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31 Most Delightful Things To Do In Missoula (Montana)

Missoula is an amazing city renowned across the United States for its awesome vineyards and attractions everywhere you look.

This city is located along Clark Fork River and it is often described as the hub of five valleys.

Besides, Missoula is remarkably the second-largest city and metropolitan area in Montana.

People across the planet come here just to have a look at the beautiful natural endowment of this great city.

But is that all that this beautiful city of Montana is really blessed with?

It is apt that Missoula in Montana is mostly synonymous with natural habitats and endowments.

But that does not mean that this beautiful city has nothing more to offer tourists and visitors alike!

This location is also a stunning and verdant land with the perfect gardens and parks that are greatly informative and fun to explore.

Malls, great markets, spas, churches, awesome restaurants, and other numerous outdoor attractions rather create a diverse and impressive scene in this great city.

The area is also historical, having lots of great and insightful artifacts.

In other words, whatever that a visitor will love to enjoy, you will surely find those places to visit in Missoula!

Here are top picks of our 31 best and fun things to do in Missoula, Montana!

Things To Do In Missoula

1. A Carousel for Missoula

Things To Do In Missoula

Image Credits: Carousel for Missoula

A Carousel for Missoula is a popular attraction in Missoula, Montana.

Its popularity is not far-fetched, this is due to the huge fun moments visitors enjoy while in this amazing place.

By way of proper description, A Carousel for Missoula is an amusement center in Missoula.

It is a fun place that began operation nearly three decades ago. Precisely, its establishment date was on the 7th of May 1995.

In addition, the establishment of this top attraction is geared towards creating an absolutely great impression on inhabitants and visitors about the endowments of this city.

One unique attribute of this wonderful attraction is that it is the first fully hand-carved carousel built in the United States.

Wondering how amazing and memorable it would be if you endeavor to visit this amazing place?

Absolutely, it is not a place you shouldn’t visit if you are in Missoula, Montana.

This place is safe to explore as it is covered, beautifully restored, and really spins.

In fact, there is presently a ring to catch as you go by.

Overall, it is just a fun place that will create beautiful memories if you visit.

Address: 101 Carousel Dr, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

2. Smokejumper Visitor Center, Missoula

Things To Do In Missoula

Image Credits: Smokejumper Visitor Center

Of course, it is the topmost desire of every visitor planning a trip to a foreign land to be received warmly in that strange land.

If you are making plans to travel over to Missoula, Montana, there is a welcome center that would warmly receive you upon your arrival.

This incredible welcome center is no other place other than Smokejumper Visitor Center!

Officially launched in 1940 and despite its age-long existence, it never seized to be an amazing tourist location in Missoula, Montana.

Upon the arrival of every visitor, they ensure that visitor’s itinerary is narrowed down.

Not only would they do that, but they also will not hesitate to make adequate recommendations when necessary.

Interestingly, this amazing attraction in Missoula, Montana, also houses a little museum that is so informative and entertaining.

You can literally learn the history of this great city at a glance!

And regardless of how incredible it sounds, no admission fee whatsoever is required!

While in Missoula, Montana, if you could make up some time to visit this attraction, it will surely be worthwhile.

If you would be coming, there are open spaces where you can park your cars at no extra cost!

Address: 5765 W Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59808, United States.

3. Missoula Farmer’s Market

Things To Do In Missoula

Images Credits: Missoula Farmer’s Market

Do you want to check out the best place to get some freshly offered farm items?

If you would want to get some nice and fresh farm produce when next you visit Missoula, Montana, obviously, Missoula Farmer’s Market has all you would love.

The market has been of great service to people within and outside the state since the year 1972.

Although it is a relatively small market, nevertheless, it has tons of visitor choices that are available.

Fresh bread, cakes, vegetables, carrots, and lots more.

In fact, no other perfect destination in Missoula has the best quality bags and home equipment aside from this amazing place.

No wonder the market had and has continued to receive various awards and recognitions.

Aside from all these, one impressive feature of this great market in Missoula town is that goods are absolutely affordable.

