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15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Warren (Michigan)

Warren is the home to everything from beautiful parks, malls, Churches, and Museums. This is such a great place for a vacation.

It has a little something for everyone, so whether you’re into food, art, music, history, nature, or culture, you can find plenty of cool places to visit in Warren.

There’s simply so much to experience in this beautiful city that you are going to need some serious planning mojo to fit it all into your schedule!

Grab your calendar! Get ready!

It’s time to talk about fun and the best things you can do in Warren!

Things To Do In Warren

1. Warren Community Centre Indoor Waterpark

Things to do in Warren

Credit: Warren Community Centre

Warren Community Centre Indoor Waterpark has been attracting visitors over the years due to its uniqueness.

This beautiful location in the heart of Warren, Michigan is with modern facilities aimed at increasing visitors’ enjoyment while in Warren.

Besides, unlike what you can see in other places while in Warren, this incredible place has a really nice pool and relaxation center.

The water in their pool is clean and good-looking.

Moreover, the staff at the front desk are kind, considerate, and helpful.

Even at that, the instructor at the pool is highly professional and will do everything to make visitors’ stay highly enjoyable.

If you are a novice, you’ve nothing to be afraid of; they will definitely teach you what to know!

What an incredible place that is full of so many things to enjoy!

Interestingly, this wonderful place in Warren also has showers and lockers. In fact, visitors can also bring their own lock and a towel.

Aside from all these, Warren Community Centre Indoor Waterpark, in a bid to add to delicacies for visitors while in Warren, they have numerous programs galore.

These programs are mostly on the weekends, and they are greatly entertaining.

Although, unlike what is obtainable earlier, since the COVID-19 period, you now have to be a member before you can come here.

Regardless, this place is still unique, and becoming a member is so easy.

Not only is this place meant for adults alone, but there is also a place designated for kids where they can and a little library where they can easily get some storybooks to spice up their stay.

Apparently, there is something for everyone in this Waterpark.

Address:5460 Arden Ave, Warren, MI 48092, United States

2. Warren Breakout Escape Rooms

Breakout Escape Rooms

SparkFun Electronics / Wikimedia Commons

Breakout Escape Rooms is yet another amazing place you need to explore if you are coming to Warren.

Although, this place is old notwithstanding, it has so much of fun things visitors can explore whole in Warren.

If you love to see escape rooms with great and distinct features like never before, a visit to Warren, particularly Breakout Escape Rooms, is important.

They have several escape rooms, beautiful and addictive to visitors.

Such amazing Escape rooms you need to see while in Warren.

In fact, the ringmaster room is what you shouldn’t miss if you are in Warren.

Besides, visitors can come as a group of 9 or depending on whatever proportion they so desire in order to enjoy this adventure.

Once you are a type that pays great attention to detail, you will definitely be able to unlock the room. So easy and fun-filled!

Staff are also very friendly and encouraging from beginning to end.

Breakout Escape Rooms also have nearby restaurants that sell delicious for visitors at a reasonable price.

Even if you are not having interested in buying food, there are several shops that offer ice cream and snacks you would enjoy.

If you have plans to come to Warren any time soon, remember to add Breakout Escape Rooms to your itinerary.

It’s going to be a fun adventure!

Address: 7300 Miller Dr. B, Warren, MI 48092, United States

3. Warren Dragonmead Microbrewery

Things to do in Warren

Credit: Dragonmead Microbrewery

Do you love some chilled beer while Kim Warren?

If you enjoy taking chilled and quality beer, consider visiting Dragonmead Microbrewery for all kinds of beer that will satisfy your cravings.

This is a nice pub with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. A must-visit if you are in Warren!

In fact, if you are in this top-notch brewing company in Warren, there is a large selection of games you could play while you had some beer or wine.

What a location that is full of so many things to enjoy!

Incredibly, their different beers and a few different fruity wines in their selection are extremely cheap.

You can’t get these qualities for these prices elsewhere!

Moreover, if you don’t crave ordinary chilled beers but American, English, Scottish, and Belgian styles, rid is the lace you’d get all these!

Even while you pay so low just for the beer, they will offer you simple snacks.

Amazing right? Yeah! A visit to Warren, particularly Dragonmead Microbrewery will suffice!

How about their interior that will take you by surprise? Even that alone, without taking beer, is a voyage that will create an unforgettable memory you wouldn’t forget.

We recommend you locate this beautiful location in Warren and have an empirical feeling of the fun things to enjoy here rather than reading this and merely enhancing your curiosity.

Warren is such a wonderful city full of so many things and places to visit for fun and enjoyment!

