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31 Unique & Fun Things to Do in Columbus (Ohio)

Columbus is the most populous city and the state capital of Ohio.

According to the reports from the 2020 census, this city has about 905,748 population making it the 14th-most populous city in the United States.

Besides, it’s wildly known as a tourist paradise due to its numerous fantastic attractions.

If you’re craving an epic vacation experience like never before, Columbus is apparently going to give you a worthwhile vibe.

So, sit back, and read through our best picks for the 31 beautiful destinations that will be worth your time when you are in the city.

Things to Do in Columbus, Ohio

1. Franklin Park Conservatory And Botanical Gardens Of Columbus

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Columbus

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Looking deep into nature helps humans understand life better!

If you care to explore a nature-rich attraction when you’re in Columbus, the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offers lots of impressive things that will be worth your time.

Essentially, this attraction is an educational and horticultural destination in Columbus. It showcases exotic plant collections and special exhibitions.

This destination has over 400 plant species and a series of biomes representing global climate zones. They include; the Himalayan Mountains, the Desert & Pacific Island Water Garden, and the Tropical Rainforest.

Also, the plant collections include a beautiful Bonsai Courtyard, orchids, and lots of tropical bonsai.

In fact, other than its relevance as a natural landscape in Columbus, this favorite spot also presents lots of Dale Chihuly glass sculptures and beautiful works.

Even if you’re a cultural enthusiast craving a relaxing and fun spot to enjoy an hour or two, catching a cultural presentation here will surely be worth it.

Little wonder this engaging destination gained prominence on the United States National Register of Historic Destinations as one of the most delightful areas in America.

Despite this worthwhile recognition, it only cost $19 to have a full day of adventure.

Address: 1777 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43203, United States

2. Easton Town Center, Columbus

Easton Town Center, Columbus

Easton Town

If what interest you is to explore an attraction where you’ll have so many fun things to explore, think no further; the Easton Town Center is obviously for you!

This location is Midwest’s premier shopping destination that has been operating since 1999.

Beyond its shopping opportunities, this favorite spot features lots of restaurants, making it an ideal dining spot for smaller or larger groups.

Its load of exciting entertaining activities, including its indoor casino and classical movie shows, is also a big draw that preserves the relevance of this spot since its establishment.

How about its children’s play area with lots of playing amenities? Obviously, this attraction of Columbus offers something fun to all categories of travelers.

Most Impressively, as distinct from what’s obtainable elsewhere, this delightful terrain is accessible on all days of the week.

Wherever you are in Ohio, it’ll surely be worth a drive to this attraction!

Address: 160 Easton Town Ctr, Columbus, OH 43219, United States

3. COSI Center Of Science And Industry

COSI Center of Science and Industry, Columbus

COSI Center of Science and Industry

Being one of the best science museums in Ohio, the COSI Center strives to inspire, transform, and engage travelers of various interests through its series of programs and exhibits.

It’s a worthwhile area that was opened to the public in 1964, and until 1999 when it was moved to its present location, it used to be on the eastern side of Ohio.

Other than the over 300 interactive exhibits that await your arrival in this 320,000-square-foot attraction, there are also research rooms, and its themed exhibition area is a must to check out during your visitation.

In fact, its 21st Century Lab displays lots of exhibits that will exceed your expectations.

Not surprisingly, this insightful destination has engaged over 30 million unique tourists through its various on-site exhibits and outreach programs.

Amazingly, the cost of admission here is relatively low. On average, only $25 is payable which is quite encouraging.

Address: 333 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

4. German Village, Columbus

German Village

German Village

Situated in the southern part of Ohio, the German Village is one of the most idyllic spots in Columbus.

This neighborhood was built by German immigrants hundreds of years ago.

It offers lots of area astonishing structures, including brick shops and restaurants.

Whether you’ll be in Columbus for a short visit or a holiday trip, this historic charm offers amazing tweaks side by side, and it’ll be well worth your time.

Besides, a handful of local businesses include coffee vendors, delicious pastries, and an outdoor theater.

Most Impressively, various offerings available here are inexpensive, and the locals on site are friendly as well.

If you can, find space to accommodate this charming destination in your itinerary. That will surely suffice!

Address: 631 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43206, Columbus City, United States

5. The North Market Farmer’s Market

North Market Farmer's Market, Columbus

North Market Farmer’s Market

The North Market Farmer’s Market is an appropriate spot for awesome Columbus handicraft items and flavorful ice cream with original Ohio souvenirs.

