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19 Best & Fun Things To Do In Battle Creek (Michigan)

Have you ever reflected on the reason people from all over the world are visiting Battle Creek every day?

Do you take time to think of what is attracting visitors to this amazing place?

The reason why this city is becoming one of the most visited areas in the United States is that tourists found the place as one of the best areas to have fun and have unforgettable memories.

If you’re looking into things to do in Battle Creek, Michigan, you won’t be disappointed coming at this write-up!

This beautiful city in the United States is packed with cultural hubs such as art museums aplenty, historic landmarks, a bustling marketplace, and loads of entertainment.

Furthermore, the city is surrounded by amazing natural settings such as state parks, lakeside beaches, mountain resorts, and miles’ worth of bike/walking paths.

Finally, the city is also home to tons of breweries, eateries, and shopping, each with its own local flair.

So if you’re looking for a true vacation experience, you will find loads to do here!

If you ever desire to visit this amazing city, make sure you visit some of the fun and best places on our list.

Things To Do In Battle Creek

1. Battle Creek Binder Park Zoo

Things to do in Battle Creek

Ltshears / Wikimedia Commons

Are you a lover of animals?

One of the best places to visit in Calhoun is Binder Park Zoo.

It is an area every visitor and inhabitants love to go to in order to catch some fun.

The zoo is of a good edifice and has a good variety of animals, most especially, the African animals they are really cool to see.

Besides, this incredible area is a very big, naturally wooded area.

It basically offers a lot of covers that look so clean with different animals looking happy, healthy, and well-fed.

Moreover, this location is a wonderfully cool place to enjoy the holiday with kids and family and a very good picnic spot for a summer weekend.

If you are in Battle Creek, this amazing place looks so cool and will create an unforgettable memory after seeing animals in their natural habitat.

Notably, Binder Park Zoo has giraffes, zebras, and a whole lot more wandering around in their natural savannah setting that had to be fifty acres,

All at a reasonable cost! You have to spend less to enjoy more while in this wonderful location!

Moreover, wheelchairs and kiddie carts are also available for kids who visit the zoo.

There is equally a train that takes guests from one part of the zoo to the other.

Not only that, interaction with animals is much more lively than in other zoos you might have visited.

Interestingly, the chipmunks get right next to you and play around.

If you are planning to visit Battle Creek, consider adding Binder Park to your itinerary.

Address: 7400 Division DR, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States.

2. Battle Creek Firekeeper’s Casino

Things to do in Battle Creek

Raw Mustard / Wikimedia Commons

Do you love casino games?

If you love casino games, this is a place you must visit anytime you are in Battle Creek.

Firekeeper is in the state of Michigan is an Indian casino initiative with flexible rules.

These rules are targeted at providing a relaxing environment with good services to visitors.

Aside from these, firekeepers have a lot of free drinks available to entertain gamers at all times.

Not only that, there are several giveaways available to encourage players while here.

Besides, this beautiful place has really relaxed its gaming rules in favor of players since the pandemic.

Every lover of games will admire this interesting location in Battle Creek!

Also, the staff of Battle Creek Firekeepers always do a very good job at keeping the facility.

In fact, this amazing attraction is clean and has machines and tables set up to maintain social distancing.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how nice the Casino will appear and how easy it is to get to!

If you are in Battle Creek, no stress in gaining entrance like in other Casino regions, Firekeepers have this figured out!

The entry is very easy!

Visitors can buy a drink at a bar with a small wait in line!

Machines have space so visitors could relax or gamble.

Incredibly, Battle Creek Firekeepers also have a pool every gamer has unrestricted access to.

The pool is nice and visitors will even receive free salads before going into the pool.

This is just a wonderful place with so many things for visitors!

Address:11177 E Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States.

3. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Discovery Center

Things to do in Battle Creek

Credit: Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Discovery Center

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Discovery Center is another place where visitors all over the world come in order to know more about Christianity and Mr. Kellogg’s life.

This amazing place is a historic place that takes people back in time through reenactments, restored and replicated buildings to tell the story of heroes who lived to honor God.

Visitors experience living history in a restored log cabin, one-room schoolhouse, and the houses of the Adventist pioneers who settled in the west end of Battle Creek in 1855.

Housed in the museum are entertainment houses, schools, and churches.

Besides, the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and are always available to direct visitors.