Address: 14600 E Eleven Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48089, USA

4. Warren Malones Tavern

Things to do in Warren

Credit: Malones Tavern

Malones Tavern is yet another beautiful place that is full of amazing things for visitors in Warren.

If you are looking for a great place to have dinner and also keep up with multiple sporting events on a dozen screens.

Malones Tavern in Warren is the right place to head to.

Besides, this location has several great beers on tap for visitors to enjoy their vacation in this incredible place.

Interestingly, this place is the best setting to have a bite or beer.

How about the Bourbon Salmon in this wonderful place in Warren?

It is a place to die for! So succulent and flaky with just the right amount of savory flavor!!.

Moreover, the staff in this beautiful location are very friendly and pleasant.

They will definitely brighten up whenever you visit.

Not only that, they are readily available to entertain every visitor with free snacks.

What a wonderful place to go for a delicious meal and great drinks in Warren!

The food & drinks are always great!!

This is definitely somewhere that you can get everything from a delicious burger or an entree – there are always great choices.

Obviously, if you are in Warren, you can get so many things out of this incredible place

If you plan to visit Warren, we recommend you come to this beautiful place to hang out with friends or families or just be a couple in their relaxing atmosphere while enjoying their delicious meal.

Address: 32350 Van Dyke Ave, Warren, MI 48093, United States

5. Warren MJR Universal Cinema

Things to do in Warren

Credit: MJR Universal Cinema

Do you want to catch up with some new movies?

If all you want is not far from getting a beautiful region to catch up with the latest movies, come to MJR Universal Cinema which is in the heart of Warren.

This is a lovely and newly remodeled theater that offers the newest run of movies.

The unique attribute of this place is the quality of their facilities.

Even at that, visitors pay just a little amount of admission fee to gain entrance here.

Talking of their seats and the screen of their TVs, it is absolutely amazing! They have the most comfortable reclining chairs in the area. You’d not feel any pain sitting for hours here!

Besides, the staff in this sought-after location in Warren are so friendly and would always offer popcorn with flavored shakes to visitors at no cost.

This is a place every visitor will love to be for a date night or taking the kids on a weekend afternoon.

You can’t be disappointed coming to this MJR Universal Cinema in Warren!

Interestingly, the admission charge is reasonable, and this place is accessible to visitors on any day of the week.

If you are so much concerned about what could bring a long-lasting memory for you and your kids, why not visit Warren, particularly MJR Universal Cinema that is right here in Warren?

We are convinced you would be happy you so so!

Address: Cinemark, 28600 Dequindre Rd, Warren, MI 48092, United States

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6. Warren Wiegand Park

Things to do in Werren

Nxr-at / Wikimedia Commons

Wiegand Park is a nice little park in Warren that is clean and safe for visitors of all ages.

This place has so many things that visitors can enjoy during their vacation.

In fact, in every raft of any pack, there are no benches that are broken or disfigured

Besides, they have bathrooms that are open for public use. It is always clean and well maintained.

In this Wiegand Park in Warren, they have two actual playscapes.

One of these playgrounds is for elder kids like 5 and up and a smaller one for the younger children. This is amazing, a must-see if you are visiting this city!

Also, this incredible location in Warren is also pretty shaded and has many picnic tables and a shed as well as a baseball field.

Even if you don’t have any interest in anything else, you can come to their baseball field to have some sporting activities.

Overall, Wiegand Park is a good park!!!

Not only is this place meant for what has stayed above alone, but the park also harbors plenty of beautiful rooms for a family get-together and a variety of play equipment to suit most aged children.

Typically, you can come here with your friends and associate to have a get-together and other activities.

So many things to be done here!

Why not come to Waren with your kids or date to explore the best part of this incredible place?

You will love to come over and over again after your next visit!

Address: 8700 Toepfer Rd, Warren, MI 48089, United State

7. Burdi Park

Burdi Park

Credit: Burdi Park

Do you want a park to bring your dogs to while in Warren?

Burdi Park in Warren is a nice dog park where visitors of all races can come with no admission fee whatsoever.

This park in Warren is completely fenced and appeared to be well maintained.

Besides, there are lots of toys provided to keep the pooch entertained.

Not only that, there is even a designated area set up for dogs to practice jumping through hoops, ladder climb, pedestal and tunnel walk, and an adjustable height high bar to jump.

Such an amazing place is full of so many things you’d love to see!

Moreover, part of the description of this incredible place we shouldn’t forget to pin down is the fact that they have a nice, open grassy area with a pavilion and a beautiful playground for kids who came with their parents or guidance to enjoy.

Burdi Park in Warren is a nice spot overall!

