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26 Fantastic Things To Do In Marco Island (Florida)

Though not popular amongst most vacationers, Marco Island, Florida, is one of the adventure-loving areas tourists would enjoy.

This quiet city, right in Collier’s County, Florida, is one of the quietest places in the united states to enjoy water fun.

Moreover, owing to its natural abundance of remarkable sightings, it is quite a beauty to behold.

Explore Cape Romano and see the famous standing Florida domes before they collapse.

You’ll find an extensive array of activities to enjoy in the city.

Use our list of the best and most fun things to do and kick-start your tour experience.

Things To Do In Marco Island, Florida

1. South Marco Beach

Things to do in Marco Island

South Marco Beach

The pristine city of Marco Island is quite fancy, given the presence of its relaxing beaches.

A day out at the beach can be one of the best ways to spend as much time as you can on Marco Island.

Amongst most beaches, you’ll find in the city offering shelling, swimming, and water fun, a trip to South Marco Beach is most terrific.

You’ll find South Marco Beach at the southernmost end of Marco Island.

It is the easiest public beach access you’ll find in the city, and just as you expect, there are a ton of things you can do here.

For a start, you can give hiking a shot and begin your strolling option from the other side of Collier Boulevard.

Move through this soft sugar sand brand of a beach looking into the perfect scenery and welcoming the amazing sight.

After that, try jet skiing, parasailing, and paddle boarding.

Since the waters are especially calm and great for anyone who prefers surfing, you can give surfing through the waters a try.

Bring your partner on a romantic date right on the beach, just sailing through the clear waters.

Afterward, move down to try volleyball.

One other thing you should look forward to trying at the beach is a game of volleyball right at the beach or in the waters.

When you’re done trying out the entire fun options you can think of, move around and explore the fauna.

As you make your way through the beach, you’ll find various native vegetation species, almost as bright as you could imagine.

Cling on to your camera.

On clear days, you can try flying a kite, it’ll turn out well.

Address: 870 County Rd 951, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States

2. Briggs Nature Center 

Things yo do in Marco Island

Briggs Nature Center

Marco Island is surely made up of beaches. However, this does not mean there aren’t clearer grounds and centers you can enjoy apart from them.

If you would want to take a tour around and through some of the city’s environment and learn its history, stop by a nature center.

Due to its unique environment, the Briggs Nature Center is one of the distinct locations, where you’ll learn a lot about the city’s history. 

The region has a range of habitats, including an estuary with a mix of fresh and saltwater.

For visitors, visits to this estuary that serves as essential habitat for many species is one of the terrific ways to learn about nature.

Since protecting estuaries has always been their goal and their quest to secure the long-term viability of fisheries, you’ll find a ton of them in good health. 

Regardless of how beautiful and mind-boggling the estuary is, it isn’t the only thing you’ll find wonderful about this nature center.

Here, you’ll also find a small visitors center, one of its key components.

After the center, the next best place to be is the boardwalk trail.

On its own, the boardwalk trail is also a major draw to the center and you’ll find it covering over five different habitats.

It winds and curves through a vast area and has about half a mile covered with island mangroves.

However, be sure not to throw vigilance to the wind and remain on the trail.

Alligators and ospreys are known to wander freely through the marshes and can be dangerous.

Moreover, you’ll find a ton of picturesque vistas.

Address: Briggs Nature Center, Naples, FL 34114, United States

3. Cape Romano, Marco Island

Things to do in Marco Island

Kerry / Flickr

While the sights at Marco Island are bound to hypnotize you, there is even a greater point that’ll give you so much delight.

Cape Romano has been one of the major draws to the city and top vacation spots.

Annually, thousands of visitors troop into the city just for a clear sight of this cape.

You’ll find this Southwest Florida’s Cape Romano on Kice Island, a barrier island, at the south point of the city.

Truth is since there are a lot of issues with this lonely island, it took some bold individuals to decide to construct it.

Regularly, Mother Nature would throw a fit and just as you’d expect, Cape Romano now has a few deserted homes that are quite the sight to study.

The Dome House, as it is popularly called by locals, is the most well-known and still surviving.

What you would admire most about the region is its very odd, space-age design that resembles an “igloo.”

Basically, it was built in 1981, but the John Tosto family bought it in order to turn it into a family getaway.

