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18 Best Things to Do in Montauk NY You Shouldn’t Miss

Montauk is a hamlet and census-designated place in the state of New York.

This city is regarded as one of the most affluent and safest cities in New York.

It’s a great travel destination for tourists of various interests, featuring a series of recreational activities and a host of beautiful landscapes.

However, to enjoy this city’s best, endeavor to go through the compiled list of attractions hereunder.

You can also check out the best Restaurants in Montauk to dine in after exploring the city attractions.

Things To Do In Montauk

1. Montauk Point State Park

Point State Park, Montauk

Point State Park

Montauk Point State Park is an 862-acre attraction situated in the hamlet area of Montauk in New York.

If you want adventurous moments while in New York, this is a great place to commence your voyage!

This park features a series of picnic tables, seasonal hunting, a playground, and a food concession.

Not just that, this park that has been in existence for several decades also offers tourists and locals alike the opportunity to engage in fishing adventures.

In fact, if hiking is your favorite activity, Montauk Point State Park boasts a series of trails that are not only good for hiking but equally for cross-country skiing.

Its educational exhibits that illustrate the ecology of New York City are also a big draw that makes this fun area a worthwhile attraction to several fun-seekers outside the United States.

Although the beaches on this site appear rocky, lying on them is not advisable.

Nevertheless, the cost of admission is so affordable. Even at that, it only requires about $8 to park your car for the whole day.

The best part of this fun center is that there are lots of food trucks on-site with a robot menu option.

No doubt, this is a great place to go for an awesome short family excursion!

If you are here, do note that it’s accessible all year round between 6:00 AM through 6:00 PM.

While coming, please leave your pets at home because pets are not allowed here.

Address: 2000 Old Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

2. Montauk Point Lighthouse

Point Lighthouse, Montauk

Point Lighthouse

Also known simply as “Montauk Point Light,” Montauk Point Lighthouse is a fantastic lighthouse situated adjacent to Montauk Point State Park.

If you’re not a parkgoer but prefer something more relaxing and pleasurable, this is a perfect alternative for your itinerary!

In New York, this lighthouse was the first to be built and, remarkably, the first public works project in the United States.

Not just that, this beautiful site is also the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States.

Little wonder it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States as one of the most fun and inspiring attractions in the United States since the year 2012.

Although it is just about 110.5 feet tall, nonetheless, it’s distinctive amongst other lighthouses in the United States.

Whether you’ll be in Montauk for a short visitation or a holiday trip, this is a great place to spend an hour or two!

After all, the human lifespan isn’t one that runs infinitely. It’s short! Therefore, every moment is meant to be adequately enjoyed.

If you crave enjoyment like never before during your sightseeing tour to this city in Montauk.

Meanwhile, Montauk Point Lighthouse isn’t accessible to tourists on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Nevertheless, you can plan your trip here between 10:00 AM through 4:09 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

While coming, you needn’t worry about the admission fee. It’s a free attraction.

In fact, not just is it a free attraction, but there are lots of parking spaces that require zero dollars to utilize!

Address: 2000 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

3. The Ditch Plains Beach

Ditch Plains Beach

Alexia / Ditch Plains Beach

Ditch Plains Beach is a popular spot for surfing & swimming in Montauk, New Jersey.

It is at the southeast end of New York’s Long Island, just about two miles along the east of Montauk village and a quick drive from any part of the downtown city of Montauk.

Aside from its surfing adventure, this large beach area equally offers seasonal lifeguards & scenic views.

Whether it’s during the hot or spring, this lovely place will give you the best vacation experience like never.

Impressively, the admission fee to this attraction is affordable.

However, in order to park your vehicle in this attraction, you’ll need a beach sticker.

Meanwhile, if you arrive on foot or on a bike, it is free.

Equally important is the fact pets are not allowed here.

Whenever you’re on a sightseeing tour to this city of New York, a stop here will surely suffice!

Address: 18 Ditch Plains Rd, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

4. Montauk Gosman’s Restaurant

Gosman's Restaurant

The Gosman’s Restaurant

Gosman’s Restaurant is a multipurpose waterfront seafood eatery with a dining room, rooftop deck, casual cafe & clam bar.

If you’re a foodie wanting a relaxing and enjoyable moment during your travels to Montauk, this is a perfect fit for your itinerary!