Since 145 years of its existence, this vibrant market has been one of the top reasons why this city of Ohio is highly trafficked.

Unlike other Farmer’s markets in America that are only accessible on a Saturday, this open space destination s accessible on all weekdays.

Not just that, the various vendors are exceptionally friendly, and each of them would ensure that every tourist on site feels at home while enjoying the best Columbus offerings at a low price.

Even at that, there are lots of parking spaces, and its series of cultural presentations are a good draw that preserves its relevance.

In fact, if you derive so much pleasure from casinos, you wouldn’t be wrong visiting this place!

Meanwhile, remember that this attraction isn’t wheelchair accessible and pets are not permissible.

Address: 59 Spruce St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

6. The Ohio Stadium At Columbus

Ohio Stadium, Columbus

Ohio Stadium

In contradiction to other attractions herein, the Ohio Stadium is for sports enthusiasts.

Essentially, this engaging arena is an American football stadium that features lots of football activities.

Commonly referred to as “The Shoe,” “The Horseshoe,” or “The House That Harley Built,” this 1922 establishment doesn’t only serve as a venue that showcases lots of football matches. Still, it also boasts a large field where you can comfortably engage yourself in some sporting activities.

Not just that, you’re also confident of enjoying a series of Ohio State University’s cultural shows and concerts during your visit.

Little wonder this complex has been recognized as one of the most iconic sporting facilities in the United States since 22nd of March, 1974.

If you are in Ohio, plan ahead to spend a day here.

Address: 411 Woody Hayes Dr, Columbus, OH 43210, United States

Do you want to explore something more thrilling in Ohio? If yes, be sure to check our list of best attractions in Elyria , Cincinnati, and Akron!

7. Ohio Theater

The Ohio Theater, Columbus

The Ohio Theater

When it comes to classical shows and series of interesting concerts, you will be on the right path visiting the Ohio Theater.

This non-profit destination is a 2,791 sitting capacity established on 17th of March, 1928.

Aside from its over 200 performing arts shows annually, this location allows travelers to engage in well-guided tours.

Beyond that impressive attribute, the seating area is well-manned out. There’s also a large screen all over this attraction, making it an outstanding, fun location.

It doesn’t end there; you can get some wines from various vendors on-site during the intermission period.

Definitely, this theater will be worth a drive from anywhere in Ohio!

Address: 39 E State St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

8. Columbus Short North Arts District

Short North Arts District

Short North Arts District

The Short North Arts District is another entertaining neighborhood in downtown Columbus.

However, in contradiction to what’s obtainable at the German Village earlier recommended, this area is a culture-rich spot that is filled with contemporary galleries and a performing art studio that features boundary-pushing exhibitions.

Besides, this area boasts many restaurants and coffee stations, making its ice cream joint an impressive attraction worth exploring.

Whether it’s your first time in Columbus or not, this historic landmark will give you the right vibe that’ll bring a memorable vacation experience for you.

Most encouraging, every local on-site is accommodating!

Address: Short North Arts District, Columbus, OH, United States

9. The Shadowbox Live Of Columbus

Shadowbox Live, Columbus

Shadowbox Live

According to research, you tend to live longer when you have a good dose of laughter.

So, will you love to explore an attraction that’ll give you reasons to laugh when next you’re in Columbus?

If you will, then be sure to check out the Shadowbox Live!

With its series of sketch comedies, you wouldn’t only have all moments of laughter but also find its presentations highly insightful.

In fact, beyond its series of comedies by various friendly actors, this beautiful spot also prides itself as one of Columbus’s beautiful musical concerts.

The best part is that, inside this landmark, there’s a large Cafe with impressive dishes. Similarly to that, its beautiful picnic tables make it a worthwhile place for afternoon enjoyment.

It costs as low as $10 to have all moments to yourself here, which is great!

Address: 503 S Front St #260, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

10. Ohio’s Nationwide Arena

Nationwide Arena, Columbus

Nationwide Arena

The Nationwide Arena of Columbus is a multi-purpose complex in Columbus, Ohio.

Since its completion in 2000, this arena has been serving as the home stadium to the National Hockey League of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Alongside ‘Greater Columbus Convention Place,’ this destination has hosted a series of hockey completions in Columbus.

If you’re a sports enthusiast coming to this beautiful city and not visiting Ohio Stadium, this lovely site is a worthwhile alternative.