Moreover, upon entering, people are allowed to watch a short video that displays the history of Dr. Kellogg and his inventions at no extra cost!

Then, after the video, visitors will make their way into the exhibit hall, where they can actually try out several of his inventions.

This Discovery Center is a great gem in the United States!

It is a very cool place you must visit if you are in Battle Creek.

Interestingly, it is equally an informative place to go with kids, families, and associates.

There is also a collection of older buildings for you to view in order to grasp the full of history.

What a wonderful ancient site with so many beautiful things to offer!

Tour guides are extremely nice, helpful, and very informative.

They will make your visit worthwhile.

Not only that, your kids and little ones will love the gadgets that will be made available for their enjoyment!

Address:411 Champion St, Battle Creek, MI 49037, United States. 

4. Battle Creek Historic Bridge Park

Things to do in Battle Creek

Credit: Battle Creek Historic Bridge Park

History Bridge Park is a great place to visit in Battle Creek for a variety of experiences and it is absolutely free.

The park has always been a scenic spot on the Kalamazoo River.

Besides, it is a beautiful and well-maintained place with great paths for walking/biking.

This region is part of the North Country Trail and the Calhoun County Trail Way that connects to other trail systems in the area and beyond.

The Bridge in this wonderful place is a nice playground and picnic area for kids and adults. What an amazing location in Battle Creek!

Moreover, it has a small boat launch and a unique canoe/kayak launch device that makes it easier to get in/out of canoes/kayaks even for people with physical challenges.

Obviously, this tourist attraction equally has 5 historic bridges, all over 100 years old, and it is a nice way to spend an hour or two if you plan to visit.

Interestingly, all 5 bridges have attractive sculptures, a nice children’s playground, a picnic area, and a boat launch area to catch some fun.

Incredibly, this place has many old bridges that are nowhere!

It is along the river and is a very pretty place and would additionally be a cool location for photographers to do a shoot.

Although, the bridges are accessible to everyone, except for one that requires hiking up some stairs.

Are you looking for places to walk and enjoy the scenery and pictorial historical documentation?

Then ensure you have a stop here anytime you are at Battle Creek!

Address: S Wattles Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States.

5. Battle Creek Fantasy Forest

Things to do in Battle Creek

Sue Waters / Wikimedia Commons

Are you a lover of carved trees?

Fantasy Forest is a nice area to walk around and see the amazing carving of these trees if you are coming to Battle Creek.

The carvings are very creative and interesting.

Also, there are a couple with seats carved into them where you can sit and take photos. What a perfect destination for visitors!

This location in Battle Creek is part of the Arboretum gardens and museum.

Amazingly, artists in an art contest created fantastic wood sculptures – Big Foot, Moose with a backpack, a castle, fantasy creatures, space, and more.

This little but amazing place in Battle Creek is worth a stop, and the price is right – ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Besides, there are carvings in existing tree trunks that are very unique.

Everything is FREE! Although they kept moving through donations.

You can come here the next summer to create a beautiful vacation memory!

Put on some good walking shoes and enjoy the entire garden!

More so, it is a forest that will keep you fascinated by the ideas that the artists had to incorporate their work into the trees.

This is a great place to check out some local wood carving talent in Battle Creek.

There are also so many amazing sculptures that are truly captivating and interesting from every angle.

It is wonderful that something so creative, beautiful, and lasting came from trees that were damaged. You need to stop to check!

This wonderful place t is equally a place worth driving to if you are anywhere near Battle Creek.

Do you consider visiting Michigan? Remember to check this wonderful park in Battle Creek.

There are so many things to do here!

Address: 922-970 W Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49037, United States. 

6. Battle Creek Full Blast

Things to do in Battle Creek

Battle Creek CVB / Wikimedia Commons

Full Blast in Battle Creek is another great location no visitor will want to avoid while coming to Michigan.

Visiting this fun location will create a great time and memory for kids and adults.

This blast will entertain kids for hours at no cost!

Although, they have a blast at the water park and the tickets are very cheap.

Apparently, the staff are equally so friendly and the location is very safe and appears to have a lot of facilities.

Equally, bigger kids can enjoy the big slides and pool and can sit on the pier that divides the water depths to keep a good eye on both.

Moreover, the park is clean and well-kept, with lots of lifeguards who love their job and are always right on top of things as far as safety.