This restaurant holds a monopoly stake in the dining scene of the state of New York, and the views are spectacular.

The menu list here features an abundant selection of lobster.

Even at that, the waiting area is a wooden pier with lots of seating and tables to drink while you wait.

Gosman’s Restaurant in Montauk is the topmost western eatery. It will be well worth it if you come to New York!

Besides, their fish basket is so yummy, and you’re sure to get the best Western burgers in this restaurant.

Interestingly, this restaurant is right next to the dock and the harbor. This suggests you can check through nearby attractions after filling your stomach with a tasty meal here!

Fantastic food, excellent customer service, and super experience. What more would you have wanted?

Although, at the time of publishing this content, this restaurant is temporarily closed for the season 2022, so be sure to check the website before visiting.

Address: 500 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

5. The Hither Hills State Park

Hither Hills State Park, Montauk

Hither Hills State Park

Hither Hills State Park is a 1,755-acre attraction in the downtown city of Montauk.

Although it was established as far as August 1924, its uniqueness is still sacrosanct despite being in existence for almost a century!

This park features an ocean beach, a sandy recreational area, and picnic tables.

There’s a large playground and lots of recreational programs sure enough to engage every kid on site.

Even if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a well-equipped nature trail in this lovely area is suitable for hiking, hunting, fishing, and bridle path.

How about its campground? It’s just two amazing and absolutely a paradise for campers!

With 168 trailer and tent sites, Hither Hills State Park is a dream come true for every outdoor enthusiast coming to the downtown city of Montauk.

In fact, a food concession, its cross-country skiing, and its walking dunes trail are the other beautiful attributes of this great spot.

Aside from its unique offerings, the view is so parabolic with lots of historical exhibits.

The best part of this location is that, despite its recreational facilities, the cost of admittance here is relatively low.

Note Hither Hills State Park of Montauk is accessible to tourists and visitors every day of the week between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Whether you’ll be in this City of New York during the summer or winter, this is a top family-friendly attraction that you should prioritize on your itinerary!

Address: 164 Old Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

6. Montauk Deep Hollow Ranch

Deep Hollow Ranch

Deep Hollow Ranch

Situated in Montauk, New York, amidst beautiful and well-preserved acres of spectacular area, Deep Hollow Ranch invites tourists from all over the world for an enjoyable vacation that’s sure to give everyone a memorable moment that’ll last for a lifetime.

There are many horses on site that allow every on-site tourist to engage in horseback adventure.

On this beautiful site, you’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of America’s rich history and step back in time.

Cate Keogh and Patrick established this ranch when these two individuals met years back to birth this initiative, which is today a favorite stop to a series of fun-seekers.

Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk has evolved in a series of ways, rendering the services of a working ranch with an amazing facility.

Trail rides through its breathtaking scenery and a pristine coastline are other big draws that still preserve the relevance of this fun place.

The price of adventure here costs about $140 per person.

Deep Hollow Ranch is accessible to travelers all days of the week. While it opens between 12:00 PM through 3:00 PM.

On other days of the week, it’s accessible to tourists between 8:30 AM through 3:00 PM.

Address: 8 Old Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

7. Montauk Brewing Company

Montauk Brewing Company,

The Montauk Brewing Company

Do you love beers, and would you be in Montauk during the forthcoming summer vacation?

If you extend your trip to Montauk Brewing Company, you’ll not be short of the best beer options!

Their well-balanced beers are known for their easy drinkability and various dark copper.

The available victory malts here give their various beer collections nutty, terrific toasty, and biscuity flavors.

Aside from that, their love for everything the ocean provides is so unquantifiable here.

From fish to feed tourists, to winds to fill sails, and freshwater to the visitors down, Montauk Brewing Company is so exceptional!

They combine the lovely four-hop varieties with an incredible pine aroma and tropical tastes.

Whether you’ll be in this downtown for a short trip or a holiday vacation, the available beer will lead you to endless waves.

Even at that, this lovely place allows every tourist to access affordable pizza and enjoyable shawarma.

Obviously, this place will be great for an afternoon bite anytime you’re near Montauk.

The best part of this awesome area is that various offerings aren’t so expensive.

So, why would you avoid a stop here when next you’re in New York?