Just as you’d appreciate, aside from its hockey facilities, this complex also has a well-equipped basketball venue and a large concert hall.

Supposedly, hockey isn’t your favorite activity; you can catch a show at the concert hall or get yourself engaged at the basketball court.

Address: 200 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

11. Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum, Columbus

Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum, Columbus

Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum

The Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum is a non-governmental initiative situated at Kossuth Street in the eastern part of Columbus.

It’s a museum that collects and exhibits various monuments relating to American automobile history.

Unlike other insightful places, this museum is accessible to locals and tourists alike on all days of the week, and it requires zero admittance free.

Although the museum doesn’t provide guided tours, neither are there restaurants on site.

Nevertheless, plan to come before 12:00 In the afternoon so that you can schedule your ‘self-guided exploration’ and, if possible, endeavor to come with some snacks and a bottle of water.

A worthwhile attribute that’ll make you enjoy your voyage to this attraction is that Steve, who is the owner, is always open to sharing interesting history, which will make you feel so comfortable.

Even for the little ones, many toy games will keep them active if they’ll be here with you.

If you’re craving a free, family-friendly attraction during your forthcoming vacation, worry not, this is definitely for you!

Address: 476 E Kossuth St, Columbus, OH 43206, United States

12. Columbus Park Of Roses

Park of Roses, Columbus

Park of Roses

Equally known to the locals as “Whetstone Park,” the Columbus Park of Roses is a combination of a park and a rose garden in Ohio.

It’s a beautiful 13-acre park located in the Clintonville neighborhood in Columbus.

If you’re a nature lover keen to enjoy every time spent in Ohio, find time to check out this beautiful place, and you’ll definitely feel glad stopping by!

Part of the beautiful things here includes over 11,000 total roses that feature more than 350 different types of species.

In addition to the floral displays, this place has a picnic space, walkable trails, a forest, and a shelter house where cultural activities occur.

Notwithstanding these unique offerings, there’s no entrance fee payable by any tourist. Similar to that, it’s always accessible from morning to dusk!

Address: 3901 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214, United States

13. The Ohio Expo Center & State Fair

Ohio Expo Center & State Fair

Ohio Expo Center & State Fair

The Ohio Expo Center has been consistently acknowledged as the most unique and dynamic event venue in Columbus.

Of course, this is because, aside from merely cultural presentations and many social events that are available in other places, this location prides itself as one of the few places where tourists can enjoy traditional and historic presentations.

Hence, this attraction doesn’t only feature social events but equally historical and cultural activities as well.

In fact, this attraction which sits on 360 acres in the heart of Columbus, also has on-site parking for about 14,000 vehicles.

If you are in this flexible but accommodating location, take note that, with the exception of Sundays, it’s open for tourism on all other days!

Address: 717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211, United States

14. The Otherworld, Columbus

Otherworld, Columbus


Still looking for something engaging that’ll be worth your time in Columbus?

If that’s the case, the Otherworld will be a great option for you.

Basically, this great place features lots of interactive puzzles, a plethora of immersive rooms & beautiful digitally augmented works of art.

A visit here will give every explorer a richer and more unique vacation experience because you’ll not only be able to explore the surreal world of science fiction but equally that of apparently great fantasy.

Although the aggregate period of the tour takes about ninety minutes at an incredible fee of $25 per person.

Nevertheless, the little minute spent here will be like a lifetime exploration because it’s always addictive!

Address: 5819 Chantry Dr, Columbus, OH 43232, United States

15. Ohio History Center At Columbus

Ohio History Center, Columbus

Ohio History Center

Those who lived without the knowledge of the past are definitely myopic about what the future holds!

Agreeably, the knowledge of history allows mankind to realize the early inhabitants’ mistakes, challenges, and the ravaging situations that confronted them.

In tandem with that, are you willing to learn about the history of this city in Ohio?

If you’d like, this location features a larger proportion of exhibits that’ll bring this history to life!

These exhibits come in the form of relics, monographs, monuments, and video documentation, and they are all labeled.

Hence, you’ll have an easy endeavor navigating through the numerous exhibits that await your arrival here.

In fact, if you experience any challenges relating to interpreting any of these exhibits, there are knowledgeable historians here that’ll ensure instantaneous clarification.

Despite that uniqueness, only $16 is payable by adults, while children and senior citizens are paid just $14.