You would be happy to see the quantum of goods that you will get while spending less on your budget.

If you would make it up to check out this market when next you are in Missoula, we encourage you to visit during the weekdays.

This is because, oftentimes, it is mostly rowdy during the weekends.

But then, whichever time you choose to visit here, it is always a great market that wouldn’t do less but make you happier!

Address: 534 N Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

4. University Of Montana

Things To Do In MissoulaThings To Do In Missoula

Image Credits: Facebook / University of Montana

Sometimes, it is not always about finding places to spend some fun moments, getting a place to learn too is important.

After all, learning is part of man’s existence and no visitor will not want to stay informed.

If you would love to check out a place where you can learn, the University of Montana is the best spot to head to.

It is a public university in Missoula that was established on 13th February 1893, a whole 129 years ago!

If you would be embarking on an academic voyage to Missoula, this is a must-visit location for you.

Definitely, it is! Because this awesome university is classified among the best universities with the best research facilities in the United States.

Their electronic applications and development are also worthy of mention. Of course, it is second to none in the entire state!

You get to access millions of academic books from their library without having to make any unreasonable fees.

Meanwhile, even if you wouldn’t be on an academic exploration in this city, coming to check out this ancient building itself is a visit that will be worth it.

It is apparently a place you should add to your itinerary while planning a trip to Missoula, Montana!

Address: 32 Campus Dr, Missoula, MT 59812, United States.

5. Splash Montana

Things To Do In Missoula

Image Credits: Facebook / Splash Montana

It is likely possible you might not have heard about Splash Montana.

If you haven’t heard about this attraction, that isn’t an issue!

The goal is to get the best and most fun place to explore and not about the popularity of an attraction!

Splash Montana is a water park in Missoula that is full of so many fun things for visitors of all ages.

The park initially opened in June 2006 and was in recent times renovated.

By way of proper description of this attraction, it is three exciting three-story water slides.

It basically contains a swimmer-friendly zero-depth entry; Spray features and kiddie Grizzly slide; a lazy river float way and more!

There is unlimited fun that is available in this marvelous spot. Every season, every day, it is always fun.

Even if you are so selective in your engagements, this fun place in Missoula will resuscitate your interest.

Though some visitors consider the admission fee to be pricey, meanwhile, the majority of visitors thought the contrary!

It is overall, a fun place that will create some beautiful memories you wouldn’t forget in years to come if you could visit.

Address: 3001 Bancroft St, Missoula, MT 59801, United States.

6. Missoula Big Sky Brewing

Big Sky Brewing in Missoula

Image Credits: Big Sky Brewing

It is never an overstatement that Missoula is a beautiful city with every fun thing.

The lovers of beers are not left out in the exploration of things you can do in Missoula!

So, shall we begin? For lovers of beers of various delicious flavors, Big Sky Brewing is your dream location.

This is an amazing brewery and taproom industry that is owned by three close but different partners.

Bjorn Nabozney, Neal Leathers, and Brad Robinson are the great brains behind these great brews.

Of course, they combine their initiatives to come up with this amazing location in the year 1995.

For nice American, Canadian, or local wines of various kinds, you wouldn’t be wrong to visit this location.

The wines are not only addictive but are greatly inexpensive and of the right quality.

You can sit outside to enjoy the chilled wine or just stay off to have some play under their shaded place.

After all, not wanting a beer but seeing how beers are bottled is in itself an exploration!

It is really an amazing place in Missoula that will catch your interest if you could visit.

Parking is not so tricky unless you come in the evening, so be meticulous enough to arrive early if you would be visiting this attraction of Missoula!

Address: 5417 Trumpeter Way, Missoula, MT 59808, United States.

7. Dragon Hollow Play Area, Missoula

Dragon Hollow Play Area

Image Credits: Make it Missoula

Do you have kids that are desperate to embark on the voyage with you to Missoula, Montana?

Well, it might appear as if they are troublesome, but then, it is their right to also explore and catch fun!

