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19 Best & Fun Things To Do In Vail (Colorado)

Vail is an amazing city situated in Colorado that thrives on tourism.

That’s not to say, however, that Vail isn’t also fraught with a lovely community vibe, historic landmarks, and picturesque natural displays.

This city is known to be the city with the largest ski mountain in Colorado and the most remarkable Vail Film Festival that is held annually.

If you’re after exploring the best of Colorado’s attractions, Vail in Colorado is the perfect place to visit with friends and family for loads of epic fun things.

The city is equally filled with cultural hubs like art museums, historic sites, bustling shopping malls, and loads of entertainment.

In addition, Vail in Colorado is surrounded by impressive natural settings such as parks, beaches, mountains, and lots more!

There is absolutely no end to what every visitor could enjoy in this beautiful city of Colorado.

Shall we begin to talk about the best and most fun things a visitor could do in this amazing city?

Yes! Let us begin!

Things To Do In Vail, Colorado

1. Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Vail

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Image: Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is an award-winning botanical garden in Vail, that no visitor will not find so interesting.

The stunning collections and its dedication to the conservation of high mountain plants and various flowers make this place such an addictive one.

Interestingly, this tourist attraction is remarkably known as the world’s highest botanical garden, considering its 8,200 feet (2,500 m) altitude in the Rocky Mountains.

It is a garden that was established by Vail and Denver in the year 1985 and since then; it has always been opened to the public year-round.

If you love nature and flowers, you will have the best experience ever in this unique and fun place.

This beautiful oasis could also make one of the best spots every visitor can wander around, relax and enjoy the sounds of water, or take time to see birds flitting around.

Definitely, every visitor on sight will have one fun thing or the other to himself in this attraction of Vail!

The amazing winter lights itself is sufficient to create a thoughtful experience that you’d not stand to forget in years to come.

If you’d be visiting with your kids, that wouldn’t be an issue, there are lots of education plaques that every kid will find so interesting.

And despite the uniqueness of this location in Vail, the admission fee is totally free!

Address: 522 S Frontage Rd E, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

2. VaBetty Ford Alpine Gardens Mountain Resort, Vail

VaBetty Ford Alpine Gardensil Mountain Resort

Image: VaBetty Ford Alpine Gardens Mountain Resort

Another fun place worth exploring during your trip to this city of Colorado is Vail Mountain Resort.

Vail Mountain Resort is essentially a ski resort center and one of the most fun attractions in Vail with over 50,000 visitors on a yearly basis.

It is a resort on 5,289 acres of land and the third-largest single-mountain ski resort in the United State of America.

Besides, this fun attraction behind Big Sky and Park City features seven bowls and intermediate terrain.

With over 5,000 skiable acres, and 31 lifts serving 193 trails, Vail Mountain Resort will create one of the most impressive memories for you.

They are known for delivering a top-notch ski experience to all levels of riders.

In fact, that is attributed to one of the positive reasons why several visitors make this fun place their favorite destination anytime they’re in Vail.

The lift lines are “short” which presupposes that your waiting period might be less than 10 minutes!

Even during the weekend, you’re sure to get the best out of this fun place by spending only an hour of your time.

Mountain lodges galore, plenty of restaurants on sight, ice cream joint, it’s sure you’ll find something fun and interesting during your trip.

If you’d be including this fun place on your itinerary, it is important to note that the charge of their services is so affordable.

Obviously, no reason could be good enough to warrant exclusion of this fun place from your list of beautiful places you should check out while in Vail!

Address: Vail, CO 81657, United States.

3. Piney River Ranch

Piney River Ranch in Vail, Colorado

Image: Piney River Ranch

Have you ever experienced how fun a ranch center could be?

Except if your answer is not affirmative, you’d love to prioritize a ranching center amongst the list of attractions you’d be visiting during your tour trip to Vail.

Of course, this isn’t because of any other reason but for the best and most fun experiences every visitor derives during such visitation.