Aside from these, they have soccer fields that are in very good condition.

Incredible right? Yeah, Burdi Park in Warren has everything to make visitors’ voyages memorable! In fact, their bathrooms are what you’d expect for a park.

Address: 7000 Twelve Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48092, USA

8. City of Warren Butcher Park

Things to do in Werren

GEOGOZZ / Wikimedia Commons

City of Warren Butcher Park is yet another great place to bring your family and relax while in Warren.

Although, unlike other parks highlighted above, this park is small in size.

However, despite its size, its uniqueness is sacrosanct! No wonder this area never stops receiving visitors on a daily basis!

Interestingly, no admission fee is required before visitors can enter this beautiful pack! Even at that, there are toilets available and a huge play area for kids.

Even while not paying anything, the staff will receive you with a warm and friendly face.

Definitely, they are the best set of people you would love to interact with.

Just like what every visitor would love, this location in Warren has two baseball diamonds and a couple of volleyball nets.

This place is just a wow! So many things for visitors at no cost!

Above all, there is also a pavilion for reserving large parties.

In tandem with that, even if your ingest is not to come to see the park, you can bring your events here and let your guests be amused and happy!

In fact, every guest can practice flying a drone or meeting up with friends for a game of soccer!

Address: 4700 Martin Rd, Warren, MI 48092, United States

9. Our Lady of Redemption Melkite Catholic Church

Things to do in Werren

Facebook / Our Lady of Redemption Melkite Catholic Church

Do you believe in Christ and want a place to reunite your faith with others while in Warren?

If you are a Christian and want a perfect place to pray and reunite your faith with another Christian while in Warren, we suggest you visit Our Lady of Redemption Melkite Catholic Church in Warren.

This is one of the few places you will be warmly welcomed by parishioners and the priest in Warren.

Without much stress, all you have to do is to show the fact that you’re a Christian, then you will be received with an utmost kind gesture.

How about their traditional liturgy? This is one of the reasons why visitors keep tripping here.

They just want to see this traditional liturgy as it could be rarely seen somewhere else if not in Warren.

Interestingly, Melkite Catholic Church is the oldest Church in the world, with St. Peter being the first bishop before he journeyed to Rome!

Tradition comes alive here! All Catholics and Orthodox are welcome to receive the Eucharist.

Even if you are not a Catholic by denomination, there are so many things you can do here!

Of course, coming here alone to see their ancient building is a voyage that is worth it!

Aside from that, the mass in this church in Warren will move you.

Also, they have full reenactments and beautiful locations for weddings.

Beautiful church, great environment, very welcoming parishioners, holy divine spiritual liturgy, very rich traditional Melkite eastern rite  — what more would you have wanted?

If you plan to come to Warren for a spiritual vacation, do not forget to make this a top place to visit in Warren.

Address: 29293 Lorraine Ave, Warren, MI 48093, United States

10. Warren LG’s Place

LG's Place | Intimate Event Space

Wpcpey / Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to host or catch up with some intimate events while in Warren?

LG’s Place offers a comfortable deep home feeling and commodates intimate events such as “Sweet Sixteens, Surprise Party, Baby Showers, and lots more!

Not to mention the affordability of the venue, it is located in a very appealing environment with so many things that could be done.

Their event place in this beautiful location of Warren offers a beautiful space for any type of event if you’re having a small intimate group.

This space available for events comes with chairs, tables, speaker for an additional price, and they are all worth it.

In fact, the ambiance and everything about this space in Warren will make your brunch extraordinary.

Securities of visitors are also guaranteed and there are a lot of parking spaces for visitors and guests to park their cars.

The owner and the entire staff here are very professional and prompt with response time for any questions.

You won’t be disappointed coming to LG’s Place | Intimate Event Space in Warren!

Address: 22699 Van Dyke Ave, Warren, MI 48089, United States

11. Warren Ukrainian Cultural Center

Ukrainian Cultural Center

Credit: Evententive

Do you have any parties or events you want to host in Warren?

Why not try out the Ukrainian Cultural Center?

The cultural center is a wonderful place to host your events in Warren.

It is a beautiful events location that requires no fee for booking or reservation.

What an amazing location to bring your events while in Warren!

If you need a banquet hall for your repast, memorial, baby’s shower, birthday, weddings, and several other events.

We highly recommend you to come to Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren.

Your guests will be glad they come to your party because of this beautiful location.

Moreover, the entire staff here are friendly and wonderfully efficient. They will direct your guest like it’s their personal events.

Even if you don’t have any events you’re planning to host, coming here for a picnic itself is a voyage that is worth it!

You will definitely enjoy exploring their beautiful gardens and gym center. All at no cost! Absolutely free!

