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23 Best & Fun Things To Do In Billings (Montana)

Dubbed the “Magic City” because of its quick expansion since its establishment as a railroad town, Billings is the largest city in Montana.

The city also has access to Yellowstone National Park and the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

Visit the Moss Mansion Historic House to learn and gain insight into the incredible city of Billings and its founding fathers.

There’s also the Alberta Bair that brings something different to billings in the form of sophisticated entertainment in Montana.

You shouldn’t even miss the Burger Dive, which serves the best-tasting burger in the city.

There’s so much to do in Billings, and here are the top things you can do to enjoy your stay or vacation in this City

Things to do in Billings, Montana

1. Moss Mansion Historic House

Things to do in Billings

Moss Mansion

Before you start exploring the wonderful city of Billings, perhaps you might want to learn about the foundations of this city.

By visiting the home of one of the Billings’ founding fathers, you can learn more about the city’s history.

This downtown Billings treasure is such an incredible work of art.

Moss Mansion Historic House previously belonged to one of the Billings’ oldest families, and it now serves as a window into how the city grew to become such a powerhouse.

This home, which originated in 1903, was constructed by the same New York architect as the Waldorf Astoria and Plaza hotels.

Furthermore, it is made of famous red sandstone and contains a collection of antiques and other historical items that will transport you back in time.

The home continues to impress modern visitors with its facilities, such as heated indoor plumbing on each story, and an electric bell system for the servants.

There is also an early rotary telephone, among other amazing feats of technology for the time.

The house depicts early Billings growth and culture.

In addition, the house also provides insight into the family’s inner workings through letters and other materials kept in the Moss Mansion Museum archives.

You could even have a guided tour or just go through the Mansion, which is beautiful.

Moss mansion historical house is one place you do not want to miss in billings.

Address: 914 Division St, Billings, MT 59101, United States

2. Yellowstone River

Things to do in Billings

Yellowstone river / Bigskyfishing

The presence of the mighty Yellowstone River is one of the main attractions in Billings.

In addition, the Yellowstone River is the United States’ longest undammed river.

The Yellowstone River flows out of Yellowstone National Park, slowing and widening as it approaches Billings on its route to the eastern Montana prairies and beyond.

Floating down the river in a tube lets you enjoy the beauty of nature while observing the landscape.

The River continues to draw many visitors and on-the-water recreation enthusiasts, including fishing for trout, catfish, ling, bass, crappie, and other species.

Kayaks, canoes, rafts, jet boats, and other small watercraft can be seen every day of the year due to the fast and sluggish water.

Fly-fishing is also a favorite hobby here, and you can rent some tackle and try to capture some of the many indigenous species found in these crystal clear waterways.

Go splash some water around and if you have a thing for fishing, it is a bonus.

Address: Billings, MT, United States

3. The Rimrocks, Billings

Things to do in billings

Rimrocks, Billings

Have you sat down to imagine how magnificent billings will look from the top of the Aerial view?

The Rimrocks are amazing as they rise over Billings and deliver a marvelous view over Billings.

Even the formation of these Rimrocks sounds interesting.

Downtown Billings was the seashore of the Western Interior Seaway.

Sand and sediments were accumulated near the shore for millions of years, then crushed into sandstone, finally forming the Rimrock formation.

The rims are natural shelves with three routes totaling approximately 18 kilometers and over 575 feet of elevation increase.

These tall mountains surround many of the nice residential areas by Zimmerman Park, and I drove up the Rimrocks.

You can also see the Rims from Downtown Billings.

Furthermore, the view of the Yellowstone Valley, the city of Billings, and the Beartooth Mountains in the distance is amazing.

Moreover, there are walking trails and uncharted paths along the rims for the more adventurous.

The paths begin as an unmarked dirt track near the restrooms at Zimmerman Park.

The trail splits almost immediately and continues haphazardly, over and around rock & root, with no trail markers, and not much shade.