If you are visiting this great city of Montana with your kids, you can easily bring them to Dragon Hollow Play Area.

This fun and festive playground that was established in 2001 is literally a kid’s dream come true.

From the exterior, interior, and everything that abounds in this place, it is kids-oriented and your kids will not but love them!

Playing is so safe for kids, and toddlers are not even left out.

No wonder they go by the mantra ‘bring every kid here’!

Entrance fees are collected per kid, and it isn’t expensive compared to the memorable moments each kid gets coming to this lovely place.

If not fun, it is obviously not the Dragon Hollow Play Area.

So, it is left to you to decide whether to prioritize your kids’ happiness and enjoyment the way you prioritize yours!

Address: Stairs connecting Riverfront Trail to Higgins Street Bridge, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

8. Montana Snowbowl At Missoula

Things to do in Missoula

Image Credits: Montana Snowbowl

That favorite ski area you’ve been scanning through to see is Montana Snowbowl!

This attraction was established in December 1962 and it is popular for its 2,600-foot (790 m) vertical rise and other awesomeness.

Not only that, this attraction has tons of restaurants on sight that sell nice foods.

Since getting nice food to fill your stomach is as imperative as finding a fun attraction, that wouldn’t be an issue!

Interestingly, both admission fees and expenses of food are less expensive in this beautiful place.

The gist is that you have the best out of everything that is available while you pay just a little!

Overall, it is a fun place in Missoula that you wouldn’t have any iota of regrets to have visitors.

Do well to check out this lovely attraction when next you visit Missoula, Montana.

Definitely, it is going to be fun, incredible, and entertaining!

Address: 1700 Snow Bowl Rd, Missoula, MT 59808, United States.

9. Missoula Art Museum

Things to do in Missoula

Image Credits: Missoula Art Museum

Missoula Art Museum is an addictive place in Missoula that every lover of art doesn’t stop visiting.

It is an amazing art museum in Missoula, Montana that is strictly displaying artistic artifacts.

Unlike other museums in Missoula, this great museum offers distinct and lovely exhibits for visitors to enjoy.

Essentially, these great works are the efforts of contemporary Montana artists and artisans.

The artifacts are so informative and entertaining. In fact, you will get to learn more about the predominant style of life of Missoula by merely seeing them.

Of course, with all the amazing offerings available here, the cost per visitor is affordable.

Except if you wouldn’t love to have the best out of your trip to this great city of Missoula, do not be in a haste to leave without visiting Missoula Art Museum!

Address: 335 N Pattee St, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

10. Montana Natural History Center

Montana Natural History Center

Image Credits: Montana Natural History Center

Will you love to learn about the history of Missoula?

If you would love to learn about the history of Missoula, Montana Natural History Center has it all!

This location is a beautiful park in Missoula that was founded in 1991.

In fact, this is the brainchild of the initiative of various groups of educators that aimed at creating an enabling atmosphere for visitors to learn about the history of Missoula.

One unique attribute of this attraction to others is that the interactive exhibits are top-notch.

These exhibits are beautifully arranged, and each depicts something unique about this amazing city.

Besides, there is an art gallery and a native plant garden available to visitors as well.

It is such a fun place in Missoula that has tons of best and fun things available for all visitors.

Importantly, if you would be visiting this attraction, their operating hours are Tuesday through Saturday between 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

We can’t do more than make perfect recommendations for you while planning a visit to Missoula, but then, this is such a fun place that is worth a visit!

Address: 120 Hickory St # A, Missoula, MT 59801, United States.

11. McCormick Park

Things to do in Missoula

Image Credits: McCormick Park

McCormick Park is another amazing Park in Missoula, Montana.

The park completed its working activities and officially opened in 2006.

If you are on a low budget, your visit to Missoula isn’t an outright waste of time and resources.

Surely, you will enjoy so much of this great city without having to spend any dollars!

The reason isn’t farfetched! This lovely park will come to your rescue!

It is a beautiful Park with so many facilities including sports fields, trails, a kids’ fishing pond & a swimming pool.

