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12 Best & Fun Things To Do In Apalachicola (FL)

Apalachicola is a beautiful location in Florida. It is a place where the Apalachicola River meets the Gulf of Mexico. This beautiful area has been where people come to enjoy the bounty of Mother Nature.

The name “Apalachicola” is a combination of Hitchoti Indian words “apalahchi,” meaning “on the other side,” and “okli,” meaning “people”.

Although in the original reference to the settlement, it most likely meant “people on the other side of the river. Today, inhabitants deduced the meaning to “land of the friendly people” and often refer to their home affectionately as “Apalach.”

In this beautiful city, there are a lot of places to visit for fun. This list of places is made of a good edifice and a variety of historical documentation to grab visitors’ attention.

If you ever desire to visit Apalachicola, make sure you visit some of the fun and best places on our list.

Things To Do In Apalachicola

1. Orman House

Things to do in Apalachicola

Photo: Orman House

Orman House is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Apalachicola. It is a historic site and a region that attracted tourists all over the world.

This incredible location contains documentation about the three Soldiers of Veteran’s Memorial who were killed in the Vietnam War.

Although, the historic region is always open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

But it closes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Visitor can pack their respective cars at Orman House. They equally have one of the most interesting spots with a very calm and informative ranger who helps visitors to have a great time.

The history of the house parallels that of Apalachicola itself, providing a good overall perspective to visitors’ visits. It contained a terrific restoration of what was apparently a derelict building in the 1970s. And, it is also next to the botanical garden, which is extremely good for picnicking.

Besides, the entrance price is reasonable, and the staff are so friendly and calm while attending to visitors. These staff are readily available to give adequate descriptions to visitors and entertain them with lots of goodies at no extra charge.

They knew the history well and will ensure to make visitor’s tour extremely enjoyable. Simply, it is the best place you can spend your 2 dollars!

Not only that, there are several historical artifacts. These artifacts depict the history of the community and other near cities around the community.

The Orman house is just a place you should consider visiting anytime you come to Apalachicola.

Address: 177 5th St, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

2. Apalachicola Oyster City Brewing Company

Things to do in Apalachicola

Facebook / Oyster City Brewing Company

Do you love beer?

Oyster City Brewing Company is one of Apalachicola’s great places for beer because it never gets old. It is simply a wonderful spot downtown.

At Oyster, the beer selection and quality are both outstanding. Anytime you are around, remember to grab a brew. You will also enjoy watching activities in this area at no extra charge.

Besides, this place is a place that definitely has that dockside feeling to it. They also offer free samples to visitors who are not sure about the beer they will order. Prices are equally consistent, unlike other breweries companies in other places.

Not only that, the staff are friendly and professional in their dealings with visitors. It would be pleasant to talk to them about any issue relating to the company. Also, visitors can sit outside in order to watch and play some cards with guaranteed security.

This leading beer company in Apalachicola equally has a lot of quality choices of craft beers. They have great restaurants and shops with some quality local food. These foods are at the cheapest price you could ever imagine.

Address: 17 Ave D, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

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3. Apalachicola Raney House Museum

Things to do in Apalachicola

Raney House Museum

Do you want to know more about history?

Consider adding the Raney House Museum to your itinerary while planning to visit Apalachicola. They have a very sensitive, informative, and great tour guide. Besides, the museum has many historical facts about the ancient city of Apalachicola and its environment.

This is a place every lover of history will love to visit. The museum likewise has lucrative facilities. Amongst other things are interesting interior closet windows with a lot of lucrative designs. These designs explain why they exist and what they tend to do for society.

The beautiful museum is a good place to visit for local history while downtown. Aside from all these, another thing that is great about this museum is the history of the town. They have them in various rooms with mouth-opening textures.

Well worth the stop in one of the most historic towns in Florida! They as well care about visitors seeing historical artifacts and not generating any revenue. There is also the availability of water and shrimp boats for visitors. All these are for visitors to catch fun at no extra cost.

However, during the visit, there is always a promptly available instructor who is calm and always ready to assist visitors with questions or problems that may arise during their visit.

