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21 UNIQUE & FUN Things to Do in Siesta Key (Florida)

If you are looking for all the most fabulous fun-filled things to do in Siesta Key, this comprehensive list can help you map out a great itinerary.

Known for its beaches and historic landmarks, this city, located along Roberts Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, has so many fun things to offer visitors.

From parks to museums to great restaurants and boat tour providers, there is no limit to how much every visitor would enjoy their stay.

During the summer, you can explore beaches, go on boating, visit parks or check out museums.

Meanwhile, escape rooms, game houses, and performing art studios are a few of what’d make the winter period fun for you.

Whichever season you plan to visit this lovely city, you’d not be short of fun things to do.

So, shall we start with our beautiful recommendations on the most fun places you could visit during your trip to this city of Florida? Let’s begin.

Things To Do In Siesta Key

1. Siesta Key South Lido County Park

South Lido County Park, Siesta Key

South Lido County Park

South Lido County Park is a diverse waterfront Park in Siesta Key.

This park is a beautiful site with clear turquoise water looking over Sarasota Pass to Bay Island.

Established in 1974 after the famous referendum by the County of Sarasota, it’s an attraction with so many fun activities.

South Lido Park Beach’s amenities include shaded picnic areas, barbecue grills, a children’s playground, volleyball, a canoe trail, nature trails, and lots more.

Besides, this attraction of Siesta Key equally offers an exceptional beach experience and picturesque views.

While planning your trip to this city of Florida, these hundred acres attractions will indeed create amazing experiences for you.

Containing a variety of coastal habitats, there isn’t an end to how fun this wonderful attraction could be.

If you derive pleasure in hiking, this is a fantastic place for hikers!

Note that this beautiful and quiet white sandy beach with clear turquoise water looking requires just a small admittance fee.

Address: 2201 Benjamin Franklin Dr, Sarasota, FL 34236, United States

2. Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach

Micheal Law / Siesta Key Beach

Other beaches in Siesta Key may hog all the glory, but there’s no doubt that Siesta Key Beach is the most visited and most fun beach in this city of Florida.

It’s renowned for being Siesta Key’s premier family beach & tennis resort that is adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, just along the sugar-white sands.

Unlike other beaches, the sand in Siesta Beach is 99% quartz that’s drivable from the Appalachian Mountains.

Originally an inn, it was purchased by Sarasota County in 1954 for use as a public beach.

As of current estimation, this beach receives over 350,000 tourists on a yearly basis.

Besides, it boasts of its unique customer service and is the best place to see the sea life at Point of Rocks.

With Siesta Key Beach, every visitor will feel adventurous! And perhaps, the only drawback could be the cost. No! It’s affordable!

Address: 948 Beach Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

3. Ride and Paddle by Siesta

Ride and Paddle by Siesta

Ride and Paddle by Siesta

The top way to spend your travel time in Siesta Key is to come and experience the fun activities available at Ride and Paddle.

Located just along the far South end of the most amazing Crescent Beach, just minutes from some malls, this site, established in 1995, is for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

They are remarkably the largest fun bicycle renter and Kayak provider in the whole of Siesta Key, and it’s always wonderful being here.

They have all amazing bikes that are suitable for all the family, including kids.

Exceptionally, you’d have access to the best professionals when it comes to kayaking and bicycling, and their services are pretty affordable.

Their beach gear is targeted for a memorable vacation, and you’d definitely enjoy it any day, any season!

Tour rides are available in categories; corporate, family, or personal. Whichever your choice is, it’s going to be a blast.

Address: 6551 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

4. Siesta Key Watersports

Siesta key Watersports

Nita Ettinger / Siesta Key Watersports

Siesta Key Watersports is a parasailing ride service. It’s a site for all anyone ready for some adventure during a visit to this city of Florida.

Parasailing, jet skiing, wave runners, boat rentals, sunset cruises, and dolphin tours for all ages, you can’t help but admire this attraction.

Siesta Key Watersports allow every visitor to experience a new view of the world-famous Siesta Key and gives every visitor a greater opportunity to enjoy parasailing, jet skis, private boat charters, and more.