Short lines for the slides, plenty of lounge chairs – all for as low as $10 for a ticket to gain entrance!.

This price is right, with some discount days. What an amazing location in Battle Creek!

Visitors will not have to wait for longer hours when they order food before it will be brought to their table.

Interestingly, they also have a readily available pool nearby and visitors could rent a basketball court for as low as $20.00 for two hours or more.

The place is clean and well-lit. Besides, there is a well-equipped indoor recreation center with sports and activities for kids and the whole family.

The trains going by are an added bonus to every visitor!

What a great place to visit if you plan to come to Battle Creek!

Address: 35 W Hamblin Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States.

7. Honolulu House

Things to do in Battle Creek

Christopher L. Riley / Wikimedia Commons

Honolulu House is an old museum that was built by a man who loved the Hawaiian Islands.

This great place is just 18 minute drive from Battle Creek and it will surely be worth it.

This place was constructed by Marshall sandstone, it is a house that is a mix of Italianate, Gothic Revival, and Polynesian architectures.

Besides, it is made of elaborate nine-bay porch spans in the front.

Also, at this beautiful house, there is a wide center bay serving as the base of its pagoda-topped tower.

Aside from these, its tropical features include a raised veranda and an observation platform.

More importantly, the upper level has a central hall with a spiral stairway leading to the observation tower.

It is simply a beautiful home with a great story to tell.

The motif is that of Hawaii, hence the name Honolulu!

At this historical location, they allow a private tour to be led by the tour guide, who is very friendly and knowledgeable.

The private tour guide is well mannered and always ready to answer and provide solutions to every question from visitors.

Come here for an interesting piece of history and you will always come over again!

Above all, the admission fee is very reasonable and there is free parking on-site and restrooms available for visitors and inhabitants.

Anytime you are in Battle Creek, you need to come and see this beautiful house.

The artwork alone is worth the visit.

Address: 107 N Kalamazoo Ave, Marshall, MI 49068, United States

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8. Battle Creek Historic Adventist Village

Things to do in Battle Creek

Christopher L. Riley / Wikimedia Commons

Do you love history?

You won’t find Historic Adventist Village listed in many places but, it is actually a place to visit.

The Historic Adventist Village is one of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s most valuable hidden treasures.

This awesome place in Battle Creek provides visitors with the old buildings that displayed the original furniture used during the 1800s.

One unique thing about this lovely location is that the staff are friendly and always ready to attend to visitors anytime, any day!

It is a place to take your kids to see crazy inventions used back then.

Moreover, seeing these stories of the sacrifice and commitment of early Adventist pioneers will lift spirits and encourage the heart of every visitor.

They provide insight into general past history, lessons for current challenges, and hope for the future.

If you have never been to the Historic Adventist Village, plan to visit as soon as possible and if you have already been to the Village, there is something new waiting for you to come and see at this inspirational site of Battle Creek.

More pertinent, every visitor will get to enjoy hospitality from the people working there because they are very friendly and happy to share information.

There is a leader waiting to tell visitors interesting history and stories, do not afford to miss this!

This place is not just recommended to visitors who are interested in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist church, but also, to the general public who want to learn about Kellogg or the evolution of modern medicine.

The best way to learn all these amazing facts is to visit here!

Address: 411 Champion St, Battle Creek, MI 49037, United States. 

9. American Museum of Magic

Things to do in Battle Creek

Credit: American Museum of Magic

American Museum of Magic has one of the most extensive collections of magic memorabilia around Michigan.

This amazing museum was opened in 1978 in a building that dates back originally to an 1868 saloon among other interior changes & usage over the years.

There is plenty to grab your attention if you are interested in the history of this art.

Although, it is not in Battle Creek, however; it is just an 18-minute drive away and it is surely worth the drive!

Besides, they have exceedingly scarce original edition: “Discoverie of Witchcraft”, printed in 1584, prominently on display.

Moreover, the tour is mostly coordinated by magicians Ron and Paul.

The duo is very kind enough and will go into great detail about the exhibits.

They are also willing to answer any questions that visitors might ask them.

Moreover, there is a small gift shop area that sells magic tricks and illusions as well as some literature for visitors at extremely low prices.

Interestingly, guests could also stop at Schuler’s Restaurant to enjoy a mouth-watering prime rib dinner!