From time to time, visitors would be able to experience the violent storms and hurricanes that make their way to the beach.

However, because this dome is formulated with concrete, its intriguing building has been able to combat the periodic hurricanes that erode the beaches.

Because the house is at the very end of the island where there is a very strong current, most of the land is slowly disappearing between currents and storms.

According to facts, the building might collapse forever if another strong hurricane hits.

Explore the region and set your gaze on one of the most terrific buildings in Cape Romano.

Address: Cape Romano, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States 

4. Isles of Capri Marina

Things to do in Marco Island

Sunset at the Isles of Capri Marina

Seeing the city and its environment can be one experience.

However, getting to view it from all angles can turn out to be really exciting.

To this effect, vacationers can consider a sea tour with the Isles of Capri Marina.

Isles of Capri Marina is a family-held and operated business that ensures that vacationers access an enjoyable experience. 

Over years, this family-owned business has consistently built relationships with customers and their hospitality is something everyone can attest to. 

Here, you’ll be able to stop by and talk with Michael, who has grown up on Marco Island and labored as a deckhand during high school. 

At the age of 18, Michael became a licensed United States Coast Guard Captain and has been entangled with the marina ever since. 

There are not many people in Marco Island that know these waterways as well as Michael. 

Visitors will be able to lease and explore Pontoon Boats, Kayaks, and Boat Docks.

If you fancy the sea that much and wouldn’t mind a moment just doing anything that suits you, then give this a try.

Bring your partner and book a private boat for a special moonlight boat tour.

Light lanterns and grace the sea in the evening, disturbing the ever-calm water and running your hands through its warmth.

Go on a family voyage and go kayaking with your family in the waters.

You don’t have to ride if you don’t know how to.

They’ll specially guide and assist you through your sea experience and create an unforgettable experience for you through the waters.

Literally, you cannot let this opportunity slide through you, book a boat, and explore the beach.

Address: 292 Capri Blvd, Naples, FL 34113, United States 

5. Isles of Capri Paddle Craft Park

Things to do in Marco Island

Kayak The Rockies / Flickr

While you journey through, make a stop at one of the most fanciful parks in Marco Island.

The Isles of Capri Paddle Craft Park is the only public access facility in Collier County designed exclusively for launching paddle crafts.

Visitors to this facility can personally explore the delights of launching non-motorized vessels, such as canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. 

Since the facility itself is extremely quiet, serene, and quite picturesque, you’re sure to find a lot of vacationers trying out some of the many sea options.

Yes, you too can give it a try and, in no distant time, you can sail through the waters on your own adventure.

Besides, the facility also features a ramp, picnic pavilions, and restrooms which you can use from the nearby Collier Boulevard boat ramp. 

Even as you explore the park, you can gaze into the beauty of McllVane Bay.

McIlvane Bay is a shallow mangrove-fringed bay that offers visitors outstanding opportunities for wildlife viewing.

There are also countless options for exploring its quiet backwaters in a relatively novel part of the Reserve.

Take in sights of the shallow mangroves and move around taking pictures of the abundant wildlife sightings.

It can be extremely quiet either way and you can be sure of seeing its full length of beauty.

Rent a kayak and explore the water.

Sit by the beach side and enjoy a fancy picnic with the family or just alone.

Bring a book, sit on the trees and read.

Play music or allow yourself to take in the musical joy of birds chirping in the trees.

Address: 1295 Capri Blvd, Naples, FL 34113, United States 

6. Keewaydin Island

Things to do in Marco Island

Florida Sea Grant / Flickr

Several unique adventures await you on Marco Island, and most are formidably unmatched.

Consider touring Keewaydin Island on Marco Beach.

Just as you would expect from an island, it is vast and offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities.

You’ll find Keewaydin Island between Naples and Marco Island.

It is a vast barrier island with approximately eight miles of undeveloped white sand beach. 

Since the area is quite pristine, you’ll find, within the island’s total area, 80 percent is undeveloped and the remaining 20 percent is home to private residences.

In fact, even though the island offers so much for vacationers to enjoy and free their minds, there’s one particular reason it is most adored.

Right on this island, you’ll find the only pet-friendly beach in the Naples or Marco Island region.

Besides, since it is only accessible by boat, you’ll find a number of boating tour organizations doing their thing.

