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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Sterling Heights (Michigan)

For travelers looking for fun places and cruise areas to spend time in, Sterling Heights always makes it to the list!

Located just 25 miles to the north of Detroit, the state capital of Michigan, Sterling Heights is.

Sterling Heights is a rare site just along the banks of the Clinton River.

It is not only one of Michigan’s most populous cities but also one of its largest in terms of land area and the second-largest suburb in Metro Detroit, and Michigan’s fourth-largest city.

Also, it is one of the fastest-growing large cities in the state.

Up until the 1950s, the Sterling Heights area was primarily farmland, but now it is a jumble of fun neighborhoods, shopping malls, entertainment complexes, and restaurants.

Since it houses so many immigrants, Sterling Heights has gained the name “Little Baghdad”.

Entertainment flows through its course and makes this city pretty famous and a top attraction site.

You get to enjoy music and feel its beat at different festivals in the state.

The Sterling fest Art and Jazz Fair, which holds August every year and draws over 100,000 visitors and is just a few of its wonders.

For food, you get to try varieties of local, authentic, and traditional dishes at a variety of restaurants that provide service that exceed your expectations.

Here is what you can expect to see in Sterling Heights.

Things To Do In Sterling Heights

1. River Bends Park

things to do in sterling height

Image credit: Shelby Township

Beautifully created and designed to accommodate the wants of sports lovers and fun finders. River Bends park has something for everybody.

Located along the Clinton River, Sterling Heights, River Bends Park is an outdoor recreational area with a lot of fun facilities for tourists to benefit from.

In this park in Sterling Heights, travelers will enjoy the trap and archery range.

Archers and arrow lovers are bound to love this area. Not only is the space big enough to accommodate archers of different skill sets, but it is also relatively easy and fun to use.

In addition to the archery range, there is also a facility with an 18 hole frisbee golf course. A golf course that will thrill you to satisfaction.

It is a great place to play golf and just spend some time away from all the stress and work.

Also, there is a skate park with wonderfully smooth trails. Skateboarding is a major sight to see here as the skate park is always busy with people coming to practice.

If you love skating or just want to learn, the skate park is more than convenient for you to do so.

Hiking and biking are also something fun to do here in this park.

Trails in this park are smooth and relatively conducive if you just want to hike and bike. Consider bringing a bike here and just enjoy the scenery.

Moreover, this place is very family-friendly and beautiful, so you will enjoy every minute spent here.

There are also picnic areas where you can hang around if you want to have a picnic or just want to eat lunch quietly.

Fields, where you can play baseball and softball, are here too. Come here and just play once in a while or just watch a game or two here.

For events, River Bends has three pavilions available for rent and is the perfect place to host birthday and graduation parties.

All those three pavilions have covered seating areas, barbecue grills, electrical outlets, horseshoe pits, and beach volleyball courts to use.

Do bird watching here and just relax. It’s just a wonderful place that makes you feel close to nature.

Address: 5700 22 Mile Rd, Shelby Township, MI 48317, United States

2. The Reptarium

things to do in sterling height

Image credit: Metro Detroit Mummy

Looking for where to see animals and just feast your eyes on the wonders of nature?

Check out The Reptarium.

The Reptarium is also known as Michigan’s Favorite Reptile Zoo is a top tourist attraction site in Sterling Heights.

This zoo is a classic amongst the classics.

Moreover, this vast space and beautiful area in Sterling Heights not only holds nature but is very informative and family-friendly!

It is home to the world’s largest species of gecko!

Here you will find the New Caledonia Giant Gecko, which is the largest living known gecko in the world. You can meet one of these majestic lizards at the zoo!

If reptiles are your favorite things and you just want to come to look around, this spot is great.

You’ll also get to meet Michigan’s most famous alligator “Salt”.

Salt is a popular albino alligator in The Reptarium and is also one of the most popular animal ambassadors at The Reptarium.

This albino alligator here is relatively friendly and amazing.

Some other things you can do here include organizing a private birthday party at this zoo.

Areas here are clean and well taken care of, so it’s a good option if you want to organize birthday parties for children.

Don’t be afraid, it is really fun and the staffs are very attentive to every need, it’ll be really fun to try.

Also, here you will be able to get apparels, knit beanies, plush toys, fun reptile stickers, drink tumblers, and mugs you can distribute after the party.

Remember to explore this zoo and feed your eyes to its beautiful scenery and just watch the animals.

We recommend this place to animal lovers. This zoo in Sterling Heights will sweep you off your feet.