Soaring 1,000 feet above on a safe and controlled parasailing adventure is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic way of utilizing your time anytime you’re in this fun city of Florida.

Located at the bright yellow lighthouse, just east of the drawbridge on Stickney Point Road, you are sure to get a full range of watersports that’d be so memorable.

With over 28 years of serving Siesta Key, you can be assured you are dealing with Watersports professionals.

During your forthcoming trip to this lovely city, Siesta key Watersports is overall a great site worth visiting.

Address: 1536 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota, FL 34231, United States

5. Silver City Sarasota

Things to do in Siesta key

The Silver City Sarasota

Silver City Sarasota has handcrafted silver jewelry with gemstones, thoughtful souvenirs, and indoor games for all visitors!

If you love exploring unique and fun places, this amazing gem is a ‘must-see’ on Siesta Key!

They have a beautiful selection, and the fact that these selections create a thoughtful experience is the greatest attribute that makes them stand out.

Basically, this location is open to visitors on Monday – Saturday between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Whenever your next trip to this city of Florida may be, splurge a little on something nice for yourself by coming to Silver City Sarasota.

No matter what time of day you visit, you’d love this collection and have access to their indoor games.

In truth, the prices of their offerings are pocket friendly.

Address: 6539 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

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6. Siesta Key Farmers Market

Silver City Sarasota

Isabella / Siesta Key Farmers Market

Offering up the very best in local Floridian goods, the Siesta Farmers Market is a can’t-miss destination for your next vacation.

Opens every Sunday – from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon, Siesta Key Farmers Market is one of the best attractions in this fun city you’d love to visit.

Founded by Bryan Bible, you’d love to see local artists and local businesses selling their products because it is always fun.

There are varieties of local arts and crafts, fresh local produce, and live entertainment to its fullest.

Perhaps you might be unwilling to get any of the products. You could take a Sunday stroll through Siesta Villages Farmers Market, which will surely be fun.

If you’d like to visit, do come early to beat up the crowd! But then, parking lots are available at no extra cost.

Address: 5104 Ocean Blvd, Siesta Key, FL 34242, United States

7. Escape Reality, Siesta Key

Things to do in Siesta key

Tammy Hoppenjans / Escape Reality

Come on board and challenge yourself with your friends to a new kind of beautiful and real-time fun at Escape Reality.

This is a favorite spot in downtown Sarasota off Siesta Key that provides live escape games and private parties.

Escape Reality is a fun place where you can engage your mind and work as a team with your group.

Puzzles are highly tasking, but at the end of it all, it’s mostly fun and memorable.

In fact, if you are about to escape the room within 30 minutes with your team, you’d greatly be rewarded.

Amazing right? Definitely, it is! Always entertaining, very well built and decorated, and the clues are so fun.

In addition, this fantastic attraction, just 15 minutes off Siesta Key, has a quirky and funny part of the game.

This and more make this attraction fun and addictive to outdoor games enthusiasts.

If perhaps you’re contemplating how best you could make your kids happy on their special day, bring them here.

Celebrations or puzzle games. Nothing is less fun, and it’d surely be worth a visit.

Address: 6250 N Lockwood Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243, United States

8. Low Tide Tours, Siesta Key

Things to do in siesta key

Tide Tours

Low Tide Tours is a locally owned beautiful tiki bar boat company offering cruises in Sarasota, Siesta Key.

While you’re on sight, you can kick back and relax with your favorite beverage while you enjoy some nice moments on the water.

If you’re still contemplating how best to spend your time in this lovely city of Florida, consider a visit to Low Tide Tours.

This tiki bar boat can convey about 18 passengers, and it’s always fun and entertaining.

Remarkably, this site is best for boat tours & water sports in Siesta Key.

Discover the beautiful scenery while relaxing on this half-day tiki bar cruise, play in the sand, watch dolphins and enjoy yourself swimming! The list is endless.

Impressively, the tour guide exhibits a high level of professionalism, and it’s quite appealing to so many visitors.