No doubt, you’ll enjoy yourself like never before in this breathtaking brewery!

Note this area is accessible all days of the week between 12:00 PM through noon.

Address: 62 S Erie Ave, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

8. Montauk Second House Museum

Second House Museum, Montauk

Second House Museum

Initially referred to as the House at Fort Pond, this historic house was constructed to replace a 1746 house that was considered to have been destroyed during the Revolutionary War in the United States.

Second House Museum has a simple but flowing layout that illustrates the various phases of the history and lives of the Montauk.

If you’re a history buff and you’re coming for a vacation to this downtown, this museum features a fantastic collection of exhibits that you’ll appreciate.

Although over the years, this historic landmark has endured multiple establishments, renovations, and additions, until sometime around 1912, when it was reformed into the sprawling summer cottage that no traveler would want to exclude from an itinerary.

Impressively, the exhibits here illustrate not only Montauk’s rich history but also that of New York and the United States.

Not just that, the entire tour guides are knowledgeable and versed about this beautiful city’s history.

Aside from its numerous exhibits, the Second House Museum in Montauk also features a large playground for the kids with awesome recreational amenities.

Also, the kids will be fascinated by the gorgeous murals, and most impressive, the curator is always friendly and patient with the little ones on sight.

If you can, check out this fun spot when you’re next in Montauk, New York!

It’s a free attraction, so you wouldn’t be paying any fee, so great!

Note: The attraction is temporarily closed for the year because of construction work. Check the website for updates before planning a visit.

Address: 12 2nd House Rd, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

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9. The Lake Montauk

Lake Montauk

Lake Montauk

Lake Montauk is an artificial embayment that is remarkably the home to the largest sporting fish fleets in New York.

Historically, this lake was initially referred to as ‘Lake Wyandanch,’ and some locals refer to it as “Great Lake.”

However, after the completion of World War II, this beautiful lake became a well-known finishing area and New York’s largest fishing port.

So, if you love to fish during your forthcoming trip to this downtown, this is a great place to head to upon your arrival!

The entire fishing facilities here are in perfect condition, and the crew that welcomes tourists are so friendly.

No matter the quantum of traveler’s questions, these individuals are always eager to answer all forms of questions.

How about the water level of this lake? It’s considerably great.

Most Interestingly, kayaking and canoeing are other big draws that still preserve the relevance of this adventurous region.

Beyond all these, Lake Montauk is also known for paying hosts to a series of annual shark tournaments.

Seemingly, this fun site is home to so many possibilities!

The best part of this lovely attraction is that the adventure cost is affordable.

Nevertheless, it’s important to state that there are only a few restaurants on-site.

So, we suggest you come with some snacks if you plan to stay longer.

Overall, Lake Montauk is an amazing place worth checking out if you’re in New York!

Address: Lake Montauk, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

10. Montauk Camp Hero State Park

Camp Hero State Park

The Camp Hero State Park

Camp Hero State Park stands on 415 acres of diverse landscape that features many beautiful, fun things.

For instance, this entertaining spot features a long expanse of beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean, heavily wooded areas, and a historic military installation.

Other things available include magnificent pristine maritime forests, spectacular ocean vistas, freshwater wetlands, and dramatic bluffs rising from the beach.

Not just that, Camp Hero State Park in Montauk also offers an extensive system of trails that’s suitable for biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

This park likewise boasts some of the greatest surf fishing locations in the United States.

It is open all days of the week to fishermen with permits, and there is also a large picnicking region here.

An undisturbed shelter here also houses an abundance of birds and bountiful wildlife.

Indeed, Camp Hero State Park of Montauk features lots of amazing adventures.

Perhaps, if snowshoeing or X-Country skiing is your favorite activity, you’ll have an excellent time coming to this enjoyable park!

Although swimming isn’t permissible here; however, there are boating adventures and all other water sports activities.

Similarly to that, it’s equally necessary to state that a maximum of two pets is allowed per tourist.

Note that Camp Hero State Park is accessible to every traveler between 6:00 AM through 6:00 PM.

Address: 1898 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

11. Hither Hills Racquet Club

Hither Hills Racquet Club

Hither Hills Racquet Club

If tennis is your favorite sporting activity and you have an upcoming trip to Montauk, Hither Hills Racquet Club should be at the top of your to-do list!

