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19 Best & Fun Things To Do In Lake Havasu City (Arizona)

Known to the locals since World War II as“Site Six,” Lake Havasu City is a lovely tourist city that’s located about 166 miles north of Buckeye.

This awesome spot has plenty of attractions to offer all categories of visitors, including families, couples, solo adventurers, and honeymooners.

Tourist attractions range from museums to lakes to parks and awesome restaurants.

If you like the outdoors, you’ll have a lot to do, including skiing, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, and paddle boating.

Perhaps, you might prefer in-house locations, you can explore art galleries, arcades, live music venues, and performance theaters.

Another fun thing about Lake Havasu City is its rich history, old-town charm, and quirkiness!

You’ll find tons of unique destinations in this downtown district, including a haunted bar house, pizzeria, and lots more!

Obviously, there’s no limit to how much more every visitor will enjoy themselves in this city of Arizona!

So, are you set for the vacation of a lifetime?

Do you hear the ‘Site Six’ city calling your name?

Here are just some of the best places you can check out anytime you’re off to Lake Havasu City in Arizona!

Things To Do In Lake Havasu City

1. Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu

The Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is an amazing visitor destination in Arizona with loads of fun things for everyone.

It’s a gorgeous spot that was created when the Parker Dam of the city was initially built in 1938.

Ever since it was built nearly a century ago, it has been a favorite destination for so many tourists and inhabitants.

Essentially, visitors on sight here enjoy boating, water skiing, and other recreational water sports.

Not only are there tons of boats in this awesome area of Lake Havasu City, but different music is also always being played, which makes it more fun while boating.

If you’d be in Lake Havasu, it’s such a beautiful sight that’s sure to give you a wonderful experience you’d stand to remember in years to come!

Although, the only caveat is its overcrowding nature, notwithstanding, if you arrive early, you’d beat that and there wouldn’t be any drawback to whatever you’d enjoy.

It is also important to state that this entertaining destination has a great and decent restaurant that sells nice food.

If you are a water enthusiast and you’re planning a trip down to Lake Havasu City, this is heaven!

In fact, for the kids, this lovely place also has children playing equipments and activities at every turn.

There aren’t any admission fees and also, visitors are allowed on all days of the week.

2. Grand Island Disc Golf Course

Grand Island Disc Golf Course

Island Disc Golf Course

Are you an admirer of golf and you’re desiring to take some golf courses while you’re on a trip to Lake Havasu City?

Grand Island Disc Golf Course has the most amazing golf course that you would surely find so interesting.

This Golf house is a grass and desert surface attraction that provides a nine-hole awesome golf facility.

One outstanding attribute of the Island Disc Course is that admittance fees are considerably little and the greens are so wonderful.

Besides, the layout is apparently smooth, and of course, it is ever entertaining.

The availability of several holes to navigate is equally an essential feature of this golf paradise that undoubtedly makes them ever attractive to tourists!

Different from all these, participants can equally explore some of the delightful outdoor shows that are regularly being held here.

Besides, there are about three food trucks on sight and the foods they offer are of great quantity and quality.

For every adventurous making arrangements to visit this city of Arizona, plan to check out Grand Island Disc Golf Course.

Most especially, if you’re a golfer, visiting here is so inevitable!

Address: Grand Island Disc Golf Course, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

3. Bj’s Cabana Bar

Bj Cabana Bar

Bj’s Cabana Bar

The process of exploration doesn’t only entails jampacking an itinerary with loads of places, it is far beyond that!

In the process of navigating through a foreign city as a tourist, it behooves every visitor not only to find a delightful location but equally to find a less expensive one.

So, will you be interested in exploring an amazing spot where you’d not have to empty your wallet before you’d enjoy the best?

The best way you can do that is by including Bj’s Cabana Bar on your bucket list!

Cabana is a funky hangout with an island vibe offering DJs, karaoke & a full bar, plus a patio that totally allows smoking.

Moreover, this award-winning bar and grill center in Lake Havasu City has so many sweet and tasty offerings which you wouldn’t find less awesome.

The varieties of beer are not only of the right flavors but also always great. Impressively, this most visited bar house closes at 2 am in the morning, which means that visitors could have enough time to enjoy themselves all through the night!

You can’t in any way be at Cabana and experience any boredom. It’s certainly a paradise for fun lovers!

Address: Bj’s cabana bar, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

4. Havasu Bowfishing Adventure

Havasu Bowfishing Adventure

Bowfishing Adventure

Another tourist spot in Lake Havasu City is Havasu Bow fishing Adventures.

Havasu Bowfishing Adventures is a unique fun center that offers a year-round fishing experience as well as recreational activities.

Bowfishing isn’t just a worthwhile destination, but it’s also a spot that tends to create lifelong memorable reflections for all tourists.

In addition, there are swimming segments as well which all visitors will surely take delight in exploring.

Navigating through fish trout is also a fun endeavor you might find entertaining while on sight at Bowfishing.

In fact, due to the unique nature of this area, it has been several attributed as one of the best fish charter agencies in the United States.

So, why’d you be in this city of Arizona and decide not to include this lovely site on the list of places you would be checking out?

No matter how the reason may appear, it can not be too good to exclude this fun destination from places you’d be checking out!

Therefore, upon your arrival in this city, endeavor to come over to spend a few minutes of your travel moments at Bowfishing!

Address: 507 English Vlg. Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

5. Lake Havasu Lighthouses

Lake Havasu Lighthouses

Dorian Wallender / Flickr

Do you care to check out something thrilling during your forthcoming to Lake Havasu City?

If you’d love to visit a place that offers something unique when next you visit this city of Arizona, endeavor to create time by checking out Lake Havasu Lighthouses!

This pleasurable area features about 28 different lighthouses, and each of them has a story about where and how and where the designs originated.

Lake Lighthouse is, in fact, the only entertaining center in the United States that has a replica of the true lighthouse program, and it is always fun.

If you’re planning a vacation the next summer, if you can extend your bucket list to include this area, you’d find Lake Havasu Lighthouse so interesting!

In fact, aside from the amazing lighting feature of this attraction, visitors could equally dedicate their time to observing people fishing, and perhaps, for anyone willing to engage in fishing, that is also allowed! What an amazing tourist destination!

You might be delighted to take a boat tour. Apparently, that’s also available.

Lake Havasu Lighthouse is without a doubt an attraction with numerous amazing recreational activities you’d never appreciate!

6. Lake Havasu Museum Of History

Lake Havasu Museum Of History

Lake Havasu City Museum Of History

Having the knowledge of the past is critical to the accurate prediction of what the future holds!

The knowledge of what transpired in the past is indeed a useful tool in predicting what the future holds and an essential tool in realizing the shortfalls of earlier inhabitants.

In relation to that, will you love to dedicate your time more to learning the history of this region of the United States?

While in Lake Havasu City and you’d love to explore the historical antecedents of this city and its neighboring regions, you need to prioritize the Lake Havasu Museum of History on your list of where you’d visit!

This area is an award-winning museum that features several insightful exhibits, including relics and monuments.

Over the last 20 years, this museum has been a favorite destination for several tourists, most especially those with a strong passion to learn about history.

Little wonder it was listed among the most historic attractions in the United States.

If you visit this museum, you’d be amazed because the exhibits will give a clear perspective of what transpired centuries ago, as if you were right there.

Besides, there is also video documentation of the most prevailing activities of the earliest inhabitants, which are considered great. In addition, the entrance fee to this beautiful place requires less than $20.

There are, however, large parking lots that require no extra fee to get your cars parked.

Address: 320 London Bridge Rd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

7. ChaBones


The ChaBones

ChaBones is an American restaurant in downtown Lake Havasu City.

This award-winning upscale grill spot offers local dishes of various kinds, pizza & tapas.

Interestingly, this restaurant makes all its offerings in a room that is filled with water sculptures. What a place that is beyond a mere restaurant!

With ChaBones on your checkout list, you need not exhibit fear about how to fill your stomach, ChaBones will undoubtedly surpass your expectations!

This is invariably a clear illustration of how compelling it is not to judge a book by its cover.

Although not so big as another grill house, nonetheless, the dishes available here are so worthwhile.

Moreover, the prices of their offerings are quite beatable considering the value you’d get in other restaurants.

If you’d not had a taste of any other thing in this restaurant, be sure to get prime rib end cut or probably a little fussy!

Address: 112 London Bridge Rd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

8. Lake Havasu State Park

Lake Havasu State Park

Ken Lund / Wikimedia Commons

Established in 1965, Lake Havasu State Park is an ideal place you’d enjoy beautiful beaches, nature trails, and boat ramps.

It is also a convenient park that is suitable for campers!

This all-rounder park also provides outdoor recreation opportunities such as boating and fishing.

Lake Havasu State Park is such an entertaining sight that is loaded with the best and most fun things you’d enjoy!

Not just that, perhaps you might be the kind of traveler that is interested in a picnic. The picnic tables here are enough to make your trip an indelible one.

An attribute that is also worth mentioning is the conduct of their staff, which is topnotch and always pleasing.

So, everyone is sure to get kinglike treatment in this large, paved, and always clean.

However, there is an admission fee of $10 to gain access to the Park.

Address: 699 London Bridge Rd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

9. Sara Park

Sara Park

The Sara Park

Sara Park is an 1100-acre regional park in Lake Havasu City with spectacular mountain views.

The park’s equipment includes a wide range of impressive activities and also serves as a venue for events.

Popular events such as the Winter Blast fireworks display, obstacle races, and concerts that are always available here make this spot one of the most addictive parks in Arizona.

Besides, Sara Park is also suitable for hiking, mountain, and bike trails.

There are many trails for beginners and some for professional hikers and it’s always awesome.

Visitors can either take the yellow, red, green, or blue trails. Although the yellow trail appears a bit harder, nonetheless, it’s always fun at the end because it has loose gravel.

Of note, you’d never see garbage on the trails, either, unlike what’s obtainable in other places.

Aside from hiking, other entertaining activities visitors could explore here include BMX and motocross racing, roller hockey, an RC plane field, and shooting.

It’s obvious that there’s no limit to how much every tourist will enjoy themselves in this amazing attraction.

If you’re in Lake Havasu City, certainly, you will love the things to do here, not only hiking but other activities such as skating, ballparks, bike tracks, and race track.

A stop here will surely be worth it!

Address: 7260 Sara Pkwy, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406, United States

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10. Havasu Landing Casino

Havasu Landing Casino

Landing Casino

Will you love to play casino games during your voyage to Lake Havasu City?

Definitely, you would love to because every tourist would crave something entertaining while on travels!

Come on board to Havasu Landing Casino and test your spirit of adventure, you’d plan to stay longer than you planned!

You could play the best slots, progressives, table games, 3-card poker, or blackjack and the pay is so high.

Of note, this fine location equally provides safe lodging for tourists who’d love to stay back for some days.

The resort is simply an adult-only oasis specifically designed for tourists and you’d love a bit of everything here.

In addition, the beachfront rooms in this resort are made of chic decor, the Caribbean, and sleek furnishings which are so beautiful!

The onsight restaurant wouldn’t do less with their ever-delicious ribs, shrimp tacos, burgers, and fried chicken, amongst other things.

Make it here if you could anytime you are away on a vacation to this downtown Lake Havasu City!

Address: 13145 Havasu Lake Rd, Needles, CA 92363, United States

11. Lake Havasu City Visitor Center

Lake Havasu City Visitor Center

Havasu City Visitor Center

Lake Havasu Visitor Center is located in the English village in Arizona.

This spot is a welcoming visitor center, which is an appropriate destination for every visitor to start up exploration during a voyage to this Arizona city.

It is a spot where tourists will get personalized and great customer service-oriented tourist information.

Of note, if you are right here, you will not only have first-hand information about ticketing services and reservations in most of the popular attractions, visitors will equally have the opportunity of getting great souvenirs.

The staff will also act like old friends and they are so knowledgeable and would sufficiently give every visitor great and accurate recommendations you’d ever appreciate.

While planning your trip to this city of the south, this spot is a must-visit for useful and practical information, most especially for visitors coming to Lake Havasu City for the first time.

Are you still yet to conclude where you should commence your travel over here?

Look no further! Lake Havasu City Visitor Center should be prioritized on your list of places you should visit!

Address: 422 English Village, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

12. Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center

Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center

Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center

Still uncertain of where to head to during the hot summer while in Lake Havasu City?

Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center is a public swimming pool in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, which is suitable for a hot afternoon during the summer!

Offering indoor pools, a water slide & an outdoor splash park with swimming lessons for all ages.

Of note, this public pool likewise has an indoor giant pool segment, hot pools segment with a beach entry pool design that’s quite pleasing.

Although, it’s necessary to state that the pool area has strict hours for different activities

For instance, lap swimming comes between 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM while pool lesson is between 12:15 PM – 2:00 PM.

All guestrooms in either of their pool area have free wireless high-speed internet, refrigerators, and enough chairs where visitors could sit before it’s their turn to make use of the pool.

So amazing, right? Yes, absolutely, this and several reasons are sure to make your travels down here so memorable!

In fact, the pool is safe for the kids too because it’s just about 8ft in depth.

The entrance fee is rather inexpensive too, and they are open all days of the week.

This presupposes that you’d not have to expend all your budget before you’d enjoy the best of this attraction. So great!

Address: 100 Park Ave, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

13. London Bridge Beach

London Bridge Beach

Serendipity / Flickr

London Bridge Beach is an impressive attraction that runs along the Bridgewater Channel and it is equipped with covered playgrounds, BBQs, and various walking paths.

Besides, buoyed swim area, large grass areas, sand volleyball court, and basketball court are also what’s available in this fun place that makes them so exceptional.

If you’re also the type of tourist that like pretty big and open-air concerts, you’d not be wrong to plan a trip to this lovely spot!

London Bridge Beach is such an entertaining spot that has many things to keep the kids busy and adults alike!

If at all you’d not love anything here, you’d love watching the boats cruise and the ducklings swimming while dipping in the water!

This Beach is evidently a wonderful destination to visit for picnics, exercise, swimming, kayaking, or just enjoying the spectacular scenery.

You wouldn’t enjoy yourself any less during your voyage, so don’t exclude this lovely spot while traveling to this Arizona city!

Address: 1340 McCulloch Blvd N, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

14. The Shops At Lake Havasu City

The Shops At Lake Havasu City

Shops At Lake Havasu City

The Shops at Lake Havasu is a large shopping mall in Lake Havasu City in Arizona.

This shop is a 720,000-square-foot commercial space that was established in the year 2008.

It features over 30 national retail stores.

There’s almost everything a visitor would need to make needs a one-stop shopping in this lovely mall.

Also, you can come here to catch a movie in their in-house cinema and it’s always so entertaining.

Kids aren’t left out as there’re kids’ playgrounds that are almost adjacent to this beautiful mall.

Expectedly, the cost of each good being sold here is quite affordable and they’re of the right quantity.

However, parking might a bit be uneasy during the weekends.

So, if you’d love to beat the crowd, it’s advisable you plan a visit here during the weekend!

15. Southwest Kayaks

Southwest Kayaks

Southwest Kayaks

The Southwest Kayaks is an all-inclusive outdoor sports center in the Lake Havasu City of Arizona.

This kayak zone is a place you’d experience kayak bass fishing at a cost of as low as $20.

You’d enjoy fishing through this scenic attraction and if you care to rents stand-up paddleboards, the hourly charge is so bearable.

Southwest Kayaks not only make Kayak rental possible, but they’d also do an excellent job in installing mount kits for transporting the kayaks.

Experts are also on sight to train beginners in order to easily know what boards are the best for visitors without pressuring anyone into getting the most expensive or something that is too advanced for anyone’s skill level.

Great shop, great service, great experience, obviously, you’d not have wished for a better kayak rental shop!

Importantly, take note that their operation hour is Monday through Saturday between 10 am to 7 pm.

Address: 159 Paseo del Sol Ave, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

16. Star Cinemas Havasu

Star Cinemas Havasu

Star Cinemas

Will you love to view a movie in a very tense yet entertaining place while you’re on an exploration of Lake Havasu City?

If you would, upon your arrival in this city, Star Cinemas is an appropriate place to head to!

This ever-beautiful site is an all-digital 200-seat movie theater.

It was commissioned on December 12th, 2008.

Ever since its commissioning, it has been so notorious for attracting tourists to this city of Arizona.

Besides, this fascinating theater offers VIP seating to all guests on sight.

You could typically be on your seat for hours viewing a movie without any form of pain. Obviously, it’s top-notch!

The ticket pricing is fair enough and there’s free popcorn that’s always offered to visitors while the movie is ongoing.

Another noticeable provision that makes this movie house enjoyable is its outstanding provisions for physically challenged visitors.

There are provisions for visually impaired visitors or visitors with heating difficulties and it’s an impressive development!

Also, there’s an open captions facility that would aid visitors that are deaf to understand what’s happening in the movie.

Star Cinemas in Lake Havasu City is simply such an inclusive entertaining spot that makes great provisions for everyone and it’s considerably awesome.

Beautifully, this theater is tucked on the north side that’s very close to shopping and restaurant. So, you can make a real evening with dinner and a movie!

The quality of audio and video is equally near the top of the line.

You, your friends, and your associates are all guaranteed to have a good time!

Address: 5601 AZ-95, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404, United States

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17. Havasu Bucky’s Rare Odd & Unusual

Bucky's Rare Odd & Unusual

Bucky’s Rare Odd & Unusual

Bucky’s Rare Odd and Unusual has lots of amazing antiquities and collectibles.

There are lots of new and unusual things coming into the store and it’d be worth a stop if you wouldn’t be in a hurry to conclude your itinerary.

Regardless of what antiquities find you care to get while in this city of Arizona, you’re sure to get the best finds here!

This 4500 sq ft antique mall hasn’t for once given any tourist an iota of regret ever since its establishment over decades ago.

You’d certainly appreciate wandering around in this beautiful mall because you’d be lost in thought.

Perhaps your kids might be on travel with you to this intriguing spot, the collectibles here are as well sure to bring back happy memories for kids.

18. Patrick A. Tinnell Memorial Sports Complex

Patrick A. Tinnell Memorial Sports Complex

Patrick A. Tinnell Memorial Sports Complex

If you’re a sports enthusiast, Patrick A. Tinnell Memorial Sports Complex has lots of captivating activities you’d love.

Patrick’s complex is though not a regular football or baseball attraction.

Nonetheless, it boasts of being one of the most fun skateboard parks in Arizona.

The park is a perfect 14-stair tourist center that’s filled with a handrail.

It has a very nice and beautiful view and you’d not but enjoy it!

Besides being an awesome skateboard park, this destination is also a great inlet in the blue sapphire surrounded by chalky desert.

The entire location is made with a huge layout and anyone who skates here will love the skatepark!

Moreover, this pleasurable location is also a paradise for those who’d love to fish. In fact, if you delight pleasure in exploring a scooter or engaging in street league skateboarding, you’d not be wrong to plan a trip to this attraction!

Patrick A. Tinnell Memorial Sports Complex has lots of possibilities to make your trip to this city amazing.

Address: Patrick A. Tinnell Memorial Sports Complex, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406, United States

19. Grace Arts Live

Grace Arts Live

Grace Arts Live

A true oasis in downtown Lake Havasu City, Grace Arts Live Theatre is a must-see for anyone with a glimmer of hope for art and culture.

Established in the year 2006, this charming attraction is a performing arts theatre in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Shows in this destination are always fascinating. The musical concert will always let you forget you’re in a foreign city!

Grace Arts puts on great local productions in a bid to make this city entertaining to all their guests.

You’d surely be happy at the level of talent and how the cast showcases their creativity!

Beyond that, this tourist spot has great lighting and sounds. This obviously makes every one of their productions so interesting.

Ticket prices cost less than $20 and both cars and other visitors’ belongings are certain.

Singing, acting, and dancing are also not just so fun but absolutely great!

Awesome performance! Great theater! Lake Havasu is lucky to have such an amazing theater with one of the best productions in the United States.

Possibly, a trip down to this movie house could give you the best traveling experiences you’d remember in years to come!

Address: 2146 McCulloch Blvd N, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

Final Remarks

Lake Havasu City is waiting for you!

Using these beautiful recommendations to narrow down your itinerary will surely create an exciting trip that’d create lifelong memories.

Whenever it’d be, which season it would be, you’d enjoy every moment spent in this city of Arizona.

Therefore, get your luggage and come and enjoy the best the city has to offer tourists and visitors alike. You’d definitely plan a trip here over and over again!

Safe trip!