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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Jerome (Arizona)

Finding somewhere that offers you exclusive rights to enjoyment and relaxation can be difficult, but not with Jerome.

This old mining town and spooky wild west region in Arizona is one of the most famous visitor attractions.

With hammers and strange occurrences at the Haunted Hamburgers, down to an escaping jailhouse, there’s so much about Jerome to keep you on your toes.

Want to experience all the wonders Jerome holds?

Use our list of the best and most fun things to do in Jerome and roam this fun spot.

Things To Do In Jerome, Arizona 

1. Wander around the Gold King Mine Museum and Ghost Town

Things to do in Jerome

John Thompson / Flickr

Jerome is quite popular due to its teeming number of ghost towns.

Visits to Jerome without a full tour can be delusional, however, this place isn’t a ghost town.

Even though it isn’t one, it is one of the few places in Jerome where you get to see some obsolete equipment.

The Gold King Mine Museum and Ghost Town is a funky stop with decaying structures, an ancient mine, and a sizable collection of vintage cars and trucks.

This quaint location on Perkinsville Road is one of the biggest side attractions you’ll find in Jerome and can easily be covered by taking a stroll around.

At this location in the city, you’ll find antique buildings and old mine shafts.

However, this isn’t the only thing that will strike your interest in this place.

Visitors can explore a mini open-air museum that offers access to a few household livestock.

Rabbits, chickens, and goats are all on display and if you’re going with children, it is quite an engaging process.

Yes, you can travel back in time with your family and to the Gold King Mine’s environs, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

Address: 1000 Perkinsville Rd, Jerome, AZ 86331, United States 

2. Go on Jerome Ghost Town Tours

Things to do in Jerome

John Hardison / Flickr

Oftentimes learning about the spooky aspect of Jerome may turn out to be the best part of the journey.

Going on Ghost Town Tours are very easy ways to see the spooky side of the city and explore it.

Visit Jerome’s eerie side on an educational ghost tour.

Look for ghosts and go to places that only the locals know about.

Visitors can come on board the Ghost Town Tours haunted shuttle for the spookiest of tours and hear the spookiest tales about Jerome’s most terrible inhabitants.

You’ll likewise get to explore the intriguing past and mysteries of this captivating town.

If you truly want to explore the biggest ghost town in America, take one of these haunted or historical excursions.

Take the Main Street Ghost Adventure if you’re up to the task. After that, explore Spirit Walk.

Then, go on a haunting walking tour and learn more about Jerome’s sinister side.

After all, quite often truth is weirder than fiction, and experiencing it firsthand cannot be so bad.

Add to the itinerary of things to do in spooky Jerome.

Address: 403 North Clark Street, Suite A-2, Jerome, AZ, United States

3. Bobby D’s BBQ

Things to do in Jerome

Burgers at Bobby D’s BBQ

All this touring is bound to cause a strain on your appetite.

In addition to Jerome having one of the top culinary skills, you should try out a meal, especially at Bobby D’s BBQ.

This little restaurant offers a relaxing porch and picnic tables that serve sandwiches and homestyle BBQ meals.

It is the oldest continuously functioning dining establishment in the state of Arizona, locally owned and a run true smokehouse-style restaurant.

Here visitors can try casual diners, BBQ fans, and food connoisseurs with discerning tastes.

If you’re looking for varieties of home-cooked meals crafted using premium ingredients, you can count on this eatery to deliver.

For a start, try whole cuts of premium meats, fresh vegetables, spices, and herbs made using special recipes.

After that, try out their ribs, sausage, chicken, brisket, pig, and other foods directly from the smoker.

An attempt here may even entice a vegan, you have to try it out.

Address: 119 East Jerome Avenue, Jerome, AZ, United States

4. Explore the Jerome State Historic Park

Things to do in Jerome

Tom Margie / Flickr

Exploring Jerome can only be more fun if you know the best spits in the city to add to your itinerary.

Even if you’d find a handful of attraction spots to explore in the city, there’s no way a trip to the Jerome State Historic Park should be left out.

The Jerome State Historic Park is a prominent spot in the city and is a must-see, especially if you want to scour the remains and history of this remarkable city.

Popular mining entrepreneur James S. Douglas constructed the Douglas Mansion in Jerome in 1916.