There are also a lot of cool maps in the house. These maps give a real sense of what Apalachicola is like “back in the day”. Interestingly, there is no admission charge. But individual visitors may drop donations of their choices with no force.

Consider visiting with your kids. This will help kids with the history of what happened before their existence.

Address: 128 Market St, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

4. St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge

Things to do in Apalachicola

St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge / Walton Outdoors

St. Vincent National wildlife refuge is a beautiful and well-managed refuge that started in 1968 for waterfowl. Aside from being a refuge, it is an avenue that provides protection for such endangered species like red wolves and a host of others.

This Apalachicola attraction has two islands and two mainland regions. Basically, some popular things to do here are fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing. Visitors can also engage in hiking, bicycling, and kayaking, while others are free to engage in nature photography.

St. Vincent National wildlife refuge is on an island. Although, visitors have to use a boat to get to it. The trip to this refuge is a short trip across a narrow channel, and the boat is always subsidized by the board. Surely, you have to pay less while you enjoy the best of fun out of this park.

Besides, a brochure is available for visitors which will provide them with a list of exhibits available.

Visitors can check these exhibits with the aid of staff that are friendly and smart. Hence, after checking through, visitors will be allowed to spot several kinds of small animals and birds during their walks.

It is really a place every kid will love to be! Although, there are other opportunities for kids, such as playing outside the gardens. Come with your kids. They will enjoy these and also enjoy binoculars, a camera/water.

This is a wonderful place to see the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Take a picnic lunch and spend the day seeing sandbar deer and utterly unspoiled Florida wilderness. This is only going to become rarer!

Address: Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

5. Apalachicola Maritime Museum

Apalachicola Maritime Museum

Facebook / Apalachicola Maritime Museum

Do you care to create a unique and familiar experience on your next trip?

Visiting Apalachicola Maritime Museum will create a unique and familiar experience you will always want to have! The Museum opened in the early 19th century and despite its long years of existence, it still has a stable pond, boathouse, and well.

At this Apalachicola Maritime, no lines, no tickets, or crowds. It is all absolutely simple and unique. Not just that, they have an absolutely real and living history that all lovers of history wouldn’t want to miss.

Also, the museum research staff will provide your trip with a treasure chest of information. This will bring your excursion to life. What a cool place to visit!

Moreover, at Apalachicola Maritime Museum, you will be able to have a life experience of lighthouse history and be privileged to know more about the history of the civil war era, the Turpentine era, and the livestock era.

Coming to this wonderful location will create unforgettable memories for you and your kids. You will also learn a lot about the area. Likewise, you will learn the role that the maritime community played in history.

Do you also care to know about the history of the rebuilt lighthouse? Do you wish to know about hurricanes that impacted the area years ago?

The artifacts from the era will cure your curiosity! You can also climb the 99 steps to the top of the lighthouse for a small fee. It will create a magnificent view from the top!

Do you have an interest in local history, industry, and more? It will be worth the time you will spend here.

Address: 103 Water St, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

6. Apalachicola Chestnut Street Cemetery

Apalachicola Chestnut Street Cemetery

Facebook / Apalachicola Chestnut Street Cemetery

Do you want to relieve your curiosity about the untold histories of Apalachicola?

Chestnut Street Cemetery will give you the history of the town’s founders from all over the globe.

It also shows you that many from the Northern States, as far North as Maine, came to Apalachicola in the 1800s to make their fortunes.

Ensure you look at all the graves if you come to Apalachicola. Interestingly, one grave has a beautiful small intact angel from that era on it. Not even another hurricane could harm it, it just seemed to cling to its stone.

Noble heroes’ grave is as well here for visitors to see because it is the final resting place for many notable citizens of Old Apalachicola. It is also a place you will have the opportunity of seeing old gnarled trees and moss-covered stones.

They have an indexed and simple brochure at the welcome center which will aid visitors in selecting the right choices of areas to check. Visitors are to pick up the brochure as they will get basic and real information on the person/family.

Beyond expectations, this cemetery is very neat, it is also spooky to walk around. Visitors can easily work even at night! People can learn a lot of history there!

Above all, their staff and directors are the best people you will love to relate to. They accommodate visitors all over the world and are ready to offer some free coffee to make people feel relaxed during their stay.