Address: Rimrock Road, Billings, MT 59303, United States

4. Rimrock Mall

rimrock mall-

Rimrock mall

Do you want to go shopping? How about a visit to Montana’s largest shopping destination?

Rimrock Mall is Montana’s largest shopping destination, with over 100 specialized businesses and five anchor stores.

The stores include Dillard’s Women’s & Children’s, Dillard’s Men’s & Home, JC Penney, Herberger’s, and Scheel’s All Sports, all situated in Billings, Montana.

The mall is also the state’s greatest assortment of national and local businesses.

Its modern and clean vibe is mellow. It is a great place to come shop for clothes, shoes, games, jewelry, and more!

A 10-screen movie theater is also located within the mall (Wynnsong 10). There are also a lot of stores that are new to Montana!

In addition, Rimrock Mall has a ton of the Usual stores you find with some local stuff too!

It also features salons and activities centers!

Best place in town for a taste of everything Billings has to offer!

Moreover, you can even refuel with a quick bite in the food court or one of the many eateries on the premises.

Throughout the year, mall events such as Santa’s Workshop, the Easter Hunt, and mall fashion displays are held.

The mall opens by 10 am and closes by 8 pm from Monday all through to Saturday, and 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

It’s time to go shopping!

Address: 300 S 24th St W, Billings, MT 59102, United States

5. Yellowstone County Museum

Yellowstone County Museum

Yellowstone County Museum

The Yellowstone County Museum collects, maintains, and researches the natural history and unique culture of Yellowstone Valley in Montana.

This is a true hidden gem in Billings, with so many antiques and information about Montana and the surrounding area.

The museum appears little from the front, yet it is really vast on the inside, with numerous items.

In addition, there is also a hidden lower level with some of the best collections of Native American artifacts and guns.

You can even learn more about the plains’ prehistory and see artifacts related to Indian tribes, mining, transportation, military, music, and lifestyles in the 1950s and before.

Similarly, the Lewis and Clark Fur Trading Post Exhibit, which features trade goods, fur trader accouterments, and examples of animals observed along the trip, is one of the exhibitions.

The personnel are quite nice, and the museum itself is a family-friendly attraction with a train outside that children will enjoy.

A plus is that behind the museum, there is the best view of Billings.

The Yellowstone County Museum is open to the public from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm and offers a fun and instructive day out for everyone.

Address: 1950 Terminal Cir, Billings, MT 59105, United States

 6. Pictograph Cave State Park

pictograph cave state park

Photo by: Paul Humphrey/Q2 News

Just a 20-minute drive from Billings downtown is the pictograph cave state park.

Pictograph Cave State Park is a great site to think about the beginnings of human life in Montana.

Because of its archeological significance, the Pictograph Cave site was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

Approximately 30,000 objects were excavated from the site, including stone tools, weaponry, paintings, and the instruments used.

The path up to the main cave is only about a quarter of a mile long, but it’s quite steep.

All in all, there are three caves along the one-mile loop trail, though only the main one holds any pictographs.

While you are there, don’t skip the visitor’s center! It’s helpful in understanding the complexity and importance of this site.

The display includes some of the 30,000 objects found on site.

In addition, the arrowhead display shows the different techniques of these tools over 9,000 years.

The cave’s oldest rock painting dates back over 2,000 years.

Even though the part is quite a small venue but it is an utterly fascinating place, you can visit while you are in Billings.

Address: 3401 Coburn Rd, Billings, MT 59101, United States

 7. MetraPark


Metrapark by RYAN BERRY, Billings Gazette

Known as the first interstate Arena, MetraPark is a multi-facility complex that offers a variety of programs and events.

These events include trade exhibitions, entertainment, educational and sporting events, and agricultural exhibits, among others.

In addition to the events, a music and sports arena, wedding venue, trade exhibition, and convention center are all available.

There are also rodeo grandstands and fairgrounds in this one-of-a-kind Billings creation.

