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21 Cant-Miss Things To Do In Telluride (Colorado)

Holidays are meant for relaxation, an escape from reality (maybe not all); a time to unwind and enjoy a breath of fresh air. So then, if memories are what you seek to create in your next holiday, the doors of Colorado’s entire mountain town: Telluride, are open to you.

Previously a mining town in Colorado, Telluride sits at the edge of the Ski-and-golf resort, surrounded by vegetation and Maritime forests.

It was discovered in 1878 and was first called Columbia but later renamed Telluride in 1877.

Its first gold mining claim was made in 1878, and that alone marked the commencement of gold mining in the region.

To date, this picturesque mountain town is the most populous in just the Southwestern part of Colorado.

With a population of 2,607, this region still attracts tourists from around the globe who seek to explore the mountain town.

No doubt, there are many landmarks to explore regardless of your personality.

Art enthusiasts can visit the Sheridan Opera house, originally built in 1913, or explore the exciting art exhibits on display in the town’s museum.

Outdoor and nature lovers can enjoy Telluride in the summer and winter.

Winter promises exciting skiing challenges, especially in the Telluride Ski resort.

While summer transforms Telluride into a hotspot for recreation.

Summer in Telluride offers hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, and many more.

And if you are a sports enthusiast, you should probably look forward to fall because that’s when you will get to participate in endurance events.

Witness events like the Imogene pass run, the Hardrock 100, the Fall Tilt, and the 12-hour downhill mountain.

If this isn’t convincing enough, keep reading as this list takes you through the fun things to do in Telluride, Colorado.

Fun & Best Things To Do In Telluride, Colorado

1. Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride Ski Resort

The Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride Ski Resort sits on the northwestern San Juan Mountains.

The purchase of two ranches by Joe Zoline birthed the resort.

Even then, this unique resort didn’t open its gates until December 22, 1972.

And ever since, its 2000 skiable acres have been the favorite of every tourist in love with skiing.

In a testament to this, the resort ranks first in the reader’s choice survey for three consecutive years.

With features like beautiful scenery, black diamond steep, fun restaurants, and other activities, it’s no wonder why it’s everyone’s favorite in Telluride.

Skiing has never been more fun and engaging in its challenging but beginner-friendly terrain.

Go through many slopes that rank from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced.

New to skiing?

There is really no need to stay away from this little haven of fun because lessons will be given to you by the staff.

Moreover, you can access the many mountains après-ski options.

Besides, there are fun restaurants and shops to visit after a day we’ll spend in the mountains.

All in all, your winter is about to get exciting right here in Telluride

Address: 565 Mountain Village Blvd, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

2. Jub Wiebe Memorial Trail

 Jub Wiebe Memorial Trail

Jub Wiebe Memorial Trail

And if your vacation falls during autumn, the beautiful trails in Jub Wiebe Memorial will fascinate you.

Popularly called “the Stairmaster” by folks in the town, these clearly marked single trails open up to the spectacular view of the mountain and region.

Living up to its name, these trails have plenty of stairs that lead to a gorgeous waterfall.

As well as breathtaking scenery covered in Aspen groves.

Notwithstanding, this beautiful attraction is dog friendly but can’t be accessed by a wheelchair or stroller.

To get busy on the trails, indulge in hikes, take pictures of birds and explore the wild.

If you yearn for solitude, you can walk, jog, or run through the trails.

Nevertheless, these trails are best enjoyed by family and friends.

Besides, the reward of the breathtaking view of the waterfall at the trail’s end is enough motivation for you to visit this attraction.

Address: R1010089020, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

3. Town Park, Telluride

 Town Park, Telluride

The Town Park, Telluride

A park for all seasons, Town Park is the main center for the majority of activities in Telluride.

Run by the Telluride government, this attraction has incredible features, such as softball fields, a frisbee golf course, sand volleyball courts, a skate park, soccer fields, and a basketball court.

The park also houses exciting features for kids, such as an imagination station playground and a kids’ fishing pond.

There is a large pool to take a dive in and the beautiful view of the San Miguel river is perfect for birdwatch.