So, you can either enjoy your whole day on the field or take some time off to the pool!

Beautifully, all these fun things are available without any visitor having to make any payments whatsoever.

It is apposite to note that restaurants are not so frequent in this place, so it is advisable you make a provision for food if you plan to spend long hours.

Nevertheless, it is a place that will be worth the visit once you arrive in the city!

Address: 600 Cregg Ln, Missoula, MT 59801, United States.

12. Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery

Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery in Missoula

Image Credits: Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery

Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery is yet another cool and amazing place in Missoula, Montana.

It is a winery store that is always open, any day, any time, any season!

There are plenty of tasty wines that are available for visitors and they are absolute of the right quality.

Beyond that, they have a garden that is in the house and it is so amazing.

If wine doesn’t interest you, spending some quality time to appraise this garden wouldn’t be a decision gone wrong!

Please note that no admission fee is required to check into this wonderful place, but donations are allowed.

The environment is also always clean and there are shaded spaces available for all visitors to just stay in and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

How soon will you be in Missoula? Whichever time it would be, do not forget to add Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery to your itinerary.

Address: 4175 Rattlesnake Dr, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

13. Museum of Mountain Flying

Things to do in Missoula

Image Credits: Museum of Mountain Flying

Missoula has a glorious history of mountain flying and it is always a fun activity to explore this history.

If you would love to spend some time exploring this flying history, make a visit to the Museum of Mountain Flying!

This awesome museum was established in the summer of 1993 by some great men known as Stan Cohen, Dick Komberec, and Steve Smith.

The museum basically began as a result of their willingness to inform the public of the great importance of knowing the history of aircraft.

Of note, things available in this top attraction include historical aircraft artifacts and several other monuments.

You will get to know some unrevealed stories that surround the world of aircraft.

Even at that, as a new visitor, as long as you come during the week, you wouldn’t have to get any ticket to explore here.

Sounds amazing, right? Absolutely, it is!

If you are in Missoula, a visit to this lovely attraction will suffice!

Address: 5225 W Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59808, United States.

14. Lolo Peak

Things to do in Missoula

Image Credits: Lolo Peak

Spending some time on a mountain that will produce a glance view of this beautiful city will be such a fun and memorable thing.

Are you willing to know where you can spend such valuable time?

Your worry is over! Once you arrive in Missoula, Lolo Peak will create the magic for you!

This wonderful place is a mountain in Missoula with the safe and best technology in place.

For the sake of clarity, the elevation of the mountain is about 2,787 m, which is considered good!

Although, some visors are myopic of how fun it is to explore this wonderful location.

Even to some that knew the fun things inherent here, they appear so fearful.

There is absolutely nothing to be fearful about here! Modern technology is in place and no visitor has ever regretted visiting here.

In fact, to enjoy the best out of this wonderful place, make sure you come as early as possible.

Parking is though uneasy, however, it is a fun place you will be glad you visit.

If you would visit this attraction in Missoula, you do not need to come with any cash. It is absolutely free here!

Address: 24 Fort Missoula Road Missoula, MT 59804, United States.

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15. Gray Wolf Peak Casino

Gray Wolf Peak Casino

Image Credits: Hospitality Online

To the admirers of Casino games, Gray Wolf Peak Casino has what will make your stay fun and enjoyable!

This casino house is remarkably the largest casino destination in Montana and no visitor has ever regretted coming here.

This beautiful location became operational in the year 2006 and features not only casino games but also 300 slot machines, a restaurant, a deli, and a bar.

Obviously, while you would enjoy playing the casino with your spouse or colleagues, there are also nice foods available for you!

You can even dissent and decide to take some tasty wine in their bar after a hot pressure in the game room.

It is a perfect location where you wouldn’t feel bored, even after spending hours here.

This is just a progressive initiative in Missoula that is easy to come by.

In addition, this museum appears to be around other amazing attractions. In fact, once you leave here, you can proceed to other attractions immediately.