After thinking about a specific spot to build this gigantic edifice, he got an idea on the hilltop above his Little Daisy Mine, he set up this park.

Since then, this gigantic park has become a prominent landmark. 

In addition to the park, his former residence is now a museum devoted to the history of the Douglas family and the Jerome neighborhood. 

Visitors touring Jerome can now visit this park to see a 3-D model of the city.

You’ll find a movie presentation, a 3-D model of the town with its subterranean mines, images, relics, and several minerals. 

If you get tired of looking through these collections at any time, then you can head on outside.

Outside, there are more exhibits at very picturesque points, highly serene too.

Stroll through its path after looking through collections.

There’s a picnic spot with a stunning vista of the Verde Valley.

Don’t miss out on the chance to visit one of Jerome’s historic spots.

Address: 100 Douglas Road, Jerome, AZ, States 

5. Explore the Liberty Theater

Things to do in Jerome

Keith Ewing / Flickr

The 480-seat Liberty Theater is a very fascinating antique theater in the old mining town of Jerome.

It first opened its doors in 1918. However, due to the widespread flu outbreak, its opening was postponed by almost a year.

Stories have it that the owner did not want to spend money on sound equipment, so the theater closed around 1930.

Several years later, the auditorium portion served as a kind of time capsule.

Up until recently, the foyer and the front portion of the building were renovated, leased out, and used as a cafe, bar, and chamber of commerce.

In addition, it was renovated once more into an antique shop.

It wasn’t until 1965 that the Robert Morton pipe organ was taken out of the auditorium and put in a Phoenix Lutheran church.

However, the lack of musical instruments was slowly killing it, so famous silent theater organist Gaylord Carter brought in an electronic organ and played for silent films multiple times during the historic home tour days.

The current owner bought the building around two years ago and is also operating an antique store but has renovated the balcony area and screens films on a periodic basis.

Presently, only the balcony has been opened, and as such, visitors can visit for screening purposes.

There isn’t much theatrical performance to keep you in awe, so don’t expect much from it.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t stop you from exploring this theater.

Wait behind to catch a performance on their balcony.

After a movie, explore their gift shop and pick a couple of items yourself.

Address: 110 Jerome Avenue, Jerome, AZ, United States.

6. Tour the Jerome Historical Society Mine Museum

Things to do in Jerome

Steve Minor / Flickr

Anyone who hasn’t heard about Jerome’s mining tales must be a newbie.

This intriguing, former mining spot was quite remarkable and left a lot of traces.

One of those places is the Jerome Historical Society and Mine Museum.

Near the Spirit Room and Connor Hotel is where you’ll find the Mine Museum and Mine Museum Gift Shop.

Early in the 1950s, the Museum and Gift Shop was set up to relay tales of the mining period.

Like most historic places talking about the mining period, visitors will find items like old mining equipment and vestiges of gambling in saloons.

Inclusive amongst its offerings are exhibits tracing the history of Jerome from its beginnings to the present. 

There are also displays of Jerome’s Chinese population and the city’s diverse ethnic population.

The list goes on and on. From Italians, Slavs, Mexicans, Irish, and Russians, you’ll find all exhibits.

However, the museum is transitioning from showcasing mining alone to highlighting the individuals who made Jerome what it is. 

Among the several artifacts you’ll find there, there are some highlights you shouldn’t forego.

One is the Colt pistol Marshal Johnny Hudgens used to shoot three vigilantes on Main Street in Jerome.

If you look further into the museum’s collection, you’ll find drills, cages, carbide lamps, hand-forged miners’ candlesticks, underground “potty cars,” and even ore carts. 

There’s even an original Jerome Chinese washing machine, a number of panoramic pictures of the town’s miners and smelters, and several household items like Jerome milk bottles, dishes, tokens, club memberships, and medallions.

After looking through the number of collections on display, make a stop at the Gift Shop.

Visitors will find different items and keepsakes available in the Mine Museum Gift Shop. 

Tour the gift shop and pick out souvenirs to take home.

Address: 200 Main Street, Jerome, AZ, United States 

7. Check out the Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes

Things To Do In Jerome

Jeremy Thompson / Flickr

The Nellie Bly Kaleidoscope is a distinctive shop with 90+ artists’ handcrafted kaleidoscopes, from simple to sophisticated.