With picnic tables laced along the river, you can birdwatch while you enjoy a meal with your loved ones.

Speaking of loved ones, this picturesque park is home to two playgrounds for kids.

One of the playgrounds is designated for toddlers, while the other is for bigger children.

Dogs are not left out.

Your furry friends can also burn some heat in the dog park.

Additionally, this attraction hosts several annual events.

Witness fantastic festivals like Telluride blue green festival, country festival, and Telluride Jazz festival right in the town park.

It’s hard to leave this park once you see it.

So if you plan to spend a day or two here, you can make your tent on the campground.

The park offers immaculate facilities and friendly and informative staff to serve you.

Moreover, activities are still lined up during winter.

Activities like skiing through the groomed trails and children sledding are some of the winter goodies the park offers.

Journey down one of the unique places in Telluride as it will be the highlight of your vacation.

Address: 500 E Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

4. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Gorgeous view of the fall

Bridal Veil Falls is a magnificent 365-foot waterfall that sits on the edge of the box-canyon.

The beautiful attraction is a two-pronged waterfall, and it houses a hydroelectric power plant at its top.

Popular to tourists and photographers alike, the waterfall is linked to off-roads and hiking trails.

The hiking trail stretches past the fall to mountain meadows and mountain lakes.

However, the creek rises close to lewis lake, connecting to the falls and joining other creeks to form the San Miguel River.

Explore the not-too-challenging hike that opens up to beautiful sceneries every step of the way.

Throughout the hike, you will encounter three waterfalls in total.

First two small waterfalls before you arrive leaving the last for the best.

The last waterfall is gigantic and the very definition of beautiful.

Not up for a hike?

You can opt-in for a drive, but it has to be with a 4WD car.

Ultimately, making this attraction a must-see when you are in Telluride is a great idea.

So do not delay any longer and make it happen!

Address: Bridal Veil Falls, Colorado 81426, United States

5. Telluride Historical Museum

 Telluride Historical Museum

The Telluride Historical Museum

Telluride Historical Museum is a fantastic location to learn about the history of the town.

Formerly a hospital, this museum now houses ten themed rooms dedicated to the area’s history and culture.

Explore the detailed history of gold mining, labor fields, prostitution, innovative trains, and early electricity in Telluride right in this museum.

To foster better understanding, there are cool interactive demonstrations and lots of hands-on items.

Items such as a dynamic simulator, an ore push cut, and water-powered electric generators are some of the interesting interactive exhibits housed by the museum.

It’s advisable to see the interesting historical videos to really get a grasp on the history of Telluride.

Further, you can check out the gift shop that offers cool items at affordable prices.

Overall, this comes at a merger price of $5 per individual.

Indeed, it’s a little fee compared to the historical value that this attraction houses.

Address: 201 W Gregory Ave, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

6. Bear Creek Trails

Bear Creek Trails

The Bear Creek Trails

Tranquility is within grasp in Bear Creek Trail, Telluride.

Of note, this trail is approximately 2.2miles and it will take 3 hours to hike through.

These trails are moderate to hike fantastic views the entire way.

Not to mention the waterfall and recent avalanche that will grace your sight once you reach the end of the trail.

It will be nice to point out that there are no benches near the waterfall, but it’s definitely a perfect place to spread your picnic mats and have a meal.

You can take awesome photos close to the fall or just feed your eyes with the wonderful setting.

Feel at home in this natural paradise, with a book in hand and a packet of chips in another.

The Bear Creek Trails are dog friendly too, so put on your hat and hiking boots and bring your dogs to this beautiful destination.

Address: S Pine St, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

7. San Sophia Overlook

San Sophia Overlook

Wedding at the overlook

Looking for the perfect wedding venue in Telluride, don’t search too far because the San Sophia Overlook is perfect!

Featuring an incredible and picturesque view of Telluride, the San Juan mountain, and the mountain village, it is no surprise that brides adore this attraction.

But this attraction isn’t only for weddings.

Interestingly, it offers free gondola rides for visitors to hop and go to nearby places.

It also serves as an access point for multiple trailheads to explore.

During winter, this attraction is heaven for terrific skiing experiences.