Address: 45559 Van Dyke Ave, Utica, MI 48317, United States

3. Bloomer Park

Things to do in Sterling Heights

Image credit: White Lake Township

This is one of the most fun places to be in on a visit to Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Most visitors and locals have tagged it as an epitome of fun and excellence in Sterling Heights.

Known to all, this year-round park hosts bicycle races of all kinds. Its unique 1/8-mile bicycle racing oval boasts all-year sport and activity spaces.

For racers and biking lovers, this fun spot is a site to spend a boring day or leisure.

Bicycle races that hold here are the major reasons people troop in from far and near to see.

If you are a sports lover and a bicycle racer, you can come here to race once in a while, or better still, just hone your hidden skills!

Interestingly, you can visit this place with your family or even on school field trips; it is a memory you ought to create.

There are trails all around this park and you will love to climb those stairs and trails that wind around the river. The sight and feel are simply magnificent.

Also, there are steep trails through the woods that you can also find satisfying to climb.

Things to do here are plenteous and fun filling, but one of the things you can do here is to have a date.

Needless to say, the environment here is simply beautifully laden, and the scenery is just perfect.

Other than that, the birds and flowers here are really beautiful, making it a perfect spot to take your partner out on a date.

Just you and your date can sit in the play area or even on the soft grass and just watch nature.

Leisurely, you can just walk the trails on a stroll or just enjoy the cool air.

Moreover, Bloomer Park is absolutely dog friendly so if you want you can bring your dog on a leash for a walk or even play frisbee with them.

If you explore carefully through the woods, you will see some bucks and does and you can take a shot or two.

Finally, since it is a nice and clean park, you can bring children to spend time at the play areas or even watch the turkeys.

We recommend this place in Sterling Heights, you should go!

Address: 345 John R Rd, Rochester, MI 48307, United States

4. Dodge Park, Sterling Heights

things to do in sterling heights

James Huffman / Flickr

Concerts, outdoor recreational fun, sports, and an ocean of activities define Dodge Park.

Dodge Park is a greenish laden area with extensive and beautiful facilities for sports, recreation and so much more.

Highlights that make this place every traveler’s trend and choice are the concerts she holds.

Here, countless fun concerts hold, musical festivities, musical concerts, and thrillers are just a little of what it offers.

Artists, music makers and show promoters come here very often to host events here, so it is entertainment full!

Attend a concert here and see for yourself just how much of Dodge Park you will love.

Also, there is a recreation and sports park for volleyball and in-line hockey.

Fields here are large and family-friendly. Even if you don’t want to come with someone, just come along and try out its volleyball field.

You won’t be able to forget it in a hurry.

There’s also a picnic area with swings where you can hang around. Not to sing loud and empty praise, but this place will sweep you off your feet.

Bring your partner here and spend time with them here quietly on the springs; pack lunch too and eat under the tree shades.

It’s a great park to do Cub Scout events at, as there’s a wide variety of plants and animals to see and learn about.

It even has an amphitheater. Moreover, there are even some excellent trees for climbing, although with the proper gear, just don’t do it right off the path.

Come here and cool off in the water splash area, grill barbecues and enjoy their famous Farmer’s Market Day.

Sterling Heights is just amazing. You will create solid memories here!

Address: 40620 Utica Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48313, United States

5. Thelma Spencer Park

things to do in sterling heights

Thelma Spencer Park

The Thelma Spencer Park is a city park in the city of Rochester Hills, Michigan, a northern suburb on the outskirts of Metro Detroit.

This 38-acre tourist attraction site is a man-made lake with a lifeguard beach.

It offers well-kept grounds, a gorgeous lake, and very beautiful scenery.

In this park in Sterling Heights, they host a vast array of picnic facilities. Picnicking is something amazing to do in this park.

Grounds and the flowers are grown here are nice and scent alright, together with the cool breeze and the peculiar smell of nature; this place will leave you craving for more.

Its beautiful lake is very clean and is wonderful for boat touring. Since they host boat rentals, you can rent a boat here and just use it to explore this lake.

Bring your partner or family or you can even come alone and just explore the coolness of its lake.

If you also want to fish while on the lake or close to the lake, fishing is allowed and you will have fun catching fish.

Also, they have full-service concession stands in case you want to host any sort of event, whether mini or large; it will be perfect and suitable for your needs.

Another fun thing to do here is Ice Skating. There are over 5 ice skating rinks you’ll enjoy here, so at any season you can come here to ice skate.