How about their fantastic food with moderate prices and big portions? It is the best you’d ever wanted.

They have amazing restaurants! You might not likely get such quantity at such price anywhere else in Warren!

Address: 26601 Ryan Rd, Warren, MI 48091, United States

12. The Salvation Army Warren Corps Community Center

The Salvation Army Warren Corps Community Center

Bidgee / Wikimedia Commons

The Salvation Army Warren Corps Community Center will create a great worship great atmosphere for you unlike before.

Are you looking for you can worship Christ with like minds in Warren? This place should occupy your number one of the places to visit.

You will definitely love the people who attend the church and the pastors who preach during their services.

Besides, they also do so much for the community members and visitors who are strangers in Warren.

There is a homeless shelter and Gleaner is on the site. What an amazing Church to visit in Warren!

However, if all you care for is their stranger as a visitor in Warren, you might end up in one of their programs.

Well, that’s equally amazing, no boring program in this amazing Church located in the heart of Warren.

So much of interesting programs!

Besides, they have a really great counseling staff.

You can be sure to discuss any of your life challenges with them and they will counsel you properly with a high spirit of confidentiality.

They also have a wonderful Tuesday night youth session with great leaders.

And they also have a wonderful summer program for children. So many things to be done here!

Are you in Warren and facing a severely dark time of your life? With their support and encouragement, you will be able to overcome most of your troubles and get on track to a very successful life.

Address: 24140 Mound Rd, Warren, MI 48091, United States

13. The Gazebo Banquet Center

The Gazebo Banquet Center

Facebook / The Gazebo Banquet Center

The Gazebo Banquet Center is another wonderful place to host and attend different kinds of events in Warren.

Although, this place is not in a remote area in Warren.

However, it is still worth the recommendation due to its amazing attributes.

One unique attribute of this place in Warren is the natural garden that is available to every visitor and guest to explore during their stay here.

The garden has a lot of beautiful reptiles and they are kept in their natural state.

It’s indeed an amazing center with so much of things to see!

If you are bringing your events here, you should rest assured of their absolutely delicious food.

Not only is their food delicious, but their servers are also truly amazing.

Besides, they have comfortable chairs and nice tables.

How about their parking spaces for visitors?

They have enough space that will accommodate every visitor’s car.

Do you have an upcoming event looking for where to host it in Warren? Why not bring it to The Gazebo Banquet Center?

We are sure you would be glad you do so.

Address: 31104 Mound Rd, Warren, MI 48092, United States

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14. Royalty House Banquet Facility

Royalty House Banquet Facility

Facebook / Royalty House Banquet Facility

Royalty House Banquet Facility in Warren is an avenue where you can get fantastic roasted cut potatoes, mostaccioli, breaded chicken, kielbasa & sauerkraut, large soft slices of bread, and lots more.

The facility is very clean & kept up well. The interior is beautiful and visitor-driven.

You will not only admire their beautiful foods but also their decorations.

Not only do they sell delicious foods here, but they also have an events center where you can host your events or come with friends for a get-together or a reunion.

Although this place is located in an environment where there are lots of atrocities however, they have adequate security measures put in place to ensure the safety of visitors and guests.

Do you want a secured and perfect for your upcoming events?

Why not consider bringing it to the Royalty House Banquet Facility? It will definitely be worth it!

Address: 8201 Old 13 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48093, United States

15. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Anthony92931 / Wikimedia Commons

Do you want some Italian food while in Warren?

If you want some nice and delicious Italian food while in Warren, try to visit Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.

They have the best Italian dishes that will satisfy your cravings.

More so, there is never a wait to be seated and they have the best quality food of any Olive Garden in the Metro Detroit area.

You can also get some Salmon with broccoli and in all honestly, it would be better than Salmon you would have gotten from other restaurants.

Interestingly, they have modern facilities in this wonderful Warren Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.

Each time visitors get here, they have a QR code they will use to scan them before they are checked in! What an amazing restaurant!

Above all, their delicious foods are reasonably priced.

It’s amazing that you can get enough soup, salad, and breadsticks for a really nice price!

The chicken and gnocchi soup they offer is a must-taste to every lover of good food!

Address: 30600 Van Dyke Ave, Warren, MI 48093, United States

Final Remarks

These are just a few of the most fun things to do in Warren.

It might be a small city, but don’t let its size fool you!

It has cool and unique tourist attractions, and with any luck, they will create a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience for you.

Warren, Michigan is a city with so many things for everyone, be it kids or adults.

The time spent here is time spent well.

Come to “Warren City” for a true gem of an American city.

Happy travels!