No unnecessary transportation expenses, no unnecessary waste of time, it is in the best location that would you surely love.

Only about $10 is charged per visitor and yes, with that 10 dollars, you will have access to all the best and most fun things that are available here!

For a proper description of an adventurous, it becomes incumbent on you to check out this great attraction when next you visit Missoula.

Address: 20750 US-93, Missoula, MT 59808, United States.

16. Stadium in Missoula

Stadium in Missoula, Montana

Image Credits: Wikipedia

The Stadium in Missoula is not just a popular location, it is equally a fun place.

This beautiful location was built in the mid of 2004 with about 3500 seat capacity and it is the home field of the Missoula PaddleHeads of the Pioneer League.

A commendable and noticeable attribute of this great location of Missoula is that so many funds are put to use.

Thus, all facilities here are great and you would surely love them as well.

It is important to state that this location is primarily for baseball and it is oftentimes always clean.

In fact, if you have no favorite team here, coming to view one of their interesting matches will be worthwhile!

The ambiance is so welcoming and there is a large screen.

If you would be in Missoula, this great attraction shouldn’t be absent from your list of itineraries!

Great matches, amazing park space, free admission, and a welcoming atmosphere. How else would you have loved an attraction to be?

Absolutely, this match is a perfect description of a place that is apt to call a tourist and fun attraction!

So, do not waste more time paying a visit on your subsequent voyage to Missoula!

Address: 700 Cregg Ln, Missoula, MT 59801, United States.

17. Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History

Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History

Image Credits: Weekend Online

So much has been done by the earliest warlord and military personnel.

To mention a few; they have greatly fought for so many things which the current inhabitants are enjoying.

If you would love to check out such attractions while in Missoula, the Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History is the best location for that!

This is a large and beautiful museum in Missoula and there are tons of exhibits and programs that cover the United States military history.

Interestingly, this history range from the Revolutionary War to the present War on Terror, with an emphasis on the interwar that occurred.

It was built in 1930 by the United States Fourth Infantry Regiment.

As a visitor coming to Missoula, if you visit this lovely attraction, you will have the vantage opportunity to learn and appreciate the past warlord.

History is part of man’s existence, and war is a sensitive occurrence of the past.

So, it is necessary to spend a few hours on your travel plans to check out what this attraction offers visitors.

You don’t need to make a payment for any charges in order to come here. In fact, getting spaces to park your cars too is absolutely free.

Beyond all that, if you would be hosting events while in Missoula, their banquet hall has all you would love of an event venue.

What a place with so many great things! Definitely, it is a beautiful part of Missoula that can never be overrated!

Address: 2975 Gen Foster Ave, Missoula, MT 59804, United States.

18. Buff City Soap

Buff City Soap

Image Credits: Buff City Soap

Buff City Soap is a health and beauty shop in Missoula that basically deals with soap making.

It is a visitor attraction that was founded in 2013 by Brad Kellum.

If you wouldn’t mind learning something different, you really have to check out the process of soap making in this wonderful attraction.

The soap-making processes available here cover Bath Bombs and Shower, Fizzies to Body Butters, and Shower Oils.

If you would check out this attraction in Missoula, it is absolutely free!

So, do not be reluctant to include this place on your list of places you would visit in Missoula!

Address: 2230 N Reserve St Ste #450, Missoula, MT 59808, United States.

19. The Roxy Theater

The Roxy Theater

Image Credits: Cinema Treasures

If you wouldn’t be visiting a museum, it is necessary to check other fun places out.

Of course, it is understandable that some visitors are naturally not interested in the history of places.

If you would be among those categories of visitors that are less interested in knowing more about the history of the people or a few occurrences, it is never over!

Yes, it isn’t over. The Roxy Theater in Missoula will come to your rescue.

According to records, this place formally began operation on 26th September 1937.

The display here is top-notch; talk about the performance, the equipment, and even the great machinery put up here!

Everything is great and no form of segregation whatsoever is feasible here!

Interestingly, while movies are on, visitors would all have nice and delicious popcorn.

