has gained a reputation for having the best cheesecake and superb food, entertainment, and service.

In fact, people from Brooklyn and tourists have flocked there for decades to eat, joke around, and dispute about cheesecake.

It has a slightly retro vibe, and the walls are covered in many framed pictures and prints, but it is roomy and spotless, with a little bit of an “olde worlde” charm.

Eggs, omelets, griddle cakes, French toast, and waffles are available on the breakfast menu.

They also offer deli sandwiches, steakburgers, fish, ribs, and chicken options in addition to soups and salads.

You can even choose appetizers like mozzarella sticks and traditional buffalo wings.

There is seating at the bar, booths, and tables in this lovely dining area.

Finally, if you are visiting this breakfast/brunch spot in Brooklyn, then you should check out the amazing cheesecake before leaving.

Address: 386 Flatbush Ave Ext, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

21. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Breakfast spots in Brooklyn

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Since the 1950s, Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop has provided goods and services to residents of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas.

The donuts here are excellent, and the bakery is a genuine antique that has been in business for many years.

Additionally, the teal and pink smocks that match around the store give it a 1950s mom-and-pop feel.

If you are purchasing donuts to go, your purchase will be packaged and secured with a thread. The vintage thread spool is a charming touch.

This restaurant’s dining area is a snake-shaped counter that winds through the structure.

If you can find a seat, vintage chairs encircle the hostess bar, where you may order food and get a complete breakfast.

Although their donuts are their specialty, they also have excellent sandwiches on bagels and other menu items.

Don’t miss one of the best brunch spots in Brooklyn with its delicious cuisine and nostalgic feel when in the area.

Address: 727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

22. Colonie

Breakfast spots in Brooklyn

The Colonie restaurant

Colonie is among the top exciting brunch Spots in Brooklyn that offers locals and tourists a cozy, inviting place to drink and eat.

The restaurant draws inspiration from the history and beauty of the nearby historic neighborhoods. Tamer Hamawi, Emelie Kihlstrom, and Elise Rosenberg make up the Colonie family.

The food is delicious, and the cocktails are outstanding. The ambiance is also pleasant.

Try the Scrambled egg. They are cooked perfectly with just the right amount of mascarpone, parmigiano, and pepper. And the bread is cooked just right.

Similarly, every drink has a unique twist and a powerful punch, with the fiery strawberry margarita and the bikini bottom standing out.

There isn’t a single terrible item on the menu, but seafood dishes (and the French fries!) are really good. You can also go for doughnuts for dessert.

Address: 127 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

23. Shane’s Brooklyn

Breakfast spots in Brooklyn

The Shane’s

Shane’s is a Small cafe serving creative American and Southern cuisine in Brooklyn.

The eatery is open for both dinner and brunch.

You can choose between the Greek omelet breakfast and the tex mex omelet breakfast if you decide to swing by the restaurant for breakfast or brunch.

The restaurant’s menu also features hanger steak, pancakes, burritos, and omelets.

In addition, Cafe Shane provides a variety of side dishes, including turkey bacon breakfast, grits breakfast, and fried whiting breakfast.

You can also try french toast; it is fluffy, browned, and toasted with soft, creamy interiors.

Reservations are not accepted, and they have an outdoor tent. Expect to wait for a table because it’s first come, first served.

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and the Brooklyn Museum are also nearby, so you can take a stroll there after having one of the best meals in this one of the most visited brunch Spots in Brooklyn.

Address: 794 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States


Final Remarks

Although there are many breakfast/brunch spots in Brooklyn with different offerings, especially if you are a first-timer. However, with this list of restaurants then, you have nothing to worry about.

So go get that morning/brunch meal and get ready for the day!