Other than that, they also offer heated shelters that serve really hot beverages in case you begin to get cold and there are also benches on the ice in case you want to sit and feel the ice on your feet.

Furthermore, there is a tennis ball court where you can play lawn tennis, a volleyball court for volleyball and a soccer field where you can play ball.

Walking and biking trails are nice here too. If you want to stretch your legs, run or just go for a stroll.

Come here in the summer and relax, bring a book, food, and some music along and just cool off.

We recommend this place in sterling height! It is a bagful of fun!

Address: 3701 John R. Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307, United States

6. Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Things to do in sterling heights


Do you eschew spending too much time outside and just need an enclosed space or area where you can have fun?

Check out Sterling Heights’ finest “ Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park”!

This is another peculiar and fun indoor trampoline activity center in Sterling Heights.

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is a large-scale indoor trampoline center in the state.

It is a pure treasure and gold to fitness lovers in Sterling Heights.

Fun indoor activities to do here include open jump, fitness classes, dodgeball, or even organizing fun parties.

Magic is something you can call this place in Sterling Heights! Its fitness classes are perfect if you are looking for that hourglass shape or just want to get into shape.

Fitness classes that hold here are in groups and if losing weight is something you want to do, then sign up for its fitness classes.

Apart from the fun you’ll encounter working as a group and being encouraged by partners, you will achieve your goals because they keep to routine strictly.

Strongly set up trampolines are set up all over the place in case you want to bounce or stuff.

Also, there are so many American ninja warrior-style setups that you’ve never seen that you will enjoy using.

There are also things for infants and small children, like small ball pits, zip linings, and treetop courses floating in the air.

Furthermore, there is also a multiplayer virtual reality that you can try out with a partner or even try alone.

Rock climbing, and so much more, are fun things for you to do here.

Since they don’t charge much, it is worth every penny spent since it’s a comfort zone.

Try to check this place out!

Address: 12050 Hall Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48313, United States

7. Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center

things to do in sterling heights

Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center

The Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center is a Park and garden in Sterling Heights

It’s a relatively nice little nature spot. The biggest highlight of this place is walking along its lower nature trail.

Do you ever wonder what it is like to have a hike through nature? You want to be able to feel nature while exploring and having fun on a bike? Here is an answer!

In this park, there are trails for hiking and biking. Trails here are amazing and if you are looking for a fun place to walk and just take in the fresh air, this place is an amazing find.

Cycling here is also a fun thing to do here. Cyclers often choose this place because of the tranquility and nativity it brings.

Also, in this nature center, they host several events you will love to attend and explore.

You should celebrate National Log Cabin Day at the nature centers Pioneer Cabin.

Tour the cabin and you will be able to discuss the importance of the log cabin history and its humble beginnings.

You’ll also be able to make a craft and try your hand at building a log cabin.

If you visit the nature center during the National Pollinator Week, you’ll see why pollinators like the monarch butterfly and others are on the verge of becoming endangered.

Moreover, you can also explore the beauty of River Bends Park on a guided hike with the nature center staff.

There are also live reptiles at the main entrance, which is a nice touch for people coming into the nature center. Endeavor to visit, nature awaits you!

Address: 4101 River Bends Dr, Shelby Township, MI 48317, United States

8. The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site

Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site

Breanne Rochelle Photography

Car lovers, here’s the fun you’ve been waiting for!

Are you a car lover and enthusiast? You’re looking for somewhere you’d be able to have a feel of cars? Here is somewhere in Sterling Heights You’ll absolutely love to tour and explore!

The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site is a famous vehicle-testing site built-in 1927. This historic site also has an outdoor tent that holds over 100 guests.

Travelers and tourists do not only come here to watch cars, you can host wonderful outdoor events and activities here.

A wedding is something fun you can hold here and comfortably set your mind at peace. Weddings hold here very regularly and because the environment is serene, it is a nice place to just host one.

However, even if there is rain or any disruptive natural course, they easily give you a better spot indoors.

You won’t be disappointed when choosing Packard as your wedding venue. You’ll love photographing your weddings here.

If you are a photographer or even a videographer, then try to come here; since this place is crawling with weddings and events, you’d be able to make friends or even get deals.

Packard Proving Grounds also have a couple of staff who are wonderful. They are accommodating, kind, and will make sure you are taken care of.

Finally, they also host car shows you’ll love to see.

It’s just somewhere you will feel safe to watch cars go by and come by.

Setups here are so nice and the road in and out has a paved surface with easy access on both sides of the road for viewing cars.

Craft shows are also held here quite often. Plenty of rooms for whatever it is you want to do!