Besides, the arena can hold an audience of 12000. In fact, this is the main place where billings events are held.

You may view what’s going on at MetraPark and attend a variety of events, including Billings Wolves Indoor Football League games.

You can also attend the BMW Motorcycle Riders of America’s national conference, and concerts by the Eagles, Miranda Lambert, Elton John, and Chris Young, among others.

Address: 308 6th Ave N, Billings, MT 59101, United States

 8. ZooMontana


LinkedIn / ZooMontana

If you enjoy animals, a trip to Montana’s only zoo and botanical garden should be at the top of your itinerary.

ZooMontana is a 70-acre zoo in billings. Even though it’s not the biggest you will come across, it is one of the ones you will love to always visit.

This zoo and botanical park have nearly 100 animals from 58 different species, all of which live in natural environments that are similar to those found in their natural home.

The park’s focus is on Montana native wildlife, primarily those that live in the Rockies and other cold-climate areas north of the 45th Parallel.

The Asian Region, the North American Region, the Discovery Center, and the Barn are the different sections of the park.

There are winding pathways that lead through the lush woodlands, which are home to a variety of animals and plants.

You won’t find elephants, giraffes, zebras, and monkeys here. Well, they have statues of them.

You will find wolves, wolverines, red pandas, owls, porcupines, eagles, snakes, bears, and many others, including a sloth.

The fact that it’s not too big makes the zoo feel intimate, and it’s not too busy.

In addition, they have playgrounds for kids in case you aren’t here alone.

You’ll also find a great little gift shop, so grab something home.

You do not even need to be crazy about animals to enjoy this place, so if you are in Billings for a vacation, this is a great place to visit.

Pack a lunch and enjoy the grounds.

Address: 2100 Shiloh Rd, Billings, MT 59106, United States

9. DanWalt Gardens


The DanWalt Gardens

DanWalt Gardens is one of the highest-rated gardens in Montana and is mostly known as a wedding and reception venue.

You don’t even need to be a groom or a Bride to enjoy what this garden has to offer.

This beautifully manicured, well-planned garden changes every time you visit as it incredibly blooms all around.

Even though the variety of what’s in bloom will obviously change with the time of year, you’ll never be disappointed.

Furthermore, there is a sprinkling of sculptures scattered throughout the property.

The beauty of all the flowers trees shrubs and of course the chickens makes it a place where you would want to have some sort of celebration which could include weddings, meetings, anniversaries, whatever.

Saturdays are dedicated to weddings, and guests can plant a rose in memory of a loved one in the Memorial Rose Garden.

Science seminars for schoolchildren of all ages are also held on the grounds. Chickens are free to explore the gardens, much to the joy of the children.

Finally, take a moment to close your eyes and let the delectable scents intoxicate you. Don’t forget to visit the roosters along the way.

Address: 720 Washington St, Billings, MT 59101, United States

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10. The Burger Dive

The Burger Dive

Image by The Burger Dive

In case you need to grab something to eat, the burger dive in Billings might just be where you need to go.

The Burger Dive is a well-known burger joint in Billings that has been rated the best burger in the city four times by The Billings Gazette.

Andi and Brad Halsten’s restaurant, which launched in 2010, has won accolades at the World Food Championships for their delectable, juicy pound Angus beef burger options

Prepare to eat one of the best-tasting burgers you have ever eaten here.

This place is off the hook.

Wear your fat pants when you go! As the burgers are insanely good and so unique.

Fries are also crispy and flavorful, and you can get different kinds, like cajun or garlic

Burgers are prepared fresh every day from never frozen, premium Angus beef and served on a locally baked bun, while all fries and onion rings are cut fresh daily.

The decor is fine, and they have tons of awards on display.

Vegetarians are also not left out as tuna and veggie burgers are also available with gluten-free buns and lettuce wraps as options.

Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, as well as inventive fry alternatives and Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream treats, are available.