Address: 8865 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

9. Key Life Charters

Things to do in Siesta key

The key Life Charters

Key Life Charters allow every visitor to experience the Sarasota Keys and the surrounding.

This gem has loads of the best and most exciting things for all visitors and tourists alike.

You can come for dolphin watching, snorkeling, sightseeing, sandbar/beach hopping, tubing, tiki bar pub crawls by boat, and lots more.

With lots of possibilities and countless things to do, this beautiful place wouldn’t meet your expectations.

Free fishing equipment, bicycles, and canoes are equally part of the available things for guests and visitors to explore.

What makes them unique is that, unlike others, Key Life Charters offers private customized boat Charters.

This is absolutely tailored to customers’ desires, and it’s always great and fun.

Be sure to add this custom private charter to your bucket of places you’d visit in Siesta key.

Address: 1265 Old Stickney Point Rd, 34242, Siesta Key, United States

10. Siesta Key Drum Circle

Things to do in Siesta key

Drum Circle

The Siesta Key Drum Circle is another spot and amongst the best attractions in Siesta Key.

This is a popular location that gives value to tradition and attracts big crowds of participants and onlookers for drumming and dancing along Siesta Beach.

Runs only on Sundays and has created a fantastic visitor experience for many tourists coming to Siesta Key.

If you derive pleasure in entertaining activities rather than visiting museums, Siesta Key Drum Circle is a place to go.

Drawing up musicians, artists, magicians, and dancers for over 25 years, it’s undoubtedly going to surpass all expectations.

The admittance fee is reasonable, but there are no restaurants in sight.

Adults and teens would enjoy dancing to the rhythmic thunder of various people playing all types of percussion instruments ranging from bongos to hand pans.

Many locals and visitors come for hoops and belly dancing. The rhythm is enough to move you as you’d also enjoy the beauty of the sunset, beach, and sounds.

Address: 948 Beach Rd, Siesta Key, FL 34242, United States

11. Selby Public Library

Selby Public Library

Selby Public Library

Are you an academician or finding a way to expand your horizon during your forthcoming trip to Siesta Key?

The burden is soft! Selby Public Library has tons of academic books and literature.

It’s the first library in Sarasota County and was established in the year 1907.

Architect Gene Aubry has done so more here that even if you’re not a researcher or on a mission to learn, a visit to explore this ancient building is enough.

Little wonder they operate with the mantra “promoting cultural, educational, intellectual, charitable activities.”

Besides, this attraction is also fun for kids because each kid on sight will surely enjoy the fish tank and a lot of literature interesting for the kids.

Beyond its several books, this site is a very calm environment with lots of programs suitable for all ages.

Address: 1331 1st St, Sarasota, FL 34236, United States

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12. Antiques & Chatchkes

Antiques & Chatchkes

Antiques & Chatchkes

Do you love antiquities and would appreciate getting some during your trip to Siesta Key? Antiques & Chatchkes has amazing antique collections.

It’s a fantastic initiative by ken D. that has been a favorite tourist attraction to several visitors and inhabitants here.

More than 15 years of locally owned business with unique antiques, Antiques & Chatchkes wouldn’t do less than you’d expect.

It’s just an absolutely impressive store with exceptional items and artifacts.

The antiquities offered aren’t even expensive, and the staff is apparently knowledgeable.

Beyond being an antique store, they also provide pottery and amazing artwork.

The beauty of this attraction is that visitors can make selections based on their interests!

If you’d value getting customized items to design your interior, you’d not be wrong checking out this piece.

Address: 1542 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34236, United States

13. Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach

Ben MacLeod / Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach has the most unique and beautiful sand that feels so great as you walk on it.

The beach spans the most remarkable places and has so much space that it doesn’t feel crowded.

There are versed options for kayaking and fishing. In fact, there is a trolley where there are shops and lovely restaurants.

If you have an upcoming trip to this city in Florida, you’d absolutely love it here for a peaceful and relaxing day.

Though considerably small, there are huge benefits to visiting here.

It’s a shorter walk to the water; the water is calmer, no incline or decline to get into the water, and it’s always with fewer visitors.

In fact, the water is always warm, and if you come at night, it is a different, fantastic experience.