Address: 800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211, United States

16. The Schiller Park

Schiller Park, Columbus

Schiller Park

Originally known as Stewart’s Grove by the early inhabitants until it was renamed in 1891 after Friedrich Von Schiller, a famous German poet, Schiller Park is a delightful attraction that offers something fun, engaging, and entertaining to all categories of tourists.

Being the second largest park in Columbus after Goodale Park, this area features picnicking site, playground, and a well-equipped pond.

Besides, Gazebo, floral displays, and Campground are worth your time during your visit here.

In fact, if you’re a lover of sports and desiring a suitable location in your city, Schiller Park’s basketball court, campsite, and tennis court will give you an unquantifiable vacation vibe.

Not just that, its walking trails are a paradise on earth for every outdoor enthusiast craving hiking or bicycling.

It’s not so surprising this attraction receives thousands of travelers annually! Truly, you can’t be short of the best things to explore here!

Address: 1069 Jaeger St, Columbus, OH 43206, United States

17. The Escape Room USA – Columbus

Escape Room USA - Columbus

Escape Room USA – Columbus

If you want a great place to enjoy quality moments with your friends, coworkers, or family, this location will fits-in your itinerary!

The Escape Room USA – Columbus is an escape house in Columbus where puzzles are presented.

You’ll have 60 minutes to discover this puzzle, and the clues presented.

What makes this more engaging is that these puzzles are presented in an immersive themed room as against what’s obtainable in traditional puzzle arenas.

Although, due to the background and atmosphere of the room, it may be somewhat scary. However, it’s always a game you’ll appreciate after getting your way out of the room.

If you have what it takes to be a puzzle champion, don’t hesitate to prioritize this site in your travel plan!

Address: 459 N High St Suite 2, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

18. The Museum Of Catholic Art And History

Museum of Catholic Art and History, Columbus

Museum of Catholic Art and History

Previously known as the ‘Jubilee Museum and Catholic Cultural Center,’ the Museum of Catholic Art and History is a museum in Columbus with many Catholic relics and creative arts.

Although established as far back as 1988, it was not until the end of 2021 that this museum was closed due to administrative issues.

Today, it’s one of the most explored museums in Ohio by people who crave to expand their horizons by learning more about ancient Catholic doctrines.

Among the numerous exhibits that make this museum highly trafficked include ‘chalice holding an amethyst’ and ‘a pearl,’ ‘the statue of the Christ Child that was of devotional importance to Mother Angelica,’ among several others.

Whether your next vacation to Columbus falls during the hot or spring, find time to navigate through the exhibits here. It will definitely aid in expanding your understanding of Christendom!

Address: 257 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

19. Topiary Garden At Columbus

Topiary Garden, Columbus

Topiary Garden

The Topiary Garden is a 9.2-acre park and garden in the discovery district of Columbus, Ohio.

Its main area is designed to recognize the most distinctive figures from the 1884 paintings of Georges Seurat, while its garden is filled with lots of roses and flowers of various species.

Aside from that, this lovely attraction features topiaries of 54 people and about eight boats and hosts over 210 trees.

In fact, this beautiful park also features jazz concerts, and there is a comfortable parking space on site.

Most remarkably, this park is accessible on all days of the week, and the cost of admittance isn’t high.

Address: 480 E Town St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

20. Columbus Central Ohio Fire Museum

Central Ohio Fire Museum, Columbus

Central Ohio Fire Museum

The Central Ohio Fire Museum is another historic site in Columbus offering exhibits that provide adequate insight into the firefighting history & fire safety education.

It’s the only museum in Ohio that pays tribute to our firefighter’s present, past, and future.

Through its larger amount of collections that include hand-drawn and motorized fire apparatus, you’ll be able to retrace the steps and activities of firefighters and learn about their usual daily lives in the engine house.

All tourists on visitation are equally offered the opportunity to participate in fire safety education which is always insightful.

If you want to do something unusual but engaging during your vacation to Columbus, try to create time in your itinerary to accommodate this beautiful site!

With the exception of Sundays and Mondays, this educational arena is accessible all days of the week between 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Address: 260 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

21. The Polaris Fashion Place

Polaris Fashion Place

Polaris Fashion Place

The Polaris Fashion Place is a beautiful two-level shopping mall in Columbus, Ohio.

It is located along Polaris Parkway and is owned by Washington Prime Group.

This beautiful shopping complex features over four anchor stores, including JCPenney, Saks Fifth Avenue, Von Maur, Macy’s, and a combination of Dick’s Sporting Goods/Public Lands and several outdoor promenades which include; Dave & Buster’s, Forever 21, among several others.