If not for anything, this milky popcorn will keep you on digit!

Evidently, the customer service is second to none in this beautiful location of Missoula!

And if this information will interest you, there are recycling chairs in this place unlike what you get elsewhere.

Absolutely great! Sitting is more comfortable and you could view movies for hours without getting to know you’ve spent up to that.

It will definitely be worth it all; the stress of coming here and the token!

Do check them out if you could!

Address: 718 S Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59801, United States.

20. Missoula County Justice Court

Missoula County Justice Court

Image Credits: Missoula County

Not so many visitors will love to pay a visit to a courtroom.

Some attributed their reasons to the fact that the courtroom is not a fun place.

Hence, most visitors and inhabitants, however, believed that since contempt is punishable in the court, it is a no-go area for them.

Absolutely, these are nothing but myopic opinions.

There are so many things to learn from a courtroom and Missoula is one of the few cities in the United States with the best judicial system.

If you would have a change of mind about this mindset, Missoula County Justice Court will erase that wrong impression!

This is a beautiful house in Missoula that was built in 1908.

In fact, in recognition of this place as a tourist attraction, on the 1st of September, 1976.

Visiting this attraction will give you an insight into how the judges make their rulings, how they make decisions, and the common practices of the court.

It will not only add to your horizon but will also be informative and entertaining.

After all, learning does not end with seeing artifacts alone. There is a lot to learn from this world, and this is not an exception.

Next time you plan to travel to Missoula, endeavor to spend some time in Missoula County Justice Court, it will be worthwhile!

Address: 200 W Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

21. Southgate Mall

Soutgate Mall

Image Credits: Southgate Mall

Southgate Mall is that specialty shop in Missoula with great selections of gifts.

You would literally be planning to get home some nice gifts for your spouse or child, definitely, you will get them all here!

This shopping location in Missoula was established in August 1978 and since then, it has never stopped being a fun place.

The total floor area coverage of this location is about 398,000 sq ft (37,000 m2) while about 85 stores are here.

Fine gifts, nice goodies, and every offering available in this great place are so amazing.

In fact, there is no brand that they don’t have and each brand is of the right quality.

A beautiful initiative that makes this place so outstanding is the great discount they offer visitors.

While in this part of Missoula, if you wouldn’t be in a hurry to leave, you could also check the garden that is next to this location.

With no further payments, that is a plus to the fun things you will enjoy if you are in this location.

If you would visit Missoula during the coming summer, you really shouldn’t miss out on checking this place.

Address: 2901 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801, United States.

22. Missoula Public Library

Missoula Public Library

Image Credits: Missoula Public Library

Will you love to visit a quiet and welcoming place to read some books while you visit Missoula?

You really have no issue if that’s your choice!

Missoula Public Library as the name implies is a public library in Missoula with different selections of books where visitors can head to enjoy their quiet time reading.

Fiction, non-fiction, medical-related books, historical documentation, newspapers, magazines, and so on are rightly available.

In fact, the electronic appliances and e-research facility that is available here make this library more friendly and accessible to visitors.

How about their great parking spaces and security of life and property?

Of course, that is worthy of mention, both visitors and their respective properties on sight are absolutely safe!

Even if you will not be here to read, coming to see this admirable building is intellectually rewarding!

And to end it all, it is a public library, so you would be paying zero dollars to enjoy all these amenities!

Absolutely, if you are in Missoula, you would not be less happy if you have a stop in this great location.

Address: 455 E Main St, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

23. Memorial Rose Garden

Memorial Rose Garden

Image Credits: Memorial Rose Garden

This memorial garden was established in 1946 and there are thousands of roses all over that make it attractive.

It is an amazing location that is put up in order to pay tribute to all who sacrificed their lives for people’s freedom.

Beyond that, there are amazing restaurants all over this attraction and they sell a variety of foods.

Canadian dishes, American local foods, and African foods are available aplenty in this awesome place.

Definitely, being an American, African or Canadian wouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying the best out of this wonderful location of Missoula.