If you’ve not been to a ranching center during all your explorations, that isn’t an issue!

A trip to Vail in Colorado is yet another opportunity to explore a ranch and experience how fun it is.

Upon your arrival in this lovely city, Piney River Ranch is the only ranch favorite spot that’d do beyond your expectations positively.

Please note that horseback riding, hiking, golf, and fishing are a few of those fun activities that visitors can enjoy in this amazing place.

In fact, Piney River Ranch is a breathtaking sight for any high country event. Therefore, it’s equally a perfect place to come see several cultural ceremonies!

Except it’s somewhere else, this beautiful spot of Vail would not do less to bring the best traveling experiences you’d always appreciate.

It is a typical attraction where so many fun things and expectedly, you shouldn’t be an exception to those number of visitors topping here on a weekly basis.

Importantly, this fun attraction only opens in the second half of the year between 9 am to 6 pm every day.

If your traveling period falls between June to September, a visit to Piney River Ranch will surely be worthwhile!

Address: 700 Red Sandstone Rd, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

4. Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show

Vail Farmers' Market and Art Show

Image: Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show

Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show requires little or no description due to its popularity.

It’s a fun attraction that’s so notorious even to visitors coming outside the state of Colorado.

But then, for the purposes of visitors that are myopic about how fun this attraction is, an apt description is definitely required!

Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show is an international marketplace in Vail, Colorado runs from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm every day.

It is an amazing place where lots of fresh products are offered for sale.

Beyond being a goods and services center, this lovely fun place also has tons of fun things to offer visitors and tourists alike.

For instance, there is a live entertainment center for adults, a large food truck with all kinds of American food, and a host lot of playgrounds for the kids.

This is a lovely place that put the peculiarities of every visitor into consideration. Obviously, nobody will leave this attraction regretting!

Despite being over 21 years of existence, you’d obviously find this place so addictive after your subsequent visitation.

The landscape is equally perfect with a stream running through the village & the mountains all around.

Perhaps, the immaculate ground shouldn’t be left out of mentioning, definitely, there is something fun for all ages here!

While making plans to come to Vail, endeavor to add this fun place to your travel list.

After all, there are lots of parking spaces, amazing goods, and services and above all, kids coming with you will also see something fun to engage them!

Only a visit will suffice!

Address: E Meadow Dr, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

5. Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater (The Amp)

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater (The Amp) in Vail

Image: Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater (The Amp)

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater (The Amp) is a performing arts theater in Vail, Colorado.

It is an open-air theater in a verdant, stunning locale offering a summer schedule of dance & music for all visitors.

If what interests you are finding a welcoming location where visitors could enjoy enough dance and music, this place is a dream come through for you!

From an array of music genres and artists to the world-renowned Vail Dance Festival, you’d find this lovely attraction highly satisfactory.

This is unarguably a few of the great places worth visiting during your trip to this lovely place.

Although, it’s always fun during all seasons, then, lots of several activities are included in their services during summer.

Just as you’d love, this location in Vail plays host to an array of cultural and entertainment during the summer.

This underscores the fact that, while you’re in for interesting movies, you’d have opportunities to appreciate the cultural heritage of this city of Colorado.

What an impressive and all-encompassing fun place worth visiting!

Besides, this place has one of the best seats you’d ever wanted, so comfortable for all!

The large screen, interesting displays, satisfactory customer service, and several other incredible features make this fun place an addictive attraction to several tourists.

There’s also free wine for visitors and the service charge here is relatively affordable.

If you’d be visiting this fun location in Vail during your trip, please note that they function and operate between the hours of 10 am to 5 pm!

Address: 530 S Frontage Rd E, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

6. Ski school in Vail, Colorado

Ski school in Vail, Colorado

Image: Ski school in Vail, Colorado

Not too many cities have a place to get yourself acquainted with ski sports.