Moreover, if you need a quick refill, you can get a delicious meal at this resort.

This beauty reaches its peak during fall when the aspens are blooming.

Therefore, if you want to escape to re-energize in a peaceful overlook in Telluride, this attraction should be on your list of places to visit.

Address: 2 Coonskin Ridge Ln, Mountain Village, CO 81320, United States

8. Mount Sneffels

Mount Sneffels

Mount Sneffels

Your love for challenges should pull you to Mount Sneffels. This hike is laced with beautiful plants and vegetation.

However, it’s for experienced hikers looking for intense and exciting trails that offer a rush of adrenaline.

Don’t miss the exposed maneuver on your way to the end of the trail.

So if this looks like a part of Telluride you want to explore, pack your bags, hiking boots, and hat to this location.

And be sure to enjoy the wonderful view from the top.

Address: Telluride, CO 81435, United States

Besides Telluride, Colorado has other interesting cities like Breckenridge, Pueblo, Canon City, and Thornton!

9. Imogene Pass

 Imogene Pass

Imogene Pass

Explore the 13,114 feet high mountain pass in the San Juan mountain in the Southwestern part of Telluride.

Imogene’s pass stretches through a ridge connecting Ouray and Telluride.

Notably, it is the highest vehicular mountain crossing in Colorado.

However, this attraction is accessible by jeeps and four-wheel-drive vehicles, but expert drivers are recommended for this course.

The road course begins north of downtown, stretching past the ghost town of Tomboy and finally through Savage Basin, ending at the summit.

Sounds interesting?

Of course, it does!

All you need to do to indulge in this splendor is to rent a jeep and arm yourself with proper clothing.

It’s worth noting that there are no facilities in this attraction, but the breathtaking view and tranquility are worth the ride.

You can also join the annual foot race held over the pass between Ouray and Telluride on the first Saturday following Labor Day.

Nevertheless, a trip to this natural wonder should be considered when you are in Telluride.

Address: Imogene Pass, Colorado 81435, USA

10. Cornet Creek Falls

Cornet Creek Falls

Cornet Creek Falls

A short hike through Corner Creek falls will thrill you.

Endowed with beautiful views, its trail end at the 80-foot Cornet.

Not only that, a hike through its trails opens up to the picturesque view of the Telluride Ski Resort.

Its trails start at the top of North Aspen street in the town of Telluride and last for approximately 40 minutes.

Short, right?

Although there is no room for parking, the view of water tumbling over the red cliff is to die for.

Importantly, the trails are best enjoyed in the morning before breakfast or on a cool afternoon in the company of your loved ones.

Address: Cornet Falls, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

11. Telluride Ski and Golf Club

Telluride Ski and Golf Club

The Telluride Ski and Golf Club

An embodiment of the popular saying” live life to the fullest.”, Telluride offers you the best treat in the region.

This attraction provides an active social life for visitors through golfing, skiing, events, fine dining, and an exclusive member to access the best facilities.

The 9000 feet golf club ranks amid the highest golfing elevation golf courses in the world with top-notch services that are unbeatable.

Moreover, the Golf and Ski resort hosts tournaments that feed your competitive nature as well as allow you to foster new relationships.

Exclusive members of the club are entitled to tee times, access to the clinic, abundant privileges on the slope, and early access to the skiing arena.

Furthermore, this club houses a spa renowned as Colorado’s biggest, accompanied by facilities and top-notch services.

This spa offers services ranging from a therapeutic spa treatment, hair styling, access to a comfortable roman tub, a lap pool, and yoga classes.

You can also indulge in the fitness facility where there are peloton bikes, cardio equipment, group fitness classes, and a classical pilates studio.

True to its catchphrase, this resort gives you comfort away from home with the best accommodations and a beautiful view of the golf mountain course.

Address: 136 Country Club Dr, Mountain Village, CO 81435, United States

12. Telluride Bike Park

 Telluride Bike Park

Telluride Bike Park


A bike park for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy while in Telluride.

Located on the famous San Juan mountain, the Telluride Bike Park offers multiple terrains suitable for riding through.