There are also chairs and shaded spaces available in this beautiful place where every visitor who is in sight can sit.

And to sum it up, you don’t need an entrance fee before you would enjoy the best out of this fun location.

Highly recommend you check out this top attraction anytime you are in Missoula!

Confidently, you will not regret obliging!

Address: 800 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801, United States.

24. Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures

Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures in Missoula

Image Credits: Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures

Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures provide visitors with awesome and fun tours in Missoula, Montana.

Basically, this attraction is the best of its kind that provides a raft trip outfitter in Missoula.

It was founded in 1989 by Wayne Fairchild in order to be a favorite visitor’s destination that provides quality outdoor activities.

For adventure travelers or recreationists, this attraction is a must-visit if you are in Missoula.

You can paddle the rivers and hike the trails, you enjoy kayaking and it is always fun.

Besides, if all you want is to spend some reasonable time fishing, you wouldn’t be left out here.

It actually makes a lot of sense to catch a live fish in this amazing attraction of Missoula.

Impressively, they adopt modern technology, and it is absolutely safe to explore this attraction.

If you would be coming to this attraction, ensure you come with your swimming clothes.

Although, if you have none, provisions are available for that at no extra fee.

Come on to spend some cool time in this fun place if you are in Missoula!

Address: 912 E Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

25. Big Sky Breakout

Big Sky Breakout in Missoula

Image Credits: Big Sky Breakout

Here comes that favorite and addictive escape room for visitors of all ages!

Big Sky Breakout is a premier escape room with over two decades of existence that is known for its greatness.

For instance, unlike other escape rooms that you might have visited, this great location will create the most challenging experience ever.

Despite being a challenging one, it is always fun and memorable exploring this fun location.

This awesome place will create a lively and interactive gaming experience that will be so indelible to all visitors.

You and your team will be put in a beautiful and fun environment for a few minutes and have to do some interesting puzzles or find clues that will create an entirely unique experience you would never crave.

In fact, it is important to state that there are awesome prices that visitors who perform excellently get.

You pay less and enjoy their escape rooms, yet you go home with huge and valuable gifts.

Isn’t that a wonderful attraction worth a stop? Definitely, it is!

In order to call yourself adventurous, you have to explore the most sensitive and fun attractions in Missoula.

So, do not leave out Big Sky Breakout in your travel plan while planning an exploration of this great and fun city of Montana!

Address: 307 N 2nd St W, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

26. Larchmont Golf Course

Larchmont Golf Course in Missoula

Image Credits: Larchmont Golf Course

It appears as if the lovers of golf always find other attractions boring except a beautiful golf house.

Amongst the list of amazing cities that have the best golf house, Missoula is not an exception.

If you are in this immense city of Montana, Larchmont Golf Course is a dream come through forever lovers of golf.

There is an open space for all lovers of golf to enjoy their favorite game.

It is typically an addictive location that is not only fun but exceedingly amazing.

Beyond being a favorite place to play golf games, this beautiful location in Missoula also has some wonderful golf courses.

Basically, Larchmont provides an 18-hole championship golf course and they are remarkable for their immaculate playing conditions.

Beautiful lush green grass, trees, ponds, and lots more make this location visitors friendly always.

You wouldn’t less love golfing at Larchmont!

Prices are apparently fair as well and in most cases, once you’re a star, you enjoy absolutely everything without having to pay for the course or the game.

So, do you consider yourself a star when it comes to golf?

Absolutely, it is a personal question that only you can answer, but then, it will be worthwhile if you make plans to visit the Larchmont Golf Course!

Address: 3200 Fort Missoula Rd, Missoula, MT 59804, United States.

27. The Cycling House

The Cycling House in Missoula

Image Credits: Road Bike Action

Most times, the best exploration experiences are not only when you’re onboard a vehicle or on a train.

As common as bicycles are, they could create some memorable and fun experiences for you.

You really don’t have to bother ruminating on the possibility of this assertion because we would definitely explain!

Of course, riding a bicycle is fun, getting a tour agency that offers that is, however, more super fun!