In 1988, Nellie Bly, in Jerome, Arizona, opened its doors on Main Street.

This beautiful art gallery houses some of the finest kaleidoscopes made by skilled artists out of the finest wood, metal, and glass.

They are unlike anything you’ve ever handled or looked through.

Visitors to this store have the rare advantage of touching and fiddling with almost anything in the store, unlike other galleries.

You may easily transition from a Kaleidoscope fantasy to a Steampunk dream, thanks to its proximity to the Kaleidoscope gallery.

Take the liberty of looking through over 90 excellent kaleidoscope artists from around the world.

If you happen to be in Sedona or the Verde Valley, then take a quick drive to this quaint, historic town and look through these unique lenses.

Address: 136 Main Street, Jerome, AZ, United States

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8. Roam through the Audrey Headframe Park

Things To Do In Jerome

Thomas Humphrey Williams / Flickr

Even though it seems that most of the big-shot attractions you’ll find in Jerome are museums, maybe because of its significant mining history, they can be a lot of fun to explore.

The Audrey Shaft Headframe Park, which is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm, is just next to Jerome State Historical Park. 

Visitors to this park have the opportunity to stand on glass atop a 1,900-foot shaft at the Headframe Park. 

This gorgeous edifice was finished in 1918 and is the largest wooden headframe that is still standing in Arizona. 

Particularly, The Audrey Headframe was named after the adopted daughter of the mine superintendent. 

In 1918, during the intense mining season, the Audrey Headframe was constructed above the Little Daisy Mine.

It extends 1900 feet down and has shafts 650 feet higher than the Empire State Building’s tallest point.

Needless to say, you can’t miss the chance to see the oldest and largest still-standing wooden headframe in Arizona.

Literally, the headframe is bound to wow you, but it isn’t the only great thing you’ll find around while exploring this site.

You’ll find a three-pulley system that was used to hoist cargo cages with the said wooden timbers of the structure.

There’s also the Child’s-Irving Hydroelectric Power Plant, a small structure behind the Audrey Shaft.

Its original purpose was to generate electricity, which fed Jerome and was so effective that it was still in operation in 2004.

However, it was taken down recently due to environmental concerns. 

This doesn’t kill the fun in any way. It is still standing and is one of only two National Engineering Landmarks in the entire state of Arizona. 

Take a sneak peek at the generators or just try picnicking.

Address: 55 Douglas Road, Jerome, AZ, United States  

9. Go wine tasting at Caduceus Cellars

Things to do in Jerome

Lgremm / Wikimedia commons

A visit to wine cellars is a great way to know so much about Jerome for a start.

If what you want to explore is a tasty American winery, make a stop at the Caduceus Cellars.

The Caduceus Cellars is an American winery with brick walls featuring a gift shop, espresso drinks, and wine samples made locally.

This magnificent winery is owned by Maynard James Keenan, widely known as the lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning progressive metal band Tool. 

Probably, owning a winery runs in his veins since he is a winemaker’s descendant from Northern Italy and does a pretty good job at delivering quality.

Caduceus Cellars & Merkin Vineyards, located on the southeastern slopes of Jerome, produces wines mostly from Italian and Spanish varieties.

Visitors can either decide to tour the winery’s vineyard, which bears a different name, Merkin Vineyards after a pubic wig.

Or, explore or go for wine tasting at the winery named after the caduceus, an archaic sign for trade, and the staff of the Greek god Hermes, Merkin.

Annually, this winery produces about 4500 cases of wine in their little underground cement plant, The Bunker. 

Try red wines and white wines or even pick out a bottle for an event.

Besides, even if it isn’t the wine you want to experience, go ahead and enjoy the ambiance of its relaxed setting and spend a moment looking at souvenirs.

Address: 158 Main Street, Jerome, AZ, United States.

10. Visit the spooky Haunted Hamburger

Things to do in Jerome

Alyssa kotila / Haunted Hamburger

Have you heard of a haunted restaurant, if you find this haunted experience intriguing, then explore the Haunted Hamburger?

At this purportedly haunted location, the menu is dominated by burgers piled high with fixings.

You might be wondering how the Haunted Hamburger got its name.