Do come on board to enjoy this clean beach with shallow water. You can walk quite far out, and yet the water level doesn’t get higher than your waist.

Address: 6499 Midnight Pass Rd. Sarasota, FL 34242

14. Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club

Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club

Golf and Country Club

Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club is an attraction that’s just 17 minutes away from Siesta Key.

Essentially, this attraction is a golf house that offers an active lifestyle destination for vacation getaways and creates an enabling environment for golf lovers.

This 18-hole layout golf house was designed by Arthur Hills in 1994 and, remarkably, one of the fun spots any gofer could visit in Sarasota.

Very nice facilities with a large driving range, a big putting green, and a short game area. Definitely, it will be worth the value.

With food trucks in sight, you will conveniently fill your stomach with any form of American or Canadian dishes while enjoying the games.

Notably, the course is very well maintained. Fairways are also in great shape, while the greens and tee boxes are well taken care of.

All employees and other golfers are not hostile, and the driving range is very nicely laid out.

With multiple targets and the pitching, sand trap, and putting areas in place, you’d leave happier.

Address: 8801 Stoneybrook Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34238, United States

15. Kokomo Charters

Kokomo Charters

The Kokomo Charters

Kokomo Charters offers boat tours for visitors and inhabitants.

Situated in the heart of Siesta Key, this aboard attraction is a fun place that only requires about 30 to 45 minutes.

Nonetheless, 45 minutes spent here is like a lifetime experience because it’s always fun and enjoyable.

Come and see dolphins, watch the sunset, catch some fish if you like, and more.

You can’t be short of things that’d keep you up during your visit.

Kokomo Charters is undoubtedly a perfect charter for any occasion or fun trip.

With lots of discounts, you’re set for an adventurous moment if you’re in Kokomo Charters in Siesta Key.

The admittance fee is less than 20 dollars and surely is going to be worth it.

Visit to have some fun and cruise around in style & comfort when next you’re in this city of Florida.

I’m confident you’d be back with great and positive reviews.

Address: 1249 Stickney Point Road, Siesta Key, FL, United States.

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16. The Fudge Factory

The Fudge Factory

Fudge Factory

Willing to get some chocolates or candy during your exploration of Siesta Key?

If you would check out the Fudge Factory! They are known for taking a unique approach to fudge making and have over 100 different varieties of candy.

At this beautiful store, they serve only the Best fresh products ranging from made from scratch fudge to homemade ice cream to chocolate-covered bacon.

Besides, the chocolate peanut butter Fudge available in this fantastic place is made with milk chocolate Fudge.

They equally add peanut butter and peanut butter chips, which makes it so great.

This site has a truly awesome assortment of handmade confectionery delights. From exotic fudges to a huge selection of awesome-tasting ice creams, you’d always have the best you crave for.

If you are not watching your waste line and are looking for a super tasty treat, then you have come to the right place.

The aroma wafting from this shop alone is enough to send someone blissfully over the edge.

During your trip to Siesta Key, take a quick look inside this gem. You’d enjoy everything they offer.

Beautifully, they’d also provide sample tastes upon request.

Address: 5263 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

17. Boyd Park

Boyd Park

The Boyd Park

Boyd Park is a county park and recreation gem.

This park is absolute, with a beautiful, palm-lined beach and covered playground.

With the opportunity of unleashing dogs, Boyd Park will create unique and fun moments.

Suitable for hiking, biking, jogging, and walking! Regardless of your interest, Boyd Park wouldn’t give room for boredom.

This unique park has a length of 0.29 kilometers, which is considered suitable for all ages.

Importantly, this open space attraction that was established in 1963 also has campsites, a resort-style pool, and a Tiki lounge.

It’s reflective that you can’t be short of fun activities during your trip to this fantastic city of Florida.

The only barrier could actually be the crowd, so make sure you’re available before noon.

Whichever the situation, it’s sure to create beautiful memories for you.

Address: 4300 Midnight Pass Rd, Siesta Key, FL 34242, United States

18. Sunshine & Sand Hidden Treasures

Sand Hidden Treasures

Alexis / Sand Hidden Treasures

Sunshine & Sand Hidden Treasures is a gem of a little shop on Siesta Key.