Address: 49965 Van Dyke Ave, Shelby Township, MI 48317, United States

9. Chief Gene Shepherd Park

Chief Gene Shepherd Park

Image credit: Pure Michigan

Chief Gene Shepherd Park is a park and garden in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

This area in Sterling Heights is a tourist attraction site with a lot of fun things to do.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy, local, family-friendly activity that won’t break the bank, this is it! Can even be enjoyed as a weeknight outing, if you live nearby!

There is a splash area in this park where you can enjoy and take time to relax. The splash area has multiple, varying splash and sprinkler fixtures, perfect for kids and toddlers and up to about 10 years old.

Accompanying adults can also come here to enjoy the splash area free with a $2 children’s admission.

Moreover, since the splash area is completely fenced in and small enough for parents/caregivers to find a table or chair and see the kids during playtime, it is safe.

This park has something for the whole family or even an adult. From Beach Volleyball, Tennis Courts, Playground, a large field and area with tables, there’s everything here. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best parks in Metro-Detroit.

Travelers can enjoy playing beach volleyball near the beach or even play tennis on its tennis court.

There’s also a snack bar where you can buy assorted chips, candy, and soft drinks if you need to eat something while at it.

Several picnic tables are available nearby if you need to eat lunch or even go picnicking, as well as a pavilion.

Although the shade is limited primarily to the pavilion, you may enjoy spending very hot days playing at the park first and following it up with a visit to the splash pad.

Pack a picnic lunch or a casual dinner, bring your swimsuits, and definitely make the trip up with your family and friends!

Address: 2452 23 Mile Rd, Shelby Township, MI 48316, United States

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10. Holland Ponds

Holland Ponds

Pure Michigan / Holland Ponds

Holland Ponds is a popular tourist attraction site in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

This 200 acres park is famous for its heron sightings.

Amongst the fun and activities this park offers, there are ponds, paths, a range of wildlife, and plants one can explore.

Looking to get away from the busy city this summer? No need to drive up north. Holland Ponds provides the perfect nature escape right here in Shelby Township.

Also, this area is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Blue Heron, and several bike and walking trails show off the flourishing plant life.

Trails here are very nice to hike and so many smaller trails to explore.

If you want to stretch your legs or even spend some time out, you can spend hours hiking these trails by going both ways at the crossroads.

There’s also a very nice walking trail that connects to another trail leading to a cider mill.

However, some sections do require some navigating around trees and such, apart from that you can manage on your own.

Down the path there are ambles along a small stream; it’s a very nice and beautiful spot if you want to take pictures.

Photography will look excellent here since it’s picturesque.

If you are a bird watching and nature enthusiast, then this park is just for you!

While passing, you’ll see Herons, Egrets, Turkeys, Vultures, various raptor species and so much more.

In early autumn, if you visit this place you will be able to see and take photos of plenty of birds!

From woodpeckers, Blue Jays, grosbeaks, robins, finches, you’ll see them all.

Watching the sunset here is also a very wonderful and thrilling thing to do here.

Seeing nature up close surely is beautiful!

An extremely beautiful place in Sterling Heights, make sure to go there whenever you cross it!

Address: 50385 Ryan Rd, Shelby Township, MI 48316, United States

11. Clinton River Heritage Park

Clinton River Heritage Park

River Clinton Heritage Park

Clinton River Heritage Park is a park in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

This absolutely beautiful park has vast paths with trails for hiking.

All paths here are, however, either paved or on a wooden platform for everyone to use.

Although some spots might have mud or water over the path depending on the time of year you go, it’s no big deal since there are makeshift spots to get around it.

On some of the sides, you will find nature trails you can explore too.

There’s a beautiful and clean river in this park with varieties of aquatic life in it.

Here you can enjoy fishing in the river; there is also cannon and kayak access.

Bring a fishing rod and try netting in some fish. Bluegills are pretty easy to find here so, you’ll always catch something to go home with.

You can even bring a partner here and teach them to fish.

Go kayaking here, rent a kayak, and just explore its beautiful waters. The sight is something to behold.

Over it, there is a bridge just across the river where you can stand and look down on the beauty of this river.

Watching the sunset from the bridge is also something interesting you can do here. Take photos too and keep them as souvenirs!

A family of wild turkeys live here and is a special treat for you to see if you plan on having lunch or doing any fun thing.

Moreover, there is an old classical playground here you can use.

What a beautiful place to take a quick walk along the river and enjoy nature.

It is also pet friendly. However, please bring a plastic bag with you to clean up after your pets.