For instance, seven times every day, the Hemingway Water Shuttle leaves for journeys to and from the beach at Keewaydin. 

Fun fact, even dogs on leashes who behave themselves can go on the shuttle as well.

Thus, giving room for your little furry friend to come along on this unique adventure.

Apart from that, you’ll find a lot of marinas conveniently stationed for visitors to hire boats. 

The island is also a stop on a number of regular sightseeing boat tours where visitors can go beach walking and shell collecting.

However, due to its pristine, undeveloped nature, Keewaydin Island does not offer bathroom facilities. 


At the corner, a “burger barge” serves some of the best ice cream, hot dogs, sandwiches, sodas, and beer.

7. Mangrove Maniacs

Things to do in Marco Island

Raymond Cunningham / Flickr

One of the top activities to try on a time out exploring the city is fishing.

Since the vast city is full of beaches and waters, naturally, it is none of the best vacation spots to consider fishing.

Therefore, you’ll find a log of organizations offering fishing guides and other water-related activities for visitors.

Stop by the Mangrove Maniac and explore some of their fun options.

Mainly, they perform and run their activities in Marco and the Ten Thousand Islands, since they are legendary for backcountry fishing.

On a fishing expedition with the Mangrove Maniacs, you’ll be able to reel in all year-round species like Snapper, Seatrout, Tripletail, Black drum, and even sharks. 

If there’s something you’re sure to find here, it is an abundance of fish and fishing activities.

Moreover, fishing is not the only option they offer or are open to.

Here, you can also rent boats and kayaks and enjoy a brisk moment kayaking and boating around Marco Island.

They offer some of the best services in the city and you’re sure to have a lot of fun if you decide to consider the option.

Move along and make a reservation, rent a boat or a kayak and allow 5he experts to lead you on a terrific water adventure.

Address: 918 N Collier Blvd, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States 

8. Marco Island Boat Tours

Things to do in Marco Island

Marco Island Boat Tours

If you know Marco Island, then you’re sure to understand that this is one of the best vacation spots offering boat tours.

Therefore, if you’re in the city and have the stomach for some water and boating fun, that is a great way to tour Marco Island.

One thing is known about Marco Island Boat Tours, they care about vacationers and are sure to provide family fun.

Through a variety of boating tours, you can experience the best part of Marco Island and explore the subtropical waters of the 10,000 Islands. 

Sounds too enticing to be true, but best believe it, it is.

With six different tours for vacationers, moving through pristine areas, there is something for everyone and everything else.

To start off your experience, begin with the Dolphin and Shelling Tours, which offers 2 hours of boating experience.

Hunt for shells, pick shells, look through corrals, and build your own shell collection.

After that, give the Boat Assisted Kayak Eco Tour a try.

The Boat Assisted Kayak Eco Tour mixes the beast of boating, kayaking, and strolling tours around the city.

There’s also the 10,000 Excursion and Beach Seine, which allows visitors to explore above and below the surface.

There are provisions for a Private Family Beach, fishing, and Shelling Tour with a bit of everything for everyone.

Then, try out the Kayak Fishing Trips, which is undoubtedly the quickest-growing fraction of sport fishing.

Besides, all the guides are formally oriented Florida Master Naturalists, instructors, and US Coast Guard Captains, and some of the most competent leaders in the area. 

You will have the recourse to discover the area’s wildlife and extremely rich culture. 

Be sure to try it out.

Address: Goodland, FL, United States 

9. Marco Island Historical Museum

Things to do in Marco Island

Marco Island Historical Museum

All jokes and no work make Jack a dull boy.

Pick out a little time away from all the beach and fun moments and routines of Marco Island historical museums.

Since the Island itself has a great deal of history, you can be sure that there are no dull moments on a tour here.

The Marco Island Historical Museum, which is right on Marco Island, Florida, is one of Collier County’s most educational attractions. 

Visiting the museum is specifically made to look like an exploration adventure on its own since a lot of details were taken into mind before its construction.

From the road leading up to the museum, you’ll be able to discover the designs.

Basically, it was designed to look like a Calusa Indian village, complete with a lagoon, fishing weir, and shell mound. 

Although small, this eminent museum is brimming with fascinating artwork, images, and tales all relating to and telling tales of Marco Island’s history. 

Sincerely, as it holds a wealth of knowledge on the history of the area, it is definitely worth a visit and should make it your itinerary. 