Vail is apparently one of the cities where this impossibility is so possible!

So, if you’d prefer to check out this amazing initiative, Ski School in Vail, Colorado is definitely a go area once you’re in this lovely city.

Essentially, it’s a fascinating place that specializes in guided snowshoe and cross-country tours & lessons.

They also offer backcountry skin & ski tours and family tours which are always fun for all ages.

They cover all the ski-touring basics, including technique and equipment. What more would a visitor have wanted?

In fact, it’s interesting to further note that this lovely place equally promotes comprehensive vacation experiences through various package offerings and promotions.

Combining lodging, lift tickets, and more are a few of these promotions that’d make up your day if you are on sight here.

Even far beyond every visitor’s expectation, the entrance fee to this amazing place of Colorado is inexpensive.

With a little fee, you’re in for enjoyment that’d create lifelong memories!

Address: 458 Vail Valley Dr, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

7. Camp Hale

Camp Hale in Vail

Image: Camp Hale

You might possibly want a perfect place to enjoy some beers during your trip to Vail, Colorado!

It’s understandable, and this city has one of the best bar joints that you’d not be able to resist its awesomeness.

Thinking how that’s possible? Absolutely, a visit to Camp Hale has all answers and beautiful things to make your trip fun-filled!

This cozy tasting room is an award-winning attraction that has been of active service to visitors and tourists alike.

A noticeable attribute that makes this fun place stand out is that the great customer service here is second to none.

Besides, the vodka, the moonshine, the bourbon, the rye, the brandy, and the cordial that are available here are absolutely incomparable.

Except you are in for a short voyage, leaving Vail without a stop here is so detrimental because you’d deprive yourself of so many fun things.

The live band, drinks, and ambiance are so amazing that you’d certainly plan to go on visitation again after your subsequent visit.

Above all, the cost of beers here is inexpensive, unlike what is obtainable elsewhere.

It’s indeed a good choice that every visitor planning a trip to Vail in Colorado to plan to spend a reasonable time in this place.

Definitely, everyone in sight leaves happier and fulfilled!

Address: 14. 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company.

8. Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame

Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame in Vail

Image: Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame

Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame is a Museum in Vail, Colorado.

This is a modest spot featuring educational exhibits on the history of snow sports.

It’s such an attraction that doesn’t take much of visitors, yet gives every visitor the best exploration experience.

There are tons of interesting and informative exhibits that are historically inclined.

Despite its long year of existence, this fun place in this city of Colorado hasn’t given any opportunity for visitors to complain!

It is such a delightful find and interestingly, there isn’t an admission fee, everything is absolutely free!

If you are a bit curious about the historical antecedents of Vail, this is an opportunity to reduce your curiosity. You need to visit this fun place!

There is even a well-stocked gift shop with many Vail-themed items and other awesome gifts.

Little wonder this fun place ranks the top 10th of the most visited attraction in Colorado!

So, how earnestly are you willing to visit Vail?

That’s typically a personal decision. Meanwhile, regardless of that season, you’d be here. Adding this fun place to your itinerary could be one of the best decisions you could make.

Of note, parking might be a bit tricky, especially on weekends, so endeavor to arrive early.

Without any iota of doubt, you’d learn more and enjoy yourself to the fullest if you make it up here!

Address: 231 S Frontage Rd E, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

9. West Vail Dog Park

West Vail Dog Park

Image: West Vail Dog Park

Not so many attractions allow visitors to come with their respective dogs.

Therefore, it’d be a nice thing to see an attraction that makes provisions for visitors and pets.

West Vail Dog Park does allow pets, they also have enough provisions that’d make your pet so happy.

While doing that, tons of entertaining activities are rightly available for visitors.

Come and off-leash your dogs, gain access to the river, utilize their hiking facilities, or better still, you can go on biking.

Evidently, there’s no shortfall on the list of fun things that are available in this location of Vail.