When Michelle and Eric Jurisin bought the restaurant back in the beginning, it was abandoned.

People were easily scared away by ghosts which appear from the walls to watch and occasionally greet the visitors.

However, these ghosts had a different kind of pleasure, they enjoyed stealing tools, and their favorite was hammers.

At first, three hammers had vanished after the first two. After finding out their nature, these hammers started to emerge.

All appeared in the most obvious locations and then it worsened to suddenly turning on the hot water in the middle of the night and cans flying off of shelves.

Crazy right, but that’s all true. While you may try to bring your hammers to experience this, leave them at home.

Visitors can enjoy these Haunted Burgers in the dining room with the ceiling-mounted bookcase, on a breezy patio, or on the breathtaking back porch with a view of the Verde Valley and the San Francisco Peaks.

Grab a bite of these burgers when next you want a fill of this delicacy.

Address: 410 Clark Street, Jerome, AZ, United States

11. Grab a bottle of wine at The Original Jerome Winery

The Original Jerome Winery

Mollie Tichy / Flickr

The Original Jerome Winery is another must-see place in the city.

This serene place is a winery with gorgeous vistas, a friendly atmosphere, elevated light cuisine, and regular wine tastings.

You’ll find it in the historic caldera of Willcox. 

Here, visitors can put Arizona’s winemaking potential to the test and design the scorecard themselves. 

At the Original Jerome Winery, you’ll find the best collection of both classic grape varieties and novel, fascinating varieties cultivated only in this family’s vineyard. 

In 2001, John McLoughlin started the Dragoon Mountain Vineyard, with a firm belief that Arizona is the best-kept secret in the world.

To guarantee the essence and taste of all of his wines, he personally inspects every vine before it is planted on his property. 

A tour through this winery and vineyard will prove to you that wine-making isn’t just about the wine.

Basically, you’ll get to know that a true Vigneron understands his vines and carefully tends to each one over the course of many walks around the vineyard. 

Keep an eye out for some of the rare and specially made types of wines.

Be sure to grab a bottle of one of their best wines from exotic fruits.

Address: The Original Jerome Winery, 114 Jerome Ave, Jerome, AZ 86331, United States.

12. Chief Surgeon’s House

Chief Surgeon’s House

Chief Surgeon’s House

From its title, one may feel this is some sort of sophisticated Jerome surgery center.

However, this is not true about the Chief Surgeon’s House.

Although originally built for a chief surgeon, this elegant house is set high on a hilltop overlooking the Verde Valley and the mysterious Red Rock cliffs of Sedona, which is a comfort zone and inn.

You are not mistaken to imply that it truly is a home away from home.

The first thing you’ll find appealing about this location is its ponds and lush, tranquil grounds that surround it.

Literally, the majesty that emanates from the building itself is enough to make you love Jerome.

Besides, they also offer something to satisfy even the most discerning tastes, with four comfortable yet distinctive rooms.

There are several rooms and suites to explore and each comes with enough convenience.

If you are looking for an option that gives you much more privacy, be sure to check out The Chauffeur’s Quarters.

Not only is this cozy suite tucked away from the main house, but it also has a California King bed, a separate bathroom with a tub, and a shower.

There’s a refrigerator, skylights, and a private patio that comes with a private garden.

To wow you even more, it has a spacious rooftop garden that offers a calm, peaceful place to take in our famed red rock views.

Looking for convenience at its core?

Add this to your itinerary.

Address: 100 Hill Street, Jerome, AZ, United States

13. See Pottery at the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery

Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery

Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery

The Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is a vast art gallery in the Jerome Hotel for art & fine crafts.

This unique art gallery in Jerome’s quaint location showcases a vast collection of paintings and pottery by local artists.

In addition to their regular showcase of galas and auditions, the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery presents a three-member show underlining new work by artists who “step outside” in various ways. 

Spotlighting and complementing diversity in style and media, this show features contemporary work for contemporary tastes. 

Having been in the entertainment and art-producing business in a historic building in the middle of town since 1996, they are unapologetically one of the top treasures of Jerome. 

Its gallery features a wide variety of mediums, such as jewelry, paintings, textiles, crafts, pottery, and glass.

Visitors who tour this gallery have the opportunity to interact with about 35 local artists, each displaying their art and working shifts.  