You do not want to miss these works of culinary art while in Billings.

Address: 114 N 27th St, Billings, MT 59101, United States

11. Alberta Bair Theatre

Alberta Bair Theatre

Alberta Bair Theatre

Billings is alive with culture thanks to the Alberta Bair Theatre (ABT). It genuinely offers international entertainment to the state of Montana’s south-central region.

Every year, the stage is lit up with amazing Broadway shows, classical performers, renowned dance organizations, and significant headliners.

The theater also serves the community by hosting symphony, opera, dance, community performers, and other events.

Alberta Bair Theater is a great place for entertainment with culture.

Furthermore, there is a rich musical theatre legacy here. The Montana Renaissance Festival is hosted here during the summer months.

Finally, nothing compares to the joy on the faces of the school children who attend theater performances each year.

Who knows if the theater were not in Billings, the cultural heart could have gone.

Address: 2801 3rd Ave N, Billings, MT 59101, United States

12. Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale

Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale

Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale

The Billings Symphony Orchestra & Chorale provides high-quality classical and pops symphonic music for the residents of Eastern Montana and Northern Wyoming.

In May 1951, the Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale were founded as the Billings Symphony Society.

However, their goal has remained the same, and it’s to enrich lives through music.

The BSO&C, led by Music Director Anne Harrigan, has over 135 members who gather each year to perform and share their love of music with patrons from Montana, Wyoming, and all around the United States.

Billings Symphony is indeed a wonderful experience!

Beyond the dynamic concerts, Billings Symphony Orchestra engages in community arts education throughout the region.

Address: 2820 2nd Ave N, Billings, MT 59101, United States

13. Western Heritage Center

Western Heritage Center

Western Heritage Center

The Western Heritage Center is a beautiful little museum occupying the old Billings library.

It was founded in 1971 as a community center with a private collection of western items housed in a historic structure.

Since then, they’ve added outreach programs and walking tours, changeable interactive exhibits, and traveling displays.

There is also a collection of over 400 oral histories and 40,000 historic artifacts and photographs, as well as a collection of over 400 oral histories and 40,000 historic things and images, and a collection of over 400 oral histories and 40,000 historic things and images.

In fact, more than 16,000 items and 1,000 images chronicle the architecture, history, key events, and growth of the Yellowstone River Valley at the center.

The center offers a variety of events, including a monthly High Noon lecture series, a video series, and school traveling trunks.

Other events include teacher training, traveling exhibits, and cooperation with other museums.

The center also publishes regional history books, movies, and educational tools.

Address: 2822 Montana Ave, Billings, MT 59101, United States

14. Riverfront Park, Billings

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park

Looking for where to enjoy a sunny day in Billing? Riverfront Park is a nice place to do so.

The park features two ponds for fishing and boating (no gas-powered engines).

The park’s highlights include Lake Josephine, the Yellowstone River, and Norm Schoenthal Island, as well as a verdant sanctuary with cottonwood stands, willow trees, and grassy meadows.

In the summer, boating and kayaking are popular, while ice fishing is popular in the winter, and there are various hiking paths throughout the park.

With so many trails to follow on both sides of the pond, you may walk your dog or jog on the trails, which offer lovely secluded paths for a nice run.

Picnic tables and shade are available for families to enjoy a picnic.

You can bring along sunscreen and bug spray to better enjoy a walk.

Address: 7277-7337 State Secondary Hwy 416, Billings, MT 59101, United States

15. Yellowstone Cellars & Winery

Things to do in Billings

Yellowstone Cellars & Winery

Since 2010, Yellowstone Cellars & Winery has been handcrafting red and white wines in the classic French and Italian styles.

It is a family-owned and operated business.

The best part is that the grapes are all hand-picked and sourced from the family-owned vineyards in Washington’s Yakima Valley.

Besides the large variety of wines, you can taste whatever you like before committing to a glass or bottle.