Don’t forget what Christian Louboutin retreated several times, ‘if you do what you love. It is the best way to relax!’.

Since you love engaging in tennis, a stop here will suffice!

The playing facility is of modern innovations, and the locals on site are so friendly and accommodating.

In fact, if you’ve never experienced a tennis racket before coming to this enjoyable area in Montauk, you’ll surely love this sporting adventure once you’re here.

Interestingly, the cost of admittance is relatively affordable compared to what’s obtainable elsewhere.

If you can, when next you’re in New York, endeavor to spend an hour or more. It will certainly be worth it!

Address: 2145 Montauk Hwy, Amagansett, NY 11930, United States

12. Montauk County Park

County Park, Montauk

County Park

Formally known as Theodore Roosevelt County Park, Montauk County Park is situated east of Montauk in New York.

This area is the only attraction that was initially named after Theodore Roosevelt in 1998 to commemorate his centennial anniversary of return following the Spanish–American War.

By size, this park is 1,157 acres running from Montauk Highway on the north side of the city, and it is bordered on the eastern part of the city by Montauk Point State Park.

Essentially, the component of this park includes Big Reed Pond, Montaukett Village, Deep Hollow Ranch, Third House, and Camp Wikoff.

Big Reed Pond is a National Natural Landmark with so many historical monuments.

However, Montaukett Village is the official burial spot of the Montaukett tribe of Native Americans.

Meanwhile, Deep Hollow Ranch is one of the prominent cattle ranches in the United States.

On the other hand, the Third House is for cattle keepers, who came with their various cattle to graze in Montauk during the summer period.

Camp Wikoff is where Theodore Roosevelt and his crew were quarantined when they returned in 1898 after the Spanish–American War.

This park is just too loaded; a combination of history, culture, and entertainment. It will be well worth it if you can stop here when you’re in Montauk!

Impressively, some on-site photographers are ready to give every traveler the best shot at their activity in this gorgeous area.

Address: 527 E Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

13. Montauk November Rain Charters

November Rain Charters

November Rain Charters

While some fish for to eat, others do for an adventure.

Since you’ll be here for your next vacation, would you love to spend some time fishing?

If you would, plan to spend a few minutes at November Rain Charters!

These fishing chatters engage tourists both offshore and offshore, with every trip including the finest ice, bait, tackle, fishing cleaning services, and lots more.

In addition, the available boats are so clean, spacious, and well-equipped.

In fact, Captain Steve and his entire crew members are versatile and wouldn’t do less to ensure that every traveler catches a big fish.

Despite those unique attributes that are obtainable, the cost of cruising and fishing is affordable.

It’s not so surprising this fishing charter has been continually ranked as one of the best fishing destinations in New York!

Amazingly, there are considerably huge amounts of restaurants on site with scrumptious food options.

While coming, you needn’t worry about how and where you can park your vehicle because there are lots of parking spaces with on-site lifeguards.

Address: Westlake Marina, 352 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

14. Sail Montauk

Sail Montauk

Sail Montauk

Unlike November Rain Charters, Sail Montauk is a sailing agency in Montauk.

Whether you’ll be in this downtown during the wintertime or summer period, you can join a private Taste of Sailing or Sunset Sail adventure here.

Take the tiller and sit back to enjoy the best relaxing and cruising adventure that’ll give you long and lasting memories.

The most remarkable attribute that distinguishes this area from other sailing sites in New York is that this pleasurable area offers certification courses, private lessons for adults, and private kid lessons.

Whether you’re a professional or planning to try this out, you’ll enjoy an inclusive adventure!

Notwithstanding that huge feature, the ticket fee is not pricey.

With much certainty, you’ll have an excellent time here when next you’re in Montauk, New York!

Take note that Sail Montauk is accessible between 9:00 AM through 8:00 PM all days of the week.

Address: 478 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

15. Montauk Downs State Park

Lynns Hula Hut

Lynns Hula Hut

Montauk Downs State Park is a beautiful recreational center and of the most explored site in the United States.

It is located in Suffolk County along the eastern tip of Long Island’s South Fork in downtown Montauk.

If you’re coming here, you can expect an 18-hole championship golf course, tennis courts, a driving range, a restaurant, and a swimming pool.