For the past 21 years of its existence, this shopping arena has been a favorite stop for visitors who want the best-baked items, bread, home utensils, and kids’ toys.

In fact, the two restaurants here serve scrumptious meals at low prices.

Even if you’re a movie lover, its show zone features many interesting movie presentations that’ll surely be worth your time.

Despite that, the entire staff that works here is also courteous, and their willingness to answer travelers’ questions is second to none.

If you crave some nice Ohio charm, don’t be hesitant to check out this fantastic mall when you’re in town, you’ll surely get your basket filled without having to spend much!

Address: 1500 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240, United States

Planning to explore more fun cities in Ohio? If you do, Sandusky, Toledo, and Dayton are also fun places to be!

22. Columbus Hollywood Casino Columbus

Hollywood Casino Columbus

Hollywood Casino Columbus

The Hollywood Casino Columbus is the only Vegas-style casino spot in Ohio with unparalleled amenities.

It is owned by Gaming and Leisure Properties but under the strict management of Penn Entertainment.

If you’re a gaming type, this casino complex offers many gaming machines devoid of manipulations.

When you play a game here, there’s always a high probability that you’ll go home with lots of rewards.

Aside from their outstanding gaming facilities, this favorite fun area also boasts a beautiful large dining zone and many picnic tables.

Although, it is necessary to state that the casino facility here is only accessible to travelers of 21 years and above.

Nonetheless, other visitors on site, they’re free to access other amenities here.

Address: 200 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228, United States

23. The Schottenstein Center At Columbus

Schottenstein Center, Columbus

Schottenstein Center

Also known to people from Ohio as the ‘Value City Arena,’ the Schottenstein Center is an all-inclusive attraction in Columbus.

Located on the Ohio State University campus, this 1998 establishment is the home stadium of the Ohio State men’s and women’s basketball teams.

It’s a delightful location where every basketball lover will surely have a memorable endeavor.

From its local competitions to its series of international competitions, you can’t be short of the best vacation experience here.

Most importantly, in contradiction to what you might have experienced elsewhere, this 18,809-seating capacity complex has lots of parking spaces, and there are considerably large amounts of food vendors on site.

Even at that, the seating area is comfortable, with reasonable space between them. Obviously, you can’t be disappointed if you’re here!

Address: 555 Borror Dr, Columbus, OH 43210, United States

24. Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, Columbus

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is an educational institute that provides adequate information on American cartoons and comic arts.

It’s named after the Ohio cartoonist Billy Ireland, and it’s another top establishment that works in affiliation with the Ohio State University.

What makes this location unique from what’s obtainable in other traditional museums is that it holds the world’s most comprehensive academic research facilities that show the real comic stripes and cotton arts.

Besides, this giant museum also contains over 12,000 artworks by Caniff, more than 450 boxes of manuscript materials, over 85 boxes of memorabilia fan letters, and several other monographs.

It doesn’t end there; as the museum’s collection of manuscripts expanded, it added the Nick Anderson Collection and several other worthwhile collections from prominent people, including Jim Borgman, Eldon Dedini, Edwina Dumm, and several others.

With much certainty, you’ll find this place highly insightful. A must check if you’re in Columbus!

Address: 1813 N High St, Columbus, OH 43210, United States

25. The National Veterans Memorial and Museum

National Veterans Memorial and Museum, Columbus

National Veterans Memorial and Museum

Only a single Museum in the United States pays tribute to every veteran – from different branches of service cutting across all eras, and that’s the National Veterans Memorial and Museum!

This destination presents various exhibits that are designed to give every history buff in Ohio an empirical experience of the sacrifice made by these noblemen.

Whether you’re a native American or not, this beautiful spot offers something that’s too insightful to be ignored.

The various artifacts here, combined with the narrative from tour guides, will take you through an educative journey reflecting the Veterans’ activities in this country.

Besides, this is free admission. So, you’re going to enjoy all these with zero dollars!

Nevertheless, note that except on Tuesdays when tourism isn’t allowed here, this museum is always in operation between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM on other weekdays.

Address: 300 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

26. World’s Largest Gavel, Columbus

World's Largest Gavel

World’s Largest Gavel

Coming to this world’s largest gavel during the summertime has been an eye-opening adventure for several tourists.

This structure is a masterpiece of metal, and it’s one the most pertinent and impressive pieces of art in this Columbus that’ll give you a newer vacation experience.