You will totally enjoy your visit to this museum with the availability of their different exhibits that rotate through.

Not just that, there is always something new to look at here, they have an incredible collection of posters and props.

Their display of one man’s lifelong collection of posters, articles, and artifacts relating to magic and magicians are surely amazing to see!

It appeals to both kids and adults.

The American Museum of Magic is a must-see if you are in Battle Creek!

Great variety of magic props, posters, and artifacts that span many eras!

Come to Battle Creek, come visiting here!

Address: 107 E Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068, United States.

10. Battle Creek Kingman Museum

Things to do in Battle Creek

Credit: Battle Creek Kingman Museum

Kingman Museum is amazingly enriched with archeological objects.

The museum is positioned in the Leila Arboretum which also is of interest with its tree-tall wood carvings that are called the fantasy forest.

Aside from this, there are lots of interesting items in the collection, an average visitor considers their favorite as dinosaur bones downstairs.

Such a beautiful location you shouldn’t leave Baftbe Creek without visiting!

On the other hand, others visit the place in order to enjoy a planetarium show in the sun.

Incredibly, this only costs about $20 for an average of 4 adults.

This is a wonderful little gem of a museum you need to visit with kids, family, and friends.

There is also an awesome little planetarium theater that is totally free to any visitor in this amazing Battle Creek Museum.

People coming here will equally be entertained with a great show such as “black holes” and there could be a very interesting discussion about stars afterward!

The front desk receptionist is equally above and beyond outstanding. He is always on the stand to give free bottled water after a long walk.

Above all, this site in Battle Creek hosts a Children’s Garden.

Everything is family-friendly and very affordable in getting to the Museum.

This is a great place to bring your kids to learn.

The planetarium is really cool and all kids will enjoy the dinosaur exhibits.

This would be a perfect place to bring kids if you are planning a voyage to Battle Creek, Michigan!

Address: 175 Limit St, Battle Creek, MI 49037, United States.

11. Eastend Studio & Gallery

Things to do in Battle Creek

Elliott Brown / Wikimedia Commons

Do you love local arts?

If you love local arts while in Battle Creek, consider visiting Eastend Studio & Gallery!

This is a quaint art gallery in the town of Marshall featuring the work of local artists.

Amazingly, this gallery has a great selection, ranging from photography to fiber arts.

This open light arena is also filled with paintings on the walls, displays of carved gourds, bronzes, silverware with beadwork, jewelry, prints, stone mirrors, coat hooks, and more.

This Studio & Gallery is a beautiful place you should visit if you are in Battle Creek.

Besides, this location is with open spaces that allow relaxed viewing of the great fine art and fine crafts that are displayed for visitors.

Interestingly, many of the artists are local, and many are from Michigan.

Hence, EastEnd Studio and Gallery is fantastic and a place to feed your eyes with lovely local arts if you are in Battle Creek.

The jewelry is equally beautiful and priced at the right value.

This is simply a place to go with associates and friends during a vacation to Battle Creek.

It is just a definition of what you would want!

Interestingly, it is a short drive from Battle Creek and we are quite sure it is definitely worth a visit.

Do not forget to check in on your next visit to Battle Creek.

Address: 143 W Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068, United States.

12. Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary

Things to do in Battle Creek

Credit: Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary

Do you love to see reptiles?

Then, think no further! Critchlow Alligator is a reptile rescue facility that is open to the public in Battle Creek.

Notably, they are home to hundreds of reptiles who have come through adoption, donation, rescue, or from other institutions.

Besides, Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary has worked with local and state authorities with animal control needs and has also worked with schools and universities with educational programs and internships.

Incredibly, no animals are bought, sold, or traded at this beautiful place at Battle Creek!

Besides, the staff provides a comfortable home and care for animals for the rest of their lives.

Not only that, but they also provide opportunities for visitors to see these animals in their natural state without restrictions.

Visitors are rewarded with so much valuable information by the owner in this amazing place that is just a 19-minute drive from Battle Creek!

To show the relevance of this place, it has received national recognition for good reasons and it is one of the most visited tourist centers in Battle Creek.

Also, you will enjoy getting to know a bit about each animal such as Godzilla, which is indeed the most impressive and large gator animal.

There are equally plenty of parking spaces available and they have a gift shop on-site as well.