Address: 44505 Van Dyke Ave, Utica, MI 48317, United States

12. Whispering Woods Kiwanis Park

Whispering Woods Kiwanis Park

Woods Kiwanis Park

Looking for beautiful scenic trails, ball courts, volleyball sandpit court, playground, and a wooded lake to fish at. This is it!

Whispering Woods Kiwanis Park is an outdoor recreational area in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

This 49.5-acre park offers a variety of recreational opportunities for all ages.

It is also one of several nice parks in Shelby Township.

Apart from being a family-friendly park, it is a visitor’s delight!

In this park, there are accessible play spaces. Playspaces here are wide and are a perfect spot for children and even adults to fly kites and play outdoor games.

Pieces of play equipment to accommodate different sizes and ages are also here.

Athletic fields where sports lovers can spend some time are also here.

Lots of soccer spaces and basketball ball courts are here. Come over with a group or a partner and enjoy playing basketball here.

Also, there are multiple walking paths and trails if you just want to stroll or run.

Bring a partner on a quiet evening and make your way down these trails; the evening breeze is something to feel.

Picnic areas where you can come to eat are also sights here. Not to worry, there are clean restrooms in case you need to ease yourself at any time of the day.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather to have a picnic here!

Naturally, it’s just a nice place for a walk or just to unwind and enjoy nature, enjoy some fresh air and walk around the fields.

Conclusively, since it’s safe and animal friendly, you can bring pets here or even walk your dogs, whichever way works for you

We recommend you to this place if you are in Sterling Heights.

Address: 11000 21 Mile Rd, Shelby Township, MI 48317, United States

13. Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society

Michigan Military Technical and Historical Society

Jose / Michigan Military Technical and Historical Society

Michigan Military Technical and Historical Society is a Museum in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

This Museum is a great gem in southeastern Michigan. It tells the great story of the Arsenal of Democracy in Detroit.

It is a little museum focusing on the military history concerning Michigan, including those that served, Michigan manufacturing, and the civilian defense services.

Anyone interested in learning about the military in Michigan, Eastpointe’s NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger, or observing artifacts from many different wars, will enjoy this museum.

In this museum, there are beautifully curated collections on display. If you are a fan of Rosie the Riveter, they even have a Rosie the Riveter display.

Definitely worth the visit if you have a lot of interest in Michigan’s early history.

As a member, you will be able to see the many guest speakers who come to this great museum.

You can hold a memorial day service here to remember all the veterans. Even people who had lost someone during that course can just come here to see its phenomenal displays.

You’ll see the true meaning of patriotism and it will make you more grateful for the Patriots who gave their lives for the Country.

Although It is not huge, it has a great deal of history there.

History lovers should check this place out; it is thrilling and a great piece to explore.

Address: 16600 Stephens, Eastpointe, MI 48021, United States

14. General Motors Heritage Center

General Motors Heritage Center

General Motors Heritage Center

This place is a top attraction site and a popular place for car lovers.

Car lovers, enthusiasts, admirers, and even engineers will love to tour the General Motors Heritage Center.

Although open for group tours, this 81,000 square feet museum is a museum in Sterling Heights that displays over 150 General Motors vehicles at any time.

In this center, there is a great rotating collection of General Motors concept vehicles, race cars, engines, and significant production cars and trucks from the company’s long history.

Unfortunately, it’s only available for group tours, but it’s not impossible to find one to join up with.

For all Chevy, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, and Cadillac enthusiasts, the cars here will thrill you.

Tourists pair up and come here to let this place blow their minds with its beauty. It’s close to the biggest car collection and museum in Sterling Heights.

From experimental cars to concept, and actual production models, this museum is a must-see.

So if you happen to be in Sterling Heights and you just need somewhere to blow your mind with cars, make sure this is your pick.

We recommend it to car lovers, it’s a real gem!

Address: 6400 Center Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, United States

15. Mae Stecker Park

mae stecker park

Pure Michigan / Mae Stecker Park

Mae Stecker Park is a fun recreational center and park in Sterling Heights.

This 14 acres pack has softball diamonds, basketball and sand volleyball courts, a hiking trail, and a playground.

The playscape at Mae Stecker Park was built in 1997 with funding from the Shelby Township Fraternal Order of Police.

For travelers, some fun summer activities to do here include playing tennis on the tennis courts.

There are also sand volleyball courts in case you want to try volleyball.

If you explore further, you will find a portable ice rink is set up in the park during the winter for skating.