So, whether you’re looking for a beautiful area to enjoy some day off the stress or you want to take some time golfing, Montauk Downs State Park Golf Course has got you covered!

Although its establishment date dates back to 1968, nevertheless, it’s still as engaging, fun, and beautiful as it used to be.

The golf course here is one of the windiest destinations in the United States, and each day’s relative climatic conditions can make the course play differently.

Like every golfer would expect, most of the holes in this area of Montauk feature small greens that demand precision approach shots, and there are over four water hazards on the course zone.

It doesn’t end there. The green is guarded by several sand traps, which include two deep bunkers.

Except for Saturdays, when this place is open between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, its usual hour of operation is between 8:00 AM through 6:30 PM.

Address: 50 S Fairview Ave, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

16. Lynns Hula Hut

Lynns Hula Hut

Lynns Hula Hut

Instead of dwelling on the beautiful description of this great area that is contained in pages of literature, why not plan a trip instead, since you’ll be in Montauk?

Lynns Hula Hut is a fantastic place that has been one of the big draws in New York for several decades.

Known for its fantastic drink, food, and lively music by local artists, Lynns Hula Hut is just too fun to be omitted from your bucket list!

The most amazing thing about this Montauk destination is that visitors’ safety is their utmost priority.

Aside from that, offerings here are not pricey.

Anytime you’re traveling near New York, plan to spend some time here. You’ll love it!

Although it’s temporarily closed, you can always check the website for updates before visiting.

Address: 426 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

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17. MyssTic Rooms

MyssTic Rooms

Mysstic Rooms

Situated on one of the beautiful streets in Brooklyn, MyssTic Rooms offers high-end escaping experiences to tourists.

If you love to have an enjoyable moment in New York with an immersive experience, don’t miss out on MyssTic Rooms on your travel plan.

This escape room offers a real-life interactive gaming environment where every traveler enjoys about sixty minutes to solve puzzles and equally find clues in a themed but mysterious room.

If you’re cautious enough while being locked in this scary room, you’ll be able to move out of the room and become a champion.

Even if you couldn’t work with the time, the experience and memory will still be worthwhile.

Although, the cost of admittance is a bit high. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be any reason to avoid a stop here.

After all, whatever that’s so sure to give you happiness and great delight can never be too costly!

Other than that, the staff appears so courteous, and there are lots of parking lots in this attraction of Montauk. In fact, the entire layout is so beautiful, and there are lots of on-site restaurants.

So, do you think you have what it takes to get your way out of this themed room?

Don’t be in haste to respond. Endeavor to be here to test your skills during your subsequent trip to the downtown City of New York.

Note, on Saturday. This area is accessible on Saturdays between 10:00 AM through 11:00 PM.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, you can come between 11:00 AM through 10:00 PM. On other days of the week, it’s accessible between 11:30 AM through 10:00 PM.

Address: 794 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States

18. Montauk Farmer’s Market

Montauk Farmer's Market

The Montauk Farmer’s Market

Since over three decades ago, Montauk Farmer’s Market has been famous in New York for its fresh farm products and high-quality items.

Different sellers in the market convey from different major cities in the United States in order to offer awesome items.

This includes local crafts, art, and fruits, amongst other items.

As different from other known farmer’s markets, this area is typically an absolutely producer-only market.

Whether you are coming to Montauk with your whole family or some associates, this location offers a lot of items that’ll brighten your day and make your vacation to this city a memorable one.

Even if you’re indecisive about what to select amidst its gorgeous offerings, the quickness of the different sellers to make necessary recommendations will impress you!

Aside from these outstanding features of this market, this location equally showcases a series of historical activities and lots of cultural displays.

That means, even if you are not in this area for any of these items, you’re definitely sure to get yourself relaxed with the series of historical presentations and cultural activities.

No doubt, this is far beyond the regular farmer’s market. It’s overloaded! A must-stop here if you’ll be in this city!

However, if you’ll be here, take note this market isn’t accessible on all days of the week.

Its sole hours of operation are on Thursday between 9:00 AM through 2:00 PM.

Address: 742 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

Final Remarks

Undoubtedly, Montauk is a beautiful city with so many fun attractions.

Ensure you make use of our above recommendation to narrow down your itinerary.

Safe Travels!