This is highly recommended. It is like a behind-the-scenes zoo tour. So cool! Try to visit if you are in Battle Creek!

Address: 1698 M-66, Athens, MI 49011, United States.

13. Battle Creek Farmers Market

Things to do in Battle Creek

North Market / Wikimedia Commons

Battle Creek Farmers Market is another beautiful place to add to your itinerary while planning to visit Battle Creek.

It has a wide selection of products, grass feed beef and pork, and fresh baked goods right in the heart of downtown.

Besides, farmers throughout several local counties come and participate in the farmer’s market at Battle Creek.

Moreover, several visitors love bringing their grandchildren to the market in order to educate them on healthy eating.

Some visitors also take a group of children to the market so that they could see fresh fruits and vegetables and other goods offered locally.

It is a place that will create a good walk and the children had a chance to talk to each vendor individually.

Aside from this, there are lots of locally grown foods and great people.

Amazingly, the prices at Battle Creek Farmers Market are great, food and vendors are awesome.

If you have plans to visit Battle Creek, take the time to see what they offer!

No need to go all the way to Kalamazoo. This is a small Farmers Market in Battle Creek, but all the vendors are top quality!

Locally produced maple syrup and honey are usually part of the fare.

In addition to the various tables scattered under the canopy, live music adds to the atmosphere so visitors can enjoy it.

The vendors will definitely make your acquaintance easily and might well become favorites of yours.

Come with your kids and remember to buy from local growers anytime you come visiting Battle Creek.

Address: 25 McCamly St S, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States.

14. Penniman Castle

Penniman Castle

Rossograph / Wikimedia Commons

Penniman Castle is yet another amazing place to visit in Battle Creek.

This ancient monument is a single-family home, built to evoke a stone European castle.

Apparently, it is located at 443 Main Street in Battle Creek, Michigan

In symbolizing the relevance of this amazing place in Battle Creek, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

If you are so anxious to learn more about the ancient Penniman Castle, we recommend you come visit this historic location in Battle Creek.

Incredibly, just as obtainable in the earliest time, the Penniman Castle is a two-story, flat-roofed, castle-style house with a balloon frame and cobblestone exterior.

Besides, this historic location in Battle Creek has distinctive octagonal towers at each front corner, a wrap-around porch extending around three sides of the house, a cobblestone porte-cochère, and two second-floor balconies.

What a building with so many pictorial historical facts!

Are you planning to visit Battle Creek soon? Remember to add this place to your itinerary, admission fee is absolutely free!

Address: 443 Main St, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States. 

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15. Flash Flood Water Park

Flash Flood Water Park

Battle Creek CVB / Wikimedia Commons

Do you want a family recreation spot with indoor-outdoor pools & slides?

If you want a location to chill with family with extremely great indoor-outdoor pools, we encourage you to visit Flash Flood Water Park in Battle Creek.

If you are in Battle Creek, this pretty cool place is the best location to come in order to cool down on a sunny day.

It is complete with two water slides (one for individuals and one for 1-2 people on tubes). What an amazing pool in Battle Creek, Michigan!

Moreover, the pool and areas are clean.

Not only that, the lifeguards are highly attentive.

How about the quality and price of their foods in this amazing place? It is absolutely awesome!

The food was reasonably priced and well prepared.

Incredibly, this pool is structured for both adults and kids

It basically has 2 water slides (tubes and no tubes), a kiddie area, and a pool that goes from shallows to 4 feet deep.

There is something for everyone in this beautiful location in Battle Creek!

Unlike every other pool you might have visited, it is not overly crowded and the staff here are extremely friendly.

The staff is kind and so are many of the people. Overall, a fun water park.

Address: 35 W Hamblin Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States. 

16. Binder Park Golf Course

Binder Park Golf Course

Do you want Golf Course while in Battle Creek?

If you love golf courses, we recommend you visit Binder Park Golf Course in Battle Creek.

It is a wonderful 27-hole course.

The unique thing about this place in Battle Creek is that the manager of the course is friendly and helpful.

There is a large driving range and putting range as well, and the course is highly challenging.

In addition, this place is not overly crowded, and their courses are reasonably priced.

Even if you just started golfing again after years of hiatus, this course will revive you with the game due to the degree of difficulty [in a good way] this course presents.