These trails lead to old mining roads and basins that sit above the box canyon.

Although these routes are somewhat challenging, they can be explored by all ages.

However, if you are dissatisfied with the trail and prefer a rather lengthy trail, you can link several previous railroad tracks along the valley and to the west.

Not only that; but these trails are also accessible from San Sophia station.

And in Summer, the free scenic gondola cabins are outfitted with bike rides.

So then, you have no excuse to miss out on this whirlwind of adventure while you are in Telluride.

Address: 697 Mountain Village Blvd, Mountain Village, CO 81435, United States;

13. Lower Blue Lake

 Lower Blue Lake

Lower Blue Lake

Promising views of the waterfall, wildflowers, creeks and the gorgeous view of the lake are what make the trip to Lower Blue Lake exciting.

The trails are quite narrow in certain locations and are steep drops off, so be careful.

In fair weather conditions, a round trip to the lower lake is approximately 6.6miles.

Notwithstanding, the trails are advanced and not suitable for children, so don’t allow the kids to tag along.

However, Lower Blue Lake is worth the hike because of its rewarding beautiful views surrounded by waterfalls and decorated with columbine.

Likewise, the lake’s stunning immaculate color makes it irresistible to visitors and locals.

To get a better view of this scenery, hike up after arriving at the lake.

You can also make a tent at the lower lake or below the trail if you want to spend a day or two with nature.

No need to worry about toilets because this attraction houses two vault toilets at the base.

Above all, this attraction isn’t one to be easily forgotten in Telluride.

Address: Telluride, CO 81435, United States

14. Atta, Colorado(Ghost Town)

Atta, Colorado(Ghost Town)

Atta, Colorado(Ghost Town)

In 1877, Pat Cullin, Frank Dimik, and Thomas Knott explored the terrains of King Basin and discovered Alta, Colorado, (Ghost Town).

In the past, the mines of the town produced precious materials such as gold, silver, copper, and lead as a result of heavy snow at their 12,000 feet elevation.

The migration of residents of this little town led to its abandonment and complete isolation of the property.

Presently, what remains of this once-bubbling town are 20 historic structures.

Regardless, this is still a fun place to explore and have a good time while at it.

The ride through the gravel road is easy to navigate and offers an excellent view of the vicinity.

To really have a hitch-free ride, it is advisable to use an SUV or a 4WD.

Hiking trails are also accessible if you love to exercise a little and a primitive but comfortable campground resides in the town.

You can also check out the remaining houses in the mining town and poke around a bit.

While you indulge in that, it is helpful to note that you are not allowed inside the houses or properties.

Nevertheless, these are one of the free and awesome attractions to visit in Telluride.

Address: Telluride, CO 81435, United States

You can make a stop in other cities in Colorado, like Durango, Glenwood Springs, Vail, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction.

15. Tasting Food Tour

 Tasting Food Tour

The Tasting Food Tour

During summer, indulge in the amazing Tasting Food Tour held in Telluride.

An epic display of tasty culinary dishes and wine in the mining town.

Led by Lois and Howie, this 3 hours tour shuffles between plentiful sampling in numerous Telluride eateries and the history of the town.

Hear interesting culinary stories from renowned chefs in Telluride, stop by unique eateries, and get your mouth busy with their tasty delicacies.

To go with the food, try out their tasty wine and fill your belly with one or two glasses.

This little field can also equip you with historical stories from artisans and even the locals.

Notably, the Tasting tour is accessible on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11 am-2 pm.

Mind you, it is only on request. So make sure you book a spot on the tour when you are in Telluride.

16. Palm Theatre Telluride

Palm Theatre Telluride

The Palm Theatre Telluride

Experience art in one of the best creative areas in Telluride.

Over at the Michael D. Palm theatre, you will not only enjoy the great sounds and acoustics, but you will also get to watch great performance year in and out.

Built through the collective partnership between the Telluride school district and the Telluride community, this theatre has transformed into Telluride town’s primary performing art venue. 

Its magnificent structure sits on the Telluride school district campus and is a 3000 feet state-of-the-art performing facility.