It’s not so surprising this attraction has been referred to severally as the ‘Oddities of Columbus.’

Although, there isn’t much to see here than this impressive piece of art. Nonetheless, it’s so flabbergasting to see a metal of this size!

So, if you’ll be in Columbus, why not stop by to check out this piece of art? Surely, it will be worth it for the 20 minutes you’ll spend here.

Beautifully, this is a free attraction as well. So, you’re confident of spending nothing while enjoying the best!

Address: 65 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

27. The Historic Crew Stadium

Historic Crew Stadium, Columbus

Historic Crew Stadium

Initially referred to as ‘Columbus Crew Stadium’ and later as ‘Mapfre Stadium,’ the Historic Crew Stadium is another notable destination filled with many engaging activities.

Although unlike other stadiums herein, this historic location is a soccer-specific attraction that features many major league soccer competitions.

Historic Crew Stadium is equally the venue for various professional and amateur soccer, lacrosse, American football, and rugby events.

Not just that, this attraction is also a regular destination for lots of outdoor concerts.

In fact, the various fun and engaging activities by the Ohio High School Athletic Association will, in no small measure, make your stay here a memorable one.

If you’re a sports lover, be sure to spend four hours or more here. It would be engaging and entertaining!

Address: One Black and Gold Blvd, Columbus, OH 43211, United States

28. Columbus Commons

Columbus Commons

Columbus Commons

Regarding fun, Columbus Commons is a paradise for the kids!

The Columbus Commons is a 6-acre fun site situated located along the former Columbus City Center mall.

This park features a performance stage, gardens, a carousel, two food service buildings, and an interactive playground with lots of modern playing equipment.

It only costs $14 per kid, and a $5 parking fee is chargeable against any visitor that comes with their vehicle.

The most remarkable attribute of this place is that, while your kids would be out to play and enjoy their time, this awesome area features lots of engaging exhibits for the adults.

Even if you’re a wine lover, you’ll have the best of that to yourself here while your kids enjoy their quiet moments. Evidently, there’s something engaging and pleasurable for everyone here.

Be meticulous enough to come with your kids to this beautiful attraction when next you’re in downtown Columbus!

Address: 160 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

29. Columbus Heritage Square Antique Mall

Heritage Square Antique Mall, Columbus

Heritage Square Antique Mall

The Heritage Square Antique Mall is the largest antique store in Central Ohio.

From its vintage to its retro antique collections, this 53000 square feet destination is a great deal for every antique lover.

Whether you plan to come to Columbus during the winter or summer, this beautiful place wouldn’t give you less of what will create an enjoyable adventure.

Aside from the uniqueness of these collections, the various vendors under this roof are friendly.

Besides, there are free parking spaces, and these various collectibles are fairly priced.

The Heritage Square Antique Mall opens every day between 10:00 in the morning through late evening.

Address: 1865 Channingway Center Dr, Columbus, OH 43232, United States

30. Olentangy Bike Path

Olentangy Bike Path

Olentangy Bike Path

The Olentangy Bike Path offers a seamless route for every outdoor enthusiast desiring a lovely spot for hiking.

Running through Worthington to downtown Columbus, this paved trail winds through lots of neighborhoods in Ohio, making it an adventure where you wouldn’t only enjoy your activity and equally have the opportunity to see a series of mountains and hills.

If you’re still unsure of where to head for an evening adventure, this place is for you!

Most admirably, this is free to engage in, and the entire area is paved! Don’t miss out on Olentangy Bike Path from your itinerary.

Address: Olentangy Trail, Columbus, OH 43210, United States

31. Jack Nicklaus Museum

Jack Nicklaus Museum

Jack Nicklaus Museum

The Jack Nicklaus Museum is the only museum in the United States that features exhibits honoring Jack Nicklaus, a championship golfer.

You must stop by the attraction if you are a fan.

The exhibits will reflect facts about his career and present evidence of his entire lifestyle.

Amazingly, there are tour guides on site, and there are also restaurants with nice menu options.

Take note that this museum is always open from Tuesday – Saturday.

Address: 2355 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43210, United States

Final Remarks

Now that you have seen how enjoyable your journey to Columbus will be, when will your trip be?

It is sure you will enjoy yourself to the fullest whenever it is, as the city is filled with many things to do.

Meanwhile, do not forget to use the recommendations above to make your plans.

I wish you a safe and joyous vacation in advance!