Aside from the fact that it is a 27-hole course, this amazing place equally offers a pro shop & 3 separate 9-hole tracks with wetlands, forests & bluffs.

What more would you have wanted in a golf house other than this? Absolutely none! It is an amazing place!

Above all, there are restaurants not too far from this location in Battle where visitors can get foods to eat during a visit.

Any time you are in Battle Creek, come and explore this golf course that is absolutely in immaculate shape!

Address: 7255 B Dr S, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States. 

17. Ott Biological Preserve

Ott Biological Preserve

TabstheCat / Wikimedia Commons

Ott Biological Preserve is a wonderful place in Battle Creek that has been attracting visitors over the years due to its uniqueness.

This wonderful biological preserve is 300 acres of green space located just east of Battle Creek in Emmett Township.

Besides, this reserve in Battle Creek contains natural habitats that have been shaped extensively by glaciers.

Interestingly, two lakes, as well as rustic trail ways, exist within the park boundaries. So many things to be seen here!

If you are in Battle Creek or planning to visit anytime soon, this is a wonderful place to have a stop!

It is such a nice place in Battle Creek to go and take a walk. The trails are equally kept and amazing!

Even if you decide to bring kids with strollers, bikes, anything with wheels, there is a gravel walking path. There is something for all ages!

Above all, the admission fee to this awesome place in Battle Creek is absolutely free and they operate all day!

Address: Arlington Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States. 

18. Battle Creek Welcome Center

Battle Creek Welcome Center

Jim Robert / Wikimedia Commons

Want a souvenir galore for your Battle Creek and Michigan visit?

We recommend you stop at Battle Creek Welcome Center. 

Everything here is priced way below other souvenir shops around the state.

Why pay twice as much at other tourist Hotspot? A visit here will convince you better!

This wonderful location in Battle Creek has wonderful locally made items for purchase, as well as other memorabilia. Such an amazing place to visit!

Even if you are not after getting souvenirs, but new in town or need to find information on what’s nearby.

Then, you should stop by this place!

The staff are very helpful, friendly and will not only provide you with maps and printed info but also make great recommendations from a local’s perspective.

Don’t miss this unassuming little gem if you are in Battle Creek!

Above all, they have a modern restroom available for every visitor and enough parking spaces with a total guarantee of vehicles!

Will you be coming to Michigan, particularly Battle Creek?

We recommend you add this amazing place to the list of places you’d visit!

Address: 34 Jackson St W #1a, Battle Creek, MI 49017, United States. 

19. Goguac Lake

Goguac Lake

Credit: Goguac Lake

Are you looking for a place to see a species of fish while in Battle Creek?

Why not visit Goguac Lake?

This amazing lake is a 352-acre lake in the city of Battle Creek, located in Calhoun County, in the southwest portion of the United States.

Interestingly, it has a depth of 66 feet!

Remarkably, the lake is home to many fish species, including Crappie, Bluegill, Pike, Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Rock Bass, and Walleye.

Like many lakes throughout the early 20th century, Goguac Lake was once home to a small amusement park called Liberty Amusement Park.

Not surprisingly, this amazing lake in Battle Creek boasted a wooden roller coaster as well as a large dance hall.

Have you been reading about the existence of all these species of fish in a book?

Why not come to see them in their natural habitat?

Absolutely, it’s free! You wouldn’t have to pay anything to have access to this beautiful lake in Battle creek.

Besides, there is a playground for kids to play in and it is equally free to all kids!

Definitely, you don’t have to bother thinking about where to drop your kids while coming.

There is something for everyone here!

Above all, their staff are top-notch and you’d not wish for anything better than that!

They are absolutely friendly and will make your visit a memorable one!

Address: near Goguac Lake, Battle Creek, MI, United States. 


Final Remarks

The list of what to do in Battle Creek is inexhaustible, it goes on!

Start planning your trip to Battle Creek!

No matter the time of year you plan to visit, each season brings forth magnificent sights, amazing natural wonders, fabulous accommodations, and delightful restaurants you would ever crave for.

Talk of beautiful Museums, historical documentation, culture, and lots more, Battle Creek has these!

Whether traveling with family, friends or even alone, Battle Creek is one of the best places you will visit without regretting in Michigan.

So plan your stay, pack your bags, and be sure to add some of these much-loved travel destinations to your plans.

Happy Travels.