Through antique photos, exhibits, and a movie, the Marco Island Historical Museum provides a lot of knowledge about local history.

Visitors can move through rooms checking out exhibits and antiques from the farther years giving detailed information on the city.

Besides, the museum also presents one of the most enticing sculptures in the city.

Here, you’ll find the Key Marco Cat Artifact, a replica bronze statue of the actual six-inch high Calusa Indian artifact at the entrance to the museum. 

This statue, which is a part-human, part-cat figure, is on display.

Address: 180 S Heathwood Dr, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States

10. Marco Island Princess

Things to do in Marco Island

View of the Marco Island Princess

Set out time apart to come aboard and see the famous Marco Island Princess.

At the Sunshine Tours & Charters is where you’ll find this Marco Island treasure.

The organization itself has always been more than a favorite among holidaying visitors, residents, and seasonal residents of Southwest Florida since 1984.

Its facility, the beautiful 90′ Marco Island Princess, is one of the beauties of the city and sails daily from her pier at Rose Marina, gliding the pristine aqueducts of Marco Island.

Visitors and even locals alike have the opportunity of enjoying the center’s exceptional cuisine, as well as its professional and friendly crew.

To set the records straight, the affluent ambiance of a cruise aboard this 90’ Marco Island Princess is the best way to see the waters.

Additionally, they offer great cuisine with all of their savory meals prepared fresh on board for your enjoyment. 

Here, visitors will be able to enjoy sightseeing, a Nature & History Lunch Cruise, and a Captain’s Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Other tour options aboard the Marco Island Princess include the Admiral’s Sunset Dinner Cruise, several Sunset Cocktail Cruises, and countless others.

While cruising, visitors get to watch and move through playful dolphins, feel the warm sunshine on their skin, and enjoy the Gulf breezes.

Take in the beautiful view that transforms every instant with families, small and large groups, and even any special event.

You can also book their services for wedding ceremonies, receptions, practice dinners, bridal lunches, bachelorette or bachelor parties, and wonderful gift brunches.

11. Marco Island Water Sports

Things to do in Marco Island

Balloon Fun at Marco Island Water Sports

Sports lovers who want to try out their strengths will find water sporting activities relatively fun.

Of course, Marco Beach offers a lot of water-related activities and you can let some intrigue you.

Enjoy a sporting moment with Marco Island Water Sports.

The Marco Island Water Sports is one of the most selected on-site water sports dealers offering a 10,000 Islands Guided Waverunner Tour.

They are famous for offering several activities aside from the Waverunner tour. You’ll also find parasailing, Waverunner Rentals, and Banana Boat Rides.

You’ll also be able to lay your hands on Paddle Boards and a Dolphin Watch & Shelling Eco-Tour right aboard the Calusa Spirit. 

At the 10,000 Island Guided Waverunner Eco-Tours, you’ll be able to encounter a striking journey from Marco beach into the Ten Thousand Islands of the Everglades.

As you glide near the remarkable mangrove forests, you’ll be thrilled by eco-sensitive rivalries with dolphins, manatees, and native birds.

On the other hand, the Dolphin Watch & Shelling Eco-Tour offers visitors a tour on a comfortable 45 ft. powered catamaran departing directly from the Marco Island beachfront.

It skids smoothly across the Gulf, around the cue of Cape Romano, past the infamous dome houses, and into the 10,000 Islands at the edge of the Everglades.

After you’ve explored these options, try the Waverunner Rental.

You may not have known, but you can undergo the thrill of trotting on one of the famous Yamaha Waverunners in the glorious Gulf of Mexico. 

Finally, go parasailing, either flying solo, double, or even triple.

They’ll guide you through the Gulf, where you fly massively above the gleaming and pristine waters.

12. Marco Murder and Mayhem

Things to do in Marco Island

Exterior, Marco Murder, and Mayhem

Got what it takes to solve some challenges and put your skills to the test?

If you dare to come on board, then try the Marco Murder and Mayhem.

You’ll find the Marco Murder and Mayhem in the Olde Marco Inn in Marco Island.

This Marco Mystery and History Tours takes you back to the era of mysterious secrets, arduous times, and grievous tales of Florida.  

At this level, visitors will be able to discover anecdotes of folklore, legends, crime, and hauntings that are sure to boost your senses.  