Literally, everybody at the art gallery is an artist, so anytime you visit the gallery, ask about their work and check out some top art.

Every two months, there is a featured artist exhibition, with the opening night falling on the first Saturday of the month, the exact day of the Jerome Art Walk. 

Be sure to hang around for their art exhibition if you’re in Jerome at that time.

If scouring during the day is not enough or doesn’t do the trick, or you want to see the art in a different light, they also stay open late that night.

You’ll have your fill of live music, food, and even drinks. 

What’s keeping you from going? This is a rare opportunity to interact with excellent artists and implore into much of their works.

Address: 502 Main Street, Jerome, AZ, United States.

14. Eat out at the Grapes Restaurant & Bar

Grapes Restaurant & Bar

Debi Watson / Grapes Restaurant & Bar

If you have a knack for Italian cuisine, there are a few you’ll find delightful in Jerome.

The Grapes Restaurant & Bar is a quaint Italian eatery in a historic building with a heated valley-view patio & large wine list.

They offer a vast range of special delicacies and there are a lot of specials on their list you can explore.

For a start, try out their Baked Stuffed Portobello.

This delicacy consists of a giant mushroom drizzled with red wine, garlic, and olive oil. It doesn’t just end there, there are even artichokes and spinach, topped with mozzarella.

Then, move on to their special Seared Ahi Sashimi, a thin sliced seared ahi served with wasabi and ginger soy.

There’s just so much that this restaurant has to offer that you can’t get all on the description.

A visit and a bite here will clear all your doubts.

Make sure to stop by.

Address: 111 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331, United States

15. See art at Raku Gallery

Raku Gallery

Deb Mattingly / Raku Gallery

You can never be at a loss looking at several of Jerome’s captivating paintings and artistic prowess.

Galleries too are quite widespread in the city, making it a good artistic vacation spot.

For a unique kind of art exploit, make a stop at the Raku Gallery.

The Rake Gallery is a unique gallery of Jerome showing Southwestern artisans’ paintings, sculptures, jewelry, blown glass, and ceramics. 

It is a one-of-a-kind treasure showcasing artists for more than 30 years.

You’ll find this beautiful edifice in Jerome, Arizona, overlooking the breathtaking Verde Valley. 

Its title ‘Raku Gallery’ comes from the Zen translation of the word “raku,” which means comfort, pleasure, contentment, and happiness. 

Visitors to this gallery have a chance of seeing the works of more than 200 artists, mostly from the Southwest, represented by the gallery. 

There’s even a diverse collection of fine art and crafts, including paintings, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, and furniture, inside its roomy 2200 square feet. 

Spend a moment and a few minutes pondering on artworks and looking at beautiful pottery.

Literally, you ought to visit because if you do, you’re in for a feast for your senses.

Address: 250 Hull Avenue, Jerome, AZ, United States 

16. Sliding Jail, Jerome

The Sliding Jail

Pyrat Wesley / Flickr

Of all the laughable stocks you’ll find in Jerome, a jailhouse attempting to escape should be the most fun.

Well, while you may laugh about it, a jailhouse actually tried to escape.

The sliding jail is a must-see attraction site for tourists in Jerome.

And even though you’re quite popular with convicts trying to escape, for the first time a jailhouse attempted to join the list.

You’ll find a jailhouse on the run at Jerome, a Wild West ghost town. 

Take note that this Jerome jailhouse has moved more than 200 feet from its original location.

Presently, it is one of the main draws, with its structure falling down the mountainside.

While Jerome’s sliding jailhouse is an odd sight, the town itself is interesting to explore as a genuine Wild West ghost town. 

Formerly a concrete cell block attached to a bigger edifice, this jail tore apart as it made its escape downward. 

However, it isn’t the only structure of its kind that has moved from its initial position.

Over time, other structures in Jerome have also fallen into disrepair. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to check out this on-the-run jail. It’s simply fascinating.

Address: 310 Hull Avenue, Jerome, AZ, United States 

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17. View the Powder Box Church from a distance

Powder Box Church

Powder Box Church

The Powder Box Church is a little chapel situated on a hill along the winding road leading to the Douglas Mansion.

It is one of the main draws of Jerome, with its shape mirrors and its materials outstandingly boxy.