If you are in Missoula, and you care to experience this, check out The Cycling House!

They are a tour operator that operates Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am through 5 pm.

This award-winning agency offers gravel & road camps and guided cycling tours you would surely appreciate.

Incredibly, their tour guides are apt and the bicycle is in good condition.

They will also provide riding dresses so, you do not need any other thing than your availability.

If you would love to try something unique as a visitor during your visit to Missoula, this spot is the place to check out.

Address: 235 N 1st St W Ste A, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

28. The Zen Den

The Zen Den

Image Credits: The Zen Den

Health, they say, is wealth!

It is not a misuse of diction, you may want to check out a place to have your body massage while in Missoula.

The Zen Den is a massage therapist in Missoula that will attend to all your requests with no form of complaints coming from you.

It is not risky to get your massage done and the engine and all other equipment that is put to use are in good working condition.

Is it back pain, ankle pain, or any other related pains?

You have to stop worrying, a visit to this place is enough! While you complain, they get to work and do the magic!

Aside from that, you can also do your pedicure at inexpensive rates.

What a place that is more than an ordinary spa!

Even if you are not so sure of how to describe what form of pain you are experiencing, of course, it is part of their duties to recommend adequately for you.

It is indeed a place to check out once you are in Missoula, except you are less caring about your state of the body.

Obviously, you will, so, get on track to visit this lovely and resourceful place immediately after you arrive at Missoula!

Address: 127 N Higgins Ave #1, Missoula, MT 59802, United States. 

29. The Palace Lounge

The Palace Lounge in Missoula

Image Credits: The Palace Lounge

Exploring an unknown city or a city you are less familiar with without any assurance of getting a nice restaurant is a sham!

Irrespective of how large, fun or interesting the trip might appear, if there are no good restaurants to check-in, it will make the whole trip tiring.

If you would be visiting Missoula, The Palace Lounge will serve you that favorite food you’ve wanted to eat.

Regardless of what your choice of food would be, you can never be disappointed coming to this lovely place.

The entire ambiance is so welcoming and their food is absolute with the right and adequate ingredients.

Once you make an order of what you would love to eat, within a twinkle of an eye, it is all set!

And the most impressive aspect of their dishes is that foods are relatively affordable.

Unlike what is obtainable elsewhere, you get the best food to fill your stomach without having to pay a huge amount of money.

Except you are on a quick trip to Missoula, you really can’t do away without eating and this location is the best place when it comes to serving visitors food.

Any day you are in Missoula, make this wonderful place your topmost restaurant to check out!

Address: 147 W Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59802, United States.

30. Apricot Lane Boutique

Apricot Lane Boutique in Missoula

Image Credits: Apricot Lane Boutique

Getting some fine dresses while in Missoula might be one of the best gifts you will take home.

Apricot Lane Boutique is an award-winning boutique in Missoula, Montana that sells incredibly fine dresses.

Although, they don’t sell men’s clothes except for women’s wear.

Their offering covers a modern take on casual wear, dressy fashions, and plenty of accessories.

As a man who is in Missoula without the presence of your couple, you would make it up to her by getting some of their available fine dresses.

If you are less certain of which of the beautiful dresses to opt for, that wouldn’t be a problem!

The will allow the sample attendant to show you what it will look like and that would greatly aid your selection.

Overall, Apricot Lane Boutique is really an amazing place worth the cost if you are in Missoula.

Ensure you include this wonderful place in your list of itineraries while planning a trip to this city!

Address: 2901 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801, United States.

Final Remarks

Missoula has tons of exciting places a visitor can visit.

It is also a tourist attraction city with so many fun activities available in sight.

Whether it is historic places, tasty wines, arts, or nature, this city wouldn’t disappoint your expectations!

The list of the fun things available in this lovely city is just so unlimited.

If you would come to Missoula, make use of our recommendations to make out your itinerary while planning a visit here.

Meanwhile, be sure you enjoy the stunning of this lovely and beautiful city of Montana!

Happy Travels.