The facility’s hostess, Martha Hara, will bring you along on a trip back to the days of the early settlers and some of the famous pirates.

You even go as far as exploring the curse of the famous fortune hunters. 

There are tales of “Curse of Captain Collier,” and the “Hanging Tree at Key Marco.”

It doesn’t end there. You even get to experience the mystery of the most prominent ghosts on the island who still lodge and maneuver at the Olde Marco Inn.

To kick-start your two-hour trolley tour, you’ll enjoy a complimentary cocktail at the Olde Marco Inn. 

Could be scary and jaw-dropping, but you can be sure that it’s all the tale of the city.

It’s highly educational and you’ll learn a lot just by exploring spooky places and enjoying great storytelling.


Stop by the Bistro Soleil and enjoy a wide variety of dinner options.

Add to your itinerary of things to do in Marco Island, you’re sure to love what you’ll discover.

13. Otter Mound Preserve

Things to do in Marco Island

Goran Photo / Flickr

The Otter Mound Preserve is a 2.45-acre preserve in southwestern Collier County in an area of Marco Island.

Locally, it is known as the Indian Hills section and is managed by the Collier County Conservation Collier Program.

You’ll find it tucked away in an area where you can explore short tracks that wind through a rare maritime hammock plant community beneath several corkscrewing gumbo limbo trees. 

Moreover, since it has a lot of serenity, countless flowers, and tall trees, it is a butterfly and birding hotspot.

From time to time, you’ll find bird watchers and butterfly lovers around the preserve, taking in the sights of birds chirping and hopping through branches.

Additionally, it is home to a multitude of Florida gopher tortoises and owns a ton of archaeological history, dating back to its function by the Calusa.

It is said that thousands of years back, the obsolete Calusa American tribe lived on the barrier island of Marco Island. 

Just as you’d expect from a time that old, these aboriginal people wielded what was provided by nature to survive.

They even used shells, oysters, clams, and other shellfish, leaving behind large shell mounds. 

Presently, visitors can be able to see proof that these shell mounds still prevail, with the most notable being a gigantic mound that at one time extended a full 80 acres.

Decide to visit the preserve and discover the ways of the native Calusa Americans.

Better still, if that is much of a hassle, stop by to see the massive shell structure within the preserve.

It’s a rare find in the city, and as such is one of the few things to do or check out while in the city.

Address: 1831 Addison Ct, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States

14. Marco Island Sand Dollar Shelling

Marco Island Sand Dollar Shelling

Shelling Tours at Marco Island Sand Dollar Shelling

Just as you’ve noticed, boat tours are the next best activities to do while exploring Marco Island.

Consider a boat tour with the Sand Dollar Shelling as a distinct way of touring the city.

With this organization, visitors can indulge in one of their wonderful guided boat and shelling trips of Marco Island, and create fancy and everlasting memories with the city. 

For a start, if you’re exploring as a group or alone, your group will go to remote islands deep within the Ten Thousand Islands on shelling, dolphin, and fishing trips.

These trips take place in Southwest Florida, Fort Myers, and Sanibel Island.

Right on the clear sands of these islands, you’ll find the most valuable seashells sitting intact. 

Additionally, since some of the most stunning beaches in the world are in Marco Island, they’ll help you explore most.

Also, they travel far into the Ten Thousand Islands on boat tours off the coast of Marco Island to undiscovered spots where magnificent shells are left to rot. 

For example, during one of the popular boating trips, they’ve been able to find The Junonia shell, the most precious by far.

While you can explore boat tours, you can also take the opportunity to hunt for colorful seashells.

At the sandbars surrounding Marco Island, you’ll find some of the best spots for shelling in the world. 

Roam along the sandy shoreline and retain your eyes clear for a wide variety of whelks, olive shells, scallops, and hundreds of other sorts of seashells. 

Be careful not to pick up or harm live creatures during your shelling experience.

However, in all, you get to enjoy every set of tours you go on.

15. Scuba Marco

Scuba Marco

Scuba Marco

To fully enjoy the pleasures of fun within Marco island you’ll be sure to try out a lot of water-related activities.

Since the city has a ton of beaches, you’re sure to find a lot of instructors and water instructors.

At Scuba Marco, you’ll be able to access perfect scuba diving instructions.

You’ll be able to Discover Scuba, explore Open Water, and Dive Masterclasses available.