In contrast to several visitors’ expectations, there’s no admission fee, whatever that is required.

Although, the only drawback of this fun location is that there are no restaurants in sight.

Be that as it may, that shouldn’t be an issue. After all, the goal is to explore a fun place and not to dine!

The opening hour is, however, during the weekdays alone, as they’re totally not functioning during the weekend.

If you’d be available in this city of Colorado during their operational period, it will be so wise of you to plan a trip over here!

It’s located in an accessible area and no reason is good enough to deprive yourself of such a huge fun attraction!

Address: Vail, CO 81657, United States.

10. Piece Art Gallery

Piece Art Gallery in Vail

Image: Piece Art Gallery

There is always a joy in finding an attraction that has so much of creative displays.

As long as you admire works of art, you’d find Piece Art Gallery so interesting.

Although not a popular attraction, nonetheless, the display available in this fun place is sufficient to create some thoughtful and beautiful experiences for all visitors.

There are tons of beautiful works of art and if peradventure you’d appreciate a customized gift, that’s also available here.

In fact, this Art Gallery has curated the best glass sculptures of the best artists throughout the world.

They equally present the works of several generations of artists as well as craftsmen and craftswomen.

Not only that, other mediums like ceramic and bronze are also present in this lovely attraction of Vail!

Even if you aren’t into art glass, you should stop by this gallery just to see their pieces because they’re so beautiful.

No entrance fee, but if you’d love to get either customized work or any of their services, it isn’t free.

Although, it’s relatively cheaper considering the quality of what’s put to use.

If none of these interests you, the little garden is a reasonable alternative to make you feel relaxed here.

Absolutely, boredom isn’t a thing of existence here because everything available is so impressive.

Address: 122 E Meadow Dr, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

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11. Vail Nature Center

Vail Nature Center

Image: Vail Nature Center

Vail Nature Center is for nature enthusiasts! It is a seven-acre facility, in the heart of Vail.

The Vail Nature Center is a learning center that equally boasts of an idyllic trails mechanism that is nestled between a meadow mountain and Gore Creek.

This seven-acre facility is unarguably a rare gem that’s available for every visitor to explore.

The Vail Nature Center has so many plantations, and hiking trails and is also good for a short walk.

If you’d be in Vail on a very low budget, this attraction has so many best and most fun things available for you.

Come and discover and learn about a breathtaking variety of local birds on a morning walk through the meadows and woods along Gore.

There isn’t an end to the list of fun things that are rightly available here for all visitors!

Regardless of the age or peculiarities of any visiting tourists, apparently, you’d have something fun for yourself.

During your visitation, be sure to check out the ice cream shop adjacent to this main shop. That’s obviously a plus to what you stand to enjoy here!

Address: 601 Vail Valley Dr, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

12. Sage Outdoor Adventures

Sage Outdoor Adventures

Image: Sage Outdoor Adventures

Sage Outdoor Adventures provides whitewater River rafting, horseback riding, ATV, Off-road Sporting, and snowmobiling.

If any of these beautiful offerings interest you, this fun place will meet up to your expectations.

The water is always clean, knowledgeable guide and besides, the horses for their horse racing appear so friendly.

Of note, this is a fun place for the adults alone, but there are also plenty of things for the kids.

Kids could conveniently play in their playground or take some moments to check their learning exhibits.

Perhaps you might have craved a nice place to have a picnic or snowmobiling. This wonderful place is a perfect location for such!

If you’d be here for a snowmobile tour, you’d get to ride through open areas, in the forest, and through beautiful views.

While you may be considering adding this fun location to the bucket list of places, you’d visit in Vail. Note that all equipment is provided for visitors.

Snowmobiling equipment, riding dresses, and all other things are available!

Thinking of if you’d be able to afford this lovely place considering the amazing things available here?

Worry not! Everything is so affordable beyond every visitor’s imagination!

If you’d be in Vail the next summer, be meticulous enough to have a stop on this spot.