They have a “wine library” of previous wines for sale, which are fun.

The menu features delicious comfort dishes that go well with the winery’s superb selection.

While the vineyard’s trademark wine, Malbec, is in its seventh vintage, the 2010 Primitivo is one of the most popular.

Even though this place is a family-owned and operated business, you will still get some of the best-tasting wine.

Address: 1335 Holiday Cir, Billings, MT 59101, United States

16. Billings Amusement Park Drive-In

Things to do in Billings

Billings Amusement Park Drive-In

How do you like the sound of enjoying an evening of entertainment while camping out under the stars in Montana?

Have an amazing moment that transports you to another Era here at the Billings drive-in.

You don’t see drive-ins much anymore, so a very worthwhile experience

The 1970s midsummer vibes are always strong, and the creepy-ish abandoned amusement park adds to the experience.

This unique drive-in features a big screen that shows two movies at once (one on each side).

The movie theater shows the most recent blockbusters as well as themed nights and vintage films, so whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find something to your liking.

There are also a number of amusement park rides available, as well as a variety of delectable classic amusement park foods to accompany the film.

It is so amazing to have a drive-in still around with two screens playing different movies, cheap snacks, and the fantastic staff around. You are in for a treat.

Address: 7335 Mossmain Ln, Billings, MT 59106, United States

17. Pompey’s Pillar

Things to do in Billings

Pompey’s Pillar

The only tangible remnant of the Lewis and Clark Expedition is Pompeys Pillar National Monument.

Pompey’s Pillar is the name given to a sandstone pillar in the area that is almost 200 years old.

Captain William Clark etched his name into the Pillar to commemorate their 1806 trip through Yellowstone Valley.

The name is still visible today, and there are explanations of the Pillar and the historical significance of this wonderful part of the United States.

The view from the top of the Pillar is a nice vista of the Yellowstone River and surrounding plains.

The visitors center is lovely, and there are some excellent videos to see.

Once outside, you can follow the pavement up to the wooden steps/Broad walk and begin climbing.

On the first landing, you’ll see Clark’s name etched onto a pillar.

From there, climb the wooden steps to the Pillar’s summit for panoramic views of the surrounding area and the Yellowstone River.

Views of the Yellowstone River and neighboring cliffs are indeed breathtaking, and this is an excellent source of information about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

There’s also a gift store accessible in case you need to grab something.

Address: 14th St W, Billings, MT 59102, United States

18. Dehler Park, Billings

Things to do in Billings

Dehler Park

Are you a sports fan, especially baseball? You are in luck, as the Dehler Park is the home of the Mustangs, a minor league baseball team. So you shouldn’t miss visiting this place.

The Mustangs are most active during the summer months, and the games are fast-paced and friendly.

Furthermore, they offer a variety of foods and brews, along with a host of non-alcoholic beverages.

The park is neither too large nor too little and it isn’t overrun with giant TV displays and other high-tech gadgets, but it does include modern comforts like a “party porch” and playground attractions for squirmy kids.

Among the interesting thing to look out for, the ‘beer batter’ is one.

If the ‘beer batter,’ a designated player of the team who changes at each game, hits the ball, patrons will receive a discount on beer at the games.

In addition to the ‘beer batter’ promos, you may purchase a variety of traditional baseball park fares to round out your all-American ballgame experience.

This jewel, conveniently located in the downtown of the bustling small city of Billings, is a place you shouldn’t miss out on.

Address: 2611 9th Ave N, Billings, MT 59101, United States

19. Reef Indoor Water Park, Billings

Things to do in Billings

Reef Indoor Water Park

The Reef Indoor Water Park is Montana’s largest indoor water park

The park is the size of a football field.

The biggest draw of the Reef is that it is an indoor water park that can still be in operation during the winter months, so you can visit all year round.

Climb three floors, then blast down the Barracuda Blaster or the Tropical Twister, which will undoubtedly recharge your batteries before diving into the plunge pool when you emerge from the tubes.