There is equally enough parking space for visitors to park their cars and enough goodies are available for kids at the entrance.

Remember to include this place on your next voyage to Apalachicola.

Address: 96 6th St, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

7. John Gorrie State Museum

Things to do in Apalachicola

Hank / Flickr

No visitor has ever felt sad coming to John Gorrie State Museum. The gesture people received from the receptionist is a great reason they kept coming again. These enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, and charming receptionists are cool.

They will present the two main stories this museum has to tell. That is the stories of John Gorrie and his ice-making machine and the history of the Florida State Parks Service.

These are the kind of stories a little kid will appreciate. Besides, it will also build and shape their reasoning in order to appreciate humanity.

Does your kid know that John Gorrie is the godfather of air conditioning? Visit this place with your kids and let them realize how Ranger Roundtree beautifully captured the ingenuity and selflessness act of Gorrie brilliantly.

Besides, this place will give you other information such as how the ice-making machine really works. Their lead staff will equally tell you the untold stories of why the first female rangers wore jumpsuits and chunky state park earrings.

If you get the chance to go to this museum, you will have a fantastic experience. You will also know how John Gorrie, a physician, invented the first mechanical refrigeration system.

This system he invented is used to make ice to provide comfort to his patients suffering from Yellow Fever. You can learn the story in this small museum and see a replica of his ice machine.

You will, however, clear your doubt about how Gorrie filed a patent which was done on an air conditioning system long before Willis Carrier.

It is worth the 60 minutes that the museum requires. Are you planning to come to Apalachicola soonest? Do not forget to include John Gorrie State Museum!

Address: 46 6th St, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

8. Three Servicemen Statue

Three Servicemen Statue

Photo: Three Servicemen Statue

Florida forgotten coast

Do you want to see Servicemen Statue? These three Servicemen Statue will satisfy your cravings. It is along the grounds of the Orman State Park in Apalachicola that attracts visitors all over the world.

This beautiful and must-visit memorial honors fallen heroes within and outside the region. Besides, it is a peaceful setting to reflect those who gave so much and those who have so much for society and humanity.

They are beautiful and adoring bronze statues. They also allow visitors at no cost and there is no admission fee, it is absolutely free of charge!

Moreover, no visitor will not love this beautiful statue that includes Viet Nam Memorial and the Three Servicemen Statue (full-sized). You will cherish this because that period in American history is indelible and unforgettable.

In the quiet of an Apalachicola afternoon with a light wind blowing from the river, you will be moved by this beautifully detailed memorial!

Visiting with associates and friends is a pleasant experience. It is well set and a very nice Veterans memorial. This place is a pleasant place that attracted restaurants in Apalachicola and you should be sure to get any food you want.

It equally has a nice little garden close by. These are all at no cost! It is worth a look! Replica of the one in Washington DC. Just get a good look at the faces, you will be happy you visit!

Address: 71 Avenue B, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

9. Apalachicola Bowery Art Gallery and Studio

Apalachicola Bowery Art Gallery and Studio

Photo: Bowery Art Gallery and Studio

Bowery Art Gallery and Studio is another place to visit for fun in Apalachicola. The studio is for kids, adults, and old people all over the continents. It will create a delightful experience from viewing the beautiful art pieces by local artists.

Besides, visitors will have the rare privilege of meeting the feline art ambassadors and the owner; Leslie who is always available to all visitors.

No extra charge aside from the token for admission. Listening to her describe the works with such enthusiasm and detail made it all come alive. This is a must-visit in Apalachicola.

Apart from the fact that it is a very nice gallery, it equally has collections of locally created pieces. Also, like every place in Apalachicola, the staff are welcoming, warm, easy to talk to, and just nice.

They are always available to provide full information to visitors and are always ready to answer any question bothering them.

This studio also has a souvenir shop, and the prices reflect that. The pieces are beautiful and affordable. It is a worthwhile stop as you walk around this wonderful old port Town. It is simply the small world for such a nice collection of local art!

Also, they have a nice variety of items of different sizes no kid will not love. Not only that, they offer wonderful and unique pottery cups for visitors at a reasonable price.