Address: 41466 US-6, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

13. Vail Segway

Vail Segway

Image: Vail Segway

Vail Segway provides a fantastically fun Segway tour in this city of Colorado.

Although, it’s understandable that not so many tourists have been to an attraction of this kind.

This isn’t anybody’s fault, but due to the unavailability of this kind of sporting activity in other cities, most visitors have been to.

As long as you’d love to explore something unique during your visit to Vail, plan to spend some time in Vail Segway!

With this Segway tour service, you can easily discover hidden sights or cruise around the most scenic area of this city.

The most interesting part is that you’d be able to see so much of Vail that you’d not have seen on foot!

Even for any visitor desiring to ride this amazing Segway, that’s absolutely allowed here. What an amazing attraction worth visiting!

It is, however, apposite to state that their service charge is a bit pricey, nevertheless, what you’d pay will definitely commensurate the enjoyment.

Whichever day of the week, whichever week of the month, whichever month in the year, Vail Segway wouldn’t do less to create that indelible experience!

Address: 250 S Frontage Rd W, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

14. Turtle Tubing

Turtle Tubing

Image: Turtle Tubing

Are you looking for a nice fun place to head to on a sunny day?

If all you want is an attraction that provides services that are cool enough to relieve you of stress on a sunny day, head straight to Turtle Tubing!

Essentially, Turtle Tubing offers mellow float trips on the Colorado River at an inexpensive price.

Services provided in this fun place of Vail aren’t restricted to any category of visitors.

There is an adult section and a section for the kids and toddlers. No one will obviously be left out in this beautiful and fun place.

With this river adventure, you’d not be reluctant to plan a visit over and over again to this city of Colorado.

Splash, Bounce, and Float, there is no limit to what you could enjoy with your family and friend in this fun place.

In fact, if it appears that a visitor is coming to this fun place for the very first time, there are so many discounts available.

And the best of it all is that they operate all day, including during the weekend.

Obviously, no logical justification why a visitor will avoid checking out this fun place!

Address: 241 S Frontage Rd W, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

15. Vail Brewing Company

Vail Brewing Company

Image: Vail Brewing Company

Being adventurous isn’t all about exploring the best historical sites alone.

An adventurous is simply a tourist who prefers to spend his precious time exploring a place to learn, re-learn and enjoy!

So, will you love to be called adventurous as far as exploring Vail is concerned?

If you would, it is then incumbent on you to check out a place where you can enjoy yourself in order to complement what you’ve learned.

In doing the balance, you need to check out this!

It is an award-winning brew that designs handcrafted ales and lagers using mountain-fed water and the finest ingredients.

They chose this area not only for the mountain lifestyle but in order to provide an enabling environment for every visitor on sight.

Crafted with altitude, and brewed for adventure, there isn’t a limit to what visitors can enjoy in this fun place.

Amazingly, Vail Brewing company has a selection of several hazy IPAs and blondes with a better selection than many small breweries.

The bar at this location is equally in an open room with somewhat limited seating, especially with the traffic they saw during a holiday weekend.

However, that isn’t an issue to worry about! The basic logic is, arrive early and you’re all set for unlimited fun moments!

Bathrooms are as well in good working condition and above it, all the services available in this fun place aren’t pricey!

Address: 41290 US-6 B-2 & B-3, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

16. Mountain Wolf Jeep Adventures, Inc.

Mountain Wolf Jeep Adventures, Inc.

Image: Mountain Wolf Jeep Adventures, Inc.

While you’re in Vail, with Mountain Wolf Jeep Adventures, you’ll learn the secrets of Colorado’s quiet places.

Without a doubt, this wonderful place is also fun to explore during your trip to this city of Colorado.

You’d definitely get to learn everything from the massive without having to empty your fund!

The best part of being in this wonderful place is that you’d feel totally comfortable and even pack a really special picnic filled with healthy snacks.