The theatre also hosts numerous activities, such as the Telluride film festival, Telluride Jazz celebration, music festivals, mountain films, and many more!

Don’t be left out. Journey to this destination to experience acting at its finest.

Address: 721 W Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

17. Ah Haha School of the Arts

 Ah Haha School of The Arts

Ah Haha School of the Arts

Unleash your true artistic nature in the Ah Haha School of the Arts.

This dynamic art school is dedicated to inspiring all people to find, nurture and applaud creativity.

Of note, this attraction sits on a beautiful resort depot and opens its doors to visitors to indulge in so many events.

All year-round classes are held for children and adults where they can learn to paint, do ceramics, mixed media, photography, writing, cooking, and wellness.

Other programs, which include the American Academy of bookbinding and tie-dying classes, are held during summer and fall.

And on special occasions, exhibitions are displayed for visitors to come and see.

With all that, this art school will leave lasting memories with you once you leave Telluride.

Address: 155 W Pacific Ave, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

18. Allfed’s Restaurant

Allfed's Restaurant

Allred’s Restaurant

Spike up a mind-blowing romance in Alfred’s Restaurant, Telluride.

This exquisite restaurant serves you rich delicacies with a stunning view of the mountains.

To get to this excellent location, you will have to make use of the gondola.

A great romantic location for couples or intending couples. This attraction features an incredible three-course dinner, good reception, and an incredible bar.

This restaurant will tick off that mountain-top experience on your bucket list. 

Address: San Sophia Station, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

19. The Telluride Brewing Colorado

The Telluride Brewing Colorado

The Telluride Brewing Colorado

Telluride Brewing Colorado is a small-town brewery with a lasting imprint in the area.

This attraction features tasty beers, an old-school brewery, and a taproom.

A blend of beer and vibes, the beers served here are one of the best in town. 

Drink a tasty can of beer along with a delicious taco or if you want food, there is an eatery nearby where you can get food.

This phenomenal brewery opens on Tuesday – Thursday 12 pm-8 pm and from 11 am-8 pm on Wednesdays.

Pick a day of your choice and savor different flavors of beer such as see forever, tempter IPA, face down, brown ale, and many more.

Already yearning for beer?

Head over to this brewery when you are in Telluride.

Address: 156 Society Dr, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

20. Mountain Lodge Telluride

Mountain Lodge Telluride

Mountain Lodge Telluride

Situated between San Juan mountain and acres of pristine ski terrain, the Mountain Lodge Telluride will give you the best accommodations in Telluride.

This lodge houses beautiful guest rooms and suites, modern lifestyles, and amenities.

The private log cabins featured WA western design, and balconies and are adorned with soft leather furnishing and warm interiors.

Feel at home and enjoy the tavern cuisine and après-ski cocktails with the picturesque view of the mountains.

The outdoor pool is an excellent place to chill out in solace.

You can also flex your muscles at the gym, take ski lessons and ask the lodge’s concierge for help to plan your winter or summer adventures.

This attraction also offers free shuttle services to anywhere in Telluride.

Surely, the Mountain Lodge Telluride is a home away from home.

Address: 457 Mountain Village Blvd, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

21. Anasazi Heritage Museum

Anasazi Heritage Museum

Anasazi Heritage Museum

The Anasazi Heritage is best known for the study and proper interpretation of prehistoric culture in Telluride.

It is home to two million artifacts, samples, and documents, which is the most in the region.

There are also permanent displays of the ancestral pueblo people and the techniques that paved the way for modern archaeologists to reveal the past. 

Interestingly, many of these displays are interactive, like the loom and microscope.

Get an up-close and personal feel of the history of Telluride only in this informative museum.

You will surely enjoy your stay!

The Gates Of Telluride Are Open To You

What’s not to love about this scenic little mountain town?

Laced with beautiful restaurants, ski resorts, attractions, waterfalls, and terrains to hike, Telluride is a sure bet for fun adventures.

Explore the ghost town and mining roads.

Learn about the history of this unique town and take a tour of its historic trails.

Above all, enjoy all the splendor and spoils of your adventures, and don’t forget to tell everyone about it.

Happy Holidays!