Art is local and creative! Lots of great pottery, jewelry, glass, painting, and more! They are at extremely low prices.

Be sure to stop by when you are in Apalachicola.

Address: 149 Commerce St, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

10. Apalachicola Dixie Theatre

Dixie Theatre

Photo: Dixie Theatre

Dixie Theatre is another beautiful place to visit for fun in Apalachicola. The setting of this incredible theatre is just nicely presented.

The seats are very comfortable for visitors, they equally have tables in front of the stage where visitors can enjoy drinks. They can as well play/ sit at Apalachicola’s Dixie theatre with music from the fifty’s.

Their play is very enjoyable, and they have brilliant performances. Not just that, the theatre offers an amazing variety of entertainment, mostly by local artists. The balcony seating is also extremely comfortable.

Kids will enjoy their stay at Dixie Theatre. Admission is very reasonable, shows are marvelous shows, great cast for local community theater. They are very fun and affordable night-outs on several occasions.

Indeed, Dixie Theatre is unique and one of the best in Apalachicola. What a wonderful vintage theater in a perfect little seaside town! The staff are also friendly and are always ready to give visitors a treat.

This treat will allow them to come several times. They are knowledgeable with a friendly look. Strangers simply feel like family here.

Planning to come to Apalachicola the next summer? Then, consider adding Dixie Theatre to your itinerary and enjoy this wonderfully restored classic old theater.

It is a very intimate place. It will create an indelible memory for you and your kids.

Address: 21 Avenue E, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

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11. Apalachicola Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity Episcopal Church

Fisherbray / Flickr

Trinity Episcopal Church is a true gem of a church and has several fantastic concert series on select every Sunday afternoon.

If you are a lover of concerts, this place is a must-visit. They sponsor other music types that gospel music lovers will surely cherish. Also, their building is lovely both inside and outside, it is a must-see for everyone planning to visit Apalachicola.

It will serve as a good reminder of wonderful freedoms.

The organist will not hesitate to create a nice visit. He will equally be available to drive visitors to the Bookstore, and also show them the galleries they would love to see.

Besides, no restrictions on visitors sitting outside if they are just visiting. Visitors could also conveniently read the plaque telling of its historical significance.

Remember to spend a few hours in this oldest church of Apalachicola and create a beautiful memory for yourself!

Address: 79 6th St, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

12. Apalachicola Riverkeeper

Apalachicola Riverkeeper

Apalachicola Riverkeeper

If you have never been to Apalachicola, consider Apalachicola Riverkeeper as a place to visit.

Apalachicola Riverkeeper was established in order to provide stewardship and advocacy for the protection of the Apalachicola River and Bay.

Also, it set to provide stewardship to its tributaries and watersheds in order to improve and maintain its environmental integrity and to preserve the natural, scenic, recreational, and commercial fishing character of these waterways.”

Moreover, visitors will be able to see some amazing things such as heron and Tupelo trees. Their staff will take time to explain the science and biodiversity that are damaging the region.

These staff are just sensible and so professional in their dealings with visitors. They are simply the best you will ever encounter!

The place is not only meant for adults; kids are also warmly welcomed as the place will aid them to understand where their seafood comes from.

They will find the need to support Dan in his efforts to truly save this national treasure and region. So, get prepared to come here with your kids during the holiday.

Besides, kids will also have the chance to learn about the historic Apalachicola River. This was the River that was used to bring cotton from Georgia to the Bay where it was loaded onto boats and shipped all over the world.

Address: Scipio Creek Marina, 301 Market St, Apalachicola, FL 32320, United States.

Final Remarks

The list of what to do in Apalachicola, Florida, is inexhaustible, it goes on!

There are so many beautiful attractions here. Start planning your trip to Apalachicola!

No matter the time of year you plan to visit Apalachicola, each season brings forth magnificent sights, amazing natural wonders, fabulous accommodations, and delightful restaurants you will appreciate.

Whether traveling with family, friends, or even alone, Apalachicola is one of the best places you will visit without regretting in Florida.

So plan your stay, pack your bags, and be sure to add some of these much-loved travel destinations to your plans.