In addition, kids are also not left out as they have the most interactive playhouse imaginable, complete with slides, mini-tubes, spray guns, and tunnels.

Similarly, there is also a 250-gallon dumping bucket.

In short, It has numerous activities for all ages. In addition, there is enough space and seating for adults to watch the kids even if you don’t wish to participate.

Because this is an indoor park, expect it to be hot, humid, and loud. In case you don’t have a life jacket, it is available here.

Don’t forget to have a taste of their pizza. It’s way better than you would think.

Address: 1801 Majestic Ln, Billings, MT 59102, United States

20. Lake Elmo State Park

Things to do in Billings

Lake Elmo State Park

This park is a lovely, expansive 123-acre space ideal for outdoor activities.

It’s basically on the outskirts of town.

The lake is a fair-sized, man-made lake stocked variety of fish.

Furthermore, the elevation is 3,199 feet, and there are many kilometers of hiking and nature trails to enjoy, and ornithologists will appreciate birdwatching.

On a hot day, you can relax on the beach or try boating, canoeing, swimming, sailing, or windsurfing in the 64-acre reservoir.

During the winter, you can even go ice fishing or ice skating on the lake, which is fun.

You will find picnic shelters, a kids’ playground, paved parking, and restrooms here.

Fishing and other pleasant activities can be found on a walk around the waterways or at Roger’s Pier on the south side.

One standout feature of Lake Elmo is its Dog Park which is fenced and located along the west part of the park and measures 200 square feet.

Address: 219 Rolling Hills Dr, Billings, MT 59105, United States

21. Four Dances Recreation Area

Things to do in Billings

Four Dances Recreation Area

If you love to hike on a clean trail with little people and fewer vehicle noises, then the Four dances is for you.

Don’t be deceived by this wildlife area’s inconspicuous entrance.

Hike up the hill for a panoramic view of the Yellowstone River and the surrounding hills and mountains.

The views from the south spur route and the river trail are the most interesting.

You should bring water in the summertime because it is hot.

There are a couple of significant drops, but the views across Billings are excellent.

Furthermore, the spot is ideal for wildlife viewing, nature photography, and environmental teaching.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are typical winter activities at Four Dances.

Address: 03092721101010000, Billings, MT 59101, United States

22. Billings Studio Theatre

Billings Studio Theatre

Billings Studio Theatre

If you are planning a fantastic day/night out packed with entertainment, look no further.

If you’re looking to dress up for a night, a weekend, or any costume-themed event, this is the place that will exceed your expectations.

The Billings studio theater is a community theatre that has been entertaining Billings audiences for 65+ years with very high-quality shows.

The costume shop has everything to suit your needs.

Visitors may expect a memorable show that will keep them returning to this volunteer-run community theater year after year.

Additionally, workshops for a variety of talents are also held, including production, makeup, dialects, accents, and other facets of the arts.

This theater is phenomenal, and you might not find a more dedicated, talented, and professional group of people who do what they do as well as they do it.

The billings studio theatre is indeed a gem in this city.

Address: 1500 Rimrock Rd, Billings, MT 59102, United States

23. Swords Park Trail, Billings

Things to do in Billings

Swords Park Trail

The fact that Billings is enriched with Trails gives you many options to pick from, and the sword park trail is one of these trails.

On a paved track of about 4 miles through the northern end of town, the Swords Park Trail offers stunning views of Billings and the Yellowstone Valley.

The walk is lovely in the springtime, with wildflowers blossoming along the way.

Trailside seats and picnic tables offer places to stop and relax while taking in the scenery.

Swords Park has a stunning natural setting crisscrossed with walking trails and ancient sites which date back to the late 1800s.

Address: Billings, MT, United States

Start planning your trip to Billings.

From shopping to the winery to the trails, you will enjoy everything here. The city of Billings really lives up to the name Magic City, as you are about to find out.

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