This local structure got its name from the structural components, which included wire mesh and plaster as well as abandoned wooden blasting powder or dynamite containers.

With structures including four corner towers with pyramidal roofs and a central projecting tower with a steeply pitched hipped roof embellishing a rectangular, two-story nave with a front-gable, shingle roof, this architectural piece stands out.

Formerly used by Mexican American miners, the church is now a privately owned residence.

Visitors can still take a tour around the church or admire its structure and even take pictures but cannot access the building.

Not being able to enter this building doesn’t give you the upper hand. You can still stare at the building from a distance and even take pictures.

There’s so much history and architectural wonder you don’t want to miss.

Address: 310 Hull Avenue, Jerome, AZ, United States.

18. Passion Cellars

Passion Cellars

Passion Cellars

Before you see the whole of Jerome, there is just one thing you’re bound to fall in love with.

Wines are quite peculiar, and Jerome has the knack for making theirs delightful.

Stop by Passion Cellars to have a sip of very tasty wines.

This family winery is one of the top wine-producing ventures in the state and is quite known for its expertise.

Here, visitors may taste and buy all kinds of wines specially made in their on-site tasting area, which also offers a wonderful view of the barrel room. 

There’s so much about the wines you’ll find here that is bound to give you the chills.

Be it red wines, white wines, roses, foreign and even locally made wines, you’ll find all on display, crushed with excellence.

However, these are not the only things you’ll get from this winery.

Along with the winery, tasting facility, and wine tasting, they also provide various services for Jerome and Wilcox.

Want to get your tongue wet on some tasty blend of flavors?

Go wine tasting at Passion Cellars.

Address: 301 Main Street, Jerome, AZ, United States 

19. The Asylum Restaurant, Jerome

The Asylum Restaurant

The Asylum Restaurant

Imagine eating out at a former lunatic residence.

Well yes, there is one and aside from the crazy part, they serve mouth-watering dishes.

Located in the historic edifice which once housed a notorious lunatic asylum, the Asylum Restaurant has a distinctly “spirited” aura. 

Its ghostly theme, which continues throughout the décor, gives it one of the most exceptional looks and defines it.

Like several other famous restaurants in Jerome, this one offers a small dining room with sensational views and an outdoor dining area. 

Most of the delicacies and meals you’ll find on its menu combine American and Southeaster fare.

While you’ll find well-prepared meals, delectable, they all come at cheap rates and are extremely affordable.

If you want much more besides eating, they have a great bar where you can try delicious craft cocktails and make an order from their incredible selection of wines.

Grab a meal or pack a lunch bag.

Eat out with your partner or make a reservation for dinner. Meals here are surely finger-licking.

Address: The Asylum Restaurant, Jerome Grand Hotel, 200 Hill St, Jerome, AZ 86331, United States 

20. Check out the Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot National Monument

Ken Lund / Tuzigoot National Monument

The Tuzigoot National Monument is an ancient hilltop pueblo with an adjacent museum housing Sinaguan Indian relics. 

Visitors to this park can take a self-guided tour through the 110-room Tuzigoot pueblo, which dates back to about 1,000 years ago. 

Here, you’ll find outstanding views of the Verde River and Tavasci Marsh.

You’ll also get to experience the presence of humans who lived in the Verde Valley a thousand years ago.

Spend twenty to thirty minutes exploring the Tuzigoot museum, which showcases tools, textiles, and ceramics discovered during the excavation of the Tuzigoot pueblo and was created with assistance from the original inhabitants.

You may even explore Tavasci Marsh and the Tuzigoot village on the property’s trails. 

After that, you can learn more about the Sinagua people and their way of life in the Verde Valley by spending time with a ranger.

Stroll down the park and see if the junior ranger’s program will interest you.

If you’re roaming with your dog, you can also check out the BARK Ranger program.

Aside from all that, you can enjoy the lush greenery and even go picnicking in the green space.

Address: 25 Tuzigoot Rd, Clarkdale, AZ 86324, United States

Final Remarks

A great chance to spend a vacation in this wild west region is adventurous.

Explore Jerome even deep into its heart and you’ll admire what you can see.

Whether it’s the ghosts or the food you want to enjoy, you can be sure to catch it all.

Be sure to make a lot of memories.

Safe Travels.