It’s essentially a gift shop with thoughtfully equipped merchandise and fun selections.

If you’d love to have some beautiful and nice gifts for your spouse or kids while in Siesta Key, you are not far away from getting the best here in Sunshine & Sand Hidden Treasures.

There is an affordable assortment of unique and handcrafted beach and coastal-themed souvenirs, gifts, home decor, artwork, jewelry, and lots more.

You might eventually get confused about what to choose amidst the beautiful collections! So, come with your list so you’d not exceed your budget.

Though considerably a tiny gift shop, it nonetheless carries a variety of items for people of all genders and ages.

Goods are reasonably priced! It’s overall a great site. I recommend you take time to visit this lovely place when next you’re in Siesta Key.

Address: 6635 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

19. Hands of Light Massage Therapy

Hands of Light Massage Therapy

Hands of Light Massage Therapy

Health, they say it’s wealth! The responsibility of living a healthy life starts from how you narrow down your itinerary.

Ordinarily, after so many activities, your body and health deserve some great treats.

So, if you care to give yourself a fantastic treat while in Siesta Key, Hands of Light Massage Therapy is a place to go.

With over 15 specialists on the ground, you are sure to get the best, even beyond your expectations.

They have knowledgeable professionals that help every visitor manage pains and get them up in no time.

Remarkably known when it comes to Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue RehabMyofascial Work, Couples Massage, Facials, & Spa Foot Reflexology.

The magic of getting relief from whatsoever pains is done here, and you’d love it.

Opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm during the weekdays.

Do come with some cash in your wallet if you’d love to get some snacks here.

Address: 5255 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

20. Siesta Key Wine Bar

Wine Bar

Wine Bar

Siesta Key Wine Bar is a coastal comfortable family-owned wine bar in the heart of Siesta Key.

It’s an amazing and great site where tourists can sample local Florida tropical wines and imported boutique wines.

This beautiful attraction also has plenty of wines, beer, packaged foods, and other snacks.

If you’d love to have some tasty beers while in Siesta Key, check out Siesta Key Wine Bar.

They have some of the kindest staff you’d love to meet, and it’s a quaint place with a cozy atmosphere.

Also, the tropical options are delicious, so you will have a great time even if you don’t drink wine or beer.

Perfect for one person or a large group, and drinks are generally not expensive.

How soon are you willing to visit this city in Florida? That may sound personal, but then, Siesta Key Wine Bar is a must to visit if you love beer or wine.

Address: 5138 Ocean Blvd suite c, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

21. Siesta Key Paddleboards


Marital / Siesta Key Paddleboards

At as low as $40, you can rent a canoe and enjoy yourself to the fullest at Siesta Key Paddleboards.

Being of service for over ten years, Siesta Key Paddleboards is such an attraction you’d not have to empty your wallet before having the best.

They specifically offer paddle board rentals, Kayak rentals and provide exciting and fun Kayak tours.

Coming here to cool down the hotness of the day could be one of the best decisions you would make during your trip to this city in Florida.

Rent a paddleboard and explore the beautiful mangroves and canals of Sarasota Bay and leave with loads of exciting stories to tell.

The experienced and informative guide will teach you the tricks of paddle boarding while pointing out Sarasota landmarks, telling various histories, and more.

Besides, its core focus is on visitors’ safety and fun. Trained paddleboard and kayak guides will ensure the equipment is sized correctly and that everyone is safe.

Address: 8969 Blind Pass Rd, Siesta Key, FL 34242, United States

Final Remarks

With lots of awesome, great things to do in Siesta Key, you have come to the right page that would assist you in narrowing down your itinerary.

If you have been worrying about how best to enjoy your stay in this city in Florida, this list will significantly play a major role in your bucket list.

From fun-filled museums to parks and a host of other fun things, this city will give you another narration.

Whether you are coming alone, with your kids, spouse, or associates, I’m confident you’d all leave happier.

So, get set and pack your bags, and get set for an adventurous trip.

Safe Travels.