In this park, its softball diamonds have electronic scoreboards and dugouts.

Moreover, there are picnic tables, two tot-lots, a small picnic shelter, a single barbecue grill, and restrooms, so it is an easy pick for picnicking.

Also, the Onyx Tree Trail is located on this park’s eastern edge. Enjoy the beauty of nature as you walk through the trees on this trail.”

Summer is quickly approaching, so make plans to visit Mae Stecker Park.

It is the ideal place to get out and be active!

Address: 8600 24 Mile Rd, Shelby Township, MI 48316, United States

16. City of Warren Halmich Park

things to do in sterling heights

City of Warren Halmich Park

The City of Warren Halmich Park is a large city park with a playground that is popular for picnics and hosts the city’s annual harvest festival.

It’s an old park that has been well-kept and maintained. It has a few playscapes for children and numerous softball and soccer fields.

Tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic tables, pavilions, and grills are all available for a visitor’s delight.

Moreover, due to the tranquility of this park, it is an awesome place to go picnicking and even host a birthday party.

As a matter of fact, things to do here aren’t only plenteous but will leave you wanting more!

Address: 3001 E Thirteen Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48092, United States

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17. James C Nelson Park

James C Nelson Park

Charlotte Matt / Flickr

James C Nelson Park is a laid-back neighborhood park with recreational amenities such as a nature trail and a volleyball court.

It is a large family-friendly park that is easy to find and is located right in a busy and conducive setting.

A playground and nature trails can be found in this park.

Moreover, this is a network of forested trails connected by a wooden bridge that spans a stream.

The trails here are smooth and paved, making it ideal for rollerblading, walking, and biking!

Go explore and have fun.

Besides, the asphalt trail at Nelson Park is perfect for bicyclists, runners, and walkers. It’s as smooth as glass, with no tree roots interfering with the asphalt anywhere along with the trail system.

There are so many beautiful elevation changes and tight turns, as well as footbridges, that are always a pleasure to ride over at high speeds.

If you have never experienced Nelson Park’s trail system, you should go there and do so. You will not be let down.

Whether you’re walking, running, or bicycling, you’ll remember the experience and most likely return.

Address: 2775 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310, United State

18. Freedom Hill County Park

Freedom Hill County Park

Freedom Hill County Park

The Freedom Hill County Park is a great tourist spot in Sterling Heights, United States.

This is an excellent concert venue amongst locals and tourists visiting Sterling Heights.

In this park, there are a lot of vendors selling snacks bar here for you to take a snack or two.

There is a playground and a gazebo where you can host a wedding or an engagement party.

Furthermore, there is a banquet center, a war memorial, and a drive-in movie theatre where you can have all the entertainment you want.

Great place for events and concerts, graduation ceremonies too! Make out time to go here!

Address: 14900 Metro Parkway, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, United States

19. Green Acres Park

Green Acres Park

Mark Hornsby / Green Acres Park

Green Acres Park is a woody park with grassy areas, picnic pavilions, and volleyball courts.

This site has been the site of many festivals.

There is an area in the park where you can get some exercise, enjoy nature, and see some interesting sights.

If you want to spend an hour or two relaxing, this is the place to go.

The park itself has a large pavilion and a restroom building, one of which is adorned with a brightly painted octopus painted by muralist Carl Oxley for the Hazel Park Art Fair.

Also, a volleyball net and three softball fields are nearby in case you want to do some sports.

There’s also the Hazel Park Recreation Center, which has a sledding hill behind it and a Little Free Library in front.

Additionally, you can take numerous classes there!

Beyond the hill, there is a grove of massive old trees with a paved path for pedestrians, pets, and bicycles. A fitness park is also at the far end of the path.

Address: 620 W Woodward Heights Blvd, Hazel Park, MI 48030, United States

20. John F Kennedy Memorial Park

John F Kennedy Memorial Park

Kennedy Memorial Park

John F Kennedy Memorial Park is a park and garden in Sterling Heights. This popular tourist attraction sight is a benchmark of fun in the city.

For athletes and sports lovers, this park has a baseball field and soccer field where you can practice baseball and volleyball.

There’s also a skatepark, so you can go here with a partner or even alone and skate.

Also, you can play in the leaves in the fall and take good photographs.

Moreover, since this palace is very family-friendly, you can go here to eat lunch and picnic.

Make sure to go on a visit to sterling heights!

Address: Eastpointe, MI 48021, United States

Final Remarks

There is just so much to enjoy in Sterling Heights.

Use our list and experience the best time for yourself.

Joyful Travels!