No limit as to what everyone on sight will enjoy, young or old, couples or singles!

Except you’d be in haste to conclude your trip, an attraction that is both educational and delightful and really worth visiting when next you’re in Vail, Colorado!

In fact, no other place can give you a personalized excursion to complement endless breathtaking mountain views other than this lovely place.

No reason could be good enough to warrant you to exclude this wonderful place from your itinerary!

Definitely worth visiting when next you’re in this city of Colorado/

Address: Mountain Wolf Jeep Adventures, Inc. Vail, CO, United States.

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17. Vail Powder Guides

Vail Powder Guides

Image: Vail Powder Guides

Vail Powder Guides is a wonderful initiative owned and operated by Ben and Jenna Bartosz since the year 2006.

This duo has amazing tour terrain experiences and they’ve deployed in this city of Colorado.

Spending a day in this amazing location implies that you’d have a full day of guided, backcountry powder skiing, free use of our powder-specific skis, and more!

Wonderful right? Apparently, a visit to this place is necessary for every adventurous visiting Vail.

Besides, this wonderful place offers over 3500 acres of navigable terrain that is indeed fun.

It is perfectly kept within the White River National Forest and there are plenty of boundless open bowls.

This is simply a perfect destination and a true come-through for evening crooners, you’d enjoy visiting!

The enthusiastic nature of the tour guild is itself an interesting gesture that’d let you stay for hours here without any boredom.

Vail Powder Guides are top-notch! Fun, affordability, and safety are surely their mantra, more reason why they stand out among them all.

During your trip to Vail, ensure you have a stop at this top international skiing destination!

Address: 376 Red Sky Rd, Wolcott, CO 81655, United States.

18. Shakedown Bar

Shakedown Bar

Image: Shakedown Bar

If you love funky and energetic live music, Shakedown Bar is the appropriate place to head to!

Shakedown Bar is a club with rock-legend artwork and led lighting that will make your trip to Vail a memorable one.

More so, if you’re after a fun place where you can sip beers with amazing taste plus cocktails, you’d never be disappointed coming to this fun place.

Ever since its establishment in 2012, it has always been a favorite destination for tourists and visitors alike.

In fact, this wonderful place has the best rock ‘n’ roll shows even beyond the state of Colorado.

During your subsequent visit to Vail, be meticulous enough to stop at this 190-capacity Shakedown Bar.

If you do, you’d get the best out here and leave with lots of beautiful memories! And to crown it all, they only charge $20, which is considerably affordable!

Address: 304 Bridge St, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

19. Eagle Vail Express

Eagle Vail Express

Image: Eagle-Vail Express

Eagle-Vail Express is generally regarded as the best transportation agency in Vail.

However, beyond being a transportation agency, there are so many fun things available for all visitors.

There’s a little garden with lots of beautiful plantations and several other delightful flowers.

This presupposes that, while they give you top-notch transportation service to navigate through this beautiful city of Colorado, they’d also entertain you with these plantations.

Obviously, there’s no limit to the best and the most fun thing every visitor will enjoy here.

Providing luxury transportation since 2001, Eagle-Vail Express is the premier choice for every visitor and you shouldn’t constitute an expectation!

Importantly, the cost of their services is not expensive, unlike what’s obtainable elsewhere!

If you’d be visiting, note further that their operation hour is all days inclusive of the weekend.

Address: 76 W Meadow Dr, Vail, CO 81657, United States.

Final Remarks

Fun things to do in Vail, Colorado are not hard to come by!

This lovely city is jam-packed with so many fun, exciting tourist attractions.

From world-class museums to beautiful restaurants, amazing historic sites, and lots more, you’d definitely enjoy the best here!

Whether you plan a visit during the summer or winter, there are loads of exceptional experiences always.

All that is required of you to do is book your accommodations and pack your luggage. Then, set for a journey to this lovely city of Colorado.

Happy travels.