Get ready for diving classes, learn from top-notch professionals, and give diving a try.

Address: 1141 Bald Eagle Dr, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States

Looking for more things to do in Florida? Check out our list of the best and most fun things to do in Key Largo, Port St. Lucie, Siesta Key, and Melbourne!

16. Breakwater Adventures

Breakwater Adventures

Fun with Breakwater Adventures

Breakwater Adventures of Marco Island is the realization of a lifetime passion of Dan McIsaac and Alex Demooy. 

The duo, who have strong passions revolving around boating, watersports, wildlife, and sunshine, share their strength with vacationers on Marco Island.

Rummaging through great things to do in Marco Island? 

This adventure facility, Breakwater Adventures, offers one of the fairest Dolphin Tours, Shelling, Tubing, and water-related activities.

Start off with Private Tours and catch dolphins and maybe a school of them playing in the water.

Since they offer spacious tour boats with plenty of shade, you’ll be able to explore the water at any moment of the day with no worries about humidity.

These tours take as many as 6 passengers and offer sightings of dolphins, manatees, wild birds, and rays tucked away in their natural habitat. 

If you’re gawking for alone time, this is the perfect way to elude the crowds and explore secluded islands. 

After that, you can take advantage of a private cruise to a desolate white sand beach amidst the luxurious 10,000 islands for the best shelling activities.

Then, explore the family tubing option and spend some time tubing with groups, family, a partner, or alone.

Finally, find out how to wakeboard on Marco Island.

They offer great beginner to intermediate wakeboard instruction and help you tour.

Basically, there are a number of data and expeditions to help you tour Marco Island and they’ll help you through it.

Don’t miss out on one of those adventures.

Address: 909 Collier Ct. Marco Island, Florida 34145, United States 

17. Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Alan Cresslar /  Flickr

Even before you’d begin your expedition around Marco Island, you’re sure to hear tales of the ever-beautiful Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

You’ll find this wildlife refuge along the western edge of the Everglades National Park.

This refuge is a maze of land and channels safeguarding a surreal proportion of flora and fauna.

Even though there aren’t quite 10,000 islands here, this beautiful piece is one of the biggest mangrove systems on the globe, making it a worldwide treasure.

In fact, words alone fail to define its beauty, consequently, it is one of the top see areas in the city.

Visitors to this reserve can explore its remote part of the Everglades and see its wondrous ecosystem.

Among the sights to see, there is the protected tangle of dense mangroves, several lagoons, and tunnels to explore.

Another recreation to try out while here is wildlife watching.

On a tour, you’ll be able to find wildlife from the air, land, and sea congregating to nourish and take asylum in plant growth.

Here, you’ll find 200 bird species, 200 types of fish as well as the huge goliath grouper, and different species of turtle and tortoise.

Even the Florida manatee and bottlenose dolphin are some of the rare sights you’ll find within this wildlife refuge.

Asides from wildlife watching, visitors can also try fishing in the refuge’s nutrient-rich waters.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to reel in grouper, snook, permit, snapper, kingfish, triple tail, and the majestic tarpon. 

However, you’ll need a fishing license to perform any fishing activity.

Be very watchful, the tides can transform a gentle paddle into a wearisome slog.

Address:3860 Tollgate Blvd, Suite 300 Naples, FL 34114, United States 

18. The Dolphin Explorer

The Dolphin Explorer

Dolphin Sightings in The Dolphin Explorer

If you specially have a thing for dolphins and want to spend some time watching them play, there’s just one perfect option.

Right on Marco Island’s calm settings, you’ll find the Dolphin Explorer.

The Dolphin Explorer offers visitors the opportunity to get to know some of the city’s area dolphins on every trip.

On a tour, you’ll get to know their names and who their families are as you glide through the waters of Marco Island.

Precisely, this family-friendly eco-tour gives room for discovery, voyage, and adventure aboard The Dolphin Explorer.

Here, the dolphin research team will lead you through journeys and experiences as you get to know the local dolphins on a Marco Island dolphin cruise.

Literally, this project is the only ongoing survey of wild dolphins in South Western Florida.

Using ‘photo-identification,’ they are able to catch sight of their dolphins by their dorsal fins, which function as their ‘fingerprints.’

Visitors can take part in finding, counting, and verifying various individual dolphin sightings on an exciting Marco Island eco-tour.

John the dolphin challenge and see just how many you can spot.

Feel the need to join the research and learn more about dolphins?

Stop by and have the time of your life.

Address: 951 Bald Eagle Dr., Marco Island, FL 34145, United States 

19. Tigertail Beach, Marco Island

Tigertail Beach

Tigertail Beach

Spend some time on one of the largest beaches in Marco Island’s environs.

The Tigertail Beach offers visitors everything from natural reserves to beachside luxuries that make your visit a rewarding one.

This beach, which offers a bathhouse and five boardwalks leading from the mangrove, is one of the city’s beauties.

In fact, to show how pristine it is, while standing on the beach glaring over the Gulf of Mexico, you will behold the sand Dollar Island. 

One of the prime things to do on this beach is bird watching.

Start off your beach expedition by looking through the birds’ nestling area, including some that are home to threatened species. 

You’ll find the Least Terns and Black Skimmers’ nest during the spring with a lot of sandpipers. 

There are Herons, Egrets, ibis, Terns, Sandpipers, plovers, and even Gulls. 

If you’re fortunate, you may even detect birds of prey such as the Osprey gliding overhead.

After birdwatching and photography, then you can move along to go shelling.

Just as you would imagine, a trip to Marco Island is never accurate without shelling.

Move through the beach, picking shells and rocks.

Build your rock and shell collection by picking a variety of shells by the shorelines.

You could even find a sand dollar during this voyage.

Moving along with a kid?

These shelling expeditions are some of the things they’ll enjoy.

Address: 430 Hernando Dr, Marco Island, Florida, United States 

20. Verdi’s American Bistro

Verdi's American Bistro

Delicacies at Verdi’s American Bistro

It’s one thing to take in all the glimmering sights Marco Island brings to your table, whereas it is another thing to try its cuisine.

If there’s something you’ll find beautiful about Marco Island, it is its abundance of seafood.

Want to give good seafood and meals a try?

Stop by Verdi’s American Bistro.

Verdi’s American Bistro is a serene eatery on the beach serving home-cooked chows since 1998. 

Visitors here can try out some of their signature specialties such as New Zealand Rack of Lamb, Chilean Sea Bass, Pork Prime Rib, and the best Crispy Duck you’ll ever munch.

They also offer a selection of incredible local seafood, such as grouper and snapper.

You’ll also be able to try tasty pasta dishes and steak options, such as filet mignon, prime rib, and meatloaf. 

There’s even a saying, you’ve not tried meatloaf until you’ve had ours.

Feel like trying finger-licking dishes and seafood. You’ll find all these here.

It doesn’t matter what type you want; they serve the best in an extremely serene environment. 

Put forth and order and dig your teeth into one of the best seafood servings in the city.

Pack a bag to take home.

21. Fin Bistro

Fin Bistro

Fin Bistro

Try a meal at a family-owned restaurant and one of the ways to explore Marco Beach.

At Fin Bistro, visitors will be able to enjoy the services of culinary professionals, ready to treat you to the finest service and dining experience.

Here, you’ll find a vigorous and peaceful island haven to enjoy signature cocktails, top-shelf liquors, wine, and unique culinary treasures.

The restaurant, which is run by Brian and Kathy O’Brien, opened in 2012 and serves premiere fish.

They order; butcher, and grill all delicate catch.

For a start, try their special Umami Kobe Sliders, which offers you Vermont sharp cheddar, bistro bread & butter pickles, and garlic aioli.

After that, give the Yellowtail Avocado Crudo a taste.

It is a Marco Island special of Meyer lemon vinaigrette, edamame, radishes, and arugula.

Thereafter, try the Pan Roasted Prawns, which offer a Saffron-petite vegetable relish, bruschetta, aioli, and shellfish butter.

There’s the Grilled Asparagus and Crispy Prosciutto, Sauteed Calamari, Blackened Rare Tuna, and then the Fin Lump Crab Cake.

Most of the meals are well prepared and you won’t regret trying them out.

Pamper your stomach to some delicacy even as you explore the city.

Address: 657 S Collier Blvd, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States

22. Malenda Trick Art Gallery

Malenda Trick Art Gallery

Arts from Malenda Trick Art Gallery

Art lovers and enthusiasts will fancy a trip to the Malenda Trick Art Gallery.

The Malenda Trick Art Gallery is the place to go if you enjoy the charms of art.

It shows the work of the popular artist Malenda.

As a self-taught artist, Malenda had lived all her life roaming through art and painting.

After elections from all art galleries in the city, Malenda took the bull by the horn and started her own gallery in Nashville.

After she was discovered in 1999, a licensing art agency struck a deal with her and since then, it has grown remarkably.

Passion-driven Malenda paints with a flicker of the old-world masters and 19th-century impressionists.

There’s just so much passion hidden in her paintings and they all glimmer.

Looking for an art center to enjoy 19th-century impression paintings, stop by this art center.

You’ll find a lot of artwork, canvas, and paintings that’ll draw your attention to the greater definition of art.

Moreover, her works are exceptional and are not the regular ones you’ll find in the city.

Spend some time roaming through the gallery looking at artworks and drawing inspiration.

Truly, you’ll find out that this is one of the few quiet things to do in Marco Island.

Address: Shops of Old Marco, 160 Royal Palm Drive, Suite 274, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States 

23. Marco Island TropicBird Ecotours

Marco Island TropicBird Ecotours

Bird sightings at Marco Island TropicBird Ecotours

Explore Marco Island TropicBird Ecotours as the best and most fun things to do in the city.

The Marco Island TropicBird offers the only most real nature eco-tours of the 10,000 Islands under sail. 

Visitors on this ecotour can enjoy a full-day experience touring the city alongside a nice lunch, wine, beer, and refreshments. 

Moreover, guests can unwind or sunbathe on the forecheck of the ship or in the shaded cockpit area.

On your voyage, you’ll be able to take in the sight of dolphins and many of Florida’s fabulous wading birds.

It also presents a huge opportunity to explore the city’s water, with or without children.

Address: 385 Angler Dr., Calusa Island Marina, Goodland, Marco Island, FL 34140, United States 

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24. Vantastic Tours, Marco Island

Vantastic Tours

Sunset View, Vantastic Tours

Going on boat tours can be expected since Marco Island clearly offers highly scenic beaches.

Who would have thought of van rides as an option?

Yes, you can take van rides and explore Marco Island.

Go on a van tour and ride with Vantastic Tours.

The Vantastic Tours have been differing tours around Marco Island since 1995. 

On a van tour, visitors can enjoy a wholly narrated wilderness trip through the Everglades in a luxury air-conditioned van. 

During the trip, you’ll be able to discover the city’s eco history, and human history, glimpse at the seasonal wildlife, and take in sights of the ‘forever grasslands’. 

Address: 531 E Coconut Ave, Goodland, FL 34140, United States

25. Marco Island Brewery

Marco Island Brewery

Beer Tapping at Marco Island Brewery

Take a tour through one of the Marco Island Breweries.

Stop by the Marco Island Brewery and explore this simple brewhouse offering a massive option of beers on tap, 40 flat-screen TVs, and a creative pub grub.

They offer some of the craft beers you’ll enjoy and even some more.

Try out their smooth creamy mix of beer cheddar cheese with dipping sauce and about three salted pretzel sticks for dunking.

After that, try out their Burger Smothered with Melted Gorgonzola Dressing Sautéed Mushrooms and onions.

Give any of the 50 fine craft beers on tap a try and enjoy their creaminess.

Address: 1089 N Collier Blvd, Marco Island, FL 34145, United States

26. Florida Domes, Marco Island

Florida Domes

Florida Domes

Seeing the Florida Domes can be one of the next big things to do in Marco Island.

It is the next remarkable area you’ll find in the city, and its sight is mesmerizing.

Originally, the Florida Domes were built on pillars to provide a level of safety from storms and storm surges.

Since it stands out greatly in a good spot in the city, it is one of the major draws and brings a lot of visitors.

You too can come by to see the domes and see how majestic it stands.

Also, it makes a great backdrop for photos, so you can go by to take pictures.

Final Remarks

Marco Island, although not vast, will leave you with great tourism opportunities.

It’s stunning what you’ll find in the city and the plenteous sea adventures that await you in its waters.

Spend some time going through places, kayaking, shelling, and hiking through the waters.

Finally, be sure to spend a lot of time taking pictures and creating a lot of memories.

Try out all you can and don’t let any of the fun